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Vancouver's Stanley Park's Second Beach's Swimming Pool: Trespassing OK when Pool Open?

NOTICE  No Trespassing When Pool Closed location

Google Search Criteria: trespass defined in law British Columbia
The Trespass Act (B.C.) says that a person found inside enclosed land without the consent of the owner, lessee or occupier is a trespasser. So is someone who remains if asked to leave, or who re-enters after having been asked to leave and having done so.

Google Search Criteria:  Trespasser Act definition of trespasser
In the law of tort, property, and criminal law a trespasser is a person who commits the act of trespassing on a property, that is, without the permission of the owner. Being present on land as a trespasser thereto creates liability in the trespasser, so long as the trespass is intentional.

Trespass Act (B.C.)
 (2) A person found on or in premises that are enclosed land is presumed to be on or in the premises without the consent of an occupier of the premises or an authorized person.

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Craig James: "An Earthquake off Scotland would be more devastating than a combined one of British Columbia/Washington State!"

I still can't get over the fact that a former Judge of the Supreme Court of Canada would side with  Craig James' version of the need to take his international guests, and wives, on a Washington whale watching expedition and a baseball game to show off a phantom earthquake.

British Columbia has Earthquakes!

Craig James' testimony: I'll repeat, for your benefit Judge, what I said to my guests in the boat.   'Imagine, if you will, the feel of the land below ourselves, rising and falling, being shook side to side, with the same intensity, the identical experience of those Washingtonians who stood tall, on land, against the devastating 2001 Nisqually EARTHQUAKE!'
British Columbia:  Recent Significant Earthquake Reports 2019


The question: Have the British Isles guests from Scotland a long history on devastating earthquakes that would require a self appointed authority figure, such as our former Clerk Craig James pretended to be .......... to offer them a free trip, trinkets included.

Britain's 2017 earthquakes felt in Scotland.
The two largest British earthquakes of last year were both felt in parts of Scotland. A quake with a magnitude of 4.0 M in Moidart on 4 August was felt from Inverness to Glasgow and out west on Islay in the Inner Hebrides.  Jun 25, 2018

fault lines in Scotland earthquake activity
 A Scottish town was today shaken by an earthquake measuring 2.9 on the Richter scale. The tremor in Dumfries and Galloway, lasted a few seconds and no one was injured. Bennett Simpson, seismologist at the British Geological Survey in Edinburgh, said the that the quake occurred at 9.27am.


Intensity: The Modified Mercalli Scale (MM)


 fault lines in Scotland earthquake activity
THREE !!! in Scotland  1932  to  2019
2001 Nisqually earthquake with colleagues from the Washington State Legislature in Olympia


Craig James 2001 Nisqually earthquake with colleagues from the Washington State Legislature in Olympia   ??????????????????????????????


Examples of Successful Seismic Safety Advocacy


Present geographical hazards soil sensitivity to earthquake movement 


 1989 George Massey Tunnel No. 1509 Response to Earthquakes

Blog Borg Collective 2014 Post:
 With a 8.0 tremor, would the Williston Reservoir create a Grand Canyon II in Alberta/NorthWest Territories?

Geological Survey of Canada Open File 5539: Significant Canadian earthquakes 1600-2006


A fellow traveler on the whale watching / baseball gaming aka EARTHQUAKE had this to say:

Keep Calm, And Carry On: Business Continuity Planning In Parliaments
Tommy Lynch

For several years a group of legislatures have been working together to create guidance that will help similar organisations in considering business continuity planning necessary to maintain operations in the event of unexpected events or a crisis. In this article, the author outlines the progress of the work and explains how interested parties can get hold of the resulting guide which will be available from January 2019.

In May 2014, the Clerk of the Scottish Parliament, Sir Paul Grice, met with his counterparts in Ottawa where the topic of business continuity cropped up. It became clear during the discussion that there would be mutual benefit if the House of Commons and the Scottish Parliament began sharing information on strategic plans, resources and approaches to business continuity.

Over the following months there were conference calls, regular email correspondence and the bilateral sharing of information between Ottawa and Edinburgh soon expanded to include representatives from the Canadian Senate, the UK Houses of Parliament in London, Provincial Legislative Assemblies based in Toronto and Victoria and, most recently, the House of Representatives in Wellington, New Zealand.

As we shared information, there were clearly areas of overlap. Moreover, some legislatures had particular areas of strength that other participants could learn and benefit from. Representatives from most of these organisations agreed to meet in Toronto in June 2015 to continue our discussion and gave our group a name – Legislative Assemblies Business Continuity Network or LABCoN.
Our first set of meetings focussed on direct comparison of our approaches to business continuity. We shared stories, noted our successes, and also lessons learned from work that could have gone better. The group created a questionnaire based on the international standard for business continuity, ISO 22301.

The Toronto meetings were very positive and the group, as well as sharing expertise and enthusiasm for business continuity, also hit it off personally. The extent of what we learned over those two days drove home the value of this information exchange to the group – there are undoubtedly other legislatures that could benefit from the knowledge and experience of participants if it could be captured and shared in some fashion.

Over the following months we agreed that creating a business continuity guide specifically for legislatures was the way forward. The guide would be based on sound business continuity planning processes. We believed real value could be gained from exploring legislature-specific aspects of what has worked well and instances where things haven’t quite turned out as planned.

Martin Fenlon formally of the UK Houses of Parliament and now working as a consultant, created our technical guide. His draft was reviewed by the group at a three-day meeting in Edinburgh in August 2016 where we also discussed what other areas could and should be included in our guide. Training on incident communications and incident management occurred during this gathering as well sessions where we explored how to look after the welfare of Members, staff and visitors at a Parliament after a disruptive event.

One of the main outputs from the Edinburgh meetings, in addition to the technical element of the guide, was a determination that each of us to concentrate on capturing “case study” information to help show the resources, approaches, challenges and benefits that business continuity thinking and planning could bring to a legislature.

When meeting in Victoria, British Columbia in August 2017, the group reveiewed this material and also had the opportunity to explore the planning and resources that BC’s Legislative Assembly use in its earthquake planning. Moreover, we discussed the impact of the 2001 Nisqually earthquake with colleagues from the Washington State Legislature in Olympia; these staff had to carry out extensive repair work to their capitol building and decant their Chambers during that time.

The most recent LABCoN conference, in Ottawa during July 2018, focussed on completing content for the guide. In addition to the technical BC chapter, it includes also includes chapters on:
  • Governance & Resources
  • Planning Approach
  • Assessing Business Continuity plans
With the content of the guide now complete, we are applying the finishing touches to give it a bit of style, translating it into French and creating a hub website for the work we have been doing. The website will also have information to allow people interested in LABCoN to contact the authors and ask questions about what has been set out. We are aiming to “publish” this guide in early 2019 and LABCoN members will be using contacts established by their own organisations to advertise the availability of the guide.

All participants in LABCoN have benefitted from our discussions, sharing information and the opportunity to work across legislatures with colleagues in a very specialized area. As Michelle Hegarty, Assistant Chief Executive for the Scottish Parliament, offered: “I hope that the information in our guide can help other legislatures plan for the delivery of their services and make their overall operations more robust, not just for their benefit but to also demonstrate that to politicians and to the public. I think all of us who have been involved with the work have learnt a lot and we look forward to making that available to others”

Next Steps
LABCoN members would love to hear from other legislatures if this guide interests them and for feedback on how the guide can be improved over time. LABCoN is also keen to continually improve the quantity and quality of knowledge and information available on legislature-specific aspects of business continuity, resilience and other related topics. Depending upon interest and feedback, LABCoN may schedule a conference focussed on education for interested legislatures, later in 2019.

Contact Information
Since its creation, LABCON Tourista has been supported by the following legislatures:
Visit our website at:

Keep Calm, Plan On for Vacation

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The Birthday Of A Giant Colony: What's To Celebrate? July 1, 2019. Robin Mathews

Everywhere. There are symbols of Canada's Colonial Status.  Everywhere.  One on-going symbol, of course, is the life of the wholly dedicated Globe and Mail: half truth, no truth, and sleight-of-hand. Rule No. 1: Never tell the truth about Canada. [The Globe and Mail is representative.]

There is, however, more pressingly at the moment another example to deal with.  It goes by the short name: Meng Wanzou, Chief Financial Officer of China's Huawei Technologies.

Meng Wanzou was arrested in Vancouver on December 1, 2018, at the request of U.S. authorities as a first step undertaken to fulfill the terms of an Extradition Treaty that Canada has with the USA. (China, apparently, has similar treaties with many foreign countries.)

What has followed?  A total Colonial farce and tragedy has followed: Xi Jinping, the (in fact) autocratic leader of China has (like a spoiled child) refused to speak with Canada's Prime Minister. China has imposed ridiculous sanctions on Canadian agricultural products destined for China.  And much worse China has seized and is holding, under torture conditions, Canadian citizens as revenge!

That last tells all anyone needs to know about China. Whatever else may be good about China, it is a Rogue Nation (like Saudi Arabia) where The Rule of Law is a farce and the whim of the powerful can erase the Human Rights of anyone the Powerful choose to target!

Grinding salt into the Canadian wound (and never mentioned by a single commentator in the Canadian Mainstream Press and Media) the Actions inspired by Chinese anger are wholly the responsibility of U.S. actors.

Get it all clear in mind.  Canada [observing The Rule of Law] acted on a U.S. request to detain Meng Wanzou, Chief Financial Officer of China's Huawei Technologies.  Canada acted to fulfill terms it has in a treaty with the U.S.A.  China should, if it believes it has been wronged, be attacking the U.S.A in every way it sees fit for the Meng Wanzou incident.  On its part, U.S. authorities should be demanding of China "in the loudest voices" that it end all sanctions against Canada: loudly, persistently, and at the highest levels of power.

But that, alas, isn't how Colonialism works. Canada accepts the blame for the U.S. action as a good Colonial Servant and takes all the sanctions as if Canada is at fault.  The U.S. pretends that Canada is at fault as a normal Imperial Master should do.  And - in a fit of generosity - the U.S. president hints he might intercede with the Chinese dictator-for-life, Xi Jinping on Canada's behalf and express regret that China is holding Canadian citizens as hostages under torture conditions.

Very, very few Canadians see the picture: a perfect Colonial Picture.  The U.S. creates an International Conflict and dumps the responsibility onto its forelock-tugging Colony Canada.  The injured nation, China, not wanting yet another conflict with the U.S.A., is happy to continue the fakery by taking a number of steps to punish Canada.

Canadians have underscored for them the world they will have to live in as long as they accept a role as Colonial Servants To The USA.  The story is not new.  One of Canada's first major English-language poets, (1860-1943) Charles G. D. Roberts, wrote against Canadian colonialism: How long the ignoble sloth, how long The trust in greatness not thine own?

Every leader of every federal political party in Canada has taken the Colonial Oath: I swear I will never speak or act in any way to change Canada's role as a dependent servant of the U.S.A. and U.S. Imperial Policy. If that means allowing Canadian citizens to be jailed falsely and kept in torture conditions, I will accept all that on behalf of the greater power and privilege of the U.S.A., So Help Me God!  [Notice that not one of them says: this is the doing of the U.S.A. Why are we taking the flak and punishment for the U.S.A.? Why are they not shouting that in the House of Commons and elsewhere? You know the answer.]

Quietly, we may all observe that the Globe and Mail [the Globe and Mail is representative] does nothing, ever, to expose the truths of Canada's colonialism.  That is the long, rich tradition of the Globe and Mail.  In the famous 1891 Election the great, great grandfather of the Globe and Mail, called The Toronto Globe, worked like a beaver to help elect a government dedicated to the integration of Canada into the U.S.A. (and lost, despite all its dedicated, even dishonest - efforts).

Why doesn't the Globe and Mail tell you [the Globe and Mail is representative] what I tell you here?  Because Canada's Mainstream Press and Media is a Colonial Press and Media serving the Imperial Master.  And so it feeds you what a Colonial population is always fed: half truth, no truth, and sleight-of-hand.

 Contact: Robin Mathews


China maintains extradition treaties with 40 nations. Among them are:

2002 Speaker Claude Richmond expells two journalists because 'minimal dress requirement' not observed

Made of the Right Stuff: Speaker Claude Richmond tosses two 'journalists' from Gallery

Office of the Speaker
Legislative Assembly of British Columbia


November 27, 2002

I wish to comment briefly on the events which took place in my office on Monday, November 25, 2002 between myself, Darren Atwater, editor of Terminal City Weekly, and Brian Salmi, also variously known as Godzilla and Satan.

The meeting was at the request of the editor of the weekly newspaper to discuss Mr. Salmi's application for membership to the Legislative Press Gallery.

Freedom of the press is not an issue nor did I make it an issue.  I have no interest in attempting to influence comments and opinions expressed about the politics, politicians and events which occur in the Legislature.

At no time were Mr. Atwater or Mr. Salmi requested to sign anything in my office.

Two basic questions were addressed with Mr. Salmi and his editor:

1.  They were asked about a column written by Mr. Salmi that contained outrageous and derogatory statements of a deviant sexual nature regarding officers of the Legislature.  My question to them was simply were they prepared to show some respect for the institution of Parliamnet?

2.  In the previous week, Mr. Salmi had arrived dressed in a manner that would not meet the requirements for the Legislative Assembly Chamber and Speaker's Corridor to which press have access.  They were asked if they were prepared to accede to the minimal dress requirements presently being observed by the Press Gallery members?

Both questions were answered in the negative.  At the end of the meeting, having reached no agreement and being out of time to discuss the matter further, both Mr. Salmi and Mr. Atwater said, "I am not going to leave this office".

After requests to leave were refused, it became apparent that it would be necessary to have the Sergeant-at-Arms staff remove them.  Upon their continued refusal to leave the Speaker's Office, they were in fact removed.  At this point the matter was simply treated as a "sit-in".

Events that occurred after they were removed from my office were entirely within the hands of the Sergeant-at-Arms and the local police and were conducted in accordance with the law.

I wish to clearly state that I have absolutely no interest in or authority over what is reported by the Press Gallery and to suggest the above events amount to an attack on the freedom of the press is, in my view,  to distort what happened.  I continue to support and provide for the Press Gallery and its operations within the Parliament Buildings.  Traditionally, the only guidelines are those of dress and decorum in the Legislatvie Assembly Chamber and Speaker's Corridor.  Application for membership to the Press Gallery is determined by that body.

Hon.  Claude Richmond
Which leaves me to wonder why other 'Press' persons wishing to have access to the Press Gallery, all they need to do is Dress properly.  Over to you Bob Mackin -TheBreaker

BC Leg Library: Search Criteria:  bcdocs_speaker

Item 11
Media statement / Office of the Speaker, Legislative Assembly of British Columbia. --

Item 3
 Media kit : Day of Mourning, April 27, 2007. --

Item 13
Speaker's statement re: parties : official opposition status. --

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Father's Day Fundraiser event: Tagged rocks and trees on Capilano River's Pacific Trail

Was it an 'overzealous' volunteer taking for granted that it was okay to use a carcinogenic material, not just on the gravel, but immovable objects too?

This Stump holds the Trail from slipping over the edge. Why use an arrow?
Take One Rock and Paint begone, so too the stump, 2019-07-01

Volunteer organizations and their sponsors using Capilano River Regional Park for running events should take the time to educate their supporters on the importance to  LEAVE NO TRACE, especially the notorious graffiti.

BC Cancer fundraiser on Father's Day was divided into three legs.

First Leg was from Ambleside to just south of the  Upper Levels Highway on the Capilano River;

Second Leg up to the top of Cleveland Dam   GRAFFITI

Third Leg Cleveland Dam to the Peak

Seek the Peak   BC Cancer  Fundraiser
VPG Realty

Its unbelievable that no official for the group did a walk, a run, through the trails afterwards to ensure everything was cleaned up.
Given time the arrow in gravel will be scuffed away by boots


Neither scuffing nor rain will remove this from a rock

This live root had no need to be marked

Visitors to the park can't turn right, south, to Ambleside?


For the amount of volunteers involved in these events there is absolutely no need to spray paint on any of the trails nor do it the MEC way of stapling their maps to the Park directional Posts.  All that organizers have to do is plant a person at the turning points for three hours to cheer the runners on.


The time has come that these groups not be permitted to post signs.  That responsibility should be left to the professionals, the park rangers.

2019-06-27  Raining All Day and the Paint Remains

2019-07-06 Red Arrows Gone

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Collaboration: A New (but very old) Name For Selling-Out (Canadians). Robin Mathews

Collaboration: A New (but very old)  Name For Selling-Out (Canadians).

              (by Robin Mathews  June  2019)

Sheri Meyerhoffer, we all remember, has been appointed to be Canada's Watchdog on Human Rights abuses by overseas Corporations. Canadians don't normally see or learn that the behaviour of many Canadian Corporations operating overseas is sometimes astonishingly bad.

Out of sight Canadian Corporations, it is alleged, sometimes make undocumented agreements with corrupt regimes, exploit defenceless workers, pollute unregulated environments, bribe (as required) abuse populations, communities, the environment and Canadian law.  Some of the activity has been exposed and described in work by Yves Engler.

Sheri Meyerhoffer has expressed the desire to work as Canada's new Watchdog on international corporate responsibility collaboratively with the corporations involved.

We are all conscious that the Cabinet of Justin Trudeau wanted Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould to work collaboratively with SNC Lavalin, allowing it a Deferred Prosecution Agreement in what is called a Remediation Process, so that SNC Lavalin could slip away from the criminal charges it faces for corruption in Libya and (some believe) could buy its way out of criminal charges.

Remediation, the Oxford English Dictionary records, simply means remedying.  Deferred Prosecution Agreements are undertaken in a remediation process. What “readers may ask “is remedied by Deferred Prosecution Agreements?  The answer, of course, is the illness giant Canadian corporations fall into when a CEO or other top officers are named criminal and placed behind bars.

The legislation to create Remediation Processes in Canadian law came as a process involving 89 (yes, eighty-nine) meetings of SNC Lavalin and highly-placed Liberal government actors.  As a result the Liberal government of Justin Trudeau passed a law buried in a piece of Omnibus Legislation to permit Canadian Corporations “in effect“ to dodge criminal law as written and to enter Deferred Prosecution Agreements in which criminal charges are stayed, the Corporation pays a large sum of money (a bribe?), and promises to improve its behaviour.

We need to keep firmly in mind that Deferred Prosecution Agreements with criminally-acting Corporations permit them to escape criminal charges in a modality that is not open to Canadians generally.  The Liberal government, in short, has created Law For The Rich, separate from Law For All Others. [That “in the past“ has been considered grounds for Revolution!]

Sheri Meyerhoffer has had very wide experience in a number of foreign countries around the world.  She was Project Director for the Canadian Bar Association.  She should know better than to work collaboratively with Canadian Corporations accused of violating Human Rights among far-off, poverty-stricken, defenceless populations.  We remember that Chrystia Freeland (Canada's Foreign Minister) worked collaboratively among the 14 nations of the Lima Group backing the U.S. attempt, criminally, to overthrow the legitimate government of Venezuela.

[Those with memories that reach back to the closing year of Liberation from the Nazi Occupation of Europe remember vividly the ugliest word that could be used by the liberated to describe any of their own was the one word: Collaborator.]

Others are becoming alarmed at the apparent overthrow of the Rule of Law by the present Canadian government.  As a part of the process, the Canadian government has written into the terms of Sheri Meyerhoffer's appointment, apparently, that she may hear complaints from giant Canadian corporations that they have been unfairly alleged to have abused Human Rights.

With the stroke of that collaborative pen, the Watchdog has been turned into a potential advocate for giant corporations alleged to have engaged in wrong-doing.  That can only be described as the Deep State in action.  The Deep State, we remember, is made up of unseen forces of great wealth and great economic power which sit down with visible government (in this case, the government of Canada) to create laws for the forces of great wealth and economic power alone, as well as rules and procedures that benefit them and, which, in effect, remove them from the (common) Rule of Law.

The Canadian Network on Corporate Accountability alleges the government of Canada is setting up processes to turn the tables on vulnerable complainants in poor countries [Mike Blanchfield, Corporate watchdog rule under criticism, Vancouver Sun, June 11, 2019, B1]. The advocacy group Above Ground spokesperson Karyn Keenan adds (in the same article) that the unexpected provision goes against the spirit of an ombudsperson's office. 

What we have been seeing since the Jody Wilson-Raybould matter is evidence of the Liberal government led by Justin Trudeau working on behalf of huge (often Liberal contributing) Corporations to remove impediments to criminal behaviour by placing the Corporations outside the Rule of Law to which other Canadians are held accountable. In addition, the Liberal government appears, now, to be providing large Corporations with an advocate who, collaboratively, may be in a position to undertake Canadian government-approved harassment of powerless people who allege they are victims of Human Rights abuses!

The only thing Sheri Meyerhoffer can do in the face of what seem to be such insupportable conditions of employment is to resign her position publicly and to denounce, loudly, the terms of her appointment.

Contact: Robin Mathews

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Its time to drop an empty 'white flag bag' marker NEAR dog shit and shame the owners.

I'm retired.  I walk everywhere eg.

Tempe to Cleveland Dam via Upper Levels Highway and back via Evergreen bridge to Tempe (14K);

VGH via Broadway and Granville via Lions Gate Bridge to Tempe (19.1K); 

Gastown Steam clock to Tempe (13K)   (2 hours to Edgemont Village from Gastown).

I'm an all weather conditions walker and take the precautions on how to keep myself dry when sitting on a bench, a log, or a rock for a rest.   I use two white bags provided by Metro Vancouver.


On my walks, the only place I see dog shit aplenty, is in the Capilano River Regional Park where dogs are permitted to be off leash on most trails, but are still required to be under control of their owners at all times.


The dogs are out of sight, out of mind of the owners.

I have a solution for the shit:

Shame the Dog Walkers into picking up their shit so
 we won't step INTO  IT

When I spy a feces, most days at Capilano Regional Park, I pick up a small rock from the trail, drop it into one of 'my' white plastic bag to prevent the bag from blowing away.  I then place the bag twelve inches away from the shit so it won't fall into the shit, and then I walk away.


There is no data collected by the 'authorities' on how much poop is left around which 'carry pathogens including coliform bacteria, salmonella and giardia .....'

If dog walkers don't pick up the shit, hot or cold, and place it in the white bag provided by Metro Vancouver, and not deposit it in the waste containers, it will only go to serve as a marker to the general public on just how much is being ignored by owners who claim its:



 Canine Code of Conduct:  Always be courteous. Don't give other trail users any reason to complain. Set an example by being a conscientious owner with a well-behaved dog enjoying the trails.  

Since dogs are meat eaters, their feces can carry pathogens including coliform bacteria, salmonella and giardia which can contaminate soil and water (and make people sick). Some parasites can linger in soil for years. This can put young children at risk if they inadvertently eat contaminated dirt or grass.

Over 350,000 dogs in Metro Vancouver produce dog waste each day. Where should it go?   Keeping dog waste off the ground is important. People walk on paths and parks and no one wants to step or slip in your dog's waste. It's not a fertilizer, and does not disappear in the rain. - Metro Vancouver

3 and half years of walking

Cleveland Dam ---  Let me count the days

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Half Truth, No Truth, and Sleight-of-Hand at the Globe and Mail. Robin Mathews

(The Globe and Mail is representative) 

Part Two. (by Robin Mathews, June 2019)

Fair minded-people admit enormous tensions and disagreements have been caused (outside as well as inside the United Kingdom) by the Brexit vote of 2016 to take Britain out of the European Union. People wishing to maintain a fair perspective have to look very closely at what the European Union really is and the choices it makes. And they have to try, as well, to understand the arguments for and against membership in the Union that are made in Britain. What is the real situation in both places?

One might expect a two-page spread in The Globe and Mail (or a Special Supplement) giving both sides of the story so that readers in Canada might make, impartially, some kind of assessment even if they don't take sides finally.

But The Globe and Mail (The Globe and Mail is representative) doesn't do that. The Globe and Mail supports - with Eric Reguly, Doug Saunders,        the Eds., etc. etc.- (without explaining why) the present structure of the European Union and breathes contempt (without explaining why) for Brexit and all who sympathize with the Brexiteers and strongly criticize the power of the administrators of the European Union. As a result of their flagrant prejudice writers for the Globe and Mail will be considered by many to misreport the identity, the power, the purpose of the EU and the motives of those in the leave (the Brexit) camp. Half truth, no truth, and sleight-of-hand at the Globe and Mail.

Put very, very briefly there is a full-scale, on-going, battle-to-the-death struggle in the EU between the Reactionary/Big Capitalist/Globalizing forces and those working for a fully democratic, population-centered, humanitarian Community. The extremes are mirrored, now, in France. Ill-organized but persistent the (peoples) Yellow Vest Movement is calling for a re-shaping of power and a redistribution of wealth in France.  At the same time, the French president, Emmanuel Macron - (intending to move into a key power position in the EU if he can manipulate well) - wholly a servant of plutocratic France is advocating the privatization of everything that can be privatized in France.

In addition, the bureaucratic and appointed top officers of the European Union, now, are in favour of and advocate the privatization of everything.

Almost boringly we have learned that making public utilities and services private makes them (1) less efficient, (2) more expensive, and (3) technologically backward. We have learned, also, that giving private corporations greater freedom of movement without severe and close regulation results in full-scale (often gigantic) corruption.  In France, the privatization of some airports (pushed earlier by Macron) has made travel more costly and has robbed the French State of millions of euros annually. Privatization of SNCF (French Railroads) has turned them into basket-case, for profit, service-limited disasters. Out-of-the-way, hard-to-reach destinations in France that desperately need train connection are cut off as unprofitable to operate. (The same with Thatcherite-begun-privatization of once world-famous, efficient, British Railways falling off the tracks now as Britons look on.)

If we begin at the beginning, we see that the foundational movements to create some kind of a European Union were not primarily movements for a union of peoples living in peace and prosperity together as Europeans. No. The major 1950's actions were economic steps taken to make more efficient, more profitable, more stable private corporations. The glorious language of social harmony and the end of inter-European Wars was secondary and still is, many believe. The European Economic Community idea predated anything else.

For the sake of brevity we can leap forward to 2004 when a European Constitution was written, passed in Rome but required ratification in some countries by Referendum. There were no peoples gatherings to find out what populations thought a Constitution for Europe should contain. The Constitution was written by bureaucrats.  It ended being probably the longest Constitution ever written, coming in at three volumes! (without consultation with any of the peoples of Europe or gatherings of citizens ! !)

One would think that the EU bureaucracy would have placed copies of the proposed Constitution everywhere possible: banks, schools, universities, libraries, etc. in the countries requiring referendum. But NO. Copies were hard to find. Strange. It was almost as if the EU bureaucracy was trying to prevent citizens from knowing what was in the three volumes ! ! In France, many sought out copies. And though the Mainstream Press and Media in France [half truth, no truth, and sleight-of-hand] strongly backed the Constitution without explaining it Le Monde diplomatique and many French who cared set to work to tell the French what was really in the proposed Constitution.

It was defeated in France. The Truth was out. In Holland the same process followed: the people were told what was in the proposed Constitution. It was defeated in Holland. The next referendum was to be in Britain. Instead, the Constitution was withdrawn. (No one at the Globe and Mail tells that story: half truth, no truth, and sleight-of-hand at the Globe and Mail.)

Upon the failure of the passage of the European Constitution, one might think the bureaucrats in Brussels would have placed copies of it all around the world ... so that people could see what was nobly attempted for the people of Europe and foolishly rejected by them. That doesn't seem to have happened. Try to find a copy. (Good luck.) INSTEAD, the Eurocrats took from the failed Constitution things they wanted, put them into a Treaty, went to Portugal and passed 'The Treaty of Lisbon' and began declaring that the Constitution of the European Union is contained in - and is summed up by - the treaties entered into by the governments of the nations making up the Union.

Brexit is coming about because a majority of Britons voted for it. Anti-Brexiteers report the majority was fooled, was stupid, conned was led (Doug Saunders) by people of rootlessness and privilege (Sat. June 1/19/p.01) They are that majority - (like Italy's Matteo Salvini says Eric Reguly) populists a curse word from the likes of Reguly, meaning nationalists who are sharply critical of EU governance (not to be confused with government) and are usually named viciously anti-immigration, etc.].

The Italians, told by the EU bureaucrats to receive all refugees that arrive off the Mediterranean from ugly, U.S. and NATO and Israel faked wars finally said NO and became, of course, hard-Right anti-immigration populists. Britain, too, has been accused of being viciously anti-immigration. None of the Doug Saunders/Eric Reguly kinds of commentators will admit for a moment (1) that immigration can be (when in floods) seriously disruptive. Or that (2) the sources and causes of the floods of refugees should be identified AND the people who cause the problem should be named and taxed. They wont say that employers across Europe want cheap labour from anywhere. Italy didn't cause the huge, barbaric, monstrously destructive wars the U.S. (and Israel, with NATO) instigated in the Middle East.

The Regulys and Saunders of this world (half truth, no truth, and sleight-of-hand) will - not for a second - entertain the notion that across Europe the Corporations fighting for control of the Union want floods of cheap labour to drive down costs. Nor will they admit that in both France and Italy the economic calamity driving huge unemployment happened during Left governments working hand-in-glove with the European Union's unelected administrators! And the collaborators in Greece who agreed to the sell-off everything there but the stones of the Parthenon in order to lower debt and please the priesthood of the EU were in fact seen as a hard Left government!

France leapt out of the frying pan into the fire; France went from a pretend Left government [The Socialist Party of France] to the bare-knuckled, newly-formed Right movement of Emmanuel Macron called, for short, En Marche, and described as Centrist and liberal (?) by the Mainstream Press and Media.

Eric Reguly admits that the Centre Left government of Matteo Renzi (before the present populist coalition) was a failure (Sat., June1/18,B4). Salvini wants to level tax rates and, in effect, lower the age of retirement. Reguly's sleight-of-hand calls for deep reforms, like taking the scalpel to Italy's soul-crushing bureaucracy without a word about doing the same to Italy's Capitalist Class. Absolutely typical. Reguly doesn't call on Italy's Capitalist Class to do anything. Before Matteo Renzi's Centre Left government was thrown out, it agreed that Corporations in Italy could pay nothing to new workers for three months while they learned the job.

Brexiteers say that the British people must make the laws for Britain; that the EU Commissioners (with one title or another) are not directly accountable to democratic voters; that laws (or other kinds of stricture) made to suit one country may not suit another country; that the present European Union works hand in glove with Big Corporate Globalization to the detriment of national populations; that the taxed cost to Britons of membership in the EU is too high and would be better spent at home.

Yanis Varoufakis, Greek Finance Minister during the meltdown (who resigned in protest), ran recently for the European Parliament, in Germany, as part of a group seeking to bring Democracy to the European Union ! [A bold idea!!] The man who went toe-to-toe with the heavies of the European Union operation in an attempt to stop Greece from being (as it has been) shredded and left destitute seemed to learn something fundamental about the Union: that it is a big Globalization factory not run for the people of Europe. It is, in fact, not democratic .... The European Parliament, in fact, is occasionally praised for seizing an initiative and gaining a little democratic power (readers surely might ask from whom?).

Maybe the Brexiteers have a real cause.

 Contact: Robin Mathews

Monday, June 3, 2019

The Tree and Me were 'planted' in the 1940's. We are but a shadow now, of 'ourselves'

This morning's walk in Capilano River Regional Park ...
                I found a tree in the woods that looks just like me


January 19, 2019
Just a walk in the same park: Cleveland Dam

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

"The penalty of $25.00 is an inducement to the possessor to consume the liquor as rapidly as he knows that if only charged with being drunk he escapes with a fine of $5.00 only."

1913 to 1916

Royal Commission on Indian Affairs for the Province of British Columbia (Canada), White, Nathaniel Whitworth, 1837-1917., McKenna, J. A. J. (James Andrew Joseph), 1862-1919., Carmichael, Saumanez, Shaw, J. P., MacDowall, D. H. (Day Hort), 1850-1927, McBride, Richard, Sir, 1870-1917

Page 28 of 30

....... Frequently at meetings of the different Indian Bands the question of fines imposed on Indians under the clauses of the Indian act relating to liquor have been discussed, and Mr. George Jay, Police Magistrate for the County of Victoria and also Stipendiary Magistrate for the County of Victoria, which includes the several Indian Reservations situate in Saanich, Esquimalt and Sooke Districts, has made the following statement and suggestion to the Commission:-

"Under the terms of the Indian Act, Sec. 137,"an Indian who is found in a state of intoxication is liable to a fine of not less than $5.00.  In those cases in which an Indian is found in possession of an intoxicant it is usually confined to a bottle of whiskey or gin, and sometimes only a small flask.

The penalty of $25.00 is an inducement to the possessor to consume the liquor as rapidly as he knows that if only charged with being drunk he escapes with a fine of $5.00 only.

The penalty of $25.00 was fixed by Statute some years ago at a time when it was a practice amongst a certain class to supply large quantities of liquor to Indians in remote Reservations.

With regard to fines for being under the influence of intoxicating liquor, it frequently happens that an Indian appears in the Police Court at the same time as white men charged with the same offence.  The practice for many years here has been in the case of those other than Indians to impose a fine of $2.00 for a first offence and a slightly increased fine in the case to the second or subsequent offence, but with regard to the Indians a Magistrate has no alternative but to impose the minimum fine of $5.00, which must to the Indian appear to be a marked discrimination against him.

I would respectfully recommend that the Indian Act be amended with regard to the penalties for those offences by allowing Magistrates wider discretion and by eliminating the provisions as to minimum fines, thus leaving it to the judgment of the Magistrate dealing with the offence to impose such fine as may in his opinion be proper, not exceeding, of course, the maximum fine provided in the Act.

I may add that I have resided at Victoria for the past 45 years and have had much experience of the habits of the Indians of the southern portion of Vancouver Island and the Islands of the Gulf.

Your Commission are of the opinion that, were these suggestions followed, it would tend to remove from the Indian the feeling that he is looked down on with contempt and his race deemed unworthy of being treated in a manner similar to other British subjects in His Majesty's Dominions, and that the greater latitude allowed Magistrates in their discretion, would have a tendency to elevate rather than debase the Indian."

And of course, the politicians chose to keep it just the way it was, because they hadn't finished plundering the First Nation People and their possessions.

Casino-laundryman Rich Coleman hired Craig James as Clerk on June 2, 2011

Nos. 39 and 40
Legislative Assembly of British Columbia
Thursday, June 2, 2011

15  The Hon. R. Coleman moved —
Be it resolved that Mr. Craig James is hereby appointed Clerk of the Legislative Assembly; vice, Mr. E. George MacMinn, O.B.C., Q.C., as and from September 1, 2011, and that Mr. E. George MacMinn, O.B.C., Q.C., is hereby appointed as Clerk Consultant as and from September 1, 2011, for a term of twenty-four (24) months and that during that term shall, for all purposes, be deemed to be an Officer of the Legislative Assembly.
And further that Ms. Kate Ryan-Lloyd be appointed Deputy Clerk of the Legislative Assembly and Chief Committee Clerk as and from September 1, 2011.
A debate arose.
The House divided.
Motion agreed to on the following division:

I. Black
de Jong
van Dongen
S. Simpson
D. Routley
Chandra Herbert
B. Routley
D. Black

Clerk Craig James nefarious actions of MISCONDUCT wouldn't have started happening, in earnest, until twenty-four months afterwards due to the ever presence of just-down-the-hall Clerk Consultant Mr. E. George MacMinn, O.B.C., Q.C.,


the Breaker News
James was still the acting head of Elections BC on June 2, 2011 when the BC Liberal government appointed him clerk of the house effective Sept. 1, 2011. The NDP opposition was furious because it was not consulted.

The Plecas Report said that James was the fourth-ranking clerk and that Izard would have been the natural choice to replace 50-year veteran clerk George MacMinn. SNIP


Ken Dobell to oversee Rich Coleman's Cabinet papers regarding casino money laundering?

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Craig James' Third-person bio unable to spell MISCONDUCT 4 out of 5 times

Who in amongst the 13 world wide entities named by Craig James in his Fiji Parliament bio will want their associations linked to him over a log splitter (and trailer), suits, luggage, a retirement allowance payment of $257,988 and a life insurance policy (after retirement) of $370,315 and a sundry of other items, ...... and filching a truck load of liquor from the Speaker's office?

Annexure - Fiji Parliament

Page 11 of 49

Page 1 of 49

Third-person Bio:
Craig James Clerk, (1) Legislative Assembly of British Columbia, (2) Canada Executive Director, (3) Canadian Council of Public Accounts Committees (CCPAC)

Craig James has worked in parliament since 1978. In 1987 he was appointed Clerk Assistant and Clerk of Committees of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia, and he served in this role supporting the work of parliamentary committees and the House for twenty-three years. In September 2011 Craig was appointed by the Legislature to be the Clerk - the 12th person to hold this position in British Columbia.

Craig has been (4) Executive Director of the Canadian Council of Public Accounts Committees (CCPAC) since 1985. He is an active member of the (5) Association of Clerks-at-the-Table in Canada, the (6) Association of Clerks-at-the-Table in Commonwealth Parliaments, the (7) Canadian-American Clerks Association and is a member of the advisory board of the (8) Canadian Comprehensive Auditing Foundation (CCAF, Inc) - a national body comprising legislative auditors and parliamentarians with representation from banking and private sector organization.

Over the past few years, Craig has been a consultant to the (9) World Bank, (10) World Bank Institute and the (11) Commonwealth Parliamentary Association participating in seminars from training of parliamentary staff to designing parliamentary committees systems to parliamentary financial oversight including the oversight of Parliament, itself. He has been assisting the (12) Commonwealth Parliamentary Association UK Branch in establishing the (13) Commonwealth Association of Public Accounts Committees.

Clerk of the House

Craig James

the Breaker News

Suits and cases

The first misconduct was relatively easy for McLachlin. She concluded that the suits and luggage James bought were for personal use and James broke rules by being reimbursed.

James spent $2,150 on suits during separate trips to tailor Ede and Ravenscroft in London. James also spent $2,135.87 on various pieces of luggage.  Snip

Stuffing pockets

James crafted a retirement allowance program in February 2012 and essentially paid himself $257,988. McLachlin could not accept James’s explanation and called the significant personal benefit a “mystery” and “without any evidenced justification.”  Snip

Booze for Barisoff

The truckload of beer, wine and spirits that James delivered to ex-speaker Bill Barisoff, and collected only $370 in return, was another misconduct.  Snip


 “I conclude that Mr. James retention and use of the wood splitter and trailer violated Legislative Assembly policy and constituted misconduct.”


Vancouver Sun

 “The special investigator found that Mr. James did engage in misconduct with respect to four of the five allegations, specifically in relation to making expense claims where improper purchases (were) of a personal nature, by directing the creation of three benefits to his personal advantage outside established protocols, improperly removing legislative assembly property … and by improperly using legislative property,” said NDP government house leader Mike Farnworth.

PS 4th Westminster Workshop?

McLachlin Report on the Special Investigation - Legislative Assembly ...

May 3, 2019 - unrelated to any police investigation into these matters; it is limited to administrative .... (1) Ultimate responsibility for administration of the Legislative .... of a police investigation and criminal prosecution, rather than the lens of.

Page 57 of 57:

1.    2.    3.

In order of importance within ................... (brackets)
2.       (1); (3); (2)
Mr. Craig Hartley James ..... with friends .... singing ....

99 bottles of cognac on the wall, 99 bottles of cognac.
Take one down and pass it around, 98 bottles of cognac on the wall.
98 bottles of cognac on the wall, 98 bottles of cognac.
Take one down and pass it around, 97 bottles of cognac on the wall.
97 bottles of cognac on the wall, 97 bottles of cognac.
Take one down and pass it around, 96 bottles of cognac on the wall.
96 bottles of cognac on the wall, 96 bottles of cognac.
Take one down and pass it around, 95 bottles of cognac on the wall.
95 bottles of beer on the wall, 95 bottles of cognac.
Take one down and pass it around, 94 bottles of cognac on the wall.