Thursday, July 28, 2016

B.C. flag protocol takes second place to BC Liberal Party advertising

Altering Images of B.C.'s Flag

You may resize the whole, intact image of B.C. flag, as long as the horizontal and vertical scales are maintained in the correct proportions (5 x 3). However, you cannot alter electronic images of the flag in any other way including condensing, expanding, re-arranging or distorting the image.

 Since when did the B.C. flag change to include the BC Liberal Caucus , its subliminal messaging via twitter.

 The red triangle banner top right bottom left is ..... the BC Liberal Caucus and in between, instead of there being the BC Flag, its been replaced by "BC Liberal Party Plan"
 Passed into law???? without any NO votes???? MLA Laurie Throness walked out, deliberately, before the vote was taken.

The BC Liberal Party is using the B.C. Flag for commerical(s) purposes which is illegal, unless the BC Liberal Government has requested free use from the Protocol Office of the province.

Advertising and Commercial Purposes
The Trade Marks Act protects the National Flag of Canada and the flags of the provinces and territories against unauthorized use. Requests to use the Canadian flag in connection with business activities should be addressed to the Department of Canadian Heritage (attention: Canadian Identity Directorate). Requests to use the provincial or territorial flags should be addressed to the Protocol Office of the province or territory concerned. A flag should always be shown, represented or used in a dignified manner. It should not be defaced by way of printing or figures or masked by other objects, but displayed in a manner which may be described as aloft and free, in which all symbolic parts of the flag can be identified.

Anonymous Comment                              The Coal Mine 
Take a good look at the image below. Notice the pretty colours and the majestic provincial flag.

Notice the government logo. Whoops! Not government logo… BC Liberal Caucus logo. (This is an important distinction.)


 August 8, 2016 Canadian Coast Guard Announcement

"I want to thank Minister LeBlanc and the federal government for honouring their commitment to re-open the Kitsilano Coast Guard base.

Whether for work or play, the connection to our coastal waters is part of the fabric of who we are as British Columbians.

The Kitsilano Coast Guard base is an integral part of ensuring that these waters and those of us who use them are protected."
The Honourable Christy Clark, Premier of British Columbia

BC Liberal Caucus Twitter: August 8th

Who has been in our wallet since 2001?

BC Premier's $50,000 Stipend guarantees that the BC Liberal Party's 'family first' fundraising events come before Public duties:Voting

A little known fact to the Public is the political etiquette that is practiced when the absence of either leader of the Government or the Opposition Party is not at 'work' as an Member of the Legislated Assembly.    Premier Christy Clark has been missing from the action in the legislature so much that we've lost count, whereas Opposition Leader John Horgan's one absence was noted by Christy Clark in her 'replies' during Question Period when the BC NDP caucus popped the question, the same question over and over without the Premier giving any answer except .... I see your leader is not here.

Laurie Throness, who spoke against the transgender rights Act, didn't, doesn't, appear to have the balls to back up his responsibility to all British Columbians by his deliberately leaving the chamber in order not to have a black mark lodged against the BC Liberals. 

Laurie Throness' duty is to vote, come hell or high water, its in his bible.

Throness was in the building!  Throness WAS IN THE BUILDING up until Speaker Linda Reid called for the vote.   Admonishment?  Not bloody likely by the speaker.

The $50,000 stipend paid to Christy Clark for her working the BC Liberal fund raising circuit proves that the only family that comes first in British Columbia is her party membership family.  eg. helicoptering to Haida Gwaii to dole out $150,000 during a local election.  Source of authorization has never been provided.

Christy Clark's handler Ben Chin has always found a way to fly the Premier anywhere in the Province to fulfill her re-election dreams with multiple photo ops, but on this occasion Clark, like Throness, chose to leave the chambers.

Vaughn Palmer
Clark slips up, skips Transgender vote:

There was no reason for premier to put money ahead of this issue

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Just a walk in the parks, every other day from CNV's Tempe Heights

In the last three months ........

Its getting more and more difficult to find the time to sit down to write a Post, too busy walking.

eg.  Broadway and Cambie to Tempe: 17  Km  (3 hours)
eg.  12th and Commercial to Stanley Park 8.9  Km
eg.  Tempe to Lions Gate Bridge to Edgemont   15Km
eg.  Tempe to 23rd and Mathers  10.5  Km
eg.  Tempe to 17th and Marine Drive (West Van)  10.4 Km (2 hours)
eg.  Tempe to 18th and Marine Drive; up to 11th and Mathers; over the Pedestrian bridge; down to 
       West Vancouver Cemetery (DEAD END); over the Upper Levels Highway bridge; up to
        Edgemont Village and back to Tempe     21.7 Km

Sunday =  White
Monday = Red
Tuesday =  Green
Wednesday = Orange
Thursday = Black
Friday = Yellow
Saturday = Blue

May 2016  --   13 days walking

June 2016 -- 16 Days Walking

July 2016 --  25 Days Walking
May   June   July
431.11 Km

North Vancouver to Kelowna is 392 Km

Premier Christy Clark flies, everywhere, even to her Riding

The incentive for us?  Exercise, and its not on a treadmill watching someone's else's repetitive route.

Why bother going up to the Grouse Mountain Grind by car when there are plenty of mini-grinders between the north shore waterfront and the mountains  -- Second Narrows to well beyond the First Narrows.

Every green space on the map, within the residential area, has a 'valley' of stairs, maintained by the Parks staff, to climb in and out of, east to west, south to north.

Looking up from Mosquito Creek to Upper Levels Highway Bridge

Looking up at the North end of Lions Gate Bridge
Stanley Park Seawall doesn't have a beach at the narrows but ....
No Boat necessary, and no interfering trees from Stanley Park
No People on this side except for a couple of couples

So far the BC Liberal government hasn't cottoned onto the idea of having municipal park visitors paying a fee to reserve a space with them... them being the provincial government.
July 22nd   21.7Km

Thursday, July 7, 2016

BC MLS Home Sales Activity

20 pages of data covering just 19 days of June 2016

The data represents a first, early look at the rate and value of purchases of residential property by foreign nationals people who are neither Canadian citizens nor permanent residents.

Government Release
Property Taxes will just keep going up up and AWAY

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Esquimalt (Canadian) Naval Base is there to keep the First Nations at bay, eh

Relating to the withdrawal of Her Majesty's Ships from British Columbian waters

Order In Council

The Committee of Council have had under consideration the subject of the probable condition of the Province, in view of the facts that H.M.S. Rocket (1883) has sailed for England; that H.M.S. Kingfisher has been ordered South, and that H.M.S. Comus will shortly sail from Esquimalt; and of the report that in future no ship of Her Majesty's Navy will be permanently stationed in British Columbian waters.

The Indian population of the Province, exceeding by at least ten thousand that of any other Province in the Dominion, is largely resident, in scattered groups, along the coast line, and the presence of Her Majesty's ships had not been readily obtainable.  In early days the crews of vessels wrecked on the West Coast of Vancouver Island were not infrequently murdered by the natives, but experience has now taught the latter that deeds of violence will not go unpunished.

The comparative security obtained by the enforcement of law has encouraged the investment of capital in fisheries and other industrial pursuits, which have afforded remunerative employment to and so tended to civilize and improve the native races.  The physical power exhibited by a war vessel has an impressive moral effect on the native mind, and it is to be feared that the withdrawal of Her Majesty's ships from these waters would tend to disturb the peaceable attitude now maintained by the Indians.  By the Ninth Clause of the Terms of Union it was agreed that the influence of the Dominion Government would be used to secure the continued maintenance of the Naval Station at Esquimalt.


The Committee recommend that the attention of the Dominion Government be called to the above matters, and that they be requested to move the Imperial Government to cause vessels of war to be stationed at Esquimalt.  The Committee also recommend that a copy of this Minute be forwarded to the Secretary of State.


By Command.
(Signed)   W. J. Armstrong
Provincial Secretary,
Clerk Executive Council

18th January, 1883

The 13th Clause of the Terms of Union is more interesting, eh.  Kinder Morgan take note ...

13. The charge of the Indians, and the trusteeship and management of the lands reserved for their use and benefit, shall be assumed by the Dominion Government and a policy as liberal as that hitherto pursued by the British Columbia Government shall be continued by the Dominion Government after the Union.

To carry out such policy, tracts of land of such extent as it has hitherto been the practice of the British Columbia Government to appropriate for that purpose, shall from time to time be conveyed by the Local Government to the Dominion Government in trust for the use and benefit of the Indians on application of the Dominion Government; and in case of disagreement between the two Governments respecting the quantity of such tracts of land to be so granted, the matter shall be referred for the decision of the Secretary of State for the Colonies.

Treatment of Hunter Jack, an Indian Chief, by Gaoler in Clinton, British Columbia in 1882 ....

Google Search Criteria:  Hunter Jack

Sunday, July 3, 2016

While Premier Christy Clark Dipsy Doodles around the province .... meanwhile back in Victoria its all about the GPS Doodle Challenge

dipsy doodle: 
a quick dipping motion, such as that made by football players to avoid a tackle.
  • an act or movement designed to evade, confuse, or distract an opponent or competitor.
Premier Christy Clark's flying travel costs are fast approaching $600,000 and if anyone is interested in following along with her three years of flight plans rolled into one map .... there is an earlier example of a British Columbia minister, of Education, that set the copper standard for flying ... the same guy who admitted he didn't see the HST on his Radar:
Since being appointed Education Minister last March, I’ve had the pleasure of visiting 95 schools and half of the province’s 60 school districts. I’ve met with hundreds of teachers, students, parents and administrators.  Hon. George Abbott - Vancouver Province
32 school connecting dots are by no means an exact copy of just where that Minister of Education traveled in eleven months, but they are in a somewhat chronological order of his visits to "95" schools out of public system containing 1,631 and the 345 Independent Schools which he oversees as well.
Abbots Flight Costs Under $3,000

No RCMP security Officer otherwise the expenses would have doubled.


Meanwhile back in Today's Sick Culture of Victoria (May 31, 2016) government employees are ensuring that before they set off for the wilds of British Columbia looking for new Coal deposits destined to China, its best to learn how to use a Government Issue (GI)  GPS with clear instructions and in ideal weather conditions.

Meet at on the Empress lawns: .......

GRCT GPS Doodle Challenge

GRCT Doodle Map of Victoria  An hour and a half from Start to Finish


Our challenge is to, in teams of 3 or 4, create a GPS doodle by walking around downtown Victoria with an iPad and GPS app. You will use your GPS track to draw a picture. Bragging rights are on the line.   Best drawing, most creative, most legible, most business like, most (?) – we’ll collectively judge our work afterwards around a table over dinner and drinks. Need some inspiration? Check out these examples (don’t get too overwhelmed – this guy puts hours of thought into this stuff and cycles around):

“It’s all connected” • A doodle for the CAO

For the past few days, I’ve been cycling about in the nation’s capital – Ottawa, Canada – creating a doodle on behalf of the Canadian Association of Optometrists, or CAO.

Inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, the doodle underscores a key message of CAO’s new campaign, “It’s All Connected” – namely, that an eye exam by an optometrist can reveal health issues elsewhere in the body, like brain tumours, hypertension and diabetes.