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2 degrees of Separation from Golden Globe Race 2018 Skipper: Susie G. ---- Bon Voyage!!!

You are one degree away from everyone you know, two degrees away from everyone they know.

Does the same hold true for   Longitude degrees of separation?

Vancouver, BC   -123.116226  and   Les Sables D'olonne  -1.78333


 Day 3

Why are they all zigzagging   tacking in one direction?

GGR 2018-07-03
Earth Wind 2018-07-03
Susie G  2018-07-04  14:05
"Earth" Wind 2018-07-04 14:05

Susie G  14th to 5th
"Earth" Wind 2018-07-05

In the meantime running the shipping lanes gauntlet

Running the gauntlet  2018-07-07 12:20


One skipper, Italy’s Francesco Cappelletti, remains in port preparing his Endurance 35 007. The yacht has still to pass safety inspection and Cappelletti has yet to complete 3 days of solo sailing trials. He has until Noon on July 7 to beat the deadline to join the race.


Susie Goodall is a 'close friend' even though we've never met

What’s the story, Ms. Goodall?

British sailor Susie Goodall is currently one of two women taking part in the 2018 Golden Globe Race – a solo, non-stop, round-the-world race that forbids the use of modern technology.


    What’s the story, Ms. Goodall? Susie has the wind in her sails

I was three when I started sailing. My parents got me into the sport – we always sailed as a family and my brothers and I grew up around boats. I love the fact that no two days on a boat are ever the same. And I still get a big thrill from watching the land disappear until I have the ocean all to myself.

I’m currently preparing for the 2018 Golden Globe Race. This means sailing non-stop, solo, around the world, without outside assistance, against 29 competitors. I’ve always enjoyed the physical and emotional challenge of sailing, but the hardest part of this race will be spending nine months on my own at sea. I’ve never been on a boat for that long before.

The rules of the race mean that I have to sail in a yacht designed before 1988, and without using modern technology such as autopilot and a Global Positioning System (GPS). Sailing with GPS is hard enough! Without it... well... there will be times when I simply won’t know where I am. I’ll have a good idea, hopefully; but I’ll be guided by the stars, so if I can’t get a celestial fix because of cloud, there could be days or weeks when there’s not much that I can do. I can’t tell you how daunting that seems!

Sleep will also be difficult. If I’m near the coast, I’ll jump on deck, scan the horizon and if there’s nothing around I’ll go to sleep for 20 minutes. Offshore and away from shipping, I‘ll go to sleep until, say, the wind picks up and the boat wakes me. Even then, I’ll never be asleep for more than an hour and a half at a time.

I’m being sponsored by DHL, so my boat – a Rustler 36 class yacht – is sure to feature some red and yellow! I’ve also got to stow 10 months’ worth of food and supplies on board, which will be packed and shipped by DHL.

I’ve got mixed emotions as the start of the race approaches. My family and friends have been so supportive and I know they’re all behind me, which is a massive boost; but I’m dreading saying goodbye to them all and I’m expecting the first week at sea to be tough.

Then again, I’m also really excited to be going. During the race, I know there will be scary moments. The trick is thinking about the worst-case scenarios – losing the boat or the rig coming down, for example – and having a strategy to deal with anything. It’s better to be prepared in this sport. That said, I usually find the frightening part of any difficult situation is afterwards, when you realize what you’ve just been through! But, scary or not, this was an unmissable opportunity for me because I’ve always wanted to sail solo around the world. When I get back, I’ll be able to tick that one off my list...

About the race

To mark the 50th anniversary of Sir Robin Knox-Johnston’s historic 1968-69 world first solo non-stop circumnavigation in the Golden Globe Yacht Race, a new Golden Globe Race is being staged on 30 June, 2018. It starts from Plymouth, U.K. down the Atlantic, past the Cape of Good Hope, Tasmania and back up the Atlantic again, past the Falklands and back up to Plymouth.
GGR  Skippers   News  More  Live

The Rules
What it takes to take part

 Entrants must show prior ocean sailing experience of at least 8,000 miles and another 2000 miles solo, in any boat, by 1st March 2018.

The 2018 Golden Globe Race will require all entrants to use only the same type, or similar equipment and technology that was carried on board Robin Knox-Johnston’s 1968/69 race winning yacht Suhaili. Entry is by invitation only, for sailors aged 18 years and older at the start on June 16, 2018. Entrants must show prior ocean sailing experience of at least 8,000 miles and another 2000 miles solo in any boat, by 30th April 2018.  CHECK
Sailing like it's 1968

The Retro nature of the 1960’s rules and conditions of entry into the Golden Globe Race have opened a fresh new page. It has created great enthusiasm, comment and opinion in sailing circles around the world. They say this Retro style is the right idea at the right time and may well begin a movement toward RETRO SAILING. We hope it does. The plain idea of racing in simple strong boats, using no technology and combining the traditional seamanship skills of the sailor with his ingenuity, passion and determination to drive him across the finish line first, is both simple to understand and intensely satisfying. It is also a very affordable adventure and challenge for all! The dream is back!

You sail refitted older proven production boats of a similar style, length and type, with no high tech anything allowed, no satellite gear and your costs are controlled. All entrants face the same challenges and more money will not necessarily help you to the podium. There is no rating system, so the person in the lead is winning and wow, you have a great production family boat and when you want to sell, you do not lose your shirt!

As a RETRO Race, for the Golden Globe, generally speaking only equipment that was available to Robin Knox Johnston on Suhaili in 1968 may be used. That means NO GPS, Chart plotters, electronic wind instruments, electric autopilots, electronic log, iPhone, satellite phones, digital cameras, computers, cd players, pocket calculators electronic clocks and watches, water makers, carbon fibre, Kevlar, spectra etc… so it is back to film cameras, cassette tapes, sextants, wind up clocks, trailing logs and Dacron sails, wind vanes and typewriters.

There is a place for all types of sailing races in the world and just maybe, RETRO sailing is the new kid on the block! ........

Golden Globe Race     Route

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Warren Kinsella: "That's my considered diplomatic advice, on politicians: "Kick Trump in the Nuts" and if Hillary had won .... Groping

Apparently Warren Kinsella has some very strong advice on how the public, not he, should handle the President of the United States of America:
 Kick Trump in the NUTS.  That’s my considered diplomatic advice. From next week’s Hill Times column
On the other hand, ..... one can only guess what Kinsella's advice would be to the public on how to handle a 'President Hillary Clinton' if she were to implement similar undiplomatic strategies against Canada.

Would we find him still groping for the right phrase?



The Creston Valley Advance's Editorial 'Open eyes' from August 2000 on Justin Trudeau's alleged  behaviour 18 years ago was used by Kinsella to make a point: Guilty.  Too bad, or perhaps we should say,  we're glad Kinsella didn't crop out the Letter to the Editor to the right of 'Open eyes' because it brings out the newspaper's inability to get the facts straight 'Once again'.  How many other times is not known.
The Letter to Creston Valley Advance:
Don't forget Wayne Louie when talki......
To the Editor:

Once again the Creston Valley Advance's inaccurate reporting of historical events would contribute to a distortion of reality.

In your Aug. 8 edition, the article 'Growth pleases former chief', it is stated that Chris Luke served as chief from 1970 to 1992, "when he relinquished the job to his son, Chad...."

Following Chris Luke's first period as chief of the Lower Kootenay Indian Band, Wayne Louie served as chief, prior to Chad Luke's term as chief --- information which was deleted and misrepresented in the above named article.

Having worked for and with Mr. Louie during this time period it would be a discredit to both Mr. Louie and his contributions to his people to allow this error to go without correction.

During Mr. Louie's term as chief of the Lower Kootenay Indian Band his contributions spanned from the development and expansion of a guide-outfitting territory to expansion of housing for his people to acccom-....


According to the Vancouver Sun's edition, Saturday, June 23rd, 2018, pages NP1 and NP2:
...... While the editorial (Creston Valley Advance) suggests the allegation dates from Aug. 3 and the apology from Aug. 4, the actual dates of the festival were the weekend of Aug. 5-6.  Tanya Oliva, the festival's PR manager at the time, told the Post it was her recollection that Trudeau arrived in Creston on Aug. 5.  The Post has not been able to reconcile the discrepancy.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

MP Jonathan Wilkinson's Constituency Office sends out partisan messages: Join his Team at a public parade: Sign up here

As a Constituent of North Vancouver I was not surprised to receive an email from our Member of Parliament, Jonathan Wilkinson, with an invitation to the Lynn Valley Days parade; Canada parade July 1st; and the Canada Day Waterfront Park festivities.

 Join Jonathan this Saturday!

Don't forget to join Jonathan and Team Wilkinson this Saturday morning for the Lynn Valley Days Parade. This is a fun opportunity for community members of all ages to march with your local Member of Parliament and represent the Government of Canada in the parade.       

See below for full event details and be sure to RSVP if you would like to join us. Please also feel free to share details with friends and family. .....

John Wilkinson is the Public's Member of Parliament, not the LIBERAL PARTY's

These public events are supposed to be non-partisan and to reinforce that, Wilkinson and his office handler Braden McMillan, Communications and Outreach Assistant, went to great lengths to make it abundantly clear that the events would not be marred by those looking for political gains.

There was one caveat though, of course, one exemption, and it only applies for the sole benefit of the Liberal Party of Canada.

Braden McMillan's bottom line:
NOTE: All events are non-partisan. Please do NOT wear or bring anything with you that would be considered partisan in nature. A limited number of branded t-shirts will be loaned out for the duration of the event but it is recommended that participants wear red in case supplies run out.

What is the criteria to be able to join Jonathan's Team Wilkinson?   May anyone get up on the Team Wilkinson bandwagon at the events, or is it a life long partisan commitment, or is it only for the next federal election, or support for our local hockey teams?

It took awhile to find the answer on the internet, and Team participation is for a very select group:   

Team Jonathan Wilkinson at a Canadian Government website:  under the banner of a smiling Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The Trudeau Team is not for layperson participation.  The minimum requirement, to be on his Cabinet Team, is "Parliamentary Secretary" of which Jonathan Wilkinson received.


There are two more partisan events:  July 1st parade down Lonsdale; and partying afterwards at CNV Waterfront Park.

Last chance to join the Wilkinson Team.

Make sure your T-shirt is Red on White.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Distracted Development permit: "Exciting Opportunity 625/675 and 777 Pacific Street": 'Colossus of Roads'

Vancouver City planners are just too accommodating for the developers with "Invitation to offer to Lease 625/675 and 777 Pacific Street" by providing a lane name change from Continental to Granville Street of which one already exists just one block to the East.

Yes, its a Graphic artist's Typo in the Vancouver Sun  Page A10    June 1, not April 1


Granville Street (Bridge) needs to provide a grand entrance to the downtown core.

How about the 'Colossus of Roads'?  Sort of looks like Trump at 23, or a Trudeau burning through his Kinder Morgan fossil fuel chips, or our tax dollars, or both.

'Colossus of Rhodes'

Vancouver Courier

Following the unveiling of designs for a 52-storey high-rise at the new “Granville Gateway” on the downtown end of Granville Bridge, the City is seeking interest to redevelop the land currently used by the bridge’s downtown off-ramp loops.

In an “Invitation to Offer to Lease” on the City’s website, the City is marketing both the east and west loop lands for redevelopment, following its decision to demolish those loops.

Just about completed .....

Georgia Straight