Friday, September 22, 2017

BC Hydro Study 1976. Dams on the Peace River @ Site C, E (at border) and D for Donvegan (Alberta)

Albertans have been trying to wean themselves off of coal fired generations of electricity for years and they had the chance when Site C first came on the horizon in 1976.  Albertans were offered the Dunvegan Site.  British Columbians were offered C, no D, but there was an E on the BC/Alberta border.

2015 Alaskan Highway News edition has their take on the benefits of the Dunvegan Site

Let's put Fort St. John's Site C on the back burner and shift the workforce downstream to Dawson City which has a much smaller footprint to match our current and future needs without costing 9.99999 Billion (includes modest cost over runs).

BC Legislative Library:

B.C. Hydro Sites C & E Hydroelectric Development Proposals : Lower Peace River Environmental Study / Thurber Consultants Ltd

Volume I  Page 24 of 563

Volume I Development Proposals and Resource Inventories
Volume Ia Appendices to Volume I
Volume II Impact Assessment of Basic Alternatives
Volume III Supplementary Assessments

Thursday, September 7, 2017

With Climate change, rising tide height, why build either a bridge or a tunnel in a flood plain protected by dikes?

Traffic lines coded in green lines mixed with amber lines mixed with red lines is from 2015.  Things have changed since.  There is MORE traffic.

Nothing like commanding the high ground, a bridge over a tunnel option, but when the whole area that the traffic is flowing through is protected by a single line of defense, a dike, all hell can break loose in Richmond and Delta .....  good name that flood plain delta.

Every route leading up to Deas Island Tunnel, and a proposed replacement bridge, will face the same consequence if the BIG ONE hits Metro Vancouver.  The corridors will be awash in water, water everywhere.

Flood Plains can be a pain
 $3 billion debt in the Red for a bridge, to replace an aging tunnel?

 The new Pattullo Bridge takes off from the high ground of New Westminster and touches down on Surrey soil that is protected by a dike.

Port Mann Bridge?  Low ground to the north, high ground to the south.

Second Narrows Ironworkers Memorial Bridge?  High ground to the South, low ground to the north.

Suggestion:  Get out of the cars and use public transit built like Skytrain, and Canada Line, which are raised well above the flood plains.


BC Liberal Laurie Throness demands for his new leader:  Fraser Basin Council Lower Mainland Flood Management Strategy

Suggestion: Environment Item # 5 of 65 total topics