Saturday, August 26, 2017

DNV: 'Fish-Ladder-Go-Cyclist' or is it 'Cyclist-Ladder-Go-Fish'?

The District of North Vancouver's 'New Delbrook Recreation Centre' facility is open along with their plaza art waterworks of a salmon riding a bike, without, a certifiable helmet.

From the perspective of this tradesperson, its not unsettling to see the use of two stainless steel, six foot diameter, discarded lumber saw mill blades as a bicycle wheel for an oversize fish. 

What is unsettling is that circular and table saw blades turn counter-clockwise.

Circular saw cuts into wood that is stable.

Wood is fed into a fixed table saw blade.

Counter Clockwise rotation
To make the fish cyclist move forward, the saw blade has to move in a clockwise direction which is opposite from table and circular saws.

New Delbrook Community Recreation Centre

Moving forward - Reading backwards:

A sign of the DNV time$  You are now leaving  ......

A wooden sign for Murdo Frazer Park has been visible from the road for pedestrians and motorists, and CYCLISTS for at least the last twelve years, so why spend a ton of cash building a sign that is not visible to anyone, a hundred feet into the woods and doesn't match any other park sign in the District?  Are there more park sign changes in the work?   The collected property taxes are paying for these sign changes.

Murdo Frazer Park: Black sign: cut-out Lettering on a Forest Green background.  At night its Black on Black even with the lighting
The trail was upgraded so that LED lighting could be installed, and then the cyclist faction on District Council got involved because of the environmentalists were complaining about the destruction of the vegetation on the side of the stairs.  The answer:  loose gravel so cyclists couldn't navigate.

Result: Bike Trough needed for the concrete stairs to accommodate the cyclists.

At that point, DNV should have hired a Rocket scientist to figure out their bike trough logic because of the existing concrete stairs didn't run in a straight line.

The experts have one thing in common, bike troughs only work along straight run.  

Bike Troughs don't Zig, and then Zag, they do in DNV.

Wikipedia Bike Trough
WashCycle  Bike Trough
Cycle Works Ltd. Bike Trough
  Seattle Bike Blog  Bike Trough
  Seattle has finally done it. They figured out how to build a functional stairway “runnel” that also includes railings required to meet accessibility guidelines.

Do both wheels of a bicycle follow the same path?

Bike Portland

Do both wheels of a bicycle follow the same path?
DNV Murdo Frazer Park stairs: 'crooked like a Dog's hind leg'

Moving along: Same topic: Stopping a tank with steel and concrete?

Concrete abutment strong enough to stop a tank.  Same design at the top.
There was  ONLY    ONE    sign stipulated in the specs, and its for the top of the stairs which is 100 feet away from the road.  A sign at the bottom would be ridiculous when the nearest road is four blocks away.  The contractor built the forms complete with underground wiring, had it inspected by DNV, poured the concrete, only to discover later that no sign was contemplated for the bottom one.

Grinder to the rescue.

Galvanized Steel is rusting.

The Sign:

You have now arrived at .... steel plate lettering cut our with a laser?

One minor detail: the Colour scheme: its totally the opposite from street signage.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

British Columbia Low Cost Housing: Take a GPS discovery tour of your local Flood Plain





Gauges Metro Vancouver to Hope

Gauges Metro Vancouver to Pemberton

Kamloops to Monte Creek Dykes

Kelowna to US border Dykes


Before Upgrade

Friday, August 11, 2017

New Order In Council (OIC) 249 - Justices of the Peace; (OIC) 258 - Rescinds Colin Hansen appointment

Number 32

 Full Text PDFs

OIC 247

OIC 248   Appointment of ....

OIC 249
Jade Allnutt
Maha Arnaut
Ola Athans
Janine Balogh
Liza Biggin
Donna Bigras
Lindsay Christian
Harjit Dhinjal
Amanda Ferguson
Kelsey Gray
Deborah Henry
Barry Lai
Danica Raguz
Shelley Stewart
Michelle Thomson
Nurgul Toichubekova
Alisa Tortolano

OIC 250

OIC 251

 OIC 252   By Striking out ...

 OIC 253  Appointment of ....

OIC 254  Appointment of ....

OIC 255  Appointment of ....

OIC 256

OIC 257

 OIC 258   Appointment Rescinded    Colin Hansen and Others

Google Search Criteria:  Clifford William Neufeld, Transportation Investment Corporation
Google Search Criteria:  Anne Marie Stewart, Transportation Investment Corporation
Google Search Criteria: Daniel Patrick Doyle, Transportation Investment Corporation

MO 259  Emergency Program Act

Thursday, August 10, 2017

WAC Bennett: 1958 Centenary; Revenue from Road-Users;

British Columbia document:  Revenue from Road-Users requires the public to know Google is capable of misspelling.  eg.  "Public In QIuiries Act" aka Public Inquiries Act

Google Search criteria: British Columbia Provincial Revenue from Road-users 1957

Columbia, 1948, entitled, "Public In Qluiries Act, " it is ... - BC Laws
Page 1 of 28

BC Legislative Library Horizon search: Public Inquiries Act  72 titles found


Royal commissions and special commissions appointed by Order in Council with returns relating thereto, 1946-1948. --

West Coast Oil Ports Inquiry??????
    ...... Proceedings at inquiry / West Coast Oil Ports Inquiry. -- by West Coast Oil Ports Inquiry (Canada), Thompson, Andrew R., 1925-, Allwest Reporting Ltd

The report for the hearings May 4, 1977 [v. 1] entitled: Preliminary hearings into the Kitimat Oil Port Inquiry : proceedings at preliminary inquiry.
Added title: v.2-17, 19-20, A public inquiry pursuant to Order-in-Council PC 1977 - 597 dated March 10th, 1977; v.18, 21-30, A public inquiry pursuant to part 1 of the Inquiries Act R.S.C. 1970, C.I-13 into proposed marine terminals and associated oil tanker traffic on the west coast of Canada.
A.R. Thompson, Commissioner.

Another link from the above:

West Coast Oil Ports Inquiry (Canada)


British Columbia Motive Fuel License Plates -


An important component of the road user revenues collected by the provincial government were taxes levied on the sale of gasoline.  In 1957, it was estimated that, of all the vehicle related revenue collected, the gas tax accounted for approximately 70.9%.
Policy-makers were concerned, however, that users of diesel were unfairly benefiting from the greater efficiency afforded by this fuel type, estimated to be between 40-65% more miles per gallon than cars or trucks of the same weight using gasoline.  It did not help that diesel-powered trucks were also seen to place an extremely heavy burden of the road system .
In order to ensure that diesel users .......



Thursday, August 3, 2017

Former BC LNG Advocate Gordon Wilson was hired on as a plumber but spent all his time installing light fixtures? A BC Jobs Plan graduate

 No wonder there are no written reports from Gordon Wilson.

Does Gordon Wilson have two trade tickets: Plumber (Pipefitter) and Electrician? Is he a member of a trade union or is he non-union?   BC Jobs Plan info

Did Premier Christy Clark hire an LNG plumber, or a BC Hydro electrician?
"I wasn't hired to write reports," Wilson said in an interview Tuesday.  "It's a bit like evaluating the work of your plumber by counting the number of light fixtures they put in.  My job was to act as an advocate for B.C. businesses, both First Nations and non-First Nations."

What is a non-First Nation?
Wikipedia:  In Canada, a non-status Indian is a legal term referring to any First Nations individual who for whatever reason is not registered with the federal government, or is not registered to a band which signed a treaty with the Crown.

Is a 'non-First Nation' the same as a 'non-status Indian'?

Is a 'non-First Nation' person everyone else who is neither 'First nation' nor 'non-first nation'?

Or the distinction Gordon Wilson is trying to make is that he advocated for First Nations, with a signed Treaty,  and with First Nations with a non-treaty status aka without a Treaty status?