Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Site C speech by Gordon Campbell 2010 - "50 years of sustainable/renewable electricity" doubled-dipped up to 100 by Christy Clark, and Billy

Hmmmm, we know that Premier Gordon Campbell was wrong about the HST in 2010 therefore he must be right when he said that Site C would take care of British Columbians Electrical needs for the next 50 years eg. 2060.  Along comes Premier Christy Clark and her Energy Minister Bill Bennett, saying that Site C will fill our needs for the next 100 years.

What's happened in the last four years, since 2010, that BC Hydro has somehow doubled the capacity of Site C without increasing the reservoir or downsizing the generator but doubling their longevity so as to last twice as long AND at the same time maintaining the artist renderings the same, ....... commanded the rain Gods to fall and received Party pledges from the drought Devils?
Meeting B.C.'s future electricity needs to 2110  - Premier Christy Clark / Minister Bill Bennett .....

Subject to environmental certification, Site C would be a source of clean, renewable and cost-effective electricity for more than 100 years. - BC Hydro 2014

There's nothing on tape that backs up the 100 year claim by our Hide-and-Go-seeking-Photo-Op Premier (Clark) but its obvious that there is a stated (video) discrepancy between Premier Gordon Campbell's April 19, 2010 announcement for Site C Third Phase to the written, current, electrifying, Premier Christy Clark's and her sidekick Bill Bennett.

I swear.... that ....

".... I am pleased to announce that the Site C Clean energy project will be moving to the third phase so that we can build a future fifty years to reflect the last fifty years in British Columbia. ...." Premier Gordon Campbell:

2010 + 50 = 2060

Moving onto the Third Phase of Site C

BC Liberal NEW Math: use the 50 years PRIOR to the 2010 announcement and then ADD the NEXT 50 years to arrive at 100 years...... which fits in neatly with Premier Clark's election promise in 2013 that we would have One Trillion dollar in LNG revenues AND the province being Debt Free in fifty years.   

Without verification, Christy's GCPE's staff accepted Campbell's PAB staff's word on the New Era Math calculations, without referring back to the spoken words.  Press Release:
HUDSON’S HOPE – The B.C. government announced today that it will move forward with the Site C Clean Energy Project (Site C). The Site C project will be the third dam on the Peace River in northeast B.C., and will be a source of clean and renewable energy for over 100 years, producing enough electricity to power approximately 410,000 homes per year.  - BC Government News Release April 19, 2010

2010 - 50 = 1960

A half century ago, B.C. was encouraged to use abundant electricity

Posted by Marc Stoiber
Energy conservation is now part of B.C., where most of our electricity comes from clean sources, and as citizens, we pride ourselves on being Power Smart.

But it wasn't always that way. Leaf through books like Voices From Two Rivers and Gaslight To Gigawatts and you discover our relationship with power has morphed beyond recognition over the past half century.

So how did we go from 'Power Means Progress' — the catchphrase of BC Hydro in the 1960s — to 'Power Smart' today? The story is a fascinating study in our evolution as a society.

Electric power — use it freely!


Thursday, August 7, 2014

"CPR shall thereafter operate and maintain the Arbutus Corridor...." Operate and Maintain? No Operation, No Maintenance either

Hmmmm.  We can understand the urgency that CPR has recently shown, weeding, therefore needing  Vancouver's Arbutus Corridor, but, ... what about the OPERATE portion?

When was the last CPR train?  Is there a time limit between trains that voids the Right of Way?

Proposed agreement between the Government of BC and CPR Co. 1885
The only weeding that the Arbutus Corridor needs is removal of the CPR?

P.S.  Page 1:
1. The said Company shall extend the main line of the Canadian Pacific Railway to Coal Harbor and English Bay, and shall for ever thereafter maintain and equip such extension as part of the main line of the Canadian Pacific Railway, and operate it accordingly. 
However CPR sold a portion of the Arbutus Corridor Right of Way, therefore its been impossible for CPR to maintain and equip such extension.... eh.
CP sold a chunk of a line at the entrance to Granville Island in 1995 to Starbucks, cutting off the connection between the Arbutus line and the track that ran east to Main Street. - Globe and Mail

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Vancouver Sun EXCLUSIVE: Cabin on Lake O'Hara in Yoho National Park: For Sale

The Vancouver Sun has missed the point, once again.  Truth in Advertising.  On Page C1 of  Friday's edition they were being paid to be promote Blue Shore Financial credit union and Re/Max Realty expertise.  The Sun was supposed to use an example of a "family cabin", obtainable within their finances.   Deadlines being what they are in the News media, they never got back to Blue Shore to confirm the authenticity of the "family cabin" photo.  We asked.

The article is well written by Derrick Penner, but ruined by PostMedia News Files editors using an image that has absolutely nothing to do with a typical family cabin on recreational property.

This Cabin is NOT for sale, not even on the market to be sold independent of the other three cabins.  The privately held complex includes the LODGE and other amenities, could be sold, but consider the high price that would be required .....  because, its setting is UNIQUE. It's nowhere near Banff which has a proliferation of private operators within a National Park.    Lake O'Hara Lodge / Cabins are PRIVATELY owned and its inside Yoho National Park, west of the Continental Divide separating British Columbia from the rest of Canada!   The price tag for the "family cabin" would be well beyond the reach of those wishing to purchase it to be used sparingly throughout the year at the best of times seasonally.

..... While it might not be showing up in sales figures yet, North Vancouver-based BlueShore Financial credit union surveyed a group of its members and found that not much more than one-third of those who own recreational property expect to pass that real estate on to their children.

And among respondents who are children of recreational property owners, 61 per cent reported that they did not expect to inherit the family's cabin, cottage or ski condo. ..... - Derrick Penner - Vancouver Sun
Maybe someone will inherit Lake O'Hara, but when it has shifted onto someone else's shoulders in the past it hasn't been kept within the family.  eg.

Bruce Millar: Owner of Lake O'Hara, has a few suggestions about his Lodge and its amenities:

Can I bring my cell phone?
Sure, bring it - unfortunately, it won't work as there is no coverage in our remote mountain location. You'll most likely be using it as a camera! Our guests appreciate truly being unplugged for a short period of time. There is a pay phone at the lodge that you are welcome to use should you really need to get in touch with someone.
Satellite phones?????