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BC Hydro's submission on Site C: Annual Rate Impacts of Termination and Suspension Scenarios

As a British Columbia ratepayer who may be around in five or even later at 17 years, what sort of BC Hydro graph, not GRAFT, would I like to look forward to.

Relax.  Let the rate take its course of 77 years from 2017 to 2094 when my children's children will be my age now and wondering 'what the hell were my parents' parents politicians thinking and who the hell is Christy Clark who wanted to get the damn dam past the point of no return?'

Site C was being built for something called LNG without royalties going to the Province? Site C was being built to reward the IPP?
Page 12

Looking Forward Norman Farrell at Insights has LNG 'benefits' to the Province of British Columbia covered

Costs to Ratepayers:

Five Years

Seventeen Years

Page 15 of 866

Seventy-Seven Years

 Horizon information Portal:   pubdocs/bcdocs2017/ October

Item 3
BC Hydro submission to the British Columbia Utilities Commission inquiry into the Site C Clean Energy Project [electronic resource] / BC Hydro, Power Smart. --    Show details by B.C. Hydro
Vancouver, B.C. : British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority, 2017.

URL: Scanned by LLBC;
text searchable: http://www.llbc.leg.bc.ca/public/pubdocs/bcdocs2017_2/681557/doc_90101_f1-1-bch_submission_sitec_public.pdf
Created in August 2017; Modified in October 2017 to BCUC

Triple Bottom Line defined is "an accounting framework with three parts: social, environmental (or ecological) and financial."

Google Search Criteria for BC Hydro's Triple Bottom Line promise:
Triple Bottom Line: http://www.bchydro.com:80/about/three_bottom_lines.html 

WayBack Machine to BC Hydro's Promise     In Business forever
Our economic bottom line means making it possible to stay in business forever, by being an efficient, productive and profitable company, and by providing value to our customers and the province.
Last Modified: Apr 4, 2011

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ICBC hoards fender bender data. Why? Why does the RCMP have to be in attendance?

ICBC refuses to meet the Metro Vancouver Mayors Council when it comes to their request to not require the attendance of  the RCMP on the Second Narrows Bridge when there are fender benders.  Acceptable reasons would be for loss of life, run-away-motor vehicles crossing over multiple lanes and/or leaping over the centre barrier into oncoming traffic.  ICBC claims that they need to document everything so that they will know how, and where, accidents are occurring on the structure.

Which is all well and good but wouldn't it be best if the data collected by ICBC was shared with the traveling public?  Forewarned is Forearmed!   An interactive map is neat but there are a few glitches in the system.

 CTV New

Mayors on the North Shore are asking for changes to the Motor Vehicle Act they say would reduce congestion by allowing minor accidents on the Lions Gate and Second Narrows bridges to be cleared faster.

“It’s a very big problem. One small accident causes chaos for hours,” said North Vancouver Mayor Darrell Mussatto. “The bridges are at capacity. Something has to be done.”

Under current regulations, only the RCMP can authorize the removal of damaged or stalled vehicles blocking a provincial highway.

 Mounties who attend the scene of an crash where damages are estimated to be more than $1,000 are required by law to conduct a time-consuming investigation and fill out a lengthy accident form—a process that can stall traffic for hours. ..... snip

ICBC crunches the RCMP fender bender details on the Second Narrows Bridge into two lump sums.

One large red dot pile for the North Shore and a matching red dot pile for South Shore ..... as if either one of the municipalities were responsible for what happens on the BC Ministry of  Highway's turf mid harbour.

What's that old saying, never the twain shall meet

 Updated: 2023-03-17

British Columbians can now access comprehensive new data, quickly and easily, as part of ICBC's commitment to increase transparency, with extensive crash and vehicle population data available on icbc.com.

Here's ICBC's interactive map to check out collision data.

The map works perfectly fine where municipalities are joined a the hip with land (Vancouver to Burnaby; Surrey to Langley), but when it comes to a water body like Burrard Inlet the ICBC data only shows largest number of accidents happening at just ONE location on either side Burrard Inlet's Second Narrows.   The now under construction North Shore cloverleaf at the foot of the CUT is where all the accidents are happening and on the South Shore they are directly over CNR railcars which are entering and exiting Thornton Tunnel.

With a combined total of 963 collisions at two locations it should have been a piece of cake to solve the nightmare line-ups headed over the bridge from West Vancouver and from Burnaby.

In depth searches can be accomplished within adjoining municipalities but when it comes to a mid-span crisis the public is left completely in the dark by the interactive map.

2017 data:

North Vancouver 486

Vancouver 477

North Vancouver


Back in the late sixties there used to be a motor vehicle act law that stated that no passing was permitted when approaching the crest of a hill.  Something about the motorists not being able to see over the hill and the cars suddenly hitting their brakes.

On the Second Narrows Bridge, changing lanes is permitted and not just one lane to the second but into the third lane and at the same time other motorist are doing the same thing. Crisscrossing.

If the data collected by ICBC is so important shouldn't the data be shared with the general public instead of hoarding?

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

BC Liberals Coleman. Do you remember BC Premier Dave Barrett on the birth of the BC Lottery Corp: "... to cut off an umbilical cord with a monster that provides them money"?

Time for Commission 2017 on the impropriety of politicians helping operators of casinos and especially the lack of enforcement on money laundering that would have caught not only the culprits but the politicians as well.

Why did Rich Coleman shutter the enforcement branch?

What was 'good' for the BC NDP in 2000 where one party member used money from a non-profit bingo organization in Nanaimo to fund their election chances surely seems minuscule compared to today's activities where instead of community players being shortchanged in thousands of dollars via bingo games Today's BC Liberals assisted in the laundering of Millions of dollars and benefited by having the casino operators donating to their cause.

No wonder corporations need to be banned from donating money to political parties where no means by which it was acquired came from legal sources.

14     THE COMMISSIONER:  Mr. Lewis? 
    15     MR. LEWIS: 
    16              Q   Mr. Barrett, my name is Geoffrey Lewis I act as 
    17                  counsel for the British Columbia Gaming 
    18                  Commission.
    19              A   Yes.
    20              Q   And the question -- series of questions I have 
    21                  for you relate really to your experience with 
    22                  public policy and the history of gaming in the 
    23                  province.
    24              A   Mh-hmm.
    25              Q   In the period of your government 1972 to 1975, 
     1                  and then through the '70s as leader of the 
     2                  opposition, say up until 1980 or so, do you 
     3                  recall gaming being a significant matter for the 
     4                  government either in terms of regulation or 
     5                  revenue?
     6              A   For the government? 
     7              Q   Yes.
     8              A   Yes.  Regretfully I authorized the first lottery 
     9                  structure in British Columbia.  It was much to my 
    10                  policy regret that we were instrumental in 
    11                  establishing the 649 program, the scratch and win 
    12                  programs, this was in response at the time to the 
    13                  amount of money that was leaving Canada with the  
    14                  Irish sweepstakes which was substantial. 
    15                       On reflection of these past years I think it 
    16                  was a mistake that I made in my government made 
    17                  along with the other governments that allowed the 
    18                  development of the lotteries corporation.  And I 
    19                  regret this.  Nothing that I can do will change 
    20                  it but I was instrumental in making that decision 
    21                  and we were instrumental in setting up the first 
    22                  lotteries across Canada.
    23              Q   In comparison to the types of revenues and the 
    24                  types of activity that exists today would you say 
    25                  it's fair to characterize the level of activity 
     1                  in the '70s as being just a shadow of what it is 
     2                  today?
     3              A   It certainly is a shadow of what it is today and 
     4                  but however, it was the embryo that's grown in a 
     5                  monster in my opinion.
     6              Q   In that embryonic stage in the '70s do you recall 
     7                  that the federal government, no doubt you do 
     8                  recall that the federal government was active in 
     9                  the field at that time?
    10              A   They were active in the field too as well as a 
    11                  number of other provinces.
    12              Q   And one example that anyone might recall was that 
    13                  the Super Lotto was introduced to help in part 
    14                  fund the Montreal Olympics.  Do you recall that?
    15              A   I recall that.  I must add that when we had the 
    16                  opportunity to bid for the winter Olympic games 
    17                  in British Columbia I made a statement that our 
    18                  government would not support a bid for those 
    19                  Olympics because of the financial cost and 
    20                  because of the financing that North America was 
    21                  moving into, not just Canada but the United 
    22                  States, in terms of the financing those kind of 
    23                  operations.
    24              Q   All right.  In the relationship of the federal 
    25                  government with the provincial governments and 
     1                  the identification of source of revenue, sources 
     2                  of taxation sources of levies, am I right in 
     3                  understanding that in our constitutional system 
     4                  the way to governments work in Canada that 
     5                  generally the provinces and the federal 
     6                  government vie for control over sources of 
     7                  revenue with each other?
     8              A   Well, I don't know if I could use the word vie, I 
     9                  mean, there are competing interests for revenues 
    10                  sources but that's the nature of the B NA and 
    11                  constitution itself.  When someone is a 
    12                  provincial politician they think that their 
    13                  jurisdiction is paramount in some areas when one 
    14                  is a federal politician they think that their 
    15                  position is paramount.  The taxpayer has to pay 
    16                  no matter whose position is paramount but there 
    17                  is competition obviously and niches and in 
    18                  general policy.
    19              Q   In 1985 do you recall, and I appreciate at this 
    20                  time that you were no longer a sitting member of 
    21                  the legislature.
    22              A   Yes.
    23              Q   But do you recall that in connection with the 
    24                  funding for the Calgary winter Olympics that John 
    25                  Turner made a deal with the provinces that 
     1                  resulted in the federal government agreeing to 
     2                  withdraw from the field of gaming?
     3              A   I knew that Mr. Turner was considering that.  I 
     4                  must say that I enjoyed extremely positive 
     5                  relationship with Mr. Turner when he was federal 
     6                  Minister of Finance, he was a very reasonable 
     7                  honourable person and we did have generalized 
     8                  discussions about whether lottery funds where 
     9                  going because I was a Minister of Finance 
    10                  provincially at the same time.  But as far as the 
    11                  Calgary decision it was of no import to me at 
    12                  that time.
    13              Q   All right.  The result in -- I'll tell you 
    14                  because I know -- that was that the Criminal Code 
    15                  was amended and the permissive sections of the 
    16                  Criminal Code that permit gaming to occur and not 
    17                  be a criminal offence included prior to that time 
    18                  among other exceptions but the principal ones 
    19                  were gaming conducted on behalf of the Federal 
    20                  Crown, gaming conducted on behalf of the 
    21                  provincial crown?
    22              A   Mh-hmm.
    23              Q   And then the charitable exception that gave rise 
    24                  to raffles and bingo and casino and we see exist 
    25                  in the province today in addition to what the 
     1                  provincial government operates through the 
     2                  lottery corporation.
     3              A   Yes.
     4              Q   And so in 1985 in return for a funding 
     5                  arrangement and I don't mean this in terms of a 
     6                  contract but there was an arrangement made with 
     7                  the provinces that saw an undertaking and 
     8                  obligation to funneled the winter Olympics in 
     9                  Calgary and the federal government at least 
    10                  withdrew itself from the field?
    11              A   Mh-hmm.
    12              Q   Would you agree with the characterization that 
    13                  had the federal government at that time 
    14                  appreciated the many billions of dollars of 
    15                  revenue which are now drawn both to the 
    16                  charitable sector on the provincial government 
    17                  sectors across the country annually, that they 
    18                  wouldn't have withdrawn from the field completely 
    19                  at the price they did had they foreseen what a 
    20                  large economic force gaming was to become?
    21     MS. SMITH:  How can that witness answer that question.
    22              A   Well --
    23     MR. LEWIS:  Given his experience.
    24              A   It's impossible for me to answer that question.  
    25                  Gambling has become so seductive in North America 
     1                  for governments and if I may take off a political 
     2                  hat and put on a social scientist hat I lament 
     3                  very much this dream machine that had been 
     4                  created by the monster. 
     5                       There was a study recently showing that 
     6                  almost one-third of Canadians buy lottery tickets 
     7                  in hopes of winning enough for their retirement 
     8                  rather than save through the RRSPs or other 
     9                  means.  In hindsight -- hindsight is always very  good, in terms of hindsight on policy I've  already said early on I regretted very much the  move that I made.  But for governments to regret it today is for governments to cut off an umbilical cord with a monster that provides them money
Search in BC Legislative Library Horizon for:      Nanaimo Commonwealth Holding Society

Results:  22 hits


eg.  BingoGate  Barrett testimony



News release / Commission of Inquiry into the Nanaimo Commonwealth Holding Society and Uses of Gaming Proceeds. --



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The Gazetteer RossK: ParagonMarathon: DocDumpDescribed; LobbySchmobby; FraserLetter; Pa(r)v(ag)Co(n); etc.

Google Search Criteria: The Gazetteer ParagonMarathon

Google Search Criteria: Casino Industrial Complex negotiations between PavCo and Paragon

RossK:    Which Came First...The Six Hundred Million Dollar Magic Carpet Or The Casino-Industrical Complex?
Why does this matter?

Well, this all happened before the City of Vancouver's development plan was put in place in the last days of Spam-A-Lot/Smilin' Sammy Sullivan's administration that paved the way for the casino call and way, way, before there were any 'requests for proposals' for said casino from PavCo which, further on down the road, was given to Paragon almost immediately. The details of this part of the timeline can be found here.
Former Mayor, current MLA, Sam Sullivan wants to be the BC Liberal Opposition Leader/Premier?

The Late Ian Reid Posts: Paragon

BC Place meet Paragon Gaming

Paragon pre deal
Paragon continues...
What's Paragon's Lobbyist got to hide?
Paragon goes down to defeat
Paragon's place at the BC Liberal table
Did Rich Coleman tell the truth about BCLC and Paragon?
The Road to Paragon - Part 2
The Road to Paragon
The Gazetteer Runs the Paragon Marathon

RossK said 2017-10-08   "...A whole lotta segments of the Paragon Marathon..."


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540398 Private Nelson A. Zettergreen: Can. Corps Cyclist Battn.

We've been having an inordinate amount of 'traffic' to our Blog this past week looking for Steven Spielberg.  Must have something to do with this Saturday's edition of the Vancouver Sun 'You' section on Spielberg, Examined by Hank Stuever

The 'traffic' has been to our September 2013 Post: "The Cyclist"

Vancouver Mountain View Cemetery

Google Search Criteria:  540398 Private Nelson A. Zettergreen:  Can. Corps Cyclist Battn.

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British Columbia Legislative Assembly Checklist, Daily

Have you ever wondered where, exactly, that the MSM gets their insider information?

Here's a starting point outside of politics, but well within the Legislature precinct:
Daily Checklist

2017 September

Latest Issue(s): 2017/18-2019/20 (Sep.)
ISSN: 17101956

                                                         Updated (September 2017)

Search for 'Site C'

BC Council for Families.
B.C. Games Society.
B.C. Hydro.
BC Immigrant Investment Fund Ltd.
B.C. Innovation Council.
BC Parks.
B.C. Pavilion Corporation.
BC Stats.
BC Timber Sales.
B.C. Transit.
British Columbia.
British Columbia Assessment Authority.
British Columbia. Building and Safety Standards Branch.
British Columbia Council for International Education.
British Columbia. Financial Institutions Commission.
British Columbia. Forest Practices Board.
British Columbia. Forestry Innovation Investment.
British Columbia. Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch.
British Columbia Housing Management Commission.
British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal.
British Columbia. Industry Training Authority.
British Columbia. Injury Research and Prevention Unit.
British Columbia Investment Management Corporation.
British Columbia. Islands Trust.
British Columbia. Legislative Assembly.
British Columbia. Liquor Distribution Branch.
British Columbia Lottery Corporation.
British Columbia. Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation.
British Columbia. Ministry of Advanced Education.
British Columbia. Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training.
British Columbia. Ministry of Agriculture.
British Columbia. Ministry of Attorney General.
British Columbia. Ministry of Children and Family Development.
British Columbia. Ministry of Citizens' Services.
British Columbia. Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development.
British Columbia. Ministry of Education.
British Columbia. Ministry of Energy and Mines.
British Columbia. Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources.
British Columbia. Ministry of Environment.
British Columbia. Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy.
British Columbia. Ministry of Finance.
British Columbia. Ministry of Forests and Range.
British Columbia. Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations.
British Columbia. Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development.
British Columbia. Ministry of Health.
British Columbia. Ministry of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation.
British Columbia. Ministry of International Trade.
British Columbia. Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training.
British Columbia. Ministry of Jobs, Trade and Technology.
British Columbia. Ministry of Justice.
British Columbia. Ministry of Labour.
British Columbia. Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions.
British Columbia. Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing.
British Columbia. Ministry of Natural Gas Development.
British Columbia. Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General.
British Columbia. Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction.
British Columbia. Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation.
British Columbia. Ministry of Technology, Innovation and Citizens' Services.
British Columbia. Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture.
British Columbia. Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.
British Columbia. Office of the Auditor General.
British Columbia. Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner.
British Columbia. Office of the Seniors Advocate.
British Columbia. Oil and Gas Commission.
British Columbia Pension Corporation.
British Columbia. Premier.
British Columbia. Provincial Court.
British Columbia. Representative for Children and Youth.
British Columbia Safety Authority.
British Columbia Securities Commission.
British Columbia. StudentAid BC.
British Columbia Utilities Commission.
British Columbia. Workers' Compensation Appeal Tribunal.
Columbia Basin Trust (B.C.)
Columbia Power Corporation.
Community Living British Columbia.
Destination British Columbia.
First Nations Health Authority.
First Peoples' Cultural Council.
Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program (B.C.)
Forest Enhancement Society of BC.
Forestry Innovation Investment Ltd.
Haida Gwaii Management Council.
Insurance Corporation of British Columbia.
Knowledge Network Corporation (B.C.)
Legal Services Society of British Columbia.
Motor Vehicle Sales Authority of British Columbia.
Partnerships British Columbia.
Police Records Information Management Environment Incorporated.
Provincial Infection Control Network of British Columbia.
Royal BC Museum.
South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority.
Transportation Investment Corporation.
Workers' Compensation Board of British Columbia.


Searching the Checklist for a specific topic like   'lottery'

..... results in ....

fact is, if you click on 'Search Tips' to get help, gets the same result