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North Shore Mountains ---->>> Helicopter touch down locations

If the local news media coverage of Fissile Peak rescue didn't quench your thirst for all the details of the NSR in action, then check out Knowledge Network's 5 episodes to see how they use helicopters for long line deliveries of material, rescuers and patients out safely.

May 29, 2021

North Shore News   NSR 3 Calls in one day 

 NSR deployed its Talon helicopter for what turned out to be three  incidents in the Seymour Mountain area

10:45 a.m  Pump Peak Trail - Back Injury

11:00 a.m. Mystery Lake Trail  - Knee Injury

11:45 a.m. Elsay Lake Trail - Ankle Injury



Locations of the data:



Point locations representing helicopter landing sites. These locations are either natural clearings or man-made landing pads. Mainly located in the alpine area where emergency access is limited. Used primarily by North Shore Search and Rescue.




 There are 48 Helicopter landing sites

Cleveland Dam's  #45, includes coordinates, so pop all them into your GPS for future reference.  Just in case.

Bird's eye view from the Lions


Red Lines are

Trails for Public Use

Trails that are maintained by the DNV, and are sanctioned for public use. These are known trails on the North Shore, Bowen Island and in Lions Bay. Most trails have been collected through GPS survey.




Pads and  Trails 

Sunday, May 16, 2021

KML file links to Historic Trails of British Columbia: via government Datasets

 Search Datasets  Trails

generates  68 results


Narrow the field down 

Second Search  Trails kml 

 28 results


The exact title? One result

Historic Trails of British Columbia

This dataset contains spatial and tabular data on non-archaeological historic trails in B.C. Some of these trails, or sections of trail, are defined or protected under...
View in BC Gov iMapBC




Thursday, March 4, 2021

A First Book of Knitting for Children - New - 2020 Edition - Bonnie Gosse and Jill Allerton


A First Book of Knitting for Children
written by Bonnie Gosse and Jill Allerton
with photography by Eric Furman and Dave Gosse

A knitting book with a difference!  Rhymes and photos combine to bring a thorough introduction to knit stitch and purl stitch, followed by simple, enticing patterns for animals.  The patterns are easy and exciting to make and the completed projects are fun to play with. Further instructions and more complicated patterns follow in the latter half of the book.

Thoroughly revised, combining both the original A First Book of Knitting for Children together with the authors’ follow up title Knitting for children, this book is great for both children and adults, an invaluable resource for anyone learning how to knit.  The clear instructions, the interesting patterns and artistic photographs make this book a must for all who have an interest in knitting.

Recommended for all ages!


Wriggly Snake is One of 38 patterns in this book


Dedication and Acknowledgements          
History of Knitting          
Making your own wooden knitting needles          
Disappearing knot           
    Disappearing knot verse          
Finger knitting          
How to begin knitting           
    Holding the needles           
    Casting on           
        Casting on verse           
    Knit stitch           
        Knit stitch verse          
 Knit stitch problems – where they occur and how to correct them
    Knitting the latch by mistake           
    Forgetting to knit the last stitch           
    Putting your needle in the wrong place           
    Knitting backwards           
    Undoing knitting           
        Undoing a stitch           
            Undoing stitches verse           
        Undoing a row           
    Recovering a dropped stitch           
    Another way of fixing a dropped stitch           
    Slipped stitches          
Shaping your knitting by decreasing          
Shaping your knitting by increasing           
    Increasing at the beginning of a row          
Changing colours          
Dividing work to make 2 or more sections           
    Using a stitch holder or safety pin          
Rejoining yarn          
Casting off           
    Casting off verse          
Weaving in ends          
Sewing up projects          
Stuffing projects          
Making a pom-pom          
Patterns using knit stitch only           
    Striped ball
Purl stitch           
    Purl stitch verse          
Stocking stitch          
Purl stitch problems – where they occur and how to correct them           
    A mistake in stocking stitch           
    Mistakes in ribbing           
    Forgetting to change the yarn location          
Patterns using knit stitch and purl stitch
More skills
Reading a pattern          
More shaping your knitting by decreasing           
    Decreasing - purlwise (p2tog)                      
More shaping your knitting by increasing           
    Increasing in a stitch           
    Make 1 (m1)          
Pass slipped stitch over (psso)          
Picking up stitches          
Using different colours           
    Creating simple stripes           
    Fair Isle knitting           
    Simple 2 colour pattern           
    Dancing men pattern          
Knitting in the round          
Wrap and turn (going the wrong way to market on purpose)          
Double casting off          
Firm casting on          
Knit one, slip one (k1,sl1)          
The challenge patterns
    Leaping cat           
    Boy with hands in his pockets           
    Girl with hands in her pockets           
    Hat with rolled brim           
    Hat with ribbed brim           
    Lily the Lamb           
    Mother Sea Otter           
    Baby Sea Otter           
    Wriggly Snake           
    Coiled Snake           
    Howling Wolf           
    Slipper socks in three sizes           
    Hand dolls           
        Granny and Grandpa pattern           
    Clothes for your doll           
        Pleated skirt           
        Plain skirt           
        Granny skirt pattern           
        Jacket or shirt           
        Granny’s pullover sweater           
        Hat with rolled brim           
        Hat with knitted brim           
        Baseball cap           
        Grandpa cap or plain hat          

 Wynstones Press

ISBN 9780 946206 87 2

168 pages, colour throughout with numerous photographs and illustrations.
Size 235 x 215 mm, 9½ x 8½ inches.


Knit Stitch Verse 


In through the front door,

Dance around the back,  

Peek through the window,

And OFF jumps Jack




Page 26 Knit Stitch problems - Where they occur and how to correct them

If you go through the front door latch as well as the front door, you will be making an extra stitch and your knitting will become wider and wider.

To correct this problem of your knitting becoming wider .....



 Play Episode CBC Review (audio)  2021-04-03

North by Northwest with Sheryl MacKay

 "In this episode Bonnie Gosse talks about a book she co-wrote about teaching children to knit ..."

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