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What is a Biologist?

Being a Biologist

Oh but we yearn to travel to the secluded areas of British Columbia where few get to see, place one foot in front of another, or if bumping into a Grizzly, one heal, SLOWLY, behind the other....

Page 3 of 34  Catch and Release

Page 7 of 34  Two Two Who's

Page 13 of 34  Keeping Busy with Caribou in Northern British Columbia

GPS coordinates along bottom
Here's a Source to Convert Geographic Units

Google Map  59.44233055555555N 130.76307777777777W

Page 29 of 34  Where To Hide

Page 34 of 84  Where to Reside, temporarily

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Page 38 of 84 Counting, Radio Telemetry, Pitfall Trapping (BC politicians use this)

Page 84 of 84   After doing a sundry of activities its off to home

Monday, April 28, 2014

British Columbia's Malibu "Young Life" summer camp is about to be laid to waste

(especially of a time or place) like an idyll; extremely happy, peaceful, or picturesque.

When I was a kid I kept hearing about the Hollywood (south) actors coming to Hollywood (north) British Columbia  to .... Go Fishing ..... and Partying .... on Forest Baron yachts ..... where one or two, the actors, dared to die (Errol Flynn and Howard Hughes) in Vancouver.
Malibu, British Columbia where..... the facility was open as a premium resort. Visitors included John Wayne, Senator John F. Kennedy, Barbara Stanwyck, Bing Crosby, and Bob Hope. The club faced financial problems due to the limited transportation access and the limited two-month window of good weather ...... 

A more recent bio of Malibu (north):  Vancouver Sun article of THE idyllic location.

 Camp Malibu is an idyllic location on the West Coast, where young people are encouraged to accept Jesus as their personal saviour.  

Premier Christy Clark has had meetings with her Church followers, but, the church of Malibu, is about to be ruined, forever because of Logging:
The Malibu Club is one of Young Life's​ original camping properties. Located 100 miles north of Vancouver, British Columbia, Malibu is situated at the mouth of the world-renowned Princess Louisa Inlet. Surrounded by mountains soaring straight out of the water to heights of more than 8000 feet, Malibu is a place of extraordinary beauty and isolation.

From June through August, Malibu is used exclusively as a Young Life summer camp.  Each summer Malibu welcomes thousands of high school students from across the US and Canada for the best week of their lives.   For more information on summer camping opportunities, contact the Young Life office nearest you.

From September to the end of May, Malibu is available to the public bookings for retreats and conferences of all sizes.  Book your school, church, family, business or non-profit organization's next event at Malibu!  During the school year Malibu is available as a conference and retreat center for groups of up to 350 people.

To this, that's not snow, its the plan:

Planned SE Clear Cut Logging
One would start to think that with all the clear cut logging slated for British Columbia's coastal region, that WE are going to be on the hook for clearing waterfront property for the "new" actors .....

 If you're probably still trying to figure out where Malibu is..... try looking in your backyard

Vancouver   Top Left corner

Texada Island   In the blue just below the Top Right corner

Malibu    Bottom  Middle

The red stuff?  Designated for clear cut logging

Coincidentally, there is an overlap of Private land (maroon border) and Crown Land clear cut logging (red border):

And taking a closer look at the Sunshine Coast privately held land, and Crown land:

Friday, April 18, 2014

Celebrate the day with Cultured Rabbit Recipes and a Blackberry Culture

Rabbit Culture 

Market Rabbits, Growing Breeders, Dry does, Bucks, Diseases, Slobbers, Ear-cankers... If in need of assistance, apply to the Instructor of your district: -  

J. Allen, District Poultry Instructor, Court-house, New Westminster, B.C.

H. E. Waby, District Poultry Instructor, Salmon Arm, B.C.

G. L. Landon, District Poultry Instructor, Court-house, Nelson, B.C.

J. R. Terry, Chief Poultry Instructor, Department of Agriculture, Victoria, B.C.

Poultry Circular No. 28

Rabbits are a much appreciated article of food, being most nourishing and easily digested.  The meat is inclined to be rather dry, so bacon is often served with it.  Rabbits should be young, feel in the joint of the paw for a little nut, and if this is absent the rabbit is old, and should only be used for soup or pies........   With regard to the latter, it is better to three-parts cook the rabbit before making it into pies, as the time for cooking the pasty in not sufficient.

Bake Rabbit

Rabbit with Macaroni

Rabbit and Rice Pie

Rabbit a la Belgique

Rabbit Gateau with Mushroom Salad

Mushroom Salad

Boiled Rabbit with Onion Sauce

Rabbit Sausages

Curried Rabbit

Rabbit Pie

Rabbit Pudding

Rabbit Salad

Rabbit Soup

Jugged Rabbit

Veal Forcemeat

For free supply of hutch record cards, stock record cards, and rabbit bulletins, write Poultry Branch, Department of Agriculture, Victoria, B.C.



BlackBerry Culture in British Columbia
Allan E. Littler
1st  BlackBerry Antenna

Commercial Blackberries have been developed by selecting and crossing various species of wild blackberries (rubus) which are found throughout the north temperated zones of the world.  Crosses from these selections have been grown commercially over on hundred and fifty years.

Because of the variety of native material which has been used in their development, there are many kinds of blackberries.  These include the trailing varieties such as Evergreen Himalaya (Invasive Species Sea to Sky)  and Marion; the upright such as Eldorado and Erie and the various hybrids such as Cascade, Pacific and Olallie which contain the lines of some other berry.

This publication will deal with the culture of thornless Evergreen only since this variety crops well and is hardy both in the Fraser Valley and on Vancouver Island.  The upright varieties are hardy but crop lightly.   The various hybrids have some demand because of their flavour but they do not crop as heavily as thornless Evergreen and are hardy only in sheltered locations in the Fraser Valley or on the southern tip of Vancouver Island.

The fruit of the blackberry is fairly tender and bruises easily.  It should not be transported over long distances since jarring in transit may cause severe breakdown.
Blackberry ..... Severe breakdown... how prophetic!


TidBit of info from e.a.f. (comments) triggered a Google search for Who Eats Rabbits?
Best known for being prolific, rabbits are also herbivores which efficiently convert fodder to food. The whole point of meat production is to convert plant proteins of little or no use to people as food into high-value animal protein.

In efficient production systems, rabbits can turn 20 percent of the proteins they eat into edible meat. Comparable figures for other species are 22 to 23 percent for broiler chickens, 16 to 18 percent for pigs and 8 to 12 percent for beef. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Allan Brooks Artist Naturalist: Haines Ranch 1922, Okanagan

New School: Robert Bateman doesn't "hunt" or, kill to be an artist
           The Old School:  Allan Brooks' friends, did.

 Vaseux Lake Party, 1922.
 Back row - Left to Right,  Allan Brooks, P. A. Taverner, Frank Farley;
Bird Observers xls file
Front row - H. "Mack" Laing, George Gartell, D. Allan Sampson

 ....... On the morning of June 10, we walked down the mountain in advance of the truck, we saw a small hawk topping a large bull pine.  From its dark colour we were sure it was a Pigeon Hawk (Merlin) and not a Sparrow Hawk, so we turned aside to get it.   Travener presently fired and dropped it, then we stood and gloated.  It was a black adult Pigeon Hawk, the coastal form, then considered one of the rarest North American birds in museum collections.  We were standing in the dry belt where a pale-coated Richardson's Merlin might be expected as a stray from the arid plains, but this slately-blue beauty!  We both had the same thought at the same time, what will Brooks think of this, for the pursuit of this dark form on the coast had been his Holy Grail.

It is my considered opinion that Travener was the luckiest man who ever packed a collecting gun afield.  He turned up the most unexpected things, not by special skill but by sheer blundering luck.  To prove my point, next day at base camp near Vaseux Lake he returned from a short walk at midday with a Dickcissel, a bird that anywhere west of Manitoba could be called a rare take.   This was a new record for British Columbia! .......
Allan Brooks

Haynes Ranch

 Farming and Orcharding began following World War I. A government sponsored Soldier's Settlement program was initiated and offered veterans assistance in developing 10 acre units of land. By 1927, a government irrigation system was in place, and the desert hillsides around Osoyoos bloomed. It was soon apparent that this was a perfect spot to grow ground crops and develop orchards. Orchard farming became a general practice, and today we're proudly producing the earliest fruit in Canada.

Haynes Ranch 



Living Landscapes

The name of Allan Brooks was a household word in Canada thirty years ago. His illustrations in Taverner's Birds of Western Canada, a series in the National Geographic magazine, calendars, cards issued by the National Association of Audubon Societies, and covers on Keystone school exercise books all familiarized Canadian children and adults not only with North American birds and mammals, but also with the work of this eminent zoological illustrator.

For residents of the Vernon area Major Allan Brooks, walking with his military bearing, dressed in tweed jacket and plus fours, often with a gun under his arm, was a familiar figure, for Okanagan Landing was his home from 1905 until his death in 1946. To the end of his days he loved nothing better than rambling over the Commonage or Rattlesnake Mountain, checking on the wildlife, hunting in season. He was a superb marksman and a member of the Vernon and District Fish, Game and Forest Protection Association, donating his pictures as prizes for their crow and magpie shoots. There are some who remember his participation in Okanagan Landing and Kelowna regattas. SNIP
Then and Now

49° 5'28.52"N 119°31'49.64"W

 Haynes Ecological Reserve

Source Link

Map Link

Location and Maps

Any maps listed are for information only - they may not represent legal boundaries and should not be used for navigation.
Adjacent to N end of Osoyoos Lake, 6 km NNW of Osoyoos

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BC Forest service airborne fire fighting equipment: Planes and Helicopters ~ Osoyoos ~

In light of the fact that there is a forest fire happening across from Osoyoos, Right Now, ... water bombers from Kelowna are being called in.....  ..... a wee bit of background history to the British Columbia Forest Service airborne firefighters is in order:

B.C.F.S.  Airplanes
Landing was Not West Vancouver, but West end of Vancouver (Downtown)

Page 3 of 18, a link to explaining the above image: “Aircraft and Their Use in Forestry in B.C.: 1918 – 1926” with this snippet on page 5 of 22: 

In September of 1919, the first aerial discovery of a forest fire in B.C. took place over Duncan. The pilot of a Curtiss JN - 4 (possibly during an air mail flight) spotted the fire and landed at Duncan to report it to the Forest Branch , who then took suppression action. ...... 


An earlier Post:  Before Telus, Before iPhone, there were pigeon "phones"


B.C.F.S   Helicopters

29 pages

Past Summer, Lemon Creek fuel truck dumps load, destined for ....... Perry Ridge Photo and Maps

1778 Captain Cook cuts ships spars 

  1788  Captain Meares exports spars to China

2014  "Captain" Clark exports what's left to China

Change Masters  -  Chief Foresters