Tuesday, November 13, 2018

The only direct connection between 'caregiver' Robert Riley Saunders and Alex Gervais was the job? And damn his 24 teenage victims?


Misappropriation of funds is the name of the game

 February 6, 2017

Caregiver: Name and image not released to public

  Alex Gervais alleged that his caregiver was misappropriating funds that were meant to support him and leaving him alone and unsupported in the hotel.

Current Photos Kelowna

July 25, 2022


Kelowna fraudster Robert Riley Saunders has been sentenced to five years in prison for stealing an estimated $460,000 while working as a social worker for MCFD.  Money was siphoned in the names of 24 youth in care, most of whom were Indigenous.                  Kathy Michaels


Robert Riley Saunders, fraudster social worker in Kelowna, B.C., gets 5 years in prison 

November  7, 2018

Caregiver: Robert Riley Saunders alive and $miling

 B.C.'s representative for children and youth says her office has opened 14 files relating to teenagers who claim they were victims of a social worker accused of siphoning funds from vulnerable First Nations youth.

Gang related?  Do caregivers share their 'expertise' to others with similar criminal interests?