Tuesday, February 24, 2015

NSMBA How-to Take Illegal videos in Parks to be used in the Courts of public opinion

How-to catch a thief, a cattle rustler, a trespasser, a hiker:

1. Position the camera high. You can stand on a bike's top tube or the shoulders of a friend to get the camera high enough that it's hard to take down or to damage the camera. The game cam is less likely to be seen if it's higher. It's pretty stunning how oblivious people are to things not in their direct line of vision so just move the cam up a bit and it'll be practically invisible.

Post No Signs


When her name is released, make sure it is spread far and wide so that all of the city, including her colleagues, friends & family know how selfish and dangerously she acted. But do it with class.

Stay classy. We are better than she is.

 Do it with Class  .... cultivate respect

Who is running NSMBA, the Wild, Wild, Wild Hang Them High Americans?


 ..... For our own witnesses, lawyers should advise witnesses how to address the court
and educate them about the procedures that will be followed in eliciting their evidence. Further, we may draw their attention to relevant issues, assist in refreshing their memories by referring to known facts or other evidence and prepare them to stand up to a hostile cross-examination. We may not, however, suborn perjury, persuade witnesses to avoid summonses or obstruct access to witnesses by other parties. Although we must prepare witnesses, we must take care not to put words into the mouths of witnesses or advise them to manipulate or withhold evidence. In general, as set out in part 2A to this discussion paper, we must not permit witnesses to be presented in a misleading way.

NSMBA members have a few suggestions

Place rocks at the bottom of her driveway


Friday, February 20, 2015

Irwin and Billings, Home for Sale $3,500 Grand Boulevard, North Vancouver City, 100 Years of Service

Since 1906, we’ve been meeting diverse commercial and personal insurance needs on the North Shore, in the Lower Mainland and throughout British Columbia. We’re a family business locally owned and operated by a North Shore resident. At Irwin & Billings, we know our business, we know our clients and we take pride in our freedom to truly offer you independent advice and efficient service. - See more at: http://ibib.ca/#sthash.XDweeFWg.dpuf
Since 1906, we’ve been meeting diverse commercial and personal insurance needs on the North Shore, in the Lower Mainland and throughout British Columbia. We’re a family business locally owned and operated by a North Shore resident. At Irwin & Billings, we know our business, we know our clients and we take pride in our freedom to truly offer you independent advice and efficient service.


Meanwhile down here in North Hollywood..... 6591 Vineland

Vineland Metro has had 27 homes; three guest parking spots; parking for two cars per each home; Choice of 4 square feet of Astro Turf lawn therefore no lawn to mow which is good because Los Angeles drought rating is EXTREMELY high.   Did we mention the distance between the side by side house roof eaves?  One foot.  Something like East Vancouver homes.... and some places on the North Shore.

House below is looking at the front door of Building 4
 Sprinklers not necessary, No Water
Building 4
SOLD OUT! Located in North Hollywood, Vineland Metro is an intimate community of just twenty-seven single family homes, within minutes of all Los Angeles has to offer. Get inspired by owning amongst the culture, charm, and energy of the NoHo Arts District! From the mid $500,000s.

Two-Story Single Family Homes
    Approx. 1,629 Square Feet
    Three Bedrooms
    Two and One Half Bathrooms
    Two-Car Attached Garage
    Private Patio

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power DWP rebates for turfing turf

The real water guzzlers are the swimming pools which are monitored by Google Earth for City Hall

Q: Does the LADWP provide a discounted water rate for filling my pool?

A:  No. Water usage will be billed according to your metered consumption.
You may be eligible for a Sewer Service Charge (SSC) adjustment if you filled your pool during the winter rainy season (typically from October through April). To request an adjustment, contact the City of Los Angeles Department of Public Works, Bureau of Sanitation at 1-800-540-0952 or fill out and submit a Residential SSC Request for Adjustment.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

If you happen to be in Maple Ridge, anytime: Fibres Plus - Basketry, Weaving, Knitting, Spinning

Using the Rick Mercer's line of ... 'If you happen to be in .....' Vernon on September 13th and 14th ...' keeps cropping up as a common thread on this blog promoting unique places in British Columbia.  There are so many small businesses fulfilling the resource needs of hobbyists where all they need is a little bit of publicity.

Vaughn Palmer, in a recent column, mentioned that the BC Legislature calendar is going to be so void of new laws that it will be downright boring.  His headline writer selected:

  A quiet legislature session, knit-picked.   No major policy initiatives expected from B.C. Liberals.  

 Palmer punchline:
 ..... Liberals are deliberately concocting a snooze-fest ...   .... It’s enough to make a fellow take up knitting.

Knitting is fine, and dandy, except that Palmer's job is not to 'knit-pick' but rather 'nit-pick' a Minister who is not accomplished at knowing the difference between right and wrong, knit or nit wit. 
Nit-pick defined:  minute and usually unjustified criticism

Vaughn Palmer's idea of knitting is common hobby within the Legislature halls, both genders.  If he wants to show a bit of flare, not LNG, he could funnel his thoughts to include basket weaving along with knitting to pass the time of day.


When anyone mentions Lodgepole Pine (Pinus contorta) there is an immediate vision of the devastating forces of the Mountain Pine Beetle here in British Columbia.

There's an aspect to the Lodgepole Pine that requires artists to use selective harvesting from healthy trees.  The needles.   Not the needles that fall from house-bound dry Christmas trees onto the homes' carpets, nor the ones that carpet the trails on the North Shore.


Through the creative eyes of Dale Friend at Fibres Plus in Maple Ridge she has a fabulous resource for Basket Weaving and Knitting AND plenty of        Ideas like these photo ........ a thousand words .... and more .....

Vaughn (Arnold) Palmer golf chapeau

Fibres Plus

Basketry  Weaving 
Books, Supplies, Tools and Equipment


Maple Ridge

Yellow Copper Wire Basket on Red Wheels

Did we mention Books?

Monday, February 2, 2015

The plight of Northern BC 184 Wolves being culled needs impact photos, not groomed cameo appearances from Hollywood North

This is the environment where the Caribou, Grizzly and Wolf are free to roam.

and Territorial 

and Territory

and Michael Smyth asks:  "Do we need to kill Wolves......"

What we need to do is tame Man from treading on the animals territory.  Somewhere up there is a photographer, capturing the moments.

CFI of HNZ and bighorn sheep - Similkameen - Simmons argued that the sheep in Snowy have become accustomed to the training flights over the years and are not stressed as sheep would be experiencing helicopters for the first time. “If you asked the bighorn sheep, how many generations have been listening to helicopters? Much like deer in Penticton, they’re completely used to what they see and hear in their environment.”  
Territorial II

Looking at the bigger picture it's difficult to understand which entity is promoting the wolf cull.  Is it the Oil and Gas resource industry or  BC Hydro's Site C dam builders who see the animals as a threat to their safety?   Both are being serviced by the BC Liberal Government.

Whichever is the culprit, there are scientists out in the fields of Peace River Moberly district beavering away, generating their numerous reports on behalf of the government with all costs being borne by taxpayers.   Helicopters are the workhorses to and from the wilderness areas, to and from the overnight half-pipe shelter accommodations twice/thrice daily, entertainment supplied, FOOD delivered by air, fuel hauled in for the helicopters, travel expenses for the Government to pay, hotels/flights/car rental to the helicopter pads, add in salaries and benefits.


This is Michael Smyth's idea of what a Wolf looks like in Northern British Columbia.

Marco Musiani photos
John Bergenske and Ian McAllister are two conservationists who care deeply about British Columbia’s threatened wildlife.  But when it comes to the government’s decision to shoot up to 184 wolves from helicopters to save endangered caribou herds, they find themselves at odds.  “Killing one species to save another simply doesn’t work,” said McAllister, a renowned wildlife photographer .... - Michael Smyth

Bob Dylan: Pity the poor immigrant  Caribou MOU signed under duress distress

Mike or Michelle Wiegele?


Is Mike Mike and Michelle Michelle?


Mike and Michelle?