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NSMBA How-to Take Illegal videos in Parks to be used in the Courts of public opinion

How-to catch a thief, a cattle rustler, a trespasser, a hiker:

1. Position the camera high. You can stand on a bike's top tube or the shoulders of a friend to get the camera high enough that it's hard to take down or to damage the camera. The game cam is less likely to be seen if it's higher. It's pretty stunning how oblivious people are to things not in their direct line of vision so just move the cam up a bit and it'll be practically invisible.

Post No Signs


When her name is released, make sure it is spread far and wide so that all of the city, including her colleagues, friends & family know how selfish and dangerously she acted. But do it with class.

Stay classy. We are better than she is.

 Do it with Class  .... cultivate respect

Who is running NSMBA, the Wild, Wild, Wild Hang Them High Americans?


 ..... For our own witnesses, lawyers should advise witnesses how to address the court
and educate them about the procedures that will be followed in eliciting their evidence. Further, we may draw their attention to relevant issues, assist in refreshing their memories by referring to known facts or other evidence and prepare them to stand up to a hostile cross-examination. We may not, however, suborn perjury, persuade witnesses to avoid summonses or obstruct access to witnesses by other parties. Although we must prepare witnesses, we must take care not to put words into the mouths of witnesses or advise them to manipulate or withhold evidence. In general, as set out in part 2A to this discussion paper, we must not permit witnesses to be presented in a misleading way.

NSMBA members have a few suggestions

Place rocks at the bottom of her driveway


Friday, February 20, 2015

Irwin and Billings, Home for Sale $3,500 Grand Boulevard, North Vancouver City, 100 Years of Service

Since 1906, we’ve been meeting diverse commercial and personal insurance needs on the North Shore, in the Lower Mainland and throughout British Columbia. We’re a family business locally owned and operated by a North Shore resident. At Irwin & Billings, we know our business, we know our clients and we take pride in our freedom to truly offer you independent advice and efficient service. - See more at: http://ibib.ca/#sthash.XDweeFWg.dpuf
Since 1906, we’ve been meeting diverse commercial and personal insurance needs on the North Shore, in the Lower Mainland and throughout British Columbia. We’re a family business locally owned and operated by a North Shore resident. At Irwin & Billings, we know our business, we know our clients and we take pride in our freedom to truly offer you independent advice and efficient service.


Meanwhile down here in North Hollywood..... 6591 Vineland

Vineland Metro has had 27 homes; three guest parking spots; parking for two cars per each home; Choice of 4 square feet of Astro Turf lawn therefore no lawn to mow which is good because Los Angeles drought rating is EXTREMELY high.   Did we mention the distance between the side by side house roof eaves?  One foot.  Something like East Vancouver homes.... and some places on the North Shore.

House below is looking at the front door of Building 4
 Sprinklers not necessary, No Water
Building 4
SOLD OUT! Located in North Hollywood, Vineland Metro is an intimate community of just twenty-seven single family homes, within minutes of all Los Angeles has to offer. Get inspired by owning amongst the culture, charm, and energy of the NoHo Arts District! From the mid $500,000s.

Two-Story Single Family Homes
    Approx. 1,629 Square Feet
    Three Bedrooms
    Two and One Half Bathrooms
    Two-Car Attached Garage
    Private Patio

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power DWP rebates for turfing turf

The real water guzzlers are the swimming pools which are monitored by Google Earth for City Hall

Q: Does the LADWP provide a discounted water rate for filling my pool?

A:  No. Water usage will be billed according to your metered consumption.
You may be eligible for a Sewer Service Charge (SSC) adjustment if you filled your pool during the winter rainy season (typically from October through April). To request an adjustment, contact the City of Los Angeles Department of Public Works, Bureau of Sanitation at 1-800-540-0952 or fill out and submit a Residential SSC Request for Adjustment.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

If you happen to be in Maple Ridge, anytime: Fibres Plus - Basketry, Weaving, Knitting, Spinning

Using the Rick Mercer's line of ... 'If you happen to be in .....' Vernon on September 13th and 14th ...' keeps cropping up as a common thread on this blog promoting unique places in British Columbia.  There are so many small businesses fulfilling the resource needs of hobbyists where all they need is a little bit of publicity.

Vaughn Palmer, in a recent column, mentioned that the BC Legislature calendar is going to be so void of new laws that it will be downright boring.  His headline writer selected:

  A quiet legislature session, knit-picked.   No major policy initiatives expected from B.C. Liberals.  

 Palmer punchline:
 ..... Liberals are deliberately concocting a snooze-fest ...   .... It’s enough to make a fellow take up knitting.

Knitting is fine, and dandy, except that Palmer's job is not to 'knit-pick' but rather 'nit-pick' a Minister who is not accomplished at knowing the difference between right and wrong, knit or nit wit. 
Nit-pick defined:  minute and usually unjustified criticism

Vaughn Palmer's idea of knitting is common hobby within the Legislature halls, both genders.  If he wants to show a bit of flare, not LNG, he could funnel his thoughts to include basket weaving along with knitting to pass the time of day.


When anyone mentions Lodgepole Pine (Pinus contorta) there is an immediate vision of the devastating forces of the Mountain Pine Beetle here in British Columbia.

There's an aspect to the Lodgepole Pine that requires artists to use selective harvesting from healthy trees.  The needles.   Not the needles that fall from house-bound dry Christmas trees onto the homes' carpets, nor the ones that carpet the trails on the North Shore.


Through the creative eyes of Dale Friend at Fibres Plus in Maple Ridge she has a fabulous resource for Basket Weaving and Knitting AND plenty of        Ideas like these photo ........ a thousand words .... and more .....

Vaughn (Arnold) Palmer golf chapeau

Fibres Plus

Basketry  Weaving 
Books, Supplies, Tools and Equipment


Maple Ridge

Yellow Copper Wire Basket on Red Wheels

Did we mention Books?

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Brian Bonney accused Robin Blencoe of "flippancy"? lack of respect or seriousness

flippancy defined:

lack of respect or seriousness; frivolousness. 

Brian Bonney:
............ As municipal affairs minister in 1993, Robin Blencoe repealed the business vote, claiming that it removes the possibility of people simply leasing storage lockers to vote. Blencoe’s flippancy was just one indication of how decision-makers overlook the concerns of small businesses. ......
small voters????

Are the BC Liberals, and Brian Bonney et al guilty of an overindulgence in flippancy

‘EXCLUSIVE’ BREAKING NEWS: Christy Clark’s Surrogates Dialing-for-Dollars…for Kim Haakstad and Brian Bonney -  May 2013

Alex G. Tsakumis

In case the new job figures aren’t a big enough shock for you (since Christy Clark became premier, 45,000 jobs vaporized from the private sector in BC) try this bombshell on for size…

After Kim Haakstad and Brian Bonney were axed from their respective positions for playing central roles in the ‘Ethnogate’ scandal, Christy Clark made a big deal of saying how neither Haakstad nor Bonney received any party of government funds on their way out the door.

Well, why would they need to???

Enter Bruce Clark, brother of Christy Clark, key figure in the BC Rail scandal, former tight pal and political associate of Dave Basi, Bob Virk and the illustrious Erik Bornmann, and STILL the partner-in-grime with Mark Marrisen and Mike McDonald in directing the listing BC Liberal ship.

 Apparently, as told to me by one of the people Bruce Clark was fool enough to ask, he was calling around and “looking for $100,000 for Kim…”

“I was floored, actually, Alex, I couldn’t believe my ears.”

And the source continued: “He (Bruce Clark) said Christy didn’t want it looking like she (Kim Haakstad) was getting any money from the government or the party directly, so Bruce told her he’d go out and hunt around for about a hundred grand.”
THUD…  etc.

flippancy?? Haakstad too

 More from Alex G. Tsakumis on Bonney:

 Home / Search for "Brian Bonney"
‘EXCLUSIVE’ BREAKING NEWS: Christy Clark’s Surrogates Dialing-for-Dollars…for Kim Haakstad and Brian Bonney  492

In case the new job figures aren’t a big enough shock for you (since Christy Clark became premier, 45,000 jobs vaporized from the private sector in BC) try this bombshell on for size… After Kim Haakstad and Brian Bonney were axed from their respective positions for playing central roles in the ‘Ethnogate’ scandal, Christy Clark […]

Author: AGT Date: Friday, May 10, 2013
Category Provincial · Tags
Christy Clark Said What About Breaking the Law??? LOL!!!     93


In what must rank as one of the most astoundingly ironic statements she’s ever made, our absentee Premier decided to weigh in on the pipeline debate today, by, brace yourselves, admonishing adult protestors to stop encouraging their children to break the law. I just about died from laughter. FACT:  During the May 2013 election, she […]

Author: AGT Date: Tuesday, December 2, 2014
Category Provincial · Tags
‘EXCLUSIVE’ BREAKING NEWS: An Investigation Looking at Every Aspect of the Christy Clark/Ethnogate Scandal–Including Possible Bribes  143

In February and March of this last year, there was an unusual spike in interest here, from the IP addresses identified as those of the provincial government–not the opposition. Specifically, the Executive Branch. Coincidentally, ahem, there were five specific commenters who were so abusive that I couldn’t publish all their comments. They were responding to […]

Author: AGT Date: Friday, September 27, 2013 


Brian Bonney and his co-defendant, hopefully, will not have their days dragged through the court and media ending five years from now as it did to Robin Blencoe.


Case name Blencoe v. British Columbia (Human Rights Commission)


185                           However, rejecting the stay as a proper remedy in the present case does not mean that Blencoe should be deprived of any redress.  On the contrary, an order for an expedited hearing should have been considered as the remedy of choice.  There will be some irony in granting such a remedy more than five years after the proceedings began.  Such an outcome offers the respondent little solace.  Nevertheless, in spite of its rather symbolic value, at the present stage of the proceedings, it appears as a critically important remedy that should have been used at an earlier stage to prod the Commission along and to control the inefficiency of its process.

186                           In spite of the partial success of this appeal, as I agree that the stay should be lifted, Blencoe is entitled to some compensation in the form of costs in our Court and in the courts below.  Section 47  of the Supreme Court Act,R.S.C., 1985, c. S-26 , grants our Court broad discretion when awarding costs.  In the present case, it would be both fair and appropriate to use this power as the respondent has established that the process initiated against him was deeply flawed and that its defects justified his search  for a remedy, at least in administrative law.  He had to fight for his rights, and it would be unfair for him to bear the costs personally.  Although ultimately unsuccessful in his application for a stay, Blencoe brought to the attention of the courts the grave deficiency of the administrative processes of the Commission.  He should at least not be penalized for this mixture of success and failure (e.g., Schachter v. Canada, [1992] 2 S.C.R. 679, at p. 726).


Thursday, February 5, 2015

War in the Woods (North Vancouver): Weapons of choice: Survelliance Spy Cameras? Legal or illegal?

In the old days confrontations were settled by throwing down gauntlets resulting in a battle to the death, today it's high tech digital spy camera capabilities vs a walk in the park.  The winner: 2 Cyclists
.... the arrest came as a result of the observations by two local mountain bikers who regularly use the public trails. Between August 1st and December 29th, 2014, the bikers noticed weekly obstructions on the trail which, at times, became dangerous for them and other bikers. For the month of December 2014, the two bikers took it upon themselves to purchase, install, and monitor security cameras in the hopes of capturing an image of the offender. - RCMP North Vancouver

What if, in all those recordings covering 24/7 for December, the two bikers found 'evidence' of other activities, a hug here, a kiss there between two local politicians, married but not married to each other.  What if images were taken of families, children?

How were the cameras installed, in a toolbox with a peephole or in a bird's nest egging them on?

Why didn't the bikers try a less confrontational route by posting signs as a deterrent to stop damage being done to trails?    No camera, just signs implying that there were cameras.

This Area May Be Monitored by Video Surveillance Cameras (CCTV)

The personal information collected by the use of the CCTV at this site is collected under the authority of (an Act) and (by-law). This information is used for the purpose of promoting public safety and reduction of crime at this site.

Any questions about this collection can be directed to the Manager of (Department) at (phone number), (City Hall address) (e-mail).
There is a higher authority when it comes to the public's use of surveillance cameras, the RCMP but they have shown a tendency to turn a blind eye to special interest groups in the name of Safety.

Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada
  1. The public should be advised that they will be under surveillance. The public should be informed with clearly written signs at the perimeter of surveillance areas, which advise that the area is or may be under surveillance, and indicate who is responsible for the surveillance, including who is responsible for compliance with privacy principles, and who can be contacted to answer questions or provide information about the system.

2012  CBC report:
Store video cameras failing to comply with privacy laws
    Not a single store in Toronto's Eaton Centre had proper signage about cameras
...... Nathalie Desrosiers, general counsel for the Canadian Civil Liberties Association:
People have a right to choose if they want to enter a store and then have their image recorded, she said, but if they don't know they are being recorded, they can't make that choice.

"It's a question of not depriving people of the opportunity to make a decision themselves about what they want to share and what they do not want to share and that's a fundamental aspect of human dignity."

Desrosiers says this also raises concerns about how the recorded information is being used, and whether the technology is being mined for other reasons, such as targeted marketing or law enforcement.


About SurveillanceRights

SurveillanceRights is a research project that aims to better inform Canadians about video surveillance and their rights in relation to it.  We are developing this website and the SurveillanceWatch web and smartphone app for mapping the location of surveillance cameras using crowdsourced contributions from people like you.

About 'Who's watching You?'

What do you think about video surveillance?  This project asks how Canadians feel about being filmed when walking down public sidewalks, going into shopping centres or office buildings, or walking past many other publicly accessible areas.  You can spot cameras operated by stores, bars, restaurants, property managers, banks, hotels, police services, hospitals, schools, universities, and more.  What kind of information would you like to know about the way these places collect, use, or store images of you?

Are your privacy rights respected?

Because video surveillance operators capture personal information, they come under Canadian privacy legislation.  For example, video surveillance in commercial operations is governed by the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) or provincial equivalent.

You have a right to an informed choice

Canadian Privacy Commissioners have noted that 'most privacy laws require the organization conducting video surveillance to post a clear and understandable notice about the use of cameras on its premises to individuals whose images might be captured by them, before these individuals enter the premises.'  This is so we can make an informed choice about whether or not to enter.

The use of the video cameras by two bikers has created the opportunity for a double edged sword thrust by the hikers in their promotion of Safety in the woods ..... by the 2% cyclists.

Time to turn the heat down.

The District of North Vancouver should Post signs, install cameras if necessary, and not leave it to  the vigilantes.
District North Vancouver Source
DNV Rules
Multi-Use Trails
Mountain Bikers should give way to hikers

should??? probably explains a lot about the War


It should be noted that Fromme Mountain Trail Networks is not Whistler

Whistler runs are Cyclists use ONLY!!!!

There is no such thing as Multi use trails

Mountain Biking BC
Code of Conduct

4.Yield Appropriately: Do your utmost to let your fellow trail users know you're coming — a friendly greeting or bell ring are good methods. Try to anticipate other trail users as you ride around corners. Bicyclists should yield to other non-motorized trail users, unless the trail is clearly signed for bike-only travel. Bicyclists traveling downhill should yield to ones headed uphill, unless the trail is clearly signed for one-way or downhill-only traffic. In general, strive to make each pass a safe and courteous one.

 .... Bicyclists  should yield to other non-motorized trail users, unless the trail is clearly signed for bike-only travel......  non-motorized meaning .... hikers.  If a bicyclist has to dismount from his non-motorized vehicle is he then deemed to be a  ..... pedestrian and needs to find a different route home....

Does the RCMP concur with the Code?  or is there a double standard


 Man dead after mountain biking accident on Cypress

West Vancouver police say it’s not yet known if he was wearing a helmet when he crashed

Dan Burritt - May 7,  2012

 ...... McCrae says it’d be slippery with lots of mud right now because of the late snow pack and the wet weather.

He says certainly, wipeouts are common on the North Shore.

“But one of the things people don’t realize about the riding up here is it’s so technical, you don’t have a lot of speed. And generally, when you have serious injuries in mountain biking, it’s because of speed,” he says.

McCrae says while there are a lot of crashes, it’s the kind where you dust yourself off and keep going.

CBC Mount Fromme

Challenged?? CBC


No Challenge


Stravas guy should like this

 Privacy Rights be Damned by Cyclists

Cyclist Hells Angels on proper use of Surveillance Cameras


Information was gathered by video and by picture by different parties about the saboteur's actions. Although her actions were discussed and logged extensively on open internet forums she either didn't read such forums or didn't care so indulged in a repetitive pattern of behaviour. Game cameras are used by hunters to capture images of wildlife. From a trail work perspective Jay Hoots gives examples of game cams being used as counters, to assess user trends, for materials and tools security, for animal monitoring and for weather watching. It turns out that they also have uses by trail users for catching people in the act of perpetrating crimes. .

This is a site for internet bike nerds who love to moan about wheel sizes and enduro lingerie and not about game cams so I won't dwell long on this topic of game cam geek specs and instead checked with a friend who runs a hunting site and who mentioned the Bushnell cams and the Stealth Cams as being particularly useful. Neither are particularly cheap but they are effective. They are weather proof and their batteries last for weeks as they draw very little current. If you have more questions ask in the comments and I'll enlist a game cam geek to try to answer.

Images for To Catch A Saboteur article
left: Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam - approx $ 200 CAD; right Stealth Cam - approx $189

None of the parties who installed the game cams, obtained the footage and turned the footage over to the law enforcement authorities were particularly keen on being publicly named, citing concerns about the mental stability of the saboteur they were targeting. Understandable. They did give me some sample footage produced by the game cams and some recommendations on what to in obtaining the footage and documenting same in a useable format. Recommendations are as follows:

1. Position the camera high. You can stand on a bike's top tube or the shoulders of a friend to get the camera high enough that it's hard to take down or to damage the camera. The game cam is less likely to be seen if it's higher. It's pretty stunning how oblivious people are to things not in their direct line of vision so just move the cam up a bit and it'll be practically invisible.

2. Buy a lock. Some of these game cams can be locked. Even if the game cam is whacked with a stick or object and dislodged/damaged hopefully the case is sturdy enough to protect the camera and the storage media. Sure locks can be broken but the lock is just another deterrent for the saboteur.

3. Practise positioning. You can use sticks or other material to orient the camera the right way. Most of the cameras take SD cards which can be read in other cameras or a small tablet on-site. That's the best way to ensure you have a good position before deploying the camera.

4. Get two cameras. If you're particularly motivated it's a nice idea to have one cam pointing at the other cam. Or you can put one cam in an obvious spot and the other cam more well hidden. Of course that means doubling up on a pretty substantial cost but do you want to catch this person or do you want to just talk about it?

5. Keep it quiet. The parties who got the game cams didn't talk about it on internet bulletin boards. They didn't posture about what they would do. They bought the cams and put them up. They got the footage and they delivered it to law enforcement in a coordinated tidy package. If you spray about where and what you're going to do to police your trails then hey maybe you get more LIKES or PROPS but, at the same time, all you do is alert the perpetrator thus defeating the purpose. Fortunately, in this situation, the trail saboteur in question probably doesn't read internet bulletin boards.

6. Document everything. Log the dates and times when the trail sabotage is occurring. Take pictures of the sabotage (the pics and video will be date and time stamped but you have to set that correctly in the cams). Tag the most relevant footage. Keep a solid electronic or paper trail of what you're doing so when you take the next step of involving law enforcement you will be more likely to be taken seriously.

7. Include some video if possible. Sometimes in a photo it's hard to know if the debris or obstacle is being removed or placed. The video takes away all doubt.

Leave No Trace  No Signs

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In Real Time the (Chip and Shannon) Wilson School of Design will ........ not open on July 15, 2015

It was, sort of, a hype that traditionally goes with pre-election promises of late 2012.   And so it was.

Premier Christy Clark and Lululemon founder Chip Wilson announced a Partnership for a School of Design.  "Our government is proud to partner with the Wilsons and Kwantlen Polytechnic University to build this new school."

Is there a limit, guidelines, written by the BC Government that levels the playing field on just how much taxpayers contributions are permitted to be matched:

BC government $12m to KPU $12m to Private funds of Chip/Shannon $8m and Lulu $4m

Is the completion of the Wilson School infrastructure in the same league, same timeline, as Clark's School of LNG, and on budget?

Site Preparation

Site works for the Wilson School of Design will begin shortly. The Wilson School of Design will be a free-standing building located on the west side of the campus, facing Kwantlen Street, in what is currently parking lot R1. The new building will be separated from the existing building by a distance of approximately 13 metres.

Site works will impact some facilities and infrastructure on the west side of the campus, including one of the west entrances, parking lot R1, power and lighting, and the loading dock. Site works activities will include initial site preparation, ground densification and preload. Work is expected to begin on Monday, Dec. 2 and will conclude in May 2014. Construction of the building will begin the following month, June 2014, and will be completed in July of 2015.

June 2014 is history, July 2015 is four months away, and all there is to the WSD is a parking lot covered in compacted sand.
Real Time  02/02/2015

Fanfare mustered by GCPE for  Premier Christy Clark on December 7, 2012:

Partnership designed for continued success at KPU
 KPU, has four campuses located in Surrey, Richmond, Cloverdale and Langley, which are attended annually by more than 18,000 students.

..... The Chip and Shannon Wilson School of Design will enable KPU to increase the overall number of design students by 57 per cent. As well as housing the current design programs, the school will be able to offer additional programming to attract new students to the Richmond campus.

"KPU has a well-earned reputation for design excellence, and this new facility will enable us to build on that success and ensure British Columbians have the skills to succeed in this growing industry," said Dr. Alan Davis, KPU president and vice-chancellor. "We are enormously grateful to Shannon, Chip, lululemon and the Province for this investment. This gift will be transformative for KPU and for B.C.'s design industries."

The project is scheduled to break ground in the fall of 2013 and is estimated to generate 293 jobs during construction. It will be ready for a student intake in September 2015.
Christy Clark was presenting quarterly reports on Major Projects in British Columbia
Proposed 4,900 sq m facility for a technical apparel design program. Funding will be provided by the provincial government ($12 million), Kwantlen Polytechnic University ($12 million),, Shannon and Chip Wilson ($8 million), and lululemon athletica ($4 million). - Source: BC Major Projects Inventory      Source: June 2013 Excel  Line 78   Completion year 2016  in Richmond!

March 2014

Report to the Board: June 6 - September 8, 2013 - Kwantlen ...

Kwantlen Polytechnic University
Sep 8, 2013 - With the appointment of Amrik Virk as Minister of Advanced ... The university's Accountability Plan and Report for 2012/13 was issued in July and is available at .... The Chip and Shannon Wilson School of Design. ...... the Board of Governors in January 2014 with a potential launch in September 2014.
Page 86 of 88

Were the costs for these trips to faraway places documented in the Minutes of KPU?


Richmond Campus Preloading Site works for the Wilson School of Design are proceeding on schedule. Initial site preparation and vibro stone densification were completed on Wednesday, Jan. 29, 2014. A total of 360 stone columns, which will stabilize the ground to support the future building, were installed.

The next phase of the site work is preloading, which is required to limit post-construction settling of the building. There will be a short period of site cleanup and then, for a three-week period beginning on Monday, Feb. 3, 2014, sand will be piled over the site to a height of 4.0 metres. The sand will remain on the site for approximately eight weeks. The sand will be removed when preloading is complete, which is anticipated in May 2014. Construction of the building is expected to begin the following month.

Monday, February 2, 2015

The plight of Northern BC 184 Wolves being culled needs impact photos, not groomed cameo appearances from Hollywood North

This is the environment where the Caribou, Grizzly and Wolf are free to roam.

and Territorial 

and Territory

and Michael Smyth asks:  "Do we need to kill Wolves......"

What we need to do is tame Man from treading on the animals territory.  Somewhere up there is a photographer, capturing the moments.

CFI of HNZ and bighorn sheep - Similkameen - Simmons argued that the sheep in Snowy have become accustomed to the training flights over the years and are not stressed as sheep would be experiencing helicopters for the first time. “If you asked the bighorn sheep, how many generations have been listening to helicopters? Much like deer in Penticton, they’re completely used to what they see and hear in their environment.”  
Territorial II

Looking at the bigger picture it's difficult to understand which entity is promoting the wolf cull.  Is it the Oil and Gas resource industry or  BC Hydro's Site C dam builders who see the animals as a threat to their safety?   Both are being serviced by the BC Liberal Government.

Whichever is the culprit, there are scientists out in the fields of Peace River Moberly district beavering away, generating their numerous reports on behalf of the government with all costs being borne by taxpayers.   Helicopters are the workhorses to and from the wilderness areas, to and from the overnight half-pipe shelter accommodations twice/thrice daily, entertainment supplied, FOOD delivered by air, fuel hauled in for the helicopters, travel expenses for the Government to pay, hotels/flights/car rental to the helicopter pads, add in salaries and benefits.


This is Michael Smyth's idea of what a Wolf looks like in Northern British Columbia.

Marco Musiani photos
John Bergenske and Ian McAllister are two conservationists who care deeply about British Columbia’s threatened wildlife.  But when it comes to the government’s decision to shoot up to 184 wolves from helicopters to save endangered caribou herds, they find themselves at odds.  “Killing one species to save another simply doesn’t work,” said McAllister, a renowned wildlife photographer .... - Michael Smyth

Bob Dylan: Pity the poor immigrant  Caribou MOU signed under duress distress

Mike or Michelle Wiegele?


Is Mike Mike and Michelle Michelle?


Mike and Michelle?