Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Cleveland Dam Busters they ain't, but there is power unleashed with too much rain

Typically our excess drinking water is released via Cleveland Dam's Face Tunnel, Base tunnel, By-pass Tunnel (built before the dam was constructed) or the Drum Gate. 

(This video was taken 2020-09-19) 


 How it Works   -   Floating Drum  - Metro Vancouver


Before the accident

Max. length4.8 km (3.0 mi)
Max. width750 m (2,460 ft)
Average depth87 m (285 ft)
Water volume57.9×109 L

And then 'Human Error made the Floating Drum Drop'

 Metro Vancouver ousts three workers in wake of fatal water release at Cleveland Dam.
Oct. 1 incident happened during maintenance work on a drumgate and was due to human error, agency says in news release.

Item I. Other business

October 1, 2020 Cleveland Dam Spillway Incident  (Page 7 of 47)

Jerry W. Dobrovolny, Commissioner, provided members with a verbal update on the October 1,2020 Cleveland Dam spillway incident, including Metro Vancouver's full cooperation with the ongoing investigation, multi-jurisdictional emergency response and involvement, counselling and support for staff, and next steps.


 Since the accident the drumgate hasn't been raised and Metro has started the process of replacing the Drumgate as we know it. 

 Just shear volume of water because of the recent rainfall.