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BC Premier Clark signs 990 year lease: Best in the World Stanley Park's money losing Miniature Train goes to Rocky Mountaineer and CNR

CPR was the FIRST to have Vancouver as Canada's western terminus, although it was supposed to be the Comox and Cape Scott Railway via Bute Inlet to  Esquimalt (passed by Parliament, killed by Senators as a condition of Confederation).   CPR's original plan was to use Stanley Park (Government Reserve) as a Roundtable.

It was Moved, Seconded, and Carried on May 12, 1886 at the first Council meeting of Vancouver   that Ottawa be asked told to assist The First Nation people from unscrupulous settlers offering beads and trinkets in exchange for land titles..... like say Kitsilano.

CPR's RoundHouse plans were shifted from Government Reserve to False Creek's Yale Town area of Vancouver.

Map of Vancouver


Rocky Mountaineer, an operator of a tourist rail service between Vancouver-Whistler-Kamloops-Canadian Rockies-Calgary and back, has a proven passenger track record since its take-over of the BC Rail line from the BC Liberal Government in 2004.   CNR freight division has experienced the same feat, with the same deal, but with no tolls being collected at bridges/tunnels, which would have gone to the BC Treasury.

There's a plan afoot to regain those lost tolls by having Rocky Mountaineer taking over the money losing Miniature train loop with the proceeds split four ways:  BC Treasury, Rocky Mountaineer, The First Nation people, and the Vancouver Park's Board.

CNR is involved too, for they have long sought to have their own "round table" in Vancouver without cutting one single tree down.    CNR proposes to use Stanley Park's Seawall to circumnavigate the headland via Coal Harbour to the First Narrows to English Bay and back to Coal Harbour.    Of course this means that pedestrians and cyclists will be banned for 990 years.

Vancouver Sun - 125th Birthday Vancouver

Travelers’ Choice awards honor top travel spots worldwide based on the millions of valuable reviews and opinions from TripAdvisor travelers. Award winners were determined using an algorithm that took into account the quantity and quality of reviews for landmark and park attractions worldwide, gathered over a 12-month period.

Stanley Park named best park in the world by TripAdvisor  Travellers’ Choice Awards 2014 (Vancouver Sun)

Rocky Mountaineer Rail Train (one day)  TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2014

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

"Evidence and Proceedings" of Kitsilano Indian Reserve (Musqueam) 1915: The Case of the missing $300,000

A Centenary is a special event, right, even for the Musqueam First Nation people who were paid $300,000 in 1913 for land that the south side of Burrard Bridge squats upon. The First Nation people could have waited, until now, to receive the windfall of $6,260,000, except that it was the "Indian Agent" that guesstimated the value of the 1913 land as being worth $1 Million to  $1.5 Million to  $2 Million.

Today that land is in the high millions, if not a billions.

Clerk of the House
Papers, 1916
Special committee to enquire into Kitsilano Indian Reserve.
Monday, 27th of March 1916
Page 2 of 275

     Ernest Miller, MLA (Chairman)
 L. W. Shatford, MLA (Secretary)
Parker Williams, MLA
   Thomas Clifford, MLA

L.J. Seymour was sworn as stenographer.

First Witness: William Allison, Auditor-General

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Mapping timeline tool for Kitsilano Indian Reserve:

Earlier Post

 ..... Sir James Douglas' reserve policy generally allowed Indians to select as much land as they wanted.  In 1861 Douglas directed the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, who had responsibility for laying out these early reserves, to "take measures to .... for marking out distinctly, the Indian Reserves throughout the Colony".  He added that "the extent that the Indian Reserves to be defined" was to be "as they may be pointed out by the native themselves".

This policy was dramatically reversed in 1864 - 1865 by Joseph Trutch.  As head of the colonial Department of Lands and Works, Trutch initiated a policy of reduction of the Douglas' reserves, of reluctance to allot additional reserves, and of non-recognition of the Indian's aboriginal claim  (native title).  .....
The First Nations People have demanded that the Vancouver street name of "Trutch" be Trashed, 

Reason: Racist