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Defeated… But Not Gone By Robin Mathews, Oct. 30 2015

Defeated…  But Not Gone

                                          By Robin Mathews, Oct. 2015

Having led the odious Conservative Party and government to resounding defeat, Stephen Harper has (as might have been predicted) walked away from the mess, leaving it to someone else … anyone else … to clean up, if possible. But (also as might have been predicted) he retains his Calgary seat in the House of Commons – a necessary place to launch a comeback….

If Stephen Harper was aware (even just aware) of the 2006 election in-and-out scandal and attempted robbery of electors’ votes (four faced criminal charges – the Party made a plea-bargain, admitting guilt); if he was aware (even just aware) of the intricate, set-up Robocall Scandal of the 2011 election which brought a criminal conviction to one (only) Conservative worker; and if he was aware (even just aware) of the cheque for $90,172 paid by (bribing?) Nigel Wright to Mike Duffy … then Stephen Harper is a criminal.  I have chosen only three counts upon which he may be a criminal.  Readers will, doubtless, want to supply more (many, many more).

We who think Stephen Harper was aware of – and probably even active in the planning and execution – of the activities mentioned … we believe he is a criminal who has not been fully investigated and charged for his participation in those crimes (and perhaps others not named here).

That being the case, we may all presume Stephen Harper will keep out of sight, will avoid the limelight, will want to “lie low” for a considerable period of time – licking his wounds and waiting for memories to fade. (But he will maintain a seat in the House of Commons for comeback purposes. And doubtless will try to quash any investigations into Conservative government wrongdoing.)

Be Ready To Be Surprised

Or Stephen Harper may disappear, in a short time, into an appointment in the caverns of Barrick Gold to rub shoulders with its black luminaries - like Brian Mulroney, John Manley, John Baird, Andrew Coyne, Peter Munk, Janice Stein and other neo-liberals who participate in one or other in its activities.  Or he may disappear into a neo-liberal Think Tank that pretends to be balanced, fair, and concerned for all Canadians as he, himself, pretended to be through his democracy-wrecking period as prime minister.

Don’t count on it.

Having set up the first anniversary “remembrance” of the deaths of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo (in Ottawa) and Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent (in St. Jean sur Richelieu), Stephen Harper likely intended the event as a post-election-win occasion upon which he could make more racist attacks on minorities and push for more powers to add to Bill C51, the legislation many consider repressive, neo-fascist, and a painful attack on human rights in Canada.

None of the Conventional (Harper-supporting) Media mentioned that the Cirillo anniversary event was well-planned in Harperdom to serve Harper’s ideology before election day.  Nor do they point out that about-to-be prime minister Justin Trudeau had almost no choice about being there – to be used for Stephen Harper’s purposes.  Like it or not, the Harper forces used (if they didn’t create) the Cenotaph/Parliament event in order to attempt to validate the growing list of their repressive measures.  The anniversary day was, doubtless, to be used to reinforce those measures.

That first, post-election, public manipulation by Stephen Harper may be harbinger of things to come.  Already offering himself as a shy, smiling, thoughtful, well-wishing, down-to-earth ordinary Canadian, he may be on his way to carefully working to win a new, thunderously approved, over-overwhelmingly supported run at the (a) leadership of the Conservative Party and (b) the prime ministership of Canada.  His lust for power has not dimmed by a simple defeat at the polls, nor – we may assume – has his desire to erase democracy in Canada and replace it with a neo-liberal, neo-fascist dictatorship.

The Harperites Are Still There

Let dummies take over the Party.  Let dummies mess up in the House of Commons.  All the better. Those who have tasted (illegitimate) power and profit from the Harper years will be ready to throw their support, once again, his way, made confident by his cool certainty. He is not likely to change the makeover he was undertaking to Pierre Trudeau’s motto “reason over passion”. With cold calculation he appeared to be making “treason over passion” his own guiding principle.

All the Canadians who formed or were part of organizations concerned in one way or another with ‘Harper watch’ should remain vigilante.  In fact, they should form quiet groups (lawful of course) to track his every move – and to make his every move public. Stephen Harper cannot claim the privacy of ordinary Canadians.  A major public figure (whose honesty is in serious doubt) he is, in a sense, the possession of the Canadian public which can demand to know where he travels, who he meets, who he works for and with, and who pays him for services rendered (especially outside the country).

Stephen Harper is 56.  He has another fifteen years, at least, to work on the destruction of Canadian democracy.  He has strong and wealthy allies (many outside Canada). With his defeat at the polls on October 19, 2015, Canadians may have witnessed what turns out to be merely the first phase of Stephen Harper’s long-term plan to create a despotism in Canada that can neither be voted away nor overthrown.

Contact: Robin Mathews

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

… After Sleep…. by Robin Mathews, Oct.21, 2015

… After Sleep….
                           by Robin Mathews, Oct.21, 2015

“Methinks I see in my mind a noble and puissant nation rousing itself like a strong man after sleep, and shaking her invincible locks.  Methinks I see her as an eagle mewing her mighty youth and kindling her undazzled eyes at the full midday beam.”   [John Milton  (1608-1674) Areopagitica]

In the impossible construction called a democratic nation every evil that arises in community can gather itself into a single force and seem to spread without hindrance: greed, bribery, flagrant breach of public trust, oppressing fear, racism, cynical exploitation of the weak and vulnerable, cronyism, manufactured militarism, organized corruption ….

Heartbreaking is the ease with which the single force seems to be accepted as … well … ‘the way of the world’.

All those who can benefit seem to choose to do so as the wrecking ball swings through the democracy.  The others, mostly, seem to cower in fear. Here and there voices are raised.  Records are kept.  Violations are recorded and broadcast by means possible.  Many of the ordinary means are bribed or coerced into silence, closed to what is real.  Even so … the word goes round.

The single force concentrating evil in a democracy is not to be confused with the dark evil that controls despotisms, dictatorships … and that violently erases opposition.  The single force doesn’t have that power in a democracy but works to achieve it, to turn the impossible construction called a democratic nation into a real, full-fledged despotism. It wants to do so. It works tirelessly to do so.  It is like a poisonous boil that grows and pains and weakens the whole body. The pain is the warning sign … the call for remedial action.

In the impossible construction called a democratic nation the single force is usually given a name … and here in Canada it has been called Harperism, the name adopted from the chief (fronting) instigator, controller, manager, designer, and  implementer of the steps that have been undertaken to turn this democracy into a despotism. And – as is usually the case – the beneficiaries of the single force actively deny its existence. Of course.

Our society – the kind of community talked about here – “the impossible construction called a democratic nation” possesses  an almost magical ability to respond.  Apparently a gathering of disconnected individuals, it is greatly and deeply more  than that. We speak of “the body politic” (“polis”in Greek meaning “the people”) as if the whole nation is, at rare times,  a single organism, a body … which thinks and acts.

As it did on October 19, 2015.

Word went round … and round.  People talked.  Books were written. Articles were exchanged.  ‘Strategic’ organizations formed. Opposition parties spoke of ‘change’ to avoid open condemnation of incipient (and shaping) despotism. They were careful … almost complicit….

But “…like a strong man after sleep, and shaking her invincible locks” Canadians took hold.  They watched, towards the close, as “Harperism” employed one of the most unlovely political advisors in the English-speaking world.  They watched  “Harperism” goad on racism, attack a minority … and then (upon advice?) promise to mount greater racist attacks on that (and any other slandered ‘odious’) minority.  They watched Stephen Harper declare (in campaign) the outright, bald falsehood that Canada is “the largest per capita refugee receiver in the world”, as he also declared the simple flat lie that, of the CBC, “there are no cuts” … lying openly, easily, casually, readily, frequently since lying has become second  nature to him: his special skill - his sign of contempt for Canadians, his testimony of loyalty to thug corporations … and  to thuggery. 

In that behaviour is revealed such a closeness to madness that the Canadian organism – the impossible construction called the Canadian democratic nation – made up its mind. 

It would remove Harperism.  It would go around the fundamentalists – Corporate, Christian, neo-liberal, “Conservative”, Monetary, Media. It would remove Stephen Harper and “Harperism”. 

And so the Canadian body politic “kindling her undazzled eyes”, watched and listened, weighed and worried.  And then the  impossible construction called a democratic nation made a choice.  It didn’t make the ideal choice, perhaps.  It didn’t choose even what it might have chosen if given a wide-open set of choices … and time to consider, perhaps.  It may even  have chosen wrongly… for the impossible construction called a democratic nation has, always, to work within the possible.

But the magic of Canadian democracy happened (despite Harper and Harperism using every fraudulent tactic to prevent it from doing so).  The indefinable thing called Canadian history went into play; the indescribable thing called Canadian culture – deep and invisible – showed its face.   And so … from the possible … it took the major step and lanced the boil from the body politic as an intentional act.  It removed Harper and Harperism.  For the moment … a possible (and likely) despotism  was removed by “a noble and puissant nation, rousing itself like a strong man after sleep, and shaking her invincible locks  ... kindling her undazzled eyes ….”

The other political leaders thanked Harper for his “contribution” to Canadian life.  The neo-fascist-supporting major media   began white-washing, ‘retrospective’ looks at Harper and Harperism. Paid ‘historians’ began the task of writing volumes of lies.

Contact: Robin Mathews

Friday, October 9, 2015

Alex Gervais was pushed out the Window! It was MURDER! and the BC Liberals did it! Again!

Headline Hunters PostMedia / Vancouver Sun Publisher Editorial:

Child welfare system overhaul long overdue.


Wasn't it Judge Ted Hughes who stated that the BC Liberals Gordon Campbell took the knife too far with the welfare of the children?   Nothing learned from that debacle.


 Beating on their chest about what PostMedia achieved in their investigative series on "aging-out" earned them a Michener Award nomination, that was a NOMINATION not an award to take home.

"The government did make some modest contributions to support teens transitioning from foster care."  BULLSHIT   The Vancouver Sun contributed diddly squat to shift the BC Liberal government why else would they sit around on their laurels, a fig leaf, of a nomination.

It boggles the mind that the Editor dares to use a phrase like: "Let us be blunt" and then jumps to two possible conclusions on how Alex Gervais died:
"He jumped or fell do his death from the window of a hotel where he was not supposed to be housed..... etc."

There is a third option, He Was Pushed by a third party.

Being blunt should have required the Publisher of the Vancouver Sun to be much more clearer to the premier of British Columbia and therefore the public.  It was the "old system" of  micro manager premier Gordon Muir Campbell who started the cutting, cutting, cutting of monies to fund the children and used those funds to balance his budget which has, should be, haunting his successor, Christy Jo-Anne Clark but who has only followed up with more tight fistiness, more frightfulness than El Gordo.

Shameful and disgusting.

The Buck Does Not Stop At The Premier's Desk!   Never has!

It's obvious that Alex Gervais death was the result of a FALL from his hotel window!!!  but to then determine that he jumped???? without a witness for corroboration?   He was pushed by the system, without a witness, pushed by a corrupt child care system ...... run by the system's Minister.

If there was a Witness, in the room, would the system have stopped the attempt, or texted with JUMP!!! JUMP!! One less; more money; for the system!

The Vancouver Sun were so close to win the Michener-Deacon Fellowship award but lost and then gave the thumbs up to their boss for tenth position.
We would like to thank the Michener Awards for this nomination, and our boss Harold Munro for his continued support of investigative journalism. (aging-out)

Investigative journalist is someone who is actively involved in prevention of teenagers dying by the dozen.  Investigative journalism is not a one month, one week, gig.

This,   is investigative journalism???  Technology use in the classroom !!!!!  Are there windows in the Quebec hotel classroom; one student per room; no peer visits?
The Michener-Deacon Fellowship for investigative reporting is awarded to veteran Radio Canada journalist Marie-France Belanger, based in Montreal for her project entitled “Le programme de tableaux Numériques Interactifs au Québec” (The program charts Interactive Digital Quebec).  Belanger will examine the use of technology in the classroom.

Applicants for the fellowship are expected to undertake a project that aspires to the criteria of the annual Michener Award for journalism with its emphasis on identifiable benefits for the public good, improvements in public policy, ethical standards, corporate governance or the lives of Canadians.

Investigative journalism by the Vancouver Sun should have least solved the mystery of Alex Gervais death. Pushed by the Man or pushed by the system put in place by the Man.

If Alex Gervais had lived, he would have had the right to VOTE, someday, a VOTE to achieve change.

Liberals 'took the knife too far,' investigator says

 The safety net protecting B.C.'s most vulnerable children has been ravaged by cutbacks and "buffeted by an unmanageable degree of change" created by the provincial government, an independent inquiry concluded Friday.
By The Vancouver Sun April 9, 200

VICTORIA -- The safety net protecting B.C.'s most vulnerable children has been ravaged by cutbacks and "buffeted by an unmanageable degree of change" created by the provincial government, an independent inquiry concluded Friday.

In a scathing critique of the Liberal government's stewardship of the child welfare system, former judge Ted Hughes said the government "took the knife too far" after it was elected in 2001 and must now restabilize the system that has more than 9,000 children under its care.

After the tragic deaths of aboriginal toddlers and a scandal involving the loss of more than 700 files concerning their deaths, Hughes also called for appointment of a Representative for Children and Youth. That independent office, which he sees being held for five-year terms by a non-partisan appointee who can stay above the political fray, will be the voice for the neediest children. The office would be able to identify major trends and in special cases demand full inquiries into a death.

"In the best interests of our province's most precious assets -- our children and youth -- I call upon all members of B.C.'s government to move towards substantial compliance with the recommendations in my report," said Hughes, who was pressed into service by the Liberals. 


But Hughes didn't spare the premier.

"I cannot agree with the premier's earlier assessment that budget cuts did not contribute to the failure of the transition process ...," wrote Hughes. "As I have commented throughout this report, the impact of budget constraints reverberated throughout the child welfare system from 2002 until recently. Those responsible for the transition were under pressure to meet deep spending cuts across the board and as a result, this small program [to review the children's deaths] got lost in the shuffle."

Hughes also urges the government to hire more aboriginal social workers and child-care experts. That is crucial, he said, because about 50 per cent of the 9,000 children in government care are of aboriginal descent, even though natives represent only nine per cent of the population.

"I am disheartened by the rate of suicide among young aboriginal people and the ever-increasing numbers of aboriginal children being taken into care," he said.

Hughes also made a strong pitch that the first children's representative, or one of the two deputies working with him or her, be an aboriginal, to improve the child welfare system's appreciation of the complexities and social challenges facing first nations communities and families.

"At the very least, one of these three senior people must be aboriginal," said Hughes. "When I say aboriginal, I mean not only a person of aboriginal heritage but one with a track record of involvement in aboriginal communities, who understands aboriginal children and youth, and has a direct experience or at least deep understanding of life on a reserve." 


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Are you as depressed as I am about October 19??? Robin Mathews

The Canadian Election. A Global Context. And “Sheer Corruption”.

By Robin Mathews Oct. 2015 

Contradictions Everywhere.

Start at home. Globe and Mail (Sept. 23, p. B4). Henry Mintzberg, McGill professor of Management Studies focuses upon global corruption wittily and at some length. His argument is that Volkswagon’s dirty, careful hiding of the real pollution of its vehicles belongs to a global “level of sheer corruption that transcends” [he means that extends beyond] “the automobile industry”.

“The Volkswagon affair”, he writes, “is just a blatant case of an accelerating trend”. His Globe opinion piece is bannered in red by the editors: “Corporate Responsibility”.

Mintzberg makes no reference to Canada in his article in “Canada’s National Newspaper”.

Only lightly does he go anywhere near the political behaviour that permits the “accelerating trend” of “sheer corruption”. He asks – “Why don’t we prosecute corporate criminals and not just corporate crimes? And why don’t we set the fines to indicate that corporate crime doesn’t pay?”

Like “jesting Pilate” who asked “What is Truth?” Henry Mintzberg “does not stay for an answer”. He moves on quickly … and one might think … so he can avoid the central question. Put simply, no corporation can act corruptly, successfully or for long, if the lawmakers write good, tough laws and back them up with surveillance, regulation, and action.

The reason they don’t is partly answered by both professor Mintzberg’s opinion piece and by its publisher. The Globe and Mail has endorsed the Conservative Party and its present corrupt leader in the last three elections, and will doubtless do so again in this one despite growing evidence of Conservative “sheer corruption” (to use professor Mintzberg’s phrase).

Despite its clearly partisan support for the corrupt Conservative machine, the paper had the brass to hold (what many consider rigged) an “objective” debate of some Party leaders in which Stephen Harper was allowed to appear normal, decent, and honest! That had to be a brilliant piece of “sleight of hand”.

Anthony Hall writes of “Election Fraud Through Debate Rigging” in the Sept. 2015 Common Ground [p. 28]. The so-called Munk Debate, following the Globe and Mail debate, was only one of the venues set up to legitimize Stephen Harper and give him huge coverage where his continuing violations of parliamentary practice, his attacks on Canadian democracy, his predatory lying, and his almost certain criminal wrong-doing were not even hinted at.

The exclusion of Green Party’s Elizabeth May was simply an affirmation of the corporate power of The Globe and Mail’s owners and the owners of the Barrick complex of highly dubious companies – fronted by Peter Munk. As Henry Mintzberg writes: “we are living in a world where predatory capitalism is triumphing”.

Corporate Corruption and Canada

Why didn’t the Globe editors ask Henry Mintzberg to connect corporate corruption and government corruption with Canadian practices? That would have put two and two together: the fraud by Volkswagon is, finally, government approved. As is the glutinous mess called the Canadian Tar Sands industry and its endlessly polluting gas/oil Fracking cousin. As is the on-going expensive F35 aircraft fiasco. The de-industrialization of Ontario. The almost tax-free Corporate Life in Canada and the gigantic failure to respond to Global Warming here, to say nothing of the (permitted) international banditry of Canadian “international” corporations like the Barrick complex of companies.

Quite simply, there is no major Corporate Free Lunch unless government serves it up.

Writing in The Globe and Mail, Henry Mintzberg somehow forgets to include the conventional press and media as part of the growing “sheer corruption”. To debate in the major conventional press and media in Canada, one must agree never to bring Canadian corruption into clear focus … but to carefully “mis-focus” as professor Mintzberg does in his article. If anyone doesn’t believe that statement, look what all the Opposition Party leaders say – openly, loudly, and repeatedly – about Stephen Harper’s on-going corruption and the proved corruption of the Conservative Party of Canada.

They say NOTHING.

 … and having said nothing about the on-going dishonesty, deep corruption to the extent of proved criminality, and the sewer-level attack methods of the Conservative machine, they have found themselves almost speechless against the probably racist, dishonest, religiously inflammatory, and/or cruel attacks by Chris Alexander, Jason Kenney, Stephen Harper and their clones upon women who wear face-coverings for religious reasons.

An Overseas Example….

As Canadians consider their own coming election, they might raise their eyes to examine the extent to which corporate corruption and its political twin can bring whole populations to their knees.

The Greek collapse involves marauding banks and financial institutions (i.e. Goldman Sachs), an expansionist Germany at the head of a gangster European Union – joining with corrupt politicians and corrupt corporations in Greece. Ten pages in the latest Journal of the Committee on Monetary and Economic Reform [COMER] detail the story (pp. 7-16). See also Philippe Lamberts, “La therapie de choc exige l’opacite”, Le Monde diplomatique, Oct. 2015, p. 12

What is key in the story (to Canadians) is that the Greek government, again and again – like Stephen Harper – claimed to be taking the best economic steps at home and abroad to defend Greece by entering foreign treaties and agreements. The present Syriza party as government, in a last gasp, has agreed to sell all of Greece’s assets to foreign (mostly German) buyers, and to raise taxes, to slash social services, wages, and pensions (to satisfy foreign “agreements”).

And In Canada ….

In the huge, almost secret, “economic” treaty Stephen Harper signed with China that country is invited to usurp Canadian sovereignty and to sue Canadian government (every tax-paying Canadian, that is) if under almost any condition Canada obstructs, prevents, or seems to prevent China’s “claim” to profit in Canada.

 Since the FTA and the North American Free Trade Agreements Canada has faced (and paid) huge penalties for “obstructing” foreign profit-making in Canada. And it has lived a process of deindustrialization and “hollowing out” on behalf of giant foreign corporations, banks, and governments. To protect Canadians is to “offend” foreign interests making profit in Canada. Both the European economic agreement (CETA) and the so-called Trans-Pacific Partnership (a U.S. political initiative to surround China) contain attacks on Canadian sovereignty and penalties against Canadian economic initiatives or actions to assure Canadian employment and the vitality of Canadian enterprise.

The corrupt action of the Stephen Harper government in matters of Canadian administration [the corrupted senate, the Mike Duffy (sham) trial, the attack on voting rights in Canada, the attempts through dirty Robocalling to steal elections, the financing of deindustrialization on behalf of foreign corporations, the masking of fascist legislation in Omnibus Bills, the funnelling of public monies to Conservative uses, etc. etc. …] is matched by international treaties and policies less visible but probably even more devious and destructive.

When the hammer of corrupt foreign treaty-making begins visibly to bludgeon Canadians and their economy, the present Opposition leaders will be seen as something much, much worse than political failures. They will be seen as instruments (to use Henry Mintzberg’s phrase) of “predatory capitalism” who actively refused in this most important election to connect predatory capitalism loudly with Harper/Conservative Party on-going corruption. They will be seen for what they are: corrupt sell-outs who joined the neo-liberal transfer of government from Canadian elected representatives to largely foreign corporations – financial, entrepreneurial, State-owned – that care less-than-nothing for Canada or Canadians.

The level of “sheer corruption” that professor Mintzberg sees as an “accelerating trend” in the global community where “predatory capitalism is triumphing” is working with stunning success in Canada, openly, in front of us all – with the cooperation of all the Opposition political forces claiming to be guarding our welfare.

Contact: Robin Mathews

September 7, 2015:

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Marijuana Harper: "We've spent a couple of generations trying to reduce the use of Tobacco...." Two Generations is 50 years Stevie

Harperites are using that popular phrase of “blowing smoke up your arse.” again to buy votes.

Harper makes 'Two Generations' sounds like a couple of decades when in fact, using his numbers 1999 to 2012 it crunches down to only 13 years, well short of his acclaimed "couple of generations" or even two decades (20 years).   

One generations are defined as 25 years;  Two generations would be 50 years.

Stephen Harper:
“We’ve spent a couple of generations trying to reduce the use of tobacco in Canada with a lot of success,” he said.

“Tobacco is a product that does a lot of damage — marijuana is infinitely worse and is something we do not want to encourage.”

A government survey of tobacco use found that the overall smoking rate among Canadians over the age of 15 declined from 25 per cent in 1999 to 16 per cent in 2012.

Kaleidoscope of other governing parties in Canada other than Harper's Reformed Conservatives, therefore they should be given credit where credit is due when it comes to reducing the public's dependency on tobacco.

Tobacco Smoke Enema Kit (1750s – 1810s).

The tobacco enema was used to infuse tobacco smoke into a patient’s rectum for various medical purposes, but primarily the resuscitation of drowning victims.
A rectal tube inserted into the anus was connected to a fumigator and bellows that forced the smoke into the rectum. The warmth of the smoke was thought to promote respiration.  Doubts about the credibility of tobacco enemas led to the popular phrase “blowing smoke up your arse.”

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Hey Honey, Did you sell the house? Elections Canada seems to think that there's nine voters living here!

UPDATE:  Saturday October 3rd  10:00pm   
We took a walk on the wild side this afternoon and stuffed the three cards through the mail slot of the house on the West Side of Town.  The only differences were the East vs West and the fact that the last three characters were different in the Postal Code, but the first three were the same!!!!  If they aren't the recipients then at least they'll have our address to walk them back.  Hopefully they'll take note of the heavy red ink printing of : NO SUCH| PERSON on the East side of Town.

Update Sunday October 11, 2015

To All Canadians


We just received two THREE Election Canada cards in the mail.  Both THEIR names are not ours.  We did receive ours over a span of three business days but what of these poor people who can't even write in their true Postal Code?  Husband and Wife ???? both got it wrong?

Is Election Canada's only means of verification, tally, take place during an election?

If we write upon the notice:  No Such Person!!!!  Will Election Canada send out their Enforcement Officers, CSIS, RCMP, to hunt down the votes?

Will these two THREE miss out on being able to vote?

Do they care?   Elections Canada or the missing voters?

With the race for getting the highest amount of votes, we thought that by now some enterprising party organizers would offer a public service to connect the dots together, after all they do provide a free shuttle service to the election place, right?

Oh my goodness, I sure hope the parties aren't taking Elections Canada information as being true, or worse, that honest voters like us will actually take the time to write, in time, RETURN TO SENDER; NO SUCH PERSON before October 19th?

SIXTEEN days to go..... will Canada Post be able to get these sorted out?