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BC Legislative Library: "Grizzly Overkill in B.C. Bear Management 1999"

BC Legislative Library   .... you have to be an MLA, or the Press, to access the full document ... paid for by taxpayers.   Grizzly population in 2016 estimated by the province: 15,000.

Best guess done  nearly 20 years ago ......

 Grizzly Overkill in B.C. Bear Management       A. D. de Leeuw     November 1999

Year Yearly Yearly Kill Yearly Kill Yearly Kill

0 133 400 536
1998 7819 7819 7819 7819
1999 8141 8003 7725 7583
2000 8477 8194 7626 7337
2001 8826 9393 7524 7082
2002 9189 8600 7418 6815
2003 9568 8816 7307 6538
2004 9962 9041 7191 6249
2005 10373 9275 7071 5949
2006 10800 9519 6946 5636
2007 11245 9772 6816 5310
2008 11708 10036 6680 4970
2009 12191 10311 6539 4617
2010 12693 10598 6392 4249
2011 13000 10896 6239 3866
2012 13000 11206 6079 3468
2013 13000 11530 5913 3052
2014 13000 11866 5740 2620
2015 13000 12217 5560 2170
2016 13000 12581 5373 1701
2017 13000 12961 5178 1213
2018 13000 13000 4975 705
2019 13000 13000 4763 176
2020 13000 13000 4543 0
2021 13000 13000 4313 0
2022 13000 13000 4075 0
2023 13000 13000 3826 0
2024 13000 13000 3567 0
2025 13000 13000 3298 0
2026 13000 13000 3017 0
2027 13000 13000 2725 0
2028 13000 13000 2421 0
2029 13000 13000 2104 0
2030 13000 13000 1774 0
2031 13000 13000 1431 0
2032 13000 13000 1073 0
2033 13000 13000 701 0
2034 13000 13000 313 0
2035 13000 13000 0 0
2036 13000 13000 0 0
2037 13000 13000 0 0
2038 13000 13000 0 0
2039 13000 13000 0 0
2040 13000 13000 0 0
2041 13000 13000 0 0
2042 13000 13000 0 0
2043 13000 13000 0 0
2044 13000 13000 0 0
2045 13000 13000 0 0
2046 13000 13000 0 0
2047 13000 13000 0 0
2048 13000 13000 0 0
2049 13000 13000 0 0

637992 618634 182055 99125


December 18, 2017
Vancouver Sun's  Larry Pynn:
The hunting of grizzly bears for trophies and food is banned effective immediately across B.C., the NDP government announced Monday in a major policy shift.

“Protecting this iconic species is simply the right thing to do,” Minister of Environment George Heyman told a news conference in Vancouver.  Snip
 In 2016, hunters in B.C. killed 235 grizzlies — 30 per cent of them females — out of a population estimated by the province at 15,000.  Snip

.... Of those bears – an estimated 329 each year – 87 per cent have been killed by licensed hunters, with other kills attributed to causes including the shooting of problem bears by conservation officers, illegal poaching and collisions with cars and trains. ... Snip


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Grizzly Overkill in B.C. Bear Management  A. D. de Leeuw, November 1999

Recent information: Media and Outreach

BC Auditor General:

 An Independent Audit of Grizzly Bear Management

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I am brainwashed. You are brainwashed. We are brainwashed.

by Robin Mathews, December, 2017

Vast numbers of people (many more than we think, probably) are aware of a major, constant process by ‘Established power’, by the Mainstream Press and Media, by ‘Imperial Globalization’, by the Deep State, [there are more names] to blanket the population in misinformation, ‘disinformation’, misleading reporting, half-finished news and misanalysis of events   to use, in effect, a continuing blanket of propaganda to assure we do not know the truth about the world around us and to make us feel we are the enemies of perfectly self-respecting countries attempting to live peaceful lives .

Being aware is one thing.  Seeing through the propaganda is another  and there are not many who can (consistently) do it “which is what all the named forces above intend.  None of us gets  and stays  free.  That’s why the title of this column.  We all know we are being brainwashed.  But until we replace the present power structure/power system we will not be able to prevent what is being done to us  constantly, daily, intentionally, internationally.

Occasionally (with us all) a light shines in and reveals an insight, a small revelation  (or a large one). That makes the propaganda process clearer and its magnitude more evident.

Take the on-going repetition of (false) terrorist events in Western countries.  They are alleged to be produced by government-connected forces (alleged, that is, by non-official, independent investigators constantly at work). The investigators (most know) are almost all authentic, serious, responsible, even scholarly people concerned about the health of the community.  They toil away gratis for the good of the community.  Continuous accusations are made that those well informed researchers and critics of sensationally staged (Islamic?) terrorist events are Conspiracy Theorists who besmirch and ridicule the noble and selfless work of our official defenders.  But more and more people are less and less sure that the so-called Conspiracy Theorists are wrong.

Since the Cenotaph-and-after terrorist event in Ottawa on October 22, 2014, for instance, a number of researchers (I think of Graeme MacQueen and Barrie Zwicker) have brought telling arguments of a False Flag event created by shadow Canadian State operatives to hoodwink the nation and the world.  (Once again, a single, semi-insane ˜terrorist’ was killed before any testimony could be gathered from him.) So far the argument for the Ottawa terrorist event as fraudulent can’t be proved absolutely.  But we have one crystal-clear example of a Canadian False Flag: the wholly fraudulent Islamic terrorist event at Victoria, B.C., July 1, 2013.

Think of how much secret organization and how much deciding to do criminal things had to go on in order to create the terrorist event in Victoria.

Justice Catherine Bruce  judge of the Supreme Court of British Columbia (on the case)  was applied to for corrective action after sitting through the jury trial (that found the two converts to Islam guilty). Justice Bruce had observed much. She struck down the terrorist conviction against the two socially challenged converts to Islam  and unveiled the judgement that the RCMP (and by implication the federal Conservative government) was planner, initiator, and controller of the whole elaborate sham “ using more than 200 RCMP and millions of dollars of unsuspecting taxpayers’ dollars.  Since the replacement of the Conservative government by a Liberal one, cover-up of the event continues, the Liberal cabinet refuses to discuss a Public Inquiry of the RCMP and an Appeal against the Justice Bruce decision is to take place in the B.C. Appeals Court on January 18, 2018. 

No one was killed or maimed in that ˜operation’ but innocent Canadians were jailed, charged, misused  and if the Crown wins the Appeal against the judgement by Justice Bruce, the two accused “ declared innocent by Madam Justice Bruce - can go back to jail and serve life sentences!

Historically the public-spirited investigators constantly at work (for no pay) started investigation of what might be called False Flag activity at a time when the hand of the evil U.S. government and/or Deep State could (almost) be plainly seen.  The assassination of John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963; the Gulf of Tonkin faked ship battle in August, 1964, (to provide reason to intensify the War in Viet Nam); the assassination of Martin Luther King on April 4, 1968 brought an intense focus on U.S. government (˜Deep State’) criminality in the U.S.A.

It was when the unconvincingly explained murder of leading personalities in the U.S.A. began to be evident that the False Flag investigative process appears to have gone into high gear. Since the 1963 assassination of John F. Kennedy up to and including the most recent multi-Western nation terrorist events (still carried out mostly by apparently demented and “ usually-single-acting madmen who are almost always shot dead on the spot making live testimony from them impossible to gain) the number of terrorist events has blossomed  and the propaganda flowing from them has been imprinted over and over and over on the minds of Western populations.

Almost always, ISIS (the demonic, savage, heartless, brutal, and mostly invisible organization) ˜claims’ responsibility from  somewhere. Thus Islamic evil is established.

The pattern is relentless.  Almost always innocent people are killed or maimed, revealing the brutal heartlessness of the perpetrators.  But  pause.  Pull back.  Think a minute.

Surely if there is a powerful, designing force with tentacles into every Western country  through actual contact people or by wickedly-created terrorist-electronic-contact networks “ and is a force with considerable power and influence (and doubtless money)  wouldn’t it make something else happen  as well?

Wouldn’t that force, that evil organization, that unwearying actor on the world stage be able to enlist a few other people than the nut-case truck-drivers and the single shoot-out madmen we have been asked to accept?  And  (I suppose what I write next is sort-of kindergarten stuff) “ surely the evil organization could pick a few more telling targets than random gatherings of innocent citizens.  If the evil force wanted to make the point that it is the enemy of all those who are daily making war against Islamic peoples  wouldn’t it (at least now and then?) pick off a significant political operative, a known intelligence/military person, a major public figure involved in the damnation of Islam?  Surely “even if very rarely“ wouldn’t it drive one of those trucks into a significant store of weaponry, or a meaningful chemical factory  or  even just a significant anti-Islamic institution?

Now that I’ve said it  mustn’t it strike every thoughtful ordinary person in the Western World as very, very strange that the cruel, wicked, barbaric, brutal Islamic fighters (working in the West) have never targeted a single, meaningful actor contributing to the War Against Islam?  If that were to happen, ordinary people in the West wouldn’t be thunderstruck. They would think “ ˜yes yes, that makes sense: tit for tat’.  Maybe that’s one of the reasons it doesn’t happen. (That doesn’t mean any sane person would want any terrorist brutality.)

The failure of ISIS (or whatever organizations detest the war-making West) ever to undertake attacks on centrally responsible persons in the West leads one to believe that the attacks are not undertaken by Islamic sources at all  and are connected to Islam only through the propaganda channels of Western power and its Deep State.  The actual perpetrators of the brutalities visited upon innocent, ordinary people in Western countries might just be part of a force within those countries perpetrating acts of brutality against ordinary people to BRAINWASH whole populations in order to make them learn to despise those who are ACCUSED of the brutalities.

People in Western countries will protest.  Surely no force in Western democracies, they will say, would be permitted to violate groups of the wholly innocent, killing and maiming many for propaganda purposes!  But pause again  and think. Isn’t that precisely what the Western perpetrators of the brutalities against innocent people would depend upon “the essential decency of Western World citizens who wouldn’t believe the cause could possibly be found inside their own democratic countries?

The perpetrators would depend upon that good faith of citizens and would feed that good faith from controlled government sources, from controlled press and media, from lavishly supplied eye-witnesses to the events, from consenting elected representatives who are bought actors or misled innocents who will always mouth the appropriate propaganda phrases.

Looking at the bloodstained sidewalks and the blood-splattered market stalls where innocents have been brutalized, concerned citizens do ask: WHY THEM?  They do not ordinarily ask: Why not, instead, visible perpetrators of violence against Islam? or How come a person visibly responsible for the endless carnage in the Middle East is never picked off by a terrorist or a terrorist group?

Is it possible we don’t ask those questions because we have been indoctrinated, manipulated, brainwashed, taught to believe those questions don’t even exist, or may not be asked, or that only madmen and madwomen would ask them? When we think through the meaning of the state of mind we are in are we looking at what it is to be brainwashed ? And if we are what do we do about it?

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Jackboots In The Canadian Academy. Freedom Of Expression And Inquiry Under Threat Again. University of Lethbridge, Alberta.

                                         by Robin Mathews   December 2017

Freedom of Speech battles in universities often mirror problems in the larger community, and the one being fought at the University of Lethbridge, Alberta, is no exception.  It is conducted, on one side, by convinced believers as a response to alleged Anti-Semitic positions which have surfaced there and which, the believers think, need relentless, radical, extreme responses.  Conversely, the conflict looks, to some others, perhaps, as a program to create a huge smokescreen behind which representatives or friends or sympathizers of the State of Israel can attempt to cut off any examination of that State's activities which might bring it into disrepute.  And the quickest method is to brand any adverse references to the accounts of history held by the State of Israel as well as to any of its actions and policies as acts of Anti-Semitism.

Forces wishing to dominate and to dictate inquiry and to control freedom of expression always seek to repress certain kinds of knowledge, investigation, and expressions of opinion.

In the late 1980s I was proposed for a year's exchange with a professor in Simon Fraser University's English Department at the time dominated by U.S. immigrants holding U.S. citizenship.  They rejected my presence at SFU and were backed belligerently by SFU's Canadian president who was quoted in the Vancouver Sun saying that he wouldn't have Robin Mathews on his campus and he didn't know a university president in Canada who would!  (Amusing slander, but slander nonetheless.)

If William Saywell's comment sounds like an utterance by present University of Lethbridge president Michael Mahon it may be because both men appear to have fallen to thinking they could dispose of human persons in any way a passing whim suggested ... and to make no bones about it!

The U.S. citizen chair of the SFU English Department wrote me a letter saying that many people in the Department disliked my views on literary and cultural nationalism in Canada and did not want to give me a place at SFU to utter them. That was a ban on free (scholarly) expression. I took it to mean, also, that U.S. citizens intended to decide what Canadians could say to Canadians in British Columbia.

There was a battle.  It was long months and months. The national faculty body (the CAUT) was strong. It declared SFU in violation of academic freedom. At that point, SFU admitted it had lost.  The intensity of the battle is hard to think of now the basis of it is so apparently minor.  Reports, however, were that grown men at SFU interviewed on the matter almost burst into tears. And, indeed, passions were running so high the SFU Administration asked me if I would teach from the Centre for Canadian Studies rather than from the bent, bleeding, and discountenanced English Department.

That battle was won at SFU for freedom of expression and inquiry!  But the personal victory was muted because president Saywell and a few of his closest underlings, I believe, did everything they could in the next years to limit my effectiveness.  No surprise. The fortunes one might say of (academic) war.

At the University of Lethbridge twenty-six-year professorial veteran of Native American Studies, Liberal Arts, Globalization Studies and more Anthony Hall has responded with invention, far-reaching research, and creativity to the hugeness of the body of knowledge he has taken as his province. In two large, scholarly, and fascinating works (The American Empire and the Fourth World (2003), and Earth Into Property (2010) Hall traces the oppression and exploitation of the globe's indigenous peoples since the historic voyage to the new world of Christopher Columbus in 1492.

As a result of his wide-ranging research (and travel) Anthony Hall couldn't fail to see the power and to observe the participation of the U.S.A. in what he names imperial globalization.  Nor could he evade the intimate ties between the State of Israel and the U.S.A. Nor, of course, could he fail to see the huge influence the State of Israel has upon U.S. policy in the Middle East (a region populated with indigenous peoples, like the Palestinians).

He is, moreover, a scholar who believes genuinely that no subject worthy of study can be declared off limits whether Canadian culture and literary nationalism or the complex Holocaust in Nazi Germany operated preceding and during what we choose to call The Second World War (1939-1945). Donning the apparel of true scholars everywhere, Professor Hall accepts that there is no historical, scientific, or cultural fact however apparently sunk in concrete that cannot be revisited, re-opened, re-weighed, re-examined, reassessed.

Closer to home, professor Hall has paid attention to the rising tide of voices in the U.S.A. and Canada which claims the official account of 9/11 (of, that is to say, the destruction of the Trade Towers in New York on September 11, 2001) was, has been, and is the product of a huge Conspiracy by complex powers (involving U.S. government) producing a Conspiracy Theory created to mislead everyone and to place the blame for the event on people of Islam, especially in the Middle East … people, incidentally, who have become, it would seem, by the accident of history, enemies  - in fact  of both the U.S.A. and the State of Israel.

And so if more and more authentic voices are saying the official account of 9/11 was created by government and Secret Intelligence Conspiracy Theorists wanting to pin onto Islam the guilt of 9/11 a question forces itself forward.  If the formally accused did not, then, who did organize and carry out the destruction of the buildings of the World Trade Centre (and of the building which, a little later, simply appeared to collapse into rubble without any apparent cause)?

Also, since September 11, 2001 an increasing number of so-called terrorist events and attacks have occurred all over the Western World and have (by persistent and often careful and scholarly non government-approved examination) been called by investigators arising in the population faked events or what is called False Flags undertaken (it is alleged) to terrify innocent Western populations and to condition them to accept Islam (in a hundred different forms) as the over-arching enemy of the peace-loving and (mostly) Christian West.  In answer to the very active, very numerous, and wholly un-government on-going operations and investigations into those terrorist events, Anthony Hall has found himself a co-host of The False Flag Weekly News.

It is hugely relevant to the whole subject (and especially to Canadians) that in July, 2016, Madam Justice Catherine Bruce in the B.C. Supreme Court declared that an apparent attempted Islamic Terrorist Event at the B.C. legislature grounds on July 1, 2013, was, in fact, wholly the work of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, [a major False Flag event] entrapping socially challenged converts to Islam, counseling them, coaching them, assisting them, giving them money, and delivering them to the terrorist site and then arresting them as terrorist criminals caught in the act!  For all those who say that people questioning terrorist events are ‘conspiracy theorists making up lies the highly organized RCMP criminal action proves absolutely that at least one State Canada has engaged in a major False Flag event in order to slander Islam. It did so employing hundreds of RCMP and millions of dollars of Canadian taxpayers funds (during the Conservative government led by Stephen Harper).

Subsequently, in answer to a call for a Public Inquiry into the RCMP, (Liberal) Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, Ralph Goodale, responding for the Liberal, Justin Trudeau cabinet, expressed, in effect, approval of organized criminal activity on the part of the RCMP... what he calls in his letter the RCMP's major crime technique.  Nowhere in the letter does he refer to the request for a Public Inquiry, instead urging understanding and support for the Force he gives evidence of accepting as a criminal organization. 

If the officially declared Islamic men did not plan, organize, and carry out what we call 9/11 then who did?  All possibilities are open for consideration.  One of them is that the State of Israel was involved, wanting to influence the U.S.A. towards an aggressive policy in the Middle East.  The claim may be completely false. Naturally, the hosts running The False Flag Weekly News, Kevin Barrett and Anthony Hall, would air the possibilities (among many others) on their weekly program.  And they did and, apparently Professor Hall was not unsympathetic to the idea that the State of Israel may have had a hand in the events of 9/11.

Then, in an astonishing event on Friday, August 26, 2016 when Anthony Hall was out of Canada, someone placed a despicable, violently Anti-semitic cartoon on his Facebook Page completely unknown to Hall.  With truly remarkable speed,  organizations and individuals, some apparently supporting the State of Israel went to work as if Anthony Hall was wholly guilty of the posting on his Facebook Page. People from outside the University, a few who would normally be thought of as related to the State of Israel in one way or another, pressed upon the University Administration, the police, officers of the Alberta government and more.  (The Alberta government, it seems, has insisted upon keeping secret some of the names of those complaining.)

If one were to suggest the possibility that a carefully staged campaign was unleashed against Anthony Hall, one might not be wrong to so suggest.  The University Administration filed a complaint against Hall with Alberta Human Rights.  The complaint was rejected.  And so the University Administration filed another one.

In an action (some believe) marked by intemperance and folly without having exchanged a single word with Professor Hall, a senior academic colleague - president Michael Mahon of the University of Lethbridge ordered Hall off every University of Lethbridge campus and suspended him without pay.  He did those things while completely ignoring ALL carefully constructed processes within the university for managing complaints against professorial staff.  The processes are written into almost every university faculty/administration agreement in Canada and have been honed and improved over many decades.

Slander and libel filled the Lethbridge air to match the wholly unacceptable actions of the University of Lethbridge Administration and Board of Governors. Nonetheless, the national faculty body, the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT), and the local Faculty Association held firm the CAUT naming the University of Lethbridge in Violation of Academic Freedom, not a light designation in the university world in Canada.  In a court procedure weighing the actions, a little later, the Administration of the university won over neither the judge presiding nor the Alberta government represented at the process.

And so on November 23, 2017, the University of Lethbridge Administration reinstated Professor Hall, lifting all sanctions against him and announcing it would also withdraw its complaint against him to Alberta Human Rights.  After fifteen months of attempted Jackboot Justice, the Administration at the University of Lethbridge agreed to use the processes long set up to provide fair and impartial judgements of complaints against faculty members.  At one level the return to civility by the University of Lethbridge Administration is a victory for democratic forces in Canada. But at another level its long hold-out, a period filled with injustice to Anthony Hall as well as being filled with violent language and slander, will long remain a scandal in the Canadian Academy.

On the same day November 23, 2017 - a top B'nai Brith official declared that B'nai Brith is outraged at Professor Hall's full reinstatement which is coupled with the move to due process in the examination of complaints against him.


[Because of the almost total breakdown of press and media in Canada (including the CBC) because much of the reporting of the matter dealt with here has been reactionary, brainwash propaganda, I urge readers to post this column and to send it on to contacts, friends, and elected representatives.

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Robin Mathews: No Norway trillion$ here. HUGE debt YES for Canadians

False News.  False Newsmakers.  Untroubled Power.
                                  By Robin Mathews, November 2017

In a colonial country as wealthy in raw materials as Canada is awakening can take decades, if not centuries.  If Canada had taken control and major ownership of Canadian fossil fuels (just for instance), it might have no national or provincial debt. And, like Norway (with fewer fossil fuel resources than Canada has) it could be sporting something like Norway’s One Trillion Dollar Heritage Fund for use in (future) troubled times.  Instead, Canadian governments have HUGE debt and Canadians live in troubled times  now.

If Canada had only retained the right of the Bank of Canada to make interest-free loans to Canadian governments for infrastructure and related needs (Pierre Trudeau handed the right away in 1974 on behalf of Canadian and global private banks), then the Canadian Heritage Fund for use on a rainy day might easily be pushing far above the One Trillion Dollar mark  instead of being virtually a minus quantity as it is now .

The picture is depressing, especially since those are only two examples among a great many Canadian (colonial) failures to grasp opportunity. It is especially depressing because Canadians are brainwashed to see none of it, and they are trained to believe that (1) the Canadian wealthy and political leadership are, usually, honest; (2) that bad, bad things happen where it really matters, in the USA.  But not here; (3) that fake news and fake newsmakers are in the USA  not in Canada; (4) that the CBC, for instance, covers Canada well; (5) that bad people happen in Canada, but not often, and we  (deeply colonial in fact, and deeply a part of the worst U.S. savagery engaged in around the world - actively refusing to take over our own government for our own people) are - somehow  admirable and principled people with admirable and principled leaders.

We think all of those things because the majority of Canadian journalists and political commentators are earnest, focussed, even intense  shams. Where they are not (mostly) out-and-out liars  they are (mostly) lies.  The first group misleads on purpose.  The second is taken in and tells lies because it believes them.

What do leading Canadian political commentators have to say about all that?  Why  nothing, of course. That’s why they’re leading political commentators (Canadian-style). Take Chantal Hebert, just for instance “ all over the press and media.  And Andrew Coyne, columnist for the National Post (and elsewhere). Those two are higher profile than many others  but representative of the pack, I say.

The National Post, remember, was founded by ex-convict Conrad Black.  The paper was founded specifically to further neo-liberal (what I call neo-fascist) politics in Canada.  The National Post would have collapsed early if it had been a normal business undertaking.  It wasn’t that.  It was founded as a propaganda sheet for neo-liberal (neo-fascist) forces in Canada. For at least its first twelve years it lost money  year after year after year  and may be still doing so.  It’s kept alive as a political pamphlet masquerading as a daily newspaper.

It should have disappeared.  But someone swallows its debt and keeps it going as a major propaganda source for the likes of, say, Stephen Harper, for the likes of, say, Andrew Scheer “ for what I call fascist politics in Canada.

When Conrad Black (Lord Black of Cross Harbour) was released from U.S. prison  he had a problem.  Having renounced Canadian citizenship to become a British Lord, he didn’t belong in Canada.  But if he went home to England and tried to enter the House of Lords as a Lord himself, he would have been tossed out on his ear and sent packing. The Lords of Britain are not attracted to ex-convicts!

Since the National Post had helped prepare the victory of Stephen Harper’s neo-liberal (I say neo-fascist) Conservative government, Harper was happy to have Lord Black take up residence in Canada.  The National Post welcomed him.  The Globe and Mail positively fawned on him  as if a hero.

Remember too: the Globe and Mail, the National Post and ALL the Post Media newspapers across Canada worked for a Stephen Harper victory in the 2015 election.  Let us not fool ourselves about Canada’s Free Press.  So let us not fool ourselves, either, about Chantal Hebert, Andrew Coyne, and their kind. 

Andrew Coyne works for the National Post.  Chantal Hebert writes for other outlets. Both Hebert and Coyne have been long members of CBC’s panel on National Affairs where the absolutely key issues of Canadian life are never discussed .  Chantal Hebert is even, Canadian-style, a senior Fellow of Massey College in the University of Toronto.  When you get into the belly of the Canadian Ruling Class  it shows  and shows.  Lyin’ Brian Mulroney’s last Chief of Staff (before Mulroney went down in flames) is the present Master of Massey College, (Hugh Segal).

Hebert and Coyne (I say) are everywhere.  They do the bidding of their masters. They do not (I say) work for Canadians.  They work for their masters and live in the land of Perks Canada.  But  But, you say, they have both been energetically on the Bill Morneau-Shepell story.  They have turned over every sod. That is because in the world of Perks Canada Bill Morneau is fair game.  If the Liberals go down, the neo-liberal Conservatives with the same platform are there to take over.   The surface issues can be beaten to death by the likes of Coyne and Hebert.  But the issues beneath the surface: Don’t Touch.

How many sods have they turned over about (retiring?) RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson?  (Strangely retiring early “ at 58.) He had to be the final RCMP overseer of the completely fake evidence-gathering and preparation for the totally phoney thirty-one criminal charges laid against senator Mike Duffy, not one of which held up in an honest court!  That story should have just begun  and should be pursued and headlined every week  but Hebert and Coyne are nowhere to be seen (nor any others in their pack) on the story. And so  as planned by their masters  the outrageous, gigantic story of the false criminal charges against Mike Duffy is  disappearing.

How many sods are they turning over about what had to be Bob Paulson’s role in the GIGANTIC (run-out-of-Ottawa RCMP Headquarters) False Flag entrapment of two defenceless Canadians to fake an Islamic Terrorist Attack at the Victoria, B.C. legislature grounds on July 1, 2013?  (incidentally involving more than 200 RCMP and millions of tax-payers’ dollars). The (face-saving?) Appeal against the unequivocal erasure of ALL charges against the two entrapped Canadians by B.C Supreme Court Justice Catherine Bruce “ who laid all responsibility for the event upon the RCMP -  is to happen on January 18, 2018.  Where are Chantal Hebert and Andrew Coyne (and their journalist pack) on one of the Biggest National Terror Stories in Canada since the FLQ Crisis of 1970, involving, almost certainly, Stephen Harper and the PMO, and now the Trudeau cabinet?  Hebert and Coyne, and their pack   are  (you guessed it!) nowhere to be seen.

Sods turned over? None whatever.  Sorry.

Two entrapped, socially challenged Canadians were framed and then charged by RCMP dirty tactics, and stripped of freedom.  They were jailed  robbed of their basic rights and liberties as Canadians.  Then improperly convicted  facing more harassment until B.C. Supreme Court Justice Catherine Bruce told the real story of what has to be named highly organized RCMP crime. Why do we not hear from Andrew Coyne and Chantal Hebert who have to know that Bob Paulson had to be informed  at least, of galloping RCMP criminality?  And that Stephen Harper’s PMO almost certainly had to be neck-deep in it all  and that the cabinet of Justin Trudeau is doing absolutely nothing to assure the RCMP is brought to justice? Chantal Hebert, Andrew Coyne, and their fellow journalists are   very far away  somewhere else  chasing Bill Morneau.  (Chasing Bill Morneau is okay.)

And now Ralph Goodale, Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness in the federal government has (I insist) endorsed RCMP criminal activity an outrageous act, for which he should be forced to resign.  Where are Chantal Hebert, Andrew Coyne and their spineless, conscienceless pack?  Why  Why are they letting Ralph Goodale off without so much as a question?

All this is brutally vile.  Two innocent Canadians.  Entrapped. Charged with false charges.  Tried. Harassed. Jailed  for months.  Targeted.  Still being dragged through horror so the RCMP can fake legitimacy with a Supreme Court of B.C. Appeal.  Will it be a stacked court?   We will have to wait and see .

Where oh where  on another issue  are Chantal Hebert and Andrew Coyne and their pack  how many sods have they turned over   as Big Oil in Alberta, hand in hand with the Alberta government and the Alberta courts and the Alberta RCMP and, of course, the Alberta ˜open and free press and media’ continue their program to wreck the life of Jessica Ernst. (The only stellar exception in the Jessica Ernst story is journalist Andrew Nikiforuk who tracks the Corporate/Court Horror Story for all who care.) Ernst is trying to gain a shred of justice and meaningful regulation in the matter of public health, landscape destruction, air/water and general environmental poisoning by Encana Corporation and the rest of Big Oil in Alberta (by fracking and other means) starting with the fracking pollution and destruction of her own farmland in Rosebud, Alberta? 

Jessica Ernst is just back from appearing in England and Ireland where she is something of a hero “ for alerting the Irish to the truth about Fracking  so they could outlaw it.  She did  much to alert North America  and most certainly Alberta.  The Right in power in Alberta at the time when she began didn’t support her   at all.  Worked to obstruct her. But the NDP?  When it came to power surely all must have changed.

Sorry.  Not at all. The bold NDP took power in Alberta in 2015, and to show her courage and determination to serve the people, Rachel Notley, premier, did nothing to support Jessica Ernst.  Premier Notley, in fact, retained as Alberta Energy Regulator a man who had been president of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers and a top officer of Encana Corporation.  Ridiculous? Of course. That is the fossil fuel corporation against whom Jessica Ernst has fought, facing every dirty trick (I allege) that big power, corrupted courts, and sleazy policing   and money can use. Rachel Notley (keeping on what I call the odious regulator) was telling Big Oil in Alberta (I allege) that she is Big Oil’s Girl “ Now And Forever .

Every decent Canadian must wonder how  in addition  when a portion of the Jessica Ernst court matters got to the Supreme Court of Canada  Justice Rosalie Abella could have termed Jessica Ernst a vexatious litigant “ as insulting a phrase as almost any that a judge can speak .  Not only was Justice Abella wrong “ as other judges made clear (Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin, for instance).  But the insult was included in the written report and sent to the media.

Planned?  Paid for? A dirty set-up? An intention to slander? How can we know unless Justice Abella appears publicly to explain and apologize?  And of course she wont unless pressed to do so.  We may be sure that neither Chantal Hebert nor Andrew Coyne (nor any of what I call the ˜false newsmaking’ pack) will ask Justice Abella to explain publicly her monstrous insult. Not because they can‘t  but because they won’t  because that’s not what they are paid to do.  The sods they turn over   do nothing to ruffle the feathers of Real Power anywhere  ever .

And so false newsmaking, false posturing by news-gatherers, and avoidance (all clearly describing and supporting the deep corruption in our democracy) - all those things, I allege, are the bread and butter of Canada’s false newsmakers to assure the continuation of untroubled (corrupt) power.  But untroubled (corrupt) power in Canada means increasingly troubled times  for Canadians.

Contact: Robin Mathews


Tuesday, October 17, 2017

ICBC hoards fender bender data. Why? Why does the RCMP have to be in attendance?

ICBC refuses to meet the Metro Vancouver Mayors Council when it comes to their request to not require the attendance of  the RCMP on the Second Narrows Bridge when there are fender benders.  Acceptable reasons would be for loss of life, run-away-motor vehicles crossing over multiple lanes and/or leaping over the centre barrier into oncoming traffic.  ICBC claims that they need to document everything so that they will know how, and where, accidents are occurring on the structure.

Which is all well and good but wouldn't it be best if the data collected by ICBC was shared with the traveling public?  Forewarned is Forearmed!   An interactive map is neat but there are a few glitches in the system.

 CTV New

Mayors on the North Shore are asking for changes to the Motor Vehicle Act they say would reduce congestion by allowing minor accidents on the Lions Gate and Second Narrows bridges to be cleared faster.

“It’s a very big problem. One small accident causes chaos for hours,” said North Vancouver Mayor Darrell Mussatto. “The bridges are at capacity. Something has to be done.”

Under current regulations, only the RCMP can authorize the removal of damaged or stalled vehicles blocking a provincial highway.

 Mounties who attend the scene of an crash where damages are estimated to be more than $1,000 are required by law to conduct a time-consuming investigation and fill out a lengthy accident form—a process that can stall traffic for hours. ..... snip

ICBC crunches the RCMP fender bender details on the Second Narrows Bridge into two lump sums.

One large red dot pile for the North Shore and a matching red dot pile for South Shore ..... as if either one of the municipalities were responsible for what happens on the BC Ministry of  Highway's turf mid harbour.

What's that old saying, never the twain shall meet

 Updated: 2023-03-17

British Columbians can now access comprehensive new data, quickly and easily, as part of ICBC's commitment to increase transparency, with extensive crash and vehicle population data available on

Here's ICBC's interactive map to check out collision data.

The map works perfectly fine where municipalities are joined a the hip with land (Vancouver to Burnaby; Surrey to Langley), but when it comes to a water body like Burrard Inlet the ICBC data only shows largest number of accidents happening at just ONE location on either side Burrard Inlet's Second Narrows.   The now under construction North Shore cloverleaf at the foot of the CUT is where all the accidents are happening and on the South Shore they are directly over CNR railcars which are entering and exiting Thornton Tunnel.

With a combined total of 963 collisions at two locations it should have been a piece of cake to solve the nightmare line-ups headed over the bridge from West Vancouver and from Burnaby.

In depth searches can be accomplished within adjoining municipalities but when it comes to a mid-span crisis the public is left completely in the dark by the interactive map.

2017 data:

North Vancouver 486

Vancouver 477

North Vancouver


Back in the late sixties there used to be a motor vehicle act law that stated that no passing was permitted when approaching the crest of a hill.  Something about the motorists not being able to see over the hill and the cars suddenly hitting their brakes.

On the Second Narrows Bridge, changing lanes is permitted and not just one lane to the second but into the third lane and at the same time other motorist are doing the same thing. Crisscrossing.

If the data collected by ICBC is so important shouldn't the data be shared with the general public instead of hoarding?

Sunday, October 8, 2017

540398 Private Nelson A. Zettergreen: Can. Corps Cyclist Battn.

We've been having an inordinate amount of 'traffic' to our Blog this past week looking for Steven Spielberg.  Must have something to do with this Saturday's edition of the Vancouver Sun 'You' section on Spielberg, Examined by Hank Stuever

The 'traffic' has been to our September 2013 Post: "The Cyclist"

Vancouver Mountain View Cemetery

Google Search Criteria:  540398 Private Nelson A. Zettergreen:  Can. Corps Cyclist Battn.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

British Columbia Legislative Assembly Checklist, Daily

Have you ever wondered where, exactly, that the MSM gets their insider information?

Here's a starting point outside of politics, but well within the Legislature precinct:
Daily Checklist

2017 September

Latest Issue(s): 2017/18-2019/20 (Sep.)
ISSN: 17101956

                                                         Updated (September 2017)

Search for 'Site C'

BC Council for Families.
B.C. Games Society.
B.C. Hydro.
BC Immigrant Investment Fund Ltd.
B.C. Innovation Council.
BC Parks.
B.C. Pavilion Corporation.
BC Stats.
BC Timber Sales.
B.C. Transit.
British Columbia.
British Columbia Assessment Authority.
British Columbia. Building and Safety Standards Branch.
British Columbia Council for International Education.
British Columbia. Financial Institutions Commission.
British Columbia. Forest Practices Board.
British Columbia. Forestry Innovation Investment.
British Columbia. Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch.
British Columbia Housing Management Commission.
British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal.
British Columbia. Industry Training Authority.
British Columbia. Injury Research and Prevention Unit.
British Columbia Investment Management Corporation.
British Columbia. Islands Trust.
British Columbia. Legislative Assembly.
British Columbia. Liquor Distribution Branch.
British Columbia Lottery Corporation.
British Columbia. Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation.
British Columbia. Ministry of Advanced Education.
British Columbia. Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training.
British Columbia. Ministry of Agriculture.
British Columbia. Ministry of Attorney General.
British Columbia. Ministry of Children and Family Development.
British Columbia. Ministry of Citizens' Services.
British Columbia. Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development.
British Columbia. Ministry of Education.
British Columbia. Ministry of Energy and Mines.
British Columbia. Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources.
British Columbia. Ministry of Environment.
British Columbia. Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy.
British Columbia. Ministry of Finance.
British Columbia. Ministry of Forests and Range.
British Columbia. Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations.
British Columbia. Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development.
British Columbia. Ministry of Health.
British Columbia. Ministry of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation.
British Columbia. Ministry of International Trade.
British Columbia. Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training.
British Columbia. Ministry of Jobs, Trade and Technology.
British Columbia. Ministry of Justice.
British Columbia. Ministry of Labour.
British Columbia. Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions.
British Columbia. Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing.
British Columbia. Ministry of Natural Gas Development.
British Columbia. Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General.
British Columbia. Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction.
British Columbia. Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation.
British Columbia. Ministry of Technology, Innovation and Citizens' Services.
British Columbia. Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture.
British Columbia. Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.
British Columbia. Office of the Auditor General.
British Columbia. Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner.
British Columbia. Office of the Seniors Advocate.
British Columbia. Oil and Gas Commission.
British Columbia Pension Corporation.
British Columbia. Premier.
British Columbia. Provincial Court.
British Columbia. Representative for Children and Youth.
British Columbia Safety Authority.
British Columbia Securities Commission.
British Columbia. StudentAid BC.
British Columbia Utilities Commission.
British Columbia. Workers' Compensation Appeal Tribunal.
Columbia Basin Trust (B.C.)
Columbia Power Corporation.
Community Living British Columbia.
Destination British Columbia.
First Nations Health Authority.
First Peoples' Cultural Council.
Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program (B.C.)
Forest Enhancement Society of BC.
Forestry Innovation Investment Ltd.
Haida Gwaii Management Council.
Insurance Corporation of British Columbia.
Knowledge Network Corporation (B.C.)
Legal Services Society of British Columbia.
Motor Vehicle Sales Authority of British Columbia.
Partnerships British Columbia.
Police Records Information Management Environment Incorporated.
Provincial Infection Control Network of British Columbia.
Royal BC Museum.
South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority.
Transportation Investment Corporation.
Workers' Compensation Board of British Columbia.


Searching the Checklist for a specific topic like   'lottery'

..... results in ....

fact is, if you click on 'Search Tips' to get help, gets the same result