Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Not Two, but Three Metro Vancouver helicopters flying over Upper Levels Highway

Webtrak YVR  data is 20 minutes later to prevent the RCMP scenario of a real Korody and Nuttall from launching a rocket at YVR air traffic

Webtrak YVR  shows Christy Clark's On-Stand-By helicopter has lifted off for the North Shore for another one of those photo ooooops with the survivors.


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

CNR and Kinder Morgan: Is it permissable to ship Sulphur with Wheat with Canola with Peas with Barley and Malt

The label on the tanker rail car shows Wheat, but is it?

Sulphur is a fertilizer used to grow wheat.

Is it permissible to ship sulphur in a vessel (container) that is also used for wheat and canola, peas, barley and malt.  Colley West at Vancouver Wharves

 Is it acceptable to mix a product for consumption with a poison?

.... sulphur is always in demand. It is used for fertilizer, matches, batteries, bleach, laxatives, wine-making, shampoo and loads of other ubiquitous products.

Colley West

Friday, February 10, 2017

Alex Gervais HAD to die because he, and others, didn't fit within Premier Christy Clark's 'Families First' or 'Family Day' election agendas

BC Liberal Cabinet response to Alex Gervais plea for help


Norman Farrell:

Rule by expediency, not by principle


Laila Yuile:

Not Forgotten. How many children must die before someone takes responsibility?  


Paul Willcocks (blog: Paying Attention) 10 Feb 2017 |

 It Didn’t Have to Happen This Way: Government Still Failing Vulnerable Youth

It’s time to make the treatment of kids in care a key election issue.


Alex Gervais caregiver received $8,000 per month .... $96,000 per year and didn't visit him for ten days before the BC Liberals threw him out the window.

 Page 3 of 71

News Release from RCY

Representative for Children and Youth BC:  Broken Promises: Alex's Story
The final caregiver who was being well paid ($8,000 per month) to oversee him was absent from the hotel that Alex had reluctantly been forced to consider "home" for 49 straight days.


BC Family Day

Families First

Youth and Family Services

Ted Hughes damming report on Premier Gordon Campbell and Deputy Premier / Education Minister Christy Clark  -  Took the (budget) knife too far

"I cannot agree with the premier's earlier assessment that budget cuts did not contribute to the failure of the transition process ...," wrote Hughes. "As I have commented throughout this report, the impact of budget constraints reverberated throughout the child welfare system from 2002 until recently.

Those responsible for the transition were under pressure to meet deep spending cuts across the board and as a result, this small program [to review the children's deaths] got lost in the shuffle."

The Vancouver Sun has deleted all copies of this article but the BCTF kept a copy:

2016 "In fairness, these are complex cases and following ..."

Wednesday, February 1, 2017