Thursday, March 31, 2016

Stand in a Translink bus stop line and it's FREE; Enter a Seabus Terminal and the Compass card goes $Cha-Ching and the ride doesn't start for fifteen minutes

Translink claims that our fare is good for 90 minutes without clarifying what constitutes whether or not we are getting value for our money.

Lonsdale Quay:  Translink passengers PAY FIRST then walk 250 feet to stand in a holding pen until the Seabus arrives from Waterfront Station.  Waiting time varies from 'just missed the boat' which equates to 13 minutes, or ten, or eight, or six or four or two or if you're really lucky, ZERO minutes because the Second Seabus has just arrived.

North Shore Lonsdale Quay 250 foot walk Cha-Ching $


Waterfront Station:  Translink passengers PAY FIRST then walk 685 feet to stand in a holding pen until the Seabus arrives from Lonsdale Quay.  Waiting time varies from 'just missed the boat' which equates to 13 minutes, or ten, or eight, or six or four or two or if you're really lucky, ZERO minutes.

South Shore Waterfront Station $Cha-Ching

If you're really UN-Lucky, wait another sailing of 13 minutes because the first Seabus was full

And then of course there's the disembarking scenario, no need to wait in a holding pen queue of course, but there's still that 685 feet to walk before you have to Tap Out.

The other rip off is the ADD FARE to cross Burrard Inlet, north or south but we don't get anymore traveling time than 90 minutes from when we first boarded the system, even with an ADD FARE.  It's a levy.   Motorists travel over Burrard Inlet at the First and Second Narrows Bridges but are not required to pay that ADD FARE?  Not FAIR, right.  We, who use public transit to reduce pollution, and congestion, pay a levy.

There is another option to treat all patrons of Translink fairly. Create holding pens at every bus stop, just like Seabus stations.  Require patrons to PAY FIRST to get into the holding pens, and then run the buses late thereby creating a windfall for Translink coffers.  In essence, Translink treats Sea Bus patrons differently because they can, with a captive market.

There is a solution for Seabus patrons and it's staring the over paid Translink Executivea right in their beady little eyes.

Before entering those holding pens containing the maximum of 400 souls there are turn-stile counters that are there to satisfy Transport Canada regulations regarding sufficient numbers of life jackets in case of an emergency.

Why not put the Compass card at the turnstiles?

Why is Translink collecting our money and forcing us to walk close to 1,000 feet before we get anywhere near a line up.... for a bus that just happens to be waterborne?

And then there's the long walks from the Compass machines on the way to and from the Canada Line.  Why are we putting up with such nonsense when the Compass machines should be at the holding pens OR to be accurate, at the moment we step aboard just like buses!

Translink raves about their schedules.


Wednesday, March 30, 2016

It was wrong for Bill Vander Zalm to use his public office as Premier for financial gain, what about Christy Clark's flights + time paid by us

In regards to Premier Christy Clark and her fellow Ministers using taxpayers funds to fly them all over the province for speaking engagements to the party faithful, and others who are willing to pay thousands of dollars to bend her, and the Ministers ears, at by invitation only dinner and luncheon tables, for the purpose of building up their war chest for the 2017 Provincial Election, isn't that a breach of trust.....something like what happened with the Social Credit Party?

THAT, in or about the months of MARCH, 1990 THROUGH October, 1990, at or near the Cities of Victoria, Vancouver, and the Municipality of Richmond and elsewhere in the Province of British Columbia, being the Premier of the Province of British Columbia, did unlawfully commit a breach of trust in connection with the duties of his office by using his public office to assist or promote his personal and financial interest in the sale of the property known as Fantasy Gardens ...

As to the first element, there is no doubt that Vander Zalm held public office as premier and his oath of office filed as an exhibit is documentary proof of that fact. While there is little, if any, direct evidence of his duties in connection with his office, I have no difficulty in recognizing that the office of premier of a province entails a duty and responsibility to the citizens of that province to use that office to further the interests of the public at large to the exclusion of, as Crown counsel puts it, the influence of concealed, pecuniary self-interest. 

Premier Christy Clark:
THAT, in or about the months of MARCH, 2016 THROUGH May 2017, at or near the Cities of Victoria, Vancouver, and the Municipality of Richmond and elsewhere in the Province of British Columbia, being the Premier of the Province of British Columbia, did unlawfully commit a breach of trust in connection with the duties of her office by using her public office to assist or promote her personal and financial interest of Today's BC Liberals

Sunday, March 27, 2016

In honour of Premier Christy Clark the City of North Vancouver has renamed Mosquito Creek to 'Seven Year Itch'

Did you know that Canada has 23 Creeks named 'Mosquito', 9 in British Columbia?  (Place Names)

For more searches:  Query by  Place Names

Seven Year Itch as defined by  Wikipedia:
The seven-year itch is a psychological term that suggests that happiness in a relationship declines after around year seven of a marriage. The phrase originated as a name for irritating and contagious skin complaints of a long duration.

Premier Gordon Campbell should have adhered to the Seven Year Itch theory and left office with honour rather than waiting until he came up with the hare-brain idea of introducing the HST tax after being elected to another term with a Balanced Budget.  Finance Minister Colin Hansen didn't see it on his RADAR after the election.   Finance Deputy Minister Graham Whitmarsh's RADAR was working perfectly, overtime, to find enough cash to provide the election promise of a Balanced Budget.  The Answer:  $1.8 billion signing bonus with Stephen Harper's Conservative if British Columbia went to the HST model without telling voters.

Graham Whitmarsh!!?  The same guy was involved with the firings of the Health Researchers and dumped unceremoniously, with full pay, from any responsibilities by the newly elected Leader Christy Clark until she won her own mandate in 2013.   Then she fired him.  If she had fired him before the election then that could have been used by the oppositions to used as proof of a corrupt government.

Whitmarsh maintains to this day, vocally, that he was NOT responsible for the Health Researcher Firings, AND he will only answer, publicly, when there is an OPEN investigation without there being a muzzle on the investigator via terms of reference written by Premier Christy Clark.

Christy Clark's recently departed left hand man Dyble wrote an 'unbiased' report on their/his handling of the firings, and in the process, exonerated the Government.

Timeline of Health Researchers firings - CBC

Premier Christy Clark Barks
Chief of Staff Ken Bosenkool would have been the better person as her right hand grrrr.... man to do a review but he left earlier by having to do a soft fall on his rubber sword, and without being required to leave a trace on his Post-It-Notes of what he actually did to earn $250,000 per year.  MORE importantly, not explaining the WHY of his sudden departure.  It was all kept confidential. Hush Hush.  Christy Clark, his Employer, explained the circumstances to the Press which is the responsibility on the Government's part to protect the privacy of OIC employees.  There were TWO.  Complainant Jane D. and Respondent Ken K.   His sudden disappearance may have had more to do with the historical fallout from court proceeding regarding a previous government  .... Robin Blencoe, and of course there's ....... Brian Bonney and company, coming soon to a Court near you, Smithers????.



 Christy Clark’s Surrogates Dialing-for-Dollars…for Kim Haakstad and Brian Bonney   In case the new job figures aren’t a big enough shock for you (since Christy Clark became premier, 45,000 jobs vaporized from the private sector in BC) try this bombshell on for size… After Kim Haakstad and Brian Bonney were axed from their respective positions for playing central roles in the ‘Ethnogate’ scandal, Christy Clark […]

Author: AGT Date: Friday, May 10, 2013
Category Provincial · Tags
Christy Clark Said What About Breaking the Law??? LOL!!!     

Back to the real Mosquito Creek, the nine place names in British Columbia. ....... there are over 100 Mosquito  names in Canada, but only nine 'Creeks' in BC.

It has been suggested, within the BC Liberal Party ranks, that  there should be more geographical  places named  after their past premiers and ministers.  Ironically, two bridges that will always be toll free-enterprises is the Bill Bennett (Premier) in Kelowna and Alex Fraser (Highway Minister) in Surrey.   South of Fraser commuters can forget about regional tolls for $1 for all.  The price will be equal to current crossing tolls on the Port Mann AND the opportunity to skim some of that money off to balance the provincial budgets.


North Shore News, Letter to the Editor: 'Mosquito' an ill-chosen moniker

 For years I have often wondered why the City of North Vancouver named public parks and areas after mosquitoes – Mosquito Creek, Mosquito Creek Marina, etc. To me those names had a negative connotation and for anyone with an allergy to mosquitoes, we avoid places where they might be.

Most of us are aware mosquitoes can cause serious illness (such as malaria) and even death. The mosquito-borne Zika Virus is currently spreading explosively throughout more than two dozen countries with a number of (travel-related) cases now discovered in Canada.


Travel advisories have been posted for pregnant women travelling South due to insurance coverage.

Given the negative connotation of the name, I would like to ask: is it not time to rename the mosquito-named areas to something more appropriate? 

Keep in mind that the 'Deas Island Tunnel' is not its official.  The correct name: George Massey Tunnel.  A tunnel suggests to the mind's eye a tunnel.

On the other hand if the City of North Vancouver is serious about renaming their Mosquito Creek after Christy .... there still might be an image problem...... of a seven-year itch of a mosquito or the Zika Virus

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Barry Penner was Awesome: Take one mallet, one fish to warn other fish to stay out


BC Environment Minister Barry Penner.

45 photos of  Think Salmon

Does the BC Hydro boss still think about saving the salmon and other fish when it comes to Site C?

To drive the importance of Fish, back in 2008, there are 11 photographs of 11 different Drains with the same people in the background witnessing Penner's flattening of 11 healthy salmon AND then spray painting them yellow.

Which one of the lawn mowers does Barry Penner still use around his home?  Which ones does BC Hydro endorse........

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Barry Penner new Political Master of ICBC apt description: a 'Fast Ferry Project on Land' - 2003

Chair:  Harry Bloy




Issue No. 14

ISSN 1499-4194

          Barry. Penner: I understand your challenge of dealing with that shopping centre (Surrey Place Mall), because the whole project has been described as the fast ferry project on land. I'm not asking you to comment on that, but I realize you have a significant problem to deal with that was not your own making, that was foisted upon you by previous political masters.

           N. Geer:
We'll make the right business decision for our customers and properly manage it. It's a wonderful building. I hate to use derogatory terms, because we're attempting to lease it. When you attempt to lease it to a new customer and you use derogatory terms, it's self-defeating. I don't want to get involved in derogatory terms as we're attempting to make a good business decisionif we could, Barry. - 
Crown Corporations Page 210  near bottom  Link  UPDATED August 30, 2013  

You won't find the last link connecting because like the BC Liberals triple deleting of emails to defeat FOI requests, the BC Legislature boss Craig James or is it James Craig, the mouse that counted every letter, every space, eliminated every acronym like HST which then sent former Premier Bill Vander Zalm's forces back to the drawing board to eliminate, to rid us of another tax, not on my radar tax..... 

Today's James / Craig  has revamped every link that has ever been made in Hansard that now results in either a 404 response or a blank page.

Go figure

We included the ISSN 1499-4194 in the original post, luckily, but the final solution still ends up with 46 documents to search through for the land based    ICBC  vs Fast Ferry        comment by Penner

Third, fourth page of Hansard's 46 pages

The Straight on Penner's appointment to Chair of ICBC 2016

Google search  barry penner icbc

Sunday, March 20, 2016

BC Liberal Government: BC Hydro: Site C: Arrest of Protesters ..... and Arlo Guthrie's take

 Have you ever seen the degree to which BC Hydro documents their rights to do anything they want with thousands and thousands of pages and PHOTOGRAPHS against our Rights.

 ..... twenty seven eight-by-ten color glossy photographs with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one explaining what each one was to be used as evidence  .......

Alice's Restaurant Massacre


"Obie, I don't think I can pick up the garbage with these handcuffs on." He said, "Shut up, kid. Get in the back of the patrol car."

And that's what we did, sat in the back of the patrol car and drove to the quote Scene of the Crime unquote. 

I want tell you about the town of Stockbridge, Massachusetts, where this happened here, they got three stop
signs, two police officers, and one police car, but when we got to the Scene of the Crime there was five police officers and three police cars, being the biggest crime of the last fifty years, and everybody wanted to
get in the newspaper story about it. 

And they was using up all kinds of cop equipment that they had hanging around the police officer's station.

They was taking plaster tire tracks, foot prints, dog smelling prints, and they took twenty seven eight-by-ten color glossy photographs with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one explaining what each one was to be used as evidence against us. Took pictures of the approach, the getaway, the northwest corner, the southwest corner, and that's not to mention the aerial photography.


My Motor cycle sickle

the significance of the pickle

and more  

Friday, March 18, 2016

Claim of Christy Clark supporters of being the Longest Serving Female BC Premier: Factoids and Fraud

BC Liberal handlers of Christy Clark have chosen to ignore the status of the Territories in their boasting of longest-serving women premiers in Canada.  They have also managed to cook the books by including her two years when she was Leader of the Party, but not elected by BC Voters until 2013.

PEI claims first place in Canada.  1993 in a Provincial General Election.

Based on PEI method of counting, and applying it to Christy Clark the Photo-Op Queen, is NOT the longest serving ELECTED Premier in Canada because she didn't enter that category until she won a seat in a By-Election two months later in 2013 when her first choice of constituent in Point Grey rejected her.  Chrisy Clark had to Fly up to West Kelowna to gain a seat.

Christy hasn't even reached a Four Year term based on the 1993 win by Catherine Callbeck in PEI!

Out of Two Female Premiers in British Columbia, Christy is the winner, time wise .... with still fourteen months to go to the General election in May 2017

Page 4 out of 11

1) Rita M. Johnston is the first in the Shortest category out of Two in British Columbia but she was the First in Canada to be elected Premier, not PEI in 1993


2) Christy Clark  March 2011 voted in by BC Liberal Party membership in the absence of Gordon Campbell


CB via the WayBack Machine Female Premiers

3) ....1993, now Senator Catherine Callbeck of P.E.I., became the first woman elected premier in Canada's history.


4) Kathy Dunderdale is the first elected female provincial premier in Canada since 1993   Newfoundland and Labrador  2011


5) Alison Redford October 2011 first Conservative leader not to be elected in Alberta in 40 years

6)  Pauline Marois


7)  Kathleen Wynne


8)  Rachel Notley

Wikepedia for all

BC Liberal Party rehires Laura Miller for one reason: reported record of wiping hard drives

Its an asset, much like the one that was implemented when the BC Liberals thought they were going to lose in 2005, mid BC Rail crisis.  The powers to be decided to delete every file in the Government's control .... and then when they won .... they couldn't provide the files, the documents, the emails to those seeking further information by way of Freedom of Information requests.

Laura Miller is back!!!

With the keys to the offices firmly in the hands of a Party flunky, will there be a repeat of Ontario wipe-out of hard drives, not the simple cherry picking of the BC Liberals selective triple deleting?

CBC backgrounder

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Kyle Survoy videographer "right amount of Crazy I needed" November 2, 2015 Beijing; Paris December 3, 2015

right amount of Crazy I needed

Visual Communications Officer, Vancouver  BC Government Directory

#bctm15 B.C.China

Trade Mission China BC Government Press Release

Show 4 Movie Media Assets

Bob Mackin - Tyee    Air Christy Climbs to Half Million Dollar Mark
Clark flies most frequently with three or four of her aides, such as assistant Andrew Ives, press secretary Sam Oliphant and videographer Kyle Surovy, plus an RCMP bodyguard, whose name is censored. All but two of the 17 Kelowna charter trips disclosed on documents between October 2013 and November 2015 have returned to Vancouver on the same day.

From a different perspective, TFN PR thing:


Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Light Plane Noise is in Real Time: YVR Webtrak twenty minutes later

The daily light plane visitor, heading for home, from ... Whistler .... travels over our homes every afternoon at 4:20.   He is one noisy son of a ......

There is no North shore noise monitor device provided by YVR that would permit a Noise complaints to be registered with them over the commercial / light plane flights path .... but if you're the least bit interested in flights over YOUR home and there is a Noise detector nearby, check out  this software provided by YVR:

Image UPDATED: 2018-06-16   includes a box with details of each plane: flight path tracking and complaints to be made

It has historical capabilities   Not real time because of the terrorists in our midst

Will Transport Canada deem that those pesky drones that have invaded our privacy, will they soon be tracked in REAL TIME?

Remember when that plane crashed just short of the runway at YVR ..... in 2011

VANCOUVER -- A Kelowna-bound twin-engined airplane operated by Prince George-based Northern Thunderbird Air crashed late Thursday afternoon just shy of the east end of the south runway at Vancouver International Airport.

Premier Christy Clark landed at her heliport on the shores of Burrard Inlet at precisely ..... , then whisked up the elevator to her Office for Tea with her staff.   More flight time paid for by the public.

Pattullo: Made in BC: Mooo-ve over Heritage Barns of Canada. Make room for Houses too

Buttercup's Lovely Day
By Carolyn Beck and Illustrated by Andrea Beck
I love the barn.  Three-tall walls. 
       Cow-filled stalls. The snorty snuff of hay and dung.
Pails all stacked, harness hung. 
       Sweet warm glows from high-slung lamps.
Bells and lows.  Stomps and stamps.  
       Bull in his pen butting his gate.  A horse, a hen, a cat on a crate.

Green Lake Road, Okanagan
The peak of the roof hay loft doors slide down and sideways!!!!!

BC 'Father' of marketing Barns:

A British Columbia "General Purpose Barn" How To Build 28' X 36' with a lean-to 14' wide

28' X 36'  ...about the size of Vancouver's East Side houses, without the lean-to, with eavestroughs touching, no surrounding drain tiles

The barn-like roof feature is still visible around the city, quick to construct the walls and roof in one day, and lasting 100 years and still going strong in the City of North Vancouver.

The barn was all about knock down Pre-Fab; the forerunner to IKEA marketing of North America's agriculture belt.

An 'Ikea' pre-cut package from Pattullo Page 17

City of North Vancouver Heritage 2013 Registry

Workers, families, fresh off of the Canadian Prairies after having been driven, escaping, from the madness of Europe's World War One.  The Pandemic, that's how my mother's mother, with three children under the age of 12, arrived in Vancouver without a husband....... without a Father,..... without a Grandfather to be.


Barns, all sorts of barn drawings for cattle, horses, Smoke houses and instructions on how to build, manufacture

Items 11 to 18 out of 18 titles


Manufactured Lumber NOT Raw Log Exports

Monday, March 14, 2016

Elections BC ENDORSES worthy Candidates: A breath of Fresh Air just like BlueShore Financial

If you don't have shares in the North Shore Credit Union, now known as Blue Shore Financial, then this might not be of interest to you, but if you'd like to see something like this election practice at other levels of governing, eg. School Board, Park Board, Municipal, Provincial and Federal elections where they do have an overseeing entities to ensure fair play on spending amounts, never a sign of bias .... like a candidate showing up with 72  brown bag lunches for Party Scrutineers..... except for a Premier visitor, photo op Christy... and WHO told the Press.... to be at the .... public School ....

No Candidate within 100 METRES of a Voting Booth Christy     not even a 100 FEET

The Public would be best served by having a BlueShore Financial Election Committee that would almost guarantee that there are no skeletons in the closet .... like comments on Facebook or a blog ... that might have a devastating consequences for the party because of their lax screening programs.

Blue Shore Financial Election Committee takes the time to ENDORSE candidates over others.  In their mailed out pitch to member/voter in a six page brochure the Committee makes sure that the ones they are backing are highlighted in CAPITAL letters and if you're in doubt as to why three out of four have the word ENDORSE against their names the reader has to back track to the previous page for the explanation.

It may take two or more readings to discover the difference between ENDORSE and  ________.  Hint look for lower case      endorse    

 On-line rendition doesn't have a glitzy brochure such as the home delivered hard copy
After careful consideration and review, the Committee (Elections BC) identified three candidate best able to meet the competencies required. The Committee (Elections BC) decided to endorse three candidates for elections to the Board of Directors in 2016. Two of these candidates are the Directors with expiring terms whose contributions, engagement and expertise have been clearly demonstrated. With the exception of one individual, the remaining nominees chose not to stand for election. The Committee (Elections BC) thanks all nominees for their interest in the governance of the Credit Union and in serving on the BlueShore Financial Board. 

In Electionese Alphabetical order .... sort of A, B, M, W    facing pages 1 A, B  to  2 M, W

Allan Achtemichuk - ENDORSED 

Jim Boyd

Left Page 1
Julie McGill - ENDORSED

Victoria Withers - ENDORSED

Right Page 2

 If only Elections BC and Elections Canada took the trouble to ENDORSE one candidate over others in the same riding it would make the choice for provincial and federal Voters so much easier.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

In two years: Minister Margaret MacDiarmid fired the Health Researchers AND placed BC 1st in the Stratford Institute's single publication category of 'eGovernment'

Oh the heady days of the 2013 election promises of Open Data, and Minimum wage second-highest, are coming back into the limelight as more FOIs are filed, and published.  

BC Liberal Government's Own the Soapbox Podium was THE recipient for:
eGovernment   should have been DeleteGovernment award

The Way Back Machine provides a cache version of the BC Liberals "Change that Works For You".

As a government, we want to hear from the people we serve. We do not have all the answers, nor do we pretend to.

We have been listening to the concerns of British Columbians and delivering – be it on a provincial level, working in conjunction with local partners, or just improving online services and access to information.

More information is now available on DataBC, with more uploaded weekly. DataBC is your place to find data, services, applications and the tools you need to help you make informed decisions, develop ideas to improve government policies. 

 RossK's take on CC: Beady Eyes Boast of:    "increased the minimum wage, meaning B.C. now has Canada's second-highest minimum wage"

Open Data Promises Deleted??

These efforts are paying off – B.C. was ranked number one in Canada for eGovernment by the Stratford Institute, and we’ve earned the silver medal in open government at this year’s 2011 Institute of Public Administration  / Deloitte Public Sector Leadership Awards.

While we’ve accomplished a great deal, our government knows more work must be done – and we will continue the work to enhance open government.

If you have an idea about improving open government, we want to hear it! Please let us know how government can serve you by contacting us.

VICTORIA - Minister of Labour, Citizens' Services and Open Government Margaret MacDiarmid congratulated B.C.'s Open Government team today for achieving the number-one ranking in Canada for eGovernment, in a new study released yesterday by the Stratford Institute.

The Province's top overall ranking is the result of the Stratford Institute's first-ever national evaluation of government's online presence. The criteria evaluated included customer service in online services, information-sharing and online-engagement efforts. B.C. earned high marks across all categories to secure the overall number-one ranking.

The institute's study specifically commended the Province's work in the field of Open Government, noting, "British Columbia is leading the way on an Open Government initiative seeking to follow national governments in opening government data bases for new public uses."

This ranking by the Stratford Institute follows on the heels of B.C. earning a silver medal for Open Government from IPAC, The Institute of Public Administration of Canada.

Stratford Institute
B.C.'s overall first place ranking comes as a result of its dedicated customer-centric approach in providing online services, sharing online information, and encouraging online engagement. Of special note is the province's proactive attitude towards Open Government policies. Having launched an Open Data and Open Information site, citizens have the ability to access government data and freedom of information requests. In addition to increasing online accountability, BC has taken steps to facilitate convenient content acquisition through mobile-accessible information.

Stratford Institute????????????? Started by the BC Liberals

BC Forfeiture Fund collects $30 Billion from OIC apppointees Deleting FOI emails: eg Gretes $5,000 for each offense

By their own hands the BC Liberal Government since 2001; since Ken Dobell; has trashed million upon millions of triple deleted emails that should have been left in place so that the greater community could gain access to them by way of Freedom of Information (FOI) requests.  The constant reply from the government is that no emails or other documents can be found, which may be truthful, but the means of how they were intentionally not saved, destroyed, boggles the mind.   

In the current case of triple deleter George Gretes, when the Court Room dust has settled, the personal financial penalty will be $5,000 out of his own pocket; reputation tarnished and ...... there might, or might not, be a repeat of the $6 million buyout of Dave Basi and Bobby Virk to change their pleas from Innocent to Guilty to help with their costs of having lawyers.

BC Rail Trail: Who would be hurt, financially the most if Virk and Basi had not changed their plea?  The government had already strung the trial out to the point it should have been called a Missed Trial long before October 2010 when former Finance Minister Gary Collins was about to take the Stand.  It was obvious from Mr. Brown, former Chief of Staff to Premier Gordon Campbell with his testimony that he had no memory of ANYTHING, which means, of course, that that is why documentation, emails, fax, telegrams, are so important then, and especially today.   Nothing Learned; Nothing Gained.

The BC Liberals are not bloody likely to go down that same path of spending $6 million deal again with George Gretes but there is another option that was created AFTER the Basi Virk buyout was used:
 British Columbia is one of two provinces that pioneered the use of civil forfeiture in Canada to deter unlawful activity by taking away instruments and proceeds of it. Today, seven provinces have civil forfeiture programs. 
If the deleting of just one email has a penalty of $5,000use the civil forfeiture act to go after everyone else since 2001, right back to Mr. Ken Dobell with all costs borne by the perps?

"George, you do realize that every time you hit the Delete Key its one more strike against you for a Penalty fine of $5,000?  You do realize that?   You were deleting  files on your first day that that 'Minister' hired you for Finance.   Were you so effective there that other Cabinet Ministers decided that they could use your talent too?"

British Columbia Government GCPE videographer

Gretes was suspended with pay last May and Transportation Minister Todd Stone said his resignation was accepted when the privacy commissioner's report was released in October.

He is scheduled to appear in provincial court in Victoria on April 20. If the case proceeds to trial, it will be heard by a judge alone.

The penalty for the charge is a fine of up to $5,000.  -  HuffingtonPost

Gretes is just the tip of the iceberg of Penalties that could be collected from individuals.  Six million dollars easily, maybe even Billions of dollars.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Back in 2013 Christy Clark started selling off our assets to balance her budget. How many properties have ended up, Wink, Wink, in foreigners hands?

Post from   October 17, 2013

In Concert and Jawl Development - Times Colonist

British Columbia Government properties, owned outright, are possibly on the chopping/shopping block just like the one reported in the news this morning.

VICTORIA — The province has put almost an entire block in James Bay, across the street from the legislature, on the market.

It said the goal of the sale is to raise money to help balance B.C.’s budget and to have the private sector build a mixed-use project on the land, in the 500 blocks of Superior and Michigan streets.

No price has been set, said Jamie Edwardson, a Finance Ministry spokesman. “The final price will be subject to the market.”  - Vancouver Sun  - Province puts entire block in Victoria up for sale

Vancouver Sun link is here at the WayBack Machine

Metro Vancouver  2014 Owned lots being sold off, including high priced Victoria

26 in Vancouver
3 in Surrey
2 in Coquitlam
3 in New Westminster
21 in Maple Ridge
95 in Coquitlam
5 in Burnaby

32 properties in Victoria

190 properties   being sold off to Balance BC Budget

709   Long Term Leases are being auctioned off as well

Friday, March 11, 2016

TransLink exact Cash only? Why not prorate the travelling time longer?

When I was younger it was easy to find the exact change in my pocket, but now???? as a Senior, poor eyesight, arthritis wracks the body, ....... one zone, Concession fare, is $1.75 for 90 minutes.

I take longer to walk, and browse, between shopping spots, longer than the allotted 90 minutes.  So why is it that the Translink Machines onboard the bus still requires the EXACT amount?   The driver has to input Concession; and Zone; machine stamps the ticket with 90 minutes.  Why not just state 'Senior'; drop the cash in, time allocated on value for money? ... rather than having to pay another $1.75 for a full fare?

One Loonie and three quarters... fumble, fumble.  or   Seven Quarters.....   or  dimes and quarters..... or

I could use One Twoonie in lieu of $1.75  and currently Translink pockets the quarter without providing a benefit.  Twenty-five cents doesn't seem like much, but adding them together, Translink is the one getting the free ride.

Single Cash Fares for Seniors
Twenty-Five cents for me provides an extra 12 minutes of time.

Declaration upon boarding the bus:  'One Zone; Senior; all I have are Twoonies Sir'

'Old timer, its still only 90 minutes.  You're not a still practicing lawyer by chance, charging by the Minute, like Finance Minister Mike de Jong, are you?

1987 West Coast Shipbuilding Contracts: Awarded $700 million Polar 8 Icebreaker; Quebec $1 billion to build icebergs

Somewhere around this house, along with the BC Government BCRIC shares there is a vintage Federal 1987 Polar 8 Tie Clip .....

Canada's Shipbuilding history repeats itself on the North Shore.

Seaspan's shipbuilding contract is now at the double jeopardy phase after the announcement of an unsolicited bid from Quebec's Davie (again, more voters).
An unsolicited bid — potentially worth up to $1 billion — to provide icebreakers and multi-purpose ships for the coast guard was submitted to the Trudeau government late last month, The Canadian Press has learned.
The proposal by Quebec-based Chantier Davie Canada Inc. has the potential to undercut one pillar of the national shipbuilding strategy, which delegates the construction of civilian ships to Vancouver's Seaspan shipyard.  CBC

The North Shore News prophetic headline for late 1987:   
Versatile Pacific awarded $700 million contract;  Quebec shipyard awarded $1 Billion contract for icebergs

CCGS Polar Class 8 Icebreaker  
 As the project progressed and the costs rose, the government's commitment to the project weakened. On 20 February 1990 the Minister of Finance Michael Wilson announced its cancellation. The Canadian government's cancellation of the Polar 8 icebreaker project was a severe blow to British Columbia's shipbuilding industry. "The cancellation of Polar 8 means B.C. probably suffers a $450 million economic development program loss," said Finance Minister Mel Couvelier. The project to build the world's biggest icebreaker was canceled despite three years of government promises that it would be built in British Columbia. Cancellation meant the loss of 1,000 promised shipyard jobs in North Vancouver and Victoria over a four-year construction period - and millions of dollars worth of contracts to marine-related industries. Versatile Pacific Shipyards Inc. spokesmen said Canadian content in the half-billion dollar ship would have been 75 percent, mostly from British Columbia contractors. It has already cost $7.5 million to design.


The massive 1989 federal budget cuts saw funding for the Polar 8 Project reduced and eventually it was cancelled in 1990, only two months before construction was scheduled to begin. The ship was to have been built at Versatile Pacific Shipyards in British Columbia at a cost of $700 million CAD. Versatile's delays in construction start up were cited as a contributing factor, while political shifts in Eastern Europe to detente and Canada to continentalism diminished the needs for the defense and sovereignty protection an icebreaker would provide. A perceived problem of overcapacity in Canadian shipyards also diminished the government's interest in providing support. The loss of the contract was the last rivet in the coffin for Versatile Pacific Shipyard, which closed in 1992.


Wednesday, March 9, 2016

If an American 'foreigner' purchased the BC NDP headquarters would the BC Liberals be quite as vocal?

We can't quite see how the sale of a political party headquarters should be so important now, even if its the Opposition .. BC NDP Party.  Do those who sit as Independents in the BC Legislature own property to house their Party colours?

More importantly has the BC Liberal Party EVER shown good faith in British Columbia by owning headquarter property in British Columbia, on a street that doesn't require an elevator, nor security guards to keep the Constituents at bay?  The BC Liberals have just been kicking around from one location to another, one PO Box after another.  

The Premier doesn't even have property in her home riding, what kind of faith is that?

Vancouver Sun delivered to the door ... morning ... edition .....Front Page!!!!

From a Different Angle, same photographer, edited factually for clarification .... important FACTOIDS 


VICTORIA — The B.C. NDP’s former headquarters in Burnaby was sold to a local hotel owner of Taiwanese descent.

The owner of the Best Western PLUS Inn on Kingsway, who declined to be identified by name, confirmed Wednesday he purchased the NDP property under his wife’s name.

He said he is a Canadian citizen, having emigrated from Taiwan in 1995. The purchase was for $2.15 million in 2015.

“The NDP sold the party headquarters to the hotel owner next door, a local business owner of Taiwanese descent,” said NDP MLA David Eby at the legislature on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, party president Craig Keating said NDP officials were unaware to whom they sold their party headquarters last year.

Property records show it was sold to Utmost Enterprises Ltd., which was created two months prior and which has a registered address of a Richmond tax firm that specializes in non-resident taxation matters. The mortgage on the land title is registered to a Taiwanese-based bank.

The provincial NDP has been sharply critical of the Liberal government for failing to act on the rising cost of home ownership, which some believe is due to foreign investment, as well as failing to close a loophole in the property transfer tax that has allowed wealthy foreign buyers to scoop up commercial properties in the Lower Mainland without paying proper taxes.

Finance Minister Mike de Jong mocked Eby in the legislature Wednesday for “at the same time that he and his colleagues have been decrying the entry of foreign investors into our market, the party coffers of the NDP seem to be benefiting quite nicely from some of those investments.”

As an aside, with the Loonie sitting at half the US Dollar, would our neighbours, the Americans, foreigners too?

Premier Christy Clark is often misquoting the Late Former British Columbia Premier Bill Bennett.  How about this one: 
My government will recommend that this Legislature give its unanimous support to a resolution asking the federal government to confirm that the ownership and control of all renewable and non-renewable natural resources in British Columbia remain in the hands of those who can best manage them -- the people who live in the Province of British Columbia.

China, Foreign Ownership & B.C. Resources
Don Whitely  July 1, 2011

Former B.C. Premier Bill Bennett said in 1979 that B.C. was not for sale. He made that famous declaration in reaction to news that Canadian Pacific Investments Ltd., the Montreal-based subsidiary of the railway company, was seeking to increase its already large ownership position to a controlling interest in MacMillan Bloedel Ltd., the province’s number one forest products company.

That was too much for Bennett. At the time, CP was already a major player in the province and gaining control of MacMillan Bloedel would make it by far the biggest, with headquarters in Central Canada. Bennett vetoed the deal using the provisions of the B.C. Forest Act, which required government approval for any transfer of forest leases from one corporation to another.

“We’re clarifying government policy in declaring there is a point at which a company can be too large in a certain area,” Bennett told the legislature on June 25, 1979. “That’s the policy of this party and this government . . . that is public policy from the premier of the province of British Columbia.”

 The Tyee:

A Province for Sale?

......... Twenty-five years after B.C.'s then premier announced the province was not for sale, the current government not only encourages sales of Crown corporation assets, it seeks advice from foreign corporations and is willing to award major contracts to non-Canadian businesses. Snip    By Claudia Cornwall, 14 Jan 2005

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

BC Red Tape will now be used to open Site C, some day. Coralee Oakes Red Tape Cuttings on the Press Floor

Must be tough to do an Opinion piece in the Vancouver Sun if the only requirement is to be part of the process of reaching out to the BC Liberal Government, offer a comment, to then do a Copy Paste from a BC Liberal press release  dated March 2, 2016 that has your name on it to then do an independent analysis Opinion piece in the Vancouver Sun on March 8, 2016 on page C2.

Less Red Tape all around.

The Report from the Minister is more telling.  Not one person's name is released in it but the Press Release does name names and Jones too. (with or without her permission?)

Why not go the extra mile and just sign off as:

Media Relations
Ministry of Small Business and Red Tape
Reduction and Responsible for the Liquor
Distribution Branch

Can you just imagine if the Public were to find out that the Press Gallery in Victoria and Vancouver were regular participants in massaging the message eg.  Oakes Red Tape Day?.

Why not do an 'Andrew Coyne declaration of knowing Nigel Wright' before the Duffy Affair, ..... why is the VP of CFIM being directly involved in the process of cutting one piece of red tape with a quote.

Page 2 of 9

Vancouver Sun:  Editorial:
Plenty to celebrate when it comes to less red tape:
Laura Jones:
Executive Vice-President of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business.

She can be reached