Sunday, April 30, 2017

Christy Clark's memory corrupted #IAmLinda within minutes. Could her memory be flawed other times?

How is it that Premier Christy Clark can remember exact details of what took place 38 years ago as a 13 year old child but within minutes of talking to a voter yesterday its a complete blank, and then makes up her version of what was said.

The conversation WAS recorded.

Mike Smyth
Clark told reporters: “She said she didn’t vote for me last time, she’s never voted B.C. Liberal and she never will and she’s not going to vote for me again. Perfect. That’s her right,” Clark said.

“I said no such thing to her,” Higgins told me. “I didn’t say anything remotely like that. It was all on tape. I don’t know where she got that from or why she would say that about me.”

Naomi Yamamoto, as a WITNESS, heard ..... what
Does Naomi Yamamoto agree with her Leader's claims was said or did she hear what Linda said, conceivably a constituent?  The meeting was recorded.

Recalling an earlier incident
38 years ago ...... an assault took place  Section 265 Criminal Code of Canada

"Luckily, it didn't last long. When he pulled me down the little slope, it must have shifted him off balance. He loosened his grip for a moment, giving me a chance to wriggle away, clamber a few feet forward, and get out of the bush.

"Once I got out into the sunlight, I ran like the wind. When I got to my restaurant job, overflowing with relief that I was safe, I stopped outside to catch my breath. Then I went in, put on my apron, and got to work.

Last week's radio debate:

Clark seemed a bit baffled that Horgan was bothered by her touching his arm.

“We’re colleagues in the legislature,” says Clark. “We talk outside the legislature. Sometimes people touch each other. For me, this debate was a chance for us to talk about our plans, which I certainly tried to do. I don’t think I would have been offended by [someone touching me during the debate]. I mean it’s something that colleagues sometimes do I guess. I certainly didn’t intend to offend him.”
Offend John Horgan?

Its more serious than that Premier.  Its bullying and its an assault covered by

 .... Section 265 Criminal Code of Canada

And what did the goons at BC Liberal headquarters respond with?  #CalmDownJohn

This won't happen:   #CalmDownChristy

Friday, April 28, 2017

Novel idea while waiting for BC Election results? Ellery Sedgwick's Foreword: Nordhoff and Hall's "Mutiny on the Bounty"

Mutiny on the Bounty, Nordhoff and Hall

They began it as buddies.  Nordhoff was a graduate of the Ambulance Service.  Norman Hall was a veteran of Kitchener's Army.  Just by chance he was in London during the first August days of 1914, and when the mob which went swirling round Nelson's Column to the tilt of "Good-bye, Leicester Square" was hammered into the kernel of an army, he was part of it.  Honorably discharged, he re-enlisted, this time in the French aviation service, and found the berth he had been fashioned for in the Escadrille Lafayette.  Flying was the thing for Charles Nordhoff, too, and when he joined the squadron two contributors to the Atlantic Monthly met each other for the first time, and interchanged compliments gracefully given and received.  This chance friendship, springing from a common love for letters, was riveted by the comradeship of high adventure.  Each found in the other a man whose silence and whose speech delighted and refreshed him.   From that day to this, they have shared a common destiny as brothers.

Captain Hall and Lieutenant Nordhoff both distinguished themselves.  Were I to lay stress on their military records, I should outrage the modesty of both, but somewhere in Nordhoff's trunk under a pile of dungarees you will find a croix de guerre with star, and a citation which his children will preserve.  As for Hall, I will gratify him by passing over the words that P`etain wrote, but of the dead it is seemly to speak with the living praise, and I am justified in recording that during one of his temporary deaths Hall was thus praised in public by the General of the VIIIth Army:

Brilliant pilot de chasse, modèle de courage et d'entrain qui a abattu recemment un avion ennemi, a troud une mort glorieuse dans un combat contre quatre monoplanes, dont un a `ete` descendu en flammes.  Translated

It is pleasant to remember that the writer of this sketch, mourning the same heroic death, was busily occupied in writing a memoir of the sort that might be well worth dying for, when he was interrupted by a cheerful letter from his resurrected hero, who, it seemed, just made his breakaway from a German camp.

When both men mustered from the service I saw them again on a memorable occasion.  Each wrote to me without the other's knowledge, asking for advice.  Both had lived with intensity lives high above the conflict, and to both the stridency and (as they felt) the vulgarity of post-war civilization was past endurance.  Each had ambitions, talents, and memories of great price.  To transmute these intangibles into three meals per diem was the prosaic problem put up to me.  How well I remember the day they came to Boston.  Reticent and illusive, there was something in each of them that in its pure essence I have not known elsewhere.  Conrad called it Romance.  When Romance and Chivalry come to refresh my cumbered mind, I see those two young men jsut as I saw them then.

We talked and we talked, and then we adjourned for counsel to a little Italian restaurant.  Those were the days when vino rosso was a legitimate dressing for a salad  to be eaten with an omelette. We ate, drank, and speculated of those places in the world where the dollar or its equivalent is not the sole essential medium of exchange.  I called for geography.  We opened it a Mercator's projection, and hardly were the pages pinned down by twin cruets of oil and vinegar, when both the adventurers with a single swoop pointed to the route which Stevenson had taken.  I called up Cook for information on prices, and while my companions chatted of palm trees and hibiscus - Loti season with Conrad - I did several sums in addition and multiplication.

We planned with the resolution of genius.  Then and there Hall and Nordhoff drew up the rough outline of a miraculous work on the South Seas, and when a day or two later the silent partner took it with him to New York, all the spices of the East were in the chapter headings.  One publisher was pitted against another.  For once in his life the salesman was a credit to his profession, and when he returned, the the respectable firm of Hall and Nordhoff was incorporated with a capital of $7,000 - $1,000 paid in. After all, there more to literature than pretty words and an agile pen.

Historically, the first work of the firm was the official history of the Lafayette Flying Corps.  Then came, I believe, the work of the the South Seas which as I have said, I had the honor to sell.  Nordhoff wrote by himself a capital boy's story, "The Pearl Lagoon", based on his own early life in Lower California.   Hall meantime turned out some admirably individual essays, stories, and poems, but the firm added enormously to its reputation when the story of the Escadrille was brilliantly retold as fiction under the title, "Falcons of France."   Of all aerial narratives, this, in my judgement, takes the first place both in its thrilling, realism and in that delicate understanding of the co-ordination of mind, body, and spirit which is at once a flyer's inheritance and his salvation.

A play followed - "The Empty Chair" - accepted for production on the screen.  Of this I know only at secondhand, and will not speak, though I cannot but remark how strange is that conjunction of the planets under whose influence Hall and Nordhoff are reborn in Hollywood.

Now comes the firm's latest and best bid for fame and fortune.  Reader, have you ever heard of the strange history of His Majesty's Ship Bounty?  If ever the sea cast up a saltier story, I should like to know it.  A chronicle of its events, clumsy enough in the telling, appeared - Lord, how long since:  "The Pitcairn Islanders," I think was the name of this particular volume.  Anyway, it was bound in green and stamped in gold, and for all its heavy-footed style, a boy curled up on a sofa fifty years ago wore the pages through.  There was mutiny on the good ship, as the world remembers. Lieutenant Bligh, the Commander, was lowered into his longboat to drift, God know where, and the mutineers cracked on sail for Tahiti and Fate.  At any rate, that story is the primeval stuff Romance is made of, and if Captain Hall and Lieutenant Nordhoff are not the men to write it, then, thought I, Providence has been clean wrong in all the games she has played on them from the very beginning.  I broached the idea to Hall, or perhaps he mentioned it first to me.  Anyway we both knew this was not a chance to be missed, though one thing we were certain of - that a story so perfect must be told with perfect accuracy.  A whole literature has been burgeoning about it for a century, and if the ultimate account is to go into a novel, nothing of the truth must be sacrificed.  For Romance is not capricious, it is an attitude of Fate, and Fate, my friends, is greatly to be respected.  So on a visit to London in the Spring of 1931 I sought the assistance of Dr. Leslie Hotson, who knows the British Museum as if it were the lining of his trousers pocket.  We hit on the perfect record worker, and in due time this lady and I laid hands on every scrap of the reports of the court-martial of the mutineers, hand written in beautiful copper plate.  We assaulted the Admiralty, to which our bountiful thanks are due, for within its sacred precincts Commander E. C. Tufnell of His Majesty's Navy made copies of the deck and rigging plans of the Bounty, and in his goodness even made an admirably detailed model of the ship.  Meanwhile, booksellers, the moldier the better, were put on the trail for volumes of the British Navy of the period.  Engravers' collections were searched for illustrations of Captain Bligh and the rascals he set sail with.  Item by item, a library unique in the annals of collecting was built, boxed and shipped to Tahiti.  The firm of Hall and Nordhoff hired by way of inspiration the first room that ever they lived in on the Islands.   They pinned maps to the walls, stuck up deck and rigging plans, propped photographs of the model on the table in front of them, and, wonder of wonders, in spite of the fascination of their collection, in the face of the perfume blowing in at their windows, in defiance of the Heaven that Idleness is in the tropics, they fell to work!

Here is the book they have written.  Read it, and you, too, will know that Romance has come into her own.

Ellery Sedgwick
Atlantic office, September 1st, 1932


Old Friends who sail the seas the Bounty sailed

Copyright, 1932
By Little, Brown and Company
Copyright renewed 1960
All Rights Reserved

Fleeing Fletcher

Bligh's Freedom

 PS  The book is far better than movies

Friday, April 21, 2017

The Breaker News: Christy Flippin' Clark and her necklace

The News1130 Thursday debate was supposed to be presented without banners for the provincial parties.  No RAH, RAH distractions in the background but the News1130 forgot about foreground symbolism.

Christy Clark broke those rules of engagement and wore her BC Liberal Party emblem necklace.

  a gold outlined map of British Columbia that bounced around

and around


Bob Mackin: Debate #1: Next time, rent podiums, a stopwatch and a buzzer

Her Binder Full of Talking Points
The biggest distraction? The most-seasoned political veteran actually looked like the least-prepared. Clark came with a thick binder full of talking points that she flipped through and the microphone caught every fwip-fwip-fwip of her pages. The former talkshow host should’ve known better, and so should her cadre of handlers. The sound of russling papers was distracting for the viewer and probably for the other leaders.
By contrast, Weaver had a notebook and Horgan a very small stack of papers. Clark is a career politician who should really know her files better.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

North Vancouver RCMP: Where-did-this-money-come-from? BC Liberal secret donors?

Google Search Criteria:

RCMP’s Sensitive Investigations Unit, part of force’s Federal Serious and Organized Crime division

Metro News
.... a “huge loophole” in British Columbia’s election laws may have allowed corporations and unions in B.C. to keep their hefty donations out of the public eye — at least until long after the May 9 election is over.

According to a government transparency watchdog, B.C. voters should ask every would-be MLA one question at campaign stops and all-candidate forums: “Will you disclose your donors before election day,” suggested Duff Conacher, co-founder of Democracy Watch. “Then watch them all squirm.”

The reason for the question, he said, is that under B.C.’s already lax donations rules — which permit unlimited donations, donors outside Canada, and $3,000 in anonymous gifts per candidate — individual candidates don’t have to reveal who gave them money until three months after every election.  ....

Where did this money come from?

North Vancouver
2017-04-19 15:35 PDT
File # 2017-8001 

That is what the North Vancouver RCMP is asking after they seized a significant amount of cash and rare coins from a male with no fixed address. The monies were discovered on April 06, 2017 at approximately 11:00 pm in the Lower Lonsdale area of North Vancouver after the North Vancouver RCMP Strike Force had observed a male acting suspiciously. The male was arrested for ‘Trespassing at Night’.

Subsequent to the arrest police seized from this 21 year-old male a large amount of cash along with a valuable coin collection of international origins. The male also had in his possession a pair of bolt/lock cutters. When questioned by police the suspect could not provide a lawful explanation of how and where he came to be in possession of the large amount of money.

Investigators are certain that the monies are stolen, perhaps from a break and enter of a residence or business, said Cpl Richard De Jong of the North Vancouver RCMP. Residents, not only of the North Shore, are encouraged to check the places they may hide their valuables to see if they are still there!

If these monies are your property and you can provide accurate and specific details of the total amount the police would be pleased to return them to you. Please quote file number 2017-8001. The North Vancouver RCMP can be contacted at 604-985-1311. By identifying the rightful owner of the money it will assist the police in charging the suspect criminally with ‘Possession of Stolen Property’.

Released by
Cpl. Richard De Jong
Media Relations
North Vancouver RCMP
147 East 14 St, North Vancouver, BC, V7L-2N4
Office: 604-969-7561
Cell: 604-363-5584
Fax: 604-990-7450

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Christy Clark circumvented BC Gaming license as a 'Privilege of Membership' fundraiser event

 George Abbott website "Join Team BC & Win a Trip to Vancouver to meet the Premier"

Our club had a $2,000 fundraiser ($5,000 or less category) for the Hastings community area with the proceeds going to a youth group within the recreational centre.   We had to fill out multiple forms, submit them for review by the BC Government, and we checked daily to see how the application was proceeding. At the last moment we got the thumbs up.

Whereas .....

 ... the BC Liberal Party has never made an application through the BC Gaming Licensing division nor read, apparently, the Elections Act of BC.  The BC Liberals sought out only one 'law' which they see as a higher authority to circumvent the laws of British Columbia when it comes to running a lottery:

 901 Cherry Ave. San Bruno, CA 94066 USA

What happens?

 Feb 2, 2015
Watch as Premier Christy Clark phones new members just to say thanks for their membership.
It's just one of the privileges of membership - getting to connect with the leaders of the province who are working hard to build a stronger British Columbia.  You can join those leaders by signing up with just a few simple clicks here: .

Plus, if you join right now, you'll be entered to win an all-expenses-paid trip to Vancouver to meet with the Premier over lunch.  We'll announce the winner in May.

What happens when you join the BC Liberal Party?  We hold a lottery!

1) Lottery to determine a winner based upon membership fees
2) One winner only
3) Regulated by You Tube Standard License
4) The winner remains anonymous (no one will know there was an actual winner)
5) We don't declare how much we raised illicitly
6) Bob Mackin will not be able to do an FOI because this is in-house
7) Unlimited Lottery participants

Join Now For a chance to win a trip to Vancouver to meet Premier Christy Clark

What happens when you join Today's BC Liberals? - YouTube

Brought to you Courtesy of a You Tube Standard License
Based upon a past transgression by the BC NDP in the 1990s 'Today's BC Liberal' Party put the fix in so a political party couldn't let it happen again.  Somehow BC Liberal Party Leader Christy Clark who authorized the lottery must have forgotten about ...... it as Premier Christy Clark.

Elections BC:
 lotteries, raffles or other gambling activities are not permitted for fundraising

Elections BC Guidelines Page 26 of 68


Google Search Criteria for British Columbia Government: Gambling Event Licence Fundraising

Class A gambling event licences allow eligible organizations to fundraise by holding a gambling event or series of gambling events that will generate more than $20,000 in gross revenue. Gambling events include raffles, bingos, social occasion casinos and wheels of fortune. This page includes information about these licences, including: eligibility, how to apply, application resources (forms, tips, FAQs, etc.) and more.

A bona fide application  .... 
Ticket Raffle applications may take up to 10 weeks to process, except for Class B and Class D licences, which take approximately three (3) working days after receipt by the Branch.

If the status of your application is "Complete", a decision has been made by the Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch and you will be receiving a letter of assessment shortly. If you chose e-mail for the delivery method when you applied, the letter will be sent only to the address that was provided.

Gambling event licences allow eligible organizations to fundraise by holding a single gambling event or a series of events. Gambling events include raffles, bingos, poker, social occasion casinos, and wheels of fortune. Find out about eligibility requirements and how to apply.


Offence in relation to lotteries and games of chance
206. (1) Every one is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years who
(a) makes, prints, advertises or publishes, or causes or procures to be made, printed, advertised or published, any proposal, scheme or plan for advancing, lending, giving, selling or in any way disposing of any property by lots, cards, tickets or any mode of chance whatever;
(b) sells, barters, exchanges or otherwise disposes of, or causes or procures, or aids or assists in, the sale, barter, exchange or other disposal of, or offers for sale, barter or exchange, any lot, card, ticket or other means or device for advancing, lending, giving, selling or otherwise disposing of any property by lots, tickets or any mode of chance whatever;
(c) knowingly sends, transmits, mails, ships, delivers or allows to be sent, transmitted, mailed, shipped or delivered, or knowingly accepts for carriage or transport or conveys any article that is used or intended for use in carrying out any device, proposal, scheme or plan for advancing, lending, giving, selling or otherwise disposing of any property by any mode of chance whatever;
(d) conducts or manages any scheme, contrivance or operation of any kind for the purpose of determining who, or the holders of what lots, tickets, numbers or chances, are the winners of any property so proposed to be advanced, lent, given, sold or disposed of;
(e) conducts, manages or is a party to any scheme, contrivance or operation of any kind by which any person, on payment of any sum of money, or the giving of any valuable security, or by obligating himself to pay any sum of money or give any valuable security, shall become entitled under the scheme, contrivance or operation to receive from the person conducting or managing the scheme, contrivance or operation, or any other person, a larger sum of money or amount of valuable security than the sum or amount paid or given, or to be paid or given, by reason of the fact that other persons have paid or given, or obligated themselves to pay or give any sum of money or valuable security under the scheme, contrivance or operation;
(f) disposes of any goods, wares or merchandise by any game of chance or any game of mixed chance and skill in which the contestant or competitor pays money or other valuable consideration;
(g) induces any person to stake or hazard any money or other valuable property or thing on the result of any dice game, three-card monte, punch board, coin table or on the operation of a wheel of fortune;
(h) for valuable consideration carries on or plays or offers to carry on or to play, or employs any person to carry on or play in a public place or a place to which the public have access, the game of three-card monte;
(i) receives bets of any kind on the outcome of a game of three-card monte; or
(j) being the owner of a place, permits any person to play the game of three-card monte therein.

George Abbott website - win all-expenses-paid trip


Sounds pretty awesome, right?

Well, if that’s not enough incentive to join, let me remind you that every passing day brings us closer to another election when, once again, BC’s future will be at stake. That’s where you come in – we need you on our roster to help us bring home yet another big win in 2017 – a win that will protect BC’s economy for this generation, and for generations to come.

That’s why we’re offering up a special prize for those who join TEAM BC 2017 early. We’re offering our new and returning teammates a chance to meet with the coach, Premier Christy Clark, over lunch in beautiful downtown Vancouver. We’ll pay the way for one BC resident (and their guest of choice) who signs up between now and April 30, 2015 – all you have to do is register.
Oh – and if you renewed or joined at any point this year, you’re also entered – we appreciate your pre-season spirit!

We’ll announce the winner in May. Until then, stay in touch by subscribing to our emails, volunteering, or by attending local events to meet BC MLAs and the Premier’s Cabinet.
By Jillian Stead

This transgression, running a lottery, is outside of the current investigation being conducted by the RCMP:

RCMP investigates political fund raising scheme BC Liberal Party  -  680 News

Thursday, April 13, 2017

815 1% Friends invited to swearing in of Premier Christy Clark in 2013 - Private Function - By Invitation Only

"To remain strong in the face of global economic uncertainty, we will accelerate our jobs plan and run a tight ship.  We will respect families who simply cannot pay higher taxes.  We will also respect future generations and not burden them with our debt, so when it's their turn to lead they can make their own choices."   -  Premier Christy Clark


Elections British Columbia duty is to ensure that everything is done by the books during an election.

Elections BC mandate doesn't include the unofficial (with a Judge presidiing) swearing in of the Premier, and her Cabinet.


Page 12 of 32  'our focus ... keep life affordable for families by controlling spending'

Lucy Lobmeier Attendee list details

Lucy Lobmeier
1112 pages:

On a First Name basis: .... Minimum of 815 invited guests

Adam Johnson  
Adele Tompkins  
Agnes Wong  /  John Wong  
Ajit Badh  
Akash Sablok  /  Melissa Safarik  
Al Etmanski  
Al Payne  
Al Richmond  /   Chris Ricketts  
Alan Andison  
Alan Shaver  
Alan Shuster  /   Celyna Sia Sherst  
Albert Fok  
Alec Morrison  
Alex Peter  /  Kehl Petersen  
Alex Shorten  
Alexia Jones  
Ali Pejman  /  Henry Pejril  
Alison Sinclair Burns    Baljinder Singh  
Alla Poleschuk  /   Pat Ponti  
Allan Baydala  
Allan Cahoon  
Alvin Epp  
Amanda Jacobson  
Amarbir Johal  /  Narinder Johal  
Amrik Virk  
Andrea J. Shaw   / Gerry Shinkewski  
Andrew Grant  /  Cindy Grauer  
Anita Huberman  
Anita Roberts  /   Mark Robertson  
Anna Fraser-Low  /  Halliday Fraser-Low  
Anna Lilly  
Anna Terrana  
Anne Callaghan  
Anne Duggan  
Anne Giardini  
Anne McMullin  
Anthony Everett  
Anton Diaconeasa  
Antonio Arreaga-Valdés  
Arlene Keis   /   Joe Keithley  
Arlo Sjoberg
Art Kaehn   /   Gabby Kalaw  
Artem Tcherkassov  
Arvinder Bubber  
Ashwant Dwivedi    /  Anish Dwivedi  
Athana /  Konstantinos Mentzelopoulos  
Augusto Morelli Salgado  
Avtar Mann  
Azim Jamal  
B.D. (Brad) Haugli  
Bahadur Singh Vinning  
Balbir Bhullar  /   Tony Bhullar  
Balbir Rai  /  Ajit Rai  
Balkar Sahota  
Balraj Hundal  
Barbara Desjardins  /  Gavin Dew  
Barbara Kaminsky  
Barinder Rasode  
Barj Dhahan  /  Maninder Dhaliwal  
Barry Penner  /  Brent Perry  
Ben Sparrow  /  Gail Sparrow  
Ben Stewart  
Bert Hick  /  The Honourable Jay Hill, P.C., ICD.D  
Betty Eaton  /  Niilo Edwards  
Bhagwant Bassi  
Bhawneet Singh Malhi  
Bhupinder Singh  
Bill Bennett  
Bill Humphreys  
Bill Markvoort  
Bill Miller  
Bill Tam  /  Clive Tanner  
Blair Qualey     President & Chief Executive Officer
Bob Cheema  /  Gulzar Cheema  
Bob Davies  
Bob Hans  
Bob Pringle  
Bob Quartermain  
Bonnie Pearson  
Brad Eshleman   /   John Esson  
Brad Zubyk  
Brenda Broughton  
Brenda M. Leong  
Brian Cochrane  
Brian Hamilton  
Brian Underhill  
Brock Macdonald  /  Ian MacDonald  
Bronwyn Barter  
Bruce Archibald  
Bruce Burley  
Bruce Dumont  
Bruce Verchere  /  Les Vertesi  
Bruce Wright  
Bruce Young  
Bryan Cox  
Bryan Kynoch  
Cameron Muir, Chief Economist
Carey Mobius  
Carlos de Sousa Amaro  
Carol Brown  
Carol Pitkin  /  Marnie Plant  
Carole Taylor
Carolyn Bauer  
Catherine Palmer  /  Sukh Pandhar  
Catherine Yuen  
Cathy Young  
Chad Pederson  
Chamkaur Gill  
Chaplain Tim  
Charanjeet Sidhu  /  Sarah Sidhu  
Charles Reid  
Charles Scott  /  Terry Segarty  
Cheryl Ashlie  
Cheryl Casimer  
Chief Bill Williams  
Chief Jody Wilson-Raybould  
Chief Wayne Sparrow    Gary Spence  
CHOI Yeon-ho     Ida Chong  
Chris Gardner    Larry Garfinkel  
Chris Golding  
Chris Mobius  
Chris O'Connor    Marlie Oden  
Christina Anthony  
Christine Gelowitz    Bhavraj Ghtaura  
Christine Sorensen    Bobbi Spark  
Christophe Alamelama  
Chuck Byrne  
Chuck McCarthy  
Chuck Strahl  /  Jim Strang  
Cindy Burton  
Clara Chow  
Clark Assenheimer  
Cliff Stewart  
Colin Fry  
Colin Hansen    Roger Harris  
Collette Foran  
Connie Fair  /    Endora Fan  
Coralee Oakes
Cory Redekop  
Craig Rudd  
Craig Williams  
Crawford Hawkins  
Dale Bosa  
Dale Saip  
Dale Wheeldon  
Daljit Sidhu  
Dalminder Virk  
Dan Albas  
Dan Ashton  
Dan Baxter  
Dan Woznow  
Dana Hayden    Dave S. Hayer  
Daniel Fontaine  
Daniel Sitnam  
Darren Chung    Richard Ciano  
Darren DeLuca  
Darryl Plecas  
Darryl Walker  
Dave Babych    Kulwinder Badesha  
Dave Clarke  
Dave Cyr  
Dave Formosa  
Dave Teixeira  
David Aisenstat  
David Brodie  
David Choi  
David Crossin, Q.C.  
David Cunningham    *
David Emri  
David Everett  
David Fredricksen  
David Guscott    Don Guy  
David Haber  
David Hoff  
David Lemon    Bob Lenarduzzi  
David McLean    Jason McLean  
David Raven  
David Sidoo    Kevin Sigouin  
David W. Mitchell  
Davinder Kandola  
Dawn Donahue  
Dawn Teasdale  
Delta Sunshine Taxi
Dena Gent
Denise O'Connor    Patrick O'Connor  
Denise Turner  
Dentons Canada LLP
Derek Lew    Gary Ley  
Devinder Garcha    Lindsay Gardner  
Dianne Watts  
Dixon Yu  
DJ Lawrence    Catherine Leach  
Don Enns  
Don Hubbard & 1  
Don Kayne  
Don Lindsay  
Don Maclachlan    Lorne MacLean  
Don McDonald    Mike McDonald  
Donna Barnett  
Doug Bing  
Doug Bloom  
Doug Clovechok  
Doug Lauson  
Doug Woollard    Cristian Worthington  
Douglas Goldsby    David Goldsmith  
Douglas Holtby    Judi Hopkins  
Douglas Horne  
Douglas R. Beaton  
Dr. Alan Winter  
Dr. Amrik Tung  
Dr. Andrew Franklin Wilkinson  
Dr. Arun Garg  
Dr. James Tansey  
Dr. Jean Moore  
Dr. Kenneth Fung  
Dr. Martha Salcudean, OC, OBC  
Dr. Michael Vaughan    Roloff Veld  
Dr. Nittin K. Reebye  
Dr. Norman Keevil  
Dr. Pargat Singh Bhurji     Karen Bill  
Dr. Patricia Baird  
Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation
Dr. Shian Gu  
Duncan Davies  
Duncan Wilson  
Dung Quang Tran  
Dwayne Stewart  
Ed Sem  
Edward Downing  
Edward Leung    Douglas Leung  
Eileen Shinkewski  
Elizabeth Ball  
Elizabeth McPhee  
Elizabeth Samuels    Jatinder Sandhar  
Elsa Wong    Ann Woo  
Ending Violence Association of BC
Eric Bailey Foster  
Eric Carlson  
Eric Denhoff  
Eric Watt  
Erin Hochstein    Eugene Hodgson  
Ernestine Liu    Alex Liu  
Ernie Daykin  
Ernie Thony    Julie Thony  
Evangeline Englezos  
Fabrizio Inserra    Diamond Isinger  
Farida Bano Ali  
Fatima Siddiqui  
Frank W. Palmer  
G.W. Wayne Braid    *
Gail Hamamoto  
Galina Durant  
Gary Dhaliwal  
Gary Fane  
Gary Johnston  
Gary M. McDermid     Bruce McDonald  
Gavin Dirom  
Geoffrey Morrison    * Director, MSABC Relations
George Hunter    Geoff Ingram  
George Kondor    Alex Konowalchuk  
George Marsh    Thomas Marshall  
Geraldine Vance    Karen Vanderveen  
Gerry Carter  
Gilbert J. Larocque  
Glen Todd  
Glenn Mandziuk  
Gord Addison  
Gord Rattray  
Gord Robson    Collin Rogers  
Gordon Adair    Clare Adams  
Gordon Hogg  
Gordon Ruth    Carolynn Ryan  
Gordon Wilson    Greg Wilson  
Grace McCarthy    Jeff McCarthy  
Grace Tsang  
Grand Chief Stewart Phillip  
Grant MacKay  
Greg Beatty    Terry Becker  
Greg McDougall  
Greg Peet  
Greg Stewart  
Greg Vurdela    * President
Gregory B. Kerfoot  
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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

All the Glitz and Glamour on Christy Clark being the longest serving Premier is false according to Brad Bennett

Vaughn Palmer
Bennett replied that Clark was not running for a fifth term. She is just now wrapping up her first full term as premier. “She’s running for re-election and she deserves it.”

Gordon Campbell 'won' his election but lied to voters by bringing in the hated HST and was forced out by his incompetent RADAR.  The BC Liberal Party anointed Christy Clark who then proceeded to complete El Gordo's failed FULL term of office.

Part Terms don't count as FULL Terms

Christy Clark has only had ONE full term as a Premier IF she is there for the swearing in of the next Premier.

Therefore Brad Bennett is absolutely correct when he spoke to Vaughn Palmer yesterday.

And furthermore Christy Clark and her handlers, including Brad Bennett, have been lying to the public just so she can have photo ops.

Omhhhhhhhhhh  Omhhhhhhh   Omhhhh Omh


34th Campbell, Gordon Muir     June 5, 2001 - Mar. 14, 2011               37-39

35th  Clark, Christy                    Mar. 14, 2011-  ????                             39-40