Friday, August 26, 2016

Canada's Elites: Justin Trudeau, In the Pink

Charting Canada's Elites by jjmccullough

Justin Trudeau
Son of Pierre and Margaret
CBC personality
Liberal MP candidate 
Red means political ties, yellow means family ties, green means business ties, and purple means media ties.

Asper, Israel
Burney, Derek

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

BC Corrections Profile: Abbotsford residents take note

Have you ever noticed that there are no sexual predators being rehabilitated in the Shaughnessy area of Vancouver where Premier Christy Clark resides, part time; ... part time in Kelowna; part time in the Sick Culture of Victoria; most of the time on Trade Missions selling LNG

Per Person costs to provide correctional services

Page 6 of 56

Community supervision: Average cost of $6.49/per person, per day or $2,400/per person, per year:
Low-risk clients: Average cost of $2.65/per person, per day
Medium to high-risk clients: Average cost of $10.45/per person, per day

Custody: Average cost of $202.00/per person, per day or ALMOST $74,000/per person, per year.

CTV News Vancouver:
Residents protest against high-risk sex offender in the neighbourhood

“We don't feel this is the appropriate place for what is in essence a halfway house,” adds Sarah Bertrand, speaking over blaring air horns and chants of “go away Conway.” “This is not a good place to have those types of people hanging around.”

Abbotsford police issued a public notification on Aug. 1, alerting residents that 40-year-old Conway had moved into the area.

Conway has an extensive criminal history, including multiple convictions for sexual assault, sexual interference, arson, mischief and failure to comply with court order and breach of recognizance.
Abbotsford police say keeping an eye on him is a top priority, and are concerned for more reasons than one: some people have thrown eggs and rocks at Conway’s house.

“I totally understand why area residents wouldn’t want him to be their neighbour, but he’s under rather stringent conditions," says MacDonald. "For all intents and purpose he’s under house arrest.”

Community supervision????      Abbotsford neighbourhood

These are Actors to flesh out the report on preventing Offenders from Re-offending

Stock Photo Purchased by the Attorney General of British Columbia

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

'Debunking George Massey Tunnel Replacement with Bridge': Mr. Myth Buster Todd Stone (Contaminated Sites)

Debunking Massey Replacement Myths

GMT aka George Massey Tunnel for those that need to know more eg.  Origins and Destinations


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and more pages

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Monday, August 15, 2016

August 14, 2016 Emergency Response Route: Lions Gate Bridge Closed because of a WATER LAEK

Water flow below it; Water flows around it; Water, when it rains, flows upon it;  but when, or how does a Water Laek requires the Lions Gate Bridge to have two lanes closed?

No mention on News 1130.  Ho Hum.

LEAK   like in Wiki-Leak

LAKE   like in Burnaby Lake

LAEK   like in.....

Full Instructions from Ministry of Transportation:






Going back a few years .....

Ottawa Citizen 

Vancouver Mayor Gordon Campbell says .... December 13, 1986

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Finally, a Made in BC Liberal Sequel to Basi and Virk's $6 million payment from 'de Jong and the Feckless': 15% Foreign Buyer Property Tax

reckless:  without thinking or caring about the consequences of an action.

BC Liberal Government Caucus
BC Liberal Campaign organizer Barindar Sall for star candidate Kash Heed claimed in an advertisement flyer targeting Chinese residents via Canada Post ....  that the BC NDP would bring in an Inheritance Tax if they were elected in 2013.

It sure looks like the The BC Liberals 15% .......  IS an INHERITANCE TAX against Chinese and other foreigners.   Tacking on $300,000 on a property selling for $2,000,000   IS an INHERITANCE TAX with all the monies going to the BC Liberal government.

feckless:  lacking initiative or strength of character; irresponsible.
Dan Murphy
BC Rail Trial ended with $6 million being paid to two OIC appointees even though they pleaded guilty.

Google Search:  bc rail trial, was justice served

Robin Mathews

The BC Rail Scandal: A Test of the BC Higher Courts

The pre-trial hearings in the one criminal case arising out of the BC Rail Scandal have exposed the soft underbelly of power in the province. May 3 will begin trial of the three cabinet aides accused of criminal wrongdoing in the corrupt transfer of BC Rail to CNR by the Gordon Campbell government.  The administration of justice in British Columbia has been shaken to its roots in a pre-trial process marked by delay, apparent obstruction, the erasure of disclosure material by government, the de facto refusal to release search warrants, juggling of judges – and more.

Many are talking and writing about the shameful secrecy of the BC higher court system, about its irregularities, inconsistencies, inefficiencies, exorbitant costs, and … more.

The inadequacies, I believe, are orchestrated from the premier’s and the Attorney General’s offices to protect what I hold is mounting criminal breach of trust on the part of the Gordon Campbell forces.

In a burst of (mock?) concern present Attorney General Michael de Jong recently announced a number of reform things he might do – garnering him much press coverage.  He will do none of them, I believe, because the Attorney General’s ministry is a key location from which, I allege, law and judicial proceedings are manipulated to cover what I believe are Gordon Campbell government criminalities.    ...... SNIP

Your Investment Property:   And from a way down under ... Australia:

 Foreign investors may feel like state governments in Australia are exploiting them given recent tax hikes, but they may fell less taken advantage of when they consider tax changes proposed in Canada.

In their respective state budgets New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria all instituted some mix of higher stamp duty or land tax rates for foreign buyers of residential real estate, with Victoria’s 7% stamp duty surcharge the largest increase levied against offshore buyers.

Those moves were criticised by many at the time and are estimated to add tens of thousands of dollars to the price foreign buyers pay for real estate in the country, but they pale in comparison to moves made in Canada.

According to a report in The Canadian Press, British Columbia Finance Minister Mike de Jong has introduced legislation that will see foreign buyers pay an additional property transfer tax of 15% on purchases in metropolitan Vancouver.

The additional tax will come into force from 2 August and according to de Jong would see a C$2m dollar property come with an extra tax bill of $300,000.

According to de Jong, foreign investors purchased C$1b of real estate from 10 June to 14 July this year.

While de Jong’s new tax may dwarf those instituted in Australia, the sentiment around foreign buyers is similar in both countries.  .........   SNIP

Canadian Swimmers in the same league: Elaine Tanner aka Mighty Mouse vs Penny Oleksiak

Could we have the CBC present an in depth pool interview between Elaine and Penny to give the public a true insight of how it feels to be a winner on an international stage, and dealing with the aftermath of fame?  Elaine Tanner is from 'our' era.  Penny Oleksiak is from 'your' era.

Elaine Tanner "Mighty Mouse"  Born 1951   competed and won Gold at the Commonwealth Games and swam in the Olympics. 

Awards & Achievements

Swimming World Magazine  - 50 years later
To this day, the youngest person ever to win the Lou Marsh Trophy is Elaine Tanner, who won it in 1966. She won the award, which recognizes Canada’s best athlete, at age 15. This year marks the 50th anniversary of her accomplishment.

In 1966, Tanner won seven medals at the British Empire Commonwealth Games in Kingston, Jamaica. Four of her medals were gold. She won the 110-yard butterfly, 220-yard butterfly, 440-yard individual medley and 440-yard freestyle relay. Tanner, nicknamed “Mighty Mouse,” also picked up three silvers at the meet. She was the first ever woman to win four gold medals at the Commonwealth Games.

Elaine Tanner continued her dominance at the 1967 Pan American Games. She set world records in the 100- and 200-meter backstroke at the meet, winning gold in both events. She also took three silver medals at the meet.

In the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City, the Canadian continued to bolster her resume. She picked up silver medals in the 100- and 200-meter backstroke, and also won a bronze in the 400-meter freestyle relay.

Elaine Tanner and other winners

Perhaps sports writer journalist Cam Cole (who doesn't know how to swim but when he fell into an open cesspool the other day in Rio he went through all the 'movements' .....) could provide the impetuous for Penny's introduction to the Lou Marsh Trophy with a shoulder to shoulder photo op.

Wikipedia Elaine Tanner

Swim Canada:

Back in the mid 1960’s Canada was a minnow in the international sports landscape.

At the 1960 and 1964 Olympic Summer Games, Canadian athletes won a grand total of five medals total. Even our beloved hockey teams were struggling internationally. Our best professional players were not allowed to participate at the Olympics and they didn’t compete at the world championships.

The world juniors and women’s worlds didn’t exist.

Yes, there wasn’t much to cheer about for Canadians at big international sports events.

That is until a 15-year-old swimming sensation from Vancouver called Elaine Tanner appeared on the scene. She wowed Canadians with her incredible athletic exploits and won their hearts with her uniquely Canadian charm. These powerful moments will continue to mark Canadian sport history.
..... SNIP .....

And just for once without Premier Christy Clark using either young ladies as a photo op backdrop to her May of 2017 election dreams.

Friday, August 12, 2016

DNV Mosquito Creek: No Dogs allowed: Warning Fish Habitat: One exception: CAT

Ironic, eh?   No dogs permitted in fish habitat, even in the Summer with no fish in it.  Scientific research has shown that the smell of dogs are still there...... year round.   Which all goes to explain why the motorized, diesel fuel machine is a CAT.

Search of Natural Resource Canada for  Mosquito Creek

                    KML file from Natural Resource Canada

Mosquito Creek being crossed over at Fell and Marine Drive North Vancouver

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Richelieu, Hecho en China, Onward, and Rona packaging hardware components for a SCREAM door!! The Pits!!

Last week's woodworking adventure was to build the screen for the back door as an exact copy of last year's front screen door project.   The front screen door was a piece of cake with the only burp coming up was the 3 spring hinges needed to prevent bowing (binding) which were packaged in pairs.   No problem.   The odd hinge would be used next year... this year ....

 However ......

Between last year and this summer the North Shore Rona outlet on Welch did a Spring cleaning in the Fall and eliminated the packaged pairs of hinges, ..... replacing them with Richelieu's 'full' set of components supplied by Onward and made in China .......... 
Each kit includes:  1 pair of 2-1/2" broad butt hinges, 1 screen door catch, 1 pair of 3" spring hinges, 1 - 4"  gate hook & eye, 1 - 4-3/4" screen door pull, with all of the screws required.  Zinc plated.
NOTE: Butt hinges and spring hinges may be used individually or together.  If using these together, ensure the offset of the hinge pins is the same as the offset of the spring hinge pins to avoid binding.

Note: Butt hinges and spring hinges may be used individually or together
Note: Butt hinges and spring hinges may be used individually or together.

Note: If using together, ensure the offset of the butt hinge pins is the same offset of the spring hinge pins to avoid binding

No, that's not possible.  The screw layouts are not the same as each other, AND how thick is the OFFSET.....???    It turns out that a scrap of wood has to be precisely 1/4" thick.   For the just under $20 that was paid one would have hoped, expected that the OFFSET would have been included.  And on the off chance that the screen door was too heavy for one pair of Springe hinges and another one was needed in lieu of the Butt hinge .... the screw holes are totally messed up when it comes layout.  The local woodpecker would be envious of the interloper.

And $20 for another package when all that is needed is ONE spring hinge more!!

Screw Hole layouts are mismatched and width different by 1/2"

Onward  didn't put the package together??? or did they
Richelieu ...... packaging by the Blister ...

If you're contemplating building your own screen door, or two, don't use the eye and hook method of fastening the door to the jamb, which comes with the Rona Richelieu package.  Lee Valley Tools Rare Earth Magnets are downright powerful, the size of a dime.  Drill a hole for the magnet to set into the door, near the bottom, and then put the flat washer on the Jamb, right down near the bottom .... not hinge side!!!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

George Massey Tunnel Replacement Bridge: The ABCs according to Executive Summary Author


August 3rd and 4th version wasn't good enough byte size wise compared to August 5th, BC Liberals' Friday-Take-out-the-Garbage-Day, eh

Press Release:  Friday, December 20, 2013 2:30 PM

All's quiet on the Western Front from one Election to the next .... Election

Press Release: July 25, 2016   10:49:32 AM
Project team in place to support Massey Tunnel project

Aboriginal Consultation
Accidents and Malfunctions
Acronyms and Abbreviations
Agricultural Use
Air Quality Study
Air Quality
Assessment Methodology
At-risk Amphibians
Atmospheric Noise Study
Atmospheric Noise
Conclusions - Summary
Effects of the Environment
Environmental Assessment Process
Executive Summary 
Paul Hemsley of Hemmera
Fish and Fish Habitat StudyAdd caption
Fish and Fish Habitat
Fraser River Salt Wedge Modelling
George Massey Tunnel Replacement Project - Index
Heritage Resources
Human Health
Land Use
Management Plans
Marine Mammals
Marine Use
Monitoring and Follow-Up Programs
Overview of Proposed Project
Public Consultation
Reference Concept Drawings
Reference Material
River Hydraulics and River Morphology Study
River Hydraulics and River Morphology
Sediment and Water Quality
Table Of Concordance
Table of Contents
Terrestrial Wildlife
Underwater Noise Modelling
Underwater Noise
Visual Quality

Traffic explained:

Page 28 of 145

5.1.5  Residual Effects

Implementing the mitigation measures described in Section 5.1.5 will minimize potential Project-related changes on traffic during construction, although temporary, minor residual effects will be incurred.

As noted in Section 5.1.1, the RATIONALE FOR THE PROJECT AND KEY PROJECT OBJECTIVES  ARE TO ADDRESS EXISTING AND ANTICIPATED CHALLENGES IN THE HIGHWAY 99 CORRIDOR.  The integration of smart transportation technologies into the Project will provide measures to manage traffic challenges along the Highway 99 corridor and the regional network.

Additionally ......

Traffic Assessment:  Part B  Page 29 of 145

Additionally, intergrating tolling into the Project provides a mechanism for managing future traffic demand.

Mechanism .....? would that be like upping or downing the amount of toll fee?