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Victoria: "It would be a mere waste of energy to send Missionaries to that part of the Island"

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03/26/2018 16:14 EDT

The B.C. government apologized for the executions in 1993.

Huffington Post:
OTTAWA — For generations of Tsilhqot'in youth, the first story they learn is of the historic betrayal by the British colonial government that led to the hanging of six of the nation's leaders, says Chief Joe Alphonse.

Now, more than 150 years after the so-called Chilcotin War, that historic wrong has at last been made right, Alphonse said Monday after the federal government apologized in a "statement of exoneration" for the Tsilhqot'in war chiefs who were wrongfully convicted and killed for defending their homeland, their people and their way of life.  Snip  ....... Geordon Omand     Canadian Press
Meanwhile back in British Columbia there are these one sided historical colonial despatches to be rewritten to be inclusive of other's perspective, and we don't mean the missionaries: 

The colonial dispatches of Vancouver Island and British Columbia 1846-1871  

Random snippet
It would be a mere waste of energy to send Missionaries to that part of the Island, as without powerful support, there is not the remotest chance, that the cause of religion would be promoted by their presence; while their office would be derided their persons insulted, and their lives exposed to continual danger. 


I am
Yours faithfully
A. Burdett Coutts


 ..... We don't yet have specific details about the First Nations groups, but you can use the index to find them in the documents. You can browse alphabetical lists of all the items from here:

Decolonizing the Despatches
by Skye Lacroix and Lisa Schnitzler


First Nations groups mentioned in the documents

This is an index of terms found in the dispatches on this site. The references are transcribed from the historical letters as they appear in the originals. 
Found: 2426

the Indians (aka the Natives)

26th June 1858.

I am commanded by my Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty to send you herewith, for the information of Secretary Sir. E. Bulwer Lytton, a copy of a Letter from Captain Prevost of H.M. Ship Satellite, dated at Vancouver's Island, 7th May 1858, respecting the discovery of Gold on Frazer's and Thompson's Rivers, near to the 51st parallel of North Latitude in North America.

The Newspaper and specimen of the Gold Dust referred to in Captain Prevost's Letter are also enclosed.
I am, Sir,

Your most obedient humble Servant.
H. Corry
Herman Merivale, Esq
Colonial Office




Lytton, British Columbia, was not named after the First Nations of the area


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Fishing the Fraser River for inbound salmon

Vancouver Island in the background

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Only in North Vancouver? A decaying stump ends up being a Mother for another

Not quite sure what is going on here, but maybe there's someone out there that can explain it.

A root from the tree sought out nutrients from atop of the stump, eh

Stump Mother, rather than Mother Log

The Missing link?

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Tom Carter Painting Vancouver with a fine brush for historical detail

1952 Trilogy - Granville Bridges

"I love the urban environment - a fascinating cross section of society where people in very different situations must interact. Cities may also be where loneliness is felt more acutely. My art explores themes of isolation versus inclusion – how we fit into the world and society. I tend to set my subjects in other eras which, besides satisfying my historical interest, reveals elements that are timeless – truths do not change. Although there might be cold and turbulence in my work, all of my settings have a sanctuary, a place of warmth and respite. We, as the viewer, have the option of going inside but we choose not to; we stand outside observing." Tom Carter

After the Storm

The city usually featured is Carter’s hometown Vancouver, but typically set in the period around 1950. This is not retro chic or certainly not “nostalgia” – but to provide a stage that’s familiar yet just out of reach to set the drama that is the actual subject. His painting is also a nod to his work in Vancouver heritage and research – most notably in the entertainment field. Carter serves on the boards of Vancouver Historical Society, Friends of the City of Vancouver Archives, BC Entertainment Hall of Fame and the BC Performing Arts Museum & Archive.

Maple Leaf in Winter

His work can be found in corporate collections including BMO Harris Private Banking, TD Waterhouse, Sorrel Financial, Worthy Capital, Carlyle Capital, B.C. College of Physicians & Surgeons, Harper Grey LLC, Rositch Hemphill Architects and Cambie-Malone’s Group as well as private collections in Canada, the US, Mexico and Bahrain.

"Hans Stamer Band"

Interesting Vancouver
Vancouver artist Tom Carter paints and studies a Vancouver that is both long gone and eternally under the surface. He paints rain soaked urban landscapes in acrylic that evoke the smell of coal smoke on the salt air of False Creek, the rattle of streetcars against the rumble of the sawmills. Even though this particular city is gone, its spirit is unchanged and recognizable. In the realm of BC Entertainment preservation, Tom has worked ceaselessly to preserve Vancouver theatre and nightclub history in a very “hands-on” and practical way – buying, preserving and warehousing much of the original Pantages theatre (1908), as well as significant artifacts and ephemera of many other venues. As well, Tom has recorded interviews with pioneers from all these venues and acquired their papers and personal archives where possible. He has contributed a chapter as well as the cover painting for the recently released Vancouver Confidential, a collection that has topped the bestsellers list.
 Eve Lazarus   Meet Tom Carter 
I visited Tom Carter in his heritage loft a couple of weeks ago. It was the same afternoon that we climbed up to the top of the Sun Tower, in what was in 1912, the tallest building in the British Empire. Tom lives next door in a 100-year-old converted warehouse designed for Storey & Campbell Limited by William Tuff Whiteway, the same architect who designed the Sun Tower for Mayor L.D. Taylor.
His loft looks out onto Pender Street and its floor to ceiling windows give a great view of Victory Square and some of the building stock we’ve managed to hang onto such as the Dominion and the Standard Buildings. The brick walls of the loft make a fitting background for Tom’s paintings of Vancouver’s street scenes and heritage buildings—many now long gone.  Snip

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Are Real Estate Agents (in Metro Vancouver) required to disclose murders on their properties?

Bit on the macabre side here tonight but there must be fairly good odds that sellers in this super hot market may not be disclosing homicides that happened either recently about the history of one or two bodies in the attic, or in the kitchen, or down in the basement or in the garage.

Is there a requirement by the real estate agent to declare that information to a prospective buyer?

Would the knowledge effect the price?

Does the seller have to declare that information to the agent(s)?

UPDATE: March 13, 2018  - Globe and Mail BC Court Rules in favour of buyer who walked away from real estate deal over fatal shooting on property

A woman who failed to disclose to the buyer of her house the shooting death of her son-in-law outside the family’s Vancouver home has lost a lawsuit she filed against the purchaser, who walked away from the $6-million deal when she learned about the crime.  

Has that sort of data been collected by the Real Estate industry?

Metro Vancouver Homicides

Downtown Vancouver looks just as deadly as East Vancouver with Point Grey being the safer of the three, but then  again there is the matter of Shaughnessy and it's infamous unsolved murder at 3851 Osler of one Janet Smith in 1924.

The Vancouver Sun's Homicide Database  has four and four hundred and forty more, not counting Janet Smith from 1924.

The year is marked with similar Coloured Push Pins

The Vancouver Sun's full list of all murders committed in Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley in 2018 (red circles), 2017 (black stars), 2016 (brown pointers), 2015 (orange pointers), 2014 (aqua pointers), 2013 (purple pointers), 2012 (blue pointers), 2011 (green pointers), 2010 (yellow pointers) and 2009 (red pointers).

If the homicides happened in a vehicle  ....... the price is .....

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'Global Map of the Wind' Track the next Simushir destination into Haida Gwaii waters and coastline

 Global Map of the Wind
Centred on North Vancouver BC

Instead of having your wall mounted television turned off, or on and looking for the latest political fallout in Victoria or Ottawa or Washington D.C. ...... why not set it to see how the wind blows with an intensity that might be catastrophic for floundering vessels within our coastal waters that are adrift, or sunk already with their Diluted Bitumen heading for our coastline.   
Say Goodbye to the Simushir
Six years ago there was the Russian cargo vessel,  Simushir, that was adrift due to their total loss of power and nobody knew whether it would clear Haida Gwaii or not and then end up being run aground with its bunker fuel being spewed out to drift north into Alaskan waters.   Availability of a tug large enough to corral the vessel was non existent.  No preparation on the part of the Coast Guards.

October 22, 2014 Post:
Marine Traffic Trending up the BC coast; Environmental protection is where?
Page 34 Source: Environmental Trends in British Columbia 2007

Reminiscence of that fiasco brought back memories of what happened in 1988 when a barge was punctured by its tug off of Washington's coast.  Google Search Criteria Nestucca oil barge leak.

Our post on the Nestucca in 2012 
 Location The collision occurred approximately 3 kilometres off the coast of Washington, near Gray’s Harbor. Oil came ashore in discontinuous patches mainly in Canada on Vancouver Island - from near Victoria in the southeast to near Cape Scott in the north.
Time and Date of Incident
December 23, 1988 in the early morning.
Product/Quantity Spilled 1
An estimated 87,400 litres (5500 barrels) of Bunker C oil.

Earth Wind Map for the curious: Dronists, Hang Gliderists and Sailorists
2018-03-02  14:44

Clicking on EARTH results in more information

Earth Wind Map with a touch of Temperature



The North West Passage looks clear of Wind today compared to other places to the south.  Is that why China is building all those icebreakers to meet their customers demand?