Monday, February 29, 2016

MLA Pre-Apprentice Christy Clark with a Porter-Cable BN200c Brad Nailer .... powered with in-house hot air

 "We have that one and that one  ....." a BC Liberal New Era Team campaign promise

Photo Op Queen
April fool 2001
Who is dumb enough to drive a nail in the middle of a styrofoam sign without "backing"?

Summit Tools

Our four year old grandson can name every item in the Summit Tool catalogues and knows which ones need various components to make them whole to function as a TEAM.  He also knows, even as a bystander, that the brad nailer requires personal safety goggles, ear muffs, a hard hat and a whole lot of RESPECT, for the tool, its not a game.

He knows that it requires an airline hose, connected to a compressor which is plugged into a wall outlet for electricity and NOT plugged into an extension line.

Without nails, why put on a show of getting the job half done.

Best of all he knows that at the end of 'our' work day we will have something that was accomplished together with memories that will last a lifetime.

Given a bag of roofing nails, for the backyard driftwood-ship-forecastle-deck fort, he only 'needed' one lesson to know the penalty of losing sight the nail head within his grasp.

How many Members of the British Columbia Legislature have their working life roots in the Trades?

April fool 2001
No Airline

No Compressor

No Electricity (gone to power non-existent 2016 LNG projects by Site C)

No Nails

No Eye protection  (WorkSafeBC)

No Ear Muffs         (WorkSafeBC)

No Hard Hat    (until 2013, Not CSA approved)

The Subliminal Message is that someone who wears a WHITE hard hat is the BOSS, without Trade experience.

On BC Election 2013 campaign trail Clark says LNG worth $30 Trillion over 30 years in the early days of BC Election

PS.  The Best place to get quality ear muffs for children, made for children, is the Gun shops, not Walmart or Canadian Tire.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

"BC Hydro Quick Facts for Year End"; No mention of Columbia River Treaty Agreement Ending in 2024 AND that's why Site C is being built

a person or organization that buys goods or services from a store or business.

"Mr. Harrison was a regular customer at BC Hydro"
Neither a Mr. Harrison's dependents, nor his Home Stay students from overseas, nor his illegal suite tenants are mentioned as being 'customers'.   They enjoy the benefits of BC Hydro electricity, but individually they don't buy the goods from the BC Hydro store.  Mr. Harrison does.   

BC Hydro's Quick Facts advertising on a two page document claim they have 4 million customers on page 1 and on the back side the number is less than two million.

Page 1:  4.0 Million (2015)

Page 2: 1,935,254 (2015)
BC Hydro definition of its Customers:
Residential, Light industrial and commercial, large industrial, Other, Trade

Sales in Quebec December 2010 and 2011:  GWh    169,966 and 169,495
Sales Quebec Export to Canada and United States 2010 and 2011: GWh  23,270 and 26,763

BC Hydro:    GWh Between 43,000 and 56,000

Site C  4,600 GWh


Serving 95% of the Population??      5% Fortis??
BC Hydro is one of the largest electric utilities in Canada, serving 95 per cent of B.C.’s population and delivering electricity safely and reliably at competitive rates to approximately 1.9 million customers. Nearly 90 per cent of customer accounts are residential, with the remainder either commercial or industrial. Each of these three groups consumes roughly one third of the total electricity supplied.   (roughly one third each??)

Over 95 per cent of the electricity generated by BC Hydro comes from hydroelectric facilities (IPP included??), which are located throughout the Peace, Columbia and Coastal regions of B.C.   Three thermal generating plants produce the remainder (Diesel too??).
BC Hydro: One of the largest electricity utilities in Canada??  

8 (Eight) from North America have been chosen by BC Hydro Chairman Brad Bennett.

Quebec Hydro's yearly comparison study uses 22, not 21, electric utilities.

 The Two Asterisks??
Fine Print:  ** Out of 21 22 North American Utilities surveyed for the 2014 Comparison of Electricity Rates in Major North American Cities by Hydro Quebec.

Interactive Map: The cost of Electricity, City by City - William Wolfe Wiley

Map Link
22 Cities across North America with
As of February 15, 2016

CBC (2011) Quebec Hydro Powerhouse of Canada

BC Hydro asks the Question:

Have you ever wondered how our rates compare?

And then they cherry pick seven to show an upper trend without showing 22.

Calgary?  Within the Top Seven?

Interactive Map data February 18, 2016   Calgary within Top Seven

Calgary within the Top Seven?
Only available in 2015?

BC Hydro's spelling of comparison as compaision .....?
Maybe the technician was using subliminal messaging:  Compassion .... to help with BC Hydro's image?

Manitoba Hydro

Alberta power rates among highest in country; deregulated market blamed for price spikes

Google Search Criteria:  Why is Montreal and Winnipeg electric bills per kwh cheaper than BC


Residential Bill Calculations

One Month Bill For

375 kWh    750 kWh    1,000 kWh  2,000 kWh   5,000 kWh


Norman Farrell
In-Sight February 29, 2016

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

BC Power Commission News: There's Gold in Kamloops by the meter!!! Polish Submarine Force???

BC Power Commission Tie-lines: Staff News
Kamloops - Roy Moffat's new home received a novel finishing touch, March 11 - a gold-lacquered electric meter. The meter was installed to mark the fact that the Moffat family is the Power Commission's 75,000th customer. With the meter went a gift of an electric dryer for Mrs. Moffat, and small gifts for the two boys and a little sister who are now busily exploring all the corners of their new home.

Roy Moffat, who is a shovel operator on highway construction near Barriere, B.C., told Commission officials: "It is the first time I ever won anything in my life."  Mr. Moffat did much of the work on the house himself.  The connection of the 75,000 customer marks a new high not only in the number of PC customers but in the rate of growth of this utility, according to Mr. Griffin.  The Commissioner told the gathering that nearly 6,000 customers have been added during the current fiscal year.

The average rate of growth for the previous 11 years has been 5,000 customers a year.  When the PC was set up in 1945 its first billing went out to 13,000 customers.

The soundness of this reasoning can be tested by the fact that while the Commission has been busily extending service in all directions during its 13 years of operation it has cut the average cost of power in half from 5 cents to 2.4 Cents a kwh.

Fifteen years before that George was one of a party of one hundred and thirty Polish officers and men who after the fall of Poland ran the gauntlet of wartime blockade to escape in two submarines.  With empty fuel tanks the escaping craft barely made Britain's naval base at Rosyth, Scotland.  Eventually George commanded the Polish Submarine Force that served with the Royal Navy.  He knew the Murmansk Run, the Battle of the Atlantic, and the unrelenting struggle of the Mediterranean.

After it was all over he4 had the right to wear the DSC and Bar.

BC Hydro SAP Over Budget Software started out like this two years ago for Brad and Bill Bennett (not related)















Sunday, February 21, 2016

If every possible Independent Power Producer is built in BC, do we need Site C?

Does it make sense as to why the BC Liberals are so focused on a decade building boom for 10,000 workers when it would be prudent to have 1,000 continuous jobs over sixty years based on demand.

Why put BC Hydro into triple digit debt by building Site C for $9 Billion when plans are afoot to pay the Independent Power Producers an inflated price of $56 Billion for their electricity?

Google Search Criteria:

appendix 3a-14 2010 ror – romap report attachment figure 2-8 – potential run-of-river

Why is there a need for Site C when BC Hydro has plans to buy, at twice the $$$$, from IPP?


Norman Farrell

In-Sight February 29, 2016

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Bob Plecas "Pete" still hasn't found his 1976 "Work-Link 2" Newsletter. NOW he's lost Part II MCFD 2016

Merv, over at    has some      Questions and Answers II

 4) The Ministry of Children and Families is getting a funding lift ($170 million or so over 3 years) and new staff. Will those staff be directed to follow court orders? Answer unclear.


..... Plecas was brought in to shield, protect, and ultimately contributed to the government listening to the statutory representative after government had ignored her for years. But for pity’s sake Vaughn… Surely your friend was not the one spending years digging, advocating, reviewing dozens, perhaps hundreds, of similar cases in which underfunding pushed childcare workers beyond the limits of being able to properly function.

 That was Mary-Ellen Turpel-Lafonde. She won’t mention it, but I will. Plecas is just the political fixer, not the advocate. ...... Snip

Taking a step back in time of how effective Government OIC appointee Bob Plecas "Pete" has fared over the years, from start to finish, you'd have to go a way, way, way back to a time when Social Credit Party Premier William Richard Bennett was in control (Page 4 of 11)  from December 22, 1975 to August 6, 1986 (Resigned).

William (the Conqueror) Vander Zalm  succeeded Bill the Elder Sibling on August 6, 1986 to April 2, 1991.

BC Manpower Division

 The Work-link Newsletter 

Volume 1, No. 2 January 15, 1976
Volume 1, No. 1 December 15, 1975
Bob Plecas 1975 flipping taxpayers' coins, and losing

The Case of the missing link???? There were only two (2) issues, first one made it into print, the second??? is all about Work-Link and Burns Lake self sustainable employment.  Work-Link died.

 Now???  Gone???? from a Black and White Two-Stripe Tie to a Colour One-Striper

Work-Link I

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Christy Clark Photo Facts lie: 53,678 photos; 3,044,259 Views and 22 videos

Christy Clark's Crass Advertising for Site C at Bill Bennett's Wake-Up Call

Flickr be damned     22,488 ?????????   Time for the Auditors to step in!!!

BC Gov Photos                       373 Followers•    33 Following       22,488 Photos

67 Categories over seven years    How many images were cast aside?  How many photographers / GCPE time wasted taking the photos?  How much money came out of the Premier's Budget and her disciples?



Thursday, February 11, 2016

BC Hydro Chairman Brad Bennett holding Site C Budget together with fast drying 1% Paint Labour; 0.25% Plumbers and Pipefitters

Why is the Paint department at Site C four times larger than the Plumbers and Pipefitters?

Is the Concrete Structures and Rocks being painted Blue and White to match the BC Liberal Party Colours?

Its difficult, if not impossible, to get a straight answer from the BC Liberals and their Appointees.  It takes the likes of a deleter George Gretes from the GCPE do gooders to really throw a wrench into the BC Hydro system.   Poor old hapless BC Hydro Chairman Brad Bennett has taken it for granted that the GCPE can add, especially when a 1.25% error can make or break a budget of  $9 Billion.

The GCPE produced a 'Labour Requirement' document that balances British Columbia (and Alberta's and TFW) workforce on a razor's edge between all of the proposed LNG projects up against Site C.

The 27th Premier of British Columbia in 1981 was William Richards Bennett.

Old Bill knew how to crunch numbers, get it right.

Christy Clark?????? not smart at all.

The BC Hydro Engineers from the 1980s B.C. (British Columbia) sharpened their pencils so fine under the guidance of Premier Bill Bennett that they gave him the exact number of 5,418 workers to complete their Site C proposal.   Today's BC Liberals can't give an exact number .... except 100% which equates, supposedly, to a 'Per-Year Average' range of 8,000 workers.

The building plan from day one by either date of 1981 or 2015 was to repeat the success of the W.A.C. Bennett Dam which used a conveyor belt to move the heavy stuff to the dam, continuously.

As you can see from this image .... Downtown Fort St. John is being moved, rock by rock, to become the Dam.

 The major difference between 1981 and 2015 is the lack of oversight from an independent body: eg. British Columbia Utilities Commission (BCUC) which insisted on a number.  5,418, included the Culinary workers and the Office and Technical (Draughtsman).   Christy Clark has NOT included them in her calculations which will mean that the numbers will be buried elsewhere in the Government books. 

For some reason the BC Liberals have decided not to count the White Collared Cooks, the Bottle Washers, Stewards and the chorus of pencil sharpeners of Engineers who typically produce reports in the thousand of pages each.   The only workers included in the 2015 version are the hands on blue-collared tradesmen.

Accountability of the dam workers existence is not being measured in Heads of Men and Women as individuals.  They have been reduced to mere percentages points.   

1981 "Blue Paper No. 5  Labour Considerations"       ?????

A Blue Paper prepared by The Ministry of Labour for the British Columbia Utilities Commission public review of the British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority Site C generation/transmission project application.
 October 1981
1981 JOBS are not counted in % of 100
Average Workforce 1981 over seven years: 774

Translated into a Pie format its all about the Who Who's in the Unions
Not Percentages: 5,148 Man-Years Pie, assembled by Union Jobs


Premier Bill Bennett:  1981 Site C Average Workforce:  774 jobs;

Premier Christy Clark  2016 Site C Average Workforce: 100% 

Apples and Oranges measuring.   

It would be easy to say that 774 is equal to 100% in 2016 Dollars

BC Liberals are claiming:

Eight Thousand  "......8,000 person-years of employment." - CBC

Labour Requirements for Site C and LNG

In percentages, of course.

So here is where the GCPE have led BC Hydro Chairman Brad Bennett astray.

Structurally the Dam is Rock.

Rock in Concrete.

Metal.  Re-Bar

Metal in pipes.

Copper in Wiring.

How is it then that:

1% of the workforce will be Painters;

1% will be Cement Masons;

.25% will be Plumbers and Pipefitters (1/4 of 1 percent)

The Numbers just don't add up, correctly.  100 too many.

 The project, which has undergone a thorough and independent multi-year environmental assessment process, will start construction in summer 2015 and will provide approximately 10,000 direct construction jobs


List of Exhibits BC Hydro    from 1981   25 Pages

Google Search:  Site C manpower years:  1981 document    Page 63 of 68


WorkBC latest Postings of Jobs that are NOT listed in those trades ON the dam above

7 jobs   February 13, 2016

8,000 now 10,000


Two questions on this story, from good info received this evening: 1) How many were workers from Alberta and 2) How many were offered cash to stand in line? 

February 19, 2016 Global News

Over a thousand people lined up at both the Dawson Creek job fair on Thursday and the Fort St. John fair today.
BC Hydro says the $9 billion mega-project will create 10,000 person-years of employment during its construction, and workers are needed in a number of trades.