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Has Nelson "Galvania" iron fertilization off Haida Gwaii broken the "padlocks" on the tetonic plates of the Pacific North West?

"Did the ocean iron fertilization in Haida Gwaii islands a couple of weeks ago, cause the earthquake  yesterday?   Just a thought."     - From a BBC concerned citizen
UPDATE: September 4, 2013   Oceanus Magazine:


Will Ocean Iron Fertilization Work?
Getting carbon into the ocean is one thing. Keeping it there is another.


As tectonic plates go, the Pacific one is slowly slipping beneath the North America plate.

What holds them together are the "padlocks" of lithosphere, which has a higher strength and lower density than the underlying asthenosphere.

Iron fertilization, with Nelson Skalbania's involvement, has "rusted" those "padlocks".

How Iron fertilization is suppose to work:

Wikipedia: "Iron is a trace element necessary for photosynthesis in all plants."

If you've forgotten about photosynthesis:  

"....Photosynthesis is a process used by plants and other organisms to convert the light energy captured from the sun into chemical energy that can be used to fuel the organism's activities. ..."

In 2007, Planktos Corp. tossed 45 tons of iron filings overboard near the Galapagos Islands:

Planktos Corp. has made headlines in newspapers around the globe, including the New York Times and the Daily Telegraph, on account of its plan to toss 45 tons of iron filings into the South Pacific Ocean near the Galapagos Islands. The theory is that this will stimulate plankton growth, which will promote the absorption of carbon dioxide and impede global warming.

The idea, the Times noted, is similar to planting forests full of carbon-inhaling trees, which is what Planktos is also doing in Hungary.

So how will Planktos make money from these ventures?

In both projects, environmentally conscious corporations and individuals will have the opportunity to offset the carbon dioxide they emit by paying Planktos a few dollars for every ton of carbon dioxide their projects absorb from the atmosphere. - The Vancouver Sun June 23, 2007  

You may be about to laugh at our logic here at the BBC, but to hear a proponent say that the process of  photosynthesis turned the tide to favour "Galvania" theorists near the Galapagos Island, therefore it will work off of Haida Gwaii as well, ..... isn't quite true when it comes to the god called "Sunlight".

Galapagos Islands Temperatures range from 69°-84°F / 21°-30°C
 People living on the Equator, experience only Two Seasons.

Haida Gwaii  Temperature range   32°-64.4°F  /  0°-18°C
 Haida Gwaii has .... Four Seasons

Key Points to Understand

• Slanted light does not heat objects as quickly as direct light.

• Because the Earth is nearly round, the equator receives direct light, and the poles receive slanted light, with a gradation in between.

• Due to the differential heating of the Earth’s surface (unequal heating of all regions), it is always warmer at the equator than at the poles.

Background Information

Temperatures at the equator are, on average, the hottest on the planet. It is a common misunderstanding that it is hotter at the equator because the equator is closer to the sun. Its location at the center of the Earth is what makes its average temperature warmer than any other place on Earth, because the equator always receives direct sunlight, whether it is summer or winter. Because of the Earth’s spherical shape, sunlight hits the equator directly year-round, unlike the North and South Poles. ........

Source:  Grade 6 to 8


Daylight to Night, Summer to Fall and back to Summer,at the Equator (Galapagos), is an almost even split of 12 hours on, 12 hours off

Daylight to Night, at Haida Gwaii, in the Winter .... :

Being as far north as we are (above 54 deg N), the Winter daylight is very short with the Sun (if we see it at all) after 8:30AM local, and Setting shortly after 3:00 PM. The sun doesn't Rise more than about 20 degrees above the horizon.   Six and half Hours!
..... the middle of summer, the Sun rises before 5:00am with Sunset not until after 10:00pm.  Seventeen Hours!     DX is ham radio shorthand for "distance"

There are some similarities between Haida Gwaii and the Galapagos:

The diverse geography and landscape of the Islands is reflected in its biological diversity. There are a large number of plant and animal species and sub-species that are only found on the archipelago. This is one reason why the Islands are often referred to as “the Galapagos of the North.”

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Off shore oil patch around Haida Gwaii Region struck by 7.7 Earthquake

Update: October 30, 2012  List of Historic Tsunamis WORLD WIDE
1700:  Vancouver Island               1700 Cascadia earthquake

The CBC has it here.

As much as Enbridge, China and Harper wants to extract our liquid resources, over the objection of protesters, whether it's the Northern Gateway Pipeline, or Coal mined by Chinese miners or the Conservative Party of Canada selling out Canadians for 31 years.... 2043,..... Mother Nature does have a way of saying WHOA!!!!!

Hypothetically, based upon facts of having seen the Japanese devastation in March of 2011, the Public's concern is not so much about One oil tanker being caught up in the middle of a 7.7 Earthquake, it's the compounding factor or the 10 Projects slated for Kitimat which will increase the  marine tanker traffic by a factor of 10.  Tonight's warning says that the Tsunamis will cover and area from Alaska to California.   The Kitimat area has already had it's share of TWO Tsunamis in 1974 and 1975, detailed by a Geomorphologist, which caused the whole marine terminal to slip "downhill" under water!

Now we know, maybe, that the Earthquake here wasn't caused by all the Fracturing that Alberta has been doing, but it was only two years ago that we the destruction that was caused in the Gulf of Mexico because of a broken underwater oil gusher........ and now there's talk here in British Columbia where the BC Liberals want to lift the Moratorium on our off-shore oil fields.

Think Gulf of Mexico.   The Nestucca that was punctured by it's own tug started leaking oil near the shores of Oregon and that oil got as far north as Long Beach and more.

Think again.  One floundering Oil Tanker???   Ten Oil Tankers in Open Water???? Ten Oil Tankers in the confined space of Douglas Channel????

Could it be that the Japanese Tsunami generated flotsam and jetsam will be finding it's way back to Japan, because of OUR Tsunami?   And is the Ring of Fire somehow connected?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

British Columbia: Cobweb covered RCMP Reports kept safe and sound by the Legislative Library for 33 Years

The saddest part about British Columbia is that neither the Legislative Library nor the RCMP , have a clue as to what's in their respective "collections" of tales and Reports and even more Reports......, the public included.

The BC Legislature Library can't even put a number on just how many documents they have, no matter which medium they are created on.  The Legislative Librarians see their collection as a still expanding universe, especially with the advent of higher and larger quality photo copying machines.  .......keeping Librarian personal documents from being mixed in with government scanned documents would help keep the numbers down. ....   There is a downside for the Library, their Budget.

Although the BC Liberal's cut the Libraries budget by $420,000 this year, there is a silver lining for the shelving department.   A fellow employee has promised to add a Codicil to his Will in ten months time, donating $500,000, less taxes paid... upon his demise.  Let's pray shall we, ...............Oh God, may he live long enough for the Codicil to be written, signed, sealed and delivered, eventually.   But really, the destination for the donation should be received by the Treasury of BC, not the Legislative Library..... for it was the Treasury that the money came out of, not the Budget for the Legislative Library.

The RCMP appears to have turned a blind eye on past Reports ordered by the Attorney General of British Columbia, specifically the one published in March of 1979.

Is there any Commanding Officer in Division E of the RCMP in British Columbia who can remember reading the Report from March of 1979?   Probably not, otherwise changes would have been made, the public educated on the Do's and Don'ts of hitchhiking, lives would have been saved, cases closed, instead, the RCMP waited for someone to die in prison, in the USA.  While other serial killers are still walking Free.

The Report was made available to all Officers in 1979, even the most impressionable younger ones like the officer who has become the focal point for CBC's: what an Officer should wear, WITH his boots, on.

Another RCMP officer has been relegated to a rural part of BC, somewhere, anywhere, to keep him out of the limelight, because he crossed the line in another Province when it came to not respecting another officer's personal space.   No guarantee that there won't be a second encounter in either instance, or new cases added for other infractions.

.... 33 years ago, ten years after the Highway of Tears started to happen in 1969, The Report was published, centering on RAPE in British Columbia, involving mostly young women, some men.

The BC Legislative Library recently scanned their copy of the original Report for a "Patron" of the Library.   Was it for the Press, the Police, or the Public to peruse?   Was it only requested because of a death of that inmate in a prison in the United States of America?  The prisoner's DNA matched the DNA found on victims, but why did it take so long?

The "Report" that the Attorney General of BC          (Garde Gardom 22 Dec. 1975 - 24 Nov. 1979) received in March of 1979, is titled, "Rape in British Columbia", written by Nancy Goldsberry.  The document is available in the BC Legislative Library.


Gone are the days of books like Tropic of Cancer (1934) to keep officials awake who partake in stonewalling debates and/or interrogations, necessary evils, to accommodate long hours of work that when the times comes offenders will be held accountable to our Courts, Laws of the Land enacted by Legislatures, enforced by Police officers and prosecutors alike, all done in the best interest of the Public, supposedly.

In today's world it's necessary for some people, RCMP officers included, to carry pocket size knife devices, flash drives, which contain graphic images of crime scenes and as it turns out, more importantly, personal scenes as well.  How's one to tell which is which?  Trust an RCMP officer's Judgement to be discreet, and not mix his fantasies of being a dominant role player  ...... while interrogating a person who has just been Raped?  Trust their life saving decision calls to their Judgement, their professional Training?


"Sado-masochism,"   ....... a word gleaned from the CBC story above, was used to search the Legislative Library.  There is one result, one copy, one source.  Why?

Why have this novel kept under lock and key of the Legislative Library and restricted for Assembly Users ONLY?

Endless knot [electronic resource] : a spiritual odyssey through sado-masochism / by Mathew Styranka.
by Styranka, Mathew, 1964-
Toronto [Ont.] : Insomniac Press, c2001.

  • Canadian electronic library. Books collection.
  • URL: 
    An electronic book accessible through the World Wide Web; click to view
    159 p. ; 22 cm.
    Electronic document. Saint-Lazare, Quebec : Gibson Library Connections, 2008. Canadian electronic library. Books collection.
    Local Notes: 
    Licensed resource. Access for Assembly users only.
    1894663101 (pbk.) :

    So too, another novel using the word "sadist" called Free Form Jazz   with the same restrictions   Access for Assembly users only.   How many more are stored in the Legislative Library, and Why?


    As to the Report to the Ministry of the Attorney General of BC (1979) "Rape in British Columbia":

    Pages 45

    " .... Rapists tend to fall along a continuum. At one end of the continuum is the man who makes no attempt to disguise his behaviour, and who does not see it as wrong because he does not believe that his victim's wishes are of any relevance whatsoever. Rape is a meaningless concept to him, because he does not see women as self-determining individuals. 
    At the other end of the continuum is the rapist who will try to avoid seeing his actions as rape. He recognizes that his victim has (at least theoretically) the right to refuse intercourse, and will therefore attempt to deny the coerciveness of the act and to characterize it, instead, as a "date" or a "seduction".

    Nicholas Groth defines rape as the sensual expression of needs that are not primarily sexual. Groth has identified three types of rape from cases assessed at a psychiatric clinic: anger rape, sadistic rape and power rape. Anger, power and sadism operated in all rapes according to this theory, to different degrees. ......"

    Page 48:   ......hitchhikers....    1979

    "....The theory behind victim-precipitation is often used to explain why women should not hitchhike. Women who get into the cars of strange men:

    1. should know better, and

    2. are "asking for it".

    So it is that "The morals of the female hitchhiker are viewed by certain elements of society as similar to those of a tramp".

    The authors of this study on hitchhike rape comment further, "the offenders are not responding to any abnormal pathology, but view their victims as persons to be sexually exploited in the same manner as prostitutes. ....."

    Page 50

     In reality, it is clear that some men who pick up hitchhikers may have very different motives than the rider who wants to get from point A to point B.

    43 years after the killings started, the Province newspaper published another article, as recent as September 12,  2012, on the Highway(s) of Tears.   Thirty-Three years after the Report in 1979, the RCMP admitted that they were unaware of hitchhiking problems in Northern British Columbia! 

     Some cases date to 1969, all remain unsolved with the victims linked to hitchhiking near Highways 16, 97 or 5.

    "We were really unaware of just how prevalent the hitchhiking problems are within these communities," said RCMP North District Staff-Sgt. Gord Flewelling.

    North District RCMP have decided to work with the University of Northern B.C. to put together a study to better understand hitch-hiking, based on data collected from officers' conversations with hitchhikers and an online survey from the university. ...... SNIP

    Obviously the RCMP, the current bunch, have NEVER seen the Report from 1979!   Now they might!

    Coincidentally, or specifically, the reason that Willie Pickton rained down so much grief on those who lived in Vancouver's downtown eastside, was because of RCMP and the Vancouver Police Department failed to read historical documents that would have stopped the killings a long time ago.

    Thursday, October 11, 2012

    Escalating BC Ferries fares are related to......the Port Mann Bridge?

    One of the stranger outcomes of the Coquihalla highway saga is the way its runaway cost seems to have contributed to the recent fare increase on the B.C. ferries.   - Vaughn Palmer August 28, 1987 Vancouver Sun

    Could it be possible that the Port Mann Bridge could be causing the New Era issue of the BC Ferries Service to fall prey to another government ploy, of shifting funds, from one area to please another sector of the public?

    The Coquihalla, compared to the Port Mann Bridge II, was built for a small clientele base and those that it served were threatening to haul one MLA out of the Legislature if he didn't stop the sell off of the Coq for 50 years to a Concessionaire.    Remember the promise made by Bill Bennett, the Premier, in 1986?  In twenty years the traffic volume via Tolls, would have paid for the highway, and what did the BC Liberals want to do...... sell it!