Friday, September 30, 2016

BC ORL: 'Had I been focusing on this particular report alone ......'

Blair Lekstrom

[44]  Had I been focusing on this particular report alone, I would have been inclined to levy the penalty at $3000.  However, since the lobbyist is facing THREE separate administrative penalties which, together, will be the LARGEST penalty issued by the ORL to date, I have exercised my discretion to set the amount in this case at $2,000.


1.   The alleged contravention has been substantiated.  Under s. 7.2(2) of the LRA I find that the lobbyist contravened s. 3(1) of the LRA when he failed to file the return within the legislated timelines.

2.   For failing to comply with s. 3(1) of the LRA, the lobbyist has been assessed an administrative penalty of $2,000.

3   The lobbyist must pay this penalty no later than November 5, 2015.

4   If the lobbyist request reconsideration under s. 7.3 of the LRA, he is to do so within 30 days of receiving this decision by providing a letter in writing directed to the Registrar of Lobbyist at the following address, setting out the grounds on which consideration is requested:


Upon Reconsidering of Penalties


Blair Lekstrom:
Senior Advisor to the chairman of HD Mining Penggui Yan

Saturday, September 24, 2016

W.A.C. Bennett Dam's Crisis of Holes, discovered in 1999

The Sixty-Story Crisis by Anne Mullens

 Unlike a tsunami, the destruction wouldn't simply peak and stop.  The pent-up waters of Williston Lake would just keep coming, seeking to return to its natural elevation.  The waters would flow for weeks, scouring away communities like Old Fort, Taylor, Peace River, Fort Smith and beyond.
What is not mentioned is the NEW ten year project of Site C dam being built at Old Fort aka Fort St. John.

W.A.C. Bennett dam is billed out as being able to withstand a 7.6 tremor.   Do those calculation included the holes, weakening, of the structure's integrity?

Safety Upgrades to W.A.C. Bennett Dam

 W.A.C. Bennett Dam RipRap Upgrades  Procedural Orders

O  R  D  E  R

A.      On November 13, 2015, British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority (BC Hydro) filed the W.A.C. Bennett Dam Riprap Upgrade Project application (Application) and statement of capital expenditures with the British Columbia Utilities Commission (Commission) under section 44.2(1)(b) of the Utilities Commission Act (UCA) and requests acceptance pursuant to section 44.2(3)(a) of the UCA;
B.      The W.A.C. Bennett Dam Riprap Upgrade Project (the Project) will address inadequate long-term erosion protection of the W.A.C. Bennett Dam (the Dam) located on the Peace River approximately eighteen kilometres west of the town of Hudson’s Hope. The Project involves:
         replacing portions of the failed rock armour layer, also known as riprap, on the upstream face of the Dam;
         development and operation of the Sand Flat quarry to source the required volume of riprap;
         transportation by truck of the riprap from the Sand Flat quarry to the Dam; and
         temporary stockpiling of riprap near the Dam;

C.      The Project cost is estimated at $137.1 million within a range of capital expenditures from $109.7 million to $171.4 million;

D.      Quarry construction is scheduled to start in 2016 and the Project is expected to be completed in 2021; and
E.       The Commission has determined that a public hearing is necessary for the review of the Application.


Quarry construction is scheduled to start in 2016 which allows for Dam construction to be completed in 2019 and reclamation of the quarry in 2020. The Project cost is estimated at $137.1 million within a range of capital expenditures from $109.7 million (-20%) to $171.4 million (+25%). BC Hydro’s customer rates would initially be impacted in 2018 and for the $137.1 million capital estimate would increase by a maximum 0.18% in 2021. The corresponding maximum rate increase is 0.14% and 0.22% for the -20% and +25% capital cost estimates respectively. 

Saturday, September 17, 2016

VPLibrary yields 1988 Hydro poll to plot privatization plan: Glen Clark Energy Critic

The moment that the internet came along, public libraries stopped clipping newspaper articles.  The place to go today to see the demarcation line on time is the downtown branch of the Vancouver Public Library, fifth floor, north east corner.

Outside the house, Clark said a whole section of the poll concerned privatization.  The government has announced that it is selling the gas, rail and research and development divisions of Hydro.

Clark, who obtained a copy of the poll, said it asked:

"Would you like to see private sector businesses or companies more involved in designing, building operating generating stations and the electricity distribution systems in BC. or no?'

Clark said the question  went beyond  what has been proposed for privatization -- and hinted at "a radically new plan which involves selling new plan which involves selling dams, selling electricity generation stations, new dams being constructed by the private sector, private facilities, essentially selling everything in British Columbia except the wires."

Energy Minister Jack Davis said the principal finding of the survey was that "Hydro was seen as big and perhaps even competent but inscrutable, hard to deal with, difficult from a customer point of view and that Hydro had to become more human, if you like."

BC Hydro's 'Last Spikes' rail sale has job promises AND retains the Right-Of-Way just like BC Rail's 900 year lease with CNR:

Itel Rail Corp. will consider building a car maintenance shop in B.C. to serve its new shortline and its parent's lease car fleet.  A similar shop approved for an Alabama location will cost $4.5 million US and employ 65.

While Itel will acquire track bed rights to the year 2064, CP Rail will have running rights over a key 12 - km section of Hydro line IN PERPETUITY, in return for a $6.3 million payment.

The 12-km section of line, south of the Fraser River, is used by CP Rail trains delivering coal to an export loading terminal at Roberts Bank.

CP Rail will maintain the segment of former Hydro line and Itel traffic will be able to operate over it FREE of charge.

A CP Rail spokesman said one motive for making the purchase is avoidance of the complication of having Itel involved in the coal haul, with the risk of unrelated labor problems.

In 1987, Hydro drew $200,000 in usage fees from the Roberts Bank coal traffic traffic.

Overall, Hydro's rail division had revenues of $21.5 million and net income of $2.2 million in 1987.

Itel will take over the rail division's 212 employees and honor existing union contracts.

Hydro RETAINS title to the rights-of-way to be controlled by CP Rail and Itel.

Hydro's chairman and chief executive officer Larry Bell said the rights-of-way have huge potential as transportation corridors and, once LOST through the surrender of freehold, would be impossible to regain.

Itel's short-listed rival for the Hydro line were Essex Terminal Railway Co. of Windsor, Ont., and two Vancouver-based companies, Pacific Northern Rail Contractors Corp. and Seanix Technology Inc.

Monday, September 12, 2016

W.A.C Bennett Dam has its $121 Million SinkHole to contend with. How about BC Hydro's Buntzen Lake Sinkhole?

We were out for a walk today, Buntzen Lake's 10 kilometre loop trail.

We came across a situation that reminded us about an earlier POST regarding BC Hydro:
With a 8.0 tremor, would the Williston Reservoir create a Grand Canyon II in Alberta/Northwest Territories?

BC Hydro, again, at Buntzen Lake:

Would a sinkhole create a landslide which would create a tsunami that would breach BC Hydro's intake and drain Buntzen Lake altogether into Indian Arm, .... and knock out a FREE "supply of electricity for generations"?

Laila Yuile has W.A.C. Bennett Dam covered.  BC Hydro sinkhole #1

DANGER Unstable Slopes    Keep Back ..... from the fence????

Underneath the rock is daylight below, a lake too.  Watch where you step!!!!

49° 21.887'N 122° 51.252'W
Just how unstable is this section of the trail?  Can't we use the BC Hydro 'Power Road' above? Or is it just as dangerous for motor vehicles?


Metro Vancouver in background,   "Say Nuth Khaw Yum Provincial Park" [aka Indian Arm Park] in foreground

Friday, September 9, 2016

Metro Vancouver WaterWorks fixed at Lost Lagoon, meanwhile up at Cleveland Bridge ....... the Damn Bridge

The sign says Dam, and it looks like a Dam .... but

The Damn Dam is a Damn Bridge looking West

The Damn Dam is a Damn Bridge looking to the East

The truck slowly making its way through the DAMN scaffolding was done without a flagperson, not that there was that many people in the area, but it was open to the general public...

The point is, why wasn't there someone helping the driver to maneuver between the opposing 'legs' of the supporting scaffolding when over on the west construction PARKING lot there was someone, assisting.

Low Tide at the Reservoir  September 2016

High Tide at Reservoir January 2017

Cleveland Dam Drum Gate Recoating Project

How does Cleveland Dam's "Best in Class" Park Deroche and WestCan Scaffolding Inc compare to Site C contractors?

And talking about dams, and Construction Safety Management Plan, eg. Site C Dam

Page 22 of 74

Has anyone seen the inside of the source of the Capilano River, immediately downstream of the Damn Bridge?  Is it a gated community?