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Lone Wolves All. by Robin Mathews, March 2019

One Wolves All

The fact that the Canadian Mainstream Press and Media is almost wholly mismanaged and misused might be symbolized or characterized in a recent column by (what I call) one of media's most direct voices from The Deep State.

The Deep State is the seemingly faceless organization which is showing a little of its face in the SNC-Lavalin attempt to overthrow Canada's Rule of Law. The Deep State has already had legislation passed across the Western World that exempts [in fact] criminals in Big Corporations from facing Criminal Charges.

Not a bad day's work, you might say.

Margaret Wente, seeming to want to clear up the "confusions" of intemperate people, works to create what I say is a huge, false rewrite of history and fact.  For some reason (and we will see the reason pretty clearly) she suggests that anti-Muslim acts in the West are carried out solely by insane individuals, "lone wolves all".  They are people who choose whatever extreme belief is there to act upon.

Working the phrase lone wolves all into her Globe and Mail column of March 23, 2019 (0ll), Ms. Wente seems to want to silence all those disorderly and suspect people who suggest major powers and State institutions (even cooperating)  create Islamophobic Events in order to mislead whole populations.

Of course, Ms. Wente uses the Christchurch, New Zealand massacre of the innocent (which a few claim was a highly organized State-operative-involved False Flag) to underscore her main point that some appear to be exaggerating the extent of Islamophobia in the West.

It would be pretty hard to do that if one is referring not only to the people's but to governments and Deep State-connected others.  Look at fact and history.

The Soviet Union crashed and burned in the late 1980s, and in the early 1990s, a new 'enemy of the West' was produced in the USA by Samuel P. Huntington who put forward the theory of the (necessary) 'Clash of Civilizations', especially Islamic and Christian civilizations.

That idea fed (and undeniably related to) 9/11 (2001) and to the on-going and totally fake war begun in 2003 against Iraq and Afghanistan  to be followed by Libya, and then Syria, and the trapped Palestinians, etcetera.  (So much for Ms. Wente's 'one wolves all').

We don't have to go along, at all, with the researchers who insist the destruction of the new York Trade Towers in 9/11/2001 had nothing to do with Muslim terrorists.  We can believe (or pretend?) Islamists were involved. Even so, no sane human beings say anything else than the (pretended) cause of the War in Iraq (possession of weapons of mass destruction) was completely and wholly fraudulent and fabricated out of thin air!  There was no reason to go to war against Iraq.

That fact substantiates a multi-State Islamophobia in the West.

Building upon highly organized, multi-State Islamophobia (and some say) creating and assisting fake Islamic Terrorist Acts by phoney Islamic mad people 'lone wolves all' (to quote Ms. Wente), Western States in 'the Club' have been (many of them), and are anti-Muslim, 'Islamophobic', in their open or in their clandestine policies.

To her everlasting shame (in co-ordination with all the Mainstream Press and Media) Ms. Wente erases (by ignoring) a major, proved, fraudulent Islamophobic Terrorist Event constructed within the Canadian State in order to teach Canadians Islamophobia!

A large number of RCMP personnel "acting from the headquarters office in Ottawa and the B.C. centre" went to work in 2013 to entrap, to criminalize, to try, to convict, and to jail (probably for life) two wholly innocent (and entrapable) recent converts to Islam supposedly manufacturing a terrible Islamic Terrorist Event.  The purpose had to be to influence Canadians against people of Muslim faith.

Fate, however, intervened in the shape of two competent Defence lawyers for the pair and a B.C. Supreme Court judge who could see through the whole, intricate, massively expensive Fraud.  In 2016 B.C. Supreme Court justice Catherine Bruce struck down the jury finding of guilty.  That's how close the RCMP was to a successful criminal entrapment of innocents. And in December, 2018, three judges on the B.C. Appeals Court supported Justice Bruce's findings unanimously.

(You will not have learned of this, as you should have done, by any serious treatment of the subject in Canada's completely sold-out Mainstream Press and Media: see Ms. Wente's column, for instance.)

Who ordered the RCMP to fake a Major Islamic Terrorist Event at the B.C. Legislature grounds?  Why has no one in the RCMP been charged with Criminal Conspiracy?  What countries allied to Canada would be pleased to have a fake Islamic Terrorist Event in Victoria, B.C. succeed?  What kind of people are willing to entrap innocents, criminalize them falsely, and jail them, almost forever?  Surely Ms. Wente will have answers to all of those questions and more you wish to ask.

Surely she will publish a series of columns in the Globe and Mail to make sure the truth is widely known and to explain why no obviously criminal RCMP people face charges for crimes that ordinary Canadians would, without question be facing with the harshest punishment that the Canadian Rule of Law can mete out, waiting for them upon being declared guilty.

Robin Mathews

Tuesday, March 19, 2019


Ongoing Genocide caused by Judicial Suppression of the Existing Aboriginal Rights
                                           Part Two
 by Robin Mathews

                                               We turn away, easily, from injustice done to others.

Anyone in Canada who can read should read this book by Bruce Clark.  It opens up such important aspects of history and politics and justice in Canada that it should be required reading by all those in the country who can read. At least two points of focus are present in Bruce Clark’s Ongoing Genocide. Perhaps the most important is the betrayal of the Constitution and laws growing from it by the Courts in Canada and the Legal Establishment in order to impose upon the indigenous peoples an arbitrary and illicit regime that has and does lead to their deracination, alienation, social isolation, unnecessary illnesses and very high levels of suicide.  (Quite apart from robbing them of their real status in law and in the courts.)

Part One of this column, devoted to the subject, reviewed the process by which “as an unvarying constant” the judicial and legal Establishments in Canada have created an illegitimate regime of judge-made law that goes unchallenged and that contradicts the clearest Constitutional statements and flowing from them -  the precedents upon which the fabric of justice is (normally) maintained.

Part One also proposed that bastardized law and adjudication are not confined to indigenous matters but are very frequently almost as a parallel and so, perhaps, in some sort of relation  the rule of actions in the Higher Courts whenever  Established Power, criminal government, and/or large Corporate Power come into contention with the Constitution (and, therefore come into the realm of Canada’s judicial and legal Establishments).

What needs also to be focused upon is Bruce Clark himself, his struggle to gain justice for the indigenous peoples, his having been cited for Contempt of Court, imprisoned, and disbarred and, therefore, prevented, ever again, from engaging in the practice of law.

The reason he was disbarred is simple and in perfect harmony with the large betrayal of the Constitution and laws properly growing with and from it.  The assembly undertaking the adjudication of his status agreed that Clark was serious, articulate, informed, and skillful in his presentation of fact and argument. Brought against him at some point was an allegation that his unpopular opinion had been answered (already) forty times!  If it had been answered even once (by, of course, a judge) a record would be available: none exists. That his position was prevented from being articulated in any way recognizable by the Court is quite another matter. Being denied the right to articulate the position for the court to consider is quite another condition.

And so “with the greatest regret of course” and only because he would not accept the fraudulent denial (and attempted erasure) of the Constitutional realities concerning the indigenous peoples Bruce Clark was, regretfully, disbarred from the practice of law: because of the finding that the solicitor is ungovernable (p. 98)

His story is known by many familiar with indigenous history in Canada.  It is not unknown among judges and lawyers across Canada.  And yet there is no movement among bright young lawyers (or bright old judges!) to re-visit the persecution of Bruce Clark and to seek justice in his case.  Seeking justice apparently has very little to do with the lives and the professional conduct of the members of the Legal and Judicial Establishments in Canada.

Unfortunately, in his description of the usurpations of the Constitutional identity of Canada’s indigenous peoples, Bruce Clark cannot do anything else but point to the (knowing) participation of the Judicial and Legal Establishments in that process.  Judges (and lawyers) have to know when judge-made law is usurping the Constitution and Constitutionally-empowered law.

Populations (not just Canadians) respond to knowledge of serious injustices done to others with remarkable calm.  History has many astonishing precedents. In the 1630s Galileo was forced by the then all-powerful Roman Catholic faith to recant his proposition that the earth moved around the sun and was not the centre of the solar system (or, indeed, of the whole universe). We laugh, now, about the foolishness of power at that time forgetting, perhaps, that Galileo was punished for life and forced to live under continuing house arrest.

In time, perhaps, Canadians will laugh at the stupid Canadian State, the stupid judicial and legal Establishments which engaged in the destruction of Bruce Clark’s career as a lawyer, permanently punishing him (like Galileo) for speaking the truth.

But for anyone with the smallest sense of fair-mindedness and a shred of belief that justice can win out in Canada, justice for Bruce Clark sometime in the future is not good enough.  Where is the lawyer or the judge who will begin, now, the movement to erase the astonishing injustice and indignity visited upon Bruce Clark? Surely there is one man or one woman in the legal and judicial Establishments willing and able to take on that task.  Unless of course being a member of either of those Establishments absolutely rules out such a possibility.

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Saturday, March 2, 2019

SNC-Lavalin: The Tip Of An Enormous Deep State Iceberg. - Robin Mathews

SNC-Lavalin: The Tip Of An Enormous Deep State Iceberg.

                    By Robin Mathews .  March 2019

SNC-Lavalin, the large Canadian engineering firm at the centre of the present Liberal government crisis engendered by the treatment of former Attorney General/Minister of Justice and Minister of Veterans Affairs, Jody Wilson-Raybould, is merely the tip of an enormous iceberg.

The gyrations of SNC-Lavalin to have a law passed (obscurely in a Liberal Omnibus Bill in 2018) that permits it (and giant firms like it) to write deferred prosecution agreements (in what is called a remediation regime) may be seen as nothing more than another private/corporate attack on the Rule of Law  supported by the present Canadian (Liberal) government in power.

That government, I suggest, is acknowledging the growing reality of A Regime For The Very Rich Outside The Law and a law for us, the unimportant others.  The move should be seen, I suggest, as a full-scale attack on The Rule of Law in Canada.

In briefest words: the kinds of agreement (already at work in some other Western nations) permit wrong-doers to escape criminal conviction by paying large sums of money and repenting their sins ! ! !  (Remember that Fraud Charges may  normally occur in such matters, pointing to fairly long jail sentences for individuals, real people involved in the criminal charges normally set in motion.)  The Remediation Regime works to erase that possibility completely so that individuals are never guilty of criminal acts!

Might the process be seen as the bribery of governments by ˜wink-wink-nudge-nudge friends who “ anyway (as with SNC-Lavalin) give large sums to the Party that has become the government in power?  Might the process be seen as the actual codification of the separation of powerful (Deep State) organizations from the Rule of Law in national jurisdictions? The answer is, probably, YES.

Canadians should observe the huge consideration that was given to SNC-Lavalin through the whole process.  The Corporation sought and received dozens and dozens of meetings [more than 50 times, Globe and Mail, A-11, Mar.1, 2019] with MPs, cabinet ministers over months and months to "in effect“ move huge Private Corporations outside The Rule of Law while claiming they are merely assisting in a change in the application of The Rule of Law.

And then SNC Lavalin appears to have used more lobbyist meetings in order to have Liberal sympathizers (including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau) pressure the Attorney General of Canada to impose a deferred prosecution agreement against the decision of the Prosecutor Office.

In that regard, the highest Civil Servant in Canada supposedly clean of political colouring Michael Wernick, the Clerk of the Privy Council, entered the fray on behalf of SNC-Lavalin in attempts to force the hand of Jody Wilson-Raybould.  As an important member of a council much misunderstood the Canadian Privy Council to the Queen of Canada (not to the Queen of the United Kingdom), and as highest Civil Servant (the actively non-political arm of government servants) Michael Wernick like some grubby hack-lobbyist debased the position of Clerk of the Privy Council and of all Canadian Civil Servants, many will say, and should resign immediately to restore the confidence Canadians have in their historically admirable body of Civil Servants.

If huge bribes are necessary to get contracts in some foreign countries which act outside The Rule of Law, then SNC-Lavalin and the Liberal Party of Canada seem to be saying don't work to bring those countries under The Rule of Law.  Instead, degrade Canada to their level of criminal behaviour as the normal state of doing business.

That is a fact of present government (and Deep State criminal influence) in the Western World  that must be stopped in its tracks. That is the nine-tenths of the SNC-Lavalin Iceberg out-of-sight. That is, quite simply, the smoke-and-mirrors effort to con Canadians into thinking the removal of large corporations in Canada from the Rule of Law is, in fact, bringing them through special recognition into full relation to the Rule of Law! !

The tendency across the Western World (notably in Europe) is towards the creation of apparently democratic neo-liberal governments which not long ago in history were called proto-fascist governments.  Whatever their apparent focus national or international their basic loyalty was and is to big Capital; their basic intention is to release great wealth from the restriction of the Rule of Law, their basic goal is to create a New World Order characterized by domination of a Deep State over all of the rest of life: human, ecological, spatial.

Canadians are indebted to Jody Wilson-Raybould and her integrity bringing to the attention of the population not only the shabby values of the PM and PMO and of the Clerk of the Privy Council, Michael Wernick but also the destructive and possibly highly criminal actions of large corporations in league with a Canadian government to pervert and/or by-pass The Rule of Law in Canada.

The deferred prosecution legislation for large corporations must be erased from Canadian legislation.  Which Party will promise that in the coming election??


[Thirty Liberal MPs registered their opinions of the treatment of Jody Wilson-Raybould in the March 2 Globe and Mail. None saw her as being unfairly pressured by the PM or PMO or others to impose a deferred prosecution regime upon the Prosecutions Office. None mentioned that she was dumped from the position of Justice Minister and Attorney General when she refused to buckle to the pressure which, they are all confident, was never applied.]

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