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Vancouver, British Columbia, 1912 Licence Plates, Names, Addresses, are at the BC Legislative Library


  4858 License Plates   

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4686 * R. G. Walker, Tait's Mill, South Westminster.
4687    R. J. Cromie, Osler Avenue, Shaughnessy Heights.
4688    McPhail & McKenzie, Abbott Street, Vancouver.
4689    J. E. Tucker, Shaughnessy Heights.
4690 * F. R. Arkell, Kerrisdale.
4691    J. A. Conkey, 622 Pacific Building.
4692    F. Noble, 602 Hastings Street West, Vancouver.
4693    Bert Ford,   1285 Pender Street, Vancouver.
4694    Star Laundry Co. Ltd.,  1115 Pender Street, Vancouver
4695    A. C. Cameron, Room 2, Stanfield Building, Vancouver
4696    J. B. Saint, Stevenson
4697    G. A. Fairbairn,    715 Georgia Street, Vancouver
4698    G. A. Fairbairn,    715 Georgia Street, Vancouver
4699 * A. J. Desrosiers, 1603 Seymour Street West, Vancouver
4700    John Rice,             1027 Pender Street West, Vancouver
4701    Foley, Welch & Stewart, 1043 Pender, Vancouver
4702    A. Goldberg, 1159 Beach Avenue, Vancouver
4703    R. Lee Stewart, Union Bank of Canada, Vancouver
4704    J. C. Talbot, Barnet.
4705    W. W. Dresser, 438 Pender Street West, Vancouver
4706    K. K. Peiser, 2707 Carolina Street, Vancouver
4707    Blank  
4708   W. Doherty,  675 Tenth Avenue West, Vancouver
4709   J. McGeer,    251 Eighteenth Avenue East, Vancouver
4710   H. van der Poel, Archibald Auto Co. Vancouver
4711   Robin Hood Mills Co., Ltd., corner Smythe and Beatty St. Vancouver
4712   D. A. Smith, 931 Granville Street, Vancouver
4713   D. A. Smith, Ltd., 931 Granville Street, Vancouver
4714   G. B. Milne, 509 Carnarvon Street, New Westminster
4715   F. D. Elkins, 201 Pacific Buildings, Vancouver
4716   W. Erickson, 1254 Hornby Street, Vancouver
4717   L. A. Jones, 1287 Richards Street, Vancouver
4718   J. L. G. Abbott, 209 Winch Building, Vancouver
4719 * W. A. Callaghan, 622 Granville Street, Vancouver
4720   A. W. Bishop, 401 Welton Building, Vancouver
4721   W. L. Gowan, Young Road, Chilliwack
4722   C. R. Drayton, 1600 Burnaby Street, Vancouver
4723   Baron Alain de Langsdorff, Vancouver Club, Vancouver
4724   W. A. Cox, 776 Granville Street, Vancouver
4725   E. S. Lee, Shaughnessy Heights, Vancouver
4726   A. E. Godfrey, 512 Richards Street, Vancouver
4727   C. W Wiegand, 1339 Burnaby Street, Vancouver
4728   C. Wilson, K.C., Shaughnessy Heights, Vancouver
4729   Le Roy & Nation, 1254 Hornby Street, Vancouver
4730   W. H. Forrest, 2590 Point Grey Road, Vancouver
4731   Wilkinson Co., Ltd., 846 Beach Avenue, Vancouver
4732   H. E. Ridley, Shaughnessy Heights, Vancouver
4733   A. J. Clare, 20 Broadway  West, Vancouver
4734   W. Brown, 222 Fourth Avenue, New Westminster
4735   G. E. Trorey, 651 Hastings Street West, Vancouver
4736   B.C. Electric Railway Co., Ltd., Carrall Street, Vancouver
4737   G. H. Ferguson, 1342 Broadway West, Vancouver

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4738  M. D. Brown, 1402 Robson Street, Vancouver.
4739  A. Martin, Thirty-fourth Avenue, Kerrisdale
4740  Lewis & Sills, 265 Hastings Street East, Vancouver.
4741  R. C. Proctor, Balsam Street, Kerrisdale.
4742  B.C. Electric Railway Co., Ltd., Shanghai Alley, Vancouver
4743  B.C. Electric Railway Co., Ltd., Shanghai Alley, Vancouver
4744  B.C. Electric Railway Co., Ltd., Shanghai Alley, Vancouver
4745  M. Fitzpatrick, Begg Motor Co., Vancouver
4746  J. W. F. Kohnson, Shaughnessy Heights, Vancouver
4747  E. G. Hazell, Begg Motor Co., Vancouver
4748  Ideal Sash & Door Co., 665 Sixteenth Avenue West, Vancouver
4749  H. Christman, 237 Empress Hotel, Vancouver
4750  J. H. Chalmers, 715 Georgia Street, Vancouver
4751  W. D. Brydone-Jack, M.D., 1946 Main Street, Vancouver
4752  R. C. Macpherson, c/o Post-office, Vancouver
4753  McDonald & McPhee, Hazelton 


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Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Which came first? Westcoast Transmission Building or a South Vancouver double wide carport

The Carport: 1963 - 1965

Common Features.  Similar time frame.  No supporting 'walls'.

City of Vancouver by-law requires the Inspector measure the 'wall' adjacent to the Lane. There are no walls.  Nothing to measure.

The carport design tripled the parking spaces at the single family home. The garage was existing.

@ 1646 East 56th

And, withstood Typhoon Freda

The double carport three 'joists and posts' are made of steel, welded to a steel plate (20" X 20") which is in turn bolted down, with nuts, to the reinforced concrete pad.  The retaining wall to the north (behind the car) is reinforced concrete, so too, is the retaining wall supporting the original garage.

The carport roof was raised afterwards by cutting the steel posts, to allow a Fifth-Wheel Rig to park there.  Look closely a flat steel plate that has been inserted into the 'I' posts on both sides.

And, withstood Typhoon Freda

 As to that 'inverted mine shaft' on Georgia Street ...

Concrete core, with reinforced steel, just like the carport.

The Qube

Construction Date:  

     1968/01/01 to 1969/01/01

Description of Historic Place

The Westcoast Transmission Building consists of a twelve-storey dark-glazed rectangular tower suspended by cables from a central concrete entry/elevator core. It is prominently located on a multi-leveled plaza on the north side of West Georgia Street in downtown Vancouver.