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A September 2018 night at Usal Campground's Shady Dell & Hotel Gulch

"A magnificent sleeper no shouting disturbs
He is fit, mighty strong and ever so slim
Nature and cityscapes beckon to him
So camera in hand and eye attuned
Unique, artistic photographs are his very soon" 

"Usal Campground"- Wednesday


James Baroud  Rooftops Tents

Thursday, December 6, 2018

The Colonial Broadcasting Corporation: As It Happens In The USA. A Vancouver publication accuses the CBC of lying to Canadians.

The Colonial Broadcasting Corporation:

As It Happens In The USA, Part Two.

A Vancouver publication accuses the CBC of lying to Canadians.

By Robin Mathews Dec. 2018

With charming irresponsibility, prime minister Justin Trudeau not only assisted what many consider the wholly improper call to bring the president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, before the International Criminal Court, he also is alleged to have (in September) misreported (at the UN) conditions in Venezuela.

The charge by the Vancouver publication The Fire This Time (Oct. 2018) of the CBC lying to Canadians involves Anna Maria Tremonti, the Current, and so-called responsible reporting about Venezuela.  The Fire This Time allegations may be timely because public impatience with false, twisted, convenient, padded news/ information delivery is growing.

The situation regarding Venezuela is complex  but, at base, very simple. The U.S., major creator of The Organization of American States (which Canada kept free from for years, but which now acts, inside, as a U.S. lackey), is often accused of wanting to control all of Central and South America.

That began with the so-called Monroe Doctrine set out in 1823  providing one of the bedrock policies for the fundamental imperialist basis of U.S. global policy.  The Doctrine, in effect, told European powers to stay out of Central and South America (the USA back yard).  The area was to belong to the USA (to exploit, to ravish, to oppress).

The attempt to have the International Criminal Court move against Nicolas Maduro followed an Organization of American States complaint against Venezuela based upon a Report by three experts of which Canada Irwin Cotler was one.  The USA does not belong to the very questionable International Criminal Court, largely because it fears actions may be taken against itself.  But it uses the ICC through proxies (like Canada) when convenient.  Donald Trump calls Venezuela a socialist regime acting with its Cuban supporters.  No condemnation (for him) could be greater.

The Anna Maria Tremonti (in Toronto) and Adrienne Arsenault (in Colombia) reporting about Venezuela apparently parroted what the USA and Justin Trudeau would say  without regard for an absolutely key fact about Venezuela.  So important was the absence of the key fact that some reasonable people believe it is fair to call the broadcast a lie.

As a part of the attempt to wreck, it seems, any Venezuelan continuation of a people-centred, independent, democratic government (in this case in the hands of socialist actors), the USA, Canada, the European Union, Switzerland, and Panama have imposed vicious, crippling sanctions upon Venezuela.  The aim is to prevent Venezuela from importing food, medicines, and other basic goods.  It is to prevent Venezuela from, in effect, using the U.S. financial system  and even from receiving the profit from the Venezuela-owned fuel industry company CITCO in the USA.

Present Venezuelan conditions have to be seen in the light of those facts.

A United Nations spokesperson has condemned the sanctions as violating Human Rights obligations. Canadians should care deeply.  And they might care deeply if they knew the facts  if the CBC, for instance, looked to some like something other than a tool of U.S. policy, however vicious.

Ms. Tremonti (CBC) is reported as allowing the elected leader of Venezuela to be called “on the broadcast“ by the extremist U.S. Ambassador to the UN, a dictator who is sacrificing the people of Venezuela.  The U.S. Ambassador apparently also declared that Nicolas Maduro is going to have to be dealt with.

According to The Fire This Time (Alison Bodine), the Anna Maria Tremonti broadcast also avoided reporting the support given by the ultra-rich to violence and terrorism, hoarding, price-gouging even smuggling and sabotage that others have reported.  Even casual observers of Venezuelan affairs cannot be unaware that repeated, violent demonstrations against the Maduro government have been organized and carried out from the wealthy sections of Caracas,Venezuela capital.

Since the attempted (and failed) coup against the leadership of Hugo Chavez in 2002 (a coup loudly celebrated at the US Embassy while believed successful), the US and its minions (Canada included) appear to have been trying to destroy the democratically elected government of Venezuela.

If The Fire Next Time report of the Anna Maria Tremonti propaganda exercise on Venezuela is accurate  then Canadians must be very concerned, very angry, and they must demand significant change.  How do we end the CBC as a continuing broadcast called As It Happens in the USA?

Within every on-going large organization there is what might be called a way of being, a way, that is, of working and acting without offending anyone (inside) or ever opening up the possibility of real difference in attitude, action, or basic belief.  In a monodrome like the Colonial Broadcasting Corporation, it appears a giant fiction is acted out that all engage in a genuine search for meaningful information, for revealing fact. 

In truth, the CBC information programs  that won't touch 9/11, the pair of 21st century False Flags involving deaths and damage to the innocent in Canada, the role of the Bank of Canada in the creation of Canadian debt; the lackey role of Canada in U.S. expansionism; the gigantic failure of Canadian government on climate change action  (the list could go on  and on)  are welded together by the unstated pledge to serve dominant power, never risking the equilibrium of the monodrome by introducing a real question or by insisting upon (as with Venezuela) an examination of the full, bare, painful truth of the situation.  To serve dominant power in Canadian broadcasting means, quite simply, running, without let-up, a continuous broadcast we may call As It Happens in the USA.

Part I   As it Happens  posted with Richard Hughes


Tuesday, November 13, 2018

The only direct connection between 'caregiver' Robert Riley Saunders and Alex Gervais was the job? And damn his 24 teenage victims?


Misappropriation of funds is the name of the game

 February 6, 2017

Caregiver: Name and image not released to public

  Alex Gervais alleged that his caregiver was misappropriating funds that were meant to support him and leaving him alone and unsupported in the hotel.

Current Photos Kelowna

July 25, 2022


Kelowna fraudster Robert Riley Saunders has been sentenced to five years in prison for stealing an estimated $460,000 while working as a social worker for MCFD.  Money was siphoned in the names of 24 youth in care, most of whom were Indigenous.                  Kathy Michaels


Robert Riley Saunders, fraudster social worker in Kelowna, B.C., gets 5 years in prison 

November  7, 2018

Caregiver: Robert Riley Saunders alive and $miling

 B.C.'s representative for children and youth says her office has opened 14 files relating to teenagers who claim they were victims of a social worker accused of siphoning funds from vulnerable First Nations youth.

Gang related?  Do caregivers share their 'expertise' to others with similar criminal interests?

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Scotty on Denman: the smallpox epidemic, killed so many people, the canoes were started then forgotten until we showed up a hundred years later.


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scotty on denman said...
We were developing some timber on private land on an island near Bella Bella. Part of the job was to recognize what used to be called "Indian Trees"---now called "Culturally Modified Trees" or CMTs --- western red cedar trees, usually still alive, from which planks or bark were periodically harvested. For us it affected road location and cutting boundaries: if a CMT was pre-1864, we had to stay 300 metres away from it, and post-1864 only 100 metres away. We'd note the CMTs on the map and give it to a team of ethno-archaeologists to determine the date of "modification", that is, the removal of bark or planks, and often holes burned into the bole to test for soundness---these were being considered for canoes. We had occasion to wonder why exactly we were developing timber in an area where you literally couldn't find a spot where at least one CMT wasn't visible.

It occurred to me one day, high up on a mountain, eating lunch beside a skinny, twisted red cedar, that the pattern of CMT distribution illustrated proprietorial working of the forest: why would anybody come all the way up here, maybe a kilometre of steep, broken ground to the water, to strike a plank off a shitty little pecker-pole cedar when there were (and still are) plenty of much better candidates down by the water's edge? The answer is because the trees down by the water were owned by somebody else; the poor guy who had to crawl all the way up there to get a difficult, twisted plank wasn't allowed to harvest lower down---it didn't belong to him and he didn't have permission from the owner(s).

Hung out with the ethno-archaeologists one afternoon. Quite interesting the techniques they used to determine the age of the working, like was it done by metal or stone axe? was it burned down or chopped down (some CMTs are stumps ). But man! those guys were expensive, about $1600 per day, maybe assess two or three CMTs. Meanwhile each one of us engineers would note dozens and dozens of CMTs every single day. They're virtually everywhere up there. Heiltsuk territory. Wet, no forest fires to destroy evidence of primitive workings. We only needed to know pre-or-post-1864 but they estimated some of the workings to be several hundred years old---count the annual rings in the scar tissue around the edges of the working.

Another disturbing realization on Nootka Island was the reason why all these canoes, about ten of them, had been started but abandoned: it was the smallpox epidemic, killed so many people, the canoes were started then forgotten until we showed up a hundred years later. It was a ghostly realization. 

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Elephant Hill firepower: The sheer magnitude of Nature

Forty kilometres away from Kamloops

Williams Lake




August 17, 2017 

Salmon Arm Observer
 The Elephant Hill fire is still far away but city says its officials are prepared.
Why did the Salmon Arm Observer crop the Top off?




Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Air Quality Index Kelowna (186) vs Vancouver (24) August 13, 2018 Action needed immediately to protect peaches

Notes Training Air Raid Wardens 1941 British Columbia

Effect of the weather in gas attacks  (Page 3 of 59)

The danger from gas is increased or decreased according to the weather.

Calm Mild Weather (with or without fog).  Gas evaporates slowly.  It hangs about in strong concentration and may penetrate buildings if these are imperfectly protected.

Warm Weather.  Gas is given off more readily and mixes more easily with the surrounding air.

Cold Weather.  Gas does not rise so quickly.

Frosty Weather.  Has little effect on non-persistent gas, but may cause the liquid of mustard gas to freeze, which remains a danger if touched.  It will give off vapour again when the thaw sets in.

Rain.  Has little effect on any gas if light in character, but if heavy rain occurs it will remove the gas from the air and also wash away the liquid from the ground.

Wind.  A high wind will soon carry away the gas, as well as the vapour arising from the liquid on the ground, etc.  The rate at which this happens depends largely on the force and direction of the wind.  The gas rarely rises to more than 20 feet.

I always believed that my Grandfather died in France, close to home and the Wingate coal mines.

Recently, I came across a letter that my Mother wrote.  'Dad was MIA  Dardanelles!!!'

Not France???

He was 'recovering' from the effects of the coal dust with not a bright future ahead of him, or the family, health wise on all fronts.   With his last gasp he volunteered to go overseas. 

The death benefit pension provided by the British Government created  the means for the widower with three children to travel to Vancouver and start a new life............

Page 58 of 59

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

North Shore: Breaking 4:20 News: How to 'Scarf a Joint' in DNV and CNV parks

The municipalities of the City of North Vancouver and the District of North Vancouver haven't figured out how to repair missing railings.  The problem is that the railing is longer than the distance between the posts by four inches.   A scarf joint would work!

If the time comes and someone is injured, or worse, will there be a lawsuit launched against the municipalities?

How to Scarf a Joint

The length of a scarf joint should be at least four times the width of the stock.
Toldedo Community Boathouse
The trickiest part of a scarf joint is getting the angle for the joint. Most people recommend a 8:1 or 12:1 scarf angle. 8:1 is usually sufficient, but different builders have different preferences.

Popular Mechanics Scarf Joint

Scarfing plywood also makes a very strong, smooth joint and it does not require fiberglass tape or a two-stage gluing process. It does, however, require some preparation and since you are overlapping the ply instead of butting it, your resulting plank is slightly shorter than either of the previous methods. Make sure you take this into account before starting.


CNV's answer: OverKill $$$$

Top rail is easy to fix but what about the lower two?

How to build a new fence

Constant Diameter/Dowelled Post and Rail 


New way, no need to scarf a joint

Saturday, June 30, 2018

2 degrees of Separation from Golden Globe Race 2018 Skipper: Susie G. ---- Bon Voyage!!!

You are one degree away from everyone you know, two degrees away from everyone they know.

Does the same hold true for   Longitude degrees of separation?

Vancouver, BC   -123.116226  and   Les Sables D'olonne  -1.78333


 Day 3

Why are they all zigzagging   tacking in one direction?

GGR 2018-07-03
Earth Wind 2018-07-03
Susie G  2018-07-04  14:05
"Earth" Wind 2018-07-04 14:05

Susie G  14th to 5th
"Earth" Wind 2018-07-05

In the meantime running the shipping lanes gauntlet

Running the gauntlet  2018-07-07 12:20


One skipper, Italy’s Francesco Cappelletti, remains in port preparing his Endurance 35 007. The yacht has still to pass safety inspection and Cappelletti has yet to complete 3 days of solo sailing trials. He has until Noon on July 7 to beat the deadline to join the race.


Susie Goodall is a 'close friend' even though we've never met

What’s the story, Ms. Goodall?

British sailor Susie Goodall is currently one of two women taking part in the 2018 Golden Globe Race – a solo, non-stop, round-the-world race that forbids the use of modern technology.


    What’s the story, Ms. Goodall? Susie has the wind in her sails

I was three when I started sailing. My parents got me into the sport – we always sailed as a family and my brothers and I grew up around boats. I love the fact that no two days on a boat are ever the same. And I still get a big thrill from watching the land disappear until I have the ocean all to myself.

I’m currently preparing for the 2018 Golden Globe Race. This means sailing non-stop, solo, around the world, without outside assistance, against 29 competitors. I’ve always enjoyed the physical and emotional challenge of sailing, but the hardest part of this race will be spending nine months on my own at sea. I’ve never been on a boat for that long before.

The rules of the race mean that I have to sail in a yacht designed before 1988, and without using modern technology such as autopilot and a Global Positioning System (GPS). Sailing with GPS is hard enough! Without it... well... there will be times when I simply won’t know where I am. I’ll have a good idea, hopefully; but I’ll be guided by the stars, so if I can’t get a celestial fix because of cloud, there could be days or weeks when there’s not much that I can do. I can’t tell you how daunting that seems!

Sleep will also be difficult. If I’m near the coast, I’ll jump on deck, scan the horizon and if there’s nothing around I’ll go to sleep for 20 minutes. Offshore and away from shipping, I‘ll go to sleep until, say, the wind picks up and the boat wakes me. Even then, I’ll never be asleep for more than an hour and a half at a time.

I’m being sponsored by DHL, so my boat – a Rustler 36 class yacht – is sure to feature some red and yellow! I’ve also got to stow 10 months’ worth of food and supplies on board, which will be packed and shipped by DHL.

I’ve got mixed emotions as the start of the race approaches. My family and friends have been so supportive and I know they’re all behind me, which is a massive boost; but I’m dreading saying goodbye to them all and I’m expecting the first week at sea to be tough.

Then again, I’m also really excited to be going. During the race, I know there will be scary moments. The trick is thinking about the worst-case scenarios – losing the boat or the rig coming down, for example – and having a strategy to deal with anything. It’s better to be prepared in this sport. That said, I usually find the frightening part of any difficult situation is afterwards, when you realize what you’ve just been through! But, scary or not, this was an unmissable opportunity for me because I’ve always wanted to sail solo around the world. When I get back, I’ll be able to tick that one off my list...

About the race

To mark the 50th anniversary of Sir Robin Knox-Johnston’s historic 1968-69 world first solo non-stop circumnavigation in the Golden Globe Yacht Race, a new Golden Globe Race is being staged on 30 June, 2018. It starts from Plymouth, U.K. down the Atlantic, past the Cape of Good Hope, Tasmania and back up the Atlantic again, past the Falklands and back up to Plymouth.
GGR  Skippers   News  More  Live

The Rules
What it takes to take part

 Entrants must show prior ocean sailing experience of at least 8,000 miles and another 2000 miles solo, in any boat, by 1st March 2018.

The 2018 Golden Globe Race will require all entrants to use only the same type, or similar equipment and technology that was carried on board Robin Knox-Johnston’s 1968/69 race winning yacht Suhaili. Entry is by invitation only, for sailors aged 18 years and older at the start on June 16, 2018. Entrants must show prior ocean sailing experience of at least 8,000 miles and another 2000 miles solo in any boat, by 30th April 2018.  CHECK
Sailing like it's 1968

The Retro nature of the 1960’s rules and conditions of entry into the Golden Globe Race have opened a fresh new page. It has created great enthusiasm, comment and opinion in sailing circles around the world. They say this Retro style is the right idea at the right time and may well begin a movement toward RETRO SAILING. We hope it does. The plain idea of racing in simple strong boats, using no technology and combining the traditional seamanship skills of the sailor with his ingenuity, passion and determination to drive him across the finish line first, is both simple to understand and intensely satisfying. It is also a very affordable adventure and challenge for all! The dream is back!

You sail refitted older proven production boats of a similar style, length and type, with no high tech anything allowed, no satellite gear and your costs are controlled. All entrants face the same challenges and more money will not necessarily help you to the podium. There is no rating system, so the person in the lead is winning and wow, you have a great production family boat and when you want to sell, you do not lose your shirt!

As a RETRO Race, for the Golden Globe, generally speaking only equipment that was available to Robin Knox Johnston on Suhaili in 1968 may be used. That means NO GPS, Chart plotters, electronic wind instruments, electric autopilots, electronic log, iPhone, satellite phones, digital cameras, computers, cd players, pocket calculators electronic clocks and watches, water makers, carbon fibre, Kevlar, spectra etc… so it is back to film cameras, cassette tapes, sextants, wind up clocks, trailing logs and Dacron sails, wind vanes and typewriters.

There is a place for all types of sailing races in the world and just maybe, RETRO sailing is the new kid on the block! ........

Golden Globe Race     Route

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Kelowna, Osoyoos Flooding Holy DIKES!!!!

Floodplain Maps by Region - Province of British Columbia

 Areas of B.C. that are highly susceptible to flooding have been designated as floodplains by the federal and provincial governments.

 Okanagan River and Skaha Lake: Osoyoos to Penticton*

Design Brief

Page 27 of 55

If you are looking for what's in the news on flooding in British Columbia, and where, then here you go with the source of the database on creeks and rivers that require dikes, displayed in Google Earth.


Osoyoos Times
“We might like to be able to magically make the water disappear,” Symonds said. “The only way to get it out of the lake is to have the gates (at Zosel Dam) open and the elevation of the lake drive the water out.”

Zosel Dam is a dam in the U.S. state of Washington that blocks the Okanogan River to create the Osoyoos Lake. The dam was built as part of the larger Osoyoos Lake International Water Control Structure, a joint venture of the Washington State Department of Ecology and the British Columbia Ministry of the Environment. The dam was designed by the Canadian firm Acres International Limited and built by the American firm Rognlins Inc.

Similkameen River in Canada from the west to east drains into the USA below the Zozel Dam  KML  is in flood conditions too.

Dikes  KLM

USA Zozel Dam backs up Osoyoos Lake:    KML File


Search for:  Mission Creek

Found: Mission Creek

Bottom Page Line:
Access this information in the following formats: JSON, HTML, CSV, KML, GML

Dikes  KLM

Provincial Dikes  KLM