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With a 8.0 tremor, would the Williston Reservoir create a Grand Canyon II in Alberta/NorthWest Territories?

2015-12-29: M=4.7 - 8 km ESE of Sidney, BC

2015-12-16: M=3.4 - 18 km ENE of Ashcroft, BC - felt

2015-11-20: M=3.5 - 181 km NE of Keno, YT

2015-10-31: M=3.3 - 73 km W of Village of Queen Charlotte, BC - felt

2015-10-22: M=4.7 - 204 km W of Port Hardy, BC  

I was thinking the sides would continue collapsing to the point where the reservoir would enter the hole -  and then the game would be over  - BC Hydro's John Baker

The World Trade Centre was safe until an Engineer suggested that the only thing that could bring it down was a fully fueled passenger airliner.

Now we have Engineers for BC Hydro giving the proposed Site C dam, in Northern British Columbia, a "clean bill" of health on safety because it will be able to withstand a 7.6 earthquake.

But what if it were 8.0?

Would the upstream WAC Bennett dam, holding back the flood waters of Williston Reservoir be a prime target for a WTC class passenger airplane, hitting just below the reservoir highest water belt, thereby creating a breach which would send it's 74 km3 capacity flowing, knocking out the Site C which is rated at 7.6?  In essence, an infamous Domino effect that Christy Clark and her BC Liberals claimed during the 2013 provincial election would never happen to our Economic engine, ELECTRICITY.

Were the instructions by Coleman, and then Bennett, shy when it came to the terms of reference directing BC Hydro Engineers creation of a short list on worst case scenarios?  Were they told NOT to include a Tsunami.   Tsunamis are associated with the ocean, but even the mighty Mica Dam builders were concerned of a "tsunami" because of a rockface (mountain) directly upstream, was slipping down to the reservoir..... still is... slipping.  The Downie Slip:  Google Search Criteria: Mica Dam rock face upstream

Introduction to Coastal Engineering and Management
J. W. Kamphuis - 2010 - ‎Nature
Geologists had discovered that a 1.5 km3 (2 km x 2.7 km x 300 m) rock face was ... the power generating facilities at the Mica dam upstream, which would cause ...
Here's all the information ever written on the Downie Slide.

The Columbia River Treaty participating Dams both in Canada and USA (map generated).

A cubic meter of pure water at four degrees Celsius weighs 1,000 kilograms, or one tonne (a metric ton). The temperature of the water is significant because the density of water varies with temperature. It is at its densest at four degrees Celsius.

One thousand kilograms is equivalent to 2,204.6 pounds (lb).

74 km =  1000 million tons!

Would the resulting flood cause the Earth to wobble on its axis?

Data is of December 18, 2013
 North America ..... Canada ..... data/images

Before the naysayers rise up, the ONLY place that the earthquakes/tremors are happening, inland, in BC, is on a line, running north and south of ......WAC Bennett Dam, Peace River Dam, Proposed Site C Dam!!!  Is it the weight of the water....


Google Search Criteria:  WAC Dam Leaking
The Sixty-Story Crisis by Anne Mullens

....... All that is known is that in the middle of the dam, he spied a hole in the asphalt and knew it ought to be reported. The tour guide thought so,too, and called the control building of the G.M. Shrum Generating Station nestled in the east shoulder of the dam. 
SinkHole One and SinkHole Two (out of sight, but not out of mind)

Unless you’ve seen the Bennett Dam, it is hard to fathom its size. High as a 60-storey building and two kilometres wide, it’s an enormous earth and gravel wedge that holds back 360 kilometres of Williston Lake, the largest reservoir in North America. In a word: massive – and with massive water pressure behind it............


B.C. Hydro's sinking credibility: an unexplained 18-foot cavity in the W.A.C. Bennett Dam has already cost $100 million.  -  Highbeam Business

At stake was the very integrity of the structure and the lives of thousands of people downstream.
Emotions ran high the first few days. Some Hudson's Hope parents, a mere 15 miles below the headworks, kept their children out of school so they could make a fast getaway should the worst happen. In addition, town officials visited an old-persons' home to prepare residents in case they had to be moved; communities went on alert as far away as Peace River, Alta., over 200 miles downstream.


WAC Bennett Dam and Williston Reservoir

Page 4 of 24

Page 14 of 24

Looking south, as the Crow flies from the Alberta border to the West:

Alberta to proposed Site C Dam 55km

Alberta to Peace River Dam 114 km

Alberta to WAC Dam  127 km

Alberta to Western most edge of Williston Reservoir 318 km


JRP Question B:If either or both of the upstream dams fail, will the result be the same with and without the Site C dam?

BC Hydro Response: The volume of Williston Reservoir is about 32 times that of the Site C reservoir. Due to the smaller volume of the Site C reservoir, in the event of a cascading dam failure, there would be small increases in  flood levels and flows downstream of Site C. The volume of Dinosaur Reservoir is about one tenth that of the Site C reservoir. The volume of the Site C reservoir between the maximum normal level and the maximum flood level is about twice the volume of the Dinosaur Reservoir. Failure of Peace Canyon Dam is very unlikely to result in a failure of Site C due to the large spillway capacity and freeboard. For a failure of Peace Canyon Dam during the probable maximum flood peak flows and water levels downstream of Site C would be fairly similar with and without Site C.

 As to the Transmission line routes, they go right along The First Nation Heritage trails:

Page 36 of 91
Peace River Site C Hydro Project Heritage Resources Data Gap Analysis 

There is now compelling evidence for many gigantic ancient floods where glacial ice dams failed time and again: At the end of the last glaciation, some 10,000 years ago, giant ice-dammed lakes in Eurasia and North America repeatedly produced huge floods. In Siberia, rivers spilled over drainage divides and changed their courses. England’s fate as an island was sealed by erosion from glacial floods that carved the English Channel. These were not global deluges as described in the Genesis story of Noah, but were more focused catastrophic floods taking place throughout the world. They likely inspired stories like Noah’s in many cultures, passed down through generations.

 By David R. Montgomery|Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Dickinson hopes at least to lay to rest one hypothesis: That an ancient lake carved the canyon through a cascading series of waterfalls. A favored concept for two decades, "I don't think it's a valid story, and my main purpose is to dismantle it," Dickinson said of his new study, published Dec. 13 in the journal Geosphere. Here's the gist of the idea: A giant lake covering eastern Arizona ate through a limestone ridge called the Kaibab uplift, near the eastern end of the present-day Grand Canyon. A torrent of water spilled through the crack, cutting the canyon we see today. The Colorado River then followed the new course that was set.   Becky Oskin, OurAmazingPlanet Staff Writer | December 18, 2012 02:13pm ET -


Perhaps Site C Dam should be built between WAC Bennett Dam and Williston main Lake.... topple a mountain or TWO into the ravine.... would leave room for the lake to filter through, and stop the WHOLE of the Lake from draining into Great Slave Lake.


Page 13 of 17 Site C dam

The Project would be located at straight line distances of 71 km and 85 km from Peace Canyon Dam and WAC Bennett dams, respectively. The probability of a major earthquake that could produce design level ground motions simultaneously at the Project and one or both of the upstream dams has not been evaluated, but given the distance between these dams, the probability would be significantly lower than 1/10,000
Index for below locations:
Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3
Volume 4
Volume 5

Volume 2 leads to here:

Environmental Assessment Office
Environmental Impact Statement for Site C Clean Energy Project


MUST SEE  READ   Everything you wanted to Know about Site C dam that BC Hydro and BC Liberals refuse to publish......

Volume 2 - Figure 11.2.14 - Map of faults from geologic map of North America (2005) and crustal seismic zones

Red lines Fault Zones  Page 1 of 1

Red Stars   BC Hydro dams

Index to colours

Bill Bennett is perfectly happy with LNG compression being done with Natural Gas driven turbines

Page 1 of 1
The Project demand for skilled labour during construction would exceed the local labour supply, resulting in an in-migration of workers and a resultant change in local population and demographics. Population change is a determinant of other potential Project effects on housing and on community infrastructure and services. The key indicators for population and demographics are number of persons (gender, age profile, labour force participation), households, and demographic characteristics, including marital status and dependents.  Page 1 of 23

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Vancouver Stanley Park Memorial: Where art thou Shakespeare?

Google Map search criteria for ....  49°17'58.60"N 123° 8'12.58"W
    Summer  ...... too many leaves on trees.

 Google Earth search for 49° 17.971'N 123° 8.214'W  
   Fall ..... no leaves because they're here:

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Do you want to know why CN Rail blames the hardworking beaver for the loss of seven hopper loads of Coal?

Canadian Pacific Railway knows the value of the beaver and would never, ever, consider blaming a poor defenseless animal as being responsible for the derailment of seven railcars in an Urban area, or anywhere in fact (except for that minor little detail that they want their stolen property on either side of their rail line back, Christy)

CN Rail, are they still required to send scooters out to check the rails before a passenger or freight trains roaring down the track.    Plaster Creek report
And More NOT Burnaby 2014
 Amazing what Beavers can do, eh.

Has CN Rail already cut that scooter operators out of the mix, like their suggestion, their Threat, of removing operators from the lift spans in Burrard Inlet, even though Kinder Morgan is going to be quadrupling the amount of Crude Oil leaving from the east side of the Second Narrows Bridge, and coincidentally the same number of vessels, empty, coming in to Burrard Inlet.

A beaver was chosen as the railway's logo because it is one of the national symbols of Canada AND represents the hardworking character of the company.


The hard working nickel of Canada:


de Havilland DHC - 2 Beaver

Five cent Canada Postage Stamp
Three cent Canada Postage Stamp

The original 'Canada Dry' logo  Suggestion From Anon 9:27am

CNRail???? they're the guys who stole our BC Railway for 990 years for a pittance of $990,000,000!!!   Their Symbol:  A Maple Leaf

Canadian National Railway or CN Rail has not been keeping up with the times where they continue to expand into the realm of double tracking, but not going the extra mile and "protect" the weight traveling atop the rail bed from pushing down and out  <  ---------  >

Protesters now have a new weapon in the transport of Crude oil, Dilbits, LNG... Beavers!!!   All they need, is TWO Beavers M/F, a wet area, plenty of nearby greenery and a railway forming one side of a dam.... helps.    Current protest is happening near Government and Caribou, Burnaby

Stanley Park's Beaver population working harder than clean-up crews

In the case of beaver "infested areas", rail companies now knowing that even one of the smallest creatures on Earth can bring down their mighty steel machines, should be required to build concrete retaining walls to hold their rails in place, down, sideways, ......a  Capital U  channel.   Those construction activities would probably do more to harm the beaver and other wildlife in the wet areas, but they, the beavers, could be trapped, not for their pelts or their lives, but to be cared for .... like Hope for WildLife Society, and then returned to their natural habitat once the construction is completed.

Metro Vancouver

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BCNews Alert 2014: BC Liberals built, then filled, 480 Olympic-sized pools with 1.2 millon cubic metres of Debris in Bear Pass

30 kilometers NorthWest of Stewart, BC

100,000 elephants in 480 Olympic-sized Swimming Pools
480 Swimming pools of debris per avalanche 

1.2 million / 480 = 2500 cubic metres of debris per pool


600,000 / 480 =  1250 Tonnes per Elephant:

"The weight of an average elephant will depend on which species that it is. There are two species of elephants, the African elephant and the Asian elephant. The African elephant is the larger of the two.The African elephant can weigh anywhere from two to seven tons with the average weighing about three tons. The African elephant is characterized by two finger like parts on the end of its trunk.



100,000 elephants / 480 = 208 Elephants per swimming pool

BC Transport Minister Todd Stone claims that 100,000 elephants can be cleared off Highway 37A in under two hours!

However, according to a former (2008) Transport Minister a slide between Penticton and Kelowna contained 200,000 to 300,000 cubic metres of Rock, not Snow, not Debris like Bear Pass.  That road was closed indefinitely.

Answers:  Not Answered!!!!    but maybe the PABs GCPEs can, because they are the ones that introduced Elephants (not native to BC.... although there was some talk that Kelowna's Ogopogo monster WAS a bathing circus Elephant) as a means for the public to determine the size of the problem when maintaining British Columbia highways

Then again, maybe the BC Government Caucus misread this advertisement from Botswana:
..... During a good day more than 400 elephants will come and go.  To the right of the waterhole there is an “Olympic size” elephant swimming pool.  This is basically a “donga” pool of mud where the elephants bathe and socialize.
 One pool aka waterhole, is filled by one elephant, not the whole Herd of 400, or even 208 (BC)


Many online sources give essentially the same value for the total stocks of above-ground gold; it was about 157,000 metric tons by 2007.   If the density of gold is 19.3 grams per milliliter, or 0.0193 tons per liter, then we need to divide the total number by the density (remember the density formula from school? It’s Density = Mass/Volume, so just flip it around).  Thus we get about 8.2 million liters of gold.  If an Olympic-sized swimming pool has a volume of 2.5 million liters, then we divide and get our answer.

..... So we would need 3.27 swimming pools to hold the entire global supply of gold, which some argue is the entire amount of gold mined since before the Egyptians began mining gold before 2000 BC.  Sixty-six per cent of that is said to have been mined since 1950. ......
If anyone is still interested in pursuing this topic today, consider, why did the BC Liberal's use an elephant as a comparison factor in relation to the maintenance of highways in the Province of British Columbia, because of this:
It is based on the idea that an elephant in a room would be impossible to overlook; thus, people in the room who pretend the elephant is not there have chosen to avoid dealing with the looming big issue.

For good measure, why would the BC Liberals hatchets throw the public off guard by using 480 Olympic-sized swimming pools for 100,000 elephants to frolic around in?  Get the picture?  tourism?  Two hours to Stop the Traffic; Trigger the Avalanche; Clear the highway... and move the debris to WHERE?  the river? the ocean 30 kilometers away?  inland?

Q. What train can travel 70 possible routes over a glacier, from 2,500 metre-high mountain tops down to near sea level, in about 20 seconds? 

A. An “avalanche train” in Bear Pass. 
 Most avalanche control missions in Bear Pass can be performed in two to four hours, however when conditions become more severe, longer highway closures are required. During an average winter, closures total about 95 hours. Video

Once more, the BC Liberals use of Olympic sized swimming pools

Mining company Tech Cominco sold the cylindrical vessels and shipped them off to a buyer in North Dakota.  Bakken oil fields.

To distribute the weight, each tank would ride on two hydraulic platform trailers – a small trailer known as a jeep, and a manned steering dolly. Between the semi truck and the trailers, each vessel was supported by 46 wheels turning around 12 axles. From the front of the tractor to the back of the rear trailer, the load measured 42 metres long – almost the length of an Olympic-size swimming pool. The tanks themselves were 5.18 metres high and 4.27 metres wide.

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Personal Intolerances: the Egg in the Mayo; Eggs in General; + Six "others"

    unwillingness to accept views, beliefs, or behavior that differ from one's own.
    a damaging immune response by the body to a substance, esp. pollen, fur, a particular food, or dust, to which it has become hypersensitive.
 Google Search Criteria: body intolerance food

While in Los Angeles in 2014 we took in Hugo's Restaurant, not just once, but four times over the course of two weeks.

Two locations: 8401 Santa Monica Blvd, and 12851 Riverside Dr which is just across the street from the Whole Foods market.   Great combination.  Dining and then Shopping or visa versus.   

What I didn't know, until today, is that Hugo's has a seven page information pdf that lists off their ingredients of Common Allergens:

2019-11-21  Page 5 of  21

2014 version  Seven Page Version
Why look at the Menu at any restaurant when the first thing we should be doing is asking for the "LIST" on what is in their "trade secret" recipes and how the meal is prepared, or could be prepared with a bit of tweaking.  Web pages of restaurants should be required to have lists of Common Allergens like Hugo's.  It would certainly narrow the menu field down and then allow us to experiment with new recipes that excludes, in our case:  eggs (yolk and white).


A reference chart for Canadian Restaurants

 Google Search Criteria:  restaurants pdf on Common food Allergens

Metro Vancouver, (Canada) White Spot's Triple-O recipe maybe SECRET, but it does have one ingredient: EGGS

White Spot does offer A Gluten Free Menu, but no Common allergen "menu" like Hugo's


There were contributing factors to discovering my "allergies" to eggs (turned out allergy is the wrong word).  Narrowing of the field was assisted by realizing two things: The disastrous "side effects" every two weeks, within three hours of eating out ..... sometimes more often within two weeks AND the irregularity, the spontaneous combustion, was a debilitating factor especially in public spaces.  "Excuse me, I have to GO!"

With help from the spouse, desperation on both our parts, and I, never having believed in the benefits of naturopaths, I WAS ushered into the office of a Naturopath in Vancouver, since returned to Kamloops, lucky Kamloopians. Sincerely!!!!   If I ever have another problem like this, Kamloops is where I'm going to.

The Naturopath posed this question:

When you Fart, what does it smell like?

My Answer:  Hmmmmmm.   smell like, ....... (couldn't quite put my finger on it, for five minutes ... )

Naturopath:                                            Chilliwack?

Me:                                                         Chilliwack??????  YES!!!

Naturopath:                                            UNDIGESTED food!!!


But that wasn't the answer, it was the beginning of discovery, and I was still "enjoying" a White Spot's (Secret) Triple "O's recipe with cheese hamburger, with fries, and coffee every other OTHER five weeks.

Digesting of the food was being worked on, with success.  Weeding out the possibilities of other "allergies" was becoming more and more difficult to ascertain.

The every other two weeks brunch of Bacon and Eggs with two pieces of toast was suspect.  Eliminated the Bacon.  Went from Fried Eggs to Poached.  Changed the "butter" already spread on the Toast by the cook, to BUTTER my own .......   No change.   Started back to eating Bacon, with poached eggs, no toast (wheat).  Almost gave up eating.


 Then the breakthrough, blood was taken two weeks earlier with the results from the test being delivered by Meridian Valley Lab three days AFTER CBC did this report on food allergies (wrong name).  There wasn't an inkling of CBC coming out with their report:

A Toronto doctor is warning people about testing to determine whether a person has allergies, sensitivities or intolerance to certain foods. Dr. Elana Lavine of Humber River Regional Hospital says some of these tests, which can cost hundreds of dollars, can be misused and misinterpreted. Writing in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, Lavine says in some cases, readings are interpreted to mean an intolerance to a food or foods when in fact the reverse is actually true.  ...... SNIP

..... The tests, which can cost hundreds of dollars, look for an antibody reaction to a whole range of foods. And when they find a response with an antibody known as immunoglobulin G, or IgG, they characterize that result as unhealthy, suggesting the existence of either a food allergy, an intolerance or a food “sensitivity.” SNIP
Looking at the CBC report, all that I can ascertain is that they didn't take ENOUGH blood.

immunoglobulin G

immunoglobulin g food intolerance


Kamloopian Naturopath:  So what have you been eating for supper in the last three days?

Spouse:  Poached Eggs, two nights ago

Kamloopian Naturopath:  Too BAD!

The Longest line, Egg White, is almost TWO pages wide
E95 Basic food Panel
For simplification here, I've reduced the Results of  95 items tested (which included 5 Pending) to only those with ratings over 100 as presented to us by the NOW dearly departed Kamloopian-living-Naturopath.

Potato  = 0

Green Bean = 691
Avocado = 1077
Wheat = 187
Gliadin = 280
Gluten = 232
Egg Yolk = 1308
Egg White = 2058

A 2009 SAMPLE test done by Meridian Valley Lab for a John Doe
North Vancouver, BC  (North Shore Outlook ----->)  ...... Marine Drive Naturopathic Clinic
Within the last six months I've been experimenting with StarBucks,     double chocolate chunk cookies, as a "double blind" study, of course.....  I've now sworn off them, not because they're made on the east coast of Canada, instead of locally, FROZEN, and made like new by thawing for the next day unsuspecting customers, but then the "three hour reaction time" took place, within, ...  to      EGGs    in their recipe.   The family has looked upon my exercise as a fool's errand, and have taken it upon themselves to provide a variety of high quality chocolate bars ... one square per day.


2 cups (260 grams) all purpose flour
1 1/4 teaspoons baking soda
1/4 teaspoon salt
3/4 cup (170 grams) unsalted butter, room temperature
2/3 cup (130 grams) granulated white sugar
2/3 cup (140 grams) firmly packed light brown sugar
1 large egg
1 large egg yolk

1 1/2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract
1 1/4 cups (210 grams) chocolate chunks (can use chocolate chips) 


One more product to cross off of the list: Chocolate by Theo
because of this:
Allergen Information: Manufactured on shared equipment with products containing milk, eggs, wheat, peanuts & other nuts.
For those who ARE NOT hampered by food intolerances, and if you are in Los Angeles, then check out Slaters 50/50  BEEF and BACON:

All of our burgers are weighed AFTER cooking.   

    Designed to perfection, our signature patty is topped with a sunny side up egg, avocado mash, pepper jack cheese and chipotle adobo mayo on white brioche.
No indication if Slater's has a Common Allergens List, but taking into consideration their MENU.... I doubt it.