Friday, March 7, 2014

Dorian "Grey's Anatomy" Chart

While patiently waiting for the Doctors (alternatively GP/Chiropractor) I spend my time gleaning the Greek (Andreas Vesalius)    naming of muscles, when it dawned on me, finally, that I have NEVER seen an Anatomy Chart of an OLDER man, it's always been Oscar Wilde's Dorian Grey.

Must be a reason....


Let's give credit where Credit is due:  DC First Anatomy Charts:

Where's the pot belly?  The love handles? The stoop of the shoulders?  Where's the profile?

Has nothing changed since Leonardo da Vinci Anatomy drawings?

It's only recently that the tags on the new jeans actually show an older man fitting into a size 40, ..... never did understand how manufacturers could go on for so long using the same model no matter the waist differential.

Maybe???? it was like "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who is the slimmest of them all".

Wearing a size 40 Levi makes you look like size 32 .... imagine that!


Ahhhhhhhh:  Netter anatomy chart flash cards

Google Search Criteria:  Netter anatomy chart muscles varying ages

Hansen: Netter's Clinical Anatomy
Page 8 of 10

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