Friday, November 4, 2016

Why is Senator Richard Neufeld, a former BC Liberal MLA, the only Senator to complain about the use of the word 'Bitches'?

Does Richard Neufeld still have his BC Liberal Party membership card?  Was his Letter to the Editor prompted by the BC Liberal Party? .... by the Premier?


We're not sure whether BC Senator Neufeld is disgusted with the use of the word 'Bitches', or more disgusted with the fact that his apparent archenemy, West Moberly Chief Roland Willson, is a duly elected First Nations Leader, that DOES represent 'his people' ..... since 2000.

..... whereas Senator Neufeld WASN'T duly elected by British Columbians, nor those same West Moberly First Nations people that he is appalled with. 

Nor did Prince Edward Islanders get to elect their Cavendish Mike Duffy son to the Senate!   All that high falutin rewarding was done by Prime Minister Steven Harper ....

December 22, 2008
.... As for his position as MLA, Richard will resign and the seat will sit vacant until the May provincial election.  The Premier (Gordon Campbell) will also designate a new person to take over Richard’s responsibilities as Minister of Energy Mines and Petroleum Resources.

Mr. Neufeld is one of three BC residents on the Prime Minister’s apppointment list, which also includes CTV’S highly popular veteran broadcast journalist, Mike Duffy. Seven of the new senators come from Atlantic Canada, four from Quebec, two from Ontario and one each, from Saskatchewan and the Yukon.   Energetic City news

November 4, 2016,  The Province (newspaper), PostMedia just had to point out Neufeld's job description.

The Province Letters to the Editor:

 Richard Neufeld is a senator for British Columbia
Last week, I was appalled when I saw a post on Facebook from Roland Willson, the West Moberly First Nations chief.  He refers to B.C. Premier Christy Clark and BC Hydro CEO Jessica McDonald as “evil bitches” and gives them both the middle finger with a cartoon photo.

Roland’s comments are offensive and highly disrespectful. It disgusts me that a First Nations leader who has been elected since 2000 to represent his people would resort to such measures.  ..... snipped

Senator Richard Neufeld's Website

Since Prime Minister Harper appointed me to the Senate in 2008, I am privileged to represent the people of British Columbia within both the Senate and the Government Caucus.

I invite you to navigate my website for additional information about what we do in Ottawa and what it means to the people of British Columbia.  

It has been and continues to be an honour for me to represent the people of British Columbia, and I look forward to continuing to serve for many more years ahead.




The Senator is appalled, whereas the  Province Letters to the Editor:   .... is appal ???//



Mr. Richard Neufeld didn't write a letter in support of the Pacific NorthWest LNG Project, he left that up to Senator Richard Neufeld  using the Senate official letterhead.  

If anyone is in doubt about the role of the Senate, Duffy included, its this:
In the Senate Chamber, Canada’s 105 senators take part in formal debate on current affairs. Here, senators’ main job is to examine bills proposed by the Government. Bills in the Senate go through a similar process of debate as in the House of Commons, and a bill must pass the Senate before it can become law. Any senator may take part in the debate on a bill and propose amendments. In addition, senators may propose their own bills and initiate debates in the Chamber. 

Senators also work in committees, groups of 5 to 15 senators who focus on a specific policy area. These committees closely study bills sent to them by the Senate, calling witnesses to help them understand the legislation and its potential impact. Committees also conduct longer-term studies on topics in their area of interest.
 Consideration: Not to use the Senate Letterhead for personal endorsement of private interests


Kim said...

Lol! That is one beautiful GSD. Bitches!

Bill said...

He says he is honoured to 'represent' us... but we continue to be dishonoured by his 'representation'. He does not represent us and never has.

Another example of the continued rewarding of sinecure to useless back scratchers for their partisan loyalty (to only their self interest) by our useless leaders. They only do themselves favours...we just pay for it all.

Anonymous said...

The guys an idiot, let's face it.
His lieberal gang here in BC need to go come May 2017.

e.a.f. said...

Neufield, like who really cares what he says. He's an appointed senator. some one with a high salary for doing less than nothing. If he doesn't like what some one has to say about Christy Clark and the Hydro CEO that is his problem. its called freedom of speech. As to Christy clark, she is an ugly piece of business, worse than a manure pile which does have its uses. Christy Clark, I'm still trying to figure out what use she is to the people of B.C who don't donate to her stash of cash.

If he doesn't like the term bitches, which is just female dogs, lets refer to them as a couple of useless pancake make up artists who haven't done much for the seniors, children, disabled of this province, beyond make their lives miserable.