Monday, January 25, 2016

$3 Billion Bridge: Sinking Flood Plain Fund to replace Massey Tunnel

Christy Clark's Massey Tunnel Replacement with a $3 Billion Bridge Sinking Fund through Delta and Richmond flood zones seems like a total waste of financial resources when there's the possibility of the BIG ONE, the feared earthquake turning the dikes into quick sand.

The towers and bridge deck will still be visible for a hundred years from the high ground, accessible by boats and a lot more room to maneuver their LNG vessels on the 'Fraser River' channels to and from Tilbury's.

Surrey/Delta/Richmond Flood Plains

Queensburough Bridge & Port Mann Bridge approaches are flood plains, recognized by the Province and Federal Governments (responsible for dredging)(responsible for the Fish), but the NEW and Improved Bridge replacement will stand tall and quite possibly become the first, of many, links connecting Surrey with Vancouver. Richmond will cease to exist.

Newestminster / Coquitlam / Surrey Bridging flood plains

Surrey / Coquitlam Flood Plains


Burrard Inlet at Second Narrows will be okay except for the bit at the bottom of THE CUT

A Cut above above the flood plain dwellers
Now you know the reason why North Shore residents have the highest property assessments in British Columbia

January 27, 2016
Richmond News Letters

Dear Editor,

I think the George Massey Tunnel Replacement Project is not the right way to go at the current time. 

But, we sure need to improve the traffic in this region. I propose a new plan to merge the traffic pattern at the maximum efficiency for the commute, that is the Boundary Highway Plan!

The Boundary Highway (I named it) not only adds a new highway, but also reduces the traffic jam on the Highway 99 and the Alex Fraser Bridge.

This highway connects Boundary Road and the Highway 17 with an intersection at Highway 91. 

Hopefully, my idea would be considered.

The attached picture is the idea of my Boundary Highway Plan, which is marked as red.

Vincent Li


Change of topic. There is something that the BC Provincial government's Bill Bennett is doing for Snowmobilers or ATV operators during his hunting season.  They're providing the maps around Prince George of the Critical Habitat of the Caribou.   All nicely colour coded too.

Will the government be posting No Hunting signs?

 Can hunters read? 

Do they care?

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