Monday, May 25, 2020

British Columbia Government paper trail on Covid-19 available at the Legislative Library

May 27, 2020

117 Results

not all listed here, because, well just because, there IS the library

and beside this is the source the news media uses and they won't necessarily provide all of the information.   You know, the mundane stuff.

OFAA protocols during the COVID-19 pandemic : a guide for employers and occupational first aid attendants.

Virtual health COVID-19 accessible solution toolkit / Provincial Health Services Authority.


Policy statement : COVID-19 pandemic / BC's Office of the Human Rights Commissioner.

COVID-19 Action Plan : B.C.’s first steps to support people, businesses / Office of the Premier.

Infection prevention and control for novel coronavirus (COVID-19).


Order of the Minister of Citizens' Services : Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, ministerial order No. M085 / Province of British Columbia.

Child care options for essential services workers during COVID-19 : frequently asked questions / Ministry of Children and Family Development.

Essential services.

Temporary eviction moratorium and rent adjustment notification / BC Housing.

Information for housing providers / BC Housing.

Information for homelessness service providers / BC Housing.


Fact sheet on responding to COVID-19 / BC Housing.


As the situation around COVID-19 evolves, work on the Columbia River Treaty continues.


Protecting BC farmers and farm workers during the COVID-19 pandemic / British Columbia.


COVID-19 sales tax changes : Carbon Tax Act, Motor Fuel Tax Act, Provincial Sales Tax Act and Tobacco Tax Act.


Guidelines for intubation of suspected and confirmed COVID-19 patients : / .

COVID-19 : where we are. Considerations for next steps / prepared for the BC Ministry of Health.


BC COVID-19 go forward strategy.


COVID-19 information for u-pick operations in BC/ British Columbia, Ministry of Agriculture.

British Columbia COVID-19 daily situation report.

May 13, 2020
Link from May 13, 2020 document to CDC
May 13, 2020
May 12, 2020
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Friday, May 22, 2020

Getting back to the normal news: PontyPool is on Fire; Third time in Three Days; Kawartha Lakes Railway blamed for lackness of Caboose spotting platform

DownTown Pontypool  (Ontario)

The Kawartha Lakes Railway was created in 1996 to assume the operations of the Havelock and Nephton Subdivisions of the Canadian Pacific Railway which serve the Peterborough, Ontario area.

Fire crews are battling a large fire along a railway line in the City of Kawartha Lakes which broke out Friday afternoon.

Kawartha Lakes Fire and Rescue are on the scene of several fires along the railway tracks in Pontypool near Highway 35.

According to freelance photographer Colin Williamson, the fire stretches along almost two kilometres along the tracks.
@KLFireRescue are on the scene of several fires alongside the railway tracks going through Pontypool again toady the fires stretch almost 2 km along the tracks. Reminder if you see green flashing lights please move over as they are volunteer firefighters responding

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Pontypool is an unincorporated village within the southernmost part of the amalgamated city of Kawartha Lakes, Ontario.

Prior to amalgamation, Pontypool was an unincorporated village within the township of Manvers, in the county of Victoria.

It has a grocery store, convenience store, LCBO, Chinese restaurant, gas station (destroyed by fire in April 2008, and since rebuilt), pharmacy, community centre, church and post office and a siding on the Canadian Pacific Railway. The town used to be an old Jewish vacation spot with a big camp ground by the big pond on the outskirts of town. There is also a baseball field and a public park.
Its post office services locals with lock boxes and 3 rural routes.

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Pontypool Community News

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Does Covid-19 travel through connecting High Rise Tower / Apartment Exhaust Vents?

One fire?   Exhausts on multiple floors?

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada:

6 Vents - 6 Apartments
If the Exhaust fans are connected, and they are in this apartment, then, is the fresh air supply connected in the same way and from a single source?

And just not in Vancouver.

Friday, May 8, 2020

"The Lions" have always practiced social distancing. In light of Covid-19, Metro Vancouver renamed them "2M"

A re-sign of the times.

Most days, the other surrounding geographic features are shrouded in clouds, which, if you maintain your position while looking at 2M, their names will be revealed too.

"Help Keep Parks Open"
"Pass in Single File"
"Keep to the Right"
"Stay 2M Apart"
"Do Your Part"