Monday, January 18, 2016

AfterMath of a Riot: Step 11 Ctrl+Shift+S to save record of incarcerated children, and other recent press releases by the BC Liberals

The Placement of Children and Youth in Care in Hotels in BC

Appendix B – Adding a Location/Placement in ICM

Step 1
Navigate to the Child Service Case

Step 2
Navigate to the Location/Placement view tab

Step 3
Highlight the Child in the Involved Family Members applet

Step 4
Scroll to the Location Placement History applet

Step 5
Click the Add Location button

Step 6
Select “Hotel/Motel” as the Location Type from the drop down menu

Step 7
Type Name of the Hotel in the field

Step 8
Enter Start Date in the field

Step 9
Enter Apartment number (or hotel room number) and Address
in the corresponding fields

Step 10
Scroll down and enter the reason for the hotel placement in the Comment text box

Step 11
Ctrl+Shift+S to save the location record

Alex Gervais

Andrew Chang interviews Stephanie Cadieux

Despite calls for the minister to resign, Premier Christy Clark said Friday that she stands behind her minister.
The premier said that she is "eye to eye" with Cadieux over the minister's assertion that nobody told her children were being housed in hotels.

What happened to Gervais is unacceptable, Clark said, but she said the blame should be placed on the Abbotsford agency responsible for the teen

Jan. 14, 2016


To ensure B.C.s future climate actions reflect the values of British Columbians, Premier Christy Clark today invited families and members of the public to tell government what they would like to see in B.C.s new Climate Leadership Plan, to be released later this spring.

The next public engagement for the Climate Leadership Plan will launch on Monday, Jan. 25 and will run for 60 days


Final Results of consultation of public discussing Climate Change in 2015




Prepared and Resilient  A discussion paper on the legislate framework for emergency management in BC


Healthy Eating in Kindergarten


 Stanley Cup Riot Report

Media Statement on Stanley Cup Riot Report


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