Saturday, January 23, 2016

Who's the Media Mole at 911 leaking internal police bulletins on Dix and Pacific Centre visitors

NDP leader Adrian Dix failed to produce a ticket for the SkyTrain / Canada Line and the BC Liberals took great pleasure in using that leaked information for their own political gain.  Timing couldn't have been more perfect for their GCPE because Dix's 'crime' diverted the public's attention away from Compass Card fiasco, millions of dollars over budget and late of implementation by two years.  Compass Card was conceived to prevent miscreants from having a FREE ride on Translink and ironically the designers of the Compass Card are the only ones having a FREE ride at the public's trough.

Was it a MOLE in Translink's police department who leaked the Dix file to the local Vancouver Media or has there always been a Media MOLE in 911, the source for BOTH leaks at Nine One One  where all criminal and security and safety and first responders are overseen.
The men are described as Middle Eastern-looking.   According to photos shared by Vancouver Buzz   - Vancouver Sun

Vancity Buzz acquired an internal police bulletin through a tip on Thursday evening. The details of the bulletin were confirmed and discussed with police prior to the publication of the article.

Vancity Buzz: EDITOR’S NOTE: Since VPD has identified and deemed the men’s actions innocent, we have removed the images of the men in question.

Vancouver Sun Editorial January 23, 2016 : Security Leak is real issue, not investigation.  ..... release an internal security bulletin and surveillance photos to certain media      OR is the Media bribing (blackmailing) someone within our 911 security forces for their own financial gain?

A reminder shouldn't have to be made, but from an earlier Post here on Who's the Mole

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