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Vancouver (BC) View Cones: Google Streetview - GET THE CAR past the Barriers

View Corridor KML file from City of Vancouver

Have you ever asked yourself where oh where are the accessible handicapped FREE parking street spaces in Vancouver? (other municipalities could/should follow suit)   Here's a screenshot from City Hall's Data Catalogue that lists off that kind of information that works well with Google Earth.

DWG   KML   SHP  G    b

Vancouver Tourism officials should ASK,   nicely, that Google Earth technicians drive up to that cliff for spectacular cone of silence views.   Google's streetview does:

Just a Yellow Curb

Almost there in Google but not Earth

Everything is Blurry - for Privacy

Bubble Changer Hardware

Do you think that the people who are buying into Vancouver are searching for the ideal view corridors? and driving up the price of surrounding properties....

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Stephen Brown: PR damage control after Simushir's left USA docks for Haida Gwaii's rocks

Not a peep, not a whimper from The Chamber of Shipping of British Columbia during the Simushir loss of propulsion, and then once the vessel is towed and repaired at Prince Rupert, she leaves Canadian waters.   The Vancouver Sun allows an opinion column that should have been labeled in bold letters: "Advertorial - Do Not Pay Attention"

Stephen Brown

Opinion: More inconvenient tanker truths           Shipping: Marine rescue response to disabled Russian freighter worked as it should have   By Stephen Brown, Special to The Vancouver Sun November 2, 2014

We checked out those who he represents, their website:
Sailing distances to British Columbia's ports can be up to 68 hours shorter than calls to US west coast ports.  Efficient rail service connect customers to major urban centres in Canada and US mid-west.

The Chamber of Shipping of British Columbia represents vessel owners, operators and shipping agencies engaged in international trade through Canada's Pacific gateway.  The association fosters the development of collaborative solutions and promotes the development of effective and responsive legislation that continues to support a robust and sound shipping industry.

Efficient rail service eh?  Every RED dot is a 'pinch point', a 'bottle neck' for the BNSF railway company.  One red dot is the Surrey Thornton Yard, not to be confused with the Thornton Tunnel which links Vancouver/Burnaby to the North Shore of Burrard Inlet, at the Second Narrows.

Page 605 of 964

Keywords to look for are Pinch Points, Bottlenecks


Thornton Tunnel is the Next Post, and it will be labeled Fair Incendiary Comment.

Someone should create a blog called that, simply because Transportation Canada doesn't have a Tip Line......

Pssssst!  Warning.  Attention Danger

CN Radio Possessors: Hikers, Strollers (baby buggy type with Grandparents), cyclists, Dog Walkers

298-3348???? is that a Direct Line like Bell or Telus or is there a 517,   604   778  missing

Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Basi Virk $6,000,000 Exemption Rule Book

UPDATE:  OCTOBER 9, 2015: BC Mary Post:

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

As for the "accredited" others, I'll only  cite Bruce Hutchison writing in National Post specifically because his column dated Oct. 18, 2010  titled "Too quick, too easy end for BC Rail trial" contains this honest remark:

... For their defence strategy, reliant on rumours, innuendo, and one or two malleable members of the press whom they used to promote an agenda of obfuscation outside the courts ...

In the Settlement of the Plea bargain by Basi and Virk, was the Treasury Board asked to turn a blind eye to the $500,000 limitation?
Note I:  the Limit during the Basi Virk settlement was $250,000

Note II:  The required bump up, effective October 2 2014 to half a million dollars, is it due to a before-the-court case regarding  eg.  Health Ministry firings?

eg.  Information and Privacy Commissioner Decision

June 24, 2014   Public Accounts:
The following witnesses appeared before the Committee and answered questions relating to the Office of the Auditor General’s Report An Audit of Special Indemnities (December 2013).
Office of the Auditor General
• Russ Jones, Acting Auditor General
• Sheila Dodds, Assistant Auditor General
• Amanda Welch, Manager, Legal Services

Ministry of Justice
• Richard J.M. Fyfe, Q.C., Deputy Attorney General

BC Public Service Agency
• Lynda Tarras, Deputy Minister

Ministry of Finance
• Linda Irvine, Executive Director, Risk Management Branch

K. Corrigan: I wanted to ask a couple of questions specifically about appendix B: "Administration of the special indemnities for Mr. Basi and Mr. Virk." It says: "Based on our interviews and file reviews, we found no evidence of political involvement in the decision to amend the indemnities to release Mr. Basi and Mr. Virk from the obligation to repay the indemnity costs if they were found guilty." [0955] It also says the following sentence. This is on page 46: "Our review also found evidence of public servants diligently keeping the decision to amend the indemnities separate and distinct from the plea negotiations with the special prosecutor that concluded the trial." I have a couple of questions on that. The first one is…. It's very clear earlier on page 44 — and I just want to publicly get it on the record — that if the agreement had not been reached that they would not have to pay back, that they didn't get a special indemnity, then the guilty plea would not have happened. Is that correct?

R. Fyfe: I am actually not in a position to answer that question. I understand that the requirement to repay was viewed as an obstacle to discussions with the special prosecutor, but they were conducted separately.

K. Corrigan: Perhaps I can ask the Auditor General, because this report makes it clear that there was an obstacle and that there wouldn't even be discussion of a plea negotiation if this matter, the issue of having to repay legal costs, was not dealt with. I'm just wondering how the Auditor General's office came to that conclusion then, because it's included in the report.

 A. Welch: We did meet with Mr. Basi and Mr. Virk and counsel for the purpose of clearing the report, which is a solicitor-client privilege. We did confirm, both in the evidence that we had during the audit and with counsel, that this was the case.

 K. Corrigan: So that was in a direct conversation with Mr. Basi and Mr. Virk, that if they had not received that information, if they had not received that assurance, they would not have pled guilty.

A. Welch: Well, as we make clear in the report, the counsel negotiated the amendment to the special indemnities before the plea deal was even presented to their clients.

K. Corrigan: Before it was presented.

A. Welch: That's right.


Choo Choo Thing


BC Rail Related Comments
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 The Six Million Dollar Deal...The Order Matters

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Full BC Rail Story NOT Yet Told

January 9th, 2014 · 34 Comments


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CORRECTION:Chevron - Fuel Your School is a rip off. One DOLLAR donation per min 30 Litres or more (not pro-rated)

Is Vancouver's Non-Partisan Association (NPA) so desperate to win this election that LaPointe has called in a favour from his former employer, PostMedia, to write an editorial on the eve of voting?

Desperation?  They might just as well say that there's going to be a Head Tax, a Death Tax .....
Chevron funded program would benefit Vancouver schools - Vancouver Sun ....... Under the program designed for Vancouver, Chevron would donate $1 for every 30 litres of gas bought at local stations, up to $475,000, to My Class Needs, which is responsible for disbursing the money for projects the charity deems eligible without Chevron’s involvement in the selection.

CORRECT To:   "$1 donation per min 30 Litres or more ....."    

INCORRECT version:     "$1 for every 30 litres of gas ....."


Hyundai Touring Elantra   48 litres    $1
Mitsubishi Lancer              60 litres   $1,  not $2 by Vancouver Sun's reckoning

  2014 Fuel Consumption Guide 
If only Chevron Gas is purchased ........

Motor Vehicle; 
Cost Per Year; Fuel (litres) per year;  Max/ Min / once a month                   

Rolls-Royce  Ghost         $4033     2840 Litres      $94 / $47 /  $12
Porsche Panamera GTS   $3152     2220 Litres      $74 / $37 /  $12
Lexus  LS 460 AWD       $3238     2280 Litres      $76 / $38 /  $12
GMC Sierra                     $2740     2080 Litres      $69 / $34 /  $12
BMW X6 M                    $4033     2840 Litres      $94 / $47 /  $12

There's no way that the public may respond via a Letter to the Editor pleading for a retraction of the Error for it will come well after the election of School Trustees.

The ideologically-driven decision to reject Chevron’s Fuel Your School program denies Vancouver students resources they could have had to improve their learning experience. We hope a newly-elected school board will quickly reverse it.  - Vancouver Sun  - Editor-in-Chief Harold Munro, issues & ideas editor Harvey Enchin, columnists and editorial writers Stephen Hume and Barbara Yaffe

North Vancouver is a participant in Chevron's Fuel Your School


28 cash STRAPPED schools stretching across North America:

Five Schools in British Columbia endorsed by Christy Crunch's Finance Minister de Jong

Let's see:

In North Vancouver (City/District) there are NINE Chevron Gas Stations.  How much gas is pumped from those nine from November 1st to the 30th that will generate enough funding that will make a difference to the education of our children?   Does Chevron state on their Customers printed gas receipts the ONE DOLLAR generosity?

Pink Sheet Fine Print Conditions:  Motorist must buy 30 OR more litres at a PARTICIPATING Chevron station and Chevron will donate ONE DOLLAR up to $565,000.   There is no list of Chevron gas stations who are participating. 

One Dollar

Then of course there's the Administration Fees on that ONE Dollar.  Is the money in a Trust account with all interest earned being rolled in, not out?

Teachers requesting funding for projects MUST be FULL TIME Employees

Eligible NOT Eligible

Eligibility Guidelines

School Eligibility Guidelines

Schools must be K-12 schools located in the participating School Districts of Burnaby (SD 41), Coquitlam (SD 43), North Vancouver (SD 44), West Vancouver (SD45) and Surrey (SD 36) and must receive majority of their operational funding from public sources to be eligible to participate.

This includes Long Term Provincial Resource Programs (PRP) and Alternate Programs, but does not include Independent Schools.

Which means, of course, that gas purchases that generates the $1 donation in one School District/Municipality may be used in another area.......

Since its launch in 2013, My Class Needs has helped over 200 classrooms across Canada fund their unique projects.

Chevron, an American corporate based company, should communicate with their subsidiary Chevron Canada who would have pointed out that the Five Named participant school districts are based solely in the province of British Columbia.  Metro Vancouver to be precise.

Across Canada?
Chevron Press Releases

Chevron Publications


Chevron 2013 Corporate Responsibility Report
Download PDF (1.3 MB)

Kitimat Project Overview cover
Kitimat Project Overview
Download PDF (1.0 MB)

Kitimat Industrial Site Project cover
Kitimat Industrial Site Project
Download PDF (1.0 MB)

Pacific Trail Pipeline EAO Amendments cover
Pacific Trail Pipeline EAO Amendments
Download PDF (0.4 MB)

Producing Natural Gas Safely cover

"Producing Natural Gas safely"
    the file is actually titled HYDRAULIC-FRACTURING FACTSHEET

And, Chevron has bailed out on Apache Partnership Kitimat Project, eh 

 Producing Natural Gas Safely
Download PDF (0.6 MB)

Pacific Trail Pipeline Infographic
Pacific Trail Pipeline Infographic
Download PDf (7.7 MB)

Clio Bay Project cover
Clio Bay Project
Download PDF (0.4 MB)

Kitimat LNG Biodiversity Monitoring and Assessment Program Cover
Kitimat LNG Biodiversity Monitoring and Assessment Program

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Gordon Shrum's disciples: Coleman and Bond sipping LNG laced drinks in the BC Legislature Precinct

 July 16, 1970
BC Hydro boss .........Gordon Shrum says pesticides safe and drinks glass of diluted 2,4,5-T on TV. “ Our chemists told me the only problem I had was getting the taste out of my mouth. It was like dirty crankcase oil, but I found that vodka was good for rinsing out my mouth. In any case the exercise was good publicity for combating SPEC - that’s the Society for Promoting Environmental Crap- propaganda.  -  Blog Borg Collective Post  May 24, 2012

There ought to be a law that says neither bombs, nor bombers, nor grandstanding politicians be allowed to take an explosive material into the BC Legislative Precinct.   The RCMP did allow two bombers with their pressure cookers intact (but disarmed??) onto the grounds on July 1, 2013.

Then there was the Budget speech by Finance Minister Kevin Falcon where a brethren BC Liberal invited Jaspal Atwal, a convicted terrorist, into the Precinct.   The 'guest' was removed once his status within the community was brought to the attention of the Sargent at Arms.

If you happen to have missed Rich Coleman and Shirley Bond mixing Natural Gas with a source of ignition inside the Legislature .....

The Victoria's 'Sick Culture' 'science lab-legislature' video shows one small vial, nowhere near the potential of this 'baby':

The BC Liberal Photo Op experiment is nowhere near reality.  The leaking contents of one pipeline between two compressor stations (Alberta/BC) or one rail car tanker in amongst 71 other tankers in one train, nor one LNG tanker on the high seas or in Douglas Channel or docked at Kitimat nor the Encana field leak (Rich Coleman Farts).

 22 November 2009 Failure of Piping at EnCana Swan Wellsite A5-7-77-14 L W6M
...... Resident (3) returns to area via Klemmer Road and observes gas cloud and detects strong odours. Advises inhabitants at nearby residence to evacuate.  Resident (3) drives through the gas cloud and heads East on Merrick Road and sees the gas coming off the wellsite and parks his pick-up about 300 metres cross wind on Merrick Road.....

What the BC Liberals (& scientists) leave out in their promotions of the safe handling of LNG and LPG and Natural Gas is that large volume of "gases may displace air causing a decrease in Oxygen concentration.  When this occurs asphyxiation is possible.  If you become lightheaded, dizzy, or nauseous, due to release of LNG or LPG please leave the area immediately."  

The author of the information are the extractors of the petroleum products via their safety brochures.  They may be doing it so that the whims of insurance companies/regulators may rest easy ..... the public has been forewarned, it's on their heads.


Here's what NOT to do if your suspect a gas pipeline leak:
Do NOT remain in the area
Do NOT use open flames
Do Not bring Cell Phones, Flashlights, motor vehicles, electric or cordless tools, etc
Do not attempt to operate pipeline valves.

Both LNG and LPG may displace air causing a decrease in oxygen concentration. When this occurs asphyxiation is possible. If you become lightheaded, dizzy, or nauseous, due to release of LNG or LPG please leave the area immediately and call 911.

Gosh!   Why would the heavy BC Liberals hitters, Shirley Bond, Jane Thornthwaite, Naomi Yamamoto, and Christy Clark approve taking LNG inside the BC Legislature building just to show that they can drink water purified with LNG?

laced teacup full of NG video


Kinder Morgan Pg 2
If the politicians are risking their lives, and ours, on the presence of mercaptan, that rotten egg smell, please note that it is ADDED afterwards, only when the gas is being shipped to consumers directly?


Tweets about #LNGinBC is the title of the experiment in communication with the public, but the 'Gods' are using Natural GAS without the BC Hydro/IPP ingredient: massive amounts of electricity.