Thursday, January 28, 2016

Gabriola Island Fixed Link Feasibility Study - January 2016 - Premier Christy Clark goes OH NO, NO, NO

For a Premier who blames others for saying NO, NO, NO to development, amazing what 24 hours will do for the spin doctoring.  Free Enterprise Party?

Gabriola Island Fixed Link Feasibility Study

Press Release Negative on Possibility, in other words, one word ... NO

Study concludes costs outweigh benefits of bridge to Gabriola Island wouldn't have the traffic of an old Massey Tunnel, nor the proposed Massey Bridge to sustain it, but .... if BC Ferries wanted to move out of Departure Bay to the east side of Gabriola to shorten the travel time to Horseshoe Bay, then the New bridge could be tolled in the same fashion as the Sea to Sky Highway, secretly.

Results of the Gabriola Island Fixed Link Feasibility Study conclude that while a bridge appears to be technically feasible, it would not be a cost-effective alternative to the current ferry link.
Because of this, Cost effectiveness, the Government of British Columbia will not consider a fixed link to Gabriola  Island AT THIS TIME.  - Minister Todd Stone
 We're glad its a NO-GO, but will it mean that those 'residents', those weekenders, those 'off-shore' investors, be going after the BC Liberals for the return of their contributions to the Party?

What about the naysayers of the Massey Tunnel being replaced with $3 billion bridge, ... 'costs outweighs the benefits' Delta to Lulu Island (Richmond).  What about public transit?

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