Monday, April 18, 2016

Grouse Mountain Resorts; UNI-SEX washrooms with designated gender symbols: Incorrectly Labeled.

On our walk-about today from Lonsdale Quay to Grouse Mountain Resort's Sky-Ride facility we just had to use the Mountain's public washroom before boarding the Sky-Ride. 

GMR signage was a touch confusing for us, we had to do a double take.  The double gender sign on the outside of the building is the opposite to the sign on their respective doors.  eg.  Men to the Left; Women to the Right..... but  the sign on the Left Door has a Woman on it and the sign on the Door to the Right has a Man on it.

We figured it out, chalked it up to the stupidity of bosses at Grouse Mountain Resort, and proceeded to our side of the 'fence'.

However as we were setting up to take the above photo, a woman, hurriedly, glanced at the Sign on the outside of the building and then did a hard Right turn to the privacy of 'her washroom'... which is okay as long as she didn't go any further than the first three stalls, otherwise she would be staring at two urinals and not the expected space dedicated as baby changing table (not provided anyway).  More than highly likely, there would be TWO males standing, shaking, zipping, and turning.

One other minor detail about the placement of the sign on the building would probably explain why there wouldn't be a second occurrence, a second offense, by the same person, on the same day.

On the inside of the door of the Men's washroom is one word   MEN.  Quite possibly the Women's side is marked on the inside with WOMEN.   The problem arises that either the Male or the Female, having entered the wrong washroom in the first place, would be thinking that they were about to enter the wrong gender washroom and then try to figure out how to get out of the maze containing only one door.  Not a hope in hell folks.

We brought this unique situation to a passing Grouse Mountain Resort employee and he said it was okay to have the signs mixed up like that as long as they were read independently of one another.  It turned out we had to give a real example to this fellow as another woman left 'her washroom' with the symbol of a MAN on the door.

Today is April 18, 2016, not April Fools day.  Make my Day GMR.


If you proceed up to the resort, check out the signage up there too, and report back here, please.


Anonymous said...

Grouse Mountain could save money by cutting the arrow of the bottom, for use somewhere else and then cut the sign vertically and mount them on the building, on the correct side, of course.

Bill said...

So much for customer service eh NVG.

The staff person could have done a much better job in listening and acknowledging your signage observations. He responded with an answer that indicated he was aware of the mixed up message and then defended with a rationale for the status status quo. That may have been acceptable but only if he also thanked you for your helpful feedback and an assurance that he would pass it on to a supervisor/appropriate person so as to improve the signage. Maybe that happened but f it did not then that would be a customer service fail.

In another Grouse grousing, this morning for the first time in a many months of looking up to see if the green-washing 'Eye In the Sky' wind turbine... it was actually spinning. I am pretty sure it was not generating power, just slowly free spinning. We call it the 'Lie in the Sky'.

North Van's Grumps said...


I saw the Eye turning this morning too and commented to three German tourists, waiting for the bus at the Capilano and Upper Levels highway, that the Eye was probably being powered by BC Hydro.

e.a.f. said...

North Van's Grumps: that was very wicked and very funny. The tourists will most likely go back to Germany and talk about those stupid people in B.C. On one day in Feb. of I believe 2014, Germany was able to produce 25% of all their electricity from renewable resources. Oh, well this is B.C.........