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Part IV: Hard Rock Cafe @ 30.96 Hastings: Days of Old, Days of Gold

So many accounts have been given of the first discovery of gold in British Columbia that it is not easy to determine which of them is most to be depended upon. One of these accounts, published in 1895, is as follows:

The early discoveries of gold in small quantities range between the years 1850 and 1857. In 1850 specimens came from Vancouver Island and Queen Charlotte Islands.

An incipient mining took place at Queen Charlotte Islands in 1851 and 1852. Dr. George M. Dawson said, that from one little pocket or seam in Gold Harbour, Morseby Island, between $20,000 and $75,000 was reported (273) to have been taken. It has been stated by others that more gold was lost in the harbour in the operation of mining than was recovered. However, much or little, the 'find' ended there. About the same time Indians from up the Skeena, a River, brought pieces of gold to the Hudson's Bay Company's fort, but the several expeditions to find it in places ended in failure. In the Interior, gold was found in the Natchez Pass and Similkameen as early as 1852, and in 1854. Colville Indians were known to have had nuggets in their possession".

Why TWO pickle bottles?  Why not ONE?  Too Heavy?

Just how much does a glass half full, of gold, weigh?

Days of Old, Days of Gold

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