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BC Jobs ToolKit: tattoo, high heels, socket screw driver, safety vest, hard hats, no hard hats, long hair? WorkSafeBC

Focus, Focus, on the socket thing-a-ma-jiggy, talk to it, and Premier Christy Clark will listen.

Who is that woman to the right, without proper safety gear ..... 

Laura Miller?

Caption should read:

Sorry, the job you're looking for isn’t here.

We’re out looking for a strong economy for a secure decade.

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FOI prediction Nov. 14, 2013 - Alex G. Tsakumis Rebel With a Clause


Christy Clark’s Government Plan to Kill Freedom of Information

Oh how we miss Alex G. Tsakumis'  punchlines!

The end of 2015 is near and it's time to take a look back to before 2014 with a Rebel With a Clause prediction: outside contractors hired to teach Christy Clark's OIC staff how to increase the speed at preparing for FOI requests by simply eliminating, by triple deleting files, first.


When the Premier was a (make-believe) talk show host (think Katie Couric, but with half the intelligence–if that’s at all possible) Christy Clark’s mantra, against the very government she’d previously defiled as Deputy Premier, was consistent (if not illusory): “The government needs to be more open; they need to be accountable to the people.”

As the gentle, but dependable list of callers filed to their phones to speak to Christy, the consensus was never in doubt: A resounding number of citizens, lest we be shocked, agreed. Gordon Campbell was running a government set on secrecy and Ms. Clark was leading the charge for transparency and reason.

It made for incredibly dim, schlock broadcasting, readying her throng of (mostly bimbette) listeners for the afternoon strain of Oprah and Dr. Phil.

Oh, such challenges.

After she became Premier, Christy Clark faced the hard reality of the spotlight she’d turned her back on, she said, to raise her son away from the ugly glare of public life (tongue firmly planted in cheek). One which has seen her prance and preen through almost every manufactured opportunity to gain more publicity–but not scrutiny. When she was Deputy Premier under Gordon Campbell, she languished in the warm blanket Campbell provided: It was his plan, executed in no small part by her, for the mainstream press to be bought. Be good to them, and they’ll relent. Advertise and they’ll improvise–for us. This was the thinking, and I can’t claim  it was unsuccessful. Say what you will about the BC NDP’s dismal performance in May, the media in this province (most of them, certainly, but not all) are truly the provincial government’s PR wing. The stories on this government that are lost (and sold) are astounding in number as well as shame. I will spare you the recitation of those failures, to apprise you of a new one.

A grand one.

Since stealing the BC Liberal leadership in 2011, an effort replete with stolen PIN numbers, criminal operatives, cash for cheques for prepaid credit cards scheme, and the like, Christy Clark has been on a mission to ensure that you know less about what government is doing, not more. She has personally instructed party operatives (often her own staff) to hatch methods by which obfuscation and subversion are the order of the day. Kim Haakstad was instrumental to this end when she was Deputy Chief of Staff to Clark, prior to being tossed for her resolutely unethical behaviour in what has colloquially become known as ‘Ethnogate’.

Nevertheless, Clark has surrounded herself with those whose fervent belief is that you, the public, need be fed only as much as the mainstream press will cover in short soundbites, details be damned. It’s no longer about your right to know, it’s about the government’s right to control the message – and when they can’t – to guarantee passage for any of their disasters (of which there are a multitude) into a dark, ample corner, under a rug too heavy for anyone to lift. 


It doesn’t matter what the major scandal of the day, it’s papered over by friends of the BC Liberals, or, moreover, those with direct, personal links to Christy Clark and her administration.

Does this at all appear to be the “open and transparent” government Christy Clark has claimed, on countless occasions, to foster?

Not if you look at the evidence with dispassion and impartiality.

More to the point, I am told by multiple, high-ranking sources close to Christy Clark and her administration, that the premier of this beleaguered province and her government are on a mission to derail Freedom of Information in British Columbia. Specifically, that several government Ministries are undergoing “efficiency exercises” where FOI is concerned. As we know, the disinfectant of sunshine on almost anything this government has committed to in the last twelve years, always produces a scandal that usually outrages the public (only to be cast aside by the BC press elites for more important stories, like a dead baby, stranded chubby seal pup or Ms. Kardashian’s derriere selfie–the last two often becoming confused, one for the other).


Regardless, according to the government, there’s nothing to this story, folks, let’s move along, nothing to see.

Really? Let’s have a look.

For the last ten weeks, Ian Johnston, a consultant with a company called Fujitsu (his office is based out of Victoria) has been tasked with, according to a high up government source, “helping make it almost impossible for you (AGT), other bloggers, any media and the NDP to get anything out of us. Bob Mackin is a major problem. They don’t like Laila Yuile either and you won’t be surprised to learn that if you went back to building things or retired to Palm Desert, Christy’d be pretty stoked. Anyway, the directive is broadsweeping. Make sure we use the gray area in FOI law that will begin with you guys (the media/bloggers) getting charged with almost every request and us having the right to redact more and more. Christy’s people are involved in every step and I understand John Dyble knows about this, too. I’m not surprised Andrew didn’t return your call. No one wants a hard ball interview where they know they’re going to get cornered, and maybe pummeled.”


Right. Except maybe Ian Johnston.

I spoke to Mr. Johnston after going through a maze of contact numbers for him and offices where he is listed. After leaving several messages with their office in Vancouver (no one returned my calls) I tracked Ian Johnston down in Victoria, where he is certainly well positioned to know what’s going on.


AGT: “If you’re there to make FOIs easier and more efficient, why are you not then working with the office of the Privacy Commissioner to implement her excellent recommendations from July? Why would you not adopt a team approach?”
Johnston then admitted that he called Commissioner Denham’s office but she never got back to him. Instead, a staffer told him that she was “too busy.”

Which prompted me to ask this:

 “If you’re collecting taxpayer’s dollars to implement the recommendations of the Commissioner, thus rendering 95% of FOIs unnecessary, why wouldn’t you wait for her and work together? And why are you necessary at all, if the government was going to follow a course of real transparency?”
Johnston: “I’m not an authority to say anything on that (laughs). I don’t want to get fired (laughs)…I’m an employee of Fujitsu, not a contractor…” 
And then this nugget: “I’m not sure about your figure (95%)…I’m not sure if that’s accurate.”


So…for those keeping score, according to the lead hand (Johnston) working with at least the Finance Ministry (which he half-heartedly admitted was his first effort in all this), the government wants to follow a course of action to be more accessible and accountable, but they hired an outside contractor, on a lucrative retainer, to proceed with work on FOIs, not necessarily in line with the recommendations of its own privacy commissioner. Neither the Privacy Commissioner’s Office is aware of the work, and the Minister responsible for the file (Wilkinson) is standing with butt in the air and head firmly planted in the sand.
And then the killer…  (NOTE: George Gretes first appointment in 2013 was to the Finance Ministry)
AGT: “Can you speak to the fact that since you’ve been on the job, reporters, and bloggers are being charged exorbitant fees for simple FOI requests? That since their re-election FOI requests are more difficult to obtain.”

Johnston: “Oh my God, I’d say that’s a total coincidence…hey, maybe we can meet with someone in government, if you’d like, before you print anything, even though you said we’re really off the record. Look, this is quite a sincere government, to my knowledge.”
(And wouldn’t Johnston know! He was Deputy BC Athletic Commissioner in 2013 and from January 2002 to May of 2003, he was an “analyst” for Elections BC).
AGT: “No, I said that was up to you, if we’re on formally, but some of things you’re saying don’t make sense. One final thing, are you taping this conversation?”

Johnston: “Yes I am, because I’ve been burned before.”

After the interview I contacted the leader of the BC NDP, Adrian Dix. They are identified as having been responsible for almost 3000 FOIs since 2012.

I think I’ll let him (Dix) have the last word.
“Look it’s really simple, if the government followed the recommendations of its own Privacy Commissioner, and simply release Minister’s calendars and Minister’s office calendars, they would eliminate 1000 requests from us per year. Since we (and the BC Liberals when they were in Opposition before us) routinely FOI(ed) things for good reason, why not just make it all available. That would be a reform–and true openness.” (Adrian Dix, Leader of the Opposition, November, 2013)
Sure it would, but not when you have a government in power that is digging in so deep to avoid any real accountability to the people its leader clearly lied to to get elected, and that gulag politics are the order of the day.

150 comments, starting at the bottom, or course


Craving for more of Alex G. Tsakumis, 2009 and up to 2014?

Here's the WayBack Machine to the Rebel with a Clause

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Now… Let Us All Savage Mike Duffy By Robin Mathews Dec. 22, 2015

A long, long road of sleaze, near criminal, and criminal attacks on Canadian democracy … and much more of ugly behaviour … marked the Stephen Harper Conservative years from 2006 to 2015. Almost numberless were the violations of the trust that Canadians place in their national government.

A part of the aftermath of that orgy of sleaze is the attempt by what I call the neo-fascist Big Media, now, to paper over – even to praise – the behaviour of those years. The (literal) “papering over” of the Harper years is in full swing by those major newspapers that supported him in the 2015 election even despite Conservative last-campaign-days devoted to strident racism and fear-mongering. During the long years up to that time, sleaze was everywhere a person looked ….

Even in the last days of Conservative power, dirty tricks were the name of the game.

Elizabeth Thompson and then Michael Harris (ipolitics) remind us that before the 2015 Election was even called, the PMO and Stephen Harper re-appointed top civil servant favourites when they weren’t anywhere near normal re-appointment date. To move them out will cost taxpayers millions of dollars if those faux-appointees don’t agree to slip away quietly. Every fake re-appointment bears Stephen Harper’s mark. As does the $90,000.00 Nigel Wright handed to Mike Duffy as a personal cheque.

Duffy testified in trial that Harper told him he had to pay back money even though he didn’t really owe it!

All of that is to say again that the Mike Duffy trial looks like a sham from start to finish. For instance -

Why was Duffy alone charged? With a ridiculous 31 charges? And an apparently fake bribery charge for headline purposes? Where are the other “bad” senators?

How is it - THE QUESTION again – that Nigel Wright could hand Mike Duffy a bribery cheque of $90,000.00 which facilitated Duffy being charged with receiving that cheque as a bribe – but Wright is not charged with paying a bribe for writing it and handing it to Duffy?

How is it that on October 20, 2015, finding that Stephen Harper was merely an MP, Defence lawyer Donald Bayne didn’t immediately apply to have citizen Harper testify at the Mike Duffy trial?

And how did the bribery charge continue when prosecution lawyer Joseph Neuberger told the CBC ”a conviction on the bribery charge may be unlikely”. (Advocate And how could Defence lawyer Donald Bayne let Nigel Wright slip away without pushing him very hard on the cheque he paid Mike Duffy as a bribe – pushing until it was all over the front pages of Canadian newspapers and forced into editorials questioning the credibility of the trial?

Something stinks.

If the bribery charge against Mike Duffy was rigged by RCMP and Prosecution at the instancing of the Harper/PMO gaggle, then all in the know at the trial would want to soft-peddle the issue … hoping it would somehow go away almost unseen.

Who has accepted all the absurdity of what seems to be a staged trial? The RCMP investigators. RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson. The judge and the Crown Prosecutor on the case. The Defence lawyer Donald Bayne. Mike Duffy himself… as well as all, all, all the conventional press and media. Something stinks.

The “something” that stinks might just be said to concentrate itself in the Christie Blatchford writing on the Duffy case. Apparently looking for an active ‘cleaning agent’ in the careful attempts to erase the record of Conservative crime from 2006 to 2015, Ms. Blatchford and her employers appear to have found what she needs. She hasn’t merely filled columns of print, but pages of it (obviously called for by Postmedia power brokers who then spread her “dispatches” across Canada).

What better way to take attention away from the Conservative Party led by Stephen Harper which actively crippled and exploited the Canadian Senate for dirty use than by concentrating on Mike Duffy (probably among the lowest ten per cent of Conservative bad actors)? MAKE HIM the big story of Conservative wrong-doing from 2006 to 2015.

What does this apparent across-the-board chicanery mean – with all the apparent across-the-board savaging of Mike Duffy? It constitutes such a stupendously large set of apparent acts of cooperation to shield the Conservative wrecking action in the Senate, in the PMO, in the House of Commons, in the Conservative Party of Canada that one can scarcely believe what is there in front of us all….

Readers who say “none of what has been written in this column so far is anything but sheer nonsense” might seem very clear-headed. Except … except there is just too much evidence of trial chicanery to say outright that it isn’t there.

Can we predict the outcome of the Mike Duffy trial? Mr. Justice Charles Vaillancourt might send Mike Duffy to jail for several years for – as a public servant (a senator) accepting a bribe in order to (a) do a favour to Stephen Harper and his cabinet, and (b) to seek to wipe out or disguise his own petty wrong-doing. Then Mr. Justice Vaillancourt could pile on censure (and perhaps more jail time) for all the other violations of trust that Mike Duffy (along with many, many other senators) is alleged to have engaged in over expense account infractions … and other misdeeds.

The betting – from the information in this column – all goes the other way.

Mr. Justice Vaillancourt will decide that the acceptance of a bribe cannot be proved beyond a shadow of a doubt. (Mike Duffy will sigh in relief, and Nigel Wright will be able to come out of hiding overseas and return to Canada.)

The judge will decide that trust practice and lax expense spending rules make it impossible to attach judicial blame to what Mike Duffy did in expenditure. (Duffy will sigh with relief, as will the Honourable Pamela Wallin and many, many other senators.)

The judge will decide that since Stephen Harper appointed Mike Duffy as senator for Prince Edward Island, Duffy’s claims for residence expenses in Ottawa are not clear enough as violations for a judge to rule upon….

Mr. Justice Charles Vaillancourt may find a wrong-doing or two (unique to Duffy) – such as perhaps the Ottawa living expenses - that he can censure and punish with a suspended sentence, house-arrest, and time spent doing constructive community work (the judge showing grand human generosity - in the light of Mr. Duffy’s ill-health).

And so millions and millions of taxpayers’ dollars have been spent in Harper and PMO-directed Senate chicanery, in (what became faux) RCMP investigation and reporting, in Prosecution Office time and expertise shaping a dubious case, in Nigel Wright’s improper activity, and in all the other many, many activities related to other Conservative wrong-doings carefully hidden from Canadians. And now we can look forward to the outcome - the trial outcome (costing a huge amount) doing nothing but covering-up the truth, with Mike Duffy fronting for the innumerable crimes that will never be faced.

That is why the almost unanimous cry has gone up – Far Right Media inspired and Conservative Party approved. It’s a huge smokescreen that’s working wonderfully well:

“Now’s the time… Now, Now. NOW… Let us all savage Mike Duffy!”

Contact: Robin Mathews

Ontario McGuinty Staff: Don Guy (Chief of Staff), Laura Miller (Deputy Chief of Staff), Dave Gene Who: Gas plant Triple Deleting fiasco passed onto BC

We do not, and never will, accept the proposition that the business of the public is none of the public’s business.  -  Ontario Information and Privacy Commissioner  Ann Cavoukian, Ph.D. - June 5, 2015

Did Laura Miller and her associates, triple delete emails in Ontario, and then scurry over to help Premier Christy Clark in the BC Liberal Party headquarters 2013 Election?
Don Guy, recently parachuted in to handle communications and research for Ms. Clark’s election campaign.  - Globe and Mail

Google Search Criteria: Don Guy, Laura Miller, Dave Gene and Premier McGuinty

Huffington Post

Don Guy: McGuinty's Very Own Prince of Darkness
Posted: 08/13/2013 5:23 pm EDT Updated: 10/13/2013 5:12 am EDT

Snipped at here:
....... According to recently disclosed e-mails between Don Guy and his deputies Laura Miller and Dave Gene, it appears that Don Guy had Miller send Dave Gene over to Speaker Levac to discuss the possibility of Levac changing his ruling.

I definitely agree with NDP House Leader Gilles Bisson, when he referred to the actions of Guy, Miller and Gene. He stated:
"They were trying to obstruct the parliamentary process and bully the Speaker to change his ruling," Mr. Bisson said. "That's pretty serious stuff, and akin to somebody going to a judge and trying to influence a judge on a decision."

It appears that Guy, Miller and Gene may have crossed the line here. These are not political tricks or technical breaches of obscure parliamentary procedures. This action appears to be an attempt to influence an impartial judicial/administrative officer of the Parliament. An independent body should be called in to investigate this action.
Though Speaker Levac held his ground and ruled against Bentley and ordered the release of all the relevant documents relating to the subject gas plants, this ruling did not deter Don Guy and his merry band.

According to the released emails, Don Guy's next devious ploy was to manipulate the press by having the McGuinty government announce feel-good policies, in order to divert attention from the September 24, 2012 deadline for release of the gas plant documents established by Speaker Levac.

As reported in the Globe and Mail, around this time, the McGuinty government announced the banning of the use of tanning beds by people under the age of 18. Which according to one of McGuinty's political operatives, in an e-mail would "make a fabulous headline in Saturday papers."

The strategy worked. Most major newspapers, including The Globe and Mail, carried the story. But tanning beds turned out to be a fleeting distraction.

With the September 24 deadline for release of documents looming, Don Guy then had Miller try to strong arm the Liberals' own House Leader John Milloy, to delay the September 24 release on the basis of a different interpretation of the Speaker's ruling and contrary to Milloy's own interpretation of the Speaker's ruling.

Noting that Milloy failed to follow Guy's wishes, Miller wrote in an email, that in future the House Leader will not speak for the party. In effect, she and Guy were trying to muzzle the public pronouncements of their own House Leader.

Snipped to Here

Adam Radwanski
Globe and Mail:

Ontario Liberal insiders paid millions in publicly funded deals

Published Thursday, Apr. 24, 2014 6:00AM EDT 

Snipped at here
..... While there is no indication that any of the transactions were illegitimate, the lack of transparency makes it difficult to determine what services were provided at taxpayers’ expense.

During The Globe’s review, sources who previously worked as senior political staff said they were offered “top-ups” to their salaries through contracts that would never have to be made public.

The Globe review follows a criminal probe that helped bring to light the fact that nearly $160,000 in public funds were paid through a numbered company to Peter Faist, the boyfriend of a (Laura Miller???) deputy chief of staff to Mr. McGuinty, for IT services that police believe led to the destruction of government records. (Mr. Faist was not the subject of the investigation, and police have not accused him of any wrongdoing.) Multiple sources told The Globe and Mail the contract was not an isolated incident.

Such arrangements have been hidden from view because they have been paid out of legislative funds given to each party for spending on the needs of their caucuses, which are not subject to freedom-of-information rules or other transparency measures that apply to government expenditures. Nor are they subject to conflict-of-interest rules.



Cover-up discovered

Although 56,500 documents had been tabled from the Ministry of Energy and the OPA to comply with the May 16, 2012 motion of the Estimates Committee of the Legislature, none of the documents came from the political staff in the Minister's Office. The Justice Committee asked the former Chief of Staff Craig MacLennan to give testimony.

At a meeting of Justice Policy Committee of the Legislature on April 9, 2013 NDP MPP Peter Tabuns asked the former Chief of Staff to the Minister of Energy why the political staffer had provided no documents. MacLennan replied: "I didn’t have any responsive documents. I regret that I didn’t have any responsive documents. My colleague coordinated the search in the office. All I can speak to is what my work habit is, which is to keep a clean inbox. I always have worked that way."[20]

Take [20]   Triple Deleting Files from Staff   a British Columbia version of GCPE and staff, but within the Premier's Office of Ontario

Inbox is kept clean???? No mention on an Outbox, eh?

Ontario response to Deleting Emails:

"Deleting Accountability : Records Management Practices of Political Staff" (PDF). Retrieved 2015-10-21.
Commissioner’s Message
I do not need to emphasize how disturbing the intentional deletion of government business records is in a free and democratic society. As I have stated in this Report, the practice of deleting records undermines the very foundation of freedom of information legislation, and the principles of government transparency and accountability that the legislation supports. I am reminded of the comment made by the Honourable Ian Scott, the Attorney General of Ontario, between 1985 and 1990, on the introduction of Ontario’s FIPPA in the Legislature. He stated:

We do not, and never will, accept the proposition that the business of the public is none of the public’s business.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Ken Dobell deciples; George Gretes; Laura Miller; Triple Delete 'media fishing trips'

Irony eh, Ken Dobell, the Father of Triple Deleting in British Columbia, a former Deputy Minister to Premier Gordon Campbell, the man who vetted all of the document from the Executive Council, the Cabinet, for the BC Rail trial judges to view, ..... is he still triple deleting his current employers' and clients correspondence?

As columnist Bill Tielman wrote back in 2008:
...... let's not forget that Dobell has a history of thumbing his nose at government regulations intended to protect and inform the public.

Dobell told a 2003 freedom of information conference that he rarely takes meeting notes and deletes most e-mails to avoid their disclosure through FOIs, as required by law.  Snip 

Bill's link to 'Dobell 2003' is no longer valid at The Dogwood Initiative, it is at the WayBackMachine.  Original author is journalist Judith Lavoie of the Victoria Times Colonist from September 26, 2003:
Freedom of information law kills civil service note-taking
Civil servants avoid writing things down because they fear they will become the subject of a freedom of information request, Ken Dobell, deputy minister to Premier Gordon Campbell, acknowledged Thursday.

Dobell, a former Vancouver city manager, was a panel member at a conference in Victoria marking the 10th anniversary of B.C.'s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Dobell said he now rarely writes working notes of meetings and rapidly deletes most of his e-mails.
However, he said, the intent is not to hide necessary information from the media and public, but to avoid having internal e-mails caught up in media fishing expeditions. 

Must be mighty difficult to separate media fishing trips from the public's right to know.

Panel member Norman Spector, a media commentator and columnist who served as deputy minister to former premier Bill Bennett and chief of staff to former prime minister Brian Mulroney, criticized media fishing expeditions and suggested that reporters should be severely restricted in their FOI requests.

Newspapers should nominate several journalists who they believe should have the right to FOI information and, if the information is not used for developing better public policy, the journalist should be deregistered, Spector said.
Bloggers, media (Bob Mackin,    Laila Yuile,   Norman Farrell ) ARE severely restricted and as to Spector's theory on Newspapers should nominate several chosen journalists to have access to the information? ... the agents for the government are already in place, have been for eleven years eg. Keith Baldrey et al and they just sit on their hands with the information.

A rebuttal from the floor of the conference:
Still, the idea of limiting access caused some disquiet.

"I do have trouble when I hear people talking about registering journalists -- the first thing that comes to mind is Zimbabwe," said one audience member.

Is there a training school for future Order in Council appointees, deleter delinquents like George Gretes and/or the BC Liberal Party's Laura Miller?   A local chapter of the Local Government Management Association of British Columbia?

You betcha, Dobell, the FOI panel member, set up a scholarship in his name in 2010 through to 2013:
The Ken Dobell Public Service Education Fund Scholarship has been established to encourage students with an interest in federal, provincial, local government or First Nations administration and policy studies to pursue post-secondary opportunities. The Fund recognizes the career and public service contributions of Ken Dobell, former Vancouver City Manager, British Columbia Deputy Minister to the Premier, Secretary to Cabinet and Head of BC Public Service.  Snip 
Previous LGMA Scholarship Winners   2010 to 2013. The winners might want to prepare some answers to possible questions on the topic of not triple deleting emails.

Left out of the LGMA program bio is the reason that Bill Tielman brought it to the public's attention in 2008:
"Who said he's under a cloud?"
- Attorney General Wally Oppal after Ken Dobell charged
Only in British Columbia would a guilty man continue to advise a guilty government, with neither showing an ounce of shame.

Ken Dobell was Premier Gordon Campbell's senior deputy minister for years. Last week, Dobell pleaded guilty to breaking the Lobbyists Registration Act and repaid the $7,000 he received for lobbying while in violation.

That Act was introduced, debated and passed while Dobell himself held the most powerful government staff position.  Snip

A slightly different form of practicing 'triple delete' are the Main Stream Media press who have total access to all of what generates their breaking news headline material, the reports, paid for by the Public and NEVER produce links to the sources.  They quote from the reports with streams of 'facts', sift through the documents and then never, never give the link.

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Crossword Puzzle Creator BC Speaker Linda Reid's 2015

UPDATE: December 19, 2015 Linda Reid's  Crib sheet
1. Type of wood in the Reading Room. _________________________

3. Found on a ship and in the Library dome. ____________________

4. A library service named after a fruit.  _____________________

6. Contains titles, authors and subjects.  _____________________

8. Has 140 characters.   ____________________

10. Italian marble on the Rotunda columns.  _____________________

11. Creature who lives in the dome.  ____________________

12. Printed media located in the Reading Room.  __________________

13. First female speaker.  ____________________

1. First BC premier.  ____________________

2. Contains as many pages as a printed book.   ____________________

5. These are set up independent from government and can be either special or royal.   ______________

7. A structured set of data.  ____________________

9. Where the first Legislative Library was housed  _______________

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Where Power Really Lies In Climate Change By Robin Mathews Dec. 12th 2015

As we watch , huge criminal corporations, governments, and their lemming environmentalists race to the cliff edge in Paris, refusing to grapple with the reason they are racing….  They refuse – in any meaningful way – to challenge The One Per Cent head on, which is where effective solutions to climate change begin.

While a flood of information pours out of Paris about poor nations and rich nations and island nations drowning … and the undeniable fact of Global Warming, The One Per Cent grows richer and takes more of planetary wealth as a function of misusing populations, wasting raw materials, selfishly exploiting technology, destroying the biosphere and buying governments like picking up so many stock options.

The One Per Cent make up the people behind “Free Trade Treaties” that, in fact, remove national sovereignty, erase conditions for middle nation independence and climate viability, and lash huge populations – like galley slaves – to the profit machines of imperial nations owned by The One Per Cent and working (‘as if ‘democratic and/or “fair” societies) to funnel more and more of the world’s wealth into the pockets of a very few.

Behind all the (sometimes really intense and well-meant) negotiations and trade-offs in Paris operates the mafiosa hand of The One Per Cent.  And until it is addressed as what it is with a demand that (to use the language of Pope Francis) “the downtrodden  change the world economic order” the game of make-believe will go on.

One of the few truth-tellers, Pope Francis has spoken of “savage capitalism” and called money and modern capitalism “dung of the devil”.  He doesn’t pretend the present world order is, somehow, unrelated to the descent of huge populations into poverty and the globe moving ever-closer to climate Break Down.

In all the flood of information from Paris, The One Per Cent is never named as the Central Issue to be dealt with – for that would mean, as the Pope suggests, a reconstruction of power relations in the world.  And so, sad as it is to say, the nice, caring people in Paris (from Canada, too) are living in a land of make-believe. They refuse to ‘grasp the nettle’, to name the Elephant in the Room, to set out positions that demand the redistribution of wealth (and power).

They refuse to speak of a global reorganization of work and of production for use rather than for profit in a process that completely removes the employment of destructive climate pollutants.  By ignoring the broad papal hints, the Paris negotiators bring two inevitable things closer: (1) crisis in climate conditions and (2) the absolute certainty of major, wide-spread wars of “revolutionary” and “repressive” kinds: of social chaos amidst a crumbling and humanly destructive ecosystem.

The corrective doesn’t need (or want) name.  Because the general road is clear.  The Ninety-Nine Per Cent can quite easily eliminate The One Per Cent in its character as a grossly wealthy force putting human existence at risk.  Liberated from The One Per Cent burden, many of its members might become useful agents in constructing a new society.  The language has to be about human survival and the absolutely necessary reconstructions of human work, human creativity, human administrative talent, the meaning of wealth, and the human power necessary to effect what is, in fact, revolutionary change in the modes of administering publicly responsible power in the world.

What They Don’t Talk About In Paris

How much, just for instance, has the horrendous, unnecessary, lunatic-driven war in the Middle East – since 1980, contributed to climate change?      Thousands of polluting aircraft, millions of polluting weapons and explosives, numberless polluting fires raging without letup, millions of polluting corpses lying in the desert sun.  The U.S.- backed Iraq invasion of Iran is said – alone – to have cost a million lives.  And then there was the U.S.-instigated demolition of Iraq… and then Libya … and now Syria…. (“Bomb them some more”, says the morally challenged British prime minister, David Cameron, while his representatives in Paris negotiate to prevent climate change.)

Do the Paris environmental experts have a way of computing the number of human murders and increases of warfare created climate pollution in direct relation to the increase in Capitalist wealth? In direct relation to the growing wealth of The One Per Cent? 

Plainly, The One Per Cent –  made up of acceptable environmentalists,  co-operating governments, and Capitalists masquerading as concerned ‘leaders’ – are going to have to be confronted as never before on Climate Change. They are going to have to be moved over by the people… as a start, if anything meaningful is going to get done. They are going to have to be moved over to make room for brilliantly staged reconstructions of power and wealth by peaceful means.  If that doesn’t happen … welcome CHAOS.

There is a lesson here, ‘Writ Large’, as they say. And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see it.  Canadians must really challenge the present inaction (called “action” and “new targets” and “hopeful goals” and “real assessments”).  Canadians must move “acceptable” environmental “experts” right out of the picture.  Canadians must insist governments act upon solutions that directly address, directly seize, redirect, and put to constructive environmental use the wealth of The One Per Cent – wealth that has, heretofore, been gained cruelly and often brutally through demonic instruments of human and ecological destruction operated on massive scales. That is wealth which, now, must have a completely different character and function.

If Canadians don’t face that reality, if they don’t face The One Per Cent, and act, directly, for change, then it’s all over. Then it’s Cultural Suicide without a good aspect to be found anywhere in the process. 

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Friday, December 11, 2015

Premier Christy Clark implementing Dirty Thirties text book FREE pricing for public schools?

No! But how can a British Columbia Government make the claim that school text books are FREE and then charge for the book and shipping costs too?
Price List
Page 7 of 7

How the World is Clothed
How the World is Fed
How the World is Housed
Lorna Doone
McKelvie's Early History of B.C.
Most Wonderful House in the World
Mowat's history of Great Britain
Peter Pan and Wendy
School and Community Son Book
Silent Oral Reading
Stalky and Company

N.B.-The above-named prices include postage or express charges. Bank cheques must be marked and payable at par at Victoria.

To secure attention, each and every order must be accompanied by full list price for all books ordered. In the ca~e of orders from School Boards, accounts will be rendered for all purchases

Free Text book Branch, Education Department,
Victoria, B.C., August, 1930.


VICTORIA, B.C.: Printed by CHARLES F. BANFIELD, Printer to the King's Most Excellent Majesty.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Hey British Columbia / Canada 1928 Chronic Racism applied to all Orientals. 2014 applogy limited to ONE ethnic group

  1. a person of East Asian descent.

Certified Copy of a Report of a Committee of the Honourable the Executive Council, approved by His Honour the Lieutenant-Governor on the 16th day of April, A.D. 1928

The Committee of Council submit for the approval of His Honour the Lieutenant-Governor a Resolution of the Legislative Assembly of the Province of British Columbia of March 14th, 1928, as follows :-

Whereas it has been publicly announced that there is to be an exchange of Ministers between Canada and Japan:

And whereas it is the intention of this Legislature, representing the people of this Province, to do the utmost in its power to prevent further encroachment upon industrial, trading, and agricultural activities within British Columbia by any race or races whose customs or practices or economic standards of living may threaten eventually to lower the recognized Canadian standard of living, and of any race or races with whom it is not desirable that Canadians should intermarry:

And whereas at the beginning of 1927 there were in British Columbia 46,500 Orientals, or approximately one in every twelve persons, and in 1925 there were in British Columbia more than 11,000 Orientals employed in industry and 3,231 conducting business in licensed trades and callings:

And whereas Orientals own land and improved property in British Columbia to an aggregate value of more than $10,000,000:

And whereas the Japanese birth-rate in British Columbia is 40 per 1,000 as compared with a general birth-rate (not including native Indians) of 18 per 1,000, and in three years the number of Japanese children in the public schools of British Columbia has increased by 74 per cent and now totals approximately 4,000 children:

And whereas, of the Orientals arriving in Canada during the past twenty years, British Columbia has absorbed 80 per cent. of the Chinese and almost 100 per cent of the Japanese:

And whereas the presence of such large numbers of Orientals and their economic activities constitute a serious menace to the welfare of all classes of other citizens, including those engaged in agriculture, commercial business, professional occupations, and labourers in industry:

And whereas it is alleged that the administration of public and commercial affairs in Japan, particularly in so far as concerns the collection of taxes, the ownership of land, the control of shares in public utility corporations, and the ordinary economic advancement of citizens, is such as to unjustly discriminate against nationals of Canada resident in Japan and not in accord with the spirit of treaties executed on the "most-favoured-nation" plan:

And whereas the people of Canada and the Governments of the other Canadian Provinces have heretofore apparently failed to realize the seriousness of the Oriental problem and the necessity of proper and effective action dealing therewith:

And whereas resolutions passed by this House from time to time requesting Federal action in this matter have brought no adequate  results:

Be it therefore Resolved, That the Dominion Government be requested to immediately institute negotiations with the Government or Governments of China, and with the Japanese Government through an accredited Minister to Japan, with a view to arranging:-

(a.) The acceptance of the proposals for restricting Oriental immigration which have so frequently been adopted by this Legislature and which were outlined by British Columbia's representatives at the recent Federal-Provincial Conference at Ottawa:

(b.) The repatriation of the Chinese and Japanese residing in British Columbia to the countries of their respective origin so that the proportion of Orientals in Canada to the Canadian population shall not exceed the proportion of Canadians in China and Japan respectively to the population of China and Japan:

(c.) The substitution for the present Treaty with Japan of one giving due recognition to the rights of British Columbia as a Province of Canada to enact legislation with reference to property and civil rights, as allowed by the "British North America Act."

And be it further Resolved, That a copy of this Resolution and Preamble be transmitted to the Governments of all the other Canadian Provinces and to the Government of Canada.

The Committee advise that a copy of this Minute be forwarded to the Governments of all the other Canadian Provinces and to the Government of Canada.
Deputy Clerk,

May 15, 2014 
Vaughn Palmer   Apology closes the circle on a day of infamy 86 years ago

Hence Thursday’s all-party resolution apologizing to Chinese Canadians (“the house deeply regrets”) and expressing no small measure of admiration for their perseverance in the face of chronic racism:
“We acknowledge that despite being subjected to discriminatory laws, policies and practices, the Chinese community has made, and continues to make, substantial contributions to the culture, history and economic prosperity in our province.”

Debate on the resolution occupied much of the day with worthy moments on both sides of the house. SNIP

BC NDP   Documents from 1928

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

BC Oil and Gas Commission Total Flared Volumes 1996 - 2014 Chris Aikman - Norman Farrell stats

Shouldn't these numbers reflect each other?  Using 2008 as the marker, sub prime mortgage fiasco, BC Oil and Gas Commission report leading up to 2014 indicates there there has been an upswing in Air Quality.... monitoring.  Is it the methods that they, BCOGC, are now using, a refinement of the data?

BC Oil and Gas Commission Air Quality report   1996 -2014

Chris Aikman

Norman Farrell When Industry buys a Government

 August 9, 2014 POST


British Columbia Oil and Gas

1982 to DECEMBER 2014  BCOGC Activity Levels

Monday, December 7, 2015

Source of Climate Leadership Team report: No mention of Conveyor Belt technology @ BC Hydro's Fort St. John's 85th Avenue site

2008 Promise Made, Promise Kept in 2015:    

Climate Action Plan
Creating Green Communities
Smart planning, with compact communities, energy-efficient buildings and more clean transportation alternatives, is the way of the future. This plan supports greener B.C. communities with:

A new Green Building Code with some of the highest energy efficiency standards in Canada.

A $14-billion Provincial Transit Plan to build infrastructure and double ridership across B.C. by 2020(Highway of Tears not included)

Gordon Campbell and Kevin Falcon, then-Premier and then-Transportation Minister, announced the sweeping plan during a press conference on January 14, 2008 as a key initiative to achieve the provincial government’s greenhouse gas reduction targets.

The so-called “Provincial Transit Plan” outlined a $10.3 billion strategy to build three new rapid transit lines in Metro Vancouver:

– the $1.4-billion SkyTrain extension to Coquitlam (Evergreen Line),
$2.8 billion to extend the Millennium Line to UBC under Broadway,

a reaffirmation of the $2 billion Canada Line being built,

and $3.1 billion to double the capacity of the Expo Line, including station and control system upgrades, platform extensions to accommodate six-car trains, and a six kilometre extension in Surrey.
“One new transit line was committed to in each of the previous three decades,” said Falcon in 2008. “This plan delivers three lines in the next decade.”

and from the same document:

“What [the B.C. government has] done here is they recognize this is the right thing to do, it’s the only thing to do to address this problem and we’re not going to wait for the feds or someone to do it. We’re going to show leadership in North America and you watch, it’s going to start to have a ripple down effect and others are going to start to join up as the years go by.”
- Andrew Weaver
School of Earth and Ocean Sciences, University of Victoria

Discussion Paper CLT
This document is posted for a one-month consultation period, from July 17, 2015 to August 17, 2015. So please take the survey
You missed the Window of Opportunity on the Consultation period.  PERIOD!!!

Dam, but the BC Environment ministry sure likes to use apple and orange measurements from one  project to another.

Shawnigan Lake:  Apples; movement of Tons of Contaminated soil

South Island Aggregate's contaminated soil movement from downtown Victoria to above the Malahat Highway is counted as 100,000 tons annually until either the tonnages of five million is hit or 50 years.  Has anyone got a handle on how much tonnage is permitted on the highway per vehicle?  and what is that number?  How many trucker vehicles are being added to the highway because of the need to dump?  Why isn't South Island Aggregates using their Washington State to British Columbia barges to do an end run from Victoria to their dock at Bamberton, just down the hill from their leaking quarry pit in the Shawnigan watershed?  Is Justin Trudeau's un-muzzled Environment Canada and Fisheries Canada scientist doing their job?

Green House Gas (GHG) generated by SIA diesel trucks on the highway, back roads, and return?

The Climate Leadership Team document contains a section on using alternative transportation fuels and then Minister Mary Polak does the opposite, she legalizes the movement of materials by trucks, not conveyor belts.  Conveyor Belts???  think W.A.C. Bennett Dam.  Conveyor Belts??? Site C Dam from downtown Fort St. John's 85th Avenue.

Transportation is responsible for 37 per cent of emissions in B.C. We now have the technologies - such as biofuels and hybrid-electric vehicles - to enable a transition to zero and low-emission transportation options.  Our recommendations focus on making these technologies and fuels available to individuals and industry across the province.  (EXCEPT FOR South Island Aggregates)
Measurement in last paragraph: GHG measured in 190,000 cars.  Why not One Truck?

Mount Polley: Oranges; Cubic Metre measurement of Glacial Till

How much GHG has been created by hauling from the pit to the pond for Imperial Metals? Why not Conveyor Belt technology?

Mount Polley tailing pond breach was due to glacial till beneath the dam.

MacLeans -  Dirk Meissner, The Canadian Press  January 30, 2015

snip   The independent, government-ordered report released Friday said the spill of 24 million cubic metres of silt and water into nearby lakes and rivers was caused by an inadequately designed dam that didn’t account for drainage and erosion failures associated with glacial till beneath the pond.

B.C.’s Energy and Mines Minister Bill Bennett immediately ordered B.C.’s Chief Inspector of Mines to require all operating mines with similar tailings ponds to confirm what kind of foundation material their dams rest on by June 30.

There are currently 98 permitted tailings storage facilities in the province with 123 dams at 60 metal and coal mines in B.C.  snip

Site C: Oranges: Cubic Metre measurement of Glacial Till

Hauling of the glacial till will not be done by trucks generating GHG but the WAC Bennett dam method: Conveyor belt powered by electricity from the dam.

The decision by BC Hydro to use this particular glacial till is based on a minuscule survey of drill and test pitting.  109 auger holes and seven pits will yield  4,866,000 cubic  metres a sixth of Mount Polley.

The development plan for the source of impervious core material is based on the following information:

A drill and test pit program conducted in 2009 focused on confirming potential sources for obtaining the impervious till material.  A total of 109 auger holes and seven test pits were completed;

A further drill and test pit investigation was conducted in 2010 in the 85th Avenue Industrial Lands. A total of 15 auger holes and eight test pits were completed.;

It was determined that the material within the 85th Avenue source is within the ideal range for fines content for the dam core, the material is at a depth up to 30 metres, is thinly covered with overburden, and the material is consistent in nature.;

Preparations in the 85th Avenue Industrial Lands would occur in Year 2 and and Year 3 concurrent with construction of the conveyor belt system which will transport the material to the dam site;

The total excavated material would range from 2,921,000 cubic metres to 4,866,000 cubic  metres depending on quality and processing requirements of the source.;

The 85th Ave site would provide 2,921,000 cubic metres for the damcore, and the remaining 414,000 cubic metres of till would be sourced from the dam site excavations.;

The yearly requirement beginning in Year 4 and ending in Year 7 would be 100,000 cubic metres, 1,521,000 cubic metres, 975,000 cubic metres, 325,000 cubic metres, respectively.;

Material placement would occur during the seasonal placing windows between May and October.;

A conveyor belt system will be used to transport the till material from the pit to the dam site.;

The final excavation is to be at an elevation of approximately 675 metres (as shown in Figure 3.1);

The maximum slopes for excavation and embankments for overburden and surplus storage would be 2H:1V.

WHY is it that the ONLY available glacial till is found WITHIN the city limits of Fort St. John?

What will be the secondary use for the pit afterwards?

Google Search criteria


aka d35993/1377112423652_3f6818f00391108d24816e17b74b6b4dc04df98c77657ac56b1e7335f3fe1194.pdf

Saturday, December 5, 2015

BC Premiers Bill Bennett and Bill Vander Zalm have similarities but.....siblings? Posted September 23, 2012

Bill Bennett  August 18, 1932 - December 3, 2015
  In office as Premier on  December 22, 1975 – August 6, 1986

Bill Vander Zalm was born on  May 29, 1934 - 
          In office as Premier on August 6, 1986 – April 2, 1991

Their similarities would end there, except for the merest of coincidences because they were both members of the same political Party.

  • Bill Bennett is older than Bill Vander Zalm by almost two years
  • Bill Bennett joined the BC Social Credit Party before Bill Vander Zalm
  • Bill Bennett was Premier of BC before Bill Vander Zalm
  • Bill Bennett was Premier longer than Bill Vander Zalm
  • Bill Bennett left Office before Bill Vander Zalm assumed Office
  • Bill Bennett Kelowna bridge named after him, Bill Vander Zalm anti-HST, anti-BC Liberal

While researching down at the Vancouver Public Library, and reading specifically the BC Report magazine (covered earlier in the BBC) we came across something that made us all go Hmmmmmmmm!!!

If some postage stamps can be so rare, because of an error in their printing that they are now worth millions, if not Billions of dollars, why not a magazine?    One Postage stamp is printed in a far greater number for the use of a Country's citizens than one magazine publishing for it's readership in one Province, therefore the value of a printing error in a magazine could be more valuable, depending largely on the topic, of course.

A postage stamp that has an image upside down and the printing right side up, is rare!

Famous Stamps

Once a magazine or book is published, in hard copy, how can they possibly be clawed back from the public domain?    The online version can be removed or "modified" except for the cache version.

In the case of the BC Report magazine, what would be the value of their limited copies, from a once upon a time, robust, four issues per month publication,  now reduced to a state of non-existence?

To the best of our knowledge there are only TWO known copies in existence of this typo:

SNIP                                     Steve MacNaull

Who knows, maybe the typo was what brought about the sudden end to the BC Report magazine.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Senator Mike Duffy unveils all in Cavendish

BC Rail Trial single deleted emails: Justice denied by Supreme Court Judge Bennett - 2009. Over to you Gov. Lawyer Copley

Starting an investigation into George Gretes triple deleting of emails has come a long way from 2009 when the norm was a SINGLE delete to stop FOIs.

Four years of B.C. cabinet emails erased

Vancouver — The Globe and Mail

.... "I'm (Justice Bennett) not keen on having these individuals [responsible for managing government records]cross-examined…If the documents are not recoverable it doesn't mean anything unless you [first]establish likely relevance," she said.

Justice Bennett told the defence to argue the relevance issue Tuesday, while submitting a set of written questions to Mr. Copley (lawyer representing the Executive Council, which includes both the Premier's office and cabinet) to get more details on what exactly was done to search the government records.

Leonard Krog, NDP justice critic, said it is "extremely troubling" that important government files may have been destroyed.

"The Document Disposal Act requires that [electronic records]be kept for seven years," he said. "It raises incredible suspicions and someone farther up the political chain that Mr. Copley is going to have to appear in court and explain what happened."

The government of B.C. has a detailed protocol covering both the preservation and destruction of its records.

Formal records can be destroyed, but only after the action has been approved by a public documents committee, the legislative assembly or the attorney general (or the Deputy's $6 million payoff)

The Corporate Information Management Branch, which provides guidelines for government employees, states that e-mails must be copied to a central document management directory before individuals delete them from their personal files.  ....

Mark Hume
Vancouver — From Friday's Globe and Mail

.... Two weeks ago, the defence filed an application for the disclosure of the e-mail records of Mr. Campbell, several cabinet ministers and numerous staff, arguing the communications could shed light on whether the accused were acting on their own, or under directions from superiors.

But earlier this week George Copley, a lawyer representing the Executive Council of the B.C. government, told court a search had failed to produce the e-mails sought because the data system keeps backup tapes for only 13 months.

Yesterday, he elaborated on that point, saying the e-mails may have been deleted because they were defined as "transitory" under document-management regulations.

He said "routine records of no value" are labelled transitory and are deleted.

"It is possible the e-mails you were asking about were considered transitory in nature or there may be other explanations," Mr. Copley said.

One explanation he offered was that about half the officials the defence wants e-mail records for had left government by the time the application was made and their e-mail accounts were erased. ....
Terminating half of the political appointees (OIC) allowed the government to 'legally' erase their email accounts.  Novel idea in 2009.

Is it still happening as we speak?  eg. Gretes, suspended, not terminated

Is there's a move afoot, as we write, new terminations in the fallout of those that have been triple deleting their files upon orders of Christy Clark's Deputy Chief of Staff or whatever her title is now.


Robin Mathews:

February 5, 2009 Letter to:

The Honourable Madam Justice Elizabeth Bennett,
The Supreme Court of British Columbia,

....George Copley’s silent presentation is just one of the absurdities common to the pre-trial hearings involving Basi, Virk, and Basi, and common to Supreme Court of British Columbia in its behaviour. It is an outrage, for instance, that people seeking transcript material and other material on public record should face refusal or unseemly delay, bureaucratic complexity, and then often  huge costs paid to private corporations whose profits Supreme Court judges seem more concerned to assure than they are to assure the public’s right to know and its certainty of the fair pursuit of justice.

    Private corporate control over court documents and records must end.  In addition, repression of materials on public record for in-house reasons under so-called “Practice Directions” must end.

   In a public matter and trial of such importance as this one - with which you are seized - a printed transcript of every day of hearing should be available on the next sitting day, in the courtroom, for all who wish to have a copy.  If that statement surprises you, I suggest – with the deepest respect – you may have forgotten the duty our legal system has (and you have as judge) to support the fair pursuit of justice openly and with regard to all citizens. 

  So much material on public record is presently kept secret for reasons I consider indefensible that suspicion may fairly arise among some Canadians that rule-makers in the Supreme Court of British Columbia are either petty tyrants or are complicit with others wishing to prevent justice being done – and being seen to be done. ...

.... Mr. George Copley is a servant of the B.C. Cabinet.  He is appearing in Vancouver Supreme Court on February 16 in order to shield what cabinet documents he can – relating to the BC Rail Scandal – from the Defence (and the British Columbia public).  His presentation will be extremely important and MUST be fully audible.  - ViveleCanada