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Smart Meter compared to other RF devices like a Baby Monitor, a Cell Phone, a Microwave

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Smart meter info kept secret until after the election 

Photo UPDATE at the bottom  June 5, 2012   

 Photo UPDATE at the bottom  June 19, 2012   Letter from Curtis Bennett to Enderby City Council

Here's another one of those June 1, 2012 documents that the BC Liberals like to roll out during the Summer Legislative Recess, even though it was created on April 5, 2012.   Its an Amended Report, but what else were you expecting.

 Amended Report on BC Hydro Smart Meter Measurements

"Smart Meters will send  brief pulses every 5 minutes (5 minute interval interrogation)"... which means of course that they will be doing it 24/7

Its not clear in this document if the "number" for each device is of equal duration.  All we know is that from the data provided it might be for only of a duration that the Public would normally use their current home devices eg.

When the baby is sleeping (a nap)  teething certainly negates the reason for having a RF Baby Monitor, eh.

Cell Phone, is it sending out a brief pulse 24/7, or only when called upon?

Microwave Oven, Midnight popcorn making, cup of tea for the teetotalers, thawing the chicken for supper.

Smart Meter    brief pulses every 5 minutes (5 minute interval interrogation)


Instantaneous Peak Power Density at 30 cm (Source: Ref. 2)
In units of μW/cm2

RF Baby Monitor      15.6275

Cell Phone                  9.6425

Microwave Oven        7.0775

Smart Meter               4.035

A Smart Meter is on ALL of the TIME

The following is supposed to be BC Hydro's answer to the Public's concerns by comparing their Smart Meter to other devices in our homes... but, but, but.....


Smart meters are designed to emit pulses that last approximately 100 to 150 milliseconds (0.1 to 0.15 seconds) at irregular intervals.

 - In a cluster of smart meters, the meters do not emit simultaneously but are programmed to communicate with a single controller in a random sequence. This mode of operation eliminates the potential for exposure to more than one signal at the same time (Ref.1).

 - In this trial, smart meters were scheduled to emit brief pulses every 5 minutes (5 minute interval interrogation). - The continuous monitoring of RF levels was maintained for a time period of 10 minutes at each position of the probe to ensure that the highest possible RF exposure level was detected and recorded.
Which probably means for condos and apartments where there are BANKS of Smart Meters, the emission of brief pulses communicating with a single controller in a random sequence means that there will be CONSTANT supply of pulses.   Forget the 5 minute intervals!  Its pedal to the metal pulsing.

There is one other detail that wasn't mentioned in their trial of a Smart Meter, and that is each of the Household Devices that were used, are all 110 volts.

Your house, your Apartment, your basement secondary suite, your Condo, have 220Volts running through their "veins".

Do you think that a 110 volt line, normally used to power a lamp stand (in a carpeted room) as a bona fide example, as used in these photos below, ..... would there be enough juice to power TEN Smart Meters let alone even ONE Smart Meter?   In the real world One Smart Meter is supposedly feeding the electricity to the WHOLE house.......

See the singular electric cable coming from the left hand of the display unit which is getting its power from a wall outlet..... which might be fed through a 15 amp breaker!!!!

The point here is why go through the process of mounting 10 Smart Meters on a display wall when all they had to do was mount the "Device" that emits the RF signal on each of the Ten units and record that information.

Is it all about show and not tell?


Letter from Curtis Bennett to Enderby City Council

Thermografix Consulting Corporation

June 17, 2012

Enderby City Council
Enderby, B.C.

Att: Chair of Smart Meter Committee – Councillor Earl Shipmaker
cc: Barb Makota, Edgar Murdoch

Re: Questions for BC Hydro on Smart Meter Safety

Dear Councillor Shipmaker;

I was asked to provide information on Smart Meters in my professional capacity as an electrical professional with interprovincial credentials provided by the BC and Canadian Governments.

Smothering Enderby in RF EMFs for ease of communication has serious consequences for the entire community and BC Hydro's presentation for Enderby won't represent them. Power Density is incomplete but alarming language by itself. It means everything the EMFs touch or go through are in the wireless circuit and uninsulated from the frequencies. Power density exists when frequencies create the wireless circuit. Power is watts, volts times amps and all unprotected biological systems have frequencies of their own that were left out of the EMF equation.

Health Canada's Safety Code 6 governs limits of human exposure to wireless frequencies and the predominant health effect to be avoided is the unintentional stimulation of tissue as is the heat effect. Intentional stimulation is medical imaging like an X-ray. When you have X-rays, your body is positioned, protective clothing covers parts of your body for attenuation(elimination) of the frequencies on your side of the clothing. Refusing the protective clothing isn't optional because of the dangers and liabilities.

The highlighted area on Page 19 from the BC Utilities Commission stating they have to comply with Safety Code 6. http://www.thermoguy.com/pdfs/BC-Utilities-Commission-BCH-Smart-Metering-Infrastructure-Program-Business-Case.pdf

The highlighted area on Page 2 in BC Hydro's Fact Sheet states Safety Code 6 is the law and same science standards as the FCC. http://www.thermoguy.com/pdfs/BC-Hydro-RF-Fact-Sheet-Detailed.pdf

Page 9, paragraph 2 of Safety Code 6 admits critical mechanisms are missing linking frequencies to adverse health effects. The weight of evidence approach will be used when mechanisms are found and code will be changed if necessary.

Errors or omissions in Safety Code 6 substantiating the mechanism linking frequencies to adverse health effects were reported to Health Canada and by expert witness at the request of Canadian Parliament's Standing Committee on Health. It was also reported to BC Hydro, BCUC and the BC Government that the frequencies in this application no longer complied with Safety Code 6.

Safety Code 6 admits humans are being electromagnetically induced but negated to include frequencies of ALL electrical considerations, frequencies associated with biological system's function. Humans were treated as Kilograms of tissue being heated by watts. Omnidirectional Smart Meter Routers, tower antennas capable of communicating with thousands of smart devices weren't considered for their interaction with anything including buildings caught in the EMF. You can't blast frequencies around with reckless abandon.

Questions for BC Hydro:

BC Hydro's electrical grid runs at 60 Hz, what happens if the 60 Hz changes? What would happen if the 60 Hz grid was electromagnetically induced? What would the resultant frequency be?
What frequencies of human biological systems did BC Hydro use in frequency interaction considerations.
Location of Smart Meter Routers and how big of an area do they cover.
B.C. Hydro Fact Sheet, page 1 under Proximity states the meter base acts like a reflective shield and further reflects the frequencies away from the resident? The frequencies from Smart Meter Routers and other wireless antennas are hitting buildings from top to bottom communicating with the meter. Can BC Hydro please provide the attenuation coefficients of everything hit by the EMF between the routers, antennas and meter bases holding the Smart Meter? That includes bees, birds, bugs, trees, humans, pets, angles, any biology, any materials of any kind.
The frequencies from the routers are going through building materials, fire separations and hitting anything in their path. Can BC Hydro provide the attenuation coefficients for the building materials including electrical/mechanical systems and the documentation from engineers showing attenuation(elimination) of the frequencies at the building?
Do the frequencies from the Smart Meter Routers, Antennas hit buildings and stop at the meter base or do the frequencies go through buildings? Can BC Hydro provide the required documentation from engineers showing attenuation(elimination)
Can BC Hydro please show documentation the smart meters were tested for accuracy in an EMF under full load of router(4000 smart devices)?
Where is the engineered response from BC Hydro and Minister Coleman on the frequencies going through walls, vibrating structural components causing non compliance with BC Building Code. http://www.thermoguy.com/pdfs/BC-Energy-Minister-on-Wireless-and-Building-Code.pdf
The dangers of wireless frequencies is now lectured in medical academia for education credits doctors need for licensing, did BC Hydro report that to Enderby or other municipalities? http://www.thermoguy.com/pdfs/Medical_Education_Letter_on_Wireless_Lectured_in_Medical_Academia.pdf
The American Academy of Environmental Medicine press release on Smart Meter, was this shared with Enderby? http://www.thermoguy.com/pdfs/AAEM-Resolution.pdf
Did BC Hydro share with Enderby Council, local professionals or constituents the accelerated corrosion information when radiating infrastructure? Refer to Andrew Michrowski.

Frequencies penetrating the body at any depth/angle has serious consequences. Electromagnetic induction of unprotected human electrical grid, causing nerve and muscle stimulation, 180 degree polarization of molecules 1.8 billion times per second at 900 Mhz or twice the frequency. That could break anything including DNA and produces heat not being discussed.

There are serious unanswered questions and a ban on Smart Meter installation is the only option until the weight of evidence is employed as per Safety Code 6. Enderby Council, citizens and Hydro needs to be warned on this very complex issue. This isn't a property dispute, this is a frequency and biological weapon when applied like this. We are not wearing protective clothing to attenuate the frequencies, neither are the buildings. BC Hydro and Health Canada have science to complete and resubmit new calculations. Electrical Engineers don't know frequencies and critical information was left out of an electrical equation.

It isn't insurable to neurologically stimulate populations and Health Canada says that happens but humans weren't considered electrical. Radiating buildings and infrastructure without informing municipal administrators, their science professionals, first responders, education, unions, insurers, pacemaker recipients, health monitoring, medicine, is dangerous.


Curtis Bennett
Chief Science Officer
Interprovincial Journeyman Electrician(Red Seal)
Engineering Technologist
Adjunct Faculty, IHF & GEDI
Thermografix Consulting Corporation www.thermoguy.com/emfeducation.html


Anonymous said...

This might be the meter they tested -- https://www.itron.com/na/productsAndServices/Pages/OpenWay%20CENTRON.aspx?market=electricity

Anonymous said...

A proper smart grid test would reveal what is known as a coefficient attenuation, which is a cumulative figure which combines all (not some or one) radiation emissions transceiver devices inside a grid system. The smart grid is an entire system. A smart meter is not an isolated device, neither smart nor a meter. it is a device no one ever gave consent for and which is not covered by implied BC Hydro easement either, a fact for which the customer must give notice of refusal or the utility pretends that a meter was replace with a meter, which is anything but the case.
AS A CUSTOMER DID YOU EVER AGREE TO PERMIT A RADIATION SURVEILLANCE DEVICE to be attached to your house wiring? If not, have you TOLD BFC Hydro this? IF YOU HAVE NOT THEY USE IMPLIED CONSENT. IN THE ABSENCE OF THE WRITTEN PROOF OF REFUSL YOU HAVE JUST ACCEPTED THEIR BAIT AND SWITCH DEVICE AND THE LAW WILL FAVOUR THEM, NOT YOU. You must write Hydro a correctly worded legally phrased Notice of Refusal or - in the case where you already have a smart meter (it is not turned on microwave level yet) you must send BC Hydro an official Notice of Removal. Otherwise they are deemed to be within their rights. Legally speaking, if you did not say "NO" that means "YES".
The entire smart grid system is designed to be one continuous microwave circuit which encompasses not only all components in that system but all linked smart meters & all linked biological entities whose bio-electrical systems are coupled into that same continuous circuit. People are manipulated & encouraged to remain focused on one component only, their very own meter - as if this one device was the only frequency enabling radiation device in an entire radiation microwave delivery system. The comparison would be like staring at one nail while ignoring consideration of the construction of an entire building - or like focusing on the film plate in an x-ray set up as if the plate was the x-ray set up itself.
To test a smart meter in a vacuum, in isolation, when the microwaves in BC have not been been turned on yet? Deception. All tests to date are bogus since nothing has in fact been tested at all. Where was the smart tower factored in? It wasn't. It is not turned on yet. Where is the missing smart router/collector designed to exceed the ability to "go the distance" to reach 2000+ "meters"? Why was that not factored into the frequency equation when the results inside your entire surrounding house wiring system can be lethal? What about the frequencies from the covert collector smart meters that have been installed on some but not all homes?

Anonymous said...

Why are these contrived tests ignoring video & audio ready (for police use?) smart signal relay bouncers, smart aggregators & satellites?
To test a single node called a smart meter without testing the radiation frequency emissions quotient of all other meters connected to it & all other grid radiation components which link that single node to all meters & to all other bi-directional routers in the entire system which is not even microwave active as yet ....is no test at all.
BC learned California's mistakes. California now rues the day it turned on microwaves region by region since this is what immediately led to lawsuits, once large numbers of people became microwave debilitated over night. It also led to injunctions which forced them to stock pile analog meters. Not so in BC where perfectly working analog meters are immediately smashed ("recycled") by an American company on arrival at Annacis Island. This way BC Hydro can claim the reliable analog meter cupboard is bare. Oh & btw? YOU, the BC Hydro shareholder, owned the meter they illegally removed from your home, & many have the certificates of original purchase to prove it.
Did Hydro inform customers that the random installation of one in less than two dozen "smart" meters may SEEM virtually identical but it is actually a far more potent frequency delivery device called a collector meter? Did BC Hydro inform you that the smart router across the road from your home causes 2000+ to 4000 homes connected to it to experience microwave sickness as soon as it gets turned on? Quite the opposite. You are being kept in the dark. The smart router is studiously ignored in this debased corrupt substitute for frequency equation analysis.
No self respecting professional can EVER create a frequency equation when Hydro leaves out key components of that equation. The high frequency bi-directional smart routers are the true smoking gun of the piece. One router/collector feeds directly into the house wiring of from 2000 to 4000 s/meters and links all of them into one continuous microwave circuit.
The coefficient attenuation for that circuit violates all laws, safety, building code & electrical code, insurance claims, CSA, UL, fire codes, firewall separations & structural integrity, not to mention the post installation necessity for whole house wiring arc assessment forensic analysis, & worse. Simply put?
The smart grid is illegal The only thing that keeps it going is that this fact has gone effectively unchallenged to date by millions of people who are being duped into colluding with high risk criminal behaviour by a utility they own.

Anonymous said...

Under the Uniform Commercial Code and standard practices of "implied contract", any activity that has been knowingly permitted by a property owner can be said to have created an "implied easement". That means, if you have allowed the power company to install a meter in the past, they can claim to have the right to install similar or identical meters in the future.
It is the addition of non-consensual surveillance & non-consensual radiation that is not permitted by easement - UNLESS it is expressly permitted by the property owner. Since power corporations everywhere are attempting to confuse the issue by claiming the right to install "any" meter they want, & idiotically claiming that an unsafe & unlawful meter is not a change in easement when such a change follows removal of a safe & lawful meter, the property owner may have to serve notice & inform the power corporation that they may not install any device which emits radiation & conducts surveillance. Unless notice is served, the matter of easement (contract) is subject to hearsay, unsupported claim & speculation, & any legal action will therefore be far more difficult to adjudicate, & any outcome may be decided in favor of the "trusted institution", (which happens to be criminally violating the property owner), because these violations have not been noticed in writing & with proof of service. The Uniform Commercial Code is statutory law in Canada & most of the developed world. It is virtually word-matched in every county's statutory structure. Do they enforce it? Do they interpret it the same way everywhere? Do they give it priority over other statutes, codes & Law? Those are questions for Canadian legal academics.
Under UCC & commonly accepted "acquiescence by contract" principles, you can be obligated by failing to respond to a presumed offer of contract.
Your obligations may then deemed to be either the default terms of the offer of contract or presumptions based on the apparent intent & claim of the offer of contract. Presumptions of your obligation can be made without your knowledge or consent e.g. ("because you wore red shoes on a Tuesday you are required to help pay for park manitenance").
This may be bigger than you imagine. This "acquiescence by silence" is how most "civic obligations" are presumed & enforced. For example, you may be presumed to be a "taxpayer" because someone asked you if you were one & you failed to say no, or you put your name on a form line that said "Taxpayer". You may have received a pamphlet from your bank regarding your credit card entitled "terms of service". Actually that is not your terms of service. It is an offer of contract. It only becomes terms of service when you fail to answer it in 30 days with your rebuttal, dispute, denial or counter offer. So, the "obligation" to have a driver's license, to pay property tax, to "apply" for some "privilege" or "benefit" are all suspect as to whether they are authorized & legitimate, & all of those obligations may break down if a simple revocation of contract is served by you upon them (in this case BC Hydro).

Anonymous said...

Common Law does not permit "acquiescence by silence". In Common Law all contracts must be voluntary, intentional & evidenced by equal & honourable contractual entry, verification & validation by all interested parties. Only In Equity law are these deceptions & traps possible. Equity law was designed to do this. That is why your courts, our courts & everybody's courts seem to have forgotten Common Law & operate nearly exclusively in equity law. Those people (elite private individuals) who control courts, invented equity law as the means of control & corruption. Everything in statute is equity law. They needed a VERY large forest in which to hide these tyranny mushrooms.
Many, indeed most, fall sucker to this diversion. We loudly claim the "tyranny mushrooms" are unjust while accepting the authority of the forest, where it is actually the whole forest that is unjust & all argument about mushrooms is moot as long as we stand in the forest. As long as you focus on the mushrooms you are well-kept in the trap. You may even win a case here or there, but you will never escape the trap by arguing case by case.
Until the forest can be cleared, (return to Common Law & Constitutional principles) there is a simple approach to escape the tyranny of equity law.
Always write & offer the contract yourself. If someone (say a Federal Agency) makes an offer of contract to you, ("you owe us tax") always "accept the offer on condition of proof of authority & obligation". Use the devices of counter-offer, dispute, denial, revocation, demand for proof of authority, demand for proof of voluntary participation, demand for proof of right of force.
Of course, this note does not explain HOW to do that in specific cases. However, the basic idea is that if you are not consciously creating your contracts with all parties, writing those contracts yourself, you may be presumed to be in THEIR contracts. The worst mistake anyone can make is to assume that someone else has the right to determine what affects them. Any social program is a contract for tyranny. Any acceptance of an institutional benefit comes with an unlimited, infinite obligation of whatever price that institution wants to claim for that benefit. The "benefit" may be worthless, like you get to have a printed license to do something you otherwise have a right to do (travel). The price will be that you no longer have a right to travel without harassment, obstruction, detention, penalty & fee. By accepting a piece of paper called a "license" you offer yourself to be owned by some state collective agency.
(Google "Robert Arthur-Menard" as one research source of this approach..

North Van's Grumps said...

Sounds like what we have here is a Rogers, it was Rogers wasn't it, fee increase.... something called Negative billing.

We'll have the right to bill you until you complain without first notifying you of the increase.....

Anonymous said...

Roger that!
Unless you explicitly proactively create all necessary legal documentation & establish the correct paper trail be refusing a smart meter, you have just agreed by silence & default to allow installation of a non UL & non CSA approved, building & electrical & safety code violating frequency delivery & surveillance device, entirely at your own uninsurable risk.
Why not send them a letter of refusal of this bait & switch frequency delivery device gambit?
Try this:

ATT: BC Hydro & Corix:
You have, by your failure of verified rebuttal to my affidavit (see copy enclosed), admitted and confessed to criminal misconduct in the emission of cancer-causing electromagnetic radiation on my property without consent, and the conduct of unlawful surveillance on my property without consent. As a result of that confessed and admitted criminal misconduct, Corix and Hydro:

No longer have right or privilege of contracted easement.
No longer have right or privilege of any implied or presumed easement.
No longer have right or privilege to control metering of my electricity or to determine what meter will be used on my property (you have not offered any safe and lawful meter).
No longer have right or privilege to deny me and my property any essential public utility service (you may not interrupt my utility service).
Have no right to charge fees for remedies made necessary by the criminal misconduct to which you have confessed.
As having confessed criminal acts and intentions you and all Hydro agents, employees, contractors and agents are subject to the following terms and conditions for entry to my property:

You must apply in writing for access to my property.
Your application must state the full identity and contacts of all those wishing to enter the property.
Your application must state specifically and fully all actions to be taken on my property.
Your application must be approved in writing by me and you will be given a time range for entry if your stated purposes are safe, lawful, legitimate and necessary by my judgment.
When you or your agent/s makes the approved appointment he/she/they will be supervised by me or my agent/s while they are on my property.
If you or your agent/s takes any action on my property not approved in advance in writing by me, or if they attempt to evade supervision on my property at any time, they will be in trespass and police will be called with criminal complaint and request for you and/or your agent/s to be taken into custody.
In that case, criminal complaints of trespass will be pursued and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
At no time will any radiation emitting device or monitoring device be allowed on my property. I have provided a safe analog meter which is calibrated, zeroed and standard and which meets all requirements of electric consumption measurement and billing.

Notice to principal is notice to agent and notice to agent is notice to principal.

Anonymous said...

For tenants:

Basically you write a formal letter to the landlord demanding their insurance company's name for submission of potential future claims of cancer, neurological illnesses, injuries and birth defects. Tell them that within 30 days you need the insurance company to specifically state they will pay claims of injury and damage caused by digital electric meters. The landlord, after some frantic phone calls or letters to their insurance companies, will tell you that their insurance companies said "we don't insure against that". You then say, "Fine, without insurance you yourself are personally liable. Please provide a list of your personal assets with which you indemnify my injuries, losses and damages. If they do not exceed 5 million dollars you are not adequately responsible for the risks you are causing. After 30 days you may be sued for proof of liability. I suggest you find an insurer immediately."

Anonymous said...

And who's to say that the "injury" was caused by a landlord's Smart Meter, why not the neighbours.

Its not like you got mowed down by a motorist in an intersection where you've got their licence plate number, driver's license.

Its more like drinking Vancouver's water where the pipes were intentionally manufactured and lined with Asbestos by John Mansville.

But then again an "injury" from Asbestos could have come from our combined brakes on our cars where the busiest intersection in any large city has higher than permitted exposure according to workers compensation rules.

Or, underground parking, the insulation was, still is, asbestos.

Smart meter dangers are a myth, until proven that IT was the only cause of the injury. There are just too many other sources to narrow it down to just one source.

Anonymous said...

"Smart meter dangers are a myth, until proven that IT was the only cause of the injury. There are just too many other sources to narrow it down to just one source."
Absolutely incorrect.
Every byte of data including measurable frequencies can be analyzed for all meters. Router, collector & aggregator data logs will all be on the network data base too.
IT (the meter) is not the only source of damage. Court ordered data logs can & do narrow every frequency & all such info, right down to precisely how much radiation has been emitted, microsecond by microsecond. This is done by date logging each individual meter & every router, indeed every component of the grid.
A forensic frequency analysis can be done of all data on each & every computer chip in every computerized grid component, every one of which has a memory & all of which gets uploaded to each router & heads on into Hydro's data log base. What you see is NOT what you get, since Hydro can reprogram & change at will the number & types & intensity of microwave frequencies sent to any meter or other node on the entire grid. Hydro possesses all data concerning the exact intensity & duration of any & all frequencies at any & every "smart" node of the entire grid.
Hydro is in the business of knowing exactly this.
As a home owner you have a legal right to know what the hell is placed on the side of your house & how it works. However, the propaganda system runs on you NOT knowing anything about what they know. If people knew the truth they would all refuse to allow the smart grid they are paying $14+ to $17+ billion to be gouged, surveilled & harmed by. Do you know who else in your neighbourhood, including you, has a visually identical but differently programmed & indistinguishable but far higher radiation emitting "collector" smart meter w/ software programmed to collect info from other meters, slapped on your wiring & on your meter base under hot load by a temporary employee hired from Craigslist who is a non professional non electrician who is racing on a bonus system, not to mention rushing to avoid electrocution while installing under live load. Do you know what is actually on the side of your home attached to your service panel & house wiring? Do you know who has a multi gigahertz router right outside their bedroom window on a utility pole on your street? No? Well, Hydro knows. Right now there is a corporation we shareholders own which knows & is permitted to know (without a court order) what you yourself are not told U& do not know - unless you have a court order. Hydro knows full well who does & who does not have an ultra powerful collector meter on the side of their house.

Anonymous said...

What IS not taken into consideration in Hydro's data base? The attenuation coefficient of all the new frequencies which get created by the refracting & intersecting of existing frequencies.
Essentially, the smart grid is an invisible, slow motion omnidirectional radiation blast zone.

Anonymous said...

Right this minute these frequencies blasting everywhere are already breaking multiple laws: sustainability laws, building vibration limits laws, electrical harmonics limits laws, router+meter safety laws, trespass laws, private property laws, Hydro right of easement laws, Safety Code 6, the Charter of Canadian Rights & Freedoms Section 7 & 8 law, the Geneva Convention law, the Nuremberg law. What about "these frequencies are illegal right now" & "these frequencies violate numerous legal rights to which every one of us is fully entitled right now" seems to be so difficult to understand?

North Van's Grumps said...

To Anon who left a Comment on June 19, 2012 12:19 PM, but not Published....

Do you have a URL for your document? It appears to be classified information...... edited form??? Word to HTML, does that constitute as being an edited form

June 17, 2012

Enderby BC

Part One, Two, Three
(this letter must not be published in any edited form)

Anonymous said...

I do have the express written permission of Curtis Bennet to make the Enderby Council letter public. Just seem to lack the technical skill to do so. It may only be readable in an e-mail format which is how he sent it to me today. He knows I am posting it wherever I can. The sooner that better all municipalities are alerted about the fact that mere corporate policy is being arbitrarily forced on us without legal backing while in violation of multiple Canadian laws, enforced by bluff, just as if wireless had been mandated when such policy is without the benefit of any force of law whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

Over the last several months or more a legal examination was undertaken of the original BC Clean energy Act. It seems there are loopholes int he way in which it was created. As a result, several documents, one of which is a Notice of Default document for use by those who still retain their analogue meter at this point. The Notice has been created, based on the efforts of an entire legal team at the directive of a former Premier of BC. This team has determined that the word "owner" was not defined in the BC Clean Energy Act. Failure to so do has left a legal loophole, to the advantage of the property owner and to the disadvantage of the government and BC Hydro and its subsidiaries. As it happens, the legal determination is that each and every property owner owns the analogue meter attached to their sturcture. Further, should they have a tenant, they are liable for the safety and well being of the tenant and are obliged to remove any wireless device capable of causing any potential or actual damage to wiring. The meter base is owned by the property owner, which unlike the s/meter, is CSA & UL approved. The BC Liberals failure to define the word owner has many implications. Apparently there is no insurance or assurance of any prevention of risk from an amateur labourer installer able to access the owner's meter base and precipitate a fire hazard, health risk, radiation, or surveillance in the process of removing the property owner's analogue meter which is then destroyed. The legal document crated by the legal team clarifies that the owner of the analogue meter is also the property owner. Instructions which come with it make it evident that that document is to be downloaded, printed, witnessed and sent by registered mail to all relevant parties on a list provided by registered mail. The document comes with its own "example" of how to fill it out, as well as full instructions as well as a disclaimer. It would seem that in addition other documents addressing the issue of those who already have smart meters will soon follow that are to be used by those who have already had their own privately owned analogue meter removed.
Apparently these other documents are meant to give BC Hydro ten days notice to initiate proceedings for the removal of ALL s/meters in BC, as well as for the replacement of the smart meters with analogue meters. No wireless meter will be deemed to be legal or safe, according to this legal team's conclusions.
For further info, and to receive these pdf notices and the instructions by e-mail, contact the name below. Curtis Bennett is a top frequency specialist, a thermographic expert, adjunct faculty for a medical team for IHF which specializes in the education of electromagnetically induced harm, which is taught for continuing education medical credits for doctors and medical students. As well Curtis Bennett is an interprovincial journeyman electrician, As of October 2010 her served as expert witness for the Standing Committee of the House of Commons, Canadian Parliament:

Contact info:
Curtis Bennett