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Japanese plastic Tsunami debris landing on our Coastline, is it recyclable?

Japanese is not the BBC's first language, unless we're talking about Sushi........  Can you read Japanese?

In a report by the CBC, an EXCLUSIVE report, tracked down NOAA  because that entity, NOAA, is tracking the Tsunami debris that may end up on the North American coastline of the United States of America.

Canada, well who the hell knows what Harper and Canada are doing about the debris from Japan.  The Environment Minister of BC, the Honourable Terry Lake continues to take the same stance that he presented to the House, back in April, when van Dongen was crossing the Floor over the BC Rail Trial debacle......meanwhile Terry, Lake, the Minister of Environment we'll just wait and see. (the CBC covered the BC Minister too if you want to know what he said, with arms folded.....BODY LANGUAGE is poor).

British Columbians are enthusiasts when it comes to beach combing. Remember that container that floated all the way from Japan, with a Harley Motorcycle inside........?   Just a motorcycle and golf clubs. Maybe.

We've seen, over our lifetimes, the glass blown balls that the Japanese use(d) for their nets, but, what's headed for our shores now, is something that is more immense in scope.

For example, we've all been educated on how to sort our household Recyclables... we flip the bottle, boxes, containers upside down and go looking for the Triangle with the number in side...  right there we have a problem with the flotsam and jetsam that is headed our way.

Can you read this:

(プラマーク pura māku)

It looks like a SQUARE???, two arrowed lines, with a .... bow ..... of .... ship....maybe a spotlight on the bow.... which has .... oh I don't know a fish and chips take-out bar.... Right, Wrong?

Try again:

If you haven't clicked on the link above, highlighted in BLUE and is BOLD, then do so.

What you and we (BBC) see is not quite the same as what people who can READ Japanese see and therefore they recognize something as being worthy of recycling, .........and then there is another small matter.....that overheating of a place called Fukushima and its energy rods with saltwater.

Last year the Federal government of Canada rushed monitoring equipment out to British Columbia from Ottawa to record if there has been any increase in RADIOACTIVITY... in the Air, Water, and Salmon and today the Conservative Government has been busy handing out those little pink slips to the SCIENTISTS who would be required to interpret that sort of information.....

Now, a year has taken place, the debris WAS in close proximity to where all the HOT radioactivity action was taking place, and we've all seen Anderson Cooper, live, on Japan's soil getting really concerned (Looking nervous) about his proximity to the Nuclear Reactor... remember...Melting down....... where he stops in his reporting and turns to look off camera to ask if maybe, just maybe they should call it a WRAP and get the hell out of here.....    We, here at the BBC, remembering that footage.....sort of reminded us of a movie where the REPORTER, standing on the deck of a ship, sees the MUSHROOM CLOUD going skyward, and he, or was it a she, knows HE/SHE Has COOKED their OWN GOOSE because they decided to hang around for the best shot.

Getting back to PET triangle with a 1 inside of it, maybe the question that British Columbians should be asking of Canadian and American scientists, is, although the Oregonians are concerned about the marine life, which is totally foreign to North America, and the fact that the Americans have started to annihilated the marine life from Japan, by using FIRE and BRIMSTONE..... will that same methodology work on material that is still Radioactive?.... with a life of .......

There was, once upon a time, a documentary (television) done, way back in the 1960's where some workers, Army folks, were subjected to an A-bomb blast......a couple of guys lived in a trailer.    The ARMY scientists showed up in WHITE suits and tore that trailer to pieces by following the BEEP... BEEP...BEEP...BEEP.     This next image is one of those little compact suckers that is For Sale or Rent!

Special GroundAire
The JEB Model Groundaire was introduced in 1955. It was advertised as “the most sensitive scintillation counter for its price in the world”. The JEB Special contained a 1" x 1" sodium iodide crystal. The JEB Groundaire Deluxe Model contained a 2-1/8” x 1-1/8” sodium iodide crystal scintillator detector. It could be used in aircraft or moving vehicles. It had two time constants, an external probe, and 3.5” meter. It was waterproof, tropicalized and shock mounted. It has 4 ranges from 0-20,000 cps and a indicator reading directly in percent uranium ore. It has controls for zero, calibration, time (fast and slow sample rate), and a multiplier switch for 1, x10, x100, x200, and zero. The unit was 8.75” x 4” x 6.75” and weighed 9.5 lbs. The smaller crystal unit sold for $249.50 and the larger crystal unit sold for $595, both complete with top grain cowhide carrying case.
Will Christy Clark, didn't think we were going to leave her name of this POST, the Photo Op Premier, never, ......commit to making a statement where her own Environment Minister fears to TREAD?

Three other minor details, if the debris is free of radioactivity after crossing the Pacific Ocean, then is the masses of salt water that has been contaminated in Japan from radiation, free, once it mixes in with all of the rest of the water, of the world?

Secondly.... those units of 50 workers who risked their lives inside the reactor buildings, ... did they survive to leave normal lives or .....not?

Third.... in Oregon, the debris is being buried, in the sandy beaches, short sighted in light of how erosion might say otherwise, but the radiation at Chernobyl, had to be encased in CONCRETE, THICK CONCRETE..... will ten feet of wet sand suffice.....?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bravo Company will conduct a Cordon and Search aka "IAW SoM, B Coy CM1005 IVO Gr 12U QQ 1234 5678."

If you consider yourself to be John/Jane Doe public, have never served in Canada's armed forces, then you won't know what the title of the Post means.

UPDATE: June 27, 2012 These guys would/should know:
Defence Research Establishment-Ottawa (Jun 27 2012 10:34:41am)

Then again if you are John/Jane Doe public, and have read the Province article from June 25, 2012's newspaper (but really written by the Canadian Press) where its called  Easing the soldier to civvy transition subTitle:  "Serving members seek help before being medically released", then you have no right to determine how to ease the soldier into Canada from overseas.

You have no idea what it's like "over there".   Neither do I, but over the weekend, I read a book, and I think I know a little bit more, than you.

Hint:    ISBN Dog tags: 978-1-44340-717-5, Written by Ryan Flavelle.

 SO, HERE YOU HAVE IT.  You are reading the first lines of my first book, the culmination of all my efforts to get a book published.  First of all, I would like to thank you for reading this book ---unless you stole it or are reading the Google Books "preview" -- in which case, go buy my book.  I'm a poor graduate student/reservist.

The title is     "The Patrol",
subTitle is: "Seven Days in the life of a Canadian Soldier in AFGHANISTAN".

Translation of Post Title:
For example, "Bravo Company will conduct a Cordon and Search of suspected compounds near the village of Zangabad" becomes "IAW SoM, B Coy will conduct CM1005 IVO Gr 12U QQ 1234 5678"
It would be easy to provide a link to his book, in Google, but it's even easier to write:  

Stand up, and go to your Local Library!

If you do go to your local library, the authors, illustrators, photographers, publishers, etc. of books in general, receive some compensation, a pittance compared to royalties per book, from the Public Lending Right Commission (Federal)... until Harper gets wind of it.


Flavell spent SEVEN months in Afghanistan, fighting.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Open Information Report Cards, so Christy says

Search Criteria like this:    Report Card Data  generates a haphazard lot (Garbage IN Garbage OUT) of answers to WHERE ARE THEY, that is the whole lot of Posted FOIs that the BC Liberal Government claims that seekers (Lawyers, Media, Individuals, Political Parties) pay for, the Government posts them for FREE for others to read and then .......what?

There's a Rider though....... they're up on the screen at Open Info for the briefest of times, then they are dumped.

Its one thing to find a singular specific FOI , but to find a Report Card for every year that the BC Liberal Government has fought tooth and nail not to be an Open and Transparent government....., you'd think that just listing off every FOI that has been generated would come with a Description of what is contained within it.   But oh no, that's not they way they do business.

For example, the only thing that is even remotely open, it's the section below, Ministry by Ministry, as in "Office of the Premier", where you might find this "OOP-2011-00472":

  "OOP-2011-00472"   doesn't tell you anything than what you see, no frigging Description, HOWEVER, if you copy it into Google and add this    ""  in front, you get this as of June 15, 2012:  OOP-2011-00472    and you get two results, possibly Three like this:

  1. Report Card Data
    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
    1 May 2012 – EndDate Range= April 01, 2011 to March 31, 2012. Status= Closed .... OOP-2011-00526. 22. 31-Oct-2011 ...... OOP-2011-00472. 30. 12-Oct- ...
  2. [PDF] 

    FOI Request: #CTZ-2012-00011 Requests Received
    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
    posted on and which ones will not; If there are no written copies of the ...... All records related to the August 26, 2011 publication on of FOI request OOP-2011-00244. Labour ...... OOP-2011-00472 ...
  3. [PDF] 

    Report Card Data
    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
    CRITERIA: EndDate Range= April 01, 2010 to March 31, 2011. Status= Closed ...... CFD-2010-00472. 44. 15-Apr-2010 ...... OOP-2011-00040. 11. 11-Feb-2011 ...

UPDATE: June 16, 2012.... Government GCPE have been busy overnight by launching two items.    Try this as a Search Criteria  "OOP-2011-00472" 

Third one down has the right number but the title of the File is way off the mark, but what the heck, the Government isn't making this easy so why not hit the Fourth Link, eh.

Once inside that document you have to use your Control F keystroke and enter OOP-2011-00472

And this is what you get for your effort:

Description: The Outlook Calendar of the Director of Communications for the timeframe September 1, 2011 to September 30, 2011.

Don't you think Christy would make it a lot easier on everyone and just give us the Information on one page.

  Freedom of Information Request Statistics


       Yearly Archive

The following quarterly trend line reports (PDF) have been refreshed as of January 01, 2012.


January - March
Quarterly Archive


Yearly Archive


10 Year Archive

UPDATE June 16, 2012

January 1 to December 31 2011
All FOI Requests
No links to documents though
Search Criteria

FOI Requests Received
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
Data refreshed: January 16, 2012 ... questions: How many veterans are there in BC who file income tax returns; ..... PSA-2011-00169 ..... All records related to the processing and handling of FOI requests OOP-2011-00265, FIN-2011-00116, ..... mid-March launch of its new Website: The project ...
to July 12, 2011
No links to documents though

FOI Requests Received SSB-2011-00024
22 Jul 2011 – CRITERIA. Start Date Range: to July 12, 2011. Category: Formal. Category: General. Applicant Type: Other Governments; Other Public Body ...
1. =  January 01, 2010 to March 06, 2012

  1. CTZ-2012-00024 Coroner's Service of BC Requests Received
    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
    FOI Request Number: CTZ-2012-00024. Coroner's Service of BC. Requests Received. Date Range Queried: January 01, 2010 to March 06, 2012. Criteria: ...
  2. [PDF] 

    FOI Request: #CTZ-2012-00011 Requests Received
    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
    FOI Requests\CTZ-2012-00011\CTZ-2012-00011 (Jan, 27, 2012).rpt ...... Federal Crime Omnibus Bill on BC: The Office of the Attorney General including all staff, ...

BC Hydro: 45% of the cost savings benefit to be derived from the (Smart Meters) SMI project will be from theft detection.

Our BC Hydro rates are 45% too high right now. Why? Theft.

Smart Meters will change all that.

In other words, if your Hydro Bill, on average, has been $200 per month  ($26,400 for the past eleven years) and the Government of the BC Liberals knew that, via their Core Review,  in 2001, why did they continue to siphon off money from BC Hydro every single year, just to Balance their budgets and get re-elected?

Why didn't Campbell act, decisively back then when he had a landslide victory?

What did Campbell do, he started to split BC Hydro asunder, to save money, he said.

Why the band-aid approach?

One household, BC Hydro Bills would have been reduced by $13,200, or there abouts.

There are how many  Households in BC  1,748,845 times $13,200 =  $23,084,754,000

$23 Billion!!!!!
Google Search Criteria for this quote
Charles Reid, president and CEO (acting), BC Hydro -
"Our goal is to keep rates as low as possible for our customers and we are going to continue looking for opportunities to become a leaner and more efficient organization going forward so that we can keep rates low while delivering the investments in our system for future generations."  UPDATED November 24, 2012  Source

"Leaner" means a fatter spending BC Liberal Government who have shoved their multi-year-should-have-been-deficits onto the shoulders of British Columbians children's children, something that Gordon Campbell often used to blame the Opposition of doing.

Look at it this way, all the money that Gordon and Christy have been spending to keep themselves in Office has come from future Generations of British Columbians.

$60 billion debt to build infrastructures in the last ten eleven years;

$5 billion of deferred accounting at BC Hydro because the BC Liberal Finance Ministers needed the hard cash to balance their books.

Like this:  Page 21 of 132  Search for "Deferral"

BC Hydro operates in a rate regulated environment where accounting policies allow the use of regulatory accounts to defer amounts for future recoveries or refunds, subject to the approval of the British Columbia Utilities Commission. In the absence of rate-regulation, these amounts would be included as revenues or expenditures when incurred.  BC Hydro is ordered in some cases by the British Columbia Utilities Commission or given special direction from the province, to defer certain amounts, in order to minimize rate fluctuations and provide a stable return to the shareholder.

Some regulatory account additions, such as the deferral of energy variances, will fluctuate between positive and negative amounts over the years, and can be offsetting over time, but deferred to allow smoothing of rates. Other regulatory accounts, established for the purpose of matching current costs to future benefits, such as expenditures related to Smart Metering and Infrastructure, will be recovered through the rates at a future time when the benefits to the ratepayers from the investment are being realized.

Page 91 of 132   Keep searching for "Deferral"

Rate Structures

BC Hydro rates are competitive with other comparable jurisdictions.

However, there may be the perception of unfairness in the revenue/cost ratios between customer classes. In addition, a number of the objectives for the rate structures, although identified in relevant legislation (Clean Energy Act, UCA) and policy (Energy Plan), are not given clear priority or ranking. This can lead to competing objectives, because a rate structure designed to achieve one objective may compete with the achievement of another objective. As well, rate structures are not always proficient at supporting the achievement of the objectives. For example, some rate structures do not inherently support conservation, simplicity of billings or low rates to large families.

BC Hydro designs and BCUC approves the rate structures for each customer class. Although each rate structure is different, they all include Basic and Energy charges. The Basic charge, a flat daily rate, is aimed to cover customer care costs and does not depend on electricity consumption levels. The Energy charge, based on consumption levels is intended to cover all other costs within the customer class. Some rate structures (for classes with demand metering in place) also include a demand charge, which recovers the costs of building the transmission systems based on peak load requirements, using a tiered rate for kW demand. In addition, there is a Rate Rider charge applied to all customer classes, used to pay down BC Hydro’s deferral accounts.

The Residential rate structure is set on an inclining block (or stepped) basis whereby the customer pays a higher cost per unit for energy consumed above a certain threshold. The Small General service rate structure (for small businesses) is flat which results in the consumer paying the same rate, regardless of consumption levels. Neither of these rate classes has demand meters in place, so their rates do not include a demand charge element.

The Medium General and Large General Service rate structures are more complex. They include declining block structures, where the rate drops above a certain consumption level, and the introduction of an additional energy charge or credit that aims to encourage energy conservation. This model allows for an energy charge (at a higher rate) if consumption exceeds pre-determined levels, or an energy credit (reduction) may be applied if the energy consumption is lower than the customer’s normal level. This additional charge/credit mechanism is being phased in over three years for the Medium General Service class, so not all customers in that class are currently impacted.

Page 117 of 132 Keep, Keep searching for "Deferral"

 Regulatory/Deferral Accounts

There has been recent significant growth in BC Hydro’s net regulatory asset balance, and this growth will continue for several years, adding additional pressure and reduced flexibility to BC Hydro’s efforts to keep rates competitive while addressing new cost pressures. The future annual impact is not clear, as amortization policies are not always known, but the impact will likely be significant, and there is concern for future ratepayers
who are expected to cover these deferred costs, even in cases where the benefits were realized by current ratepayers.

BC Hydro operates in a rate regulated environment where, with BCUC’s approval, accounting policies allow the use of regulatory accounts to defer amounts for future recovery/refund. In the absence of rate-regulation, these amounts would be included in the net income when incurred and could result in volatile rate swings.

Deferred amounts are often large and/or unexpected income or expense due to factors beyond BC Hydro’s control (e.g., annual inflows into BC Hydro’s reservoirs), would cause BC Hydro’s rates and ROE to be unstable. The industry, in general, and regulators want stable rates for customers and returns to investors. To reduce rate fluctuations, BC Hydro is sometimes ordered by the BCUC, or given special direction from the province, to defer certain amounts. The deferred costs are recorded as regulatory assets, to be recovered from future ratepayers; deferred income is recorded as regulatory liability, to be refunded to future ratepayers. SNIP

Actually the expense is incurred by the BC Liberal Government to cover their asses in slopping bookkeeping methods.  Gordon and Christy have been spending way beyond their allowable limits.

"deferred costs are recorded as regulatory assets, to be recovered from FUTURE RATEPAYERS"

After Eleven years of the BC Liberals the FUTURE is here NOW.

Page 119 of 132  Search for   "Figure 3.5.1"  or copy and it paste it to here

Keep reading once you jump to page 118 and to the end of the line.

A picture is worth a thousand words, eh....2011, last year right, looks rosy, but by 2012 the reports from the Auditor General paints a totally different picture and the BC Liberals claim thing are just fine, its all under control without a whisper of admitting that they've been ripping BC Hydro's ratepayers off, and the rates are about to go sky high just so the BC Liberals can stay in power.   Think HST.  Think how much the public was told about the incoming HST, and then it was implemented for FOUR years.  Still don't get the picture, well here it is:

Page 123 and 124 Time of Use Rates

The benefits of having differential pricing (Time of Use rates) for peak and non-peak times is to encourage conservation. BC Hydro states on their website that this differential pricing may be considered after the completion of the current Integrated Resource Planning process. The planning process will determine if there is any need for Time of Use rates to meet BC Hydro's future capacity needs. If voluntary time of use rates are not implemented, a small amount of the savings estimated in the business case may not be realized, however even without time of use there would be positive payback, as theft detection and operational efficiencies makes up 93% of savings while time of use is only 7% of savings according to the business case.SNIP but keep reading to the bitter end!

Like this on page 126:  SMI  Smart Meter and Infrastructure

BC Hydro estimates that approximately 45% of the cost savings benefit to be derived from the SMI project will be from theft detection. This has been supported by independent research from the University of the Fraser Valley Center for Public Safety and Criminal Justice Research.  If these estimated benefits are realized over the long term, ratepayers will receive a return on their investment in SMI through lowered energy costs.
Smart Meter AND INFRASTRUCTURE!!!!!... the latter hasn't even begun to take place.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

GCPE Newsroom Delivery Account

Why go to the newspapers to try and track down what is about to be released from Premier Christy Clark, why not just go to the source like   GCPE Newsroom Delivery Account  (Check Against Delivery)  and it will be recorded in chronological order.  No monkeying around by the GCPE Government Website.  They have no control over that.  Why?..... because GCPE is sending all of their Press Releases to SendToNow for distribution.

It's sort of like a modified Liquor Distribution Branch having already been sold off to Private Enterprise.

Here's the thing.  On an earlier Post at  we included two search criterias in Google, even went so far as to provide the links, and what's so amazing, now, those two search criteria are part and parcel of Google BUT residing in Christy's  OPEN INFORMATION platform!

Does that mean that the GCPE are tracking everyone's searches?   Could be.

Is GCPE saving specific confirmed searches so that Google will only find them and not any others? Maybe.

Distribution:   Provincial/State News Outlets
British Columbia, BC

Here, let's try it again      "GCPE Newsroom Delivery Account"  same search criteria as above, only this time it's set to open on page 14 15 of the Google search because we know that the first 13 14 pages doesn't have the specific result until page 15, ninth from the bottom. (NOTE: with the POST being Published it shifted the result to the 15 page)(NOTE: the result below keeps shifting, like sand, moving from page 13, to 14 to 15 to now 16 but only because other Blogs are carrying this POST)

B.C. Home - Province of B.C.
44 Results
Which is exactly the same search as below....from an earlier POST on the BBC.

Type this into Open Information    china (trade mission) 2011 kelly beverage  you get this:

44 Results found for 'china (trade mission) 2011 kelly beverage'

Go ahead, click on "B.C. Home - Province of B.C." above and then click on
"china (trade mission) 2011 kelly beverage" directly above

china (trade mission) 2011 kelly beverage is the criteria in BOTH searches even though one was first written by the BBC and the Second is written by

Two can play this game.  It appears as though the GCPE aka Christy Clark, is flooding their/her Open Information database with completed searches, from the Public, making it even more difficult to find REAL information related to a Search involving the BC Liberals.  Using the GCPE and the BBC there's this link:    china (trade mission) 2011 kelly beverage
Meanwhile, back at the Ranch, have fun keeping track of Christy's re-announcements where the numbers are large but spread over the NEXT Three Years..... and her Premiership only goes on for another eleven months.

If Christy was an honest politician she would be telling the public just how much money is set to change hands from the Provincial BC Liberal Government NOW, to those who are on the receiving end up to and including May 12, 2013, because we all saw what happened after the last Provincial election in 2009, when MAGICALLY the hst showed up....... and soon afterwards Gordon Muir Campbell was roasted and toasted and left in a hurry to points EAST.

Eleven months to go and already Christy is shovelling our cash off the back of the truck.

Christy Clark's St. Paul's hospital re-announcement of the BC Liberal's commitment to re-build, that which was first stated in 2010 by Gordon Campbell's regime, is nothing more than an 2013 Election ploy.

How can an outgoing, presumably outgoing based on the polls, government, continue to shovel taxpayers dollars off the back of the trucks with promises of good deeds to be done well into the future?

If anything, what the BC Liberals are doing is spending monies that will ham string any incoming government with any proposals they have in mind.

Premier designate Bill Bennett, long ago, when the Socreds won the election over the NDP, said:  "STOP SPENDING" and that's exactly what Christy should do now.

Stop spending our money Christy!  You may have won the hearts and the minds of a struggling BC Liberal Party who imposed the HST, without consulting with the voters, you have no RIGHT, no MANDATE to spend our tax dollars OR long term contracts with your buddies.

If you want to have a chance at having that MANDATE Christy, Call a SNAP election, RIGHT NOW!


Its all about Christy Clark and her make believe headlines

  1. News for christy clark

    National Post

    1. Christy Clark commits to redeveloping aging St. Paul's Hospital

      Vancouver Sun‎ - 22 hours ago
      Premier Christy Clark has revealed there is half a billion dollars in the 2012 budget to renovate and.
  2. Christy Clark - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Christina Joan "Christy" Clark, MLA (born October 29, 1965) is a Canadian politician who currently serves as the 35th Premier of British Columbia, Canada.
  3. Images for christy clark

     - Report images
  4. Welcome to the BC Liberal Party Website
    Visit · Visit · Join Christy on Facebook · Follow Christy on Twitter · Open Letter from the Premier · BC Liberals.
  5. Office of the Premier | BC Newsroom
    Premier Clark Commits to Redeveloping St. Paul's Hospital. Premier Christy Clark announced that the redevelopment of St. Paul's Hospital is moving ahead with ...
  6. NDP slams Christy Clark hospital announcements - British Columbia ...
    19 hours ago – The B.C. New Democrats claim a plan announced by Premier Christy Clark to redevelop Vancouver's St. Paul's Hospital is a promise the ...
  7. Christy Clark reveals first phase of relaunched Families First agenda
    2 days ago – Premier Christy Clark announced an $5 million overhaul of B.C.'s employment and disability assistance.
  8. Poll paints bleak future for B.C. Liberals - The Globe and Mail
    13 hours ago – For Premier Christy Clark, the latest in a long string of bad-news polls won't alter her strategy to regain public favour. This summer marks the ...
  9. Christy Clark | Facebook
    NERVOUS Greeks are withdrawing up to 800 million euros ($1.01 billion) a day and... stocking up on canned food as they fear the country will be forced to leave ...
  10. Christy Clark (@christyclarkbc) on Twitter
    Sign up for Twitter to follow Christy Clark (@christyclarkbc). Premier of British Columbia.
  11. Christy Clark | National Post
    Brian Hutchinson: Christy Clark ready to set off on an eleven month ... The legislative session is over and B.C. Premier Christy Clark is embarking on an epic ...

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Christy Clark calls it GovTogether but its really called GovTogetherBC

"British Columbians invited

 to GovTogether"

If, you go looking for GovTogether, as the Premier called it three hours ago via SendToNews video, and using her trademarked bubbly voice.......she croaked out ....."a SNEAK preview"..... to the faithful, you could end up in the United States of America.... looking at the Washington DC Government building as a backdrop of .........GovTogether.

GovTogetherBC.... now that's a totally different kettle of farmed fish.
This link claims that its all about the recent spate of Trade Mission that Christy went on in the last year, but it also includes some links to a program called SendToNews on page 6 of 6 like this:

Media can download raw footage, photos, audio on when it is available.

To view and download photos from the Asia Trade Mission visit:

Follow the Asia Trade Mission at:
The Asia Trade Mission to China, India and Japan in November of 2011 is nowhere to be found, anywhere.



Christy has stolen the idea of GovTogether and twisted the intent of GovTogether, because it says this:

GovTogether is about shifting POWER to the PEOPLE so that they may vote DIRECTLY on legislation through their elected representatives. We are building a web-based utility that will leverage the internet and social media to allow for crowdsourcing legislation. By 2012 we aim to have at least one newly elected U.S. Congressman utilizing this new system.

But first, we need you, the people, to decide if you want the power to self-legislate. So vote below and help ensure everyone has a say in this decision by spreading this coming soon campaign. You can help shape this new system by sharing your thoughts, concerns and ideas below.

GovTogether would allow the people, the voters of British Columbia, those who selected the BC MLAs,  to dictate to them, that they don't have a right to sell off the BC Liquor Distribution Branch, that Christy and her cronies shouldn't have touched BC Rail...., that Christy Clark WILL start up a Royal Commission on BC Rail, and a Royal Commission on the missing $6 million!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Christy Clark's "Open Information" has a "Cheating heart" Search Engine

Type this into Open Information    china (trade mission) 2011 kelly beverage  you get this:
44 Results found for 'china (trade mission) 2011 kelly beverage'

Each page has ten hits, and along the bottom of the first page of result it is stated that there is, are, exactly five pages all told to look at..... and yet, by the time you get to the SECOND PAGE  there are only three more results.... which means, to the BBC, that there should be 31...THIRTY-ONE MORE RESULTS...... and there are only a total of TWO pages!

Is Christy Clark's Open Information, a SCAM!... a Cheating Heart?

Is the bulk of the information that should be made available to the public, disappearing into thin air?

Or a more insidious thought,........Each time the public does a search on Open Information, is the Christy Clark's Government weeding out the more dangerous documents that could bring her government to her knees IF we were to read the other 31 results?

Is there a Rider, that says a search for CHINA, in combination with a bracketed (TRADE MISSION) in year 2011 authorized by a guy called KELLY where a BEVERAGE was served, will always 10 pages of results buy by the second page its admits in can only generate two pages and 13 results but initially tell us an outright lie that it will be 44?

Second example: for Open Information

 china (trade mission) 2011 James Shepard flight

Creates this, changing Capitalized words to lower case and a suggestion that we are looking for sheep

2 Results found for 'china (trade mission) 2011 james shepard flight'

Did you mean: china (trade mission) 2011 james shepherd flight
[application/pdf] TAKE COMMAND. GO ALL OUT.
... Fishing Regulations Synopsis, published February 2011 and the ... on the com-
mercial trade in certain ... James; Hwy 29 between the intersection of ...

[application/pdf] HUNTING&TRAPPING
... a ban on the com- mercial trade in certain ... hunting regulations for 2012/14
(Oct 2011) will have ... James; Hwy 29 between the intersection of Highway ...
Third Example:

1770 Results found for 'china (trade mission) november 2011'

With Ten pages of Results at ten hits per page ......100 all told, not 1770 Results, eh, but as you click along to the next page it turns out to go 21 pages  times 10 = 210 with two versions of the same hit per result = 420 Results, no where near 1770 Results.      CHEATING HEART

Fourth Example: (taken from a Result within the Third Example)

1050 Results found for 'november 2011 trade mission.'
The problem with Open Information is that it only recognizes each word and searches for each word.
The program doesn't search for "TRADE MISSION"

If you think you'll ever find what our $2 per year man travel Expenses were to go to China, and back, for FREE, its not here.  Its in FOI requests put forward by the General Public, Opposition Parties, and the Media.  Yes, Christy does provide the Travel Expenses for Ministers and Deputy Ministers, but that's chump change compared to the supporting staff of GCPE aka PAB Travel Expenses like a Senior Policy Advisor and/or the people who ask Hotels to provide a bottle of wine for the Premier to tide her over.