Tuesday, March 31, 2015

BC Minister Mary Polak's Order permits Water Licensee to Expropriate private land to fill their water bottles and tailing ponds & Site C Farmland

Has this new law been written to attend to the needs of BC Hydro or Independent Power Producers, or has it been crafted to take care of the Mining industry tailing ponds, or Nestle, or .... any other of those industries that need to expand with the least amount of nuisances from rightful owners next door   .....

To be Absolutely Clear here, this LAW was Written to Evict Site C farmers and residents.

or for

Mount Polley Application for Crown Land expansion February 4, 2014

or for

Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations:  Applications and Reason for Decision

Google Search Criteria:   British Columbia "Land Expropriation for a water license"


Six pages

 A water licence entitles its holder the right to:

 Expropriate any privately owned land reasonably required for the construction, maintenance, improvement or operation of the works authorized under a licence or for flooding.

 Expropriate any land necessary to help prevent pollution of the diverted water if the licence authorizes the use and diversion of water for domestic or waterworks purposes.

However, negotiation with private landowners generally takes less time than expropriation and is often less expensive. A licensee must pay compensation for any land expropriated. Expropriation can be a costly alternative to negotiated permission.
Copies of the relevant portions of the Water Act and Water Regulations, and a sample “Notice of Intent to Acquire an Interest in Land” are included for your information.

Section 27(2) of the Water Act empowers every licensee with the right to expropriate any land reasonably required for the construction, maintenance, improvement or operation of works authorized under licence.

Applications for expropriation matters should be directed to the Supreme Court.

Please seek legal advice if you require assistance in this regard.

Lawyer Referral Service:
(800) 663-1919 or within Vancouver (604) 687-3221

BC Association Appraisal Institute of Canada:
(604) 266-8287


Section 29

Despite a right or title acquired or held under a statute or indefeasible or absolute title, an owner of land or other person who proposes to alter, move, fill in or otherwise interfere with works authorized under a licence must, before doing so, give the licensee 6 months' notice in writing of the act or thing proposed to be done.
Was the law written to address 'a promise made, a promise kept' by Premier Christy Clark to LNG companies to put an end to Kitimat's flood plain and of course the fresh water needs?

Monday, March 30, 2015

The Province newspaper seems to have missed Elections BC 862.doc "Media Obligation Under the Election Act" s. 233.1(2)

At last the voting has begun in Metro Vancouver electoral districts.  As of March 16, and continuing through to May 29, Translink's Improvement Congestion Tax is before the voters.  In a mere two weeks though a fly has landed in the anointed time frame with an Editorial piece from the Province newspaper on the past week's two-to-one poll results.  
Whether its a plebiscite, referendum, recall or a provincial election, its all the same to voters.  Its time to vote.   The only differences between the four methods is the duration of collecting the ballots.  Voting for a provincial election of MLAs is a twelve hour day, whereas the other three methods are scattered over months where every day is deemed to be a Voting day in the electoral districts, so why has one many news media missed their obligation not to mention polling results during the process.  Banning opinion surveys is a necessary evil to prevent unscrupulous individuals, the Press????, Lobbying Communications companies acting on behalf of political parties, from swaying the vote.

Democratic fear is real, especially when  political desperadoes might present  numbers incorrectly, intentionally, without providing the means of time for a suitable rebuttal, or a simple apology with a correction.

Editorial Viewpoint by Gordon Clark today:
...and the polls show that voters are screaming loud and clear ...
.... By a two-to-one margin, for the past week, voters have almost certainly been marking big fat Xs in the "No" circle of their mail-in-ballots and shipping them back to Elections B.C. ......
By a two-to-one margin, for the past week
Past week to us means last week, in the second week of voting.

The Election Act of British Columbia:

 Section 233 1(2) ... General Voting Day....

On General Voting Day, media outlets must not publish, broadcast or transmit the results of election opinion surveys that have not previously been made public until all of the voting stations in the electoral district are closed. Media Obligations under the Election Act - Elections BC  Page 10 of 18

 s. 264  Election advertising and election opinion survey offences
It is an offence to contravene the election advertising and opinion survey sections of the Election Act. If convicted, individuals and organizations are liable to a fine of up to $10,000 or imprisonment for up to one year, or both.

$10,000 Fine or Imprisonment for up to one year of both!


19 shades of black and white why Public Opinion Surveys conducted during the Vote are NOT permitted to be released for voters consumption

19 typically well reasoned ..... including Suzanne Anton - Attorney General ..... British Columbia Members of the Legislative Assembly should be admonished for be willing participants in a Vancouver Sun Poll while voting is taking place on Translink Improvement Congestion Tax.  I've voted, and now I want to change my ballot to side with the 'winners', or more correctly the 'losers' who seem to fervently deny similar polls on voting day during their General Election, but throw that logic out to the wind and say YES, A POLL, SURE, WHERE DO I SIGN UP.

What next, a Poll on the Mayors to sway the voting public after spending $6,000,000 on advertising? 

Whatever happened to the idea that a voting booth privacy is a PRIVATE affair, no advertising on the ballot........

Hard Copy:
 Metro MLAs who respond to Sun poll say "Yes" to transit tax
  On Line:
Metro Vancouver MLAs who respond say ‘Yes’ to transit tax
However, more than half those asked by The Sun have not given an answer
METRO VANCOUVER -- With ballots landing in mailboxes across Metro Vancouver, nearly half of all MLAs across the region say they will vote in favour of a proposed 0.5-per-cent sales tax to fund transportation expansion.

The other half, however, are staying silent on where they put their X. None said they would vote No.

Eighteen of the 41 MLAs serving Metro Vancouver responded to an emailed question by The Vancouver Sun, saying they would vote yes in the plebiscite........

In teaming up with PlaceSpeak, News1130 hopes to learn more about what Metro Vancouverites think about the vote, which way they are leaning based on the cities they live in, and why.

News1130's survey on the transportation vote


The very First Day:

The Surrey Leader on the first day of voting, March 16, published an Angus Reid Survey dated March 16

The Vancouver Sun:  March 16
METRO VANCOUVER - The No side holds a commanding two-to-one lead in the latest poll as Metro Vancouverites get set to begin voting in the transit plebiscite.
Angus Reid dated Letter Head Report: As ballots begin to arrive in Metro Vancouver mailboxes THIS week, a comprehensive POLL from the Angus Reid Institute shows the 'No' side with the early advantage.

 The Angus Reid public opinion survey document was Created on March 13, 2015, and Published on March 16, 2015

Friday, March 27, 2015

1916: "Oliver Fruit and Gardens" fueled by Water. 99 years later same technology in use but moving Petroleum

 One of our hobbies is to find where a photographer had to stand to get his landscape photo.

Haynes Ecological Reserve
Allan Brooks - Naturalist - near Osoyoos



Situated in Southern Okanagan Valley, south of Penticton, the warmest, lowest, and earliest portion of that well-known fruit-growing district, a tract, of several thousand acres is being subdivided in fruit growing areas of 10 to over 20 acres and prepared for settlement and development.

An irrigation system has been installed which will be operated by the Government until development allows of the creation of an irrigation district, after which the water-users will administer and manage the system. The areas now being offered a re confined to those within scope of the completed portion.

The tract extends from a short distance south of Vaseaux Lake to the International Boundary. The northerly part is 22 miles from Penticton. Agreement has been made with the Kettle Valley Railway Company by the Government for completion of a branch, now under construction, from Penticton a divisional point of the company's main  line-through the tract, with a station at Oliver.


Which will be the administrative centre of the district, is a new townsite laid out in a picturesque part of the valley on the west of Okanagan River, 25 miles south of Penticton. It has been subdivided into business and residential blocks, with graded streets and domestic water and sewerage systems to be provided; electric light and power will be available, as the transmission-line from Bonnington Falls passes within a mile; railway service with station and yards, parks, etc.; in fact, Oliver is expected to be a modern business centre with all conveniences required by modern business and social life. The main highway will pass through the centre of the town .
Dog Lake is now called Skaha Lake

Where was the photographer standing to take this photo?  Has the area changed?  Orchard Stands dot the Highway?  Houses?  Picker Shacks?  Resorts?

Oliver Then

Oliver Now

Zoom in on the workers: see the 'wall' creating the pipe, crib supports below


PRESS RELEASE: Tales of the Ditch

posted Apr 7, 2014, 1:11 PM by Oliver Heritage

“The Ditch” that carries the lifeblood of the valley, water, is the reason the Town of Oliver exists. Yet most people today    do not realize it is right under their feet as they do business around town.

Not so for Oliver born orchardist Greg Norton, guest speaker at the Oliver and District Heritage Society’s Annual General Meeting which takes place on Wednesday, April 16th at 7 p.m. at the Quail Nest on Airport Road.

Greg will share stories of “The Ditch”, a daring do place of adventurous entertainment for generations of Oliver kids.  The gravity flow, concrete canal that begins its life under the shadow of McIntyre Bluff was the personal playground for Greg and his friends growing up in the 1950’s and 60’s.  In later years it was his place of work. However, well before that, this amazing and seemingly simply designed structure was what his grandfather Charles Norton and others wrestled to build in the early 1920’s. Then and now, “The Ditch” has always been a central part of Norton family life.


The Ditch

Snip.....In 1918 soldiers began to return to the B.C. after the war; to their dismay they were welcomed by a crowded workforce and highly populated cities.  The Premier of B.C. at the time, John Oliver, sought to find a solution for the veterans, who he believed should be rewarded for their valiant fighting.  He instituted the Soldiers Land Act, under which he purchased 22,000 acres extending south of McIntyre bluff.  It was hoped to irrigate 8,000 acres of this land – this was to be the Southern Okanagan Lands Project.  The land was then to be sold to veterans who desired land and were given ‘special purchasing privileges’.  Snip     - Julie Cancela

Southern Okanagan Irrigation Project

1922 version of GMO




Source: 1916
The Town of Oliver is named after “Honest” John Oliver, who became the 19th Premier of British Columbia following the death of his predecessor in 1918 and held the position of Premier until his own death in 1927. During his term in office, he was instrumental in developing the original fruit growing industry in the South Okanagan Valley, centered in what later became our community, and which adopted the Premier Oliver’s name as its own.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

"Strong Economy, Secure Tomorrow" advertising missing on Transit Plebiscite, but that's okay, the Mayor's have the last say before X

A Vancouver Sun Letter to the Editor writer is asking Why there is a YES side campaign on the Translink Ballot.

Ballot contains Yes side ad (second page, last opinion)

I received my Metro Vancouver Transportation and Transit Plebiscite ballot today and I was very surprised to find the top half of the ballot paper devoted to what I would consider to be Yes-side advertising.

How can this be considered a fair vote if the ballot itself carries what amounts to a political message? One has to wonder what other problems exist at Elections BC if they can’t even make what should be a simple ballot fair?



Past Practice on a Referendum:  No First, Second or Third Party advertising

 Past Municipal Election:

Next time around ......

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

BC Stats Infoline: Did you know?? that the BC Liberal Goverment publishes reports Weekly.. weakly?

BC Stats Online  Index

Links NOT provided by BC Stats Online, therefore ..... Googled

Current Surveys (are repetitive from previous editions)
Apprenticeship Student Outcomes (APPSO) Survey
Baccalaureate Graduate Survey
BC Hydro Workforce Profile Survey  N/A online
BC International Student Survey
BC Labour Market Agreement Outcomes Survey
BC Public Service Exit Survey
Diploma, Associate Degree, and Certificate Student Outcomes(DACSO) Survey
FrontCounter BC Customer Satisfaction Survey
Long Term Disability (LTD) Application Process Survey
Ministry of Education and Ministry of Justice (multi-client survey)

more importantly
British Columbia appear to be avid birdwatchers, being the most likely of all Canadians to have bought bird books, binoculars or travelled to watch birds in 2013

Its 2015... right, not 2013

The March 23, 2015 Current Survey is EXACTLY the same as March 16, 2015

Time used to create these weekly reports would go along way to Seismic work on Schools, right?

March 2, 2015

Did You Know
With tax season looming, only 39% of British Columbians are always truthful to others about their financial situation. Others tell ‘white lies’ (59%), and some blatantly lie (1%).

When we saw these statistics on being 'truthful' we immediately thought of Coralee Oakes and John Rustad under the combined categories of 59% and 1% = 60%

February 10, 2015
Did You Know
Love is in the air! 22,525 couples tied the knot in the province last year, up 2.5% from 2013.

December 21, 2014
Did You Know
It is a truth universally acknowledged, that medical waiting rooms contain old magazines. In response to complaints from patients, researchers in New Zealand identified that this "phenomenon relates to the disappearance of the magazines rather than to the supply of old ones." The researchers also found that what they characterized as "gossipy" magazines were 14.51 times more likely to disappear than other types.

December 15, 2014 
Did You Know

The population of British Columbia has increased by over one million people in the twenty years between 1994 and 2014. For more information about the population of B.C., visit BC Stats' Population Estimates page.

November 17, 2014
Did You Know

Of 119 observation wells in British Columbia that have been monitored for ten years or more, 78% of the wells examined have water levels that are stable or increasing (with 4 wells showing increasing trends); 9% of observation wells show a large rate of decline in water levels (more than 10 cm per year), with a further 13% of wells showing a moderate rate of decline in water levels (between 3 and 10 cm per year). Data source: B.C. Ministry of Environment

Monday, March 23, 2015

The Spitting image: Bill Bennett's spat with Alaskans: Tailing Ponds are safe! "160 years of mining in British Columbia"!!!

Is it possible that Energy Minister Bill Bennett handlers haven't found a way to know when, or how, to shut the Minister up?

Is this why former Premier Gordon Campbell never trusted the man, why there was a need to take Bennett out to the farm shed?  (CBC backgrounder c/w video)

If Bennett had just kept his cool and ignored Juneau Empire Editor he could have kept British Columbian failed mining statistics on tailing pond practices to himself, thereby keeping the public in the dark, Americans too.

However, with his claim of  "160 years of mining in British Columbia" came a gold nugget of data information, maybe even written for the Minister of Energy himself and all he had to do was find a wedge issue.  Why not write an obscure letter to a Foreign Country newspaper.
Juneau Empire:
Let us start off by addressing the first portion of Mr. Bennet’s piece when he states it was “unfortunate your editorial has seized upon the Mount Polley mine tailings storage facility failure to undermine the long tradition of respectful relations and co-operation between British Columbia and Alaska on mining development and environmental protection.”

Perhaps Mr. Bennett has forgotten about the Tulsequah Chief Mine. Southeast Alaska has not forgotten.
50-plus years of pollution

The Tulsequah Chief Mine, located south of Juneau on the Taku River just across the Canadian border, has leached acid runoff into the Taku River since its closure in the 1950s. The Taku boasts notable salmon runs, the same runs which in turn give jobs to many commercial fishermen. There were efforts to revitalize the mine, but those failed for financial reasons and to this day acid continues to taint the Taku.  ......

Thank You Bill!!!

Where's the Minister of Environment?

Ahhh, the sheer beauty of the Energy Minister providing the key words needed to find the source, the proof of the existence of  "160 years of mining" bordering not just Alaska but Washington, Alberta and the Yukon.  How many tailings ponds are leaking already from a database of 1,696 (not all with ponds)?

A Google Earth KML file, created for Bill Bennett's pleasure, now lays at foreign press feet, and bloggers too:

GeoFile 2012-03:  A KML file to Display Producing Mines in British Columbia at Any Range or Point of Time in the Last 160 Years

by Yao Cui

View GeoFile 2012-03 (PDF, 375 KB);
Download KMZ (96 KB)

The KML file MinFile_production_ts.kmz contains 1,696 past and current producing mines over the last 160 years in British Columbia that can be displayed at any range or point of time by using the Time Slider on Google Earth®. Only mines with known operating years are included in this KML file. More mines and detailed information can be found on the MINFILE Mineral Inventory website at http://www.empr.gov.bc.ca/Mining/Geoscience/MINFILE/Pages/default.aspx.  
All publications of the BC Geological Survey are available digitally, free of charge, from this website.
Index of GeoFiles 
  Mount Polley Tailing Pond spill not mentioned for 2014/2015

 1851 to 2011

The Real Gold Nugget to this Google Earth File is that it will tell you, the private land owner, the hounder of rock collecting, if there is something insidious lurking nearby.  Who would have guessed that Bowen Island was not only manufacturer of bricks but it also had a Gold/Copper mine.... Britannia Beach island hopping crossover.

Friday, March 20, 2015

"In God We Trust": Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipe Line 40 pages of Failures from Edmonton to the shores of Burnaby

60 failures between Sumas (Abbotsford) and Burnaby's Burrard Inlet

Page 39 of 40 and the next page too for TMPL route without a hint of a timeline

Let us count the ways
External Corrosion

Internal Corrosion

3rd Party Damage

System Operations

Construction Threat

Total Failure

Environmental Consequence Score

Environment Risk Score

Number of HCAs aka High Consequence Areas


Pipeline Integrity Analyses for Construction in Mountainous Area


.....Therefore, the main public impact consequence that is associated with a catastrophic failure of a high-pressure non-sour gas transmission pipeline is that of thermal radiation subsequent to the ignition of the gas cloud that is evolved from the rupture. .....

 GTS-RateCase2015_Exh_ ORA_20150223_ExhORA

Page 7 of 27

Body Bag Counting before Seismic School Upgrading
Page 12 of 27

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Fraser Surrey Docks: In Operation for "well over 60 years" sounds better than celebrating a 50th annivesary in 2012

In the Vancouver Sun Letters to the Editor (March 19, 2015 - Hard Copy only) a rebuttal from Jeff Scott, President and CEO, Fraser Surrey Docks.

Fraser Docks corrects letter's misinformation:
.... Fraser Surrey Docks has operated on the Fraser River waterfront for over 60 years, providing over 300 family-supporting jobs.  It is important to our workforce that Vancouver Sun readers are not misled by false claims.
Talking about being misled by false claims.....

The Late Byron Straight of Vancouver, a highly respected Actuary, had this rule of thumb (paraphrased):
  Anyone who presents information that ends in either a 0 (zero) or a 5 (five) is guessing and all other related statements are without any substance of fact.
 This is a Fact:
Page 9 of 44
Surely Mr. Scott is not suggesting today, that over 60 years on the waterfront Fraser Surrey Docks has only provided 300 jobs.  Is that Five per year?

All 300 employees have been married with families?

Fact or more Fiction?
Was 280 full-time employees Inflated too?

Happy Birthday greetings from Scott!!!

November 01, 2012 - 50 years old

2012 - 50 = 1962

1962 + 60 = 2022 (not including OVERages of close to 9 years)

In the early 1960s, the original two-acre site was acquired by Merchants Cartage but it was never operated as a marine terminal until 1962 when Johnston Terminals and Storage Ltd. acquired the site and named it Fraser Surrey Docks. Although ownership of the terminal has occasionally transferred over the years, the original site has remained a key part of the modern terminal which now covers 150 acres. In those very early years, the terminal was primarily handling forest products and grain. In fact, there was even a grain elevator along the berth face which proves that things really do come full circle as Fraser Surrey Docks opened a new agri bulk handling and ship loading facility in April 2011.

By the 1970s, the grain elevator along the berth face had been torn down as the focus of the terminal shifted to handling breakbulk cargos such as steel, lumber and machinery. Throughout FSD’s long history, the terminal has worked hard to become known as the premier steel-handling terminal on the West Coast. Wood chips, sawdust and packaged lumber were also major commodities handled at the terminal during the 1970s. This decade also saw the construction of Berth #4 at the terminal, which continues to be an integral part of the operation today. The key decision to enter the container market was also made during the 1970s with the terminal commissioning two Paceco gantry cranes to service vessels carrying containers from and to overseas markets.

In my published Letters to the Editors, they have all been verified as being true and correct when it comes to numbers. If they don't add up, the Editors throw them into the Recycling bin.

So how is that FSD Scott's rebuttal to a Surrey resident's concerns over chemical waste was allowed to stand, un-checked and not corrected and at the same time didn't verify Scott's claim of having aged 12 years in in two and half years?

Could it be that the Vancouver Sun intentionally allowed the Concerned Surrey letter to be published knowing in advance that it would be a great platform for FSD to respond?

Monday, March 16, 2015

Seismic Shaft in Translink's need of funding for Vancouver's extension of the Millennium Line

Monday's hard copy edition of Metro News, Page 6, "Decision Time on Transit" is not accurate.

There's a fly in the ointment of building 6.7 kilometres between Broadway's Commercial and Arbutus Streets.

A $1.98 million extension of the existing Millennium Line is planned in Vancouver, in the form of a subway along the Broadway corridor to Arbutus, as a solution to existing crowding and lineups on the 99B-line and traffic along one of the region's busiest transit corridors.

$1.98 million for the extension or $1.98 million per kilometre or $1.98 Billion for the Extension?

6.7 kilometres between two points on Broadway, let's call it 7 kilometres, will cost, hypothetically, $282,857,142 million per kilometre.

We have a question for the Translink planners:

Why is the Millennium Line YES team promoting Destination Arbutus as though its the western terminus of a Confederation of Metro municipalities?

The old Interurban rail line from Eburne aka Marpole to Waterfront Station (except for Starbuck's near Granville Island) is still owned by CPR.  Their goal has always been about destroying long tended gardens; slapping on a multiple coats of Pesticides; duking out their territory with lawyers in Court, EXPENSIVE, and are still negotiating for a $200 million deal with Vancouver.

Has Translink signed off on a land swap, four city square blocks surrounding Arbutus and Broadway AND an unheard of density bonus that allows for 90 floor overall heights?

Why Arbutus, why not Granville Street?

Why Arbutus?

High Rise Condos near the new Arbutus terminal would destroy Kitsilano's heritage homes that replaced its  former 'glory' days of being called the "WORST slum in Vancouver" in 1942? (Kitsilano notorious Slum Status was attained by ..... an accumulation of several factors: low pay to the workers in the saw mills covering False Creek; WW1 survivors; broken families (WW1), orphans aplenty (WW1) and the dirty thirties (WW1))

Have you noticed just how much congestion there is at Commercial and Broadway and now Translink wants to dump more there by extending the Millennium line to the West?

Does Translink have an eye on the future for Commercial-Broadway station's vehicle traffic to look like this?  A Super Mall?  Super High Rise Tower too?

Are the other numbers in Metro's paper, correct? or guesswork from the YES campaign headquarters?

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Metro Vancouverites, its Raining all day, but not inside at Hastings Centre Rockhounds Rock and Gem Show

3096 East Hastings St 
Rick Mercer did get the memo for the annual Vancouver Rock, Gem, & Jewelry Show but that wouldn't have mattered this year because CBC is running re-runs upon re-runs, .... GREAT re-runs .... but no way to give a plug to the Hasting Centre Rockhounds activity 2015.

This Rock show is inclusive of all ages and that's important.  It's a family event where there are activities for everyone, not just Mom and Dad, GrandMom and GrandDad who like to browse and stare, walk and talk, browse and stare, ask questions, tell tall tales of their finds (swap stories) .... there are activities for children:

Sun-Catchers with slabs of colourful rocks to make that are then hung in the window; 

Rocks glued to cork for coasters for Mom, GrandMom, Dad, and GrandDad;  

Soapstone pre-cut ready for sawing, filing, steel wooling, sanding, waxing, caring all WITH the assistance of Rockhounders.

The only drawback is that Parents and GrandParents want to be Children.

more water water water water water outside


Water inside

No dust here, just mud and rock.... carving... 

we're  not Inuit


In   -  To  -  It

The Grinders

 This cat likes rock hounding too, just a tad over possessive though

Fluorite from Mexico