Thursday, May 28, 2015

BC LNG-Clean and Lean: Prince Rupert Gas Transmission Ltd. and Eel-Grass Patch

It appears as though the Enbridge artists who made 1,000 square kilometres of island vanish from Douglas Channel to gain free access to and from Kitimat are at it again, but this time for Petronas, in partnership with the BC Liberal Government.

Enbridge's pipeline from Alberta to the Pacific Ocean at Kitimat had only one success, highlighting their need to eliminate 1,000 square kilometres of islands to make their project work.

Prince Rupert Gas Transmission Ltd. in conjunction with the BC Government Website:

Fueling B.C.'s Future with LNG

Nothing on the horizon of importance, no islands, no foul weather, it's as if the ocean is covered with a major oil spill.

Emerging economies in China, India and other areas of Asia have significantly increased demand for natural gas further globally, and created an opportunity for British Columbia to grow a brand new LNG industry in Canada

Image supplied by Bill Bennett for advertising purposes, but ........

We are on the verge of making our province a world-leader in natural gas production and supply. - Premier Christy Clark

The clean LNG proposal that the BC Liberals are promising will reside on Flood Plains 

LNG Tank farm built at, or below Sea Level (climate change)

The Bigger Picture

The LNG tanker will rise with the tide and Tsunami, but the tank farm will not.

BCOGC interactive map

Prince Rupert Gas Transmission Ltd. Project  Search Results
Eelgrass Patch Page 53 of 124

Eelgrass in the news

Saanich Inlet Study:  Eelgrass habitat


Powerpoint promise from Christy Clark

Hypothetical LNG Plants

Existing LNG plants

Snohvit  Norway

Freeport  US

Sabine Pass US


Australia PacificAustralia

Gorgon Australia

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Fracking: BCOGC: What Chemical are Used? 59...! The rest are categorized as Industrial Trade Secrets

British Columbia Oil and Gas Commission has a few riders on who gets to see the chemicals that are necessary to be used by the Oil and Gas contractors, sanctioned by the National Energy Board (NEB), ..... pumping the poisons into the ground near your place of residence, farmers too.

BCOGC didn't supply a colour coded database:
Chemical additives perform many functions within fracture fluids. A Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) Number is a unique identifier for chemical substances. The CAS is a division of the American Chemical Society that is responsible for the administration, quality assurance and maintenance of the CAS registry. A CAS Number itself has no inherent chemical significance but provides an unambiguous way to identify a chemical substance or molecular structure when there are many possible systematic, generic, proprietary or trade names. The number of chemical additives used in a typical fracture treatment depends on the conditions, such as depth or location, of the specific well being fractured and the characteristics of the formation, such as thickness and type of rock. A typical fracture treatment will use very low concentrations of between 3 and 12 additive chemicals, depending on the characteristics of the water and the rock formation being fractured. Each component serves a specific, engineered purpose.

eg.  Terms of Use, Copyright, supplied by BC Oil and Gas Commission:

 The ABC of the Chemicals second column

The Functions of the Chemicals first column

BCOGC conditions while using FracFocus:

Chemicals and Disclosures

How to read a Fracturing Record

Terms of Use

Find a Well    NorthWest Territories, Alberta, British Columbia, New Brunswick????

Encana would be a good contractor to look for:

265992012-01-23 British ColumbiaPeace River NorthEncana

Unfortunately the data is no presented as an Interactive Map.  One has to know the name of the Contractor; or the name of the WELL and then take each one and plot them, ...... separately

Sunday, May 24, 2015

BC Hydro Achilles Heels: Trial by Fire: Transmission Lines eg. Dokie Wind Farm $500 Million loss; WAC Bennett Dam Power to 1/2 Province

The weakest link for BC Hydro:  The Transmission lines

Why is it that BC Hydro transmission lines are always over budget?

Why aren't they built using P3s?

Are the clear-cut right-of-ways wide enough to stop a forest fire from melting their cables as it were a flaming Translink bird nest?

Would consumers be given a one day free 'ride' by BC Hydro for the inconvenience of losing electricity?

 Are these the jobs that Christy Clark keeps talking about?

How long will it take to re-string the 'christmas' lights from Hudson Hope to Metro Vancouver?

How long to build concrete transmission towers or is the plan afoot to dig Trenches and put the hydro cables underground just like the methods that Enbridge and Kinder Morgan use for their pipelines?

If a forest fire were to rage through the wind farms, would their replacement estimate cost be the same as the Dokie Wind Farm: $500 Million

Would the Independent Power Producers be required to fulfill their contracts, or absolved of contractual obligations based on the ever interfering God, Mother Nature, or Terrorism?

BC Hydro - DAMs  strung together with Transmission lines

WAC Bennett Dam

2014 Fire Season

599 caused by Humans

Timber and Infrastructure Values at Risk: $1 Billion (plus)

Suppression costs:  $300 million

Slocan Park: Threat to Transmission Lines and CBC Radio Tower
and communities

Will Site C transmission lines be any safer?  Hudson Hope ........

Chelaslie fire

Somewhere in there is a BC Hydro Northern Transmission line..... Red Chris .....

BC Hydro how to: without damaging the towers:
Intended Implosion






Mount Polley EVENT

Not To Scale

Imperial Metals ..... not business as usual ... @ Mount Polley


Page 8 of 157
Not To Scale

The difference between the two 'Conceptuals'  is that the BC Liberals have eliminated the Risk Assessment which explains WHY Mount Polley failed, eh

Friday, May 22, 2015

If you happen to be in North Vancouver: David's Drums

Handmade in British Columbia
Step right up to David's Website

Okanagan Nation

      Westbank Band
          Grizzly Bear Clan

Buffalo, Moose, Elk give a deeper tone medium to large

Deerskin resonates higher on small to medium

12" to 24" hoops;  $100 for small; $500 for large

Thursday, May 21, 2015

DestinationBC 2015 V2.0 Feedback from those who know why BC Ferries is too darn expensive to travel upon

Redefining our Brand  (in no particular order)

52 page Destination BC 2015 advertisement of Super Natural British Columbia without acknowledging the means, nor the prohibited costs traveling to the Colony of Vancouver Island from the Colony of the Mainland.       Everything appears to be done by Aircraft for Mainland Communication firms hired by the BC Liberal Government's GCPE staff without tendering.   

Page 11 of 52

DestinationBC Capitalization




Page 12 of 52

Cultured/Raw Positioning

Super Natural BC (Video)

 Page 6 of 52

We spoke to 10,000 consumers
Super Natural British Columbia (Our Brand)

Page 13 of 52

Ruthless Discipline requires to Gut - Cut Ferry Service 

 Resetting the Bar

Our mandate is to set the bar and assume the enviable position of being recognized, at a glance, for our unique photography.

This isn't easy to do.  It means imposing a ruthless discipline on measuring an image by its mood as much as its content.  It means finding shots that stop people in their tracks, arresting their attention whether they are flipping through a magazine, surfing the web or waiting through commercials.  Our job is to search for moments, angles, times of day and weather conditions to capture that allure and intrigue.

For our destination brand, the best criteria you can use to judge your image selection is against the question: Does this look like a tourism photo?  If the answer is yes, then don't use it.

Page 15 of 52

If you haven't figured it out yet, this document is about educating professional photographers on what is expected in a Request For Proposal for Destination BC: Bold Cropping > photos and BC Ferries service.  It leaves one to wonder WHY Destination BC isn't doing their own magazine, brochures, advertising and eliminate the dumb middlemen ... who have to be told how to make a presentation to .... Finance Minister Mike de Jong.

 Page 22 of 52

Page 51 of 52

Page 52 of 52

Reassuring that this document is for Updates and Amendment, more on the way they say, one month before Summer.   If tourists are waiting for the updates to the updates from Destination BC, well, that explains why this document has missed the boat (BC Ferries) with travelers.  Their plans were made long ago.

Go Figure

How much

This has cost

from BC School funding

for Seismic Upgrading 

DestinationBC Corporate Website

Our Corporate Strategy
Shirley Bond NOT Todd Stone


myriad ferry routes

myriad means THOUSANDS

Page 13 of 73

Page 21 pf 73