Sunday, April 19, 2015

Jordan Bateman's removal of Lions Gate Bridge in 15 years is correct. Third Crossing plans Green lighted

Mayor Walton of the District of North Vancouver sees the Lions Gate Bridge demise as being premature.  The limitation to Buses and cyclists (pedestrians too) was conditional upon there being a Third Crossing, which, in his opinion will never happen.

We disagree.

One option for the replacement costs for the Lions Gate Bridge should be borne entirely by the very fine people who built it in the first place, and then sold it to W.A.C. Bennett:    British Properties

British Properties are furthering their real estate development needs and at the same time raising havoc on the rest of the North Shore, BC Ferries and Whistler and those that already here are paying the price so the real estate company gets to rub their hands together, eh.

However, we have a much better idea for a Third crossing, one that will not add one motor vehicle to the soon to be tolled road from the Second Narrows $140 Million improvement project to the Port Mann Bridge.   The money losing Golden Ears Bridge will finally be a major player in collecting their tolls.

One other minor detail goes to the fellow, a land developer, late last year, that bought a large tract of land north west of Port Moody.

 A new player in Metro Vancouver real estate development — Brilliant Circle Group Investments Ltd — has bought 230 acres of Imperial Oil land in Port Moody and Anmore to develop a master-planned new village.

The deal, which closed last week, includes about half of the Ioco townsite as well as the surrounding area, which is forested land in both Port Moody and Anmore. The purchase price was not disclosed. The property includes some heritage buildings and is close to an environmentally sensitive salmon hatchery.

The purchaser behind Brilliant Circle Group Investments Ltd. is an unknown player in Vancouver, but already owns properties in Vancouver, including the old Buschlen Mowat building at 1445 West Georgia, according to James Cheng, who represents the purchaser and is lead architect on the Ioco land development. 

 “We’ve never planned for that area,” Clay said. When the land first went up for sale a couple of years ago, “a number of local development companies found it was too challenging. We figured it would be a 10- to 20-year time frame before anybody would develop on that land.”

“We really didn’t expect very much to happen there. The access is very poor. There’s one main road to get out of there and it’s a two-lane road. A windy road. There are creeks out there. I’m not even sure that this owner has any interest in developing this land. The selling price was quite low. It may be the land up in Anmore they were really after.”

The buzz is that the 230 acres sold for under $40 million, Clay said. “An acre in Anmore generally sells for around $1 million,” Clay said.

“What would we allow there right now? Basically nothing,” Clay said. “What would it take to put something there? It’s about getting traffic in and out.”- Vancouver Sun

British Properties: Forest Green to in the Pink Roads and Houses

West Map GIS

Friday, April 17, 2015

Heli-ski industry's Standards: One helicopter, One landing pad on BC pristine snow covered mountains T/F?

If anyone has been wondering why the BC Liberal government is planning a toll free bridge at the top of Upper Arrow Lake Fixed Bridge, in the middle of nowhere, there's a new industry taking flight:

For example:

Kootenay Heli-Ski Inc. applications blending in with Mountain Goat habitat

Operating Area Zones

NH   Landing Pads

Maybe the intent by the Ministry of Environment is to give hunters a leg up on EXACTLY where the Mountain Goats to be SHOT with a rifle.    Of course if this location was near .... Penticton ....  helicopter training sessions wouldn't be a risk to mountain sheep ... just ask a baby sheep  if the  Whap-Whap-a-Whap sounds like gunfire or a chopper has effected her ability to relax while living on the EDGE.
Simmons argued that the sheep in Snowy have become accustomed to the training flights over the years and are not stressed as sheep would be experiencing helicopters for the first time. “If you asked the bighorn sheep, how many generations have been listening to helicopters? Much like deer in Penticton, they’re completely used to what they see and hear in their environment.” 

Google Search

Wildlife Impact Assessment Kootenay Heli-Ski Inc.

Kootenay Heli-Ski Inc. is offering helicopter-access skiing from December to mid-March within the central Selkirk Mountains north of Nelson, British Columbia,

Page 28 of 39
Other Helicopter Skiing application / proposals

A typical search of Applications and Reasons for Decisions eg.  Wilson
If you want to search for more    Use the SEARCH command or ALL

Blackcomb Helicopter   Communication Radio Tower  Application

Due to the small and non-invasive nature of this project, local First Nations have NOT been contacted.  There are no identified First Nations cultural sites near to the subject area.

Full disclosure on 'surplus lands' sold by BC Liberals should include Contributions to their Party from the buyers, and Predator (Nestle too) water use paid in pennies

Finance Minister Mike de Jong has promised to have his ministry staff cobble together a full list of 'surplus' land sales to prove that taxpayers weren't hosed on the deals made by the BC Liberals.

A $43,000,000 shortfall being balanced off against an accumulation of totals of smaller winners doesn't  bode well for any forthcoming British Columbia Budgets. 

Mike de Jong says that we should feel good about the fact that 'We broke even'.

In the construction of the spreadsheet by staff may we make a suggestion, add another column, one free from rose coloured glasses:     crystal clear clarity?

With companies owning so many other companies its difficult to know where to draw the line on exactly where contributions originated from and then shifted into the coffers of the governing Party.  

For example:   Wesbild contributions to the BC Liberals

Financial Reports and Political Contributions System

Wesbild Holdings Inc.             

Burke Mountain LLP                

Deep End Holdings                  

Hassan Khosrowshahi  
Predator Ridge Golf Club         

Sweet Apple Holdings             

Westwood Pateau Partnership   

Norman Farrell at Northern Insights/Perceptivity  compilation of 'Hassan Khosrowshahi'  $716,376

If full disclosure is Finance Minister Mike de Jong and his staff's game, then other contributing factors have to be included as well.  A subsidiary of Khosowshahi business empire is possibly in the same league as Nestle Waters Canada and Teck Highland Valley Copper.

From an earlier Post here, Predator Ridge Golf Club water consumption green fees appears as a reflection of other pooled resources eg. Burke Mountain low cost to the buyer, equally low returns for Surplus land to the Province's treasury.
Water, Water almost everywhere in British Columbia, but there is that overwhelming sense of entitlement

Golf Course Greens are in the Black. But is there any Groundwater left for Fracking in the Peace Area?    Is there a business sense of entitlement for Golf Courses?
Predator Ridge Golf pays $50 Annually

Desert To Green for $50, and unlimited drinking water for the Resort

218  Golf Course owners, combined, of course:

Cubic Metres per Day generates Annual Rent:

87,358 cubic metres per day for $23,183 per year

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Metro Vancouver Hot Real Estate has buyers lined up around the block, unless, governing party is paid first for lot

That's how it looks.   Minister Responsible Amrik Virk, a former RCMP officer, a Superintendent no less, sees nothing wrong, nothing criminal, nothing askew in the optics of taking less from a developer and then making up the shortfall by having Education Minister Fassbender stealing from school children.

Amrik Virk and the Coleman Bennett Choir

                  Happy Wanderer - Frank Weir

Minister Virk answers in the House and Scrums with the Press
 I love to go a-wandering,
Along the mountain track,
And as I go, I love to sing,
My knapsack on my back.

My knapsack on my back.

I love to wander by the stream
That dances in the sun,
So joyously it calls to me,
"Come! Join my happy song!"

My knapsack on my back.

An earlier Post written here needs repeating October 17, 2013:

Christy Clark's BC selling spree to balance this year's budget. Wink, Wink. Odd lot Sales excluded

Database to ALL crown property in BC to be sold off based on contributions to the governing party faithful:

British Columbia Government properties, owned outright, are possibly on the chopping/shopping block just like the one reported in the news this morning.

VICTORIA — The province has put almost an entire block in James Bay, across the street from the legislature, on the market.

It said the goal of the sale is to raise money to help balance B.C.’s budget and to have the private sector build a mixed-use project on the land, in the 500 blocks of Superior and Michigan streets.

No price has been set, said Jamie Edwardson, a Finance Ministry spokesman. “The final price will be subject to the market.”  - Vancouver Sun  - Province puts entire block in Victoria up for sale


Fire Sale


Coquitlam 2601 Lougheed Hwy. 7,479.2
Kelowna 1355 Water St. 7,980.2
Vancouver 800 W. Georgia St. 8,108.12
Maple Ridge 24800 Alouette Rd. 8,153
Coquitlam 2601 Lougheed Hwy. 8,453.46
Saanich 4216 Wilkinson Rd. 8,890
Vancouver 211 Gore Ave. 8,952.2
Port Coquitlam 2620 Mary Hill Rd. 9,596.1
Vancouver 800 Hornby St. 9,774.2
Prince George 250 George St. 10,275.2
Surrey 14340 57th Ave. 10,443.2
Coquitlam 2601 Lougheed Hwy. 11,054.5
Vancouver 222 Main St. 11,083.44
Coquitlam 2601 Lougheed Hwy. 11,445.3
Kamloops 455 Columbia St. 11,704.4
New Westminster 651 Carnarvon St. 11,750.6
Victoria 617 Government St. 11,981.08
Kamloops 2250 Trans Canada Hwy. 12,238
Coquitlam 2601 Lougheed Hwy. 12,449
Burnaby 7900 Fraser Park Dr. 12,509
Victoria 850 Burdett St. 13,118.6
Victoria 1810 Blanshard St. 13,369.25
Prince George 1011 4th Ave. 13,413.95
Prince George 775 Hwy. 16 E. 13,694
Surrey 14323 57th Ave. 13,842
Coquitlam 2601 Lougheed Hwy. 15,828
Port Coquitlam 1451 Kingsway Ave. 15,867.4
Vancouver 655 W. 12th Ave. 16,348.72
Maple Ridge 13777 256th St. 18,367.9
Victoria 940 Blanshard St. 18,886.1
Vancouver 800 Hornby St. 22,408.7
Victoria 1515 Blanshard St. 23,342.7
Coquitlam 2601 Lougheed Hwy. 33,541.2
Vancouver 800 Smithe St. 45,692.2

Monday, April 13, 2015

A show of FORCE: 36 years ago three Destroyers were dispatched to Howe Sound and Malaspina Strait: 4 rail car tankers loaded with Chlorine were missing.

In today's Vancouver Sun (A7) the headline suggests that the oil barons are considering breaking the door down on the moratorium against drilling rigs in local waters for new sources of their petroleum.

The bonus for the environment?  Mary Polak's Press release:  "No ground water will be used."

Oil may lurk below surface of English Bay; testing is planned
Gordon Hoekstra and Tiffany Crawford

With all the kerfuffle over 2,700 litres (17 barrels) of bunker oil contaminating English Bay/Burrard Inlet it was worth a look back over our shoulders for something more tangible than blobs of goo, especially while the Canadian Coast Guard flexed their mighty muscles by bringing in their dive team(s) in zodiacs.

From our distorted memory banks of 40 years ago there was an incident regarding a missing Chlorine tanker that had rolled off the stern of a rail barge between Vancouver and Nanaimo.  In fact it was 36 years and there were two incidents a year apart, both involving the loss of rail tankers loaded with Chlorine destined for pulp mills.  A barge with four rail cars left Squamish for Powell River via the Howe Sound and Malaspina Strait (that's east of Texada Island), they never arrived.  The barge did, but upside Down!

In response to the seriousness of the situation Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau sent the 'Canadian' Navy in three destroyers: MacKenzie, Saskatchewan and the QuAppelle.  Job: do a sweep to find the tankers.   That's a tad more of a show of force than the CCG bringing in dive team(s).

Ellensburg Daily Record 
 February 21, 1975
Search for missing chlorine continuing
The second incident happened on January 31, 1974 just off of Galiano Island where the tanker split apart and drained its chlorine contents into the waters.


Find off B.C. may be tanks of chlorine - Globe and Mail - 2004 - Updated 2009

After nearly 30 years of mystery, government scientists believe they have found four rail-car tankers that vanished into coastal waters near Vancouver carrying a lethal load of chlorine.

''We found two blobs that are fairly substantial. They could well be the long-lost rail cars,'' said Robie Macdonald, a research scientist at the Department of Fisheries and Oceans' Institute of Ocean Sciences in Sidney, B.C., who has been on the case of the missing chlorine tanks since they vanished in 1975.

Last month, as part of a long-term program to map the earthquake-prone ocean floor off the B.C. coast, the Canadian Hydrographic Service found something it is calling a "target of interest" deep in the mud of the Malaspina Strait. The finding came after a spate of searches using less-sophisticated equipment failed to find the massive metal tank cars in the late 1970s.  SNIP

Amrik Virk Mandate accountability letter: 'The pot calling the kettle black' a re-run of BC Rail Trial Disclosure documents scanned as images

During the BC Rail trial of Dave Basi and Bobby Virk practically all of the 'documents' were scanned therefore no way to do a search for particular words or phrases.   May be a trivial complaint, but from the Defense side it required to read the pictures.  Special Prosecutor had an almost unlimited supply of manpower whereas the four lawyers working for the three accused had four lawyers, them.

An accountability letter from Amrik Virk is in a PDF format but it's actually an image, a photo.   The document is just six pages in length. 

We now have a document signed on January 15, 2015 by Minister Amrik Virk on the accountability of others which would have been a perfect document that the KPU Board of Governors should have signed off on themselves.   Using any combination of words in the next paragraph from the 'mandate letter' should result in a google of results.  Using all of the words in the order that they are written should have at least one hit, but there isn't, except for November 21, 2012!!!
It is important that each of us advise the other in as timely manner of any issues that may materially affect the business of KPU and/or the interests of government, including information on any risks to achieving financial forecasts and performance targets.

I look forward, ..... not backward to my time sitting as Vice Chairman on the Board of Directors at KPU.  Thankfully I wasn't required to read and understand a Mandate Letter explaining my duties co-signed by my Predecessor, the Honourable Minister Advanced Education, Yamamoto. 


Sunday, April 12, 2015

English Bay Spill measured in Litres why not Barrels? 2,700 vs 17 Kinder Morgan's Aframax capacity 750,000 barrels

The Canadian Coast Guard has pegged the English Bay spill at 2,700 litres and took three days and counting to remove what you see, not what you'll eat from the forthcoming fishing industry statistics produced by Ottawa after the next Federal election.

Report on the damage to the Environment by Minister Mary Polak, don't hold your breath.

Kinder Morgan's Aframax and sister crude oil carriers don't count their loads in litres ....... the number would be far too large .... (89,430,353.4 Litres).  Lloyd's call the shots on that and it helps public relation companies paid to promote Kinder Morgan's endeavors bottom line.  750,000 barrels carrying capacity is norm.

As to WHY a senior, second in command, Officer of the Canadian Coast Guard would use litres to explain a spill defies the logic of persons walking in the street or treading in the waters off English Bay.

By way of an explanation, in 1982  Justin Trudeau's father, Pierre, being faced with the price of gas going over a dollar at the pump, and the gas companies pump's rolling numbers only went up to 99 Cents, decided that it was easier, and better able to collect more taxes at that their pump, was to simply convert 99 cents per gallon to 24.42 cents per litre in Metro Vancouver, 28 cent per litre Sicamous.

The gas stations cost to convert?  Applied a Post-It-Note atop of 'GAL'.  Within two years a new electronic version pump was in place right down to eight numbers past the decimal point.

When Minister James Moore was standing at the podium, beating his chest, cheating the local politicians on grandstanding on how efficient the CCG was in handling the spill, he wasn't looking at the metric version of the numbers .....   2,700 litres spotted from aircraft  ....  he chose to look at it as a piddly 17 barrels.

How many litres in a barrel:   158.987295

How many barrels of Bunker Oil was spilled in English Bay:  17

We'll see, hopefully never:

How many barrels of Crude Oil does an Aframax carry:  750,000
(89,430,353.4 Litres)

How many barrels of Crude Oil did the Torrey Canyon carry: 120,000
SS Torrey Canyon
On 28 March 1967, the Fleet Air Arm sent Blackburn Buccaneer planes from RNAS Lossiemouth to drop forty-two 1,000-lb bombs on the ship. Then, the Royal Air Force sent Hawker Hunter jets from RAF Chivenor to drop cans of aviation fuel to make the oil blaze. However, exceptionally high tides put the fire out and it took further bombing runs by Sea Vixens from the RNAS Yeovilton and Buccaneers from the Royal Navy Air Station Brawdy, as well as more RAF Hunters with liquified petroleum jelly to ignite the oil. Attempts to use foam booms to contain the oil slick were ineffectual because of the high sea state. Bombing continued into the next day before Torrey Canyon finally sank.

Some of the oil from the ship was dumped in a quarry on the Chouet headland on Guernsey in the Channel Islands, where it remains to this day. Efforts to rid the island of the oil have continue with limited success.

Designated dumping area for the South coast: Texada Island

Designated dumping area for Douglas Channel: on a 'missing' island in 1,000 square kilometres

However, in this day and age of pristine islands being contaminated, and the technology and zeal to make things right, there is, by way of one recent example the raising, not razing, the Costa Concordia for a mere 750 million Euros.

Living Ocean Report 133 pages
As an Emergency Response training session to a Marine Disaster their capabilities should be started now to recover the Queen of the North.  Oh wait, isn't that mission underway by an American salvage company  to clear the channels for the Aframax entering Douglas Channel via the Inside Passage?

Saturday, April 11, 2015

When Canadian MinisterJames Moore says 80% of bunker Oil is cleaned up, don't take his word for it: US Oil Spill expert says "OK"

What is with our Canadian Government Ministers making announcements, not yet confirmed by our military generals, via twitter?   Jason 'Jack-Ass' Kenny comes to mind.  Now we have our very own MP going begging for a Made in the USA stamp of approval as to whether or not our Coast Guard has done a good job.

Looking around our shores, the answer is a resounding NO!

Why not let the Americans clean up Oil spills in our waters because Minister James Moore asked, and received, a USA certificated expert's permission which allowed Press Release tweets stating that 80% was considered to be a job well done by the Canadian Coast Guard, 'quick and effective'.

Twitter, Inc. (US) Twitter Accounting of CCG day starts off on the North East Coast breaking ICE and then abruptly turns on its heel and goes to West Coast of Canada, Vancouver, English Bay, Kitsilano, West Vancouver, North Vancouver.

UPDATE:   Can the CCG Assistant Commissioner Giroud point to where the six litres are located, and then clean it up OR does 6 litres cover six square kilometres?

Girouard. “ ... we don’t want to get to a conclusion before all the facts are in.”

He said as of Friday night, when a Transport Canada plane surveyed the area, an estimated six litres of oil remained in English Bay, but that much of it likely evaporated overnight. Officials confirmed Thursday the Marathassa was the source of the spill, which fouled the waters around English Bay on Wednesday afternoon with an estimated 2,700 litres of bunker fuel.  -Vancouver Sun

DFO Pacific @DFO_Pacific  ·  4h 4 hours ago

.@CCG_GCC US Oil Spill expert confirms CCG response was quick and effective #Marathassaspill


2,700 litres spilled in English Bay is a far cry from The Battle of the Atlantic's oil tankers set afire by U Boats.  Merchant navy sailors (men and women) swimming through the black ooze, never fully recovering afterwards, ...... drownings. 

Girouard would have us believe that The Oceans sing out   "but We've survived" Fukushima radiation; Oil tankers ablaze, spewing their black gold around the world; SS Torrey Canyon, lead entombed in rusting U-Boats lying on bottom to then be resurrected to re-emerge to harm mankind again ... chipping away at the bottom of the food chain;  the still missing chlorine rail car tanker between English Bay and Nanaimo (THANKS CPR)

We weep, not just for the 2,700 lost litres in English Bay, We weep for our Fallen, our Grand Parents, our Uncles and Aunts, our Brothers and Sisters and Earth.

Take note Canadian Coast Guard Assistant Commissioner Girouard

WW1 - Modeller
 U-Boats 'lost'

Friday, April 10, 2015

Mary Polak ducking for cover, puzzeling. Emergency Management BC Strategic Plan doesn't include Salt Water or Air

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! 

Mary Polak in her first acting role as Environment Minister announces that oil and tanker spills from as far south as Roberts Bank, including English Bay, Burrard Inlet, Douglas Channel, Kitimat, Haida Gwaii, Squamish, Vancouver Island, Bute Inlet, Sechelt, and Prince Rupert are not covered, puzzling.

Or as Laila Yuile writes:
Mary Polak, BC’s environment minister is deftly pushing all responsibility to the feds as the lead agency on twitter, saying they will co-ordinate the land operations.

Just last week Mary Polak was promoting her 24 page booklet, at great expense:

Emergency Management BC  Strategic Plan 

The Puzzle Box Cover shows 906 (34%) pieces in place out of 2,662 leaving 1756 (66%) missing.  

Does Polak Box Cover instill confidence on the Strategic Plan on Emergency Management BC?

Does it send a clear message that the Air we breathe, the salt water we travel upon, swim in, and has bunker Oil washing up on our shores, INCLUDING Lulu Lemon's Billionaire Chris Wilson property!!!!  is still a Federal responsibility?   What about tourism dollars lost?  The sheen on the water, the beaches will put a new light on photographs.

When Disaster happens who will respond?  It's sort of covered in here:


Emergency Management British Columbia will be the premier organization in Canada for the management of emergencies and disasters at the provincial level. Our leadership will solidify a cooperative and effective approach to emergency management in British Columbia. As a result, the province will be resilient, adaptive and confident in its abilities when challenged by known and emergent threats to public safety.


Emergency Management British Columbia is responsible to British Columbians for leading the management of provincial level emergencies and disasters and supporting other authorities within their areas of jurisdiction.


  Mary Polak and Suzanne Anton (Solicitor General) has it organized:

Top Left piece  is the  GCPE  staff eg. Brian Bonney    to the rescue

Fear of the unknown? 

Flood plains belongs to the Feds?

Three phone numbers to call: Feds, Province, and Municipality?

If Vancouver-Point Grey riding was still MLA Christy Clark's, she would have mobilized EMBC to fight the good fight, right?  As it is  Mary Polak has immobilized EMBC.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

BC Rail Trial: Dave Basi and Bobby Virk didn't Blog! Senator Mike Duffy does? Fair Commentary?

If Dave Basi and Bobby Virk had attacked the Witnesses on their 'websites' during the BC Rail trial would the BC Supreme Court Judges have stepped in and issued a Cease and Desist Order?

Did Basi and Virk say NO to the idea of a Website / Blog?

Did Basi and Virk Defense Lawyers say NO?

Did the Two Judges say NO?


Not even considered?


Why is it then that website is up and running while Defendant Mike Duffy's case is proceeding through the Courts?  Uncharted waters?  No Ban on the Defendant's use there of?  Supreme Court of Canada decision required for clarification just like BC Rail Special Prosecutor Bill Berardino needed?  Delaying tactics?

Who has the password to

Source for Nigel Wright - Globe and Mail
  Whois ......

Snapshots via the WayBack Machine: from 2004 to 2015 April 2nd  with links to Mike Duffy speeches to the Party Faithful.

This is Not the Senate website calendar.

This is Not even Mike Duffy's calendar.

The WayBack Machine blue dots do lead to snapshot for October 26, 2013  and the Links are HOT
Meet the Press

 News Conference by Don Bayne
Page 2 of 21
 Wayback Machine:    Snapshot November  4, 2013

Why I am a Conservative.
        Cavendish, PEI
                Conservative Heritage Essay

"I'm proud to be a Conservative. As the Prime Minister said at the Conservative policy convention last November: "The Conservative Party is Canada's party."

It was Sir Jon A. who created asymmetrical federalism. Many Canadians may have heard this term for the first time with the $41 billion Health Accord negotiated by the Liberal government of Mr. Martin in 2004, but it was actually the pragmatic invention of the Conservative Fathers of Confederation. .....

The railway also led to the settlement of the Canadian West, and its development as the breadbasket of the world. The CPR opened the floodgates of European immigration, bringing thousands of settlers to a new land from motherlands like Ukraine. Their names were Hynatshyn and Romanow .........
Sir Jon A. (sic)(Duffy)(Nicholas)

Document Properties:  Created September 28, 2009  Author (Typist): Nicholas

This is the response we expected for Conservative Heritage Essay and

But    its still out there!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Tale of Two 'Nancy R' Senators and Larry. Nancy Greene Raine has a Blueprint for the bare minimum Disclosure of Expenses

Straw poll here.

Why is it so difficult for members of the Senate (Canada) on THEIR websites to be front and centre when it comes to disclosing travel expenses:   Flights and Cabs and Dates

The PMO appointment of Senators has never been based on using sequential last name letters in the 26 character Alphabet, so far, nor is there a bar on using the same last name Letter, multiple times.

The initial problem for the public being stymied when it comes to answers on Travel Disclosures of Senators could be as simple as the Speaker's Roll-A-Dex Alphabet being out of whack.

Three and half year olds sing out at the public playground swings:  A-B-C-D    -E-F-G

Singing Senators Approaching Seventy-Five:                                    H-J-K-L     -M-R-N

M is for Mockler & Munson; R is for Ruth; N is for Nolan, Neufeld, & Ngo

Nancy 'Rrrrrrgh' for Ruth wants to be before every R or just Nancy Greene-Raine.

Speaker's Website Listing
The Answer:  Ruth Nancy

Which means, of course, that the Speaker's database is backwards for ONE Senator

Go Ahead, try and find that needle in the haystack using the search criteria of Ruth Nancy Senator

Born: Nancy Ruth Rowell Jackman


Nancy Greene-Raine   FIVE STAR Rating  *****

NOTE: One exception Nancy, July - September 2014 - Link Broken


Larry Campbell link to his expenses: SIX STAR Rating: ******

October 2013


Nancy Ruth:  ONE STAR Rating:    *
Dates included 2013 Nancy Ruth

One out of five disclosure statements includes date of travels

The last four out of five dates are NOT included.

Could it be that with the Duffy Affair being in the news again the Senators are getting skittish under the added pressure of the Auditor General inquisition on cheese Expenses?

Have some of the Senators invoked SECURITY measure of not revealing their dates of travel?

Of course there could be be a link made between the Dates given and the What if scenario that they weren't where they said they were, working on behalf of the Senate, but rather for the PARTY

Monday, April 6, 2015

Port Metro Vancouver: At the crossroads: Rail and Marine Tankers at the Second Narrows

Before any Aframax Tankers make their way into the docks at Kinder Morgan's 'Maximize-Me dining area', east of the Second Narrows, there needs to be discussions on the timing of Rail car crossings athwartship, and their ups and downs needs of the Lift Span so as to not impede marine traffic and the Tides.

For Instance:

CN Rail payloads  -  152 cars per train

2003 -  62 crossings of Burrard Inlet via Thornton Tunnel per week
         -  9 crossings per day

2011 - 84 crossings of Burrard Inlet via Thornton Tunnel per week
         - 12 crossings per day

2015 - How many per week N/A
         - How many per day  obviously N/A

2021 - 95 crossings of Burrard Inlet via Thornton Tunnel per week
         - 14 crossings per day

Kinder Morgan Aframax promise: 2018 - 1 per day dependent upon Low Tide

Thornton Tunnel North Vancouver Rail Traffic
Page 9 of 18
Weekly Train Movements 2011 - 2021
As taxpayers have you enjoyed the time and tribulations that are being spent on the deck of the Second Narrows Ironworkers Memorial Bridge?  The 'benefit' is for the safety of cyclists and pedestrian sharing the same space with funding coming from Transportation Minister Todd Stone's budget.  What if .........

 ..... there's a different need for a Ten Foot high spiked top guard rail that is NOT there to stop cyclist and pedestrians jumping from the bridge deck?  What if ....  Kinder Morgan oil tanker owners need to be reassured that objects can NOT be dropped onto their craft from above.

Why then are we paying for security that is Kinder Morgan's responsibility?  NEB?

Over to you Translink!


Port Metro Vancouver Security video:

 Shows vessels escorting a hypothetical 'Aframax' Tankers during DAYLIGHT hours, only???.  Actually the oil tanker in the video is NOT an 'Maximize-Me' Aframax tanker at all.

The vessel in the video is the Gulf Jumeirah, rated as an MR, NOT Aframax.

               MR                     Aframax
         Gulf Jumeirah        Gulf Vision        Differences (Hint: the Aframax is larger)
               Dimensions        Dimensions       
SDWT      46,488   MT      114,700    MT    68,212
On Draft    12.216    M               15    M            3
TPC           52.26    MT           99.2    MT        47
LOA          183.22    M             249    M          66
Beam             32.2    M            43.8    M          12
Depth            18.8    M                21    M           2
KTM             48.8    M             48.4    M           0
BCM             89.8    M           113.8    M         24
            Tonnages        Tonnages       
GRT      29,508        63,500         33,992
NRT      11,943        19,050           7,107
SCNT    26,605        55,930        29,325
PCNT    24,498        N/A        ?

Great Exercise in PMV flotilla management but the departing Gulf Jumeirah is EMPTY

Gulf Jumeirah Stats

Will the Rail bridge span at the Second Narrows be more up than down during daylight hours for the silent running Aframax and its escort vessels   OR  will the bridge lift span be down at night for the long trains to whistle on through, disturbing the sleep of all those living in the immediate surrounding area?


In 2013 CNR made the bold announcement that they were removing 'Man' from their Second Narrows Railway Bridge Control Office to operate it remotely from New Westminster....

We took a walk on the wild South side of Burrard Inlet last Fall to escape from the North Shore's heavy industries lining the waterfront east of the Second Narrows.   We chose to use the Trans Canada Trail (TCT)  from Vancouver's New Brighton Park/Pool on McGill.  We meandered through streets of warehouses, a parking lot and eventually made it under the Second Narrows Bridge with seagulls fast tracking down their next meal.

East Side

There was a fork in the trail, one leading up and over the CNR Thornton Tunnel and the other down to the Bridge (to the Left) / Tunnel (to the Right).   There are CNR signs that the TCT is on a Right-of-Way, No Cars Permitted and that the area IS patrolled by the CN Rail Police force.  T/F

We had no intention of accessing the bridge so why would there be a need to call.....

CN Rail security system protecting the service area where Tunnel meets Bridge consists of four motion sensors and a loud hailer.

A 152 hopper car train rolling by negates the well intended purpose of a loud hailer.   

In a country that is multicultural where there are two official languages (two instructions on flight safety in and out of Canada are REQUIRED) where English is no longer the dominant language in Metro Vancouver, CNR uses ENGLISH to communicate.

There's no barrier that comes down blocking pedestrian access, nor is there a chain link fence encapsulating the area.  Security is based on a large dose of Trust!

From the TCT above the Thornton Tunnel there's a clear view of the bridge filmed by enthusiasts of all things related to the movement of rail traffic.

Looking North out of Thornton Tunnel


Right to the South:

Hopper Cars heading into/out of Thornton Tunnel


Arriving and Departing vessels from Kinder Morgan.....

Burrard Inlet has 8 Anchored Ship positions, swinging on their single bow cables, dependent upon the tide to keep them tethered in an East / West Direction as an Aframax slithers by, so too for the MR.

Translink Seabus service Times 2, crisscrossing North and South every fifteen minutes from Lonsdale Quay and Waterfront Station.

Through the midst of the anchored ships (not including barges, commercial vessels, sea plane, pleasure craft) in Burrard Inlet, the Aframax's Red Line runs through as if it were entering a Kinder Morgan Tank Farm on Burnaby Mountain. Right?

8 anchorages Burrard Inlet

4 anchorages between Kinder Morgan and Cates Park And Indian Arm

3 anchorages east of Lighthouse Park

16 anchorages off Spanish Banks

If you happen to be wondering what the name of those anchored vessels are......

Port Metro Vancouver Anchored Vessels
Interactive Map  highlight an anchorage, name and statistics pops up

Let's not forget about incoming and outgoing normal shipping traffic.


Caboose Coffee

Second Narrows Lift Span