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The gloves are off Northern Gateway, there's a vessel in distress off of Haida Gwaii. Where's the tug?

There has been a vessel in distress for the past 36 hours just off the western shore of Haida Gwaii (southern island).  The ship is small compared to those promised Enbridge hired Oil Tankers sailing into and out from Kitimat via the Douglas Channel, but eventually, they all have to go through some mighty fine, pristine, ecological zones.      Map/Chart

The MV Simushir (Russia registry) is:

.... about 440 feet (135 meters) long, was carrying "a range of hydrocarbons, mining materials and other related chemicals." That included 400 tons of bunker oil and 50 tons of diesel.  The vessel is not a tanker but rather a container ship. In comparison, the Exxon Valdez, spilled out 35,000 metric tons of oil.  -  Wand17

In other words the Simushir is just a tad shorter than the BC Ferries 'Spirit of Vancouver' (tonnage difference would have to be explained by others):

 The Retard Tug boats (2) that will be assisting the Enbridge vessels will look like this:

Vancouver Sun

As to the current situation, there is a Canadian Coast Guard Ship in attendance, the Gordon Reid, built in 1990 at Burrard Dry Dock:

Type: Mid-shore patrol vessel
Tonnage: 880 GT
Length: 49.95 m (163 ft 11 in)
Beam: 11 m (36 ft 1 in)
Draft: 5.2 m (17 ft 1 in)
Propulsion: 4 × Deutz SBV 9M628  2776 horsepower
Speed: 12 knots (22 km/h; 14 mph)
Range: 2,500 nmi (4,600 km; 2,900 mi)
Endurance: 28 days
Complement: 14
CCGS Gordon Reid

A tugboat from nearby Prince Rupert, on the northern B.C. coast, was expected to reach the container ship by early Saturday morning. Royal Canadian Navy Capt. James Clark said Friday evening that the coast guard vessel Gordon Reid was on the scene, but its first attempt to secure a tow line to the Simushir was unsuccessful. Clarke said doing a tow at sea is very challenging and noted the 5 meter (5.5 yard) seas on Friday.

The U.S. Coast Guard had a helicopter on standby in the event that the entire crew needed to be pulled off the ship. Officials said the captain was evacuated, but they were given no further medical details. - Wand17
Enbridge may believe they have the inshore coastal waters covered, but what's going to happen to any further distances?

Will there be a requirement to protect CANADA's jurisdictional limits of 12 miles or 200 economical nautical miles?

Up to date (sort of... the Simushir is nowhere to be seen) Live Ships Map and an Earlier Post

MV Shimushir owner website on THE latest news

MV Shimushir Stats  

SASCO 'Sakhalin Shipping Company', one of Russia's largest fleet


Vladimir J. Krajina Ecological Reserve

Vancouver Sun: on the top left Vaughn Palmer; bottom right Letter Writer Greg Middleton; Health Firings vs Mount Polley in one Edition

We don't quite know how, or as to the why's, but what is it with the BC Liberal government spending countless hours, and money, involvement of the RCMP (who are still in denial as to their current involvement) to discover the loss of data/personal information/money in the Health Ministry that ended up with firings and a suicide, to then turn around and settle out of court in most cases, flowers of condolences not sent to the last resting place with 'great remorse' and 'apology' forever yours, to then have Vaughn Palmer having access to a 'private and confidential' terms of reference dated October 3 2012 that shed's a non-renewable battery operated light on all of the shenanigans .... on Editorial page B6!

Vaughn Palmer: The plot just thickened on those mysterious government health firings
Unit specializing in fraud is investigating ‘suspected financial improprieties in procurement, contracting’
....... The ongoing investigation is looking into “suspected financial improprieties in procurement and contracting procedures in the pharmaceutical research division of the ministry of health.”

It is being conducted by the investigation and forensic unit, specializing in fraud and fraud prevention, in the office of the government internal financial watchdog, the comptroller general (Stuart Newton). ..... and Dan Peck
A typical FOI Response from the watchdogs:
A typical FOI result Sections 15 and 22 invoked

Letter to the Editor writer Greg Middleton (Page B7) 'Has Victoria gutted mine oversight?'

Did B.C. Energy and Mines Minister Bill Bennett actually say he has been unable to discover an explanation for the sudden drop-off in inspections during the past two years? He is the minister. If he can’t find out, he should resign or the premier should fire him and get someone who can. And if she can’t or doesn’t fire him, she should resign.

This looks like a blatant coverup of a lack of oversight caused by the government’s cost-cutting. Stonewalling isn’t going to work. At some point the dam has to break and we will eventually see how the government has so gutted it’s own regulatory oversight it has stopped functioning.
Minister Bill Bennett remains in place.  He sends in his Superintendent of Mines to investigate the failings of Mount Polley, and possibly many other Tailings ponds around the province instead of sending in Stuart Newton, Comptroller General who would in turn send in Dan Peck, Director, Investigation and Forensic team to do an audit on how the BC Liberals cut funding for the inspections of mines. (Results protected by FOI sections 15 and 22 AND Caucus Minutes confidentiality).

The Superintendent route is tasked with that duty with a report due out in a year or two.   Meanwhile Minister Bill Bennett cannot comment because the Superintendent has ordered a blank FOI response.

Three years later, after the Next Provincial election, the report is presented.   Mary Polak response '... it's before the Courts'.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Site C was a piece of cake.... how about Site cc aka Elaho River Project? Reservoir name? Jervis Inlet dumping?

If Billion Dollar Crown Corporation BC Hydro's new Peace River Dam site is listed by the British Columbia Government as a size 'C', how will they grade the Elaho River dam size if it were built by an Independent Power Producer?    Is there a common grading method?   Will the First Nation People want to have a last look at their land before being submerged forever?

In the name of holding back the flood waters through Squamish, and dumping into Jervis Inlet ..... We name thee Site CC

Court Scheduling: Basi Virk trial lasted six years, Alleged Port Moody Election violators could last longer

the Province

According to the Province caption writers...

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

What happened to Kelowna's KLO's Heritage 577 acres of ALR property? Developed into high rise towers!

On our many trips to Kelowna we've always taken it for granted that their 'KLO Road' sign was an acronym for ..... Kelowna Lake ..... Orchard??????.    Almost right on two out of four, not including 'Road'.

The answer is quite interesting when looking-back to the early 1900's where forward-looking community 'councils' saw the need to hold onto farmland long term for locally grown food.   Today's City Councils appears to be working hand in hand with developers and provincial politicians to bury prime Agriculture Land under highrise buildings and parking lots and at the same time, fine tune family home footprints into sprawling monster homes.   WARNING:  Drought in California Food prices to RISE, and Kelownians?? still turn a blind eye.

The answer? Council has gone for Higher property taxes through densification versus low taxation via ALR properties, so far.

The meaning of:

In May, 1904, the Kelowna Land and Orchard Company purchased 6700 acres southeast of Kelowna for subdivision.  The company reserved 577 acres for its own agricultural operation.  The first fruit trees were planted in 1905 and by 1912 the orchard covered 200 acres.  - Kelowna - Self Guided Tours  1860 - 2007

Municipalities in British Columbia have been encouraged to keep track, hold onto, claw back their Heritage upbringing through the recognition of green spaces, street names and Buildings.  Another way would be to provide documentation (maps) showing the lay of the land back then, survey pins (GPS geocache) of exactly where the outer limits of the 6700 acres.  Is it either side of the KLO road?  More fun would be to discover Where the highly coveted 577 acres that were once reserved by the KLO Company?    Already trashed..... to make way for Condos?

The Long Green Line - hypothetical

There is a Heritage registry Website, which includes the Kelowna Land and Orchard Company Manager's Residence, sitting high upon the brow of the hill overlooking Okanagan Lake, and a logical explanation to the history of a three road intersection, complete with an original, antiquated, gas station with the massive in swinging Doors.

What is even more interesting is the Heritage site list of these other buildings: 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

BC Public Service Employees are hired on Merit, fired on a whim

Just a thought on the firings/hirings of the Health researchers, and one death .... the BC Government has gone to great lengths to ensure that all employees have been hired on Merit.   Fact is they created a Commissioner of Merit who's sole Mandate is 'Upholding fair hiring in the BC Public Service'.

Which raises the questions of How, When, and Why did two, and now three BC Liberal Ministers of Health, take it upon themselves to NOT approach the Un-Merit Commissioner and insisted on sending in their Inquisition Teams (ITs).   The threat was made to the employees that a full blown RCMP investigation would happen if they didn't come clean on the unencrypted stick full of 30,000 personal health files.

To be clear, there is no Un-Merit Commissioner, .... the Fall Session is only one week old, changes are in the offing.

There really are ITs, ..... hired on Merit and Competency, funding split 50/50

And if anyone is curious as to what happened to the investigation that was NOT performed by the RCMP, .... who did do the investigation?   Based on the amount of times Health Minister Terry Lake used the word 'SERIOUS' in conjunction to the lost data during Wednesday Question Period, we are not amused with his answers.

Alberta's loss of $2.9 billion royalties from the energy sector equates to not "funding a new school every two days"

Interesting analogy that Premier Prentice made yesterday using the 'commodity' of new schools opening, (or Not opening) to account for Alberta's Treasury's lost energy sector royalties.  We half expected the almighty Olympic Size Swimming Pools would come into play .... but you know how it is when the public sees black gold stocks piled into energy corporation pools .....

The amount of the missing energy royalties is difficult to visualize because all that British Columbians have as a comparison to $2.9 Billion is the New Port Mann Bridge and highway upgrades between Langly and McGill Street in Vancouver.   Alberta's NEW math tool does explain, clearly, to parents with school aged children, a new school opening every other day.  There's no mention of the OTHER every other day of an OLD school closing.

FIRST, and it's this bit that is the most difficult to understand, politicians are good at it when it comes to grandiose schemes.   The politicians would have to have 182 schools under construction right now with one ready to open on Friday and then on Sunday and then on Tuesday and then on Thursday etc.......  the logistics would be difficult, almost unsurmountable, not the buildings of the buildings, that's doable with TFW.  It's the bit about whether or not the Public Affairs personnel can utilize 182 photo ops days in the space of one year.   How many different ways can there be created a NEW NEWS RELEASE on the same subject?

More to the point, does Alberta NEED 182 new schools?  Possibly, when one considers that there are 1,461 old schools where none of them have been upgraded to EarthQuake standards.

Where's the population base that says they need 182 new schools?  Birth Rates by Stats Can places Alberta on par with British Columbia.   NB: BC  New schools please, sir.

View From Alberta - Deborah Yedlin - PostMedia News

...... Speaking to the (Calgary) Herald's editorial board Monday, Premier Jim Prentice laid bare how the lack of West Coast (eg. Christy Clark's FIVE conditions) access is affecting energy sector revenues (eg. Kinder Morgan; Enbridge): $14.8 billion in 2012 and $12.6 billion in 2013.

It meant a loss of $3 billion in royalties to the Alberta government in 2012 and $2.9 billion in 2013 - enough to fund a new school every two days - and about $2 billion in lost federal tax revenue.
And, as we have started to see, the challenge of lower prices, rising costs and the lack of pipeline access is starting to weigh on the entire sector.   ......

This year, support to Alberta’s education system, including capital, will reach $7.4 billion, an increase of $186 million.

We are spending $37 million each day Alberta students are in school.
As an Aside, the BC Liberal Government spends $12 million per day where the population is on Par with Alberta

 Alberta Education - Funding Supports under Budget 2014

Capital and Infrastructure Funding

In Budget 2014, funding for school capital will reach $649 million. This includes:
$345 million in funding to support the Premier’s commitment to build an additional 50 new schools and 70 modernizations.

 Fifteen new schools and three school modernization projects are in the cards for Edmonton as Premier Jim Prentice announced more than $263 million for school infrastructure in Alberta over the next two years. - Edmonton Sun


Premier Redford's School buildings version compared to the ApPrentice
As a crowd of supporters shivered outdoors behind her on a blustery spring day two years ago, Premier Alison Redford made a promise that helped turn the tide of the 2012 provincial election — pledging $2.4 billion to build new schools across Alberta.

On Wednesday, the setting was slightly more comfortable — the jam-packed media room of McDougall Centre — but Premier Jim Prentice made a similar move in the midst of a high-stakes byelection battle.

The Tory leader announced the Progressive Conservative would build 55 new schools and 20 modernization projects, the vast majority of which are slated for opening in Sept. 2017. The cost of the latest phase of construction is estimated at $2 billion.

The new premier also promised all but a handful of the 50 new schools and 70 modernizations that Redford committed to in the 2012 election would be completed on schedule and opened in the fall of 2016.  .............Calgary Herald.....

The triple bottom line is Yes new School construction is hurting, not just in Alberta,  but BC too

the Energy Sector is hurting more so and they want to play hardball ....

We prefer using Olympic Size Swimming Pools as a comparative to anything, even volume of snow slide debris with elephants

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

BC Health Minister Terry Lake's apologies doesn't include TWO previous Health Ministers and their answers

We can well understand why a failed to be re-elected former Minister of Health, Margaret MacDiarmid is not being heard in the Legislature, and we can sort of understand the current Minister of Health Terry Lake's repetitively apologizing for the past sins of his Government .... however .... the Minister of Health who was at the helm when the investigation started, in earnest, between March and May, is the current Minister of Finance, Mike de Jong.

Page 5 of 7
The fired health researchers, and a grieving family's loss deserve a public apology without the legal string-pulling-protection that the BC Liberals enacted under one term MLA Attorney General Wally Oppal. 
(1) An apology made by or on behalf of a person in connection with any matter
(a) does not constitute an express or implied admission of fault or liability by the person in connection with that matter,
(b) does not constitute an acknowledgment of liability in relation to that matter for the purposes of section 24 of the Limitation Act,
(c) does not, despite any wording to the contrary in any contract of insurance and despite any other enactment, void, impair or otherwise affect any insurance coverage that is available, or that would, but for the apology, be available, to the person in connection with that matter, and
(d) must not be taken into account in any determination of fault or liability in connection with that matter.
(2) Despite any other enactment, evidence of an apology made by or on behalf of a person in connection with any matter is not admissible in any court as evidence of the fault or liability of the person in connection with that matter

Six NDP MLAs rose on Tuesday to plead with Health Minister Terry Lake to answer their questions with either YES or NO on the firings of the Health Researchers.  The Minister chose to ignore their Questions, looked to his feet for guidance and you could see there, for the briefest of moments, an 'MP Paul Calandra ---- Speaker Andrew Scheer' silent movie ruling.

Will the former Minister of Health, prior to 'Mary', forcefully rise in the House to make a Statement, or will he wait in anticipation for Question Period(s) to offer HIS genuine apology for what started out on his watch?   Will the razor thinned Finance Minister, a prudent fellow, explain why as the Health Minister, it was so important to Fire everyone?

Or, is it that Mike de Jong REFUSED to fire anyone, and was over-ruled by the Premier?


One day after the Grilling of Terry Lake during Question Period .... this:

and then it goes on, six pages altogether, to layout the limitations: In Scope and Out of Scope..... which means that there will not be any Microscope used to see the finer details of the investigation... the fingerprints of GCPE or the taint of a ethnic quick win-neries

Monday, October 6, 2014

Squabbling land grabbing CPR 2014. 1893 Telegrams ... Arbutus .... was the secrecy of the Crown and others compromised?

Page 1 of 2
February 26, 1893 to April 18, 1893

We started to read this 1893 Census Telegram document in July and with the weather being so hot we put it aside for a rainy day.

It's not raining today but we took another look at the 'Telegram' because last week Vancouver City announced that it was going back to Court to settle the CPR Arbutus Corridor fiasco once and for all.

From our perspective of reading the 'Telegram' there appears to be an association, a link to be made that conversations between Government officials and insiders and corporations who were supposedly 'building' Canada from the ground up, were being 'overheard' by a third party, the railway, using 50 year old technology created in 1836, whereby every telegram that was sent or received, came across the counters of the CPR ... holding onto the juiciest parts???? for future references.

The volumes of telegrams must have been boring stuff to keep track of, not just the Census details, but also mining, fishing, staking property claims, mineral reports, HBC forays into the wilds of BC, Vancouver Three Greenhorns activities, acres of land purchased for a song (Arbutus Corridor) and all done with the magical sound of  'Dot Dash Dash Dot Dot Dash .....'

Morse Code Translator, complete with sound, converts the written words of the Hon. J. H. Turner to J. Lowe, Deputy Minister Agriculture, Ottawa: February 26th, 1893:
 Please Wire Total Indians on Mainland, B.C.  Also total Indians on Vancouver Island

 .--. .-.. . .- ... . / .-- .. .-. . / - --- - .- .-.. / .. -. -.. .. .- -. ... / --- -. / -- .- .. -. .-.. .- -. -.. --..-- / -... .-.-.- -.-. .-.-.- / .- .-.. ... --- / - --- - .- .-.. / .. -. -.. .. .- -. ... / --- -. / ...- .- -. -.-. --- ..- ...- . .-. / .. ... .-.. .- -. -..


Total Indians on Mainland, 29,460.  On Vancouver Island, 5,742.

 - --- - .- .-.. / .. -. -.. .. .- -. ... / --- -. / -- .- .. -. .-.. .- -. -.. --..-- / ..--- ----. --..-- ....- -.... ----- .-.-.- / --- -. / ...- .- -. -.-. --- ..- ...- . .-. / .. ... .-.. .- -. -.. --..-- / ..... --..-- --... ....- ..--- .-.-.-  

Wikipedia on Morse Code

 Timeline of historical events in British Columbia while Telegrams were making the rounds within :
1832 A.C. Anderson of the HBC arrives at the Columbia River
1833 Fort McLoughlin established in 1833 in Lama Passage, it was later abandoned in 1843
1834 James Douglas becomes Chief Trader of the HBC
1835 Coal deposit at Fort Rupert publicized

1836 HBC Chaplain and missionary Reverend Herbert Beaven arrives at Fort Vancouver
1836 Small pox epidemic in northern BC and southern Alaskan coast (to 1838)


Backgrounder to the first time that Vancouver City approached the bench....
The Chief Justice —   Introduction  Arbutus Corridor

Over a century ago, in 1886, the provincial Crown granted the Canadian Pacific Railway Company (“CPR”) a corridor of land for the construction of a railway line from False Creek, in the City of Vancouver (“City”), south to Steveston, on Lulu Island (named after Miss Lulu Sweet, a young actress in the first theatrical company to visit British Columbia).  It is this corridor of land, now known as the “Arbutus Corridor”, that lies at the heart of this appeal.

In 1902, a railway line was built on the corridor.  As the century advanced, traffic declined.  From time to time, there was talk of using the corridor for an urban transit line, but nothing came of it and, ultimately, the line was placed elsewhere.  In 1999, CPR formally began the process of discontinuing rail operations on the corridor under the Canada Transportation Act, S.C. 1996, c. 10 . SNIP

Were there Privacy regulations that prevented CPR from 'listening in' on the contents of telegrams between governments and companies?  Did CPR shred the information as soon as it was sent/received; or did the CPR keep the scraps of paper for audit purposes, making sure that the right charges for service was done;  or did they hang on to the important tidbits when it came to 'negotiating' for the Arbutus Corridor in 1886?


Must be pretty tough on CPR having all their discarded 'heritage' property, waiting for development, with no means to tweak their uses for public use.

Like their Telegraphists Field Office, situated within Yoho National Park, west of the double Spiral Tunnels, staging grounds for the rail yards, is just waiting for a cycling/cross country outfitting camp to be developed....

Heritage!!!! FOR SALE by CPR, the catch is they want it moved off their Right of Way property

Yoho Telegraphists Workshop

Cycling aspirations? Yoho Pass, Spiral Tunnels, Emerald Lake, Lake O'Hara all within a day's ride, Return

Rolling Stock Cycling????????????

Saturday, October 4, 2014

ALMOST 700 of 4,000 Gabriolians petitioned the BC Liberal Government for 2 toll free Bridges ($300 Million)?

UPDATE:  360    The No Bridge to Gabriola petition

We're not sure what the ground rules are for this petition, whether or not it's open to Upper Arrow Lakes petitioners or Metro Vancouverites who have cottages on Gabriola and Mudge Islands .... check out their site, and on the off-chance you are part of the scene on the islands .... is their a sense of development in the air, ... new bridges means ...... Freedom 55 for 700 property owners

UPDATE: October 15, 2014 
Wouldn't you just love to get your hands on an FOI that listed off all the petitions signed by significant (petitioners) numbers that the BC Liberals have acted upon eg. Gabriolians?  Could you imagine what would happen if a counter petition was made by a more significant amount of petitioners?  Would the BC Liberals restrict counter petitions to those in the same Riding/District or would they allow petitioners from an Upper Arrow Lakes Riding to vie for the scarce monies, the cupboards are bare?

Would the Port Mann Bridge have been built if the 1,500 who did participate in the Study had to duke it out with a significant amount, greater, that would NOT agree to the amount of tolling that was acceptable to the 1,500 (and the BC Liberal government who gave restricted options)?

What are the statistics when it comes to those 1,500 since the Bridge was built? Are the 1,500 using the PMB or are they avoiding the bridge by going over to the Pattullo Bridge or heavens, the Alex Fraser Bridge just to get around the TOLL that they agreed to?

Province to study feasibility of bridge to Gabriola

September 18, 2014

VICTORIA – In response to a petition signed by a significant number of Gabriola Island residents, the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure will study the feasibility of a fixed link between Gabriola Island and Vancouver Island that would replace existing ferry service.

This feasibility study is also consistent with government’s goals of connecting coastal communities in a sustainable manner, and finding innovative ways to reduce the upward
pressure on coastal ferry fares. ......................

At least we know now, what the BC Liberals definition is for a 'coastal community'..... a five minute ferry trip from the Big Island to Gabriola and other coastal communities north of the Big Island, .... like the 7 hour trip to Bella Coola and the 22 hours trip to Prince Rupert.

The tally (petitioners) as reported in the Times Colonist:
Transportation Ministry: “The (semaphore) signal we have received from Gabriola Island is significant: Almost 700 signatures from an approximate population of 4,000 is a pretty 'significant number',” Transportation Minister Todd Stone said.
The author of the Study?  Kirk and Co.? which has a long history of studying BC Ferries... which results in a lot of gut wrenching

The easier way for a counter petition to catch the attention of the public, and the BC Liberals justification on replacing the ferry system is to mention, the benefit to the 4,000 voters, the length of the roads on Gabriola Island = 90 kilometres

Gabriola Island Trivia:  57 square kilometres (4 kilometers wide by 15 kilometers long

Comparison???   Vancouver: From Boundary Road to the Middle of the Endowment Lands; from 1st Avenue to 70th Avenue ..... not that we're suggesting a Fixed link for Vancouver 

Island Trust not involved

Thursday, October 2, 2014

What? BC Railway Company paid $164,320 to Mount Polley Mining Corporation April 1, 2013 to March 31, 2014

If you have finished with your afternoon coffee break, could someone explain how a landlocked company (Mount Polley division)(owned and operated by Imperial Metals Corporation) which is currently dealing with a Breach of it's tailings pond into Polley Lake (as the crow flies the lake is 51 kilometres away from the nearest rail line) somehow managed to have dealings in the last Fiscal year ($164,320) with a British Columbia Crown Corporation administered by the Minister of Transport which operates a BC Rail 37 kilometre line which ends at Roberts Bank with No rail cars, No locomotives, but the public does own the Rail Right of Way for the next 984 years.

Statement of Financial Information Fiscal Year Ended March 31, 2014


Taking a step backwards, one year,  the Financial Statement is 41 pages:

On page 39 of 41, Mount Polley Mines .... $112,671.98

Post Script

A BC Hydro Supplier

Mount Polley Mining Corporation
What's the common denomination between BC Rail and BC Hydro?

Imperial Metals: Agreement with BC Hydro, but no mention of Mount Polley Mining Corp except on Page 5  The copper concentrate produced at Mount Polley is trucked from the mine site to the Port of Vancouver

  Wee Willy's WoodyShop is neither in the phone book nor online

Northern Insight / Perceptivity   BC Rail $6.2 million Inducement to end Basi Virk Trial

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

BC Liberal Bridge News is Gabriola. What about the est. $462,658,000 Upper Arrow Lake Fixed Crossing being moved from Kelowna?

All smiles back then before the election.

The Washington Group say's they are fully booked up as far as contracts are concerned but for the past 13 months the shipbuilders employees, the shipwrights, plate fitters, welders, burners, draftsmen, electricians, cooks and bottle washers are sitting at home waiting for the call to go to work, waiting for the upgrades to be completed.

Their talents could be better used locally, for elsewhere, like prefabricating provincial bridges.
There's the bridge replacement for the Deas Island Tunnel so that China's deep draft Coal vessels can go upstream empty, fully loaded down.  Ooops, we weren't supposed to mention the bit about COAL or that the BC Liberal government has promised off-shore purchasers that the cost of building the new crossing so they travel unhindered will be borne by motorists who use the Tunnel.... so that Fossil Fuel can be shipped overseas to then have the pollution drift back to us.....

The BC Liberals are also pushing for that other plot ... plan of shifting the BC Ferries fleet from Tsawwassen (Kinder Morgan ownership) to Iona Island, and then moving the Nanaimo Departure area to Valdez via the new Gabriola Island Bridge thereby freeing up valuable waterfront property for development.   No more Swartz Bay terminal.  No more BC Ferries traffic through the Deas Island Tunnel .... therefore no need for a NEW eight lane Bridge, either.


There's a North Shore Letter to the Editor writer (to the Vancouver Sun) who has shown a keen sense of humour when delivering his pitches ...... in less than two sentences (Captions are not his): 
Elite got what was coming

The creme de la creme crowd in the Arbutus corridor just got creamed.
Ed Pyrik, North Vancouver   -  August 18, 2014

and this:
Bridge Gap to North Shore

(Re: Province to study idea of bridge to Gabriola, Sept. 18, 2014)
I think a one-kilometre long new bridge to the North Shore would generate more traffic than a four-kilometre bridge to Gabriola Bridge.  Put our tax dollars where it will do the most good first.

Ed Pyrik, North Vancouver   -  September 23, 2014
Then there's the Upper Arrow Lakes ferry system that used to be run by Todd Stone's Transportation Department back in the heady days of Bill Bennett's Socreds when they balanced their budget (left hand to right hand) by transferring the inland waters fleet onto the BC Ferries shoulders, overnight.  Brilliant idea, or as Vaughn Palmer wrote ........:
Escalating BC Ferries Fares I and now II

Our advice?  The BC Liberals should seek out Ed Pyrik's thoughts before their grand announcement because so far the only word on the Fixed Floating Bridge from Nowhere to Nowhere has been kept under wraps, hiding in the shadows of other BC Liberals headlines like these: .... (October 1, 2014)

The Times Colonist Editorial (September 13, 2014) has something to say (as of this Post they are currently unaware of the Bridge from Nowhere to Nowhere):  Regard Ferries as part of highway system because the Kootenay Lake trip is free and Saltspring from Swartz Bay is $60 for the car and two passengers (one is the driver)
Ouch!!!   But the close to Half a Billion fixed link for the Upper Arrow Lakes will be FREE??!!

Ed Pyrik?  Rewrite please:
I think a one-kilometre long new bridge to the North Shore would generate more traffic than a four-kilometre bridge to Gabriola Bridge.  Put our tax dollars where it will do the most good first.

And if you're wondering what other little projects that the BC Liberals, Todd Stone, has up their collective sleeves....
A selected list of reports and studies prepared by or for the B.C. Ministry of Transportation.
Hmmm  is there a category called UN-SELECTED REPORTS

A Fixed Lake Crossing ...... Kelowna had a new one built in 2009, too congested right now, supposed to last fifty years ........  they say they need a new one and Premier Christy Clark pretty well obliged, promised, in her By-Election in June of 2013 for those fine West Bank Constituents of Ben Stewart votes.  Wouldn't it be peachy though if everyone who was running in a By-Election, because the previous Riding rejected them eg. Vancouver-Point Grey,    could make a promise, a take-it-to-the-bank kind, because the candidate was already the Premier.... all she was missing was an MLA seat?

Vancouver Shipyard is without work....., but the Premier is prepared to cut up the William Richard Bennett Bridge, piecemeal, in Kelowna and ship it off to Upper Arrows Lake.

Enough of the theories, the Facts are......

Upper Arrow Lakes Option 8 Alignment Cost Estimate 252 pages

Ten year old report that was started three years into the BC Liberals Landslide victory......under the leadership of Premier Gordon Campbell:

2004 Report:
Cost of Living ... Allowances  2002 to 2014 guestimate....


And then back to Gabriola/Mudge/Valdez Islands ....Island Trust     September 24  2014