Thursday, July 27, 2017

Wallpaper: BCRIC shares ARE worth more than Christy Clark's Prosperity Fund

Premiers Bill Bennett and Christy Clark.

Both had brothers that were never shown together in public.

Bill and Bill

Christy and Bruce Who   (BC Rail)  (Haida Gwaii Wind Farm)

Premier Bill Bennett's BCRIC shares actually made it into print whereas Premier Christy Clark Prosperity Fund written in Hot Air

 Vancouver Sun's Craig McInnes  February 25, 2013

Putting faith in LNG is like counting your chickens before they hatch - or banking on a future that may never arrive.

I put Premier Christy Clark's "plan" for a multibillion-dollar "Prosperity Fund" in the same category of wishful thinking. We don't have a single commitment yet for a major LNG export plant, yet we're already spending the money.


Christy Clark's Prosperity Fund claim ......  'the first of its kind in North America' 

It only makes her failure to get a deal done even worse because everyone knows that the USA started first, and they had the infrastructure in place.

LNG 101

Thursday, July 20, 2017

BC NDP Order-In-Council marching orders for: Brad, Jack, Judy and Barry

Number 30
2017-07-26    UPDATE OIC

 OIC 230
 OIC 231

If you want to keep track of the Order-In-Council  (OIC) being written out by the BC NDP ......

OIC Rescinded: BC Hydro: Brad Bennett and Jack Weisgerber
OIC 225

OIC 226

OIC 227

OIC 228

Call Brad Bennett Now and find out who picks up the phone!!!

Friday, July 14, 2017

Getting the Premier's Ear: The Concept Paper (For Gordon Campbell / Christy Clark)

If the public has never understood the Legislature, when bringing in new laws, or revamping old ones, then this document is the one to read, especially in light of a new Government.

Item 29  Getting the Premier's ear .....  Volume 44, Number 8   August 2013
Grades 10, 11 or 12 Social Studies, Civic Studies, Social Justice 12, Law 12

Students will select an issue and work through the process of creating a concept paper.

To develop an understanding of the process required to create a legislative bill.  To understand  that the concept paper is merely the first step in a more comprehensive process to develop legislation.  To engage in the process of initiating change.  To understand that legislative gives effect to government policy (a.k.a. decision).

Check out #30 too

It is Leff-tenant, not Loo-tenant

Check List

Plant, Byron King
Budget day traditions in British Columbia / by Byron Plant and Jennifer Bancroft ; Legislative Library of British Columbia. --
[Victoria, B.C.] : Legislative Assembly, [2009]
3 p. ; 29 cm.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

1882: British Columbia: Information for Emigrants: Climate and Resources

 "No words can be too strong to express the charm of this delightful land, where the climate, softer and more constant than the south of England, ensures as all times of the year a full enjoyment of the wonderful loveliness of nature around you,"    Speech of Governor-General The Marquis of Lorne, Victoria, 27th October, 1882

Province of British Columbia, Canada : its climate and resources; with information for emigrants.

 Page 8 of 65
 ..... Any smart, active, capable man, with only a little money, but accustomed to work with his hands, is sure to succeed in making a comfortable home.  Wages are very high; land, food, and house materials are still relatively cheap.  If such a settler has a strong heart himself, and is blessed with a common-sense wife used to country work, he may confidently look forward to becoming even rich.  He need not long remain in the condition of a labourer.  This certainty of rising in the social scale must stimulate the emigrant.  Many new avenues to success will be opened when the railways are finished, and men should be here to discover these for themselves.

Pages 11 & 12

Monday, July 10, 2017

If the BC Premier's Office "Public Key Contact" titles remain the same, and so too their phone numbers, will ...?

 .... those who are 'outside of government', but having enjoyed the BC Liberals Premiers ears for sixteen years, find themselves talking to the BC NDP staff?

Will the new government have access to the phone records of the Premier's office to see who has been calling?

Is there such a thing as a '404' error message to those dialing in .....?
Related Contacts:

» Office of the Lieutenant-Governor
» Legislative Assembly and Independent Offices
» The Judiciary
» The Executive Council
» Office of the Premier and Cabinet Office
» Ministries
» Crown Corporations
» Public Agencies

Will all of the BC Government links to the former Premier be wiped out along with all of the photo-ops?

 Has Flickr been informed?

Flickr, BC Government
The really bizarre happened when Christy Clark replaced Gordon Campbell.  Every photo of Campbell in relation to his achievements were immediately replaced with Clark as though she did it all for the BC Liberals.

Will the public now see Horgan's image where Clark was  .....?

Interesting comment from e.a.f. which left us making a suggestion in the use of the Internet Archive search engine:  Wayback Machine

We've always used  a complete url, a specific url that was used by eg. BC Liberal party on Events for fundraising.

Should have remembered the old saying: Keep it simple stupid!!!

bc liberals  =*/bc%20liberals*/

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

British Columbia Active Wildfires 2017 Map

UPDATE  2017-07-07  
This map is experiencing technical difficulties associated with high usage volumes. If you were expecting to see the Active Wildfires Map please visit: We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience as we work to resolve the issues.

Update  2017-07-09


2017-07-09  and Historical wildfires

Active Wildfires in British Columbia

Wildfires of Note

Current KML Wildfire Data for British Columbia

Then go to 'Current Fire Polygons - Outlined'
Williams Lake and 150 Mile House

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Emily Sanregret, 21, died in a marked crosswalk because Surrey didn't implement "Protecting people who walk and cycle"

Emily Sanregret Surrey
Pedestrian killed had complained about feeling 'invisible' in crosswalk before

Surrey is not alone.

Most British Columbian municipalities are included.

Their association UBCM, should be involved except that their focus is on speeding motorist, not motorist seeing pedestrians.

District of North Vancouver's action on this front is to put up more signs alerting motorists that there are pedestrians at the curbs.  The problem with their signage is that most motorists are not interested in reading signs, even if they come with a YELLOW background, BLACK printing of NEW.

The problem is that the expectant Green light that the motorist is waiting for, to proceed through, and/or turning left or right, happens at EXACTLY the same time that the Pedestrian light indicates its SAFE to WALK.

The answer:

 Changing the intervals between the Motorists Green light and the Pedestrian's White light is far less expensive in material and time resources than putting up signs that are ignored.

A BC Liberal government December 8, 2016 document was published to alleviate the pain but they  only went one third of the way on a promise of Three modules.

"Community Road Safety Toolkit Module    Protecting people who walk and cycle"

Leading Pedestrian Intervals  (Page 7 of 32)

  1. Leading pedestrian intervals, aka advanced green for pedestrians, are re-programmed intersection signal phases that provide pedestrians a head start of 3 to 7 seconds (or longer) over drivers, reducing the potential for driver-pedestrian conflicts and crashes. Given this is a proven and low-cost safety design, it should be strongly considered for widespread implementation.
Document Properties:
  1. This module is the first of what will ultimately be three modules of the BC Community Road Safety Toolkit. This first module focuses on road designs that work to better protect pedestrians and cyclists from motor vehicle-related injury. This module also contains information on strategies that encourage more people to walk, cycle and use public transit since shifting to these methods of transport decreases private car use and that, in turn, generates better road safety benefits. 
 Google Search Criteria:  BC Community Road Safety Toolkit

British Columbia: Four Minority Parties as of 2013

There's been a lot of traffic (by my standards)  to an old Post from just before the 2013 election which the BC NDP were poised to win, and didn't.

The 2017 talk of late is about the minority Government of the BC NDP, with the assistance of three Green MLAs in conjunction with the dismal performance by BC Liberal Leader Christy Clark's 2017 election campaign and in combination with her bizarre clone Throne speech.  Both items have left the small 'c' BC conservatives within the BC Liberal Party looking towards their future not being a minority party within another minority party (BC Liberals).

If Christy Clark has to face a leadership debate, and loses, then the only option for the new leader if he/she is not an MLA is to look to someone who is an MLA (on the BC Liberal side) to step down.

Would Christy Clark do a Gordon Campbell and resign?   ??? not likely unless there was a High Commissioner Carrot waiting in the wings in the hands of another Prime Minister of Canada.

If Christy Clark did resign her Kelowna-West-revolving-door-mla-seat it would once again be up for grabs, with two catches for the new Opposition Leader to win the seat.

The BC Liberals no longer being the government, no longer have access to the deep 2013 Treasury account pockets to offer a 'bona fide' job to another outgoing Kelowna-West MLA another job in China.

The BC conservatives could win the seat in Kelowna-West.

Question for the BC Legislature Clerk:

If the BC NDP / Green  coalitions works for one or two years, will the next Government be in for the remainder of the 2017 - 2021 term or would it be four years from 2018 or 2019 to 2022 to 2023?

March 23, 2013 Post

We spent the afternoon using data from before 2009 and after, AND we used two different sources:

Rossk's:    The Gazetteer: 


Adrian MacNair's:    Unambiguously Ambidextrous

And then just at the last minute we hit the Microsoft's Excel TrendLine button, for each Party......

PS.... the data provided by the Pollsters isn't for every month, .... it appears to be done in the same fashion as the Historical Prime Rate..... if the data doesn't go up or down.... they just don't record it... and then when things really goes sideways they'll put two sets of data in one month..... we went for every month.... even if it meant using the same numbers till there was a change....either up or down. 


Grant G said...
Nicely done.

We appreciate your hard work.

Thanks friend
Norm Farrell said...
Interesting. Will be discouraging to Liberal partisans. If the graph started January 2009, the trend lines would be even more discouraging to those folks.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Just rolling along on the North Shore. Independent school's new garden fence. More fun than watching paint dry on BC politics

Since April we've been prepping the school garden area.  All that was needed was a new fence to replace the old one which was born eight years before the 'current' BC government came to power.

We've looked around on the internet but only found the same curve being used repetitively, or flipping and flopping the curve alternatively.

We wanted a fence that is unique.

A fence to run a hand along.

Not steeple topped pickets.

Not flat topped boards.

A fence that would not restrict the view of a person, young or old, ... too short to see over.

Eight panels: Two days per panel to build.

Sun Dial time

Vancouver Waldorf School


2 X 6 X 8 cedar board; ripped into 1/4" strips (16pcs); glued back together in groups of eight to make one 4" wide top rail.

Shake well before gluing

Replaced this .....


Finishing:  Valhalla Wood Preservatives

Friendly to Plants, Animals
and People

The natural substances penetrate the wood fibres, permanently modifying the wood structure. Independent laboratory testing confirms that LifeTime® non-toxic wood stain creates no harmful residue in soils and water. LifeTime® is friendly to plants, animals and people and can be used in direct contact with garden soil.

Just mix with water and apply

A powder concentrate available in 4.5 litre/1 imp gallon and 22 litre/5 imp gallon packages. Just mix with water.

Never scrape or re-stain again Does not fade or wear

Its that simple. LifeTime® can be stored indefinitely in powder or liquid form. If you only mix what you need, you will never have large amounts of LifeTime® solution left over.


LifeTime® proven formula has been treating wood for over 60 years!

The suggested retail price for 4.5 litre/1 imp gallon package of concentrate is $18.95 CAD and $85.75 CAD for a 22 litre/ 5 imp gallon package. LifeTime® covers 150-200 square feet and 750-1,000 square feet, respectively.


Parks Canada Testimonial

Thursday, June 22, 2017

British Colmbia's Clerk of the House says the Speaker must remain non-partisan. Is fund raising for one party over two others ... non-partisan?

The former Speaker of the House was MLA Linda Reid

The Speaker is entitled to be addressed as the  Honourable

The Speaker is a non-partisan MLA

So pray tell why the Honourable Speaker Linda Reid was fund raising, for a partisan event and just what did the Speaker say .... to the donors?

Today's BC Liberals

Thursday, Sept 25 - 6pm - 9pm

Dinner With the Hon. Linda Reid

Please join the Hon. Linda Reid and the Richmond East Riding Association for a multi-course Chinese dinner at the Continental Seafood Restaurant (a donor too).

PROCEEDS to benefit the Richmond East Riding Association for the 2017 Provincial Campaign.

The member who is elected Speaker does not become a non-party member of the Legislative Assembly.  However, the Speaker does not play a politically partisan role and exercises restraint in any comments they make outside the House. The Speaker must be prepared to assert independence from the government to ensure that the rights of all sides of the House are protected in the course of the parliamentary process. This is reinforced by the Speaker not attending caucus meetings nor party conventions.

 Where was that same Clerk of the House when the Speaker was out fund raising for the BC Liberals?

Google Search Criteria:  dinner with the Linda Reid, BC liberal events

British Columbia Hansard Services: BC Liberals live to govern another day with Speaker S. Thomson in the Chair

Today at Hansard Services

  • Thursday, June 22, 2017, Afternoon - House Live
  • Thursday, June 22, 2017, Morning - House Blues (Updated Thursday, June 22, 2017 12:20 PM)


 Election of Speaker

Clerk of the House: Good morning, Members. Much has been said about the speakership in the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia since May 9. A lot of what is being talked about is wrong. A lot of what has been examined by way of confidence motions, casting vote and the way this place functions is and has been wrong. This place has 87 members — 87 members who are equipped and skilled to run their own Legislature the way they see fit.
The Attorney General and Minister of Justice has just advised the House that pursuant to section 37 of the B.C. Constitution Act, the Legislative Assembly's first order of business, prior to the opening of a new parliament, is the election of a Speaker.
The Speaker is the highest office to which a member may be elected in this House. The person so elected represents and embodies the House in its relations with the Crown. This is the reason for the title "Speaker" — very early on, the need for the amorphous mass of commoners who formed the parliament to have one person who could report their opinions to the King.
The message read the by hon. Attorney General and Minister of Justice has been in use, with little variation, since 1713, during the reign of Queen Anne. Before that time, the Sovereign usually came down on the first day of a new parliament, and on one occasion, Queen Anne came down three times — to open the parliament, to approve the Speaker and to declare the causes of summons in a Speech from the Throne.
The position of Speaker is at the heart of the Westminster system of parliamentary democracy. It is an essential element in our parliamentary system.
The Speaker of the House of Commons at Westminster was originally so called because their function was to speak for the Commons in all external proceedings, such as communication with the monarch.
For over seven centuries, parliamentarians have recognized the need for a Speaker to impartially administer the rules of the House and to serve as the guardian of the rights and privileges of the House and all of its members.
The first known Speaker in the Commons at Westminster to whom the title was expressly given was Sir T. Hungerford, during the reign of Edward III.
The member who is elected Speaker does not become a non-party member of the Legislative Assembly. However, the Speaker does not play a politically partisan role and exercises restraint in any comments they make outside the House. The Speaker must be prepared to assert independence from the government to ensure that the rights of all sides of the House are protected in the course of the parliamentary process. This is reinforced by the Speaker not attending caucus meetings nor party conventions.
The Speaker also has a number of statutory duties to perform, including but not limited to vacancies in the membership, granting of exemptions to members from attending court proceedings relating to parliamentary proceedings and certificates regarding the stay of proceedings communicated under the authority of the House. The courts are enjoined to take judicial notice of the Speaker's signature.
The Speaker is also the conduit between the independent legislative offices and this House. Today in British Columbia, the Speaker presides over the sittings of the House and, as a presiding officer of the Legislative Assembly, acts with both authority and impartiality. The Speaker's authority needs to be respected, and rulings and decisions cannot be challenged.
Section 40 of the Constitution Act states: "The Speaker must preside at all meetings of the Legislative Assembly, unless, under the Standing Orders of the Legislative Assembly, the Deputy Speaker or another member presides."
Section 43 of the act states that "all questions must be determined by a majority of votes of the members present other than the Speaker," which further separates the speakership from the general membership of the House.
The role of the Speaker is always evolving to meet the requirements of each new parliament. In serving each parliament, the fundamental responsibility of the Speaker is to administer the business of the House with fairness and responsibility and respect for all members.
The Speaker's role has also evolved to meet the growing administrative requirements of a modern legislature. The Speaker chairs the parliamentary management board, the all-party Legislative Assembly Management Committee, which approves financial and administrative policies and budgets for members, caucus services and assembly departments.
Members of the Legislative Assembly, today you will be electing British Columbia's 38th Speaker since our province joined Confederation.
Now I would like to provide historical context on the speakership in this place. British Columbia has had 37 Speakers since the first, James Trimble of Victoria City, was elected in 1872. B.C. was the first Commonwealth parliament to elect a woman Speaker — Nancy Hodges, Victoria City — in 1950. And in 1994, B.C. elected the first black person to serve as Speaker: Emery Barnes, representing Vancouver-Burrard. The longest-serving Speaker was Norman William Whittaker of Saanich, who held the office from 1937 to 1947.
A Speaker often serves for a parliament until he or she resigns or, heaven forbid, they die in office. Even in death, the Speaker cannot escape the clutches of this place. Members are fond of referring to Speaker Higgins' photograph in the Speaker's corridor, where it was thought that despite his death, he was dressed, propped up and a photograph taken of him. I'm here to tell you that he was not dead then, although he looked like it, but he is now, having served as Speaker from 1890 to 1898.
Members of the Legislative Assembly, pursuant to Standing Order 11, it is my duty to inform you that only one candidate has declared his intention to stand for the election of the Speaker. Therefore, I wish to announce that Steve Thomson, the member for Kelowna-Mission, is declared elected Speaker for the duration of this parliament or up until a new Speaker is elected. [Applause.]
I will also advise the House that the member for Kelowna-Mission provided my office with a copy of a letter dated June 21, 2017, in which he resigned as a member of the executive council, effective immediately.
Mr. Speaker, on behalf of the Table, I would like to congratulate you on your new office. We look forward to supporting you with your new responsibilities.
Hon. S. Thomson took his place in the chair.
Mr. Speaker: Hon. Members, I'd like to humbly thank all the members of this assembly for the great honour that you've bestowed upon me today by asking me to be your Speaker. In keeping with the tradition of high office, I will endeavour at all times to carry out my duties with fairness and integrity in all aspects of the work.
I now ask for your patience while I declare a short recess in order to assume the appropriate attire.
The House recessed from 10:17 a.m. to 10:21 a.m.
[Mr. Speaker in the chair.]
Mr. Speaker: Thank you, everybody. I'd like to recognize the Premier of British Columbia.
Hon. C. Clark: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Watch out for the button for the ejector seat there.
I have the honour of being the first person in this House to be able to congratulate you on your election and elevation to the role of Speaker. I know from having worked with you for six years now that you bring unique experience to this role. You've represented your constituents well and conscientiously in this House, and you have represented our entire country on the rugby field. You bring integrity. You bring compassion. You are a man that stands on principle, but a man who also finds a way to bring people together. As I often say, politics needs more rugby players.
I think all members will agree that even when this debate becomes contentious, and the pressure has been on in question period and in other moments in the House, you have sometimes stood alone amongst us as someone who brought calm, who brought fairness of thought, who brought a level of decorum to this House that, sadly, has become a little unfamiliar over the years, and you've been an example to everybody here.
As the eyes of our province and our entire country are on this House like never before, I can't think of a better choice to set the tone or a bigger man to enforce the rules. I am very proud, Mr. Speaker, to call you a colleague and a friend. While it may take some time to get used to calling you "Mister," I know that you will bring all credit to this new role that you're taking on today. My very best to you, and congratulations on behalf of everyone in this House today. [Applause.]
Mr. Speaker: The Leader of the Official Opposition.
J. Horgan: Well, thank you very much, hon. Speaker. It is the most important decision we can make today, and, of course, it is the most anticipated decision that British Columbians have been waiting for, for the past six weeks.
It has been a rocky time. In my 12 years as a member of this place, I've only known two Speakers. Tremendous respect for both of them, Bill Barisoff and the member for Richmond centre or north centre — the one over there. I've only known two Speakers, and I've had the highest regard for them and the challenges they face keeping this raucous place in order. I share the view of the Premier that, among us all, I could not think of a more respected and better person to take on this very important challenge in the days and weeks and months and years ahead.
Now, I have to say, on behalf of my colleague from Oak Bay–Gordon Head, to have a rugby guy in the chair is absolutely appropriate for the raucous time ahead in the days and months and weeks and years.
It is something that you and I have talked about in our four years as colleagues here. I've found you always to be respectful, as the Clerk suggested, and fair with all members during question period. Outside of this House, when there were issues in your files that needed to be discussed privately, you were always there. I greatly respected that, and I know all members of the House feel the same way.
There are 24 new members in this place, and they will see, through your leadership and your guidance and your deference and respect for all of us, the type of leadership we will need in the days and weeks and months and years ahead.
With that, I want to say that it's not just the cool hat you get to wear now — which is, I think, coveted by all members — but it's also our gratitude for taking on this challenge and our respect for the decisions you'll be making in the days ahead. Thank you so much for taking on the job.

Hon. M. de Jong: I move that the House do now adjourn until two o'clock, when the Her Honour the Lieutenant-Governor will deliver the throne speech.

Hon. M. de Jong moved adjournment of the House.

Motion approved.

Mr. Speaker: This House stands adjourned until two o'clock this afternoon.
The House adjourned at 10:26 a.m.

41st Parliament, 1st Session

  • Thursday, June 22, 2017, Afternoon - House Live
    Chamber Video
  • Thursday, June 22, 2017, Morning - House Blues (Updated Thursday, June 22, 2017 12:20 PM)
    Chamber Video

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Christy Clark's positions on issues before and after 2017 election no different than 2011/2013: Karma Sutra and Flip Flop

Now that the campaign is over, however, it is Premier Christy Clark who appears to be pivoting in a new direction on the future of oil pipelines across B.C. - Justine Hunter 

Globe and Mail

 Bill Tielemann: Cast, rats, prevaricators & The Kama Sutra
B.C. Liberal Party leadership candidate George Abbott accuses opponent Christy Clark of doing the “Kama Sutra” with her various positions on how she would handle the Harmonized Sales Tax.
"Thank goodness she moved away from that position because I think a five-minute discussion with almost anyone in this province would have told her that was an ill-informed position to be taking,"

Falcon said. "I think there is a little bit of a 'ready, fire, aim' approach that's sort of taking place," Falcon added in also criticizing Clark’s suggestions that she would hold a snap election after becoming premier and add a new public holiday in February.

"You can't be making these kinds of public commitments without discussing it with anyone," he said.


Christy Clark got one week into a byelection campaign when she realized she had a problem - that monstrous pay hikes she earlier approved for political staffers in Victoria.

Clark suddenly backed down Wednesday on the raises - which saw maximum salaries for some staff positions jump by as much as 60 per cent - as a byelection backlash grew in her new political stomping grounds of Kelowna.

"I'm the premier and I'm fixing it," Clark said, announcing most of the raises would be rescinded.