Friday, April 29, 2016

Which Hat is Premier Christy Clark wearing on Trade Missions, all expenses funded by Taxpayers of BC, not the BC Liberal Party?

It gets confusing when Christy Clark spends 70 to 80 hours a week dithering between the Premier's job, and the BC Liberal Party as their Leader, a cake walk that guarantees her an extra $50,000 from her secret admirers to pay for the gas on HER car, not the Government supplied vehicle we hope. 
Deputy Premier Rich Coleman defended the party paying Clark. “It’s also been pretty common that the leaders have some sort of stipend, because it’s like having two jobs and they spend probably 70 or 80 hours a week working,” he told reporters. “It’s a job that’s basically two jobs in one.”
Within the physical structure of the Premier's offices in Victoria and Vancouver is there another office within the office for the Leader of the BC Liberal Party?

Does the same hold true to her Constituency office?  Is there an inner office paying rent, a stipend, to the Constituency Office?  Does the same hold true for BC Liberal MLA's who happen to be Ministers? Do they split their time, equally, between the 'two jobs' as Coleman suggests,  fundraising?

What business, on behalf of all British Columbians is transpiring with Cabinet Ministers Todd Stone, Terry Lake, Peter Fassbender, Norm Letnick, Suzanne Anton that can't be done in Victoria but can only be done in Kamloops for a Fundraiser?  On who's dime did they travel, by plane, train, or car?  At private functions they are not an MLA, not a Minister, just an ordinary person, who may or may not being running in 2017. Campaigning under the flag of being the MINISTER, is there a split 'stipend' of disclosed?

A tax receipt will be issued for the 2016 tax season

Just how many of those after hour junkets, the number provided by Deputy Premier Rich Coleman, is spent on each category?

The pay for being the Premier is $190,000 and being the Leader of the Party she is paid an additional $50,000.

Let's just round the   $190,000 up to $200,000; 

$50,000 from the BC Liberal Party equates to a quarter of her time spent on raising funds for the next provincial election ... after hours of being the Premier, which is, supposedly, 24/7.

The Premier's Trade Missions with all expenses of Travel are covered by the Taxpayer, does the Premier take off her hat and then replace it with the Tourist / BC Liberal Leader Hat?   How many hours does Christy Clark work, exactly, for each category of mixing partisan work with non-partisan? A public figure who is splitting herr time between opposing factors, Public and Private, the trade route way complete with her hard hat should be required to punch the clock of time of arrival and and time of departure, in her case multiple ins and outs.   The ever electioneering Premier crosses the lines, blurs the picture far too much.  She's either here for the people 100% or not at all.


BC Liberal Party advertising: 

Progress on LNG under Premier Christy Clark

Shouldn't that be Leader Christy Clark?

 Is the BC Liberal Party an official mouthpiece for the Premier?

Time for an update on the timeline by the BC Liberal Party.

February 2013

Speech from the Throne reveals Prosperity Fund creating the Debt-Free B.C. legacy for our children to ensure future LNG revenues are not squandered.

LNG 101

Engage BC:

Everything you want to know about LNG in B.C.

 LNG documents

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Rudyard Kipling: Vancouver Real Estate Speculator

Civil Engineers and Land Surveyors in the Province of British Columbia 1890 - 1920

Page 33 of 217
One of the most prolific writers of the day did a little speculating when he passed through Vancouver in 1889.  Rudyard Kipling, though still nostalgic for the India he had just left, and mindful of Vancouver's importance in the Imperial world, was advised to buy a lot - presumably sight unseen.  His words have already been used in describing the boomtown that was Vancouver, but in this context they are so apt that I have no hesitation in requoting them: -

"And I took it as easily as a man buys a piece of tobacco.  Mivoici(sp), owner of some four hundred well-developed pines, a few thousand tons of granite, scattered in blocks ... and a sprinkling of earth.  That's a town lot in Vancouver.  You or your agent hold it till property rises, then sell out and buy more land further out of town and repeat the process.  I do not quite see how this helps the growth of a town ... but it is the very essence of speculation, so it must be alright.  But I wish there were fewer pines and rather less granite on my ground."5 (From Sea to Sea and other sketches. Rudyard Kiplings. 1908.)

Kipling does not say how much he made on his investment; but he did manage to catch 70 trout at Harrison Hot Springs, and was most gratified to note that the spittoons in his delightful comfortable hotel were unused.

Google Search:  From Sea to Sea and other sketches. Rudyard Kipling. 1908.

Vancouver Archives:

First in the Field,The Pioneer Years of Garden, Hermon and Burwell

Civil Engineers and Land Surveyors in the Province of British Columbia 1890 - 1920

Rudyard Kipling in Vancouver

It’s not widely known, but three or four chunks of land in Metropolitan Vancouver were once owned by the famous English writer, Rudyard Kipling.
When Kipling first visited Vancouver in June 1889, (during a tour of North America), he was, at 23, just beginning to be famous. When next he came around in April 1892, he was very much more well-known. (And 15 years after that, on his third visit, October 5, 1907, he was the most famous author in the world.)
In a travel reminiscence called From Sea to Sea, Kipling wrote about his brief visit here in 1889, and how he came to own a piece of the city.   SNIP

Speaker Linda Reid discriminates against Male Members of the British Columbia Legislature

Using the yardstick of January 24, 1918, when the first woman gained a seat in the Legislature in Victoria, the tally has now reached 102.  Where are the accolades for the men?... in the same time frame? or to be correct ... inclusive of all.

Sexist on the part of the Speaker?     


Nancy Hodges,   Coalition   1950-02-14    1952-04-10

Joan Sawicki,      New Democratic  1992-03-17   1994-03-21

Gretchen Brewin, New Democratic  1998-03-26   2000-02-29

Linda Reid,      Liberal    2013-06-26

All MLAs

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

City of Vancouver takes issue with discarded Butts, and Fire escapes, Seriously?????

In the City of North Vancouver, the Mayor there, wants to pay 5 cents per returned butt.

In the City of Vancouver, the Mayor there,  has a $250 reward for anyone caught discarding a butt.

One Game Camera: $300!   One infraction $250!

One Game Camera: cost remains the same, but multiple infractions will more than pay for itself!

For example:   7th and Willow South West Corner Park
Count the butts X  $250!!!

Does the Park Board ever clean up this place?  Do they provide ashtrays even though smoking is not permitted?  Do they offer an alternate habit: Cessation Mediation from London Drugs... which also sells the Cigarettes that are littering the park.  A Corporate Sponsor for the Park?

If City Hall prefers not to do anything about collecting the Fines, then that's fine too.  At least the Park Board can look at the site's cleanliness via the Game Camera

Two blocks east of City of Vancouver's Hall

A fire escape??? useless, if a butt starts a fire?

Monday, April 25, 2016

British Columbia Police: Spitfire Fund? 1942 to 1949

General Orders 1942  to  1949

Google Search Criteria:  Spitfire Fund, Canada, Provinces


This list of former RAF Stations is a list of all stations, airfields and administrative headquarters previously used by the Royal Air Force.

The stations are listed under any former county or country name which was appropriate for the duration of operation. Stations initially took their station name from the nearest railway station or halt to the airfield, e.g., RAF Abingdon from Abingdon railway station.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

MLA Christy Clark accepting bribes? but claims its for the BC Liberal Party election war chest?

Conflict of Interest Commissioner Paul Fraser knows all about Members of the Legislature Assembly of British Columbia, the Do's and Don'ts, the optics of a Premier accepting $20,000 from an exclusive crowd, with deeeeeep pockets.

An MLA   accepting a gift, kind of looks crooked.    

British Columbia laws permits someone who is not a Member of the Legislature Assembly to accept gifts for the purpose of running for the Leadership of the Party.  eg.  Christy Clark taking over the helm from Gordon Campbell.

Christy Clark as the Leader of the Government is called the Premier even though she's not permitted to sit, but is still able to accept gifts, money for herself or on behalf of the Party.

As an elected MLA, Premier Christy Clark is now subject to Conflict of Interest decisions whereby she is NOT permitted to accept gifts, and neither can anyone else who are Members of the Legislative Assembly.

Accepting and Disclosing Gifts - A Guide for Members - The Guide
Members' Guide to Accepting Gifts During the 2010 Olympic Games
Ethics Bulletin No. 4 – Procedure on Conflict of Interest
Ethics Bulletin No. 3 – Members’ Travel
Ethics Bulletin No. 2 – Use of Constituents’ Names, Addresses, Email Addresses and Telephone Numbers for Party Political Purposes
Ethics Bulletin No. 1 – Post-Employment
Material Change Guidelines
Complimentary Memberships and Passes

So  ... why .... did .... the Premier allow an OIC Board Appointee to donate taxpayers funds to the BC Liberal Party from the BC Milk Marketing Board to the tune of  $2,000?

North Vancouver: 'Free Campground': Island of tranquility: Capilano and Upper Levels Highway interchange

Selective mapping by Google?  or maybe the Department of Highways' for British Columbia just doesn't want to promote a North Shore campground for transient Hikers and Cyclists?  What's inside the red square, is on some form of private property.....filled with Google hypothetical homes.

 There's nothing inside the Red Line accept privacy.  All the homes have been bulldozed.

Set up a tent, .... or a rock band performance for the passerbys on the highway ... distracted driving.... might be an issue with the authorities.

One entrance driveway, blocked off by a median.

The location is raised, well above Capilano Road, so much so that three sides drop off at 45 degree slopes.

Water may be an issue, for some, not for others.  Three Fire Hydrants are function-able.

Obviously this Highway property is reserved for future transportation needs, but oddly its NOT included in the property listing that the BC Liberals are currently selling off to balance their budgets.

'Citadel' is OWNED by BC Liberal Government

Capilano and Upper Levels Highway interchange.   An island of tranquility with a view.

This is a great location for a 25 story high rise tower, with a Canada Line like Station beneath to shuttle travelers East to Coquitlam; West to Horseshoe Bay and Squamish and Whistler;  North to Cleveland Dam & Grouse Mountain Resort and Grouse Grind;  South to Park Royal, Sea Bus terminal, Vancouver, Stanley Park.

And a proposed Bridge between the Citadel and w 23rd Street ... over the highway on ramp ....

The neighbours on the cul de sac won't be happy, eh

Security Fencing, keeps the bears and cougars at bay

This place Rocks!!!!!

NSMB could use the steep slopes to practice on!!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

District of North Vancouver: Bobcat Bucket Brigade Experimenting with 'Man Lift'. No one thought of a 'Woman Lift'?

A North Vancouver First project: determine the feasibility of developing a new attachment for the Bobcat:

Bucket Brigade

Experimental Stage:  April 19, 2016

Proving Repetitive Productivity:

BobCat Attachments on Demand

This would work.  Remove the Bucket and Replace with Forks

Need a Lift   in Vancouver

and ....

We would have used razor Barb Wire cap on the ball park fence, but ......

  Plastic drain tile has been proven safer!! and it comes in Green and Yellow

Barry Elson would probably endorse this cap

North Shore News: Instant Replay  1963:  Barry Elson's double no-hitter

Monday, April 18, 2016

Grouse Mountain Resorts; UNI-SEX washrooms with designated gender symbols: Incorrectly Labeled.

On our walk-about today from Lonsdale Quay to Grouse Mountain Resort's Sky-Ride facility we just had to use the Mountain's public washroom before boarding the Sky-Ride. 

GMR signage was a touch confusing for us, we had to do a double take.  The double gender sign on the outside of the building is the opposite to the sign on their respective doors.  eg.  Men to the Left; Women to the Right..... but  the sign on the Left Door has a Woman on it and the sign on the Door to the Right has a Man on it.

We figured it out, chalked it up to the stupidity of bosses at Grouse Mountain Resort, and proceeded to our side of the 'fence'.

However as we were setting up to take the above photo, a woman, hurriedly, glanced at the Sign on the outside of the building and then did a hard Right turn to the privacy of 'her washroom'... which is okay as long as she didn't go any further than the first three stalls, otherwise she would be staring at two urinals and not the expected space dedicated as baby changing table (not provided anyway).  More than highly likely, there would be TWO males standing, shaking, zipping, and turning.

One other minor detail about the placement of the sign on the building would probably explain why there wouldn't be a second occurrence, a second offense, by the same person, on the same day.

On the inside of the door of the Men's washroom is one word   MEN.  Quite possibly the Women's side is marked on the inside with WOMEN.   The problem arises that either the Male or the Female, having entered the wrong washroom in the first place, would be thinking that they were about to enter the wrong gender washroom and then try to figure out how to get out of the maze containing only one door.  Not a hope in hell folks.

We brought this unique situation to a passing Grouse Mountain Resort employee and he said it was okay to have the signs mixed up like that as long as they were read independently of one another.  It turned out we had to give a real example to this fellow as another woman left 'her washroom' with the symbol of a MAN on the door.

Today is April 18, 2016, not April Fools day.  Make my Day GMR.


If you proceed up to the resort, check out the signage up there too, and report back here, please.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

British Columbia 'Little Houses' on the Prairie

British Columbia Timber for Prairie



Mills Manufacturing Boxes
Mills Manufacturing Cooperage
Mills Manufacturing Pulp and Paper
Mills Manufacturing Sash and Doors
Mills Manufacturing Red Cedar Shingles
Mills Manufacturing Veneer
Mills Handling Poles, Post, Piles
Other Firms Handling Poles and Posts
Creosoting Plans
Complete List of BC Manufacturers of Forest Products

 15 pages

Canadian pacific railway company, irrigation alberta and bc land department 1913

Canadian Pacific Railway Land Settlement and Development fonds

During the Canadian Pacific Railway's construction of the national railway in the 1880s, it became involved in the sale and settlement of land. Part of the provisions made by the government to the company were 25 million acres (10 million ha) of land in a belt along the railway. Land grants were administered by the company's Land Department in Winnipeg until 1912 when the responsibility was transferred to the Department of Natural Resources. DNR had three divisions: Irrigation Projects, Lands, and Mines, and was administered by an Advisory Committee and an Executive Branch. Peter L. Naismith was the manager of the DNR from 1912 to 1927, and Samuel Graham Porter from 1927 to 1942. Settlement was closely linked to the construction of large irrigation works, which were increasingly centred in Alberta, therefore the headquarters of the department was moved to Calgary. In 1903 CPR was granted land in southern Alberta, called the Irrigation Block (divided into the Eastern, Western, and Lethbridge Sections) upon which to develop irrigation systems. Colonization of the Irrigation Block was originally administered by the CPR Land Department (Calgary office). In 1912 the responsibility was transferred to DNR, and after 1916 to the Department of Colonization and Development (subsequently called Department of Irrigation and Colonization) with headquarters in Montreal. After 1919 the Department of Irrigation and Colonization was represented in western Canada by the subsidiary Canadian Colonization Association. The nonprofit CCA was jointly formed by the CPR, Canadian National Railway and the federal government to recruit and secure settlers to Canada. CPR took over CCA after 1923. To assist in the reception and placement of immigrants, CPR encouraged the organization, and financially assisted, a number of national colonization boards. The administration of British Columbia land grants and the stimulation of settlement was originally the responsibility of the Land Department, but in 1903 a new department, the British Columbia Land Department, took over these responsibilities.