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Celebrate the day with Cultured Rabbit Recipes and a Blackberry Culture

Rabbit Culture 

Market Rabbits, Growing Breeders, Dry does, Bucks, Diseases, Slobbers, Ear-cankers... If in need of assistance, apply to the Instructor of your district: -  

J. Allen, District Poultry Instructor, Court-house, New Westminster, B.C.

H. E. Waby, District Poultry Instructor, Salmon Arm, B.C.

G. L. Landon, District Poultry Instructor, Court-house, Nelson, B.C.

J. R. Terry, Chief Poultry Instructor, Department of Agriculture, Victoria, B.C.

Poultry Circular No. 28

Rabbits are a much appreciated article of food, being most nourishing and easily digested.  The meat is inclined to be rather dry, so bacon is often served with it.  Rabbits should be young, feel in the joint of the paw for a little nut, and if this is absent the rabbit is old, and should only be used for soup or pies........   With regard to the latter, it is better to three-parts cook the rabbit before making it into pies, as the time for cooking the pasty in not sufficient.

Bake Rabbit

Rabbit with Macaroni

Rabbit and Rice Pie

Rabbit a la Belgique

Rabbit Gateau with Mushroom Salad

Mushroom Salad

Boiled Rabbit with Onion Sauce

Rabbit Sausages

Curried Rabbit

Rabbit Pie

Rabbit Pudding

Rabbit Salad

Rabbit Soup

Jugged Rabbit

Veal Forcemeat

For free supply of hutch record cards, stock record cards, and rabbit bulletins, write Poultry Branch, Department of Agriculture, Victoria, B.C.



BlackBerry Culture in British Columbia
Allan E. Littler
1st  BlackBerry Antenna

Commercial Blackberries have been developed by selecting and crossing various species of wild blackberries (rubus) which are found throughout the north temperated zones of the world.  Crosses from these selections have been grown commercially over on hundred and fifty years.

Because of the variety of native material which has been used in their development, there are many kinds of blackberries.  These include the trailing varieties such as Evergreen Himalaya (Invasive Species Sea to Sky)  and Marion; the upright such as Eldorado and Erie and the various hybrids such as Cascade, Pacific and Olallie which contain the lines of some other berry.

This publication will deal with the culture of thornless Evergreen only since this variety crops well and is hardy both in the Fraser Valley and on Vancouver Island.  The upright varieties are hardy but crop lightly.   The various hybrids have some demand because of their flavour but they do not crop as heavily as thornless Evergreen and are hardy only in sheltered locations in the Fraser Valley or on the southern tip of Vancouver Island.

The fruit of the blackberry is fairly tender and bruises easily.  It should not be transported over long distances since jarring in transit may cause severe breakdown.
Blackberry ..... Severe breakdown... how prophetic!

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Allan Brooks Artist Naturalist: Haines Ranch 1922, Okanagan

New School: Robert Bateman doesn't "hunt" or, kill to be an artist
           The Old School:  Allan Brooks' friends, did.

 Vaseux Lake Party, 1922.
 Back row - Left to Right,  Allan Brooks, P. A. Taverner, Frank Farley;
Bird Observers xls file
Front row - H. "Mack" Laing, George Gartell, D. Allan Sampson

 ....... On the morning of June 10, we walked down the mountain in advance of the truck, we saw a small hawk topping a large bull pine.  From its dark colour we were sure it was a Pigeon Hawk (Merlin) and not a Sparrow Hawk, so we turned aside to get it.   Travener presently fired and dropped it, then we stood and gloated.  It was a black adult Pigeon Hawk, the coastal form, then considered one of the rarest North American birds in museum collections.  We were standing in the dry belt where a pale-coated Richardson's Merlin might be expected as a stray from the arid plains, but this slately-blue beauty!  We both had the same thought at the same time, what will Brooks think of this, for the pursuit of this dark form on the coast had been his Holy Grail.

It is my considered opinion that Travener was the luckiest man who ever packed a collecting gun afield.  He turned up the most unexpected things, not by special skill but by sheer blundering luck.  To prove my point, next day at base camp near Vaseux Lake he returned from a short walk at midday with a Dickcissel, a bird that anywhere west of Manitoba could be called a rare take.   This was a new record for British Columbia! .......
Allan Brooks

Haynes Ranch

 Farming and Orcharding began following World War I. A government sponsored Soldier's Settlement program was initiated and offered veterans assistance in developing 10 acre units of land. By 1927, a government irrigation system was in place, and the desert hillsides around Osoyoos bloomed. It was soon apparent that this was a perfect spot to grow ground crops and develop orchards. Orchard farming became a general practice, and today we're proudly producing the earliest fruit in Canada.

Haynes Ranch 



Living Landscapes

The name of Allan Brooks was a household word in Canada thirty years ago. His illustrations in Taverner's Birds of Western Canada, a series in the National Geographic magazine, calendars, cards issued by the National Association of Audubon Societies, and covers on Keystone school exercise books all familiarized Canadian children and adults not only with North American birds and mammals, but also with the work of this eminent zoological illustrator.

For residents of the Vernon area Major Allan Brooks, walking with his military bearing, dressed in tweed jacket and plus fours, often with a gun under his arm, was a familiar figure, for Okanagan Landing was his home from 1905 until his death in 1946. To the end of his days he loved nothing better than rambling over the Commonage or Rattlesnake Mountain, checking on the wildlife, hunting in season. He was a superb marksman and a member of the Vernon and District Fish, Game and Forest Protection Association, donating his pictures as prizes for their crow and magpie shoots. There are some who remember his participation in Okanagan Landing and Kelowna regattas. SNIP
Then and Now

49° 5'28.52"N 119°31'49.64"W

 Haynes Ecological Reserve

Source Link

Map Link

Location and Maps

Any maps listed are for information only - they may not represent legal boundaries and should not be used for navigation.
Adjacent to N end of Osoyoos Lake, 6 km NNW of Osoyoos

BC News April 16, 2014 4:22pm

A recent study has found that women who carry a little extra weight live longer than the men who mention it.

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LNG Pipeline Compressor Stations locations should be a concern to residential areas, eg. Summit Lake's 850 m radius

LNG Compressor Station Sites are coming soon, to a neighourhood near you, in your BACKYARD


Senior Project Administrator for Pacific Trail Pipelines
Summit Lake, BC
Final Report
RWDI # 1302054
February 7, 2013


The construction of the Pacific Trail Pipelines Project (Project) will enable Pacific Trail Pipelines LP (PTP) to transmit natural gas from the existing Spectra Energy Transmission pipelines located near Summit Lake, British Columbia (BC) to the proposed liquefied natural gas (LNG) Facility at Kitimat, BC.  

An Environmental Assessment Certificate for the PTP Project was issued in June, 2008 under the previous Kitimat to Summit Lake Looping (KSL) Project name . This approval enabled PTP to increase the capacity of the existing  atural gas transmission pipeline to meet shipper demands, and to reverse the direction of flow so that the existing pipeline and the new pipeline loop can flow natural gas in a westerly direction.  Since the certificate was issued, an amendment was requested to increase the pipeline diameter from 36 to 42 inches.  Also, the compressor station was changed from the earlier proposed mid-point location to immediately east of the community of Summit Lake, BC. This location is approximately 500 m southwest of two existing compressor stations owned by Pacific Northern Gas (PNG) and Spectra Energy Transmission (Spectra).........

No matter the medium, all circular "Graphs" look alike, eh


 Summit Lake, BC,  Compressor Station Site

Compressor station Site AND Community of Summit Lake, 850 m between
Page 9 of 85


The Main part of the community of Summit Lake, where the closest residence are located, is approximately 850 m to the west of the proposed compressor station.

Page 18 of 85
Page 64 of 85

Why is it imperative for a Compressor Station Plant to be so close to a community when there are kilometers and kilometers (miles and miles) of  land, everywhere?

Oh, because there's two Existing stations: PNG and Spectra

 We'll ask again:

Why is it imperative for Compressor Station Plants to be so close to a community when there are kilometers and kilometers (miles and miles) of  land, everywhere?


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Deloitte & Touche (eg. Senator Mike Duffy audit) defines Christy Clark's "Non-Executive Chairperson" status with RCI Capital.

Sometimes, we, Bloggers/Public/Press, use words without understanding its TRUE meaning, and as it turns out, Premier Christy Clark is described as a Non-Executive (or nonexecutive) of a RCI Capital subsidiary, in receipt of no payments..... denial, denial, denial..... of Conflict of Interests.


The word "nonexecutive", attributed to British Columbia Premier Christy Clark, has been used EXACTLY in the correct context.. .... because of this definition:
Times of crisis.  Another situation when boards often consider appointing a NonExecutive chair is when the company's performance has deteriorated or if finds itself in an ethical scandal or other crisis.  During a time of crisis, the nonexecutive chair can serve as a credible and independent voice, especially when addressing shareholders and government agencies.

"I'm not always a proponent of the nonexecutive chairman role because it can create confusion about who is the real leader of the company," says Edward Kangas, nonexecutive chair of Tenet Healthcare Corporation and the former chairman and CEO of Deloitte & Touche.  "But the role can be instrumental if the company is in trouble.   When a troubled company is dealing with the government, it is important to have someone completely independent who can vouch for the honesty of the company."- Spencer Stuart

Well now Christy Clark as a former MLA, a high flying Minister of all portfolios, billed by Burrard Communications as a stellar person to work with, with them, who .... oh gee whizz ..... the  definition above fits Christy Clark to a tee.  ... someone "completely independent" who can vouch for the honesty of the company.     a company dealing with the government

And if you're thinking what I thought... YES!!!!    Deloitte & Touche is the SAME auditors who checked out Mike Duffy et al and their Senate Expenses.   touche Christy!  ask Nigel Wright how it feels under the spotlight of an auditor.

 In Bob Mackin's Tyee column:
The RCI contract making her the non-executive chairperson of subsidiary RCI Pacific Gateway Education Inc. was signed on Sept. 27, 2007 -- a full month after she began her Monday to Friday, 12:30 p.m. to 3 p.m. full-time talkshow on CKNW. The first of three annual director's fee installments of $4,000 was due to be paid her within 120 days of her RCI appointment. The two-year contract included incentives and bonuses.
 Source of Nonexecutive:

Page 6 of 20
Non-Executive (or NonExecutive) appointment is when the company's performance has deteriorated or if finds itself in an ethical scandal or other crisis.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Partners talking shop: "Hi Honey, any new contracts we need to talk about before we become tangled?" - Christy Clark

Simpleton     a foolish or gullible person

If we see the headlines blaring out that there is no conflict of interest via "private interests" of an MLA, or an MLA as a Minister, or an MLA as the Premier, or an Ex - MLA for 24 months, with an outsider, then we have to take it at face value because there is ABSOLUTELY no way to discover if the Conflict of Interest Commissioner has deemed otherwise, or advised, or ruled, or ... left notes, like from the Late H.A.D. "Bert" Oliver.

For example, MLA Jenny Kwan is back in the NDP fold, willingly (always) working for the poorest Constituents in Canada even though she was unaware of her former husband's dipping into the deep end of the pooled funds held by Portland Hotel Society, in Trust, to fuel his gallivanting ways around the world.

For example,  Thanks to Rich Coleman, he reached in with his fat thumb and pulled out a PLUM, of a prize.

For example, Michael Smyth assertion: "If only she (Jenny Kwan) had noticed something, she could have blown the whistle on this obscene betrayal of the poor, not been part of it." April 10, 2014

For example, Premier Christy Clark smirking over her government stealing $100 from Jenny Kwan's constituents, and other poor, single mothers.   (Michael Smyth take note)

For example, Premier Christy Clark being bombarded with questions lately with claims that she worked for Burrard Communications after retirement of September 17, 2004, only for a few months, nod/nod, tsk/tsk, due to family matters.  No remuneration for her stellar efforts whereby her "job" was to convince others, eg. Douglas College Staff Execs, Students, more Staff, protesters, banners, the we deserve-demanders like Harry Bloy, that they had to deal with MP James Moore and MLA Iain Black on the Evergreen Line.   Eventually, the former MLA, as a former Deputy Premier, came back to the BC Liberal fold, willingly, opened the said project, Evergreen, with much fanfare to her credit.  

For example, James Moore handing out Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee medals.

For example, MLA John Van Dongen raising an issue over fellow MLA Christy Clark "private interests" regarding BC Rail, which opened up the door, just a crack, to just what a former, Late, Conflict of Interest Commissioner (CIC) did to earn his keep, and if there's a Conflict with the current CIC then the CIC gets to pick his successor to do the heavy lifting for the CIC.   Page 4 of 41

For example, MLA John Van Dongen managed to exorcize a document, Page 41 of 41, privately held, for many years that was used as a defense tool by MLA, Premier Christy Clark.   Thank Goodness she did.

For example: If MLA Jenny Kwan is guilty of not knowing what her husband, separated, was doing with "his" business dealings with Portland Hotel Society, then surely Christy Clark is innocent because she does did know everything that her husband, formerly, was doing with his/her dealings of Burrard Communications.... and of course, we mustn't leave out her Brother Bruce Clark.  A close knit family, open books for three for free.  It's all there in the one page report on the CIC Diary of Christy Clark.  Page 41 of 41.


For example: In a Vancouver Sun article written by Jeff Lee on November 29, 2003 one month prior to the Raid on the BC Legislature:
..... One might think that this is a perfect marriage of politicians; he's got a pipeline straight to 24 Sussex Drive and she is surrounded in cabinet by strong federal Liberal supporters like Finance Minister Gary Collins, Attorney-General Geoff Plant and Health Services Minister Colin Hansen.

But according to both, they go to extraordinary lengths to keep their political and government connections from being tangled.

Marissen, who operates Burrard Communications, even has a clause in every contract he signs with new clients that says he won't do any work involving the provincial government. .....  - Jeff Lee

For example: Page16 and 17 of 41 from the Conflict of Interest Commissioner:

[46] By letter dated February 16, 2001, Ms. Clark advised Commissioner Oliver that her husband had commenced the practice of including a paragraph in each contract for services entered into by Burrard.  It read as follows:

"Burrard Communications Inc. is a company that focuses on strategic communications development, helping clients to achieve their goals in the public arena.  It does not, and will not represent clients to be the provincial government of British Columbia or its agencies.  It will also not provide advice regarding provincial government legislation, policies or programs."

[47] Ms. Clark sought advice of Commissioner Oliver regarding this business practice developed by her husband.

[48]  By letter dated March 21, 2001, Commissioner Oliver replied in part:

"I believe that the new contractual clause is a wise addition: care should be taken to resist any temptation to circumvent it in practice.  I have no suggestion to make as to any alternative wording; it appears well thought out and should serve its intended purpose."

[49]  Mr. Marissen testified in response to questioning in this area that he declined any offer of business from any department or agency of government during the period of time that his wife has served as an elected official.

For example, we're not looking at the top of an iceberg scenario being visible with the vast potential of "what ifs" drifting below that is squirreled away by the CIC office filing cabinets ........, a more comparable view, from the top, would be along the lines of  NOAH, yes THAT Noah, after 40 days and 40 nights, stepping off the Ark and finding Everest beneath his feet, eh.

Appendix "A", (is an image therefore no Control-F) Page 41, lists of the times that MLA Christy Clark approached Commissioner Oliver to resolve possible conflicts .... February 17, 1998 to September 13, 2004 limited to the Complaint.

Edited,  colour coded for Clarity, here's the original on Page 41 of 41:

Page 10 of 41:
.... A review of Commissioner Oliver's files confirms to me that he often provided this type of advice in writing to Ms. Clark and other members of the legislature. ....
Page 15 of 41:
.... An extensive file exist in the office of the Conflict of Interest Commissioner for the Province of British Columbia in relation to Ms. Clark, as is the case in respect of most MLA's of long-standing. ...
Page 16 of 41:
[43] Ms. Clark gave evidence that at all material times she consulted with Commissioner Oliver regarding all matter that she felt might constitute a conflict of interest on her part during the period of time that she served as an elected member of the British Columbia Legislative Assembly.  She further informed me that every client acquired by the company Burrard Communication Inc. ("Burrard") was a subject for opinion to Commissioner Oliver.  My review of the Office's record confirms that she was diligent in this regard.
[44] Burrard was a company owned and operated by her husband, Mark Marissen.  Burrard provided clients with strategic and public relations advice for a fee.

[45]  Both Mr. Marissen and Ms. Clark testified that they jointly agreed early on in Ms. Clark's political career that every client acquired by Mr. Marissen or his company would be vetted through the Office of the Conflict of Interest Commissioner to confirm that there was no conflict of interest issue by reason of Mr. Marissen or Burrard having that particular client.   The file maintained at the office of the Conflict of Interest Commissioner confirms that assertion - attached as Appendix "A" to this Opinion is a copy of the interchange of the correspondence between Ms. Clark and Commissioner Oliver over the period of time indicated in the Appendix.

Surprisingly, the person who's job it is to keep a lid on this type of activity, the Conflict of Interest Commissioner, did absolutely NOTHING to forewarn MLA Jenny Kwan as his Office did for MLA/Minister Christy Clark.   A double standard?  Or, does the CIC not keep track of Spouses jobs, business interests, Directorships, that could potentially cause grief?  Even Honorary Directorships like the article published today in the National Post on behalf of Matthew Millar.   


September 17, 2004 Christy Clark's status as an Minister was definitely in her rear view mirror, free as a bird to mingle and not consider the appearance of tangled to the Public purse, or Oliver because of this:   Appointment rescinded by OIC 905/04, September 20, 2004


And those Contracts between Burrard Communications AND Government Agencies that are funded by the Treasuries of Canada and British Columbia funding?????  TransLink ... Evergreen :

 Matthew Millar with Vancouver Observer


Hansard Question Period on RCI subsidiary, the founding Director, Chairman Christy Clark
Search Criteria within:  A. Dix

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Money for British Columbia School Seismic Upgrades playing second fiddle to Dike design guidelines?

British Columbia School Seismic Upgrades plays second fiddle to Dike design guidelines


Little Jack Horner ....


And there goes the view Martha.... and our Back Yard lawn.   Sea Level Rise Primer????

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Christy Clark's LNG 100,000 jobs plan by 2021 is a BUST..... with Employers "putting more Skin in the Game"

Grant G.,  over at the Straight Goods, has been THE most outspoken critic of Christy Clark's fictitious creation of 100,000 jobs that was used to convince the undecided, to vote for the BC Liberals in the 2013 provincial election.

On March 31, 2014 the truth was released via a MOU between Canada and British Columbia 

.... By requiring employers to put more skin in the game, the Canada Job Grant will result in training that leads to guaranteed jobs....  Credits:
Jason Kenney and Shirley Bond
... and for Good Measure .. 
Stevie Harper and Christy Clark.
"put more Skin in the Game" - Jason Kenney & Shirley Bond
The main issues surrounding "skin" or excess "skin" is the principal–agent problem whereby transparency and fiduciary obligations are disregarded by principals who have capital or excess capital (skin) tied into an entity. - Wikipedia
100,000 jobs eh.

If this is the way the Clark government counts, then everyone should be taking a much closer look at Mike de Jong's Budget numbers!

Skip  the first paragraph in the Press release because those numbers are for ALL of Canada.

Second paragraph:  Christy Clark grabbed onto the low hanging fruit of 100,000 jobs without noticing, or did, and ignored, that one requirement of the 100,000 jobs would only happen if there were FIVE (5) fully functioning LNG plants by 2021.

Well that's not quite true, if we're talking about JOBS, Direct, that will last.

39,000 jobs would be created each year within those nine years and not every one of those FIVE (5) LNG plants would be under construction at the same time.  Using their math  39,000 X 9 = 351,000 would be created.  Maybe another reading Grant Thornton LLP numbers is that at the end of each year 39,000 will be lost, and overnight 39,000 will be re-created.  In other words there are no additional jobs being created on top of the initial 39,000.

Five LNG plants will have 75,000 job openings once they are all operational....... 75,000 / 5 =  15,000 jobs.   "- more than 100,000 jobs in total."

39,000 + 75,000 = 114,000  jobs in total, not all at the same time, and not really enough of an encouragement, an incentive, for workers from outside of northern British Columbia to up roots locally, and move UP there, to buy a house, pay a mortgage, and sell eventually.

The second coming of Ocean Falls.      If you're wondering what a community would look like with 15,000, including dependents...... there are 39 all told in British Columbia to name a few like: Bowen Island, Fort Nelson, Grand Forks, Harrison Hot Springs, Keremeos, Sparwood, Tumbler Ridge, Ucluelet, Oliver, Clearwater.  OCEAN FALLS is not on the list!

 Governments of Canada and British Columbia take action to create jobs
Finalize agreement on the Canada Job Grant

Quick Facts (Page 1 of 5)

In the next 10 years, Canada is expected to need 319,000 new workers in the construction sector, with another 145,000 new workers in the mining sector and 130,000 new workers in the petroleum sector needed by 2020.

Accounting and business advisory firm Grant Thornton LLP concluded that a liquefied natural gas industry in British Columbia, based on five plants operating by 2021, could create more than 39,000 jobs annually over a nine-year construction period and approximately 75,000 jobs once the plants were fully operational — more than 100,000 jobs in total.

Since its launch in 2007, the Targeted Initiative for Older Workers has helped over 4,100 unemployed older workers in British Columbia.
15,000 permanent jobs seems like a lot of overhead.   Three shifts, Two shifts??? 5,000, 7,500?? per LNG Plant

The Question, is Answered by the BC Government asking their own loaded Question at Canada Starts Here:
BCJobs Plan:
Share your Ideas
Question How can BC communities and businesses get ready to seize the opportunities coming with liquefied natural gas (LNG)?

In February 2012, government released a natural gas strategy – called British Columbia’s natural gas strategy: Fuelling BC’s economy for the next decade and beyond – and a complementary strategy that focus on developing our province’s crucial new LNG sector.

Based on current plans, industry is projected to invest up to $48 billion in LNG facilities and pipelines from 2013 to 2022, diversifying BC’s natural gas sector and facilitating new economic opportunities. Construction of three large LNG facilities and more than 1,500 kilometres of pipeline could result in 1,400 long-term jobs. Indirectly, the new LNG industry will also support thousands of spin-off jobs in the fields of transportation, engineering, construction and environmental management.
Quite a leap in job creation numbers with Three LARGE LNG plants to Five LARGE LNG plants, eh.    1,400 to 15,000 per

Hugh, in the Comment section, has the answer to the 75,000 jobs!, the TILMA agreement between Alberta and British Columbia that was signed in 2007 claimed there would be 78,000 new jobs.   Here it is seven years later, and depending on how one wants to do the Math, we're either short by 3,000 or 25,000.  If it's the latter number then that would fit right in with the Five LNG Plants needs of maintenance, sort of, for the next 30 years when the Five LNG plants will have to be replaced.  If it's the latter, the higher number, there will be 22,000 on the dole.

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Is this the Port of Vancouver or Kitimat, or Both? How many vessels per week?

Final Report
One or Two tugs?

Water is ALWAYS calm?

The once pristine Fjords  of 
Douglas Channel's mountains
 will soon to be

Thursday, April 3, 2014

WANTED: Christy Clark's Business Cards; spoiled/reject ballot; Drive-through bays voting

Business Card I

A symbol of one's status within an organization is the Business Card whereby clients and contacts may take it to the bank on the credibility of the holder, an endorsement of their abilities that a company has blessed upon their broad shoulders...... like say John Baird:

 Baird demands gold, drops 'Canada' from Foreign Affairs business card

 The Conservative Foreign Affairs Minister demanded – and got – gold embossing on his business cards shortly after being shuffled into the portfolio last May, contrary to government rules.
Mr. Baird then ordered the word “Canada” dropped from the standard design, also against federal policy.

 Business Card II

Was Ms. Clark acting as a Consultant with Burrard Communications' for their client Translink? Was, as 24 Hours -Vancouver explains: 

B.C. Premier Christy Clark's transit policies and push for a referendum are being questioned after revelations she worked directly on a contract for TransLink when she was briefly partnered in her ex-husband's lobby firm before returning to politics.

Burrard Communications owner Mark Marissen told 24 hours that his ex-wife's role for TransLink was only a few Evergreen Line community meetings — not lobbying.

INTERNSHIP????   TFW????    WTF????

According to Minutes for:

Douglas College Douglas College Regular Meeting
New Westminster Campus Boardroom
June 21, 2007

Page 2 of 9

With the Evergreen line in the news again, Diana asked Ann Kitching to report on various meetings she had attended.

.2 Vice Chair's Report, Evergreen Line:
Ann reported that she, Susan (W) and Hazel Postma had met with Christy Clark, who is a communications consultant with Burrard Communications, which works for Translink. Christy asked us to take a lead role to ensure that the Evergreen Line goes through. Through meetings with Translink, MLA Iain Black and MP James Moore, it became clear that opinions and preferences remained varied, ranging from tunneling using new technology, to Sky Train ending .....

We are offered business cards to make sure we know who our contacts are, not with the intention of keeping them forever, but we'd sure like to add something like this to our collection of keepers:

Spoiled/Reject Ballot;  Drive-through Bays voting

In the Provincial Election in May of 2013, the Premier walked into a situation, a PHOTO - OP that just couldn't be passed up.   She proceeded to allow the cameras, the media, to not only see her drop her secretly marked ballot into the secure ballot box, but she also allowed the cameras, and the media, to look at how she marked her ballot.   It was a BLANK ballot that needed the holder/voter to fill in the missing details.   The Photo-Op was set up to advertise the ability to be mobile, and vote, and not be home to cast the ballot in her Riding of Vancouver-Point Grey which she lost to David Eby.   Clark wrote her name on the Blank Ballot, when it was supposed to be "Margaret MacDiarmid" or another candidate (not BC Liberal).   Seeing the error of her ways, after she had been alerted by the media, she crossed her name out and wrote in the BC Liberal's candidate name.  Typically, on an official document, where an error has occurred it should be struck out and Signature initialed that the author spotted the error and correct it, which, in Ms. Clark's case, didn't.

She then wrote in 'Margaret MacDiarmid'.

We'll never know whether or not her vote was wasted, spoiled, or rejected by Elections BC, but Candidate MacDiarmid did lose her Seat, and not by just one vote.  Maybe there were 1,000 votes rejected at that one Elections BC District Office.

The fact is, in the most recent Elections BC report on the May 2013 vote, the exercise of Blank Balloting has not been noted, even though the Rejected ballots were over 11,000!  Was Blank Balloting a Success or an Outright Failure? (page 36 of 208)

Then there are the two unique "voting booths" that were introduced, "Drive-Thru bays" out of Comox Valley District and an in-house Kelowna International Airport with a special thank you from:

The YLW advance voting place was also appreciated by the more than 2,000 airport employees

So, that there Drive-Thru bays scenario sounds like a mighty fine idea for One Motorist, but what if there is a passenger or two?  Driver gets out of the car, along with any other passenger(s) not voting?  Voters, supposedly, are not permitted to have a guest watching from within, unless the Voter needs physical assistance in Marking the Ballot.  Are Voters this lazy?  What's the point of providing a parking lot inside the voting place, eh? It's not even the Regs! (page 39-40 of 208)...... or ... why would a Voter who is a Driver, in need assistance by a passenger to mark his or her Ballot, even have a Driver's license?  eh?