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Translink Plebeian-cite vote results: 2,513 rejected; 173 envelops left sealed; 38,393 not Considered

38,393 ballot packages were not considered as they did not meet the requirements of the plebiscite Regulation.

Elections BC's one page report on Translink's non-binding plebeian votes, tallied by their respective communities but when it comes Not Considered and Rejected, not a peep of information.   Is this a common occurrence, same people spoiling their ballots, not understanding the importance of get out the vote; or have they just sent a message to everyone? 

What it doesn't show is if the rejected 2,513 ballots were concentrated in the Shaughnessy area where Ms. Christy Clark, intentionally ruined her 2013 ballot just to get national television coverage.
Elections BC  Plebians

Fine Print:

*759,869 ballot packages were considered. 173 ballot packages contained envelopes with either two or more ballots, or no ballot. In accordance with the Regulation, these envelopes were resealed and set aside.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

CPR's Arbutus rail corridor: DeRails are designed for track grades at 2.2%. What about 9.8%?

It's all about the money.  Vancouver has offered $20 million for the Arbutus Corridor. CPR wants $100 million.
 A plan by Canadian Pacific Railway to run trains along the Arbutus Corridor means it will be riskier for children learning about plant biodiversity in a communal garden in the area, according to an organizer.  Vancouver Sun - Brian Morton, Tiffany Crawford, Jeff Lee
"Run trains" is a gross overstatement.

Oh the irony, Vancouver's Shaughnessy, created by CPR to 'house' their financial backers in the early 1900s are now being subjected to the railway ruthlessness of subjecting children, their children, to unscheduled movement of rail cars blocking the 9 major thoroughfares of Fourth, Burrard, Broadway, 12th, 16th, King Edward (25th), 33rd, 41st, 49th, and Marine Drive.  Of course there are others who will be impacted: businesses, students, employees, YVR bound visitors, Point Grey and South slope residents, and the UBC Endowment Land folks like the Mayor for Vancouver hopeful, what's his name.... Lapointedly.

First to be stopped will be the infamous red-light running Premier Christy Clark traveling from her home, in Shaughnessy to deliver her precious child Prince to St. George's school for the elite.  They'll have to get up and start an hour earlier.

If the City of Vancouver wants to send a clear message to CPR, to its citizens and visitors, then starting this Summer they could set up traffic control blockades, or post signs of hypothetical times that the corridor will be shut down for the movement of CPR rail cars on a dead end line used for storage purposes only.   Pity the poor rail customer that finds the delay in receiving his shipment from CPR is because it's sitting at Fourth and Fir.  Dead Space for a rail car to sit while it could be on its way to Brampton.  It will sit there until Vancouver negotiates, in good faith.

The Arbutus Corridor rail cars will not be going from A to B!  The rail cars are going from A and back to A!

9.8% Grade between 37th and 33rd

Between 37th and 33rd there's the 'Big Bend', a 9.8% Grade from high to low and back again.  Any curve that is introduced to a rail line creates friction between rail track and railcar wheels that SQUEALs incessantly.  In that space of four blocks there will be a lot of complaints about noise, vibration too, and children's safety.  Chain link fence, razor barb wire topped would help as a deterrent. Swing chain link gates at intersecting roadways would be of assistance, doing double duty by blocking road traffic and then blocking access to the rail corridor.

Yoho National Park: Double Spiral Tunnels built on a slope with a steep grade of 4.5%, more than twice the maximum of 2.2% allowed, according to CPR Directives
Field BC  CPR Station

News 1130 - Steepest grade in all of British Columbia

The train engine will always be to the South, shunting monthly, however  if CPR decides to increase the capacity of rail cars within the narrow corridor to two or three or four or five tracks wide, now that would means that there will be hourly movements, hourly road closures.

But what if someone(s) wants to give CPR a public relation's nightmare?  By far, the easiest way is to install a device that CPR, and other Rail companies, employ: the derailer.   Trains stay on the track by having the wheel rims inside the rail tracks.  To stop a train, as in Lac Megantic a Derail would have sent one wheel up a small ramp and drop outside forcing, and pulling the parallel wheel with it too.

Remember Lac Megantic's bursting into flames, loss of lives all of a result of the cheap skates at  Montreal, Maine and Atlantic Railway telling their employees not to invoke mechanical rail locking devices.  They relied on the Engine brakes, not properly set.

DeRail devices were designed to prevent accidents like La Megantic's from happening.

EB Hayes hinged Derailer - BBC Post


Aldon Portable Derailers

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Alterra Power Corp goal: IPP electricity from Wind Farms or Uranium, for BC Hydro's Kitimat/Prince Rupert LNG production

Do we really need to spend $9 billion on BC Hydro's Site C Dam to power Kitimat and Prince Rupert industrial plants?

May 18, 2012
Alterra acquires coastal island wind farms to supply LNG plants, but how will it get to Kitimat?

A Vancouver-based energy company, Alterra Power Corp, today, May 18, 2012, announced the acquisition of three wind farm sites off the north western British Columbia coast.
A news release from Alterra notes that the three “early-stage wind farm” sites, on Banks Island, Porcher Island and McCauley Island are “all within 150 kilometres of several proposed power-intensive LNG plant sites at Kitimat.”

When informed of the announcement, Kitimat mayor Joanne Monaghan asked, “How are they going to get it here?”

While the three islands are within 150 kilometres of Kitmat, any transmission lines would have to somehow cross the Inside Passage and its heavy ship traffic, including cruise ships, ferries, fishing vessels and bulk carriers (not to mention potentially tankers), and then also get over some of the most rugged mountain territory in Canada to reach any of the three liquified natural gas sites in Kitimat.

Could the goal not be wind powered electricity but merely gaining a foothold on the mineral rights to Uranium?

February 14, 1956
Two City Men Locate Uranium In Strength On Porcher Island
46 claims staked by Rupert concern

Uranium has been discovered on Porcher Island, 15 miles from Prince Rupert, a prospector for a group of local city businessmen, told the Daily News this morning.

George Fielding, 1020 Second Avenue West, a prospector and mining man for 30 years said here today that he and his exploration partner had located a "hot area" from 10 to 15 feet wide in a band of pebble-conglomerate, adjoining the iron formation being test drilled by the Argonaut Mining Company of the Utah Mining Company of America.

Mr. Fielding said he and Leo Johnson, 723 Fraser Street, also a veteran prospector-miner checked and re-checked the pebble-conglomerate band until there was no doubt.  The intensity recorded on their geiger counter was extremely strong and the pebble-conglomerate was a similar formation to that of Blind River area in Ontario which proved such a momentous find.

The prospector said that he and his associates have a group of 46 claims staked on Porcher Island across Chismore Pass.  The claims cover approximately 1,846 acres.

Arrangements are being made in Vancouver, Mr. Fielding said, for a geologist to make a geophysical survey of the property.

Prior to coming to Prince Rupert Mr. Fielding prospected for three years in northern Labrador, in Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Coquihalla Highway: Deer causes a three car pile-up. BC government pays out millions and counting

 Written by Jimmy Webb
I am a lineman for the county.
And I drive the main road.
Searchin' in the sun for another overload.
I hear you singing in the wire.
From the news media writings of the Saturday accident on the 'Coq' involving a deer & a car & a Tow Truck & a Tour Bus, just west of Larson Hill, it looks like the Bus driver is going to swing once the RCMP investigates (BC Health Researchers under investigation T/F) and only if the bus driver survives from being ejected through his windshield and over the guardrail and then some distance down, down, down, and only then, will charges be laid.

Was the bus driver 'wearing' his seat belt?   Is that one more charge?

Theoretically the driver of the car could be charged with failure to notice the deer on the road.

The Tow Truck operator could be charged for not having his four way flashers on.

The deer ....... was the cause of it all, but NO ASSETS to speak of, certainly No Deep Pockets ...
The deer is dead.  All that needs to happen is a Post Morten to discover why the deer ventured onto the highway.

In our June 19, 2015 Post:
  BC Liberals payments TBD 1/15 stiff the taxpayer without accountability in Court Cases
2013/2014  Page 6 of 28

Whereas the plaintiffs in the British Columbia Supreme Court actions styled Wynn v. Rotzo et al. Rose v. Rotzo et al. Kernachan v. Rotzo et al and Eddy v. Rotzo et al. have made claims in negligence for damages against Her Majesty the Queen in right of the Province of British Columbia (the "Province"), suffered as a result of a motor vehicle accident at the intersection of Highway 1 and Spruston Road on November 1, 2008;    Settlement:  $ 844,400.00
There is one entity that does have DEEP POCKETS.  BC Treasury.

The fact that the deer even got onto the Highway hasn't been raised by anyone.  It seems that it's normal to have deer, and other wildlife, crossing the road as if it was the Yoho National Park.

This one deer anomaly on the 'Coq' makes Steve McQueen's role in the Great Escape look insignificant.

Is there some means by which Transportation Minister Todd Stone who recently bumped the speed limit up to 120 kilometres per hour will find a time to explain to the Public that the deer incident won't happen again?

If you've ever driven the 'Coq' you would have noticed the barb wire fencing on either side of the highway, you'd also have noted the cattle guards preventing animals from wandering onto the Highway.   How is it then that that deer ended up on the road when it's never happened before?

Is the fence down somewhere nearby? Was it done in the Winter by the Snowmobilers;  Summer by Motorcyclists;  Fall / Spring All Terrain Vehicles; Cattle;  or Kinder Morgan crews checking their pipeline for their Anomalies aka 'The Gushers'.

Police say charges are pending in a multi-vehicle crash that sent 38 people to hospital and closed the northbound lane on the Coquihalla Highway in B.C.’s southern Interior Saturday.

RCMP say the crash was triggered by a chain reaction that started with a collision between a vehicle and a deer. The owner of the car had called for a tow truck, but shortly after it arrived, it was struck by a northbound tour bus just south of Brookmere, B.C., about 40 kilometres south of Merritt.

The three-vehicle crash brought traffic to a standstill as emergency crews, including at least two helicopters and 12 ambulances, responded to the crash and the northbound lane was closed to traffic.

Two people are in serious condition in hospital, according to B.C. Ambulance, while 36 others are being treated in hospital for non-life-threatening injuries. etc.  Vancouver Sun

HOW did the DEER get on the HIGHWAY.

How often does Todd Stone send the highway maintenance crew out to check that all of the barbwire fencing is intact?  Has it ever been done?  Hope to Merritt?  Merritt to Kelowna?  Never?

The BC Treasury vault will be opened to compensate all but the deer/
..... And Whereas counsel for the Crown have advised that in their opinion, the plaintiffs might be successful in their claims for damages;
This is to certify:
1. That the claims herein, if pursued, could result in an Order referred to in S.13 of the Crown Proceeding Act; RSBC 1996, c.89 for payment of money by the Crown;
2. That it is in the public interest for the Province to contribute up to $1,104,400.00 to settle the claims inclusive of interest, taxable costs and disbursements, comprised of the following:
a. The Province's share of the settlement amount $844,400.00; and
b. the Province's pro-rata share of taxable costs and disbursements which is not expected to exceed $260,000.00

Fair Comment: 
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Who is the PRIVATE contractor responsible that stretch of road?
And does their contract include fence maintenance?


Area patrolled #14 Nicola

Area 14 - Nicola (Merritt)

Stock Photo NOT taken by VSA


VSA Highway Maintenance Ltd. Forms

VSA Corporate

VSA Maintenance Photos  showing Fencing

Further info: 

CBC report: ICBC sues highway maintenance firm over Pothole damage to motor vehicles 

Google Search: ICBC vs VSA Highway Maintenance

Value of Agreements: Highway Maintenance  Original Value (Current Value?????)

Highway Maintenance:

Private contractors are responsible for maintaining provincial highways year-round in their service area. They repair and maintain the driving surface (such as asphalt and gravel), the roadside upkeep in addition to handling bridge and winter maintenance.

Drought: BC Hydro minimizes capacity to save fish habitat. IPP, dam the fish for $$$

The Independent Power Producers (IPP) are paid by BC Hydro to produce over priced electricity that 'satisfies' the needs of the BC Liberals so they can bankrupt the Crown Corporation and screw residential customer rates!  Right?  Wait a minute, Crown Corporations can't go bankrupt, the government just pulls another 'BC Rail fire sale' and sells it to the lowest cartel.

Why not use the glut of North American natural gas, or British Columbia's 150 year supply to generate electricity?  Why spend $9 Billion on a third dam on the Peace River when it will only last 100 years?  Why flood valuable Peace farmland just to drain it?

Why build an industry which is designed to draw 13,000 laid off Albertan oil rigs back to British Columbia?  Isn't that the job of E.I.?    Why are E.I. fund contributions being used to bankroll advertising eg.  Canada Starts Here, or whatever the latest jingle that Christy Clark and mad man Stephen Harper has dreamed up.

Stephen Hume, Vancouver Sun, Drought conditions threaten fish habitat, pulp mills jobs
BC Hydro’s Stephen Watson told me that flows into its Comox Lake reservoir are only one-third of the previous record low.

The utility took its 24-megawatt Puntledge River facility offline June 16 to conserve water but is still spilling into the river to maintain fish habitat. Even there, the plan is to reduce flows by roughly another 30 per cent Aug. 1 should extreme drought conditions persist.

On the Campbell River, another crucial river whose coho and springs are the centre of a major recreational fishery, Watson reported low inflows into that reservoir are “extremely challenging.”

Are the IPP investors who operate run-of-the-river dams reciprocating to BC Hydro's save-the-fish-habitat or are they killing off the food chain from the bottom up just so that their profits continue unabated from BC Hydro?  Another Heritage Fund?

A smattering of IPP run-of-river projects
 BC Hydro Source document

If the drought continues, will the Blue Dots ever go into the Red?


Google Search Criteria:   BC Hydro IRP, 2010  KWL Run-of-River 2011


Google Search Criteria: Clore River

 March 18, 2014
 Terrace Standard   Enbridge's 9 run-of-the-Rivers destroying fish

Dear Mr. Bennett:
The Enbridge Corporation through numbered corporate entities is proposing to construct as many as nine run- of-river (ROR) hydro projects on streams in the Terrace - Kitimat area.

The largest project,  #8056587, would be on the Clore River, a tributary of the Zymoetz (Copper) River downstream of the confluence with the Burnie River. The section of the river where the hydro project would be developed is from the top of a long series of cataract steps, 1 to 3 m in height, for a distance of about 7 km.

The river is a scenic icon, in a region where spectacular scenery is taken for granted. It is the largest, most productive and important summer run steelhead tributary within the Zymoetz River system, which in turn is one of a list of nine intact, iconic, and globally significant summer run steelhead rivers left in British Columbia, eight of which are located in the NW region of our province.

The other rivers include the Skeena and Nass, and their tributaries the Cranberry, Bulkley-Morice, Kispiox, Babine, Zymoetz and Sustut along with a number of other tributaries that have been recognized and fished in a serious way by resident and international tourist anglers from many countries since the 1940's.  Snip

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RePost July 15, 2012: BlueBerries, BlueBerries Harvested all Summer Long

Onnink's at 30151 Downes Road, Abbotsford 


From the BC Blueberry Council website here's a list of Farms covering Langley, Surrey, Richmond, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Coquitlam, Lister, Duncan, Pitt Meadows, Prince George, Delta, Port Coquitlam, Powell River, ....

Our destination on Saturday was for Abbotsford's Cedar Berry Farm (Onnink).  We had purchased last years supplies from them as well...not only for ourselves, but for others in the Lower Mainland....two or three other families.   Its close to 130 kilometres round trip from the North Shore, so why not Save Mother Earth......some grief.

We had driven out to Onnink's at 30151 Downes Road, Abbotsford after having called them at 604-856-1465.  It was the first day of replenishing our year supply of beloved blueberries by purchasing them directly from a farm.   So far, we've had to contend with WholeFoods supply of Blueberries, and always seemed to miss the "boat" on the first day of
 B L U E B E R R I E S.....    .   WholeFoods is ORGANIC, or close as you may come to it.....except their Blueberries weren't Organic, and being the only game in town, we purchased them there anyway.

Along came yesterday, the first day of sales, directly from a Farm, and after we had hauled our blueberry-booty home, and to others, to the North Shore, and started the rinsing and freezer bag process, we realized that the boxes that the Blueberries came in were not stamped with "ORGANIC".

An email last night and a phone call early this morning, came back with the results we wanted to hear.

Their blueberries are:

NOT treated with herbicides,
NOT treated with pesticides,
NOT treated  with fungicides

AND they grow them under the same conditions as if they were ORGANIC.

That's good enough for we three at the BBC!

And if you are wondering just how this type of crop, and other berries, started in British Columbia......

 Re-Posted from August 13,  2013   With a Twist .... we use a salad spinner

A friend of ours prefers to rinse his freshly picked blueberries just before freezing. He takes one large pan that will just about fit into one side of his kitchen double sink, puts one small pan upside down under the larger pan to raise it up flush with the counter top. He then fills the pan (the larger one) with water, takes the box of Blueberries out of the Refrigerator and then gently tips the contents  into the pan..... He then swishes the Blueberries back and forth for two minutes, and finally, drains the water off.   Good thing he's not being Metered for water consumption.

He then looks Left, then Right, goes into the hall bathroom and take's out his Wife's best blue shower towel and dries the blueberries, rolling them back and forth.  Freezer bags his blueberries and off they go to the deep freeze.

Whereas we prefer to use a more sophisticated - mechanical method.   Same large pan filled with water with the smaller pan upside down below, same method of placing the box of blueberries in the pan, same swishing of the Blueberries in the pan and THEN we use a Sepp Ritschel strainer or something similar as a measurement of volume of Blueberries destined for the Salad Spinner.   Eight twists of the wrists on the Spinner handle ...... No toweling required.     Done.  Freezer bags, here they come.


The Salad Spinner, works for Okanagan Cherries as well.  Haven't tried the salad spinner with Apricots, definitely not for Peaches, they need slicing.

We can't stress it enough, we buy locally!

New British Columbia: Prince Rupert 1910

Page 53 and 54 of 96

From the Series: 
New British Columbia : the Undeveloped Areas of the Great Central and Northern Interior

1912 - Thirteenth Edition
1910 - Twelfth Edition
1910 - Eleventh Edition Supplement
1909 - Tenth Edition Supplement
1908 - Ninth Edition
1907 - Seventh Edition

Page 12 of 46

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Gordon Wilson "Buy BC LNG Advocate" flips 2 year contract of $150,000 into an additional 1 year $150,000 contract

Now we know why the BC Premier cancelled Om the Bridge, the $150,000 had already been spent on BC Liberal Party supporter who correctly called the 2013 Election results. Gordon Wilson is the 'LNG - Buy BC Advocate' who was contracted for $150,000 from October 28, 2013 to ..... February 2015 and then with little fanfare had his contract extended to February 2016.

$300,000 total.
                               Correction: $350,000

Do you think that the BC Liberals didn't know they would be having a Summer Session 2015?

OIC search:  Gordon Wilson

#1    $50,000   Signed by an Administrator
 October 28, 2013 to February 21, 2014
OIC 467
OIC 467/2013
#2     $50,000   Signed by John Rustad
February 24, 2014 to June 20, 2014
OIC 062

#3     $50,000  Singed by Donald McRae
 June 20, 2014 and Oct. 25, 2014
OIC 376

#4   $50,000  Signed by Terry Lake, the current Health Minister, 'Heavy Handed'  we call it bullying

October 25, 2014  to February 24,  2015
OIC 540

#5    $150,000  Signed by  S. Anton
February 24, 2015 to February 24, 2016
OIC 075
OIC 075/2015

Snipped to see the bottom of OIC 075/2015

The bottom line fine print of the above OIC 75/2015 lists preceding OIC:

OIC 467/2013
OIC 62/2014
OIC 376/2014

If you've reached this far in your readings you'll have noticed that the tally is actually wrong for the first $150,000.   It should be and was paid out at $200,000

Mr. Wilson could have $450,000 socked away by 2017 and public schools will be bankrupt.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Pfizer 12 times right out of 13 for big prize: BC OIC: Schedule to the Drug Price Regulation March 28, 2013

Health Minister:

Michael de Jong            March 14, 2011 to  September 5, 2012
Margaret MacDiarmid   September 5, 2012 to  June 7, 2013
Terry Lake                     June 7, 2013 to June 26, 2015 (Garbage Friday)

Minister of Health Mike de Jong was first up to bat (promoted to Finance);  then Minister of Health Margaret MacDiarmid was Second (lost the re-election bid)(Christy Clark Spoiled her ballot) and then Minister of Health Terry Lake struck out, I apologize, I apologize, I apologize, I apologize, I apologize, I apologize, I apologize, I apologize, I apologize, I apologize, AND I do too (Christy Clark)

CBC:  BC Health Researcher firing scandal timeline

If you're looking for an old OIC
BC Laws Home  >  Historical Orders in Council  > 2010 - 2013

If you're looking for Bulletins:
B.C. Regulations Bulletins 2012

If you're looking for Regs:
Cumulative B.C. Regulations Bulletin December 31, 2012



Out with old Amended    : Appendix A
Roll out the NEW Red Carpet:   13 Items in Appendix B:
Items: 142.1, 142.2
 Candesartan cilexetil/hctz pfizer

Items: 216.1, 216.2

Items: 314.1, 314.2


Item: 373.1
Entcavir 0.5 pfizer

Item: 588.1
Lamivudine pfizer

Item: 698.1

Item: 997.1

Items: 1003.1, 1003.2, 1003.3


Pfizer Contributions to Political Parties

British Columbia Current Drug Shortages List - Health

Bulletins going back to 1998:

List of 2015 Bulletins
List of 2014 Bulletins
List of 2013 Bulletins
List of 2012 Bulletins
List of 2011 Bulletins
List of 2010 Bulletins
List of 2009 Bulletins
List of 2008 Bulletins
List of 2007 Bulletins
List of 2006 Bulletins
List of 2005 Bulletins
List of 2004 Bulletins
List of 2003 Bulletins
List of 2002 Bulletins
List of 2001 Bulletins
List of 2000 Bulletins
List of 1999 Bulletins
List of 1998 Bulletins

Friday, June 19, 2015

BC Liberals payments TBD 1/15 stiff the taxpayer without accountability in Court Cases

Finance Minister de Jong Treasury Chair authorized an amount OVER $500,000 to the Attorney General / Justice Minister on October 2, 2014.   Was it for payment to the Government Lawyers or a settlement OUT of court on August 25, 2012?


The battle cry of the BC Liberals for the past 15 years:

                                Remember the NDP Carrier Lumber Court Case....payments

Well it looks like the tables have been turned on the BC Liberal Government, even before the Health Researchers were Fired.  And Taxpayers are that much poorer for a New Era of an Open Government.

Settled IN Court

28 pages

46 pages

42 pages
  No mention of Basi / Virk $6 Million Payments in exchange for Guilty Plea

42 pages


58 pages

58 pages
Guy in Victoria
et al

Certificate of judgment

13  (1) Subject to this Act, if in proceedings against the government and proceedings in which the government is a party, an order for costs or other order is made by a court against the government, the proper officer of the court must, on application, issue a certificate.

(2) If the court directs, a separate certificate must be issued for the costs, if any, ordered to be paid to the applicant.

(3) A certificate issued under this section may be served on the person named in the record as the solicitor, or as the person acting as solicitor, for the government.

(4) If the order provides for the payment of money by way of damages or otherwise, or of costs, the certificate must state the amount payable, and the Minister of Finance must, subject to this Act, pay out of the consolidated revenue fund to the person entitled, or to the person's order, the amount appearing by the certificate to be due, together with the interest, if any, lawfully due.

(5) The court which makes an order or a court to which an appeal against the order lies may direct that, pending an appeal or otherwise, payment of the whole of the amount payable, or any part is suspended and, if the certificate has not been issued, may order the direction to be inserted in it.

(6) An execution or attachment or process of that nature must not be issued out of a court for enforcing payment by the government of money or costs.


14  (1) If a claim is made against the government and the Attorney General certifies, either before or after proceedings authorized by this Act have been commenced, that:
(a) the Attorney General considers that the claim, if pursued, could result in an order referred to in section 13 (4) for the payment of money by the government, and
(b) it is in the public interest to settle the claim in an amount set out in the certificate, the Minister of Finance must pay that amount to the person making the claim.

(2) If a proceeding authorized by this Act has been commenced and the Attorney General certifies that it is in the public interest to make payment into court, the Minister of Finance must pay into court the amount set out in the certificate.

(3) [Repealed 1998-42-4.]

(4) Money paid by the Minister of Finance under this section must be paid out of the consolidated revenue fund.
In the beginning: Treasury Board Directives:


Basi / Virk:
2/00  The purpose of this directive is to reinforce government's authority to use set-off in the case of current and former employees who owe money to the government.
Signed LNG Contracts conditional on the implementation of  TBD-2/15

Directive Number
2/15 Authority to dispose of Atmospheric Benefit Rights and enter into Agreements respecting sharing of Atmospheric Benefits Rights
EFFECTIVE DATE: 17 December 2014
Treasury Board approval limits for claims settled under the Crown Proceeding Act (replaces TBD 1/99a)
Residential Accommodation Policy (replaces TBD 3/96)
Vendor Reference Check Review Policy
EFFECTIVE DATE: 09 March 2011. Contact: David Pilling 250 387-8189
Remuneration Guidelines for Appointees to Crown Agency Boards (replaces TBD 2/10)
EFFECTIVE DATE: 16 December 2010. Contact: Pratibha Bhatnagar 250 356-0156
Remuneration Guidelines for Appointees to Administrative Tribunals (replaces TBD 1/10)
EFFECTIVE DATE: 16 December 2010.Contact: Pratibha Bhatnagar 250 356-0156
Implementation of accounting standards by government organizations. EFFECTIVE DATE: 3 August 2010
Authorization of expenditures for the Judiciary
Approvals required by Treasury Board administrative policies
Delegation of authorities for specified financial and general management approval levels to Executive Financial Officers, Senior Financial Officers, Directors and Expense Authorities
Capital Asset Management Framework
Authority of the Comptroller General to Retain Money by Way of Setoff
Delegation of Deputy Ministers' Authorities for Specified Financial and General Management Approval Levels to Executive Financial Officers and Senior Financial Officer (amended by 4/04). Appendix 1
Telecommunication Services
Use of Set-offs to Collect Overdue Accounts Owed to the Government by Current or Former Government Employees
Electronic Data Channels – Use of BC OnLine
BC OnLine Information Service – Fees Retained
BC OnLine Information Service – Disposition
Authorization to enter into an agreement with TD Securities and the Trust providing financing for sale and leaseback of Light Vehicle Fleet
Authorization to enter into a fleet management services agreement with PHH
Authorization of lease back from PHH of Light Vehicle Fleet and replacement vehicles, pursuant to terms of an operating lease
Authorization for sale of the Light Vehicle Fleet
New Program Proposals
Continuous Service Contracts
Most Economical Airfare (amended by TBD 1/01 and TB Submission October 10, 2001, amended by 4/04)
Air Travel Policy
Communication Expenditures and Approval
Service Contracts (amended by TBDs 2/84, 4/88, 4/96, 1/02)
Submissions to Treasury Board
Contracts and Commitments
Treasury Board Directives

Google Search Criteria: Treasury Board Directive, 1/15, British Columbia

Fired BC Health Researchers, along with the Public, welcome an RCMP investigation of the BC Cabinet cover-up

Finally, a Vancouver Sun Publisher has crawled out from beneath his rock and read this byline:  "When the press fails to keep its distance from politicians"  Victoria Report by Hubert Beyer

Why has it taken so long for the Press, of one newspaper, to come out in defense of the public rather than continue the toxic spew that has being Premier Christy Clark's forte in dealing with the important issues?

If the BC Liberal Government refuses, and continues to do so, to have a Public Inquiry then the RCMP should be brought in to do a forensic audit of the Executive Council, and minions, dealing explicitly with the Firings of the nine Health Researchers and taking the muzzle off of the BC Coroner as to the real cause of the death of Roderick MacIsaac.

The out of Court 'settlement' between the the BC Liberal Government and some of the fired Health Researchers were INDUCED with offers of money in exchange for keeping everything Confidential.

That's the way it looks from this side.


Thursday, June 18, 2015

Six month tenure BC Premier Dan Miller: Moon 'Beamish' over Trans Mountain Pipeline's 1/4" thick walls 1953

Burnaby Reeve Beamish on TransMountain Pipeline page 22 and 23
While Trans Mountain workers were digging trenches for their pipeline from Edmonton to Burnaby in 1950 Canadian soldiers boots were landing on the shores of Korea.   The Second World War had ended a mere five years earlier and here was Canada not wanting to be caught without resources to fight this new enemy in Asia, Prime Minister Louis St. Laurent gave TMP the green light.  No strings attached, no thought of quality of a pipe dream's longevity.   63 years later petroleum products are still flowing through the same pipe, but now there's dilbits grinding, scouring the inside where the original thickness varied from 1/2" thick to 1/4" (6.35mm)

Former BC Premier Dan Miller's Op Ed on Kinder Morgan???? if he had used the reference name of Albert Einstein to justify his crusade, we would have just kept on reading.  Instead, Miller criticizes Burnaby's Mayor Corrigan for taking a stand against more pipelines today while pumping the sky with his fist and screaming Hallelujah, Kinder God Morgan is Great, with only having to retreat to 1953 to find a Burnaby Reeve Beamish who was in favour of the pipeline.

Would the Late Reeve Beamish be pleased today with all the ANOMALIES that have been taking place on Trans Mountain Pipeline from Edmonton to Burnaby?   Was that part of the deal for Burnaby?   A pipe with only 1/4" thickness, prepped for a quick burial by first scraping off the rust, then steel brushed, hand application of one coat of ENAMEL paint, a layer of fibreglas and then wrapped in ASBESTOS felt.   Why asbestos?  Fire?

Kinder Morgan GeoHazards
Kinder Morgan Achilles Heel:  Beavers

Is the time spent in preparation and repairing all those ANOMALIES more to do with keeping the public at bay from knowing that it isn't just oil and soil needing 8 degrees of separation, hauled away to be cleaned, replaced with new, .... or is it the devil in the details of proper handling of Asbestos?

Asbestos in the watersheds?

Job description: Premier Caretaker

Arthur Daniel Miller 32nd

 In office August 25, 1999 – February 24, 2000

Let’s go back to October 15, 1953 when The Vancouver Sun proudly declared that Trans Mountain Brings Oil to B.C.

In contrast to the sometimes over-the-top comments of the current mayor of Burnaby, then-reeve William Beamish told the Sun that “with oil and the gas that’s likely to come soon, the future of Burnaby will be bright.” Beamish was correct.

It was a historic achievement. The new pipeline brought Alberta oil to the west coast for the first time. Previously, local refineries relied on oil carried by ship from California to produce the gasoline and diesel fuel that people needed to move cars, buses and trucks around the region. The pipeline meant British Columbians could rely on their neighbours in Alberta to keep them moving.

Politicians of the day were more or less in agreement that construction of Trans Mountain pipeline was good for Canada and so, political parties and private capital worked together to make it a reality. The CCF, forerunner of the NDP, wanted the pipeline to be owned by the government of Canada but concurred with their political rivals that a pipeline delivering oil to the west coast was in everyone’s best interest.


TransMountain Pipeline 62 year old pipe line should be removed ..... instead of patchwork ANOMALIES

Burnaby Reeve Beamish on TransMountain Pipeline page 22 and 23

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From 1950 to 1953, the Reeve (or mayor) of Burnaby was William R. Beamish. In December 1950, the first Canadian troops arrived in Korea. In 1952, W.A.C. Bennett became premier of B.C. and Queen Elizabeth came to the throne after the death of her father.

Outline of Burnaby History - David Pereira


eg. Trans Mountain Failures and Proposals to FIX

From 1950 to 1953, the Reeve (or mayor) of Burnaby was William R. Beamish. In December 1950, the first Canadian troops arrived in Korea. In 1952, W.A.C. Bennett became premier of B.C. and Queen Elizabeth came to the throne after the death of her father. - See more at: