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"So What -- if Grouse Mountain Resort uses Greenwash advertising for the Eye of the Wind Amusement Park

 “So what -- we fool tourists and most tourists don’t care.”

Setting Grouse's Mountain Resort's SkyRide immediate electrical needs outside of this Post, does their 'Eye of the Wind' generate enough electricity to power the chair lift from their Lodge to the base of the Eye's elevator AND energize the elevator to the viewPOD?  Does the Eye of the Wind require electrical support to turn its head into the wind?  Is there proof positive that the wind turbine is generating 25% of their mountaintop needs as they claimed at the outset of their project or 2%?

More to the point, why is the electrical data provided inside the viewPOD not passed onto Grouse Mountain Resort website of Facts?  The project was endorsed by BC Hydro and BC Energy Minister Bill Bennett and then launched with much fanfare by the Premier of British Columbia, Gordon Muir Campbell.
Daily Wind Speed? The Eye rarely turns
Saturday, Metro Vancouverites (400,000) were given a wind storm that sucker punched BC Hydro Smart meter Grid system that lasted until late in the day, and for North Vancouverites (28,000) we had the added burden of having to drag out the camp stove to cook our vittles.  
Grouse Mountain Weather Forecast Thursday Aug 27th to Wednesday Sept 2nd

Grouse Mountain's "Eye of the Wind":  "A Beacon for Sustainability” NOT  
The electricity produced by the Eye in 2012 had, at BC Hydro’s highest residential selling rate, a monetary value of about $13,500 or about 2% of my estimate of the Eye's ($600,000 annually) 2012 tourism revenue. - Corrie Kost
Federation Of North Vancouver Community Associations (FONVCA)
FONVCA.ORG news clips
District of North Vancouver:  Grouse Turbine Council Application
  Grouse Mountain Wind Turbine Development Permit

Per Trip: 24 tourists bumped up to 36 (33% increase) = $600,000 Revenue per year

The DNV Development Permit included three Before and After photos of whether the Eye of the Wind would be visible to Council's naked ..... eyes.

GMR was simply replacing an existing Red meteorological Tower, with the Eye of the Wind, except that the three chosen viewpoints are all OUTSIDE of the District of North Vancouver:

1) West Vancouver's Dundarave Pier (south end)  Ten kilometres
Red Arrow pointing to the old Red meteorological Tower
2) City of North Vancouver intersection of 13th and Lonsdale

3) Vancouver's Canada Place Pier (north end)

Corrie Kost:

      Grouse Mountain's "Eye of the Wind":
              "A Beacon for Sustainability” NOT  

From a few meters east of the electrically powered (steam) clock that pleases tourists, another tourist attraction is visible on a clear day – a tall white structure resembling a wind turbine. The “energizing” of that Grouse Mountain tourist attraction in September 2010 was marked by a BC Hydro press release. (BC Hydro, owned by the British Columbia government, is the principal generator and distributor of electricity in B.C.) Dave Cobb, BC Hydro’s CEO, declaimed:
"With this successful energizing of The Eye of the Wind [the name of the tourist attraction], Grouse Mountain is not only starting down the road to energy self-sufficiency, but is also providing a tangible example of the kind of strong working relationships BC Hydro enjoys building with partners committed to clean and renewable energy." 

Stuart McLaughlin, President of Grouse Mountain Resorts, boldly declared: British Columbia has a shining new beacon for sustainability.” 

And Bill Bennett, provincial Minister of Energy, opined: Vancouver's first commercially viable wind turbine … [an] icon … it will inspire [further] renewable energy projects.

The BC Hydro press release quoted without reservation and thus endorsed Grouse Mountain Resorts' false claim that the electricity produced by the Eye of the Wind will be "enough to power up to 400 homes a year. (Note 2a)

The Eye's view room reached -- after buying a ticket -- by an elevator, has a terrific view from its windows and, more importantly for the purposes of this article, houses two computer screens showing statistics of the facility’s electrical production since inception.

Per the screens, 11 November 2012, lifetime production was 284,055 kwh indicating an annual production of ~133,000 kwh or enough for about 12 average British Columbian homes, not 400. (A kilowatt hour is 1000 watts for an hour and is commonly written as kwh. An average B.C. home consumes annually about 11,000 kwh.) (Note 2b)

The Eye of the Wind is located on a comparatively windless mountain as may be checked online in the Canadian Wind Atlas and as must have been known in 2010 by most regular users of Grouse ski runs, the president of Grouse Mountain Resorts, and key BC Hydro employees.

Web weather reports of actual wind speeds on Grouse and projected wind speeds for seven day periods rarely show wind speeds of over 10 kilometers per hour. The blades of the Eye require a wind speed of above 9.7 kilometers per hour before they will turn. (Note 2c)

A wind-turbine of 1.5 megawatt capacity, the Eye’s capacity, without an elevator and a view room, costs in energy terms about 4.2 million kilowatt hours (kwh) to manufacture and install when part of a wind farm. The Eye of the Wind will produce less than 3.5 million kwh in a 25 year period and will not repay its embodied energy over its lifetime, assuming a 25 year life. The Eye is not ‘sustainable’ in any ecological sense of the word; it is an energy sink. (Note 2d)

Sustainability has a range of possible meanings in our post-truth world and perhaps the President of Grouse Mountain Resorts was thinking of ‘sustainability’ in its narrow economic meaning of ‘profit center’ when he claimed that the Eye is "a shining new beacon for sustainability.” A ticket checker stationed by the elevator at the base of the Eye informed me that the viewing room had 11,000 visitors in August 2012. Conservatively assume 40,000 visitors a year paying $15 each for admission to the Eye's viewing room, then the tourist attraction (that I estimate cost a bit over two million dollars) brings in at least $600,000 annually in tourist revenue. (Note 2e)

The electricity produced by the Eye in 2012 had, at BC Hydro’s highest residential selling rate, a monetary value of about $13,500 or about 2% of my estimate of the Eye's 2012 tourism revenue.

The Eye looks like a wind turbine but in economic terms it is a tourist attraction whose attractiveness is dependent in part on greenwash advertising sanctioned and amplified by the provincial government and BC Hydro. Remember the previously quoted B.C. Minister of Energy's endorsement: “Vancouver's first commercially viable wind turbine" and the CEO of provincially owned BC Hydro declaiming: "With this successful energizing of The Eye of the Wind, Grouse Mountain is ... starting down the road to energy self-sufficiency.” And also think of the plaque on Vancouver’s fake “steam powered” clock.

Again, some BC Hydro employees must have known in 2010 that the top of Grouse Mountain, compared to other potential B.C. wind power sites, is windless. And those BC Hydro employees also must have known that a wind turbine of 1.5 megawatt capacity on Grouse would not produce “enough [electricity] to power up to 400 homes a year.”

And it’s not just ‘tourists’ who are lied to: the 2008 vote by the North Vancouver District Council to approve the development permit for “a wind turbine” on Grouse was 4 to 3, after “a passionate
” The District’s staff report on the “wind turbine,” presented to council before the vote and recommending approval of a development permit, reads in part: "The turbine ... is anticipated to generate ... the power used by 400 homes. This equates to an annual reduction of 1600 tonnes of carbon." (Note 2f)

If staff had accurately reported to the District Council that wind power generation on Grouse would be minimal, that the proposed project would be an energy sink and was economically viable only as a tourist attraction, possibly the District Council would have voted against issuing the development permit.

Why has the Eye of the Wind’s failure to produce 5% of its advertised electrical output received no attention from main stream commentators? Why has no employee of a climate change non-profit blown a whistle? (The David Suzuki Foundation has 57 full time employees per a 2011 Revenue Canada filing.) How come no professional journalist or climate change academic has mentioned publicly the Eye of the Wind’s non-viability as an energy producer? The computer screens showing kilowatt hours of electricity produced must have been viewed by hundreds of people who understand the numbers displayed and make part of their living writing or talking about ‘green technology,’ ‘sustainability,’ and ‘climate change.’ The post-truth statement “… enough electricity … 400 homes” is etched into the glass opposite one of the Eye’s computer screens. The usually non-turning blades of the iconic virtual wind turbine are visible from downtown Vancouver. (Note 2g)

(2a) The BC Hydro press release: -- on page 2 of that site : September 22, BC Hydro Congratulates... For Grouse Mountain Resorts own press release:

Also see:

At 100% of capacity the Eye would produce about enough electricity for 1200 average BC homes - for more on “capacity” see note 2b.

(2b) The screens showed life time production of 284,055 kwh on 11 November 2012.  The Eye was “energized” about 22 September 2010, 2.14 years earlier.  Divide 284,055 kwh by 2.14 and the result is annual electrical production – roughly 133,000 hours. (On 20 May 2013, six months and nine days after the screens showed life time production of 284,055 kwh, the figure for life time production was 333,492 kwh.)

An average B.C. home/ household consumes annually 11,000 kwh: Google: BC 11,000 kwh quick facts. (An average UK household consumes 4800 kwh annually )

(2c) Canadian Wind Atlas:
For wind speed reports:
[BC Wildfire Wind Speed]

The blades of the turbine require a wind speed of above 9.7 kilometers per hour to turn:

Often actual output of new wind turbines is lower than anticipated output. The Eye's electric output, I have been told, is significantly less than anticipated due primarily to the unforeseen icing of the blades in winter. But, even supposing projections of electrical output before the Eye’s “energizing” were a wildly optimistic three times current annual output, that projected output would not have been sufficient for 40 average B.C. homes let alone 400.

In the windiest B.C. locations, say Cape Scott on Vancouver Island, a wind turbine with the Eye’s capacity (1.5 megawatts) might operate on average at one third of capacity and produce annually enough electricity for 400 B.C. homes. (Wind speeds are seldom optimal even in windy locations and turbines do need maintenance.) At 100% of capacity an imaginary 1.5 megawatt wind turbine would produce about enough electricity annually to service 1200 average B.C. homes.

(A megawatt is 1000 kilowatts -- a 1.5 megawatt capacity wind turbine running at full capacity for an hour will produce 1500 kilowatt hours of electricity. Running at 100% of capacity for a year a 1.5 megawatt turbine would produce about thirteen million kwh (1500 x 24 x 365). Some readers may find the Wikipedia article on electrical measurements useful: )

The language of the Grouse Mountain Resorts quote in the first paragraph of the main text is slippery: "up to [my italics] 400 homes." In the Eye's view room slightly different language is used: "... can generate enough electricity in a year to service the needs of 400 homes." (See photo p 6 of text and note that the words “can generate” have a different meaning than the words “does generate.”) Organizations (and individuals) communicating in good faith do not use slippery language to fudge facts.

(The disinformation about the Eye’s ‘green’ credentials disseminated by Grouse Mountain Resorts is not typical of the Grouse Mountain approach. Staff at the resort are well trained, the second floor bistro is good value, the organized free activities are worthwhile -- after my first visit to the Eye I bought an annual pass.
Currently Producing ZERO

(2d) For a turbine’s energy cost see “Net Energy Analysis” section:

(2e) Fifteen dollars per visit is a low estimate of actual revenue generated by the Eye. For some a visit to the Eye is the tipping point motivation for an ascent up Grouse and those visitors will, unless they trek up, need to pay not just for the entrance to the Eye’s observation room but also for gondola tickets and perhaps for parking. And possibly those “tipping point” visitors will also choose to buy a souvenir, food, a ticket to another attraction, or an annual pass. For ticket prices:

(2f) For the staff report and the “400 homes” quote: and on that web page go to “Council Matters #2” and then click the link to the September 23, 2008 report and see p 3.

For the “passionate debate”:

(2g) Art Wilson -- now dead apparently (I did try to track him down) -- in web comments under a Georgia Straight piece celebrating the Eye's "energizing" presented the basic numerical analysis that I flesh out. A sample of Mr. Wilson’s comments: “The production and installation of this wind turbine carries a considerable carbon cost which would have better been spent by locating it at a more productive site … if Grouse Mountain really wanted to be Green then they could just turn off their lights when there is no night skiing. No cost, carbon or dollars, but that would be like turning off the lights on a billboard ... Can we please get some investigative journalism instead of Press Release regurgitation?” (To access Mr. Wilson’s full comments, google: "journalism instead of Press Release regurgitation" Straight and then scroll down the Straight’s web page.)

In September 2012, inside the view room of the Eye, after a short conversation and sensing a similar world view, I exchanged cards with another visitor. Only after leaving the structure did I read the card and realize I had been talking to the author of Green Illusions, Ozzie Zehner. A chapter on wind power in the book is titled “... Flurry of Limitations - Wind Power.” Zehner's central thesis that resonates with my own view: “We don’t have an energy crisis. We have a consumption and leaky bucket crisis. The supposed clean energy sources have real problems.”
See/ hear Zehner at

If Grouse Mountain Resort is serious about going alone on their electricity needs why not install three more turbine rides and then call themselves a Farm and be self sufficient year round?

Public Safety
A spin off of  Wind Turbine

Demographically, and ignoring overseas visitors stats, Grouse Mountain Resort's repeat customers are from Metro Vancouver.  Wouldn't it be 'nice' for GMR to donate refundable containers purchased by all customers .... to needy, and local, public school programs from the District which issued the development permits without the (November/Min. 30 litres per $1) Chevron strings attached?

Grouse Mountain recycles. We operate a proprietary recycling station separating non-refundables (glass, plastic, metal) and a battery recycling program for employees. Our cardboard is recycled weekly. Every Tuesday, Grouse Mountain’s refundable containers are donated to Collingwood School. All employees use re-usable cups for beverages and there is an environmental fund for those who use disposable cups. Tickets for General Admission, Download and Winter Lift are made from recycled stock from Canada Ticket.

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Can you See what I see?

Alternate Captions welcomed
Can you See What I See?
BC Forest Falling not Burning, no photo ops
Mike Duffy?
Nigel Wright?
Ray or Chris?

Conservatives - Friendly Fire eg. Ford for Prime Minister

Upper Levels - Lonsdale August 29 2015

Disaster Response Route

Root to the South covered with Asphalt, North side covered by the Disaster Response Road

Lower Mainland Disaster Response Route Map

A Third Crossing from the North Shore

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Plecas 'Pete' rides shotgun over BC Ministry of Children and Families twice: Mavis Flanders 18 Years ago and Now

Informal:  Plecas 'Pete'      Formal name calling Robert S. Plecas

We're really not sure whether all of the Ministers in the BC Liberal Government are being led astray with misinformation in the BC Legislature, or just the two:  Terry Lake: Health Researcher Firings and one Death.    Stephanie Cadieux:  Ministry of Children and Families placement of children with their bent Father rather than their trust-worthy Mother.

Merv Adey at BC Veritas
There are problems with this appointment. Here are a few, but before reading further, consider that the court’s finding is that children were abused over a couple of years due to the MCFD workers disputing the judges previous finding that there was risk of abuse, due to MCFD misleading police, and ignoring an existing court order to enforce supervised visits only for the father.

Historically, 1997, Plecas 'Pete' offered three questions that are just as applicable to 2015
 There are three questions I will answer.

1. Did any staff member mislead you, deliberately or not, based on the information they had in their possession at the time they reported?

2. What happened that caused you to be provided with information that you subsequently supplied to the Legislative Assembly that proved to be wrong?

3. Was this a case of suspect practice, or, were staff covering up information to protect either themselves, or the Ministry or you as Minister, or, all of the above?

Nothing Learned, Nothing Gained




Plecas Releases Report on Mavis Flanders (39) Case

VICTORIA - Information on the Mavis Flanders case provided to the minister was incomplete because the file was incomplete, Ministry for Children and Families deputy minister Bob Plecas says in his report released today into how information was provided to the minister in days following Flanders' death last March.

"I have concluded that no one deliberately misled or withheld information from the minister," said Plecas. "I have determined that the minister was provided with the best information available at the time by staff who were working with the best of intentions. There was no ill motive on behaviour of staff.

"As deputy minister, I accept full responsibility for the information the minister was given."

Plecas found poor case practices - identified in the children's commissioner report and through an internal review - led to the gaps in information provided to the minister. Recommendations from both reviews are now being implemented.

The children's commissioner review, which looked at the involvement of all agencies involved with the family, was released June 27. The internal review focuses on ministry policy, practices and procedures and provides recommendations for improvement. Recommendations from the internal review include:

    joint training in risk assessment mad in dealing with alcohol and drug addicted parents for both native court workers and ministry staff
•  developing and adopting standards for contracted agencies, including homemaker services
•  moving ahead with a system of integrated case management that ensures better communication among service providers

• ensuring systems are in place to better track key decision points in a case, such as at the end of a supervision order

"We have all learned a great deal from the thorough reviews of the tragic life and death of Ms. Flanders and we are working to ensure the circumstances are not repeated in the future," said Plecas. "Despite the difficulties we encountered in this case, we will continue to encourage a culture within the
ministry that is open and accountable."



For more information contact:

Chris Ewasiuk
Communications (250) 356-1775 (Victoria)

Ninety-Seven Page Report  1997
Conclusion Remarks

My report is finished and we are left with the question of accountability. In my view it lies with myself, your Deputy Minister. I accept it and offer you my apology.

However, I do not feel to go further is in the best interests of the Ministry, or for the job we have at hand. It is time to get on with it. We do not need further studies or reviews--we need to learn from this and get on with the hard work. 

As I said earlier there are three resources needed to do any job; people, money and time. While it is always nice to have more of the first two, the most important for us right now is time. Time to change the culture.

Time to fully implement risk assessment and integrated case management.

Time to close the gap between what we know has to be done in these areas and
what is actually happening on the ground, at the front line worker level.

Time to change a cloistered approach to an open one.

Time to implement early intervention strategies.

And finally time to get beyond blame.

Robert S. Plecas
Deputy Minister


 Page 16 of 565
 the road back from hell
Page 94 of 565

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Greek Tragedy 2011; Repeated in 2015

It is a slow day in a little Greek Village. The rain is beating down and the streets are deserted.

Times are tough, everybody is in debt, and everybody lives on credit.

On this particular day a rich German tourist is driving through the village, stops at the local hotel and lays a €100 note on the desk, telling the hotel owner he wants to inspect the rooms upstairs in order to pick one to spend the night.

The owner gives him some keys and, as soon as the visitor has walked upstairs, the hotelier grabs the €100 note and runs next door to pay his debt to the butcher.

The butcher takes the €100 note and runs down the street to repay his debt to the pig farmer.

The pig farmer takes the €100 note and heads off to pay his bill at the supplier of feed and fuel.

The guy at the Farmers' Co-op takes the €100 note and runs to pay his drink bill at the tavern.

The pub owner slips the money along to the local prostitute drinking at the bar, who has also been facing hard times and has had to offer him "services" on credit.

The hooker then rushes to the hotel and pays off her room bill to the hotel owner with the €100 note.

The hotel proprietor then places the €100 note back on the counter so the rich traveler will not suspect anything.

At that moment the traveler comes down the stairs, picks up the €100 note, states that the rooms are not satisfactory, pockets the money, and leaves town.

No one produced anything.
No one earned anything.
However, the whole village is now out of debt and looking to the future with a lot more optimism.

And that is how the bailout package works!

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Prime Minister Harper Oath of Office: "I shall keep SECRET all matters committed by PMO Staff & Mike Duffy

Each time Prime Minister Stephen Harper steps up to the podium to talk about what he'll do during his next mandate, the first question from the pre-selected journalist pool is: 'What did you know about Nigel, Ray, and Ben dealings regarding Senator Mike Duffy kickback scheme of $90,000?'

His answer is scripted to fit his Oath of Office when it comes to SECRETs.   Harper would be breaking the law of the land if he stated exactly how much he knew.

I, Stephen Harper, do solemnly and sincerely swear that I shall be a true and faithful servant to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, as a member of Her Majesty's Privy Council for Canada.  I will in all things to be treated, debated and resolved in Privy Council, faithfully, honestly and truly declare my mind and opinion.

I shall keep secret all matters committed and revealed to me in this capacity, or that shall be secretly treated of in Council.

Generally, in all things I shall do as a faithful and true servant ought to do for Her Majesty.

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Evergreen Line Single Bore vs Twin Bore: The Winner Single = value for money, yeah but the 'pig' is stuck in the pipe

For those (Metro Vancouver Mayors and Premier Clark and Minister Fassbender) who are halfheartedly looking forward to the Evergreen tunneling to continue, but with the drill bit pig stuck half way and Sink Holing happening too ....... the preferences of a single-bore tunnel versus twin-bore is turning out to be a major fiasco, eh.

The use of a single-bore tunnel is expected reducing schedule risk and allowing the work to finish ahead of the required schedule;
The significant factors in achieving this value for money include:

• The use of a single-bore tunnel, as opposed to the twin-bore tunnels envisaged in the reference concept. This approach is expected to result in a shorter time to bore the tunnel, significantly reducing schedule risk and potentially allowing the work to finish ahead of the required schedule;

•EGRT Construction has accepted the risk of geotechnical conditions in the tunnel within its fixed price – the DB comparator assumed that the Province would share this risk and retain significant contingency to cover it; and

• EGRT Construction has included efficient private financing including a mechanism that matches private finance to the month-by-month credit requirements of the Project.
PartnershipBC Evergreen

PartnershipBC Modular Classrooms

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If one Drone can keep fleet of firefighting planes at bay, why go for the $45.8 Billion dollars for 65 F-35s?

Have Drones been dropping cigarette butts beside the road to start the massive BC fires this year?

Firebrand Amazon to deliver UPS packages?
CBS News  AND Video

65 F-35 costs

Pete McMartin on Drones

Pete and Derek's example of a Drone

Letter to the Editor    Vancouver Sun
Re: Drone grounds aircraft fighting fire near Oliver, Aug. 17

The incident of a drone prompting the suspension of aerial forest firefighting for five hours is unacceptable. But rather than “the RCMP working to find the drone … or its operator,” why didn’t they use a shotgun to quickly take the illegal drone out of the air? The same shoot-first-ask-questions-later approach should be taken for drones within the Vancouver International Airport no-fly zone.


Port Moody

Then there is the Amazon Drone Flight School near Abbotsford Airport

Below Red Line to within 2,000 feet USA border
                 (Americans refused to allow Amazon Drone test flights)

Only in Canada

It's a win-win situation for Canada's security forces.  Amazon Canada gets to test their Drones on Canadian Soil where they are not subject to USA stringent regulations on the weapons of mass destruction while at the same time technicians at Abbotsford Air Port get to track the devices knowing where they are exactly.

According to Transport Canada, the testing licence given to the Canadian-owned arm of Amazon went into effect on Dec. 17 and is good for a year. It specifies the drones' maximum altitude, minimum distances from people and property, operating areas and requirements for co-ordinating with air traffic services.  CBC

Amazon has acquired a plot of open land lined by oak trees and firs, where it is conducting frequent experimental flights with the full blessing of the Canadian government. As if to underline the significance of the move, the test site is barely 2,000ft from the US border, which was clearly visible from where the Guardian stood on a recent visit.

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Surveillance camera would have caught Premier Christy Clark running a Red light, conclusively. A discarded piece of paper at the Rock Creek forest fire...?

Okay, maybe the Rock Creek fire was started by a cigarette, but can the surveillance camera that Premier Christy Clark says exists, prove conclusively, that it was that particular butt that started the fire.  Was there more than one cigarette thrown out from a variety of cars, or a hiker threw it down or was it a discarded glass bottle lying in the ditch, magnifying the power of the Sun onto the tinder dry surroundings?

Anonymous Comment:  The Passenger did it, Not the Driver

Photograph by: Jonathan Hayward, THE CANADIAN PRESS

The Premier has the authority to run the license plate through the ICBC database but all that will prove is the time in which something was thrown out the window. What if the driver of that vehicle claims he threw a piece of paper out the window, or a wrapper off the cigarette, how much is the fine for littering?

The evidence of the cigarette will be toasted to ashes, scrap paper consumed too by the inferno.

The Premier almost has it right though, surveillance cameras can be used as a deterrent to those persons who still haven't got the message on LITTERING.

With posted signs and media advertising to boot Transportation Minister Todd Stone can make the bold claim that his Ministry has installed video cameras throughout the province, including the Highway of Tears, and, to insure that he isn't treading on the privacy rights of the citizens, more signs, offering an alternative road to a highway that is not under constant watch.

Whether we shop in a mall or a bank or travel by inland ferry/terminals, or highways, users of those facilities and infrastructures must be informed that they are under surveillance 24/7 (100% funding would be made available through CSIS)(Terrorist threats).

Global News
Premier Christy Clark says the Rock Creek fire, which has destroyed 29 homes and displaced hundreds of people throughout the region, may have been started by a carelessly discarded cigarette butt.
“If you are found to have been throwing a cigarette butt out of your car, perhaps one of the penalties available should be that we should be able to take away the use of your car for a period of time,” she said.
 It’s believed the person who allegedly threw the butt might have been caught on surveillance camera – but the incident is still under investigation.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

BC Wildfires started by Nature and the nature of Man: the smoking 'gun' cigarette

Which would be the more picturesque route to take between Kamloops and Metro Vancouver this weekend?

Current locations of hot spots

Current Active locations of fires

Flaming Active  Fires

Wildfire Management
BC Weather Stations

Interactive Map

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Flood Plains of BC and in particular, heavily populated Metro Vancouver, Bella Coola, Pemberton

This started out to be a Post about Kinder Morgan pipeline Washout Anomalies and then the thought process came around to Rivers overflowing their banks near a Rocky Mountain coal mine, or at least trying to wash away Man's endeavours to control Mother Nature's wrath (Climate Change).

Rusted area was Never Painted, Pitty

The plain truth though is that all it would take to throw a monkey wrench into the grand schemes of the BC Liberals economic wealth in our time would be for one those LNG tankers heading for, or away from, WesPac Tilbury LNG plant Turntable to punch a hole through a Richmond Dike.

Flood Plains of British Columbia KMZ file

Sea Level Rise and Climate Change Post 2014

Metro Vancouver and points East

Behind Dikes (not prepped for Climate Change)
In the Mauve
In the Wet and in Debt if ....

Bella Coola and Hagensborg

Steve, for clarification on flood plain control Bella Coola

Orange Lines on Mauve are 'Dikes'

Red Line on Mauve 'Protection'  the high and the low of Bella Coola


Squamish, Whistler and Pemberton

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Mary Polak 'Closing the Gap' on Environmental Court Penalties, delaying loses $900,000

It's so easy for the BC Liberals to find a way to write off outstanding fines to the tune of $900,000 and then at the same time tell school boards that they have to live within the money they receive from government or cut, cut, cut their budgets.

Here's a Special Report on Overdue Environmental Court Penalties  (2004 - 2012).

Minister Mary Polak name names for Court Ordered violations of Acts for as little as $15.

If the Minister had started collecting the fines back in 2004, the companies wouldn't have been dissolved, nor the deceased persons dead, eh

Closing the Gap   
August 2014 Update Since the release of the Closing the Gap strategy:

1 The first priority was to determine what was collectable and eliminate fines for dissolved companies and fines for deceased persons where there was no possibility to collect.

2 It took time to locate those who owed money, and then determine the best avenue for collection.

3 After much effort, it was found that almost $900,000 could never be collected, and so this amount was written off government books.

4 Staff are now able to concentrate efforts to collect outstanding fines, and hold those accountable for their actions.

5 Property liens were placed against those who owe.

6 Hunting and angling licences were revoked.

7 Since the Closing the Gap strategy was announced, a number of individuals have come forward and paid their fines in full, erasing their names off the public list that identifies those with overdue court penalties.  (Bribery of Government officials)

8 A dozen individuals are now participating in payment programs, working to pay their fines in full.

9 So far, over $106K has been collected, and more is coming in.

10 The Canada Revenue Agency is assisting the Province to collect outstanding environmental penalties through personal and corporate income tax.

British Columbia is the first jurisdiction in North America to take a tough stance on unpaid environmental penalties by naming names and taking away privileges as part of this strategy, helping to increase the collection of fines.

There is no question – there is still a lot of work to do – but the Province is committed to pursuing all avenues of collection and to increase the collection rate going forward.

Out of 136 entities, 100 are related to the Wildlife Act.

Why single out those who haven't paid but 'protect' those that have paid?

A violation is a violation.

(Payment data is current as of June 20, 2014)

6 Businesses probably a lot more.

#1  487825 BC Ltd  Penalized in 2002 for $35,000, outstanding $34,000 Ecoweeks
#2   Pasin Industries
#3   Sable Resources      Financial Statements   No mention of an outstanding Fine
#4   Speedy Excavating      Asbestos Removal  Environment Penalty WorkSafeBC
#5   The Straw Farm Ltd
#6   Valleyview Enterprises Ltd
100 Wildlife infractions $270,076

Altogether $511,318

Thursday, August 6, 2015

BC Hydro Site C: Rich Coleman's 'Indirect Jobs' of BoomBoatDebrisBusters: Made in the USA by Worthington

 Hey, that's Rich .... Coleman,  his first component for Site C is manufactured in Ohio, and it's not included in those statistical spin off jobs for British Columbians, right? Spin Doctoring, eh.

November 4, 2014 for 2015

The ink is barely dry on your decision, May 1, 2015 .....
Provided below is a description of the updated safety boom design. A separate Section 9 application under the Water Act has been submitted for the installation of anchors within the Peace River. Authorizations for the described public safety booms are also currently being applied for under the federal Navigation Protection Act and Fisheries Act.


A total of 92 buoys will be installed among the three public safety booms: 40 for public safety boom 1; 32 for public safety boom 2; and 20 for public safety boom 3.


The call it:  Heavy Duty Boatbouster axle ..... what's a bouster?


November 4, 2014