Friday, January 30, 2015

Has 'Buy America' decided the fate of Alaska State Ferries in Prince Rupert AND NITC?

Can anyone imagine the International Suspension Bridge being built by half measures?

Southern Half with American steel; Northern Half supplied by China or India

OTTAWA - The Canadian government is threatening to block a U.S. construction project in British Columbia after the state of Alaska rejected Ottawa's demands that it ditch the project's Buy America restrictions.

International Trade Minister Ed Fast says an order was signed today under the Foreign Extraterritorial Measures Act regarding Alaska's plan to build a new ferry terminal in Prince Rupert exclusively with American iron and steel.

Meanwhile back in Windsor and Detroit:
The New International Trade Crossing (NITC), or Detroit River International Crossing (DRIC), is an international construction project and committee between Canada and the United States to create a new border crossing over the Detroit River. The crossing, as proposed, will connect Detroit and Windsor by linking Interstate 75 and Interstate 94 in Michigan with the new Windsor–Essex Parkway connection to Highway 401 in Ontario. This route will provide uninterrupted traffic flow, as opposed to the current configuration with the nearby Ambassador Bridge, which connects to city streets on the Canadian side.

'Buy America' hasn't blockaded the Alaska contract on Canadian Soil.   Canada's Foreign Extraterritorial Measures Act has.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Shaky: E&N Railway Bridges on same footings as SRBC contract negotiations with employees?

Model Train enthusiasts building bridges that look like a billion dollars.
Summerland Museum
Google Search for Clubs Metro Vancouver


A Report on Vancouver Island's Southern Railway of British Columbia rail infrastructures provides excellent how-to diy drawings for authentic HO Train bridges.  All they need is a copy of that Report or two, one should be enough to raise the concerns of the communities that lie in the path of the real  E&N Railway line.

Two years ago BNSF had their own problems:
Detailed new photos show state of aging BNSF Bridge in South Surrey as potential recipe for disaster.    -  Laila Yuile's No Strings Attached

E&N Assessment Reports    Four held in trust by MoT if you can find them
The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure and the Island Corridor Foundation have released a comprehensive assessment of the condition of the 48 bridges and trestles on the E&N rail corridor between Victoria and Courtenay, including two structures on the Wellcox spur between the main line and the Nanaimo harbour. The railway bridge structures range in date of construction between 1906 and 2010. The objectives of the study were to:
  • assess the load carrying capacity of the bridges
  • estimate potential rehabilitation/replacement costs required to the bridges to support rail operations to the end of year 2021, with further estimates of bridge rehabilitation/replacement costs to the years 2031 and 2041.

E & N Railway Bridge Inspections 2011
579 Pages

 Get your scale rulers out:
Page 344 Merged with 345
Page 578 and 408 of 579
Page 374 of 579
Page 373 of 579
Page 550 of 579

Friday, January 23, 2015

Penticton HNZ Topflight's Chief Flying instructor: "If you asked the bighorn sheep, how many generations have been listening to helicopters?"

There has to be something missing in the dialogue between the Vancouver Sun reporter Larry Pynn and the chief flying instructor Tim Simmons for HNZ Topflight: 
Simmons argued that the sheep in Snowy have become accustomed to the training flights over the years and are not stressed as sheep would be experiencing helicopters for the first time. “If you asked the bighorn sheep, how many generations have been listening to helicopters? Much like deer in Penticton, they’re completely used to what they see and hear in their environment.” 

A Conversation overheard between the CFI of HNZ and a bighorn sheep:

Just Asking:

"When did you first stop paying attention to HNZ helicopters?"  Baaaaaa!

"Aha!  Never!"

"How many Generations ago?"

Charles Darwin would probably be amazed that deer Bambi and sheep lambs have made an evolutionary leap frog bypassing youth and arrived fresh from the womb as Rams and Ewes.  How else to explain their having no knowledge of early life stresses involving helicopters.  Blocked it out from butting heads.

The lifespan of bighorn sheep in British Columbia is 14 years.

BC Conservation Status Report pegs their life span as  ........ 18 years, which is equivalent to 3 generations.

The easier way to look at how much helicopters have been pestering the Bighorn sheep is to count the number of years the machines have been in existence, especially by the BC Forest Service fighting fires.
72 years ago the helicopter arrive; 14 year life span of bighorn sheep means that there has been Five Generations listening to Helicopters.

In those same 72 years there has been one generation of humans listening to helicopters, second generation for 36 years, third generation for 7 years and if the chief flying instructor were to talk to us we would say that his aircraft does create stress within our communities, why else would YVR have a noise tracker monitors?  Why indeed would there be a Press release this very morning on excessive noise being monitored on either side of Burrard Inlet?

BC Crown Milk Marketing Board donated to BC Liberal Party election coffers

May 1, 2009: Just before the BC provincial election the BC Milk Marketing Board made a donation to the BC Liberal Party

FRPC Contributions
Google Search Criteria:

BC MILK MARKETING BOARD BC Blaine Gorrell, Ken McCormack, financial statements

Are there other Crown Corporations making 'Special Project' donations to the BC Liberal Party?

We can't find the $2,000.

Elections BC may have made an error?

Powers and Duties Review of the BC Milk Marketing Board
In January 2014, in accordance with the Natural Products Marketing (BC) Act (NPMA) and BCMMB regulations, the BC FIRB directed the BC Milk Marketing Board (Board) to conduct a review of the continued appropriateness and adequacy of the Powers & Duties of the Board and report its findings to BC FIRB.


BC Farm Industry Review Board oversees BC Milk Marketing Board

Google Search Criteria: BC Farm Industry Review Board John Les

In 2010 Norman Farrell covered other Crown Corporation along with the Milking Board
....There are a few specific donations shown on the Liberal election return that need further review. For example, the BC Milk Marketing Board donated thousands. I object because that donation gets passed back to milk consumers in the form of higher prices. The BC Government created that agency, why is the governing party receiving money from them? Another payment seems strange. It was $20,000 from the "Hazardous Waste Joint Trade Training Trust Fund." I don't know what kind of Trust that is but I doubt that contributing to the BC Liberals election fund is appropriate. Anyone know more? ....

Hazardous Waste Joint Trade Training Trust Fund..... $20,000 to BC Liberal Party in 2009 and in
2013 a change of allegiance of two cheques totaling $20,000 to the BC NDP 

There are a few specific donations shown on the Liberal election return that need further review. For example, the BC Milk Marketing Board donated thousands. I object because that donation gets passed back to milk consumers in the form of higher prices. The BC Government created that agency, why is the governing party receiving money from them? Another payment seems strange. It was $20,000 from the "Hazardous Waste Joint Trade Training Trust Fund." I don't know what kind of Trust that is but I doubt that contributing to the BC Liberals election fund is appropriate. Anyone know more?
- See more at:

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Enbridge Northern Gateway 'Discrete Geohazards' outnumber Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline ...but

.... but that doesn't mean Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain 'Discrete Geohazards' aka 'Anomaly' or 'Anomalies' pipelines are safer than Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline.

Enbridge GeoHazard List is longer, much longer in detail than  Kinder Morgan.  Has KM skimped on the details and then claiming immunity .... for reasons of security?  Actually KM only provides the Ten Highest GeoHazards, their number may be much higher than Enbridge's 363 Geohazards.

American Society of Mechanincal Engineers  (ASME): 

Pipeline Integrity Analyses for Construction in Mountainous Areas

Exacerbated by complex routing and profile, pipelines constructed in mountainous areas are at risk to develop significant uplift in the soil at bend locations during hydrostatic testing and initial operating cycles. If such uplift displacement accumulates during subsequent operating cycles, a phenomenon known as ratcheting, the pipe may eventually fail by upheaval buckling.


Page 97











 363 Geohazards

Hoult Creek and Upper Kitimat Valley appear to be the most 'difficult' sections for Enbridge


Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain 

Page 24




Ferrebeekeeper blogger:Grapefruit: inhibits the activity of a human metabolizing enzyme CYP3A4

CPYP3A4???  I thought Grapefruit needed sugar to sweeten the taste buds.

ferrebeekeeper blogger explains all things nature has created, Man included

Monday's topic was Grapefruit, never the sweetest fruit treat to start the morning off.

I had forgotten the one liner that a London Drugs pharmacist told me to stay away from when taking my meds.  Grapefruit!   Wish I had that as an excuse as a youngster, but then I was independently healthy.

 The Forbidden Fruit….Grapefruit?

Grapefruit is one of my favorite fruits.  Incongruously I associate the sweet semi-tropical fruit with the most bitter part of winter.  When I was growing up (on a hill farm in central Appalachia), we had crates of the big yellow citruses during winter–an annual gift from some unknown relative.  ......


..... Grapefruits are healthy fruits filled with vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants, and other possibly wholesome phytochemicals (to say nothing of fiber) however they also contain a chemical which inhibits the activity of a human metabolizing enzyme CYP3A4.  This not-very-euphonically named enzyme allows the liver and the intestine to break down drugs–so grapefruit are potentially dangerous to people taking certain prescription medicines.  According to pharmacologists, more than 40% of drugs can interact with grapefruit!  This sort of thing is why biochemistry is so interesting and challenging!  Maybe there is a rightful reason grapefruit should be called forbidden fruit…but until the doctor actively forbids it, I am going to go have some more…

Skeddadle along to ferrebeekeeper for everything you ever needed to know about Grapefruit and other topics like bees

Monday, January 19, 2015

A Translink Death Tax? BC Ferry next

In a recent Provincial election, 2009, Kash Heed became a trusted MLA even though those around him were promoting an idea on the sly that the NDP would implement a Head Death Tax.  No truth to the NDP tax but the false and blatantly misleading pamphlet advertisements to a select ethnic group written in their language, not English or French, did win the day for the BC Liberal Party.

Canada Post objected most strenuously to their being used for delivering fraudulent material, they went so far as to contact the RCMP.    Is that why Harper wants to stop home deliveries?

The fallout wasn't enough to unseat Kash Heed, but shortly after his win he did lose his Solicitor General Cabinet Seat, 2 times, and ended up as a Minister of whatever that was tossed to him by Premier Gordon Campbell.   For those around Heed, Barinder Sall and Dinesh Khanna, they lost their freedom and reputations as do gooders for their communities.

Where is Mr. Sall, and Mr. Virk, and Mr. Basi?

This side of the household we're voting NO to funding Translink that wants to top up the Sales Tax in Metro Vancouver to help their bottom line.  The other side of the household says:  Think of our children, not just ours, Metro Vancouver children's children, we need to reduce the amount of cars on the roads by providing more efficient transportation.  (... like highways???)

Fair enough, but why should I have to pay a sales tax on something that I'll probably not live to enjoy, especially the big ticket items?   Deas Island Tunnel replaced with a Bridge?  More traffic being dumped onto Vancouver's Oak and Granville streets with nowhere to go? Will I even have a valid driver's license in ten years?  Will I be in a state of mind that I'll be required to be chauffeured to the south side of the Fraser River and still pay the new toll?   Evergreen Line, I have no need to go that way, unless there's an inexpensive nursing home at the final destination.  

We know what happens when Translink gets their hands on these new fangled untested electronically operated lines, including Compass Card technology, densification abounds around the stations, not so much with bus stops, but Canada Line, Sky Train, Evergreen will surely follow, and then of course there's the extended line to Surrey, criminal haven of Canada!

It wasn't until I was pushed out of the nest to find myself in another, one that has been home for forty years on the North Shore, that my goal in retirement, now, is to tinker ...... a three legged bench, laminated on a home made form:
Three legs stops it from tipping, and besides, its unique, a challenge

.......without having to be pushed out of this nest because prices of maintaining a home and workshop are skyrocketing, and if I have a chance to say NO, ENOUGH is ENOUGH then my one vote will end up being nullified by the other voter saying YES.

One house, two votes.  Yeah/Nay  correction  Yea/Nay  

It's like this, in my thirties I often checked the Obits to see how my elders were doing, and seeing as how my circle of friends was small, life looked GOOD.   Getting older means that the circle has become much larger, and the obit pool bigger and at an alarming rate.

Not saying I want to leave, not knowing what's beyond, knowing what's here and will be left behind until caught up, but why should I pay a tax now for something that I will not enjoy until after the next seven, or even twelve years?    The key word is 'enjoy'.   Ten years of building, no joy there, not even the promised lower rates from BC Hydro's Site C dam soon to be named after Senator Gordon Campbell, backing him up will be his reservoir: Christy Clark.  Bill Bennett be damned.

Why not live the good life eh, the way one journalist David Black was promoting Site C in 2004:

Peace River dam provides a powerhouse of opportunity
David Black
Special to the Sun
Thursday, April 08, 2004

Recently The Vancouver Sun ran a front-page story that detailed concerns about the development of a potential power source, the Peace River dam known as Site C (BC Hydro resurrects Site C dam proposal, April 2). There is, however, another side to the story.

The Site C project is a major one. It will yield 900 megawatts of power, roughly 10 per cent of B.C.'s existing generation, which can be pre-sold for export or used within the province to replace power B.C. currently imports. The dam and power line construction will provide 8,000 person-years of much needed employment. The jobs will be filled by workers from all over the Interior and the north.

Site C is our least expensive source of large-scale new power generation. The over-all cost of the project is $2.2 billion and can be 100-per-cent self-financed by pre-selling the power for export, resulting in little financial risk. There will be a positive return on the initial investment.

The reservoir will flood 5,000 hectares, 500 of which are farmland. BC Hydro already owns the land. The project will replace the need for an equivalent amount of generation that could exacerbate global warming.  .......

REBUTTAL from Norman Farrell: Statistics corrected 
David Black was wrong, wrong, wrong on that one. No financial risk, eh? $2.2 billion in 2004 is $2.6 billion in 2014 dollars. In constant dollar terms, Site C is already budgeted at 325% more.  Additionally, there is no way it can be self-financed when its power will cost more than its customers will pay.


Death tax

One per cent would pay one per cent of their estate.  

The 99 per cent would pay one per cent of their estate.

All Causes

With a little tinkering the BC Liberals could bring in a Birth Tax to offset the losses on the missing Trillion dollar LNG royalties.

According to Stats Canada  Life Expectancy Charts eight years to reach my prime.  Eight years of paying taxes, and what will the BC Government continue to do .... Christy Clark will continue to bankroll outlandish salaries for her OIC appointees.  Amrik Virk was going to get that hiring job, but with his track record of loss of memory during Question Period ..... does he even know he has a new portfolio....

If the BC Liberals want to bring more deaths on in a hurry, cut back on funding for Health by eliminating the payment of royalties from natural resource companies.  Oh wait a minute they're already doing that.


the Father of Translink was Bill Bennett, son of WAC Bennett.

Want to know why?

The hardware, the Bus fleets were on the BC Social Credit books... DEBT

He off loaded onto Metro Vancouver, it became our DEBT, but controlled by Bennett now Todd Stone

Stone admitted as much last week when he told Shaw that “BC Ferries debt is not rolled up on the province’s bottom line. If that debt was on our bottom line, it would very potentially impact our credit rating and drive up borrowing costs. - Stephen Hume- Don't be told by ferry fair tale

We can't fine the quote from Social Credit Bill Bennett, but I remember reading it and now it looks like Transportation Minister Todd Stone has been reading old Bill's reasoning behind the downloading of HIS debt onto 'OUR' shoulders.

To paraphrase Bill Bennett
“Translink debt is not rolled up on the province’s bottom line. If that debt was on our bottom line, it would very potentially impact our credit rating and drive up borrowing costs. -

Letter to the Editor  North Shore News using the same quote.....

BC Ferry no longer needs to provide life jackets or life boats: Kinder Morgan emergency plans not needed either.

Just a bit of a knee jerk response here upon reading that Kinder Morgan has convinced the NEB that disclosure of emergency procedures should not be made public if there is an oil leak.   One key procedure 'evacuation zone maps' will not be made public.

That would be a good move that BC Ferry might want to consider, eliminate their evacuation zones eg. LifeBoats; eliminate signage in regards to life jackets and Muster Station locations.

BC Hydro, Site C and other dams should ..... too
Vancouver Sun
The full details of Kinder Morgan’s emergency management plans for the Trans Mountain pipeline will remain secret.

The National Energy Board (NEB) has rejected a demand from the B.C. government for Kinder Morgan to fully disclose the plans.

The province had argued they needed to see the entire plan to determine if the company could adequately respond to a spill for its proposed $6.5-billion expansion of the pipeline.
The secrecy of  Valve locations is a hot button for Kinder Morgan which seems strange when all one has to do is look at their applications to NEB on 'Anomalies' which includes the locations of the valves on the existing pipelines.

Then there is the remote emergency shutdown concerns.  If it's so remote then how is Kinder Morgan supposed to get to the Big Leak to put things back in order?
The company noted that since its pipelines are part of Canada’s critical infrastructure “it is not appropriate to file security sensitive information about facility operations and countermeasures.”

The 30 sections of the plan held back for security reasons included: remote emergency shutdowns and staffing for the Westbridge Marine Terminal, valve locations on the Trans Mountain pipeline and evacuation zone maps for its terminals and tank farms.

 Bring on the railcars, at least we know where they are, and can see flawed safety procedures such as the single hulled DOT-111 tankers.

Friday, January 16, 2015

A Professional photographer like Ansel Adams would have taken one Photo, not 394 and counting, BC Government's

There is a tendency with digital cameras to go overboard in attaining the best photo.  An exception to the rule is the person who didn't use a digital camera, not even a 35mm camera.

One roll of Negative (10), One Photo, One Day

 Ansel Adams 



Northern British Columbia has it's Wide Open Spaces too and Reports to be written

from notes while backpacking

we certainly wouldn't want to encourage this mode of transportation:

The Report:

 Peace Moberly Tract Draft Sustainable Resource Management Plan
Cameron Lake

 Sustainable Resource Plan 84 pages
Cover Photo without Credit given

Premier Christy Clark has shown the benefits of having slick click happy GCPE staff taking photo after photo after photo.   Keepsakes certainly, but there's always a tendency to blur the lines between Party and Government resources 50/50.    If the photos haven't been looked at for two years, or more, then it's time to turf them.  Surely the people in them have their own copies.


In a virtual world will not allow a link to a URL starting with 'ftp://ftp' and they certainly don't allow the jpg file name.  Access a Folder YES.

The only way to capture an image of how the BC Government was 'working' in 2005 is to use the good old fashion method of  Copy and Paste the URL link into a browser and then look for the file number/name in the Directory:



And if you're wondering if it's the same photo as above: YES



Infrared Abstract

YES and Same Directory


 Google Search Criteria: PMT SRMP Planning Table/PhotosOct25Trip/

Peace Moberly Tract  Field Trip(s)   (3)


How Many photos to get the Splash just Right?
YES  same Directory

Not Stream Keepers, eh
YES same Directory

Different Department


Time to Relax



Movie and Popcorn





 Cut and Paste URL 

The Movie, good, eh


A helicopter instead of multiple ATVs would have protected the environment, but the purpose of the Report was to satisfy the needs of  BC Hydro Site C project and Oil and Gas companies drilling rigs, and of course the Caribou.  There was an article in the Vancouver Sun this morning on the need to kill 185 wolves because they have been hunting the Caribou which are in limited supply.


Peace Moberly Tract   Sensitive Areas
  adjacent to Site C 

 pmt11x17-sensitive.jpg Moberly_ Tract/Maps/jpegs/

Trumpter Swan Pairs with Broods, Warbler


Site C Potential Reservoir in Ten years


pmt11x17-tenures.jpg Moberly_ Tract/Maps/jpegs/

Tenures Water, Wind, Drilling, Logging, Commercial Recreation