Saturday, March 30, 2013

Long Weekend: Time to READ a Movie!

Great, A long weekend for the Under 65, just another day for Over 65.

Libraries, Metro Vancouver in General,  North Vancouver in particular, borrowing  .... DVDs ......  there's Foyle's War (seen them five times already),  Morse (the same), Jack Frost (Again the same amount of times).... but, finally a new "to us"  Detective series....:

"Detective Montalbano" .... He cooks, He Never does the Dishes, apparently, nor makes the bed,... he's got a great sense of humour, good company with all and .... he likes Wine, lots of Bottles of ........ wine, must be safer than Water ..... enjoys a good, three or four times a day ... and always without talking during the meal..... Talking is either BEFORE, or AFTER.

Excellent Swimmer (so to the cameraman) by the looks of it. 

Nineteen segments... or maybe there's a few more that we've missed.

One true Love ..... Livia..... from the North of Italy... maybe.... a flight is required to connect Livia with Salvo Montalbano ..... which leaves the door open for other, potential, romances......  Ahhhhhhh!

The only reason we're passing this tip on to you is because in the last four months we haven't been able to put the "book" down.   And we're this close to "reading", the series TWICE.

The DVD is filmed on an Island called Sicily... and therefore, there's a lot of.... gestures, waving of hands, raised voices, meals on balconies, fading light, Mafia, Murder, and Mayhem..... the only part we're not sure of ..... is the towns' ... population ... taking siestas every time the cameras starts to roll ... or is it a matter of a sense we have, a feeling, that we're looking at a movie made on a shoestring budget  ..... no money for the Extras, the actors.

Oh and the best part is Detective Salvo Montalbano's abilitiy to combine all of the miscellaneous details into one Hell of good spellbinder.   

Typically the BBC (not us), have made their foreign films with English accented actors playing the roles of Italians or Russian or French.... most disconcerting... but this series, Detective Montalbano.... they all speak-a the Italian... the Sicilian ..... with real Italian Accents.

Last detail.... If you're ever thinking of travelling to Sicily, and you need to know a few words, .... or may we be so bold as to suggest the "word" .... Fluently....., then the BEST movie to READ, and Watch, is Detective Montalbano.... via the Subtitles.... You'll never take your eyes off of the screen!

  Wikipedia  .....Inspector Montalbano is an engaging hero – honest, decent and loyal. He has his own way of doing things, and his superiors regard him as something of a loose cannon. One of the strengths of the novels movies is Montalbano's ability to navigate through a murky world, a world of shady connections and favours owed and owing, without compromising himself beyond what he can live with. There is a great deal of humor in his character, but the subtext is hard criticism of the social and political situation of both the Sicilian and Italian contexts........

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

"Dead Cat Bounce" Twice - C.D. Howe on Mulroney's GST, Harper & Clark's HST??? ... employment drops for ten years

It's been another one of those days, while researching for another Post.  We came across one of those most memorable "quote of the day" documents ......   And it was written on a C.D. Howe  notepad in October of  2012.  Three years after Campbell and Hansen came up with the HST for British Columbia in 2009.

"OUR" HST was into put force July 1, 2010.  ......  and will be Put to rest on April 1, 2013.

What a wasted experiment!.... like that other experiment by the BC Liberals: Pacific Carbon Trust!  paid for out of the budgets of schools, universities, and hospitals.

Our line of thinking today is that C.D. Howe did have a negative opinion on what the HST would do to employment in British Columbia, and was ignored by the Gordon Campbell's BC Liberals.  The larger question is what if  C.D. Howe had been asked by Brian Mulroney as to the fortunes of his GST (as mentioned in his 1990 Throne Speech).   Employment increasing or decreasing?   Would C.D. Howe have predicted a similar drop of fives years or more.... of employment like they did for Our HST?  Would they have looked at the history of the Employment rates for Canada from 1976 to 1989 to determine whether it would increase the chances of his not stepping down as Prime Minister so that Kim Campbell (no direct relation to El Gordo) wouldn't get demolished in the Federal Election?

Did C.D. Howe look to the past before they offered their opinion in 2009?

What we have here is a document that explains what has happened since 1926, and it includes dates that we didn't know existed... except for Mulroney's GST implementation... and of course Campbell Do or Die implementation of the HST without discussing it during the lead up to the 2009 provincial election.

Commentary 366:  Turning Points: Business Cycles in Canada since 1926 spells it out on    Page 22 of  28:

...... Employment growth remained solid, however, until the second quarter of 1990, when it joined all the other economic indicators in four quarters of accelerating decline. Monthly GDP dropped sharply in April 1990, followed shortly by employment, which points to a cyclical peak in March 1990 (see Table 13). The contraction worsened significantly in the first quarter of 1991, when the combination of the Gulf War and the introduction of the goods and services tax (GST) sharply depressed consumer spending. Both real GDP and employment bounced back in the second quarter of 1991, raising hopes that recovery was under way, but in retrospect this was a classic example of a so-called Dead Cat Bounce. - Philip Cross and Philippe Bergevin

Mulroney's Conservative Government was well on their way to the bottom of the heap.... just like Gordon Campbell in 2009.....and it's taken the workforce of Canada 14 years to get back on their feet after good old Brian.

What kind of statistics will be written ten years from now, after Campbell/Clark's BC Liberals have finished destroying British Columbia?

Saturday, March 23, 2013

NVG's BC Liberal 2 poll Trend Down, from well before 2009 to 2013

We spent the afternoon using data from before 2009 and after, AND we used two different sources:

Rossk's:    The Gazetteer: 


Adrian MacNair's:    Unambiguously Ambidextrous

And then just at the last minute we hit the Microsoft's Excel TrendLine button, for each Party......

PS.... the data provided by the Pollsters isn't for every month, .... it appears to be done in the same fashion as the Historical Prime Rate..... if the data doesn't go up or down.... they just don't record it... and then when things really goes sideways they'll put two sets of data in one month..... we went for every month.... even if it meant using the same numbers till there was a change....either up or down.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

ShipPlotter: No Coast Guard? You too can Monitor Oil tanker traffic in Douglas Channel

Conversations over a Sunday morning Breakfast/Brunch at Burnaby's James Street Cafe and Grill covers many a topic.... from Morse Code to ... Semaphore (if Christy is looking for another way to skirt her Office's requirement according to the LAW which prohibits the shredding, deleting, burning of emails, documents, calendars, videos, notes, reports, etc..... MEMOs)  to Digital Decoders and eventually to digital decoder ship locations in Real Time.

For good measure we talked, He talked (same fellow) who came up with the Nelson "Galvania" Skalbania Post idea for the BlogBorgCollective ..... (Galvania's) using iron filings to "fertilize" the waters surrounding the Islands of Galapagos and Haida Gwaii.... DUMB move on the part of Planktos Corp., dumping 45 tons of the iron into the Galapagos, without consulting Marine scientists........ and then repeated their performance without informing the Federal Government of Canada.  Especially in light .... sunlight extremes between the two Islands.... Galapagos Island on the Equator.... with two seasons, SUMMER, and Haida Gwaii with two seasons WINTER.  

Mustn't forget to mention the other topic....keywords being:  Graph(ite) Accumulators... new technology.... with Toyota-like-Prius comes to mind because when that car's batteries goes DEAD, and they do, the price tag to replace the batteries is close to $4,000, and then there are the fees to dispose of them (the batteries)(extra).  Same holds true for the solar panels to assist the Province in creating access to BC Hydro's Net Metering (Smart Meter) system, whereby YOU, the homeowner, becomes an Independent Power Producer...... The problem lies not so much of the idea of having solar panels, typically on the roof of your abode, but more so with the storage of the accumulated energy.... the battery silos,  ..... like the Prius', need to be replaced.    The expected money"saved", is lost to maintenance charges.


ShipAIS and "Ship Plotter" are two programs (hardware required too) looks like the perfect devices to track tankers and other resource transportation vessels like those two puny tugs that Enbridge is supposed to be tagging, afore and astern, on the mammoth tanker vessels for the Northern Gateway Douglas Channel run between Kitimat and the Open waters of the Pacific Ocean. ..... to and fro.    The system would also open a new hobby, one that complements HAM operators and chasers of Police and Emergencies, with Scanners that currently exist......

 Ship Plotter

.......The AIS system faithfully reported all the ship, tug, and ferry traffic and since it was a clear day, it was easy to relate the display to the real world. All the shipping info and positions seemed to be very accurate. In fact, a tug was returning from berthing a ship and as I approached Oakland outer harbor from the opposite side of the container pier, I noticed the tug being plotted on ShipPlotter on the other side. I couldn't see the tug since it was on the other side of the pier but knew it was there and took action to avoid the tug as we both "popped" out at the end of the pier.

Sailing the Bay (San Francisco) on Sunday was easier as well especially with ShipPlotter accurately showing course & speed for the high speed ferry traffic (30 - 35 knots) coming south from Vallejo, CA.

As far as performance, ShipPlotter was plotting shipping as far out as 25 nm. Much farther than the radar. But, when the radar did detect a ship, it was easy to identify and track. .......
 Communities along the shores, between Prince Ruper and Hartley Bay, could use the software, and hardware, to supplement the non-existent Coast Guard vessels which were sent to Newfoundland's treacherous Green Water coastline, complete with Icebergs.

UPDATE:  Anonymous 6:00pm recommends.....   And it's certainly impressive!!!!  And... if you look from on high you can see the overall ship traffic going in, and out of the Port of Vancouver.... and then THINK about the marine traffic that is being proposed to go into Kitimat........

 There is one other source, the need to track up to date, real-time weather forecasts....real time???  HF Weather Fax Marine Radio

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

BC Mary (Mary Mackie) ... are you looking forward to the May Main Event?

'Mary, BC Mary, Mary Mackie, we just wanted to let you know that the Bloggers who showed up on the BC Rail scene, much later than you, wouldn't have had the inspiration to continue on, without that drive, that guiding force that you instilled within us..... all.'


Hmmmmm........If just One or Two leaked documents are having such a devastating effect on the BC Liberals what would happen if .... the Late BC Mary (The Legislature Raids) was given a fitting Award.......posthumously.  Not the one she already "received" upon her Passing, noted in Hansard by the BC Legislature MLAs, because although that Honour was said Sincerely enough, Respectfully enough, not all the MLAs on the Government side of the House, agreed.  The majority of the BC Liberals didn't, and they didn't agree with BC Mary's Last Wish either.

BC Mary comment: My wish for 2011, a Public Inquiry into the matter of alleged criminal negotiations which led to the loss of Canada's 3rd largest railway, a public asset of critical value to the health of the Province of British Columbia. 


One Day soon BC Mary, an Attorney General of British Columbia will appoint a BC Rail Commissioner to investigate those "Criminal Negotiations" that you speak of.   The How, the Who and the When.

An investigation that WILL expose the Shills of the past twelve years for what they are.

For those who are not familiar with BC Mary

 "......I know that criticisms have been leveled in some quarters that what Mary did was 'just' cutting and pasting.

Which is ridiculous on a whole lot of levels, but I will just deal with three of them here.

First, Mary wanted her site to be a living library where folks could go to get all sorts of information on Railgate that they could then sift through to find what they, themselves needed.

Second, and very importantly, in addition to the archiving Mary also broke stories of her own, sometimes thanks to her legion of Anon-O-Mice on the comment threads, sometimes thanks to her contributors, and sometimes thanks to her own off-line digging. Just ask Ian Mulgrew, Lucinda Chodan, or Gary Mason, to name a few.

Third, Mary also inspired others to go off and break their own stories. All kinds of those were from Robin Mathews, of course. But the one I remember most came from Laila and G.A.B., who beat the proMedia like a gong for about a week when they realized and published the true significance of something that popped-up in the pre-trial courtroom just before the gag order came down.
......" - RossK