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British Columbia Low Cost Housing: Take a GPS discovery tour of your local Flood Plain





Gauges Metro Vancouver to Hope

Gauges Metro Vancouver to Pemberton

Kamloops to Monte Creek Dykes

Kelowna to US border Dykes


Before Upgrade

Friday, August 11, 2017

New Order In Council (OIC) 249 - Justices of the Peace; (OIC) 258 - Rescinds Colin Hansen appointment

Number 32

 Full Text PDFs

OIC 247

OIC 248   Appointment of ....

OIC 249
Jade Allnutt
Maha Arnaut
Ola Athans
Janine Balogh
Liza Biggin
Donna Bigras
Lindsay Christian
Harjit Dhinjal
Amanda Ferguson
Kelsey Gray
Deborah Henry
Barry Lai
Danica Raguz
Shelley Stewart
Michelle Thomson
Nurgul Toichubekova
Alisa Tortolano

OIC 250

OIC 251

 OIC 252   By Striking out ...

 OIC 253  Appointment of ....

OIC 254  Appointment of ....

OIC 255  Appointment of ....

OIC 256

OIC 257

 OIC 258   Appointment Rescinded    Colin Hansen and Others

Google Search Criteria:  Clifford William Neufeld, Transportation Investment Corporation
Google Search Criteria:  Anne Marie Stewart, Transportation Investment Corporation
Google Search Criteria: Daniel Patrick Doyle, Transportation Investment Corporation

MO 259  Emergency Program Act

Thursday, August 10, 2017

WAC Bennett: 1958 Centenary; Revenue from Road-Users;

British Columbia document:  Revenue from Road-Users requires the public to know Google is capable of misspelling.  eg.  "Public In QIuiries Act" aka Public Inquiries Act

Google Search criteria: British Columbia Provincial Revenue from Road-users 1957

Columbia, 1948, entitled, "Public In Qluiries Act, " it is ... - BC Laws
Page 1 of 28

BC Legislative Library Horizon search: Public Inquiries Act  72 titles found


Royal commissions and special commissions appointed by Order in Council with returns relating thereto, 1946-1948. --

West Coast Oil Ports Inquiry??????
    ...... Proceedings at inquiry / West Coast Oil Ports Inquiry. -- by West Coast Oil Ports Inquiry (Canada), Thompson, Andrew R., 1925-, Allwest Reporting Ltd

The report for the hearings May 4, 1977 [v. 1] entitled: Preliminary hearings into the Kitimat Oil Port Inquiry : proceedings at preliminary inquiry.
Added title: v.2-17, 19-20, A public inquiry pursuant to Order-in-Council PC 1977 - 597 dated March 10th, 1977; v.18, 21-30, A public inquiry pursuant to part 1 of the Inquiries Act R.S.C. 1970, C.I-13 into proposed marine terminals and associated oil tanker traffic on the west coast of Canada.
A.R. Thompson, Commissioner.

Another link from the above:

West Coast Oil Ports Inquiry (Canada)


British Columbia Motive Fuel License Plates -


An important component of the road user revenues collected by the provincial government were taxes levied on the sale of gasoline.  In 1957, it was estimated that, of all the vehicle related revenue collected, the gas tax accounted for approximately 70.9%.
Policy-makers were concerned, however, that users of diesel were unfairly benefiting from the greater efficiency afforded by this fuel type, estimated to be between 40-65% more miles per gallon than cars or trucks of the same weight using gasoline.  It did not help that diesel-powered trucks were also seen to place an extremely heavy burden of the road system .
In order to ensure that diesel users .......



Thursday, August 3, 2017

Former BC LNG Advocate Gordon Wilson was hired on as a plumber but spent all his time installing light fixtures? A BC Jobs Plan graduate

 No wonder there are no written reports from Gordon Wilson.

Does Gordon Wilson have two trade tickets: Plumber (Pipefitter) and Electrician? Is he a member of a trade union or is he non-union?   BC Jobs Plan info

Did Premier Christy Clark hire an LNG plumber, or a BC Hydro electrician?
"I wasn't hired to write reports," Wilson said in an interview Tuesday.  "It's a bit like evaluating the work of your plumber by counting the number of light fixtures they put in.  My job was to act as an advocate for B.C. businesses, both First Nations and non-First Nations."

What is a non-First Nation?
Wikipedia:  In Canada, a non-status Indian is a legal term referring to any First Nations individual who for whatever reason is not registered with the federal government, or is not registered to a band which signed a treaty with the Crown.

Is a 'non-First Nation' the same as a 'non-status Indian'?

Is a 'non-First Nation' person everyone else who is neither 'First nation' nor 'non-first nation'?

Or the distinction Gordon Wilson is trying to make is that he advocated for First Nations, with a signed Treaty,  and with First Nations with a non-treaty status aka without a Treaty status?

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Wallpaper: BCRIC shares ARE worth more than Christy Clark's Prosperity Fund

Premiers Bill Bennett and Christy Clark.

Both had brothers that were never shown together in public.

Bill and Bill

Christy and Bruce Who   (BC Rail)  (Haida Gwaii Wind Farm)

Premier Bill Bennett's BCRIC shares actually made it into print whereas Premier Christy Clark Prosperity Fund written in Hot Air

 Vancouver Sun's Craig McInnes  February 25, 2013

Putting faith in LNG is like counting your chickens before they hatch - or banking on a future that may never arrive.

I put Premier Christy Clark's "plan" for a multibillion-dollar "Prosperity Fund" in the same category of wishful thinking. We don't have a single commitment yet for a major LNG export plant, yet we're already spending the money.


Christy Clark's Prosperity Fund claim ......  'the first of its kind in North America' 

It only makes her failure to get a deal done even worse because everyone knows that the USA started first, and they had the infrastructure in place.

LNG 101

Thursday, July 20, 2017

BC NDP Order-In-Council marching orders for: Brad, Jack, Judy and Barry

Number 30

2017-07-26    UPDATE OIC

 OIC 230
 OIC 231

2017-07-28   UPDATE OIC

OIC 232
OIC 233

2017-07-31  UPDATE OIC

OIC 234
 OIC 235

2017-08-01  UPDATE OIC

Kimberly Henderson
OIC 236

Gordon Wilson
OIC 237

Executive Council Regulation
OIC 238

Environment and Land Use Committee
OIC 239

Treasury Board
OIC 240

Bowin Ma Bio


Health   Tobacco and Vapour Product Control Act
MO 255

Vapour Enforcement Officer Interior

Easier to see all of the orders here, en-mass 

Resume of Orders in Council

Volume 44, Number 30

OIC No. 230 – 240
MO No. 251 – 255


If you want to keep track of the Order-In-Council  (OIC) being written out by the BC NDP ......

OIC Rescinded: BC Hydro: Brad Bennett and Jack Weisgerber
OIC 225

OIC 226

OIC 227

OIC 228

Call Brad Bennett Now and find out who picks up the phone!!!

Friday, July 14, 2017

Getting the Premier's Ear: The Concept Paper (For Gordon Campbell / Christy Clark)

If the public has never understood the Legislature, when bringing in new laws, or revamping old ones, then this document is the one to read, especially in light of a new Government.

Item 29  Getting the Premier's ear .....  Volume 44, Number 8   August 2013
Grades 10, 11 or 12 Social Studies, Civic Studies, Social Justice 12, Law 12

Students will select an issue and work through the process of creating a concept paper.

To develop an understanding of the process required to create a legislative bill.  To understand  that the concept paper is merely the first step in a more comprehensive process to develop legislation.  To engage in the process of initiating change.  To understand that legislative gives effect to government policy (a.k.a. decision).

Check out #30 too

It is Leff-tenant, not Loo-tenant

Check List

Plant, Byron King
Budget day traditions in British Columbia / by Byron Plant and Jennifer Bancroft ; Legislative Library of British Columbia. --
[Victoria, B.C.] : Legislative Assembly, [2009]
3 p. ; 29 cm.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

1882: British Columbia: Information for Emigrants: Climate and Resources

 "No words can be too strong to express the charm of this delightful land, where the climate, softer and more constant than the south of England, ensures as all times of the year a full enjoyment of the wonderful loveliness of nature around you,"    Speech of Governor-General The Marquis of Lorne, Victoria, 27th October, 1882

Province of British Columbia, Canada : its climate and resources; with information for emigrants.

 Page 8 of 65
 ..... Any smart, active, capable man, with only a little money, but accustomed to work with his hands, is sure to succeed in making a comfortable home.  Wages are very high; land, food, and house materials are still relatively cheap.  If such a settler has a strong heart himself, and is blessed with a common-sense wife used to country work, he may confidently look forward to becoming even rich.  He need not long remain in the condition of a labourer.  This certainty of rising in the social scale must stimulate the emigrant.  Many new avenues to success will be opened when the railways are finished, and men should be here to discover these for themselves.

Pages 11 & 12

Monday, July 10, 2017

If the BC Premier's Office "Public Key Contact" titles remain the same, and so too their phone numbers, will ...?

 .... those who are 'outside of government', but having enjoyed the BC Liberals Premiers ears for sixteen years, find themselves talking to the BC NDP staff?

Will the new government have access to the phone records of the Premier's office to see who has been calling?

Is there such a thing as a '404' error message to those dialing in .....?
Related Contacts:

» Office of the Lieutenant-Governor
» Legislative Assembly and Independent Offices
» The Judiciary
» The Executive Council
» Office of the Premier and Cabinet Office
» Ministries
» Crown Corporations
» Public Agencies

Will all of the BC Government links to the former Premier be wiped out along with all of the photo-ops?

 Has Flickr been informed?

Flickr, BC Government
The really bizarre happened when Christy Clark replaced Gordon Campbell.  Every photo of Campbell in relation to his achievements were immediately replaced with Clark as though she did it all for the BC Liberals.

Will the public now see Horgan's image where Clark was  .....?

Interesting comment from e.a.f. which left us making a suggestion in the use of the Internet Archive search engine:  Wayback Machine

We've always used  a complete url, a specific url that was used by eg. BC Liberal party on Events for fundraising.

Should have remembered the old saying: Keep it simple stupid!!!

bc liberals  =*/bc%20liberals*/

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

British Columbia Active Wildfires 2017 Map

UPDATE  2017-07-07  
This map is experiencing technical difficulties associated with high usage volumes. If you were expecting to see the Active Wildfires Map please visit: We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience as we work to resolve the issues.

Update  2017-07-09


2017-07-09  and Historical wildfires

Active Wildfires in British Columbia

Wildfires of Note

Current KML Wildfire Data for British Columbia

Then go to 'Current Fire Polygons - Outlined'
Williams Lake and 150 Mile House

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Emily Sanregret, 21, died in a marked crosswalk because Surrey didn't implement "Protecting people who walk and cycle"

Emily Sanregret Surrey
Pedestrian killed had complained about feeling 'invisible' in crosswalk before

Surrey is not alone.

Most British Columbian municipalities are included.

Their association UBCM, should be involved except that their focus is on speeding motorist, not motorist seeing pedestrians.

District of North Vancouver's action on this front is to put up more signs alerting motorists that there are pedestrians at the curbs.  The problem with their signage is that most motorists are not interested in reading signs, even if they come with a YELLOW background, BLACK printing of NEW.

The problem is that the expectant Green light that the motorist is waiting for, to proceed through, and/or turning left or right, happens at EXACTLY the same time that the Pedestrian light indicates its SAFE to WALK.

The answer:

 Changing the intervals between the Motorists Green light and the Pedestrian's White light is far less expensive in material and time resources than putting up signs that are ignored.

A BC Liberal government December 8, 2016 document was published to alleviate the pain but they  only went one third of the way on a promise of Three modules.

"Community Road Safety Toolkit Module    Protecting people who walk and cycle"

Leading Pedestrian Intervals  (Page 7 of 32)

  1. Leading pedestrian intervals, aka advanced green for pedestrians, are re-programmed intersection signal phases that provide pedestrians a head start of 3 to 7 seconds (or longer) over drivers, reducing the potential for driver-pedestrian conflicts and crashes. Given this is a proven and low-cost safety design, it should be strongly considered for widespread implementation.
Document Properties:
  1. This module is the first of what will ultimately be three modules of the BC Community Road Safety Toolkit. This first module focuses on road designs that work to better protect pedestrians and cyclists from motor vehicle-related injury. This module also contains information on strategies that encourage more people to walk, cycle and use public transit since shifting to these methods of transport decreases private car use and that, in turn, generates better road safety benefits. 
 Google Search Criteria:  BC Community Road Safety Toolkit

British Columbia: Four Minority Parties as of 2013

There's been a lot of traffic (by my standards)  to an old Post from just before the 2013 election which the BC NDP were poised to win, and didn't.

The 2017 talk of late is about the minority Government of the BC NDP, with the assistance of three Green MLAs in conjunction with the dismal performance by BC Liberal Leader Christy Clark's 2017 election campaign and in combination with her bizarre clone Throne speech.  Both items have left the small 'c' BC conservatives within the BC Liberal Party looking towards their future not being a minority party within another minority party (BC Liberals).

If Christy Clark has to face a leadership debate, and loses, then the only option for the new leader if he/she is not an MLA is to look to someone who is an MLA (on the BC Liberal side) to step down.

Would Christy Clark do a Gordon Campbell and resign?   ??? not likely unless there was a High Commissioner Carrot waiting in the wings in the hands of another Prime Minister of Canada.

If Christy Clark did resign her Kelowna-West-revolving-door-mla-seat it would once again be up for grabs, with two catches for the new Opposition Leader to win the seat.

The BC Liberals no longer being the government, no longer have access to the deep 2013 Treasury account pockets to offer a 'bona fide' job to another outgoing Kelowna-West MLA another job in China.

The BC conservatives could win the seat in Kelowna-West.

Question for the BC Legislature Clerk:

If the BC NDP / Green  coalitions works for one or two years, will the next Government be in for the remainder of the 2017 - 2021 term or would it be four years from 2018 or 2019 to 2022 to 2023?

March 23, 2013 Post

We spent the afternoon using data from before 2009 and after, AND we used two different sources:

Rossk's:    The Gazetteer: 


Adrian MacNair's:    Unambiguously Ambidextrous

And then just at the last minute we hit the Microsoft's Excel TrendLine button, for each Party......

PS.... the data provided by the Pollsters isn't for every month, .... it appears to be done in the same fashion as the Historical Prime Rate..... if the data doesn't go up or down.... they just don't record it... and then when things really goes sideways they'll put two sets of data in one month..... we went for every month.... even if it meant using the same numbers till there was a change....either up or down. 


Grant G said...
Nicely done.

We appreciate your hard work.

Thanks friend
Norm Farrell said...
Interesting. Will be discouraging to Liberal partisans. If the graph started January 2009, the trend lines would be even more discouraging to those folks.