Saturday, June 24, 2017

Just rolling along on the North Shore. Independent school's new garden fence.

 Update: 2017-09-10
3 piece gate

Since April we've been prepping the school garden area.  All that was needed was a new fence to replace the old one which was born eighteen years ago.

We've looked around on the internet but only found the same curve being used repetitively, or flipping and flopping the curve alternatively.

We wanted a fence that is unique.

A fence to run a hand along.

Not steeple topped pickets.

Not flat topped boards.

A fence that would not restrict the view of a person, young or old, ... too short to see over.

Eight panels: Two days per panel to build.

Sun Dial time


Vancouver Waldorf School


2 X 6 X 8 cedar board; ripped into 1/4" strips (16pcs); glued back together in groups of eight to make one 4" wide top rail.

Shake well before gluing


Finishing:  Valhalla Wood Preservatives

Friendly to Plants, Animals
and People

The natural substances penetrate the wood fibres, permanently modifying the wood structure. Independent laboratory testing confirms that LifeTime® non-toxic wood stain creates no harmful residue in soils and water. LifeTime® is friendly to plants, animals and people and can be used in direct contact with garden soil.

Just mix with water and apply

A powder concentrate available in 4.5 litre/1 imp gallon and 22 litre/5 imp gallon packages. Just mix with water.

Never scrape or re-stain again Does not fade or wear

Its that simple. LifeTime® can be stored indefinitely in powder or liquid form. If you only mix what you need, you will never have large amounts of LifeTime® solution left over.


LifeTime® proven formula has been treating wood for over 60 years!

The suggested retail price for 4.5 litre/1 imp gallon package of concentrate is $18.95 CAD and $85.75 CAD for a 22 litre/ 5 imp gallon package. LifeTime® covers 150-200 square feet and 750-1,000 square feet, respectively.



Bill said...

Good fences make good neighbors. This garden fence is a work of art by a very creative craftsman. Well done!

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Thank you for choosing wood to both build and build creatively with. If I see one more plastic picket fence I am going to heave.

karen said...

That is a beautiful and inspirational fence. Plus good construction advice.

Anonymous said...

Such an amazing fence, and so perfect for our little garden. Hear hear on the plastic picket fences. Yuck! Thank you for giving us such a gem. And thanks also for bringing Valhalla Wood Preservatives to out attention - I think we could use a lot of this great product.