Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Note to Ottawa RCMP: Fast Cat Ferry "Bathrooms" are called Heads or Loo....

SFU Library

 Had a visitor, from Ottawa, the RCMP, must have been important, for their Search Criteria involved trolling for toilet habits on the long gone Fast Cat Ferries.

Perhaps their line of inquiry in Ottawa had exhausted all avenues, having looked under every Heated Seat, for waste, in the Senate, to only discover that One or Two had contributed directly to our beleaguered Prime Minister, Stephen Harper's poor image with the Public.   Senator Duffy and Brazeau, like Minister "Orange Juice Oda", were hand picked by the PMO.

Duffy was a Journalist-appointee-Senator, supposedly representing  Prince Edward Island-ites  (PEI).  If only his two failings weren't real.  He could have walked away without ending up looking like a Pat Bell or Kevin Krueger, both fine examples of being trained seals for the Premier(s), having fine-tuned their performances as unmitigated morons and/or as unmitigated disasters with very little training.

The Gazetteer spells it out of Two Made in BC examples of the two phrases.

As to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police:

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
IP Address:
Royal Canadian Mounted Police ( 
Search Referral:
Visit Page:

Maybe Canada's finest fellows, the RCMP, were looking at reopening the sale of the Fast Cats along with BC Rail in preparation for a New Government inquiry.

BC Rail fiasco is close at hand, whereas the Fast Cat Ferry Bathrooms (Heads or Loos) Investigations are on the other side of the world.... just begging the RCMP to make a quick trip, a free trip, to the bathrooms, which is a steal of a deal...... which should be vigorously investigated by the Government(s) Office of Privacy and Personal Information.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"B" is for Brian; "M" is for Monika, "BCL" is for BC Liberals

Timing is so important when it comes to having an edge over your opponents, no matter what the field of endeavor.  The BC Liberal Government has been using taxpayers monies to the tune of $30 million to keep themselves in Office.  Oppositions (BC NDP and Independents (4)) have no access to Taxpayers Funds.    As of this morning there's a new twist, one that hasn't slipped under the Public's radar, not like Hansen's when he found his Radar was broken and his good ship ran aground on the HST Iceberg (Vaughn Palmer).

There's been several instances over the years where the Press have been used by the dark dungeon boys and girls at the governments Public Affairs Bureau (PAB), which was renamed by Christy to Government Communications and Public Engagement (GCPE).   Recently, the Government Research Caucus... aka GCPE, used our resources, our monies, our equipment, our TIME, to create Attack ads against Adrian Dix and John Cummins AND further, Premier Christy Clark hired an outsider, the same good fellow who directed her to the top spot to replace outgoing Premier Gordon Campbell.  He then took on the job to direct those poor PABs, via a $10,000 a month retainer for "services rendered" without having gone through strict government protocols of seeking the lowest bid possible.

"Value for Money." was tossed out the window.  Time was of importance.

Time is running out; Timing is so important right now.

For instance, in this morning's Vancouver Sun newspaper there is a Letter written by a Monika Bonney from Burnaby.  Monika is a common name, Bonney is not a common name.  The "Bonney" name is nowhere near to the popularity of a "Clark" or a "Campbell".  Turns out that there is only one residence in all of Burnaby that houses "Bonney", ......... times TWO.

One person one Vote.

Two persons Two Votes.

Would one family with Two persons, in One residence use each other's Vote to cancel out each Other?

The Vancouver Sun, like most news media outlets, having been burned by BC Social Credit Party's PAB who used Taxpayers monies, resources, (did they have computers back then) to create the Dirty Tricks Scandal to smear the BC NDP.... all in the name of gaining a foothold in the Provincial Election.

Oberfeld (Blog) was a key reporter in the station's coverage of British Columbia's "Dirty Tricks Scandal", which eventually saw eight B.C. government employees lose their jobs amidst allegations of election-boundary interference, phoney letters-to-the-editor and secret election-fund bank accounts.

 There wasn't one Dirty Trick, others have happened since.  One example was the married daughter of a Prominent BC Liberal MLA who wrote a GLOWING letter to a Vancouver Island newspaper without informing the Editor of her Direct relationship to the Father..... MLA.... Candidate (he lost).

The News Media now require that names and addresses and phone numbers, to confirm the facts.

Does the person reside in a specific Riding?

Does the person Exist?

Was the person the Author of the Letter to the Editor?

May the news media have the Author's permission to Publish the Letter to the Editor?

That name, Bonney, sounds vaguely familiar.......     Oh, yeah, The three BC Liberal operatives who used the patient deaths from C Dif at Burnaby General Hospital generated by ten years of slip shod work brought upon by the BC Liberals having torn up legally binding Collective Agreements with government employees health care workers who had participated, in good faith, with their Employers to wash the dishes, clean the toilets.. and other mundane jobs .... were FIRED, all in the sake of "trimming the fat" by hiring cheaper, less experienced, first timers who didn't, don't have a clue about the importance of CLEANING! 

The three BC Liberals, under the watchful eye of MLA Harry Bloy, used the C Dif platform to create a viable means by which two Burnaby Ridings would slide sideways to favour the BC Liberals....

Prominent Health Minister Mike de Jong (now Finance Minister since MLA Kevin Falcon bailed out) appeared at a Press gathering on Burnaby Generals property to make a promise.... that money would be found (PPP3)(SNC Lavin????) to bankroll and then purge serious health issues from the system.

In essence the Letter to the Editor congratulates the BC Liberals for planning, over the next three years, the cutting, elimination, of 1,400 government jobs.    The writer to the Vancouver Sun agrees with the BC Liberals cost cutting measures of reducing the Province's deficit by cutting 330 jobs each year.  The jobs are not the high flying half million dollar Plus jobs, ...... no, no, the jobs are for government workers, with families, earning less than $80,000 a year.   The jobs effected will NOT be the Spin Doctors at GCPE or PAB, their jobs are guaranteed because they are the Brains-in-the-feet plodders enforcing Christy Clark's edict that BC Jobs and Canada Starts Here..... propaganda ....which must continue, full speed ahead, right up to election day in May.  Sounds like Hansen's Radar problems are about to rise from the ashes again.

Search Criteria at Cananda411 were two factors... "Bonney" and "Burnaby"

Canada411 is the most reliable tool to find and connect with B and M Bonney and businesses in Burnaby BC

Vancouver Sun, Tuesday, Feb. 26: Tax hikes, balanced budget, gain approval

Full marks to Premier Christy Clark and Finance Minister Mike de Jong for continuing to show restraint with respect to government hiring and government wages.

The government bureaucracy in this province will be reduced by over 1,400 positions in the coming three years.

Good riddance to big government and hello balanced budgets; my kids thank you.

Monika Bonney, Burnaby

BC Liberals Election Platform: selling assets and shifting work to the few.

 #1 The Prosperity Fund    Non-existent

#2  LNG export in Our Time   Non-existent

#3 Continue to Break collective agreements (struck down by Canada Supreme Court)

#4 BC Debt Free by the time Christy Clark is 96 years old.  Non-existent

Monday, February 18, 2013

GoldBricking BC Budgets: Will Premier Bill Bennett's BCRIC Shares be worth more than Premier Christy Clark's Prosperity Fund?

Two Premiers, Two resourced based Public (Government) funds being used in the hope of recovering their political parties (BC Social Credit Party and the BC Liberal Party) from certain defeat ...... and along the way, damn the Taxpayers.

Premier Bill Bennett's Gold BCRIC-ing Version I  (value today ZERO)

The British Columbia Resources Investment Corporation, or BCRIC (pronounced "brick") was a holding company formed under the government of William R. Bennett.
The company took over ownership of various sawmills and mines that had been bought and bailed out by the government. The name was eventually changed to Westar Group Ltd.

The most famous aspect of the company were the five free bearer shares, dated August 7, 1979 that were distributed to all British Columbians, to promote investment in the province, and earn back a profit to the buyer. British Columbians and investors were encouraged to buy more. The company expanded, and bought numerous mining and logging installations. etc....

Unfortunately, because of significant investment in a North Sea oil play by a subsidiary, Westar Petroleum, as well as bad timing in a mining investment by another subsidiary, Westar Mining, the company ran into financial trouble. Investors saw their thousands of dollars dwindle to pennies.  Wikipedia

 Premier Christy Clark's Gold BCRIC Version II .... The Prosperity Fund

There's an old saying "Out with the Old, in with the New".....  Christy Clark's handlers, speech writers, cartoonists???, have used the word "New " to describe the "New Prosperity Fund" as if there was a predecessor, an older Prosperity Fund, that failed.

Strikingly familiar is how closely the Prosperity Fund and BCRIC promised to bring on a NEW ERA, just like the New Era of the HST.  Sky High spending without creating debt, that's what the BC Liberals are promising.  $56 Billion is the absolute tops.

Premier Christy Clark announced Tuesday the establishment of a new British Columbia Prosperity Fund to ensure communities, First Nations and all British Columbians benefit from the development of a new liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry.

"The safe recovery and export of our abundant supply of natural gas presents an opportunity for prosperity unlike anything we have ever seen before," says Premier Clark.

"British Columbians can secure tens of thousands of new jobs for decades to come by developing this clean energy resource, and protect this new wealth for the benefit of all of us today, as well as our children and their families, tomorrow."

Billions-of-dollars in new revenue will be dedicated to the B.C. Prosperity Fund. A key priority will be to eliminate the provincial debt over time, reduce the cost burden on B.C. families through further tax reductions, and make long-term investments in the services that people depend on, such as health care, education, employment and vital infrastructure.   Castanet News BC

Perhaps Christy Clark's true goal in May is to have a bridge or a building or a mountain or a NEW Deas Island Tunnel/Bridge named after her so as to attain the same status as the Bridge that bears the name of Bill Bennett...... in Kelowna, by then Premier Gordon Campbell on the eve of a Provincial election in 2005.... buying votes perhaps.


Tales from the Crypt: The British Columbia Resources Investment Corporation

by David Climenhaga on February 12, 2009
Snip   .... Perhaps thinking that the B.C. government’s involvement made BCRIC shares a little like Canada Savings Bonds, members of the public – mostly small investors without a great deal of sophistication about how markets work or who works the markets – gave their money to these Big Businessmen whose names escape me to invest and create wealth for them.

Alas, almost unbelievably, the Big Businessmen – despite the fact they had beautiful suits, great haircuts, Rolex watches, snazzy foreign cars and lots of MBAs working for them – made some very bad miscalculations! They sank some of the money – quite a bit of it, as a matter of fact – in North Sea oil at a time petroleum prices were going down, down, down. (Rather like right now.) They dropped more money down a mineshaft that turned out not to have a bottom. Whoops! Sorry, folks! Small investors who had put thousands of their hard-earned dollars into the Brick saw their investments drop like the company’s namesake. Before long, their thousands were worth only a few pennies.

By then, of course, the company, with its nearly worthless shares, wasn’t called BCRIC any more. It had a convenient new inoffensively corporate name: Westar Group Ltd. No need to remind folks that this was Mr. Bennett’s brainchild!   Snip


From BC Business:

Christmas came early in 1979 when Premier Bill Bennett gave away 12 million shares of B.C. Resources Investment Corp. to British Columbians.

“As the son of one of British Columbia’s most iconic leaders, Bill Bennett not only emerged from his father’s shadow – he built his own legacy. He will be remembered as one of our greatest and most influential leaders. - Premier Christy Clark

“This government, with the most revolutionary proposal that’s been brought to public life in the last 30 years, has brought in an initiative through the B.C. Resources Investment Corporation to involve all our people in individual ownership where they will have a right, say, of collecting dividends and of buying more shares. I think this experience with ownership will encourage them to buy more. Not only are they getting free shares . . . they’re also being encouraged for the first time, on a ground-floor basis, to invest in their own company rather than send money to buy it from the government.” – Premier Bill Bennett, B.C. Legislature, March 30, 1979
Today the shares can be found in sock drawers and lining budgie cages throughout the province
Google Search Criteria 


Second version of the same criteria but under the heading of  BLOGs


Putting faith in LNG is like counting your chickens before they hatch - or banking on a future that may never arrive.

I put Premier Christy Clark's "plan" for a multibillion-dollar "Prosperity Fund" in the same category of wishful thinking. We don't have a single commitment yet for a major LNG export plant, yet we're already spending the money.


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Part II: Cobweb covered RCMP Reports kept safe and sound by the Legislative Library for 33 Years

 One can never be quite sure if one Blogger's writings effect the wheels of justice....... Our writings, work better if shared with others, like Laila Yuile, when she picked up on a Post here at the BBC.  It works both ways..... visa versus.

Back on October24, 2012 we wrote EXCLUSIVELY on the "Report on Rape in BC", and wondered out loud why the report had been kept secret for 33 years, and only came to see the light of day because of what we wrote

Was it something what we said that prompted others to speak  out?  or it was just bound to happen?

News | Feb 13, 2013 | 2:51  CBC

RCMP accused of rape in report

The RCMP says it wants to get to the bottom of abuse allegations against its officers in B.C. involving aboriginal women, but says individuals making the claims must come forward

From our original Post from October 2012, a portion is presented here.....

“The saddest part about British Columbia is that neither the Legislative Library nor the RCMP , have a clue as to what’s in their respective  “collections” of tales and Reports and even more Reports……, the public included…”


“The RCMP appears to have turned a blind eye on past Reports ordered by  the Attorney General of British Columbia, specifically the one published in March of 1979.

Is there any Commanding Officer in Division E of the RCMP in British Columbia who can remember reading the Report from March of 1979?   Probably not, otherwise changes would have been made, the public educated on the Do’s and Don’ts of hitchhiking, lives would have been saved, cases closed, instead, the RCMP waited for someone to die in prison, in the USA.  While other serial killers are still walking Free.

The Report was made available to all Officers in 1979, even the most impressionable younger ones like the officer who has become the focal point for CBC’s: what an Officer should wear, WITH his boots, on.


The “Report” that the Attorney General of BC (Garde Gardom 22 Dec. 1975 – 24 Nov. 1979) received in March of  1979, is titled, “Rape in British Columbia“, written by Nancy Goldsberry.  The document is available in the BC Legislative Library.”

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Petroglyphs at waters edge, Threatened with Oil

Oil from Alberta;

Liquid Natural Gas from British Columbia...

......... leaving the Ports of  Prince Rupert (which has had three groundings of freighters in late 2012)  AND Kitimat.   The latter is expecting 10 major projects to get underway within a year.

There's been plenty of concerns raised with Enbridge's Northern Gateway Pipeline, from Watershed destruction, to fisheries, to the removal of 1,000 square kilometres of islands in way of Douglas Channel.  The Captains of industry will stop at nothing to gain riches.

Ecological Reserves....  are in Harms Way, so too is this:

Google Search Criteria    Alaska petroglyphs, Babbler Creek, Sitka

The rock art of the Northwest Coast. - Summit - Simon Fraser ...
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
by DM Lundy - 1974
This thesis examines Indian petroglyphs and pictographs (carvings and ... of Alaska south to the Dalles of the Columbia River. ..... At Katlian Bay, (in the mouth of the bay) north of. Sitka. Kennedy 1974. At the village of Sitka, in Kalinin ... Reported located at Craig Boat Harbour, Kennedy 1974. .... Located on Babbler Point.


These images, like most on the shores of Alaska and British Columbia, are at the water's edge... reached by canoes, originally..... power boats today, Oil and LNG tankers tomorrows.