Friday, June 28, 2013

Reporter Mike Duffy was treated like a conquering Caesar: "Senator! Greetings"

If we were being paid  $500,000 for three years of reporting.... $166,666.66 per year... plus expenses ... wouldn't we have enough in the bank today to cover an overdrawn red carpet account of $90,000 and change .... even before becoming a Senator.  

The tag of "Senator" Mike Duffy started happening 25 years ago (1988), ..... and then four years ago Duffy did become a permanent Senator in 2009, with no reprieve for the taxpayers.  But we have been promised that it will all be explained.

However, it's hard to fathom what with all that money rolling in from the hard work of being a Journalist...., how Nigel thought he would have to ... intercede.

...... Duffy is reporting to work for the first day of his new job as host of Sunday Edition, a Sunday morning newsmagazine produced at CJOH for CTV affiliates. Sunday Edition will debut on several CTV stations, including Kitchener's CKCO-TV (Channel 42, cable 13), on Oct. 2.

There at the door are Douglas Bassett, president and chief executive officer of Baton Broadcasting, the man who OK'd a rumored $500,000 for Duffy's services for the next three years (search for 'Duffy' 1990), (until 1999, the amount ????) and Max Keeping, an old Parliament Hill crony and executive producer of Sunday Edition. A television cameraman and a couple of still photographers are recording the event for posterity.

It's like a receiving line at Rideau Hall, the Governor General's residence.

"Senator! Greetings," Bassett bellows, thrusting out his hand for a shake. "I want you to know we've gone to no trouble to get you here."

DUFFY SMILES , maybe at Bassett's grandstanding in the glow of camera lights; maybe in the knowledge he has achieved something he has dreamed about; maybe at the nickname, The Senator, which veterans of the national press corps have hung on him as much in awe as in jest.  - The Windsor Star [Windsor, Ont] 27 Aug 1988: C1 .......

"I don't know what I'm going for," he told The Star last night. "I hired Peter Mansbridge's accountant and he said 'go for it' ." Rumors put the sum at half a million dollars over three years. - Toronto Star [Toronto, Ont] 21 July 1988: F1.......

If you've grown tired of finding the same results on Duffy.... here's something new, this as of June 27, 2013:

Sources say the search warrants would allow the Mounties to search Duffy's Ottawa-area home and his cottage in P.E.I.

The RCMP is also expected to get a production order to search Duffy's Senate office.

When asked if the RCMP had met with him Thursday, Duffy said: "It would be inappropriate for me to offer any comment."

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Christy Clark's "Cradle of Free Enterprise" Chamber of Commerce advocated paying TFW 78 cents an hour

It's been trumpeted that Christy Clark's WestSide Kelowna Riding is a "safe" seat because it's the "cradle of free enterprise".


More like stealing from Babies.

The Chamber has it's own weekly newsletter where they promote ideas on how best to help fellow business people, like this from their March 4, 2009 Edition:

Page 3 Chamber newsletter

78 cents per hour/ $31.25 per week.......

If you're wondering how many hours @ $.78 cents ....... it's a 40 hour week, probably covering seven days.

Don't spend all the money at one time.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Why did Christy Clark delay the firing of Graham Whitmarsh until AFTER the Election... OPTICS!

Back in May of 2012 we wrote a Post based on comparing Adrian Dix's backdating memo to help Glen Clark's government to that of Graham Whitmarsh's assistance to Gordon Campbell on two fronts.    The HST was Whitmarsh's bailout idea for the BC Liberals and the co-author of the bailout for the BC Rail Trial ending so quickly... the infamous Indemnity loop hole.

22 seconds after One O'clock yesterday, someone from OUTSIDE of government asked the Internet to come up with anything related to Graham Whitmarsh.

And of course there was......

22 seconds after Two O'clock the second hit arrived, and kept on arriving.

Google Search Criteria   Graham Whitmarsh News

The BC Liberals gained a lot of ground by reminding the public of Adrian Dix back dating a memo, and the BC NDP neglected to remind the public of an equally damaging Deputy Minister Graham Whitmarsh's HST and the secret key to the Indemnity locked closet which the BC Liberals escaped from, unscathed then and two years later.

If the BC Liberals, Christy Clark, had fired Whitmarsh when she first became Premier in April of 2011, Whitmarsh would have been her, their, Albatross.... but they didn't, they paid Whitmarsh for another years, TWO years of salary, when he should have been thrown out for causing so much Disdain to the "ruling" BC Liberals.

Bad optics, real bad optics.... a sure sign that the majority of the public was right, the BC Liberals were Wrong and the Public only knows NOW that if Whitmarsh was turfed before May 14, 2013 it would be the key to the BC Liberals downfall.

Nice Going Christy!


And for those Conspiracy Blogger Theorists:  (Pacific Gazetteer et al)

Who will do an FOI to determine When Whitmarsh got his Marching orders?

Was he given Three months, Two months, One month notice, or Zero.  He's an OIC appointee.

When was his replacement (Stephen Brown) informed?  Another reason to do a FOI?


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Spelunking, Karst, Fracking: the first two mix, the last two don't mix

Each one of these little red dots represent a known cave, or a Karst... which is okay by those of our communities that just love to go underground....

Updated below on December 2, 2014

Google Search Criteria:  karst vulnerability mapping north eastern British Columbia

As you can see, Vancouver Island has more that their fare share... and if you're thinking that it's directly related to ... volcanic activity... or earth quakes....... Karst is having to do with carbonated bedrock...
Source of map Page 4 & 5 of 28
The BC Minister of Forest has this to say about Karst:

In British Columbia, the responsibility for managing karst resources in provincial forests lies with the Ministry of Forests. Under the Forest Practices Code, several provisions have been made for managing sensitive areas such as karst. The Code requires identified sensitive areas to be treated in a way that protects or conserves special resource values. To accommodate some of the unique requirements of managing karst, the ministry is developing interim karst management guidelines that will provide direction on managing forestry and recreational activities in karst landscapes.


Karst is recognized as a highly valuable, non-renewable resource that can be especially vulnerable to disturbance, more so than many other land resources. The primary reason for this higher level of sensitivity is the three-dimensional nature of karst. The intricate relationship between karst's unique surface characteristics and the subsurface caves and hydrology make for a delicately balanced system. Industrial activities, such as rock quarrying or forestry, if not properly conducted, can lead to excessive soil erosion, destruction of surface and subsurface karst features, changes in groundwater flows, and contamination, sedimentation, or clogging of underground and surface streams.

Enbridge's Northern Gateway Pipeline has been turned down by the BC Liberals, so far, although it's not an outright complete rejection.  At the Federal level, they've already made up their minds, haven't they.

There was a very detailed study done regarding the watersheds that the pipeline will be going through, fish counts too ... but did the Minister of Forests step up to the plate and talk about Karsts?


LNG Hydraulic Fracturing  (Fracking) doesn't mix with Karst......

the leaching of calcium carbonate from bedrock has important buffering effects on acidic streams,

the groundwater associated with karst results in cool, even stream temperatures throughout the year,

the storage capacity in karst stream systems buffers seasonal flow rates to produce lower peak flows and higher low flow periods,

karst streams tend to supply more nutrients and encourage more algae and moss growth, aquatic insect populations within karst streams are larger and more diverse,

karst stream systems provide more protective sites for fish to rest, breed, and avoid predators
In 2003 the BC Liberal Government put together this little document: Karst Inventory Standards and Vulnerability Assessment Procedures for BC  BROKEN   New Link at bottom  September 24, 2014 Updated

Reconnaissance-level karst inventory work for the entire province of British Columbia was completed in 1999. The result of this work is a set of 87 map sheets (1:250 000 scale) outlining those areas in the province that have the potential for karst development. These maps can be used to assist with strategic planning and for directing more detailed karst inventories.   Page 4 of 123

Karst Inventory and Vulnerability Assessment Procedures in the Forested Karst Landscapes of British Columbia, Canada - ABSTRACT

Last but by no means Least, there's The First Nations concerns about Karsts:

As the archaeological evidence suggests, karst played a significant role in the lives of many aboriginal peoples in the past. Karst caves were not only used for shelter, but were also considered by some groups to be sacred places for burial and ceremonial purposes. .... snip


June 7, 2013

 Protecting karst in coastal BC : special report
Forest Practices Board, 2007.

Updated   December 2, 2014

It seems that the Province via the Forest Practice Board is no longer interested in protecting Karsts, the link above is broken, ........ However there is the Wayback Machine for May 26, 2007:

and the Wayback Machine for the year of 2007 on Karst*/

How effective will licensees be at protecting karst in coastal BC from damage due to forest practices? The answer remains unknown. We know that karst is a resource that, particularly on the BC coast, is sensitive to damage from forest practices. Government no longer protects karst by checking and approving forest practices. Instead, those who carry out forest practices must themselves determine how best to carry out forest practices in a way that avoids damaging identified karst features. 

This shift of responsibility for karst stewardship, from government to industry, requires that licensees, their professionals, contractors and equipment operators all learn about karst, its identification, its sensitivity and its protection. More information on karst can be found in an on-line training course on the Ministry of Forests and Range website at <--- arst="" bc="" br="" handbook="" management="" of="">

Dr. Bruce Fraser, Chair
Update: December 2, 2014:

B.C. researchers dive underwater caves to solve salmon mystery (with video)

They donned scuba gear to follow the salmon, which seemingly swim through mountains near Bella Bella

Acta Carsologica

Karst areas occupy 10-20 % if ice free land. Dissolution of rock by natural waters has given rise to specific landscape and underground.  Karst surface features and caves have attracted man's curiosity since the dawn of humanity and have been a focus to scientific studies since more than half of milenia.

Acta Carsologica publishes original research papers and reviews, letters, essays and reports covering topics related to specific of karst areas. These comprise, but are not limited to karst geology, hydrology and geomorphology, speleology, hydrogeology, biospeleology and history of karst science.

Speleo ... Caving.... Link     Curated by PAUL


Management of Karst Resource Features on Northern Vancouver Island

April 2, 2014

September 24, 2014

Google Search Criteria:  Reconnaissance-level karst inventory work for the entire province of British Columbia was completed in 1999

Vancouver's Shaughnessy 447 Hectares. CPR, same fellow, received 20,000 acres per mile for building a rail line in 1898

Vancouverites know of Shaughnessy old time residences, .... and BIG... mansions.... with a hint of CPR in the midst of it all.

Google search criteria:    cp rail lines right of ways bc

Shaughnessy is an almost entirely residential neighbourhood in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, spanning about 447 hectares in a relatively central locale. It is bordered by 16th Avenue to the north, 41st Avenue to the south, Oak Street to the east, and Arbutus Street/West Boulevard to the west. Recent census estimates place its population at 9020, hailing from 2970 households. It was named after Thomas Shaughnessy, 1st Baron Shaughnessy, former president of the Canadian Pacific Railway. - Wikipedia

Then there's Thomas Shaughnessy LAND GRANT, SEC'l'ION 4, Columbia & Western Railway 1902:

BC Liberals granted 20,000 acres per Mile
Summerland and Thomas Shaughnessy

Our man Trutch again helping out Shaughnessy .....  Contract between CPR and BC Government coal harbour terminus of said Railway line with acreage being included as a perk ...... along with property, north and south of False Creek. 

350 Special Collections Historical Photographs - Vancouver Archives along with this on the CPR and upper classes residences.... Search Criteria .... Shaughnessy:
The original townsite continued to develop as the working class and industrial part of the city, while the area west of Granville Street was developed for the more prosperous middle and upper classes. In 1914, the exclusive residential neighbourhood, Shaughnessy Heights was developed from District Lot 542, which had originally been granted to the CPR at the time of the railway line expansion from Port Moody to Vancouver in 1887. - Vancouver City History CPR

Supreme court of Canada involving Thomas Shaughnessy 

Supreme Court of Canada

IDINGTON J.—This is an appeal resting upon section 41 of the "Supreme Court Act" relative to the assessment for taxation of a certain interest which the original appellant was alleged to have had, in 1913, in certain lands in British Columbia.
The original appellant, now dead and represented by present appellant, owned the entire stock of the Columbia and Western Railway Company which had earned a large land subsidy under 59 Vict., ch. 8, of the Statutes of British Columbia and also owned a number of other properties. He, in February, 1898, entered into an agreement with Messrs. Angus and Shaughnessy to sell them these other properties and said stock of said company for the price or consideration of eight hundred thousand dollars and their agreement that the moiety of said land subsidy should be conveyed to him, Heinze, when and how he should direct and the other moiety should be the property of the said company.
The agreement provided by many details for securing the payment of the liabilities of the company and the charges against the said other properties.