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A 1978 BC MLA perception of "Entitlements": the Late Jack Davis (MLA) pocketed the savings difference of $1,074 by flying Economy not Business. Found GUILTY of Fraud

MLA Linda Reid has paid her dues by returning monies "borrowed" from British Columbia's Treasury, temporarily, in a time of Restraint where the Finance Minister has ordained that Business Air fare category is off limits.  The Speaker still flew to South Africa in the Business Section, along with her Spouse, and for that sin, the Spouse travel expenses of over $5,500, had to be repaid.

A smile here, a click-click of the lips, humming and hawing, the Speaker walks away, from the Press, the Public, the Politicians, somewhat subdued, until the next time.  Her crime is contained within one word:

Entitlement! ......     started well before 1978, but that was the year that a BC MLA lost his job because he took the difference between what the Government of the Day (William Bennett) was willing to pay for airfare in the Business Section and what he could do to add it to his take home pay by flying in the Economy Section.  His "defense case was that it was money to which he was entitled."

Speaker Linda Reid's defense...... the same?  Entitlement!

Bank of Canada's Inflation Calendar for Davis's 1978 "venture" into 2014    $1,074 =$3765.70

Speaker Reid walks away free, no mark on her record, all she had to do was pay the money back.  No whistle calling out for a police investigation, No Special Prosecutor.  An honest mistake was made.  Another one of those claims that the laws are not clear ... a Mike Duffy moment of desperation ....      Spouses are permitted on the flights, just not this time around because of Restraint  Linda.

Jack Davis quits seat; fined $1,000

Tuesday, September 19, 1978

Robert Williamson

Vancouver BC -- By ROBERT WILLIAMSON Globe and Mail Reporter

VANCOUVER - Dismissed B.C. Cabinet minister Jack Davis was fined $1,000 yesterday after being convicted last week of fraud over his practice of converting Government-paid first class airline tickets to economy class and keeping the change.

It was revealed in court yesterday that Mr. Davis secretly resigned his seat as a Social Credit MLA on Friday. He was ordered to resign from the British Columbia Cabinet in April by Premier William Bennett before the fraud and theft charges were laid.

Rejecting a defence plea for an absolute discharge to avoid a criminal record, County Court Judge J. J. Anderson said Mr. Davis had breached a special trust held by people elected to public office.
The prosecution had suggested a substantial fine, although Mr. Davis could have been sentenced to up to 10 years in jail.

Mr. Davis, who is also a former federal Liberal Cabinet minister, says he will appeal the guilty verdict.

During his trial, he admitted cashing in new portions of eight tickets worth $1,074 over two years but the basis of the defence case was that it was money to which he was legally entitled.  SNIPPED
Jack Davis Appealed, he lost.

Here we are, sitting around the table, discussing how times have changed, how BC MLA's and the Attorney General reps and Legislative Clerks constantly talk about tightening the controls on the monies being doled out, and then there is this one question:  REWARD POINTS.

If we use our money to pay for the air fare tickets, then we should be able to collect Reward points, however if the Government pays for the air fare tickets then they should be able collect Reward points.... and then dole them out to ...... ??????   ahhh  PHS patrons.....

B. Faulkner: .........
One of the benefits might be…. When I travel, if I'm in the hotel and not feeling well, I have room service. I put it on my charge card, my travel card. Under the system I work at — at the Auditor General, for example, which is the same as all of government — it's on a personal liability card. I only claim for the hotel component. I'm never claiming for that, because my food is covered on a per diem.
Under the corporate system, the whole amount goes through, and it's up to the individual, then, to back out the ineligible expenses. Moving to a personal liability card will take that risk out of things. That's another benefit, I think, of going the way we're going.

E. Foster: I think that answers it. Thank you. It's good.

Mr. Speaker: Any other questions? Everybody comfortable to move in this direction? Okay.

E. Foster: Sorry. I want to get back to Mike's comment about using your own card and, you know, the reward points and so on and so forth. Is there any rule against that? Do people do it?

C. James (Clerk of the House): Not that I'm aware.

E. Foster: Okay.

Mr. Speaker: Okay. John, do you want or does somebody want to make a motion to that effect, to move to the…?

J. Horgan: I just wanted to add that…. Could we not ensure that when the personal liability card is used for travel that any points that are accumulated on that card…?

Mr. Speaker: There are none.
[ Page 50 ]

S. Simpson: You won't be able to accumulate points on that card.

Mr. Speaker: There are none on this card.

J. Horgan: On the proposed card.

Mr. Speaker: No.

J. Horgan: But why wouldn't we request that? It's a competitive marketplace. I'm sure we could get somebody to do that.

B. Faulkner: Just to say, the first step is to get the committee's approval to proceed. The second step will be then to engage in some discussion with the various cardholders as to what would be the best benefit for us as the Legislative Assembly.

Mr. Speaker: I think you need it in non-disclosure so we could go down that road.

B. Faulkner: To get into the details of what's being used on the government side, I would need to sign a non-disclosure statement before I can get into the details with them. The card….

S. Simpson: So, Bob, just to be clear on this, at some point you would come back — or your successor, depending on the timeline here — with saying: "This is what it looks like the card will look like." So we'd know kind of how some of these questions get answered without necessarily, obviously, violating any non-disclosure agreement.

B. Faulkner: Correct. Yeah. We might need to do it in camera in that sense, but yeah, the idea would be we would come forward with a proposal: "This is what the card looks like. Here's what the benefits are."

Hon. M. de Jong: Sounds like a two-step process. I'm a bit leery of a card with points and stuff.

S. Simpson: I agree with Mike on this. I think just leave that alone on this stuff. If the company wants to give the Legislature points for the use of these cards, but not directly connected to the cards, that might be a good idea.

J. Horgan: That's my point — that's whenever it's used, it goes immediately to the Leg.

Mr. Speaker: So we'll let Bob go and investigate this? Everybody comfortable? Okay.

C. James (Clerk of the House): Motion for implementation.

Mr. Speaker: Moved by Gordie. Seconded by Eric. Okay.

Effective May 15 or 16?

C. James (Clerk of the House): At the next parliament — the 16th.

Mr. Speaker: Okay.
Legislative…. Number 6.

Going to the Heart of the Rot in the BC Legislative Assembly expense scandals: Craig James

It's best to let our Google search responses do the writing and talking with an ever so brief starting point of who does control the purse strings if it isn't Finance Minister Mike de Jong.

Who is it that's above all, even you and me; Who tells Speaker Linda Reid that what she is doing is acceptable, what is NOT acceptable.  Who better it to be than one who has traveled far and wide, around the world on HIS own questionable junkets, all done so in the name of KNOWLEDGE.   Should we even delve into his predecessor's spending habits who offered a repayment upon his DEATH......   
"I'm (George MacMinn) not disclosing my basic salary," he said in an interview, though he noted he is paid less than he was when he was clerk. "The remuneration aspect of the thing, as you know, is personal. We don't disclose those things." -  Andrew MacLeod  - The Tyee

How did our last Auditor General, John Doyle, describe the accounting habits of the BC Legislative Assembly.... a shambles... something much stronger.... no way to discover if monies are missing....
"It's supposed to be all off-the-record," he said. (Craig James)

But James said he understands that comments broadcast throughout the building are public and could be reported.

B.C.'s Speaker of the Legislature Bill Barisoff was overheard in the legislature saying Doyle's audit unfairly criticized B.C. politicians.

He said Doyle's audit found that MLAs were not submitting receipts for their expenses, but the receipts were being submitted at later dates.

"We got tagged with a brush here and got painted with, 'no impropriety, couldn't find any,' but the impression was all the members in the B.C. legislature are getting paid all these expenses without receipts and that wasn't the case," said Barisoff.
Rich Coleman???? goes after PHS, went after DERA before.    Millions of taxpayers dollars are being squandered by those who make the rules in British Columbia's Precinct, without an overseer of this guy who controls the EFO aka EXECUTIVE FINANCIAL OFFICER.

Craig James
 Note 10  Speaker Approved Travel

Certain travel expenses require the approval of the Speaker.  Examples include out-of-country travel in connection with specific duties (e.g. Commonwealth Parliamentary Association functions)  and attendance at conferences and other meetings.  Out-of-province / Out-of-country travel expenses incurred by the Speaker are approved by the Executive Financial Officer.



G. Hogg: In terms of the assignment of Bob Faulkner, are we assuming that Bob's review on this and Bob's sign-off on this constitute delegated approval from the Auditor General, or will it go back to the Auditor General as well for a sign-off?

C. James (Clerk of the House): Well, no. The process is this. Bob Faulkner is here as the executive financial officer to oversee the implementation of these recommendations and to report back to the Legislative Assembly Management Committee on the status at each and every meeting that the Legislative Assembly Management Committee has.

So at the end of September there will be another progress report. There will also be a financial report based on the quarterly financial statements that have been published. So this is an internal working document in relation to all of this.

Now, you need to know as well that any material that we're preparing or that I'm preparing, I am sharing with the Auditor General so that he can actually see the progress that is being made. If he is not satisfied with that progress, I want to hear from him so that we can expedite our correct measures.

And of Course AG John Doyle's contract for renewal was .... not settled



Clerk Consultant is George MacMinn

The EFO, aka Executive Financial Officer oversees the spending habits of all MLAs, including the Speaker.  The Speaker doles out perks, free trips in lieu of salaries???? to those who assist as a token of appreciation of their hard work AND Spouses. 

The EFO is a member of the Clerks in the BC Legislative Assembly.

Those Black Robe, white collar, beehive workers, for the Queen, the Speaker, who demand a better quality of life in their business of conveying of information, collecting of data, even going so far to authorized $48,000 being spent on a computer for the Speaker ??? so that they can be kept in the loop of a swirling mass of untraceable (until now) expenses.

Craig James was the go-to-guy to stir up enough controversy in the past four years to last a lifetime.  Why he even went so far as to reject an application to stop the HST by insisting that the document  counting of words included spaces and the elimination of abbreviations, acronyms, just to stall the HST vote, eh.

Now James sits atop, living the high life, the author of Culture of Entitlement at no Expense regulations.

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Tally Woe: Would you trust a BC Finance Minister who CAN'T add or subtract in his 2014 Budget?

Neatness:  All the boxes are the same height, but it doesn't mean that the other Provinces are charging the same amount in each category, like say Health Premiums..... 

Provincial Income Tax
Net Property Tax
Sales Tax
Fuel Tax
Net Carbon Tax
Health Care Premiums

Neatness:  Comparable Taxes:  Carbon Tax????  Quebec, BC, and Alberta.  The majority don't!

Page 8 of 8 Balanced Budget 2014

 A spread of 6 bucks on two taxpayer categories, but if this is the way Finance Minister de Jong cooks the books for us, what's he doing with industries involving Millions, Billions and Trillions?

In 2011, the number of census families3 in British Columbia was 1,238,155, which represents a change of 6.6% from 2006. This compares to a growth rate for Canada of 5.5% over the same period.

In British Columbia, 71.7% of census families were married couples in 2011, while 13.0% were common-law-couples and 15.3% were lone-parent families.
No mention of Senior Couples and their EXTENDED families

Auditors need to take a Core Review look at de Jong pleasures.....


Source of de Jong's Pleasures: Budget Highlights

Budget and Fiscal Plan 2013/2014-2015/2016
Budget Speech
Budget Highlights
News Release
Backgrounder - Fiscal Plan 2014/15 - 2016/2017
Backgrounder - Proposed LNG Income Tax
Backgrounder - LNG Income Tax Balances Competitiveness, fair return
Balanced Budget 2014

Other items that the BC Liberal Government keeps track of: March 17, 2014 UFO sightings in British Columbia

BC Stats Online: Index

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1990: LNG drilling: Fraser Valley: Witness Tampering: Royal Commission

   Twenty-Four years ago David Anderson held an inquiry into Witness Tampering involving petroleum exploration in the Fraser Valley.
...... One had only to look at the schedule for the technical hearings to see a large contingent of industry experts and an equally large number of government bureaucrats that will between them bring a bias to the hearing.    No government employee would risk his future by suggesting that any course of action other than that ordained by the party line be followed.    -  David Anderson, Commissioner
If anything has been learned from the Commission study in 1990, its that today's government bureaucrats are "encouraged" to bail out of their current employment and move onto the private sector of which they originally were the overseers of, Trillions of dollars Royalties  .... LNG.

Members of the BC Legislature don't have that luxury, leaving, unless of course the AG of BC feels an Earthquake tremor of 8.0 coming on.   MLAs, Cabinet Ministers, Parliamentary Secretaries who has had access to insider information, co-wrote, made into law, have to wait until two years has passed.  The public servants, no such limitations.

There should be a LAW regarding Public Servants.

Commission of Inquiry into Fraser Valley Petroleum Exploration

Special Report on Allegations of Witness Tampering at the Commission Hearings

David Anderson, Commissioner

November 1990, Victoria, British Columbia
The Allegations.  Page 7 of 20

The text of the press release in question will be found in the appendices.  For the purposes of this report, the following quotations are of note on page two:

.... we were able to make significant inquiries in Illinois, Washington, Michigan and Wyoming, but persons within the industry in those areas who talked to us or suggested further lines of investigation, have been contacted by the proponents and pressured and embarrassed into withdrawing their support.

Again, on page four:

Although our industry contacts in the United States have been silenced....

The allegation that civil servants did not testify honestly before the Commission is found at the bottom of page two and continues on page three.  It reas as follows:

... the Ministry regards itself as the handmaiden of the petroleum industry, whose principle objective is to advance the interests of the industry ....

and later on page three:

One had only to look at the schedule for the technical hearings to see a large contingent of industry experts and an equally large number of government bureaucrats that will between them bring a bias to the hearing.    No government employee would risk his future by suggesting that any course of action other than that ordained by the party line be followed.

These are very serious allegations of wrongdoing.  If true, they would in all probability lead to criminal charges of obstruction of justice, and criminal charges of perjury; if false, there is the possibility of charges of obstruction of justice, as well as private suits for defamation.  Such criminal charges or private litigation are not, however, of direct concern to the Commission, and will not be commented on in this report other than as they affect the Commission's activities.

From the Commission's point of view these allegations cast serious doubt on whether a group of witnesses who were invited to testify and who did testify at the technical hearings of the Commission properly covered the issues of interest to the Commission.   If the allegations have substance, it will be necessary to reopen the technical hearings, to obtain the information that allegedly had been suppressed by the activities of the proponents.  If the second allegation has substance, it will be necessary to reject the testimony of one or more of the numerous civil servants from the governments of Canada, British Columbia, Alberta, Washington and Michigan who testified at the technical hearings of the Commission between 27 August 1990 and 6 September 1990.

It is also obvious that if the allegations have substance, I would find it very difficult to proceed with and inquiry into the exploratory drilling proposals until the question of the proponents' possible criminal activity had been looked into by the appropriate authorities.  It would be bizarre indeed to continue with this inquiry into exploratory drilling when the proponents of that drilling were under investigation for criminal activity designed to mislead this very Commission.  It would be even more bizarre to expect to have the subsequent regulation of any possible drilling conducted by the same civil servants who had committed perjury in an effort to improperly aid those proponents in obtaining permission to drill.

Clearly, these allegations called for a full investigation.  Accordingly, following the termination of the technical hearings on 6 September 1990, Commission Counsel, Mr. Douglas MacAdams, and I devoted ourselves to investigating these charges.  SNIP
Appendices provide here.

No Evidence of Witness Tampering   Page 19 and 20 of 20

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Beekeepers of BC 1911

In 1911 our "cities" were smaller with surrounding communities eventually amalgamating.  They all had their own names like today's Vancouver's Marpole was once called Eburne;  South Vancouver was South Vancouver, NOT part of Vancouver;  Colquitz?, is now part of Saanich; Central Park is Burnaby; Balcomo is Summerland; Okanagan Centre is Kelowna.   The list of Beekeepers from various towns had us fumbling to place them on the MAP.

Do you remember hearing about a relative that used to be a Beekeeper, and wondered what?  Well here you have a list of  240   Honey Beekeeper enthusiasts (on Page 51 and 52)  plotted on a Google Earth map and the names of our Ancestors.  A bit of a "gold rush" for those who are still looking for relatives:

The driving force for the popularity of Beekeepers might have been generated by various modes of transportation:  E & N Railway on Vancouver Island, CPR and CNR rail lines on the Mainland, Paddle Wheelers on Arrow and Kootenay Lakes, or maybe it was the Gold Rush.

From an earlier Post:  Italian Queenbees don't sting, they pinch!

Source: 1918:
Beekeeping has been practiced in British Columbia for nearly 150 years. The first 2 hives of honey bees arrived by ship at Victoria in May, 1858.  - Beekeeping in British Columbia A Brief Review

Town         Name                  Address         AKA Towns       Trivia

Agaassiz                 Jos. Whelpton
Agaassiz                 F. Sinclair
Agaassiz                 J.C. McRae
Agaassiz                Thos. Hicks
Agaassiz                Albert Greyl
Agaassiz                Wm. Mackie

Alberni                  A.G. Service

Armstrong             A. W. Hunter           Box 275
Armstrong             ***  Burnett
Armstrong            Alloyne Buckley
Armstrong            J. Simmington
Armstrong            R. Daniels

Arrow Park           Chas. L. Childe
Arrow Park           A. Hemmingway
Arrow Park           Alf. Heffler

Balcomo               R. H. Agur           AKA Summerland

Balcomo     © Michael Kluckner

Balcomo                            A. Doherty

Beaver Creek P.O.              Alex. Shaw
Beaver Creek P.O.              Donald McKenzie
Beaver Creek P.O.              R.W. Thompson

Burnaby Lake                    H. Ledger
Burnaby Lake                    C.F. Sprott

Burnton City                     Mrs. Robson 
Burnton City                     Edw. Schram

Burnton Wharf under Arrow Lakes

created by

Cedar Cottage P. O.           Edward P. Flynn    AKA  Kensington / Vancouver
Cedar Cottage P. O.           John Benson
Cedar Cottage P. O.           Wm. John Brewer

Central Park                      Mrs. M. J. Coburn             Park Avenue

Chilliwack                        H. L. Johnson
Chilliwack                        J. Brannick
Chilliwack                        Mrs. M.S. Davies          P.O. Box 229
Chilliwack                        Isaac Kipp
Chilliwack                        Hy. Kipp

Coburn                Parker Williams     AKA Burnaby

Colquitz               Ernest Etheridge
Colquitz               H.D. Van Decar      AKA   Saanich  Mental Asylum

Comox                 H. Bourne
Comox                 *** Smith               Little River

Courtenay            James McKenzie
Courtenay            Richard Creech

Cranbrook           T.S. Gill

Cranbrook          Wm. Hamilton         Box 93
Cranbrook          Chas. Potvin
Cranbrook          W.L. Whitney

Creston             Walter V. Jackson

Cumberland     Thomas Pierce

Denman Island          Jas. Ormiston

Dewdney         Alister Thompson
Dewdney         S. Smith
Dewdney         R. Gourlay
Dewdney         Fred. Newton

Duncan           Mrs. Hy. Smith
Duncan           *** Duncan
Duncan           *** Price

East Burnaby       Mrs. E. C. Morley
East Burnaby       W. H. Lewis Box 317

East Sooke           T. Oldershaw

Eburne                Henry Keeper           AKA Marpole

Enderby              James Emery

Epworth             Edward Flynn         AKA  Oak Bay
Epworth            W.G. Sutton             

Esquimalt         Jos. Robinson           Fraser Street
Esquimalt         ***   Lea                  Lampson Street
Esquimalt        W.F. Corfield            Head Street

Ganges Harbour     J. T. Collins
Ganges Harbour     H. Caldwell

Glen Valley             Geo. R. Arthur

Glenwood               G. Shelby-Hele

Gordon Head           *** Gray

Grantham               Alex. Salmond

Hall's Prairie          Wm. Brown              AKA Halls Prairie
Hall's Prairie          H.G. Lawrence
Hall's Prairie          D. Brown & Sons.

Harrison Mills       Anthony Lambery

Hazelmere             F.J. Hardwick
Hazelmere             P.O. Green
Hazelmere             H. Hamel

Howser                  H.R. Board
Howser                  H. Hincks
Howser                  Messrs. Mathews

Hatzic                    J.H. Lawrence
Hatzic                    E. McTaggart
Hatzic                    A. McTaggart
Hatzic                    ***      Slack Bros.
Hatzic                    ***      Hodson Bros.
Hatzic                    J. Edmons
Hatzic                    T. Cattewood

Kamloops              ***     Smith Bros.

Kaslo                    Archdeacon Beer
Kaslo                    G.S. Ehle      Box 34

Keating                  ***    Young                      Saanich
Keating                 Xavier Rey                        

Kelowna               W.S. Fuller     Box 155
Kelowna               H.B.D. Lyons
Kelowna               James Harvey
Kelowna               Geo. Thompson
Kelowna               Chas. Lodge

Keremeos             J.J. Armstrong

Ladner                  R.C. Abbott
Ladner                  J. Reagh

Ladysmith           John Irvine

Langley               Alex. Holding
Langley               Frank Baxter
Langley               ***    Briges

Langley Prairie     Mrs. John Wilson
Langley Prairie     Geo. Blair
Langley Prairie     Geo. Trigg
Langley Prairie     *** Savage

Lytton                   Alex. Lochore
Lytton                   Alf. Ruddock

Malakwa               J.H. Johnson

Maywood P. O., Victoria      G. F. Dunn
Maywood P. O., Victoria      R.R. Watson
Maywood P. O., Victoria      J. H. Hughes

Mayne Island          James Bennett

Mayne Island          *** Padden
Mayne Island          Miss Padden

Beach Wash  2013  Oil on Canvas 30" X 54"   ©  Joe Cash

Metchosin               W. Fisher
Metchosin               J. Parker
Metchosin               J.D. Reid
Metchosin               C. Field
Metchosin               Stanley Clark
Metchosin               A.T.M. Inverarity        Box 407 Victoria

Millstream              G.M. Bernard

Milner               John Maxwell

Mission City           J.A. Catherwood
Mission City              J. Mitchell
Mission City             T.R. Smith

Mount Tolmie          Robert Russell
Mount Tolmie             James Townsend

Nanaimo                     Charles G. Stevens
Nanaimo                     Joseph Deconer
Nanaimo                    John Skinner
Nanaimo                        F.H. Jones

Nelson                      Charles G. Gansner            Box 187
Nelson                      D. La Bau
Nelson                      A.J. Laviolette

New Denver             J.C. Harris

New Westminster     Wm. Anderson        Box 48
New Westminster     E. Stude
New Westminster     Frank Davies

Okanagan Centre     H.N. Caesar

Peachland                W.E. Morsch

Pender Island           A. H. Menzies

Port Guichon           Felix Guichon

Proctor                     William Harg-Smellie

Renata                      E.L. Redhead

Revelstoke               Rev. C.A. Prounier
Revelstoke               Thos. W. Bradshaw      C.P.R.
Revelstoke               Geo. G. Staffner
Revelstoke               H.E.R. Smith
Revelstoke               H. Cameron
Revelstoke               B.A. Lawson
Revelstoke               Geo. Laforme
Revelstoke               W. Haner
Revelstoke               G. Raleigh

Rocky Point             Tom Parker

Roseberry                 S.Z. Brockmann

Rossland                  Edgar Charles         Box 114
Rossland                  James S. Gow         Box 74
Rossland                  Archie McMillan

Rutland                    Thos. Barber
Rutland                    *** McDonald

Salmo                      James F. Westby

Sandwick                Rev. Thomas Menzies        AKA  Courtenay
Sandwick                Hugh Clark
Sandwick                W.H. Grieve
Sandwick                John Shopland
Sandwick                 L. Cliffe
Sandwick                T. Bridges
Sandwick                W. Duncan
Sandwick                 S.J. Perry
Sandwick                 Rev. Willimar Sardis Jas. Higginson

Seymour Arm          F.N. Daniels

Sidney                      Chas. Armstrong

Sooke                       John A. Murray
Sooke                       John A. French

South Vancouver       Mr. Pacey                  Wilson Road & Pacey Avenue

Strawberry Vale         Rob. Clark

Summerland              F.J. Nixon P.O. Box 3
Summerland              Miss V. Cartwright
Summerland              R. Pollock
Summerland              M. Tait
Summerland              B.H. Sherk
Summerland              A. Fraser
Summerland              W.H. Hayes
Winter Birch Diptych Part 1  ©     Elaine Watts

Summerland              P. Thornber
Summerland              A. Stewart
Summerland              J. Gartell
Summerland              Alf. Aveson            Box 38
Summerland              F.W. Bentley           Box 138
Summerland              B.H. Sharp
Summerland              H. Briston
Summerland              T. Niven
Summerland              J. Dunsdon
Summerland              Dr. Sawyer
Summerland              Rev. J. White
Summerland              Geo. Sinclair

Trail                        Thos. Heath

Union Bay               Geo. H. Roe

Vancouver             J.B. Lee                    2644 Manitoba Street
Vancouver             Norman N. Reid      1019 Davie Street
Vancouver             Geo. Schofield         1641 8th Avenue
Vancouver             Wm. Jefferson         1555 Westminster Avenue

1935 Snow on Pender  © Tom Carter

Vancouver           M.J. Henry    3010 Westminster Road AKA Kingsway
Vancouver           Mrs. R. J. Fisher         1037 Denman Street
Vancouver           Wm. Rennie Seed Co.
Vancouver           Herman M. Alpine      1550 7th Avenue

Vernon                 Rev. R. J. Vaus
Vernon                 Arthur T. Kirkpatrick
Vernon                 E. Leonard Harris
Vernon                 C.M. Watson                Box 447
Vernon                 John Freeman
Vernon                 Rev. G. Kunke
Vernon                 Lloyd Quick
Vernon                 R.E. Tennant
Vernon                 John Kidston
Vernon                 J. Webster
Vernon                 T.A. Norris
Vernon                 *** Watson

Victoria               G.A. Borthwick          Drawer 664
Victoria               *** Brinkman            Washington Avenue
Victoria               E. Flemming              Government Street
Victoria               T.J. Evans                  William Street V.W.
Victoria               J. Griffin                    1121 Langley Street
Victoria               W.H. Nelson              Brunswick Hotel
Victoria               E.F. Robinson            417 Young Street
Victoria               S.M.A. Savory           13 Broad Street
Victoria               F.D. Todd                   743 Market Street
Victoria               J.R. Grice                   48 Second Street
Victoria               W.R. Palmer               Box 534
Victoria               Miss E. C. Saunders   Victoria West
Victoria               Arthur C. C. Stratford
Victoria               A.J. Woodward           Ross Bay
Victoria               Thos. Shotbolt            Druggist
Victoria               W. Hardy                    Catherine Street, V.W.

Wellington           A. Willey                  AKA  North Nanaimo
Wellington           Jos. Carr

Yale                     Mrs. J.M. McQuarrie

An Earlier Post:
Steven Spielberg's "War Horse"???  How about "The Cyclist" Canadian Cyclist Battalion's Nelson A. Zettergreen?

Nelson A. Zettergreen
 Canadian Corps Cyclist Battalion
Date of Birth: June 17, 1897
 Age at enlistment: 18
Age at Death: 21
 April 7, 1919

Vancouver's Mountain View Cemetery
Google Search Criteria: Condensed History of the Canadian Corps Cyclist Battalion
  Dedicated to the Study of the Canadian Expeditionary Force The Great War of 1914 - 1919

Cyclist Summary

As the Department of Agriculture is very frequently asked about the possibilities of bee-keeping in British Columbia, an effort has been made to get definite information from those engaged in the industry.  There was one great difficulty, the absence of a list of bee-keeps to who appeals could be sent.  However, there were gathered together from various sources the names of fully 200 apiarists on Vancouver Island, along the Fraser River, and in the Districts of East and West Kootenay.  To these was sent a series of questions covering thoroughly the climatic conditions, source of the winter protection of the hives.

The replies received cover these regions fairly well, sufficient to at least give an indication of the possibilities in different localities.  Snip

In sixty cases there was learned the number of colonies owned, the total being 667, suggesting an average of eleven hives to each apiary.  This is a much higher figure than was anticipated.  Snip

Only one report has been recieved from East Kootenay, the writer being a resident of Cranbrook.  He has secured as high as 100 pounds of extracted honey a hive in a good season, and altogether seems satisfied with the returns.  Snip.

In West Kootenay, Revelstoke reports 40 to 56 sections per hive; Proctor a little more; while Kaslo bee-keeper with ten years' experience gets 50 sections adding that his source is entirely from the clover in the town, there being no nectar-bearing plants in the vicinity.  One apiarist in Revelstoke believes there is sufficient pasturage for 200 colonies in the neighbourhood.  Snip

From the Fraser River, in Yale District, two reports were recieved.  At Lytton the principal source is alfalfa, the yield being 50 pounds extracted a hive.  At Agassiz the source is clover and fruit blossoms, giving 25 pounds surplus in a good season.

Speaking broadly, the dry-belt region of the Province is far ahead of the coast districts for the purpose of bee-keeping.  Snip.

Race of Bees.

A few have blacks, all others Italians.  There is little warmth occasionally shown on this rather interesting and controversial subject.  The blacks have their defenders, but many of those who favour the others want to see the dark bees wiped out, one enthusiast going so far as to wish the Provincial Parliament to pass and Act ordering the decapitation of every black queen within its jurisdiction, in order to keep the Italian stock pure.  Hybrids seeminly have no friends, on account of their vicicious disposition.  Snip.

Market Place of Honey.

From Dominion statistics we learn (Gary Mason are you reading this) that during the year 1909 there was imported through the ports of Vancouver and Victoria a grand total of 81,431 lbs. of honey.  These figures indicate a demand in the Province it will take a long time for the beekeepers to supply.

Plants required for Bees.

The list given below contains all plants in the reports; the dates show when they bloom in Victoria  (not a Sick Culture in 1911)

Feb. 21.   Willow.    Pollen carried in.
Mar. 17.   Much willow.    A few dandelions.
Mar. 25.   Oregon grape.
Mar. 25.   Brood in four frames.
Apr. 7.      Dandelions plentiful.
Apr. 11.    Wild strawberry.
Apr. 12.    Early pears.
Apr. 15.    Pollen becomes plentiful.
Apr. 18.    Early plums, apples.
May.  1.    Broom: a very fine pollen plant.
May. 12    Cultivated strawberry.
                  Wild sunflowers.   Bloom May 15th at Cranbrook.
May.  20.  Bees often need feeding about this date.
May. 24.   Chestnut.
May. 24.   Vetch.  Bees work on stems.
May. 24.   White clover and hawthorn.
June   7.   Snowberry, chokeberry, mustard, stonecrop.
June 22.   Bees rushing on snowberry.  Goldenrod, buckwheat, fireweed, sage, sweet clover,  and
                alfalfa are reported from various parts of the Province, but dates of blooming are not given

BC BBC Trivia Question: What was the Name of your Elementary and High School Principals?

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Mr. W. Nesbitt   Lord Tennyson

H.B. Smith Kitsilano Junior High  1951/1952

Physical Education Teacher George Puil @ Kitsilano; UBC Rugby Player; former TransLink "$75 Levy Boss"; Vancouver City Councillor;  UBC Sports Hall of Fame Inductee!


1935 to 1978 
 List of Schools in British Columbia

Missing years, Missing records

No Teachers?

World Events?





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                               1935-1936   Dirty Thirties?  Great Depression

Friday, March 7, 2014

Dorian "Grey's Anatomy" Chart

While patiently waiting for the Doctors (alternatively GP/Chiropractor) I spend my time gleaning the Greek (Andreas Vesalius)    naming of muscles, when it dawned on me, finally, that I have NEVER seen an Anatomy Chart of an OLDER man, it's always been Oscar Wilde's Dorian Grey.

Must be a reason....
Let's give credit where Credit is due:  DC First Anatomy Charts:

Where's the pot belly?  The love handles? The stoop of the shoulders?  Where's the profile?

Has nothing changed since Leonardo da Vinci Anatomy drawings?

It's only recently that the tags on the new jeans actually show an older man fitting into a size 40, ..... never did understand how manufacturers could go on for so long using the same model no matter the waist differential.

Maybe???? it was like "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who is the slimmest of them all".

Wearing a size 40 Levi makes you look like size 32 .... imagine that!


Ahhhhhhhh:  Netter anatomy chart flash cards

Google Search Criteria:  Netter anatomy chart muscles varying ages

Hansen: Netter's Clinical Anatomy
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