Tuesday, April 26, 2016

City of Vancouver takes issue with discarded Butts, and Fire escapes, Seriously?????

In the City of North Vancouver, the Mayor there, wants to pay 5 cents per returned butt.

In the City of Vancouver, the Mayor there,  has a $250 reward for anyone caught discarding a butt.

One Game Camera: $300!   One infraction $250!

One Game Camera: cost remains the same, but multiple infractions will more than pay for itself!

For example:   7th and Willow South West Corner Park
Count the butts X  $250!!!

Does the Park Board ever clean up this place?  Do they provide ashtrays even though smoking is not permitted?  Do they offer an alternate habit: Cessation Mediation from London Drugs... which also sells the Cigarettes that are littering the park.  A Corporate Sponsor for the Park?

If City Hall prefers not to do anything about collecting the Fines, then that's fine too.  At least the Park Board can look at the site's cleanliness via the Game Camera

Two blocks east of City of Vancouver's Hall

A fire escape??? useless, if a butt starts a fire?


Tal Hartsfeld said...

If those-in-charge would only be proactive instead of always "blowing hot air" the city/county revenue would definitely increase multiple ten-folds.
Probably not likely to happen.

e.a.f. said...

They all need to get over themselves and just clean up the park where all the butts are. The mayor who wants to pay 5 cents for all returned butts needs something else to do with their time and the city coffers. Like they don't have anything else to do with the tax payers money besides pay for butts. Just think a whole new dept. for disposed of cig. butts. Like these are such first world problems. perhaps they might want to have a look around and check if water pipes need replacing, light standards need painting, if there is housing for the homeless,

these mayors need to start looking at some of the real issues in their communities besides cig. butts.

North Van's Grumps said...

There is a Corporate role to be played out here. London Drugs, just up on Broadway, sells Cessation Drugs and Cigarettes. They are the ones who should be the first to ADOPT-a-PARK when it comes to their killer products being dumped on the bricks..., maybe even provide an ashtray even though its a designated Non-Smoking city park.

Anonymous said...

We cannot legislate stupidity. Did anyone in the City happen to collect and count the joint butts tossed into the one big ashtray of sand at Sunset Beach during 4/20?