Friday, April 29, 2016

Vancouver Sun 'Raise a Reader' Alphabet encourages aixelsyd, DUH!

Ever since the Vancouver Sun did a major revamp of their layout in their hard copy edition, to match their online version, all hell has broken loose.

For generations, learning the alphabet theoretically leads to raising a reader using a basic rhyme ....
.... E,F,G
..... H,I,J,K,
 ... L,M,N,O,P  etc.

The new alphabet for the Vancouver Sun's hard copy has turned out to be a version of Campbell's soup:

A, NP, B, FP = C, T, and D
What is the sense of even having an alphabet when the Vancouver Sun has introduced a new order of collation? is it an oxymoron?

Shouldn't it be:

A, B, C, D, FP, NP, and T

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