Saturday, April 30, 2016

Is Prince Rupert foreshore going the way the North Shore already went? Where's my I.R.? Teck Coal at Neptune Docks?

Where oh where did my land go?

Key in the divided road Keith; Top Left corners
Oh yeah, A golf driving range, a BC Hydro Substation loaded with PCB, and a highway interchange linking to the Second Narrows Bridge which is always loaded with stopped motor vehicles

Skid Roads in North Vancouver    Enfor Consultants Ltd.

One skid road route commenced near the Dempsey stone quarry 1 on the west side of Centre Road (Mountain Highway) in Upper Lynn Valley and passed through what later became Princess Park, continuing tip to 29th Street (also known in 1907 as Boundary Road). The skid road then followed around Tempe Crescent 2 south of the 29th Street hill on the west side of what is now Lonsdale Avenue. Here there was a wide turning circle from 29th Street on to Chesterfield Avenue 3 to allow a 16 oxen team towing 160-foot long tree trunks in three inline sections, to turn south 4 down to Burrard Inlet. Once in the water the logs were towed by steam tug to

The skid road branch 5 came from the south-east side of Tempe Crescent (presently located by steps and paved footpath leading down into Tempe Heights subdivision). As late as the 1920's the local children could hear the "chuff chuff" of the steam donkey engine hauling logs at the foot of this slope and see its sparks and smoke long after dark.

The skid road linked in 1903 with a feeder road coming down from the area of Harold and another from the south-west. All then proceeded south 6 down Fromme Road/27th Street angling down to join the skid road continuation of 7 Allen Road (which was built around 8 1903 for the Hastings Shingle Manufacturing Company owned 9 by James and Robert Mcnair of Vancouver). The 1875 and 1903 skid roads met just east of the "Dog Leg" on Mountain Highway at 14th Street and the resulting single skid road continued on the south side of the curve of Heywood Street to Moodyville mill site and the waterfront.
Roy J. V. Pallant, MA

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